Real Madrid Players Tier List: All Players Ranked [2023]

One Word, Emotion, Feeling, One Religion that unites us all…… Football! Football, a game created out of boredom, a mere excuse to kill time, had a lot more to it. It was a game meant to be cherished and loved. In the early days, Football was not only a mere game but a joyous opportunity where people would put aside their differences, unite under one banner, and root for their respective teams. For many, Football is like a religion, which created many Rivalries, Acquaintances, Nexuses, Stories, and Heroes.

Football has developed massively from a humble English game to a global phenomenon. One football club that has truly left its mark on the game’s history is Los Blancos, The Real Madrid de Fútbol, a Football Club truly worthy of calling themselves the football greats.

Over the club’s entire history, some of the best players in the game have had the privilege to call Real Madrid their home. As with each new season, the club competes for the title with a slightly tweaked squad; due to the business done in the transfer window; this Real Madrid, Players Tier List, looks to categorize the players based on their contributions to the club’s success as of the current season.

The Real Madrid de Fútbol, or simply Real Madrid, is a Spanish Football Club that originated in Madrid in 1902. The club is 150 years old, and throughout this entire period, Real Madrid has truly been a dominating force in the Football world. Real Madrid is the true champions of Europe, and it is for sure that the people who wear the famed white kit are nothing but the best of the best.

However, please consider that the following Tier List reflects our analysis, game knowledge, and understanding and that it may not fit well with some of the opinions out there. Let’s move towards the S-Tier of the Tier List.


The Untouchable Players
A Symbol of Greatness!

The S-Tier or the Superb Tier of the Real Madrid Players Tier List consists of the players who have brought the heat to Santiago Bernabéu with their red-hot form. As we speak, Real Madrid is the table leader with 10 points clear of the entire competition and for sure are the favorites to win the whole league. The S-Ranked have performed to their fullest potential to contribute to the club’s success. Let us move to the first nomination of the S-Tier.

Karim Benzema

With his lethal touch and game presence, Karim Benzema, the French sensation, has been ripping out the competition this season, scoring 22 goals in 25 appearances with an expected goal ratio of 56%. The French wonder boy has notched up his game, also becoming a great aid to the team’s playmaking by providing 11 assists alongside scoring a handsome number of goals throughout the season.

Benzema has shown his lethal form in all competitions; for instance, in the Champions League, a football competition among Europe’s elite, to crown the best football club in the world, Real Madrid was in some distress going into the 2nd leg of the round of 16, 1-0 behind on aggregate against Paris Saint-German, But all it took to turn the tide of the game,  was a complete master class from Karim Mustafa Benzema, scoring a barrage of goals in short successions—putting Real Madrid ahead with a scoreline of 3-2 on aggregate. With great performance and tactical gameplay, Karim Benzema is an obvious nomination for the club’s player of the year, in our opinion.

Thibaut Courtois

Goalkeepers are the iron wall on which the entire team relies; they are the last line of defense who are given the responsibility to stop every shot aimed at the goal. The goalkeeper who guards the Real Madrid goal post is Thibaut Courtois; since he arrived at the club in a transfer deal from Chelsea, the young Belgian has shown great promise, becoming a first-team goalkeeper in the presence of Keylor Navas, the same goalkeeper who lead the Madrid team three consecutive Champion League titles. The magic didn’t stop there, as Courtois has been in fine form this season, having 17 clean sheets to his name and contributing his services to build the second-best defense in the La Liga behind Sevilla.

Luka Modrić

Luka Modrić is a name among the Real Madrid greats; he is one of the Best Real Madrid Players. Modrić is one of the best playmakers in Football, aiding the club’s midfield.

He is an all-complete midfielder; let it be the ball control, pace, or the tactical insight of the game, the opponent surely bites the dust when competing against the Croatian prospect. Despite being in his late 30s, Modrić has shown his worth time and again, becoming a major stakeholder in the club’s success.

The 2021-22 season has been borderline triumphant, for the Croatian midfielder scoring two goals and five assists in 30 appearances, not to mention that it was Modrić’s insightful brilliance that opened the PSG defenses, leading to Madrid’s victory in the round of 16 of the Champions League.

Vinicius Junior

Imagine it’s the year 2018, and one of the club’s legends in the shape of Cristiano Ronaldo has left after 11 long years of service; Real Madrid had some big shoes to fill, for which they placed their trust in Vinicius Junior, a young talent from Flamingo for a transfer fee of 53 million.

At the time, Vinicius was a young talent and showed great potential for the next big thing; his arrival at the Santiago Bernabéu was nothing less than a fairy tale, from playing for a small club like Flamingo to playing for one biggest and most successful football club of the world.

However, the fairytale soon came t a halt as Vinicius lacked the composure and experience to compete in Laliga; in his first season camping for Real Madrid, Vinicius only managed to score three goals and 12 across all competitions, followed by five goals and four assist in the 2019 season and six goals and seven assists in the 2020-21 season,  which is decent but far from justifying a 53 million price tag.

Except the dream was far from over, Vinicius worked hard to overcome his efficiency issues and finish to convert as many opportunities into goals as possible; he even changed his shooting technique which bearing fruits, as up till now, he has scored 16 goals and 14 assists in 39 matches, which is far better than last season, and also been named as the player of the month for August 2021.


Good Football Players of Real Madrid
A Valuable Contribution

A-Tier of the Real Madrid Players Tier List may be ranked lower than the S-Tier, but under no circumstances would the A-Tier players be considered inferior to those in the S-Tier.

The players in the A-Tier are exceptional but is a consensus that these players may not be playing with their unlimited potential to assist the Los Blancos in their 2021-22 campaign. These players have had their key importance in the playing eleven, but they haven’t been able to deliver a complete performance package.

David Alaba

in a football match, if you want to win, score goals; in contrast, if you don’t want to lose, don’t let the opponent score. For the previous decade, Real Madrid has cemented themselves as the footballing greats due to their strong squad that dominated their opponents all over the field.

A football club consists of great offensive players and compact defensive players. But the 2021-22 season was not like any other; the team completely lost its backline when Raphaël Varane and Sergio Ramos left the club.

To minimize the damage posed to the team’s defenses, the club signed David Alaba from FC Bayern Munich on a free transfer. David Alaba is a prospering Center-Back and has proved to be a valuable asset to the team, as Real Madrid this season has only lost three games and conceded 25 goals in Laliga; apart from defense duty, the player has also aided the club’s offense scoring two goals and three assists.

Nacho Fernandez

Nacho Fernandez is another key defender in the Real Madrid backline who has certainly stepped up his game, making impressive interceptions and blocks and defying the opponent to score. The ball distribution has also improved a lot, helping the team sustain any pressure from the opponent and creating great counterattacks. Nacho has matured into a fine footballer and has proved his worth to the club, even becoming a regular in the team’s starting eleven.

In the 2021-22 season, nacho has played in 30 games and has also managed to score a total of 2 goals. He truly deserves to be inducted into the A-Tier of the Real Madrid Players Tier List.

Toni Kroos

Toni Kroos is an experienced German footballer who plays in an on-field position of  Mid-Field.  Toni Kroos is among the more experienced Real Madrid Player Squad players, shown by his in-play decisions and tactical insights. Real Madrid currently has one of the best midfield field lineups globally, pairing the likes of Luka Modrić, Toni Kroos, and Casemiro, which can be a nightmare for the opposing team.

In the current season, Kroos has suffered a lot due to injuries and has played only 20 matches across all competitions, but he still has proven his value to the club by scoring one goal and has also led the mid-field by providing three assists. Experience truly can not be beaten.


Rodrygo has proved to be a great addition to the Madrid squad. He moved to Real Madrid in 2019 in a transfer deal with Santos FC. The young right-winger is a skilled individual, demonstrating some good ball control and crosses. The player has scored two goals and seven assists in 36 appearances this season and is rightfully added to the A-Tier.

Gareth Bale, who was supposed to be Madrid’s star winger, has been suffering from a lot and, frankly speaking, has no motivation or desire to compete nowadays; in these circumstances, Lucas Vázquez stepped up to become the Right-Winger that Real Madrid so crucially craves; Vázquez also plays in the position of Right-Wing Back.

The Spaniard is slowly but surely making his way to becoming a  quality footballer. In the 2021-22 season campaign, the Spaniard has played 31 matches, starting almost 50 % of the games, and scored one goal while also making some impressive blocks and interceptions as his defensive duties.


Casemiro is an essential component of the Real Madrid defense; he plays as a Central-Defensive Midfielder, becoming a pivot to connect the team’s midfield with defense.

He has played an important role in the team’s defensive tactics to reduce the opponent’s passing options by employing a high- press, low block, and several man markings, or dropping down between the two Center-Backs, forming a line of back five to tackle any opponent who has a decent shot of scoring a goal.

This season, Casemiro has played 38 matches and has played an average of 83 minutes per game,  providing four assists and having goal participation of 7%. He truly is one of the Best Real Madrid Players.

Federico Valverde

Federico Valverde is another young aspiring footballer in the Real Madrid Player Squad for the 2021-22 season. The young Uruguayan shows intent and has a certain flair for his football playstyle; he is an upcoming midfielder with huge potential; Valverde is a golden opportunity to play with the likes of Toni Kroos and Luka Modrić, some of the best Midfield players in the world of fo football learn and develop himself as a complete footballer.

Valverde has also gained the trust of Carlo  Ancelotti. Valverde has played an impressive 33 matches in the current season, scored the winning goal against Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup, and provided one assist.

Marco Asensio

Marco Asensio is a gifted footballer who can play in multiple positions on the fields, a prodigy of Real Madrid, and an important player for Carlo Ancelotti in the playing squad.

In the 2021-22 season, Asensio has played in 33 matches and scored an amazing ten goals and one assist, missing only a handful of games due to Covid-19 and a muscle injury, but has made a great comeback and is in a definite position to finish the season campaign on a strong note. He is surely going to be one of the Best Real Madrid  Players.

Éder Militão

The Real Madrid de Fútbol once had one of the best defenses in the football world, and the playing squad took a hit when the team captain Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane departed from the club.

The Ramos- Varane duo was a major defense barrier that defied any opponent attacker trying to score a goal; in their absence, the club faced a lack of reinforcements as Florentino Perez refused to spend its finances on a new defender. There was intense pressure Real Madrid bench to the standards set by the Ramos-Varane duo.

The Brazilian Center-Back, Éder Militão, stepped up to fill the gaps; Militão, alongside David Alaba in the current season, has been nothing short of perfection. The situation with Madrid’s defense looks to be resolved as the duo is in lethal form, conceding only 25 goals this season up till now. Militão has played 39 games, defying the opponent attackers to score, and has also scored two goals and two assists.

Dani Carvajal

Dani Carvajal was once a star Right-Back for Real Madrid and was considered among the Best Real Madrid Players, but now due to Covid-19 and various muscle and calf problems, he was on the sidelines for most of the season. He has managed to play in 26 games and provided two assists.


Real Madrid Players with Average performances
A Sub-Par Performance!

B-Tier is the sub-par or average tier in our Real Madrid Players Tier List. The players added to the B-Tier have been completely intermediate this season in contrast to the high standards that the club expects from its player.

The players in the B-Tier may have been really good in the past, showing great energy, intent, and desire to win, but their current may not be a testimony to that claim. Whatever may be the reason, the 2021-22 season is surely not a highlight of their footballing career.

Ferland Mendy

Ferland Mendy joined Real Madrid from Lyon in a transfer deal of 48 million Euros. A quality Left Back showed great ability to demand fend provide crosses for the strikers to score goals, But the 2021-22 season may not have been an ideal campaign for the Frenchman.

Mendy has been prone to several injuries; in the first half of the season, he suffered from various muscle injuries, and now a tear in his abductor’s muscle has surely ruled him out of the remaining season.

Eduardo Camavinga

Many of the main players in the Real Madrid playing squad are in their late 30s and are close to their retirement. The clubs have some serious work pending to rebuild the team in these circumstances.

For this purpose, the club invested some serious in a young midfielder named Eduardo Camavinga to rebuild their midfield, as Both Kroos and Modrić are in their late 30s and may retire soon. Camavinga is a good midfielder but still needs experience and game time before making an impact on this proud Real Madrid team.

The French midfielder has participated in 26 games this current season and scored an impressive two goals. This is just the start of greatness for this young player as he still has a lot to learn and harness his complete potential, Camavinga is great induction into the B-Tier of the Real Madrid Players Tier List.


Marcelo is one of the most exciting defenders the football community has ever seen. He was a member of the iconic Real Madrid’s back for Dani Carvajal, Sergio Ramos, Raphael Varane, and Marcelo. He was also named the team captain after Ramos departed from the club. But the Brazilian Left Back has fallen behind this season, making only 14 appearances across all competitions.

At the start of the season, Marcelo suffered from a serious muscle injury, though after his comeback, he spent most of the time on the bench; it almost looks like he had lost his will to play foot football. His contract will expire in the summer. Certainly, the career of one of the Best Real Madrid Players of All Time is coming to an end at the Santiago Bernabéu.

Miguel Gutiérrez

Miguel Gutiérrez is another talented Left Back in the Real Madrid player squad who dreams of representing the great Los Blancos shortly. The youngster has made 18 appearances across multiple competitions, including the UEFA Youth League, and scored two goals and provided nine assists.

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Poor Football Performance of Real Madrid Players
Had Better Expectations

C-Tier is a symbol of poor performance. The players that are added to the C-Tier of the Real Madrid Players Tier List haven’t been in the best of form for the current. These players have shown below-par performances or flopped on the desire to win. These players don’t qualify the wear the famous white kit according to the high standards set by the club. With all said, let’s move towards the first player in our C-Tier.

Isco Alarcon

Isco is one of the best attacking midfielders in the world and fans’ favorite even to the extent that when Ronaldo left for Juventus, he was considered to be the next best player in the Madrid Player Squad; at the time, Isco was scoring ten goals, and ten assists on average per season; he was living his best life in Madrid.

But now it all looks like a dream, the Spaniard has spent more on the bench than the field, and as a result, he is on the second-worst tier of our Real Madrid Players Tier List. He is not on the worst tier because of Carlo Ancelotti’s ways of running a squad without much rotation. Isco has shown sparks of his former self in the few minutes he has played this season.

In the current season of 2021-22, Isco has only played 14 games and scored two goals that may be considered decent, but it does not represent the talent and ability that Isco has at his disposal. With his contract expiring in the summer of 2022, his time in Madrid is coming to an end. Isco is added to the C-Tier.

Mariano Díaz

Mariano Díaz is a Spanish Center-Forward, who plays for Real Madrid. Díaz is a decent player but has suffered from many injuries. Surely it is difficult to get first-team footFootballthe presence of lethal attackers like Karim Benzema, Vinicius Junior, etc. In the current season, Díaz has only made seven appearances and provided only one assist.

Andriy Lunin

Andriy Lunin plays as a backup goalkeeper for the club. In the 2021-22 season, he has represented Madrid in only two games and has conceded two goals. Lunin is a talented player but has spent most of the season on the bench because it is quite difficult for him to get first-team footFootballthe presence of Thibaut Courtois is a player of world-class caliber. Lunin is therefore added to the C-Tier of the Tier List.

Luka Jovic

Luka Jovic is a young Center-Forward who plays for Real Madrid.  in the current season, he has played in 17 matches and scored one goal while also providing two assists. Jovic is a good footballer. He has the skill and character that the club demands.

But he is still young and needs to develop his game and make mature in-game decisions if he wants to build a future in this highly competitive Real Madrid side. He is therefore added to the C-Tier of the Real Players Tier List.

Dani Ceballos

Dani Ceballos is a relatively young player in the Real Madrid Player Squad. Last he was loaned out to Arsenal so the player could get experience and develop as a complete footballer.

Still, the 2021-22 season has been full of suffering and injury blows for young Ceballos, who suffered an ankle injury for almost half of the season. The young Center-Mid has only made seven appearances and provided one assist.


A Complete Flop
A Scary Nightmare

The players added to the D-Tier of the Real Madrid player Tier List are a complete flop. The move to Los Blancos has ended in a colossal failure for both the football club and the respective players.

Whatever may be the reason, the lack of player ability to play footbFootballrding to the club’s style of play or the player’s incompetence to stick to the assigned role, these players have been a complete failure. Let us move towards the first player of the D-Tier.

Jesús Vallejo

Jesús Vallejo is a young Center-Back who was previously loaned out to Granada CF but has only played in 3 matches this season and has spent most of the season as a sitting duck on the bench; he has failed to provide any value to the team and is therefore added to the D-Tier of the Tier List.

Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale was considered one of the Best Real Madrid Players of All Time. He has helped the club win 4 Champion League Titles and was the star Right Winger for the team, but currently, the player lacks the confidence, determination, and discipline to play footbFootballre is no motivation from the player to play footbFootballhe Santiago Bernabéu; when Wales qualified for the euro 2020, he held a customized Welsh Flag, which Wales, Golf, and Madrid in that order and is on the worst tier of our Real Madrid Players Tier List because of that.

The situation with Bale is still not resolved as the Welsh Right Winger has spent most of the season on the bench due to various injury blows and has only managed to make five appearances and score one goal. With all the drama and poor performances, once a star player is nothing more but proving to be a liability for the club; such incidents indicate that Bale’s career at Real Madrid is coming to an end.

Eden Hazard

Transfer windows can be a crucial time for many clubs, as the right decision can benefit the club resulting in improved performance and title wins, whereas bad transfer deals can be a complete disappointment and result in finished careers; the same thing happened with Real Madrid when decided to sign Eden Hazard from Chelsea FC in record-breaking transfer deal of 115 million euros.

The Belgian Left Winger was perceived as the best replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo. Still, in contrast to all the expectations, the Belgian has been quiet since his presentation at the club, not influencing Madrid’s gameplay, and silent in big matches; the transfer has been a complete nightmare both for the club and the fans.

Hazard has been injury-prone for most of his career at Madrid, missing out on several games due to multiple injuries. The situation has not improved as in the current season of 2021-22, and the Belgian winger has only played in 22 matches, spending most of his time on the bench. There he is inducted into the D-Tier.


It felt great to put my love for footbFootballhe form of words. Football is a game that is meant to be cherished and adored by many it is a complete lifestyle, where fans rally under one banner and cheer for their beloved teams, But one team that has truly cemented themselves as the football greats is Real Madrid, who have won 13 Champions League Tiles and have some of the most skilled and accomplished football players in the world.

This Real Madrid, Players Tier List, aimed to categorize players into different tiers based on their performances and contribution to the club’s success. However, please note that this analogy of distributing players into multiple levels, from best to worst, is highly subjective; it is a simple matter of opinion, which may differ from others.

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