Thanksgiving Food Tier List: For the Love of Food

In this Top Tier List we ranks some fo the most delicious Thanksgiving food items.

Like everyone else, I also love spending time with my family and friends while discussing my life with them and chilling over a cup of tea and some good food. I think the best time to enjoy the food is a holiday. I am a person who wants every dish on his plate, but the dish I like the most can be seen overflowing from my plate. It is very obvious and common that every person tastes all the dishes on this day, but there is always one which is his favorite. Well, I, along with some people, tried out an experiment and put all the Thanksgiving dishes on the giant table, then noticed which one of those was being eaten the most. After doing this, I have prepared a Thanksgiving Food Tier List for you.

The rankings you will see in this article are subject to change. I have my own taste, and you have yours. But the thing is that I did not only prioritize the dishes I like, but I have placed them in different tiers after noticing the behaviors and likings of the people included in the experiment. Talking about the tiers, there are five separate tiers; S, A, B, C, and D. The items which are liked and eaten the most will be placed on the S tier, which means that the Thanksgiving food tier list will move from best to worst.

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Key Points

  • There are a total of 16 food items in the list.
  • Each entry has been ranked according to its taste, popularity, etc.
  • In the top tier, you can find Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Dinner Rolls, Stuffing, etc.
  • Among the lowest tier, you will find  Creamed Spinach, Vegetables, Glazed Carrots, etc.


We will rank all the entries in a small table below.

S Rank.A Rank.B Rank.C Rank.D Rank.
Mashed Potatoes

Pumpkin Pie
Green Bean Casseroles
Sweet Potatoes
Creamed Spinach
StuffingCranberry SauceCornbread
Dinner RollsCreamed CornGlazed Carrots
Mac ‘n’ CheeseBrussel Sprouts and Ham

S Tier

thanksgiving food tier list
S-tier dishes

Starting with the best tier of the tier list. This tier is related to the best of the best dishes. The dishes ranked on the S tier are the talk of the town. The majority run over these dishes first in fear of getting them finished. These are the must-try Thanksgiving dishes that make the celebration more special for you. Because is there any celebration without food? No ways! Especially when we talk about Thanksgiving, then it is all about food. Without wasting more time, let’s dig in to discover the superb dishes.


It will be very controversial to see why I ranked stuffing on the top instead of Turkey. Oh, please! Be honest with yourselves. Are you excited to have turkey on your plate? Do you like it more than the other dish? If you do so, then definitely you lie with the minority. I observed numerous people, and honestly, only 1% of them (it can be less than 1%) took and prioritized the big bird. The fact that the Thanksgiving holiday is associated with putting the turkey in the oven and waiting for it to be baked does not mean that everyone wants it badly. They wait for it to get done because they want to start enjoying the other dishes. Most importantly, the ones that are cooked specifically on this particular day of the year.

Stuffing is the top-rated and the most liked dish on this holiday, due to which it is placed on top of the Thanksgiving food tier list. The interesting fact about this dish is that stuffing is of different kinds. Multifarious kinds of stuffing are there on the dinner table, and including me, everyone is so keen on it. The best thing about this Thanksgiving dish is that it is not only delicious on its own, but you can pair it up with every other (literally with all of them) dish on this tier list. I personally can have it again and again till the time my stomach blows out (ironically speaking). It is the only food that can be customized by you. The options are open for everyone, whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Even you have gluten-free options too.

There is a lot more to justify this ranking, but then we will be left with the other dishes on the list. In simple words, this dish is just worth it!

Calories  656  1pkg
Protein  19g (38%)


If we think about Gravy practically, then it is not the main course. It is the side dish that you have to enhance the flavor of whatever you are eating. However, the reason to rank it higher is that it can go with many other dishes on the table. After stuffing, this was the dish with which people were piling up their plates. There are so many people who like to do experiments with different dishes. So Gravy is the perfect option to combine with any dish you want. It is basically a condiment. There is something magical about Gravy. If you have something on your plate that you do not like anymore, then it can easily be fixed with the Gravy. Now you have a pro tip with you! No need to get irritated from the bad taste of anything because, in this case, gravy is a lifesaver for you.

Calories  188 per cup
Protein  4.6g (9%)

Mashed Potatoes

The soft, buttery, creamy, and smooth texture of the potatoes is accompanied by a wonderful flavor. Ah… I cannot resist thinking about it. The only potato I hate is my potato face. People with big round faces and chubby cheeks can relate to me, right? Well, jokes apart, 99% of you reading this article will be potato lovers. And, for these people, mashed potatoes are the biggest wonderful treat. That feeling cannot be described in words when you take a good spoonful of mashed potatoes, and it gradually melts in your mouth, leaving a piquant and toothsome taste. It is not a whole dish but is mostly served as a side dish. You can eat it with whatever you want. The choice is completely yours.

It was so interesting to see the facial expressions of the people enjoying mashed potatoes. It seemed like I was watching myself in the mirror while eating this piece of heaven. Any potato lover can never say no to this delicious side dish ranked on the Thanksgiving food tier list.

Calories  214 per cup
Protein  4g (0.8%)

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Romeo and Juliet, Rose and Jack, and many more couples like these are considered dream couples globally. But oh my God, why is anyone ignoring mac ‘n’ cheese? If I ever got a chance to produce, direct, and write a movie, then it will surely be about the love story of mac ‘n’ cheese. I know some of you are finding it so dumb. But, at this point, I am referring to the ones who truly love to eat this dish. The combination of these two ingredients gives a blast of intriguing flavors, and this becomes the reason behind people piling up their plates with mac ‘n’ cheese. And trust me, I am the witness of the people who were enjoying this main course like no one at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Calories  310 per cup
Protein  13g (26%)

Dinner Rolls

Rolls are very light and flavorful. If the dinner rolls are freshly baked with some parsley seasoning and melted butter, then trust me, you can eat them till the time these are finished. I intentionally hold myself from taking more rolls again and again because there are more tasty dishes waiting for me. Not every role is as yummy as it must be. There are times when the ingredients used for preparing it are so ordinary that you can easily ignore this item on the dinner table. But if it is freshly baked, then people will love to have it.

While observing the people at the Thanksgiving dinner table, I noticed that people were filling up their plates with the best rolls. There was once a category of rolls that were not finely baked, and the taste was also not up to the mark. And guess what! In a very short period of time, all the fresh ones were finished. You must definitely try these. I know you will love it. Do let me know about the feedback on all the dishes in the comment section.

Calories  310 100 grams
Protein  11g (22%)

A Tier

best dishes
A tier

In this tier of the thanksgiving food tier list, I placed those dishes that are a level below those ranked in the above tier. Many people ran towards these dishes after filling up their plates with the superb ones. There were also a few people who preferred some of the dishes of this tier first. Then after that, they tried the ones placed on the S tier. Now is the time to know about them in detail.

Cranberry Sauce

Before observing the people at the event, I was also the one who used to believe in the myth that cranberry sauce is ignored on the table being a side dish. But I was amazed to see that some people even didn’t get a chance to try it out as we ran out of cranberry sauce. Some people loved it a lot that they didn’t care about the cravings of other people. So, the overall response of the people to this side dish was so amazing. If I talk about my choice, I also found it very tasty and a lot better than the canned cranberries. If I got to choose one from both dishes, then my vote is definitely in favor of the cranberry sauce.

Calories 418  per cup
Protein  0.6g (1%)

Pumpkin Pie

It is a dream to think about a dessert that is not only healthy, but its taste is over the top too. But boom! Pumpkin pie is a dream come true. In my opinion, this is the best Thanksgiving dessert ever. Wait, Wait! I know that you must be thinking that, you dumb guy, we are not here to know your opinion. We want to know about the rankings on a majority basis. I want to inform you that I was not alone there eating this dessert like a monster as nobody was watching me because there were a lot of people acting like me.

Nothing to brag about. If you think I am wrong, then just wait for next Thanksgiving and give yourself a chance to try this heavenly dessert. I bet you will think about my words at that time. Its spicy, tarty, and delicious taste convinced me to thank it on the A tier of the Thanksgiving food tier list.

Calories  2414 (1 pie)
Protein  39g (78%)

B Tier

likable dishes
B tier

Now, it is time to rank the Thanksgiving dishes on the most subjective tier. It was very hard for me to choose the dishes for this category because mixed behaviors were noticed. However, I managed to come to a conclusion and selected the following dishes to be included in this tier.

Brussel Sprouts and Ham

It is very interesting how healthy green food can be so tasty. I know you can relate to me because many people out there do not go for greens except for the ones who are diet conscious. This dish is one of those that I will go for if it is on the table. I am not saying that it can be your favorite, but you can have a small portion of it.

Calories  214 per cup
Protein  4g (0.8%)

Green Bean Casseroles

I find it fair enough to rank green bean casseroles on the B tier of the thanksgiving food tier list. Because its taste is not like that for which you can be crazy. But still, it is good. The best part of this dish which most people enjoy is its creamy part. Try it out by yourselves and leave your feedback in the comment section.

Calories  610
Protein  24g 


In general, cornbread is one of my favorite dishes. I cannot stop after one piece if I have it once. Then I will crave it again and again. The only reason to rank it in this category is that it makes you feel full immediately. It is a very filling Thanksgiving dish which is one of the cons of having it. Because what’s the point of the grand dinner if you are full after only 2-3 dishes? Otherwise, it can be included in the A tier as well.

Calories  330 100g
Protein  7g (14%)

Creamed Corn

If you are a corn lover, then you will definitely love creamed corn. But if we compare cornbread and creamed corn, then, in this case, the majority was enjoying cornbread more. Creamed corn is basically served as a side dish. It is the only veggie on Thanksgiving day that is demanded and enjoyed.

Calories  184 per cup
Protein  4.5g (9%)

C Tier

below average dishes
C tier

After getting familiar with superb, best, and good dishes, are you ready to know about the below-average ones? I am not saying that you do not taste these dishes, but I am suggesting to only TRY TRY because your craving can surely not be satisfied with them. Read about the C-tier Thanksgiving dishes below and then make an honest judgment.


Please, it is a request for all the readers that they do not be offensive. I know that I am not alone and who is not excited about Turkey like the other dishes? The only thing that Turkey has done well for me is blessing me with the Thanksgiving holiday. I do not find something really very special about it. Many of you will want to criticize me, but I have mentioned earlier in this article that this tier list is subjective, and your opinions are welcomed. So, there is nothing to worry about.

Calories  7197 (1 bird 3812g)
Protein  1088g (2176%)

Sweet Potatoes

The combination of marshmallows and brown sugar will only be loved by people who have a sweet tooth. I personally do not find this dish very appetizing, but there were people on the dinner table who found it below average, so it is better to rank it on the C tier of the Thanksgiving food tier list.

Calories  86 100g
Protein  1.6g (3%)

D Tier

worst dishes
D tier

Alas! It was very disappointing to notice how people do not even choose to taste the dishes in this category. I personally tried them out, too, but candidly it was a bad decision. How can you even look at these dishes when you have superb options to choose from? I am eager to tell you about these because you must be curious too. So, Let’s start.

Glazed Carrots

Are carrots one of those things that you don’t get to eat the whole year? No! Is there something special about carrots? No! Are you excited about the carrots? A big no! Then what is the point of including them as a Thanksgiving dish? We do not wait for this big holiday to eat ordinary items, so there must be something special about it. I am definitely not among those people who are just there for healthy food.’

Calories  156 per cup
Protein  1.4g 


I don’t think the tray of assorted vegetables will attract people when they have so many good options to choose from. The only reason why people are attracted to it is its colors. The colorful tray is only soothing to your eyes, but our tastebuds will not accept it, especially as a Thanksgiving dish.

Calories  65
Protein  2.9g (5%)

Creamed Spinach

It is a very bad idea to include it as a festive dish. No one is there to fulfill their dietary needs on Thanksgiving day. Taste is the priority at that time. Many people on the table left it untouched. Because it is only rich in nutrients, it is the other way around when it comes to taste.

Calories  89 per cup
Protein  6g (12%)

Comparison Table

Mashed PotatoesS 214 per cup 4g (0.8%)
StuffingS656 1pkg 19g (38%)
Dinner RollsS 310 100 grams11g (22%)
Mac ‘n’ CheeseS 310 per cup13g (26%)
GravyS188 per cup 4.6g (9%)
Pumpkin PieA2414 (1 pie)39g (78%)
Cranberry SauceA418 per cup0.6g (1%)
Green Bean CasserolesB610 24g
CornbreadB 330 100g 7g (14%)
Creamed CornB184 per cup4.5g (9%)
Brussel Sprouts and HamB214 per cup4g (0.8%)
Sweet PotatoesC86 100g 1.6g (3%)
TurkeyC7197 (1 bird 3812g)1088g (2176%)
Glazed CarrotsD156 per cup1.4g
VegetablesD 652.9g (5%)
Creamed SpinachD 89 per cup6g (12%)

Winding Up

Congratulations on making it to the end of the Thanksgiving food tier list. Wondering what’s in it to congratulate? Now you can enjoy the best dishes directly without wasting your time on the taste test. The thing is that when you taste so many different dishes without knowing whether it is worth trying or not, then you start feeling full, but your cravings are not properly satisfied. I tried to resolve this issue by providing complete detail about each Thanksgiving dish ranked on this list. This fact is understandable that every person prefers different kinds of food according to their tastebuds. While reading the description of the items, you can have a clear idea whether this dish is made for you or not. Will your taste buds enjoy its taste or not?

Let me know in the comments section below that what you think about these rankings. Do you feel the same way or not? It is completely fine to have a conflict of opinion as all bread is not baked in one oven. That is it for this article. Happy Thanksgiving to you in Advance!

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