Water Tier List: BEST Water Brands In The World [2023]

Who doesn’t get thirsty in the middle of the hot scorching day? It doesn’t have to be the middle of the day; it could be evening, morning, or other times. To quench our thirst, we gulp down gallons of water. Water is the essential need of every single person. It forms 95% of the total body weight. Hence, water is the basic and the most important resource in the whole World. We tend to get parched when water is not available for us.

Many companies have sought out a way to make water available every minute of the day by providing water in different sizes of bottles and cans.

The water tier list will rank various water brands based on their taste, nutrients, public demand, and benefits. Numerous water brands will be categorized into different Tiers based on their ranking and superiority.

This ranking is solely based on our own opinions and point of view. It depends on how we interpreted the water brands and how the flavor affected our taste buds. Our observations and opinions categorize these water brands into various tiers. This tier list is not official and is openly prone to variation.

S Tier

best water brands
S tier

Let’s start with the tier that contains the best of the best water brands. These water bottles can quench the thirst of your mind and your stomach. They have an abundance of nutrients, minerals, and health benefits.

These water bottles are mostly seen in elite five-star restaurants or in the hands of rich celebrities because their importance and benefits come with a price tag.

This price tag is not affordable by a mere layman. Only the elite and the royals can catch a taste of this delicious water. At first glance, these are just clear water bottles. But when looked deep, we come across their practical value that claims a healthy and better life.


Fiji Water is a bottled water brand that is, as the name indicates shipped directly from Fiji. An artesian aquifer of Viti Levu is responsible for its extraction. The company is proud of it and advertises it quite openly.

FIJI Water is utterly different from numerous other brands because of its extraordinary sources, as the artesian aquifer is found deep underground and is surrounded by dormant volcanoes, in the Islands of Fiji.

Its distinctive mineral profile is the sole reason behind its soft and smooth taste. It offers a number of health benefits that make a person strive for better in life. This includes better circulation of blood in the body, along with a vibrant glow in the skin, all of which gives it a reason to be in the S tier of the water tier list.

Health-conscious people fancy drinking this bottled water because of the absence of all sorts of artificial compounds that could’ve contaminated it. It has silica in higher amounts as compared with the silica content of other regular waters.

This helps in constructing a strong defense of the body by immunity and increased restorative ability. Who doesn’t like strong nails and voluminous, long, and shiny hair, Fiji offers all that making it the best water.

Fiji water has the least amount of side effects due to its distance from plastic bottles, as PET plastic bottles are used in its packaging and they are renowned for being durable and non–toxic. The reduction of Fiji’s carbon emissions has helped them, greatly, in consuming their own resources more proficiently than before.


For 15 years the French Alps have been delivering a glacier and rock-filtered mineral water, named. The hydration and revitalization feature is the basic symbol of its nature.

To add to it all, it has an extremely natural taste, with no additives for enhancement of the taste. It is characterized to possess an amalgam of natural minerals. This blend of natural aggregates and composites of minerals contributes to its cool and crisp taste.

Along with its luxurious image made by its die-hard drinkers, the interesting background history and a plethora of health benefits, include it in the S tier of water tier list and aid in its export worldwide despite its higher price taste.

The bicarbonate ion that contributes to its formation helps in maintaining the osmotic balance, along with the pH regulation of the body. The high level of sodium chloride stimulates the sensory nervous system, along with the water level.

Potassium also helps to retain the acidity and alkalinity at 7.4 in the body and boosts the formation of biochemical catalysts, and enzymes. Evian is chockfull of silica which aids in the nervous and muscular system functions. The Sulfate helps with hemostasis.


While recollecting about Voss, a haven amidst a scorching desert comes to mind. A mirage-type feeling cools the heart. It grants us a feeling of peace and the name itself soothes us.

Voss is the favorite water bottle for many, due to its pure and clean uplifting taste that creates a bubbly feeling inside us. It is obtained from a primeval and original natural source that is free of pollutants of the world.

Other than the name, this water bottle is in itself a notch above the rest of the water brands including it in the bottled water tier list, in the S tier. The least amount of pollutants and Dissolved Solids in the aquifer area contributes to its taste. VOSS water is seen as a first-class global water brand that is served in elite and exclusive hotels and restaurants.

If your aim is to maintain and preserve your youthful glow 10 grams of collagen protein teemed inside this bottle of radiance add tautness to the skin making it look vibrant and healthy. VOSS is extracted from an artesian well, located in Norway. This well helps in extracting exceedingly pure and mineral-rich water.

Additionally, it offers various water types that vary on the basis of nutrients and ingredients. It also offers optional glass bottles instead of the usual plastic ones, to help preserve the planet.

Acqua Panna

This Tuscan-based water brand is here to fulfill your longing to soak up in the sun in the Tuscan hills, as Acqua Panna supplies in its native area. It should be noted that this is the most refined form of water bottle that is present in our water tier list. The brand’s tagline is “water worth savoring.”, and the water remains true to its words.

This high-quality attribute lodges it in the S tier. It possesses a high mineral content that offers it a sweet taste that accentuates the taste of each meal of the day. Acqua Panna is a sweet paradise for your taste buds.

After the first sip of Aqua Panna, you can easily sense the distinct taste, varying from other waters. The minerals give the water a smooth flavor, along with a mouthful of sweet richness, that possesses zero off-flavors or after-tastes.

Acqua Panna is usually mixed well with a Riesling, and it also goes great with a few sips of sweet wine. Acqua Panna goes well with any delicacy or dessert. This natural spring water is pure and crisp. it is craftily packaged in order to deliver a premium water experience all across the World.


Who hasn’t heard of Starbucks? It’s espressos and Frappuccinos are to die for. Along with these flavorful drinks, Starbucks also offers plain old mineral water that is enough to quench your thirst.

You might doubt picking up a bottle from Starbucks fearing its fame for the bitterness, but not to worry, Ethos is strictly water that refreshes you to your soul. The main initiative is the reason for its location in the S tier, that is its aim is to help everyone get clean water.

It might come as a shock that natural spring water is owned by Starbucks. Ethos sustains its philanthropic roots by donating five cents per bottle to help children around the world. This is done so the children can drink clean water and this grants it the symbol of the best water.

Not only will grabbing a bottle of Ethos keep you hydrated and revitalized, but you’ll also be able to help people in areas that lack water. Other than this its nutrient value keeps you energetic all day long. It gives you the energy to do your day-to-day work without feeling parched.


What do you think a thirteen-step Purification system would do? Its sole purpose is to purify the water so that it feels like it’s a drop of heaven itself.

This extensive purification makes the water so pure that it hydrates the core of the person.  In order to obtain crystal clear water, the water is passed through microfiltration through all The Dirty pollutants additives and contaminants could be removed.

Other processes like reverse osmosis and deionization it’s also a part of all the purification regimes. This is the only brand that has such a distinct method of purification and hence it is present on top of every other brand, in the S tier of the water tier list.

It should be duly noted that this water is free of all sorts of health-hazardous substances such as chlorine arsenic add fluoride,  along with these special additives or added to enhance its production. in easy terms,  it is said that it is the purest form of water that you’ll find if you traverse the whole earth.

You would think what else would be there to make them a part of the top tier I mean they have already the best purification system and taste,  they also conserve energy by using solar panels.

A Tier

second best water ranked in this tier
A tier

The water bottles in the A tier are not far behind the ones in the S tier. They are potentially the S-tiered but lack some potential and traits that didn’t allow them to reside in the S tier. These brands have a fresh and crispy taste that grants the feeling of freshness and liveliness. People can’t get enough of them once they get their hands on them.

Glaceau SmartWater

Don’t go on the name as your IQ level might remain the same after drinking this SmartWater. As its name doesn’t refer to your intelligence but to its own quality as it can enhance your life and make it better and smart. Even though, SmartWater is reckoned and considered a kind water bottle brand that allows you a way to achieve hydration.

The purification of this smart water is done through a series of special vapor-distillation processes. Ever tasted a pure drop of rain, falling from the condensed black clouds? If not, then Smartwater is the type of water that offers the purest form of water due to its purification system. Ionized minerals are added inside the water, these include potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

This is done to create a forceful amalgam of electrolytes that certifies the peak form of hydration. Although the added electrolytes shoot up its price, as they don’t really have much benefit to the body and drag it down to A tier.

The brand knows about its trait that it, certainly, is not budget-friendly water. This is merely because of the additional electrolytes added to the SmartWater so it can have a distinct taste. Hence, the price lives up to the taste quite successfully.

Moreover, these added electrolytes and minerals grant nutrition that very few water brands on the water tier list offer. It grants nourishment that livens up the soul.

Core Hydration

If you seek a highly specialized, nutrient-dense bottle of water that takes an oath to enhance your daily activities and day-to-day lifestyle, then Dr. Luke’s Core Hydration is what you desire. Core hydration is here. To hydrate your core to the very extremes with its reverse osmotic hydration process Core Hydration is drinkable water.

It is a sort of brand that promotes the preservation of After Earth along with sustaining its ultrapure taste.  they offer to recycle bottles so the ecosystem could be saved. The reason it is in the A tier of the water tier list is that it is a tad bit pricier than other options which offer much more nutrition and benefits than Core Hydration

To obtain an optimum level of pH and minerals, this water brand inoculates and introduces numerous electrolytes and minerals that maintain the pH at 7.4.  this is the pH at which most of our body functions are regulated through homeostasis and this helps enhance our livelihood lifestyle and also improves our energy.  Not to forget it is a good alternative to all those vitamin and mineral supplements.

Ice Mountain

Now everyone knows that Ice Mountain is a water brand that falls under the empire of Nestlé. Ice Mountain is advertised and marketed as pure natural spring water. It is obtained from three deep springs in Michigan situated in the Midwest. This is good, tasteful, crisp, and healthy water in the A tier because it’s not always available on Amazon.

When it is available on the online buying platform, Nestlé allows only a maximum order of four bottles to be bought at a time. It’s good-tasting water and the shipping saves people from a lot of trouble and, hence, makes it accessible.

As Nestlé offers a variety of edibles and drinkables. Ice Mountain is another one of its amenities. It aims to satisfy each and every drinker, although, they are low. Occasionally, Ice Mountain is required to extract water from other springs when demand is high, but this is almost always reflected on the label.

For instance, If you are looking for a bottle that Offers fluoride in its minerals then you can just look at the label of ice mountain the material label helps in identifying each and every content present in it and helps in enhancing its importance.

As Nestlé offers a variety of edibles and drinkables. Ice Mountain is another one of its amenities. It aims to satisfy each and every drinker, although, the quantity of drinkers is low. Occasionally, Ice Mountain is required to obtain water from some other springs, under their empire, when demand becomes high, but this is almost always reflected on the label, to inform the people.

Other than this they also advertise the content of the drink on the label, so the drinker is aware of the substances that partake in its production. This enhances its importance to a great extent.

Deer Park

Let’s welcome another one of the Nestlé water brands to our bottled water tier list. This Nestle water is famous for its claim of being devoid of all sorts of chemicals.  This water is brought to your doorstep from Deer Park itself.

When it was being produced during its test it got rejected during the PFA test due to some addition of chemical, though after they enhance their recipe and made sure that it was clean and pure they demanded another round of testing.  This time they passed the test and word declared clean but were dragged down to the A tier.

The mineral lines that saturate this water are highly essential and beneficial for the human body in myriad of ways. These minerals include magnesium calcium sodium and chloride which affect the body in one way or another. They also increase the pH of the water which makes the water alkaline and maintains acid-base balance.

This water is famous for its detoxification and hydration characteristic that helps in defending the body by maintaining its strong immune system.  While serving through these benefits we come to terms with the fact that alkaline water is the water to drink every day.

B Tier

Average water brands
B tier

B tier is the blend of the good and the bad water brands. It also contains the cream of features of elite brands and disgusting brands. Mostly, the water brands residing under it are unethical and liars. They lied about extracting water from springs. These water brands are chosen, but it is better to opt for tap water.


This is the water brand that is usually seen crowding the shelves of various supermarkets. PepsiCo is the company that gave Aquafina a life along with the aid of various other distinct groups.

Aquafina is nothing more than plain old tap water. , Hence there’s dress-up on the 10-step purification system,  although it is nothing compared to Penta’s 13-step purification system.

It’s still worth the non-contamination as it helps in delivering a type of water that is free from all the debris. As far as taste goes, one tiny sip of Aquafina Causes a noticeable chemical taste with slight notes of the flavor of plastic bits. This taste is the reason it is included in the B tier of the water tier list.

So if you are forced to choose between the basic old tap water that is present in your kitchen,  or up pricey bottled water that tastes a bit like chemical,  I’d rather choose the tap water. The water bottle is also commendable and durable. It can be used for about 3 months before it breaks down.

The reusability is extremely good not like many other bottles that eventually pop. Although you can taste the plastic in the drink. It is unknown if the taste is of the bottle or some chemicals in the water, itself.


The name of Coca-Cola, a monstrous corporation comes to mind that has for centuries been making a dark, black drink that might not look appetizing but has the most delicious taste.

The production of clear water under the name of this company seems absurd but is in existence. this water undergoes a rigorous process of filtration, termed Hydro – 7 that uses the combination of reverse osmosis to help maintain its purity.

This also helps in removing harmful substances, this includes salt and chloride. This renders the water to be drinkable and easily healthful. It is lodged in the B tier because it was banned from various parts of the earth due to excessive amounts of bromate, a harmful chemical compound that heightens the risk of cancer.

Unlike many of the high-quality mineral water products present in the top tiers of the water tier list, the minerals involved in the bottle of Dasani are manufactured inside a lab, which eliminates this bottle of water from being considered a natural product.

Even though, water should be sourced from a natural reservoir, rather than inserting various additives inside it. Although it is safe to drink water that doesn’t harm the body to extreme extents. It quenches the thirst and has a reasonable price.

Poland Spring

The so-called “100% natural spring water from the heart of Maine” since 1845, Poland Spring, owned by Nestlé, has claims to meet and exceed spring water requirements.

But a class-action lawsuit was filed against Nestlé Waters, which questioned their true source of Poland Spring water and argued that it’s just ordinary groundwater collected from wells drilled by the company, itself. This lie dragged them down to the B tier.

Other than this, the taste of Poland spring is loved and adored by all. Its fine sweet taste helps in quenching the thirst of even the thirsty crow. He might still need pebbles to get it near its beak.

The crisp taste due to the added minerals supply the drinker with freshness and the feeling of rejuvenation. Although, it is better to drink tap water rather than being betrayed by the company and buying expensive mineral water. Which is not even spring water.

Nestlé Pure Life

Nestlé is acknowledged as the largest water bottle organization in the whole world. being the largest bottled water corporation in the world didn’t have an effect on their ranking.

This is because they are not to be considered as, by any means, a trustworthy brand. They have betrayed their consumer’s plenty of times, till they stopped buying the said water bottle. They did this on the basis of gaining profit and selling their products.

Their frauds are notorious to almost everyone and now they are usually sidestepped by many. Nestle constantly finds its name in the middle of a dispute or an argument with the environmentalists. Conspiracy theorists and political activists also don’t follow their lead and stay away from them.

They not only question the quality of water supplied by Nestle but also evaluate their ethical demeanor. All these unethical ways and conducts help it in reserving a place in the B tier of the water tier list.

There’s a certain type of nostalgia that is attached to the household brand name like Nestlé. As we have all grown up sipping Nestle after a long marathon, or a hard strenuous day at school.

Out of all of the bottled waters present in the bottled water tier list, this one is the most monotonous and slightly hazardous water bottle. Even though Nestle offers a 12-step quality purification process to satisfy the drinkers, they still don’t compliment the drink and name it as unsanitary water.


Ever wonder what it’s like to drink water that is supercharged ionized and alkaline? It is one of the water types that claim to fit the portrayal, and does it to extreme lengths, without lagging.

This brand brought water that possesses a remarkably high pH which is 9.5. basically, it means that it has minimum to almost no traces of acidity. Essentia is renowned for its purity motto, which rings the ears of every consumer.

Though the whole world got up to seek out the answers to various suspicions regarding this motto. This suspicion arose in the form of a lawsuit against the company. but this lawsuit was unable to justify it being a top-tier water bottle and hence is present in the B tier.

Essentia is not that much essential as the name indicates. In fact, it doesn’t have elite taste or even the minerals required to lead a healthy life. The only benefit it might have is that it can quench the thirst quite easily, due to the high level of electrolytes in it.

Additionally, alkaline water balances our body’s pH level, it helps to make our skin better and absorbs the essential nutrients it needs to stay hydrated. Maintaining this level of hydration and a healthy pH means the skin will glow for a long time.

C Tier

Water tier list
C tier

This tier has almost the worst water brands. They have metallic tastes or poison in them, which makes them detrimental to health and the brain. Consumption of these water brands could lead to serious health issues. Most of these brands have been banned from many regions of the World.

Starkey Spring Water

Starkey may be named after Tony Stark but doesn’t live up to the name of Iron Man. In an analysis and evaluation of the brand, this water bottle was ranked as the worst water Bottle to be sold.

This was due to the fact that this bottle contained an exceptionally high level of arsenic in it.  Arsenic is a metal that is extremely injurious to health and tends to aggregate in the body.

This accumulation of arsenic is poisonous and causes innumerable diseases, including cancer and death, maybe that is why it’s called Starkey as you know Tony Stark died.

Along with this, the taste of this water it’s disgustingly weird and disgusting as it leaves behind a metallic aftertaste that ruins the taste of the mouth. It also destroys the taste of the fruit that is eaten with it and ruins the fun. All these traits add it to the C Tier of Water tier list.

Regular Consumption of plenty of bottles of Starkey Spring Water is highly injurious to health, rather than drinking a single bottle. As a thousand raindrops collect to create a storm, in the same way, the regular consumption of small amounts of heavy metal increases the risk of heart diseases and various specific cancers, and it also lowers the intelligence levels in children.

Sweet Springs

Sweet springs aren’t so sweet as the name indicates. They are neither sweet in nature, nor in the case of water. In fact, their water is infected with various creatures that turn the water brand into grotesque springs rather than sweet springs.

Sweet Springs Company was revealed to have hazardously high levels of E. coli bacteria in their compounds and their bottled water. This gives it a reason to be in the C tier.

This situation was initiated as a mere suspicion but later investigations turned it into truth. the water bottle company carried out their products and did not agree to pull their product from the shelves. They were forced to do this after it was confirmed that the level of bacteria and germs in the water was too perilous to be sold out to the public.

Just Water

The name says it but it’s far from the truth, as some critics think it’s not just water, but something much more than that.  Water is water, natural water is more loved and fancied by all. But many brand companies fail to understand this.

They add their own solutions and minerals into making it something else. Humor prevails among many of the customers who share their stories of multiple experiences while encountering a chance to consume Just Water.

The company tries to put forth lame excuses to make up for the bad quality. They suggest that the packaging was somehow messed up which could have caused the quality of the product to decline at the start but, they claim that is not the case anymore.

D Tier

worst water brands
D tier

The last and the least tier contain the worst water brands on the water tier list. They offer zero nutrients; many fail to be called water as they have ingredients similar to carbonated drinks to water itself.

Vitamin Water

This water brand has water that is supplemented with vitamins and minerals, and they also add a few amounts of natural colors and flavors that makes this bottled water far more akin to a bottle of Gatorade than to water. Vitamin Water isn’t really competent enough to be termed as a bottled water product as it’s anything but water.

It has flavors of fruits and vitamins not present in usual water which is why it is in the D tier and framed as the worst water. the more basic the water, the tastier and elite it is. Once its basic necessities es are scraped off and new identities are glued to it, it loses its identity.

Propel Fitness Water

The true definition of bottled water is a simple product and merchandise that has a minimal amount of ingredients added to it. Hence, the water should be as plain as it could be, to preserve its original taste and minerals. The only things that should be added are only supposed to sustain the purity and not stray away from the basic concept of water.

Propel Fitness Water fails to convey this concept as there is a long list of ingredients added to this water brand that makes the water far more common with a cheap soda product than with water, hence its inclusion is in the D tier.

They drag the water away from the basic minerals and traits by adding substances to enhance the taste. They should know that this doesn’t enhance the taste but ruins it at most.

Life WTR

 Life WTR is famous for its innovative and novel label and advertisement ideas. The notions are famous and popular more than the water itself. If Life WTR spent as much time focusing on the quality of the water they sell as they do on creating such fancy labels, chances would have been, that much better tasting water would have existed.

The water has an exceptionally large amount of metallic taste, which diminishes the chances of good-tasting water. As a result, we don’t get good quality bottled water, that has the characteristics of being sweet and crisp, like various top-tiered water brands of the water tier list, and is lodged under the D tier.

Ozark Natural Spring Water

This water bottle is extracted and derived out of a few springs in our favorite state, Texas, this D-tiered water isn’t what’s supposed to be natural water.

In fact, there is a gigantic list of ingredients featured in the drink and on the label, that aims to enhance the taste but end up ruining the water altogether keeping it as the worst water. It follows the regime and ways of many bottling companies that try to enhance the taste of their water but fail in doing so. Usually, it’s best to leave the water bottle alone, as its own original taste is the best.

Importance Of Water 

Before you go on and read our tier list on some of the best water brands in the world for August 2022, it is important to understand the purpose behind our tier list. Water is the most important resource for all life on earth. However, the water supply is not as abundant as you think.

Many people use tap water to drink and it has a lot of metals that can be harmful to you and your body. That is why it is important to use branded water or filtered water especially when you are using it for drinking purposes or for cooking food.  

Water comes second to oxygen as one of the most essential resources for life.  More than half of the body weight of a human being is made out of water. Also, you cannot survive without it for more than a few days. 

Therefore, when it comes to drinking water it is important that you always choose a healthy supply or source of water. One thing you should never compromise on is the quality of water. Hence, we have collected all the best brands of what are that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


In the article, water tier list numerous types of water brands were discussed and ranked based on their taste, nutrients, ingredients, the morality of the company, and the overall health effects. These features helped in categorizing the water brands into different tier lists. The best and foremost flavored water bottles that offer various other facilities were ranked in the S tier.

The water brands that could have worked a bit more and lacked taste or nutrients are lodged under the A tier. A mixture of the best and the worst water brand was added to the B tier, as they offer good taste but lack their moral values.

C Tier housed the water brands that are the worst but still have a quality of flavor if the accessible bottle kept them in here. The worst of the worst water brand, which only offers a way to quench thirst, were added to the D tier.