YouTube Boxing Tier List [2023]

A definitive tier list ranking all the YouTubers who are boxers from the best to the very worst.

The Youtube boxing trend was first initiated with combat between Joe Weller and Theo Baker, and since then, it has become a popular trend to upload fights on Youtube channels. Some youtube boxers are loved by people, while some are not liked at all. To know more about the difference in opinions and perceptions of viewers, we have created a Youtube boxing tier list.

This tier list helps provide insights into the different opinions of people. It gathers data about the choices of people regarding a specific youtube boxer, following the reasons for it. However, the list is completely subjective. It is not necessary that the ranking will be liked by everyone.

Key Points

  • This tier list consists of 13 Youtubers who are boxers.
  • They have been ranked based on their performance, and commitment to the sports.
  • In the highest ranks, you will find Jake Paul, KSI, etc.
  • Among the bottom ranks, you will find Alex Wassabi, FouseyTube, etc.


Here is a table showing our ranking of popular boxing YouTubers.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Jake PaulAnEsonGibJoe WellerHalal HamTheo Baker
KSIAdam SalehLogan PaulDejiAlex Wassabi
Slim AlbaherVinne HackerFouseyTube

S Tier

Youtube Boxing Tier List
S Tier

The S-tier YouTube boxers are ranked as the “best” among all the tiers. They are popular and loved by the viewers for the mind-blowing moves they have got. These YouTubers have got the skills and the right strategies to make the opponent fall in front of them They are the real winners and legitimate fighters on the platform.

They have won most of the fights and have beaten some of the oldest fighters in the match. Completely reckless and unbeatable and we can consider them good at sports.

Below, we have listed the S-tier Youtube boxers.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul. He is the youngest of the Paul brothers and has made his name due to his unmatchable energy. If we talk about the victories of Jake Paul, then he has done a remarkable job over there as well. The victories are impressive and inspirational. He has won a game against the oldest player in the gamer known as AnEsonGib. The series does not stop here, he has beaten the former player Bellator champion Ben Askren and UFC champion Tyron Woodley. These two are only boxers but are aggressive fighters as well. Jake is the real king, no doubt!

Subscriber Count 20.3M+


KSI is a popular name when it comes to YouTube boxing. His hard work has helped him to succeed in the field and become unmatchable. He won a match against Joe Weller in his debut at the Copper Box Arena in London.  He has also won a match against Logan, and that too in his home country.

According to Logan, KSI was one of the hardest punchers he has faced in his career. That shows how reckless and ferocious KSI is when it comes to boxing. Not only this, the right strategies during the game, is what sets the player apart from all others. He knows how to make the opponent confused. The moves are exceptional and professional.

Subscriber Count 24.1M+

Slim Albaher

Next on the YouTube boxing tier list is Slim Albaher, known for his mind-blowing fights and strategies. Well, you cannot call him an influencer or a social media personality, but you can call him one of the best fighters on YouTube.

With his recent victory in Dubai, he has become an absolute favorite of the viewers. Slim is professional and does not take the games lightly. His series of victories is long.

Recently, the YouTube star won a match against 3Bidaan which is known as one of the most brutal fights on social media. This was the toughest fight to crack, and Slim has remarkably cracked it too. An aggressive, fierce, and rough fighter. Better think 100 times before getting into a fight with him, because you will lose for sure!

Subscriber Count 647K+

A Tier

Youtube Boxing Tier List
Ranked as “Good”

The A-tier players are known as “good” among all the tiers. They have fewer qualities as compared to the S-tier, but still, they can beat a lot of fighters in the ring. They have high determination and energy and come focused as lasers for the fight. It is not possible to win against them easily, because they know how to play. Consistency and lots of practice are the base of their success. Their fights are pretty decent.

Below, we have listed the A-tier Youtube boxers.


The first one on the list is AnEsonGib. His fights are pretty impressive, and the content that he creates is worth watching. Also known as ‘Gib’,  AnEsonGib made his way back into boxing after an awful defeat by Jake Paul. But what matters is that he did not give up, and came back even stronger.

According to Paul, Gib is the only boxer in the line that can play at any level. The failures cannot stop the rays of determination in him. After losing to Paul, later on, he won two matches against MaxPlaysFifa and Jay Swingler. AnEsonGib is truly an inspiration. The moves that he has been exceptional, and the pace that he fights at can really make the opponent fall in front of them.

However, we would want to see more from him, as he can be the next big name in the boxing field after Paul.

Subscriber Count 2.31M+

Adam Saleh

Adam Saleh is a famous YouTube personality. He is best known for his singing and boxing content. Saleh is one of the most popular names in boxing that you would like to up to. The moves he makes, the strategies he uses, and the determination that he has is beyond real. He brings great energy into the game, and definitely a hard player to beat.

Saleh has been into a few matches and won all of them. For this, we would like to see him more on the screen performing and entertaining his fans. On September 29, 2019, he went into a fight in the card of Fousey against Slim and won that. After that, he had a fight against Marcus Stephenson and likewise, won that too.

This shows that Saleh is a real winner, and if continued his pace then he would be number one on the list. Unbeatable and unstoppable!

Subscriber Count 4.74M+

B Tier

Youtube Boxing Tier List
Average boxers

Below, we have listed the B-tier Youtube boxers on our Youtube Boxing Tier List.

Now coming towards the B-tier of Youtube boxers. They are known as the “average” or “mediocre” players. This tier is a borderline between not too bad and not too good. The content is good, you can watch it for a while, but then there could be some events that can disappoint you.

The players have nice moves, and they are capable of winning and playing a good match, but sometimes they lack motivation and consistency which can make them fall out easily. We would not mind watching them, as they have the capacity to do something amazing.

Joe Weller

Joe Weller also known as Joseph Martin Weller is a well-known and favorite YouTube personality. He makes WWE, boxing, and music videos. You cannot forget his name when it comes to YouTube boxing.

He is passionate about his work but sometimes misses on the motivation to perform at his level best. We would really like to see Joe back on track. He needs to gear up and starts practicing again. The potential is real, and he has the needed skill set as well.

However, his performance is rated as average, and we can guess why. He did not get into any fights after KSI and gave up on boxing. On February 3, 2018, Joe had his first fight with KSI, and could not win that. Guess, that is what de-motivated him. Lack of consistency is Joe’s main issue.

Subscriber Count 5.31M+

Logan Paul

Logan Paul is the next big name on the list. He is an American YouTuber and a famous social media personality known for making podcasts along with uploading boxing videos on YouTube.

Currently, Logan has more than 23 million subscribers on YouTube. Logan Paul has the right skill set and experience that can make him stand apart from all other competitors. But however, there are some areas that Paul needs to work on to become number one.

Logan Paul had fought three matches in his boxing career, which is not a big number. He should play more, as he can be a source of motivation for many others. He also needs to work on his consistency and time of preparation, so he does not lose any match. In the three matches that he fought, none of the fighters could win. In short, Logan has something in him, he just needs to polish it and remain in the spotlight.

Subscriber Count 23.6M+

C Tier

Average Social Media Boxers
Below-average boxers

The C-tier players on our Youtube Boxing Tier List are ranked as “below average”. These players lack consistency and capability. The fights that they had were not entertaining at all.

They can play well, but a lot of practice and work would be needed before they can enter the ring. They are slow players, and their pace is not satisfactory at all. They are famous for their defeats, and cannot stay in the field if they continue to be losers.

Below, we have listed the C-tier Youtube boxers.

Halal Ham

Halal Ham, is best known for his music videos and the fun content that he uploads on social media. Halal had his first fighting debut with Salt Papi. Halal did not play well, but people appreciated his efforts in the first match.

However, the reason for adding him to the C-tier is his lack of drive and motivation for boxing. He prepared a lot along with Salt Papi for the first match and both of them were highly motivated for it. They even lost a substantial amount of weight to get in shape.

But later on, he gave up on boxing and continued to make his comical videos. He could have won a lot of matches, keeping in view the effort that he put into the match. We guess it was a lack of consistency and follow-up that could not keep him stuck to boxing.

Subscriber Count 107K+


Next on the list is Deji, the younger brother of KSI. His youtube channel mostly consists of pranks, reactions, scary games, and sketches. Deji is great and we love him for his content, but he is least liked by viewers when it comes to Youtube boxing. Definitely, not the best on the list. And here are the reasons.

Deji does not come prepared for the game at all. He has got great potential, but the major reason behind him losing the matches is under-preparation. He needs to realize that his coach is not going to save him inside the ring, it is him, himself who is going to shock the world. His hard work gets concealed by the defeats he gets.

He can give the viewers content that is worth watching, only if he works on his skills, and prepare before the match. Deji, we do not want to call you a stinky or a loser, please gear up!

Subscriber Count 10.7M+

Vinne Hacker

Vinne Hacker’s boxing career is not that impressive. He effortlessly lost the YouTube vs Tik Tok card match in the summer, against the famous social media personality Deji Olatunji. This shows, how unprepared he was.

The move that he made in the match was not satisfactory at all. The low pace and wrong strategies made him lose the match. The boxer does not has a significant YouTube boxing career, no series of victories, or is worth watching content.

However, we would like to see him again. He has got the potential and form. Just a little preparation and hard work can take him to places. But he continued to be among the “stinky” players, then we do not think he was last long on the field.

Subscriber Count 598K+

D Tier

Worst Social Media Boxers
Worst fighters

Well, the Youtube boxers in this category should retire. They are of no use, and cannot entertain the audience any longer. Their minds are tired, their bodies need rest and their strategies can no longer win against fresh minds. The players in this tier are ranked as the “worst” fighters by the viewers.

They are not professional and their moves are not satisfactory at all. Anyone can easily win the match against them. The spirit of winning is missing, and they are nothing more than a liability. Definitely, not recommended to follow them. And yes, they should never box again.

Below, we have listed the D-tier  Youtube boxers.

Theo Baker

The first one on the YouTube boxing tier list is Theo Baker. No offense, but Theo should not enter any ring. He does not come with the right mind to play against anyone. He fought against Joe Weller once and lost that match. Well, we can give him the benefit of the doubt, but he really disappointed the viewers and never played again. One match? Unacceptable. Theo, you better retire buddy.

No series of victories or no significant boxing record, really makes him fall under the category of worst boxing on youtube. He could have succeeded if he had never given up.

Subscriber Count 1.12M+

Alex Wassabi

Better known as Alex Wassabi, Alexender Burris is a former Youtube personality, known for his boxing videos-that is what google says. We do not agree with this. Do not worry, we have got reasons for that.

First of all, we could not find any significant fight of Wassabi against any Youtube fighter. This shows, that he has no prominent boxing history and likewise no series of victories. Wassabi should keep up with the music, boxing ain’t for him.

The only fight he had was with Deji, and that too was not up to the mark. It was his first and last fight. He did not want to continue gaining fame and making a name on Social media. However, he is loved for his music videos on Twitter, Youtube, and Tiktok.

Subscriber Count 11.4M+


Fousey, a kind suggestion: Please never enter the ring again. If you do not know how to fight, then do not fight. It is better to stay back, than turn yourself into a joke. Yousef Saleh Erakat, also known as Fousey is famous for his motivational videos and is a famous social media personality.

But how did he end up being a boxer? On 20 September 2019 Fousey had its first fight against Slim Albaher. That was the day his career started and ended right over there. The fight was deadly because Fousey got his nose broken by Slim. Obviously, if you fight against a professional boxer, this is what you end up with.

Fousey passed a statement in which he said that he will not fight ever again. Hence, likewise, he does not have a boxing record or any victories in the field.

Subscriber Count 10.4M+

Comparison Table

NameTierSubscriber Count
Jake PaulS20.3M
Slim AlbaherS647K+
Adam SalehA4.74M+
Joe WellerB 5.31M+
Logan PaulB23.6M+
Halal HamC107K+
DejiC 10.7M+
Vinne HackerC598K+
Theo BakerD 1.12M+
Alex WassabiD 11.4M+


As we come toward the end of the discussion, I would like to leave a few remarks. YouTube boxing has taken over social media. The social media influencers are not boxers but they are also comedians, pranksters, reactors, and sketches as well. However, some of them could excel in the field, while some left the practice and could not gain much fame.

And that is too quite subjective, everyone has a different opinion about Youtube boxers, therefore a Youtube Boxing tier list is needed in action. This tier list helps to gather data and accumulates the opinions of different people under one roof.