Sports Youtuber Tier List [2023]

I bet, growing up most of us have played and watched sports one way or the other, let it be indoor or outdoor. We all have our heroes whose mere presence on the pitch was enough to make us believe that victory is still in our grasp. For most of us sports, today is still a major source of entertainment it has built a community of many fanatics, who feel a sense of belonging to their favorite teams and rally under their respective crest.

Over the course of several decades, technology has made a substantial development, due to which we now live in such an advanced technological age where online streaming has gained the significance of a norm. One of the world’s leading video-sharing platforms is YouTube, and since its inception in 2005, YouTube has brought up a large number of digital creators who cover a wide wide array of subjects. Hence, we have created this Sports YouTuber Tier List, to rank all of the famous Sports YouTubers.

The tier list is comprised of five brackets or tiers named the S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier, C-Tier, and D-Tier respectively. The tier list follows a chronological order, where the S-Tier is the symbol of perfection and the D-Tier represents poor quality and lack of effort by the digital creator. Having said that please note that creating Tier List is not an absolute reality, but a mere viewpoint, and may not align with the opinions and thinking of other people. With all said, let’s get started with the tier list, shall we?

Key Points

  • There are total of 17 entries in the list.
  • Each entry has been ranked according to their number of subscribers, viewership, popularity.
  • In the top rank you will see Chris MD, United Stand, Dude Perfect, etc.
  • Among the lowest tier you can find Damien Walters, Jason Belmonte, The Hockey Guy, etc.


We will rank all the entries in a table below.

S Rank.A Rank.B Rank.C Rank.D Rank.
Chris MD
Zack Hample
Ryan Garcia
Damien Walters
United StandF2FreestylersVenom TrickshotsBallislifeJason Belmonte
Dude PerfectBrodie SmithLapp BrosThe Hockey Guy
Mark GoldbridgeAdam Bobrow


The greatest content creators in the Sports YouTuber Tier List
The Best of the Best!

Welcome to the S-Tier, the place where you would find some of the best and most entertaining Sports YouTubers on the platform.  The Sports YouTubers that are added in the S-Tier of the Sports YouTuber Tier List, have an excellent outreach, and the content they produce is of such a high caliber that it leaves the audience, mesmerized, craving for more. These YouTubers are the very best at their job and have gained pretty good recognition in the community. With that out of the way, let’s get started on the S-Tier.

Dude Perfect

First up is Dude Perfect, a group of five best friends, who battle it out in various sports challenges to claim the shining trophy and the title of the best dude in the group. The YouTube channel has a massive subscriber total of 57.3 million and more than 1 billion views, which is a great milestone for any YouTuber.

Dude Perfect has created videos on a wide variety of sports activities, such as hunting, lacrosse, fishing, and much more, one of their most popular video series is the All Sports Golf Battle, where the dudes play golf by the means of various sports activities. It is safe to say that Dude perfects are one of the most fun and entertaining Sports YouTubers on the video-sharing platform.

Number Of Subscribers57.3M

United Stand

Crazy about the game of football, then you might be familiar with a football club that goes by the name of Manchester United. Well, United Stand is a Man Utd fan channel on YouTube where the team, produces content related to the football club and keeps the fans engaged from all over the world, by focusing on many notions, such as team news, match reactions, fan forums, match watch along and vlogs.

United Stand is one of the most notable Sports YouTube Channel in the United fanbase, and a has a total of 1.23 million subscribers. United Stand is a great induction to the S-Tier of the Sports YouTuber Tier List, as it connects the fan spirits with the sport in a true manner.

Number Of Subscribers1.23M

Chris MD

Chris MD or Chris Dixon is a British YouTuber whose YouTube channel is a tribute to his love for the game of Football, where he posts mainly football-related content which includes his match reactions, drills, and various challenges, while also uploading a number FIFA related videos.

The channel has a huge audience and a total subscriber total of 5.52 million with a total of 492 videos, for viewers to enjoy. overall a great effort from the content creator to keep the viewers entertained and buzzing.

Number Of Subscribers5.52M
CountryUnited Kingdom


The second best in the Sports YouTubers Tier List
The Second Best

Moving on, we have the A-Tier, a step down from the virtuous S-Tier, However, don’t be fooled, because the A-Tier consists of some pretty darn good Sports YouTubers.

The YouTubers in the A-Tier may fall short of the greatness of those in the S-Tier, but nonetheless, they have produced some pretty amazing content and have a cherishing fan base rallying behind them. These YouTubers are entitled to be called the best in their own very right. With that said let us move towards the first YouTuber of the A-Tier in the Sports YouTuber Tier List.

Mark Goldbridge

Mark Goldbridge is among the most entertaining YouTubers in the British scene. Goldbridge features on a number of  YouTube channels and keeps his audience involved and interested with his quirky and witty persona. Goldbridge is one of the more prominent faces in the United Stand and hosts most of the live streams and interviews.

Despite United Stand, the guy also runs his own personal YouTube channel by the name of That’s Entertainment with Mark Goldbridge, on which he does a lot watch along streams of sports events and matches, for instance, football matches other than Manchester United, Formula 1 racing events, American Super Bowl, etc. Mark Goldbridge has a total of 651 thousand people subscribed to his YouTube channel.

Number Of Subscribers651k

Zack Hample

Moving on, next in the A-Tier of the Sports YouTuber Tier List we have, Zack Hample, an American YouTuber whose content is aimed at the sport of Baseball. In daily life content, Zack mainly uploads Vlogs of him going to numerous Major Baseball League games and snagging balls from the stands when whenever hit for a home run. Zack is quite active on the channel uploading a video in a succession of every 3 days, while also maintaining the standards of quality in terms of scripting and entertainment.

Number Of Subscribers8.85M


For a football fan who watches the game on a daily basis, the 442oons YouTube channel is must watch. Based in the United Kingdom, the YouTube channel produces comic cartoons based on various players, matches, and events in the football world. The content is enjoyed by a large audience all over the world because the game of football is not only confined to the walls of England, rather it is a worldwide phenomenon, and seeing funny animations of favorite football stars can be a high dose of entertainment for any football fan, The leading that why the YouTube channel may have such a large subscriber community of 3.77 million.

Number Of Subscribers3.77M
CountryUnited Kingdom

Brodie Smith

The next social media personality in the Sports YouTuber Tier List is Brodie Smith, the guy is an amazing athlete and a well-accomplished content creator on YouTube. He is a four-time US Frisbee National Champion, and also has six Guinness Book World Records to his name.

Smith is a season YouTuber and has been on the video streaming service for more than a decade now, he started his YouTube career in 2007 and has had more than 2.22 million subscribers over the time period.

Trick shots, Disc Golf, Vlogs, and other tutorials are usually the topics of his content. Smith has also had a number of joyful collaborations with Dude Perfect, in a number of crazy Trick shots videos, which were greatly enjoyed by the audience. A YouTuber who is truly worthy of being on your watchlist.

Number Of Subscribers2.22M


F2Freestylers is a Sports YouTube Channel that is heavily influenced by football.  One which Jeremy Lynch and Billy Wingrove, two football fanatics upload videos regarding football freestyle, in-game skills tutorial, various challenges, and much more.

The YouTube channel has a whopping fan following of more than thirteen million subscribers. The duo has gained much fame over the years, making them one of the most notable YouTube channels in the UK.

The duo has also had the opportunity to work alongside Dude Perfect in a collaboration video, which was a massive hit, gaining more than a hundred million views. Despite having a successful YouTube channel the duo has also shown their presence to the fans outside of the streaming platform, for instance, at the Wembley Cup where Jeremy Lynch played an exhibition match and entertained the crowd.

Number Of Subscribers13M
CountryUnited Kingdom


The creators
The Mediocre Ones

At last, we arrive at the average or the mediocre tier of the Sports YouTuber Tier List, The Sports YouTubers that are added to this B-Tier, have had a pretty ordinary run on YouTube up till now, they have been good but much to the disappointment they lack the wow factor.

These YouTubers may be able to attract new traffic and increase their sub count, however, they fail to retain them, the reasons may be many, but in the end, it all comes down to their conviction, effort, and thought they put into their content.

Adam Bobrow

First up in the B-Tier is Adam Bobrow, a Sports YouTuber who mainly focuses on the game Table Tennis or Ping Pong as some might say. Adam is a professional of the game, traveling the world participating and commentating in countless tournaments.

On his YouTube channel and the average viewer may various table tennis challenges, numerous serve tutorials, and vlogs. Adam has also featured in a Dude Perfect video, titled “Impossible Pin Pong Trick Shots”, which was very well received by the audience.

With a subscriber total of 728 thousand, Adam Bobrow is added to the B-Tier, because the content creator needs to put a little more effort into the scripting and editing of his videos.

Number Of Subscribers728k

Venom Trickshots

Florian “Venom” Kohler is a professional pool player, who simultaneously runs a YouTube channel by the name of Venom Trickshots, on which he uploads tons of content aiming at numerous tutorials, drills, and pool Trick Shots.

Kohler started his YouTube channel way back in 2007 and has been creating entertaining videos for viewers ever since. He has reached a total of 1.08 million subscribers over the whole period. Overall a good entertaining and amusing YouTuber in the Sports YouTuber Tier List.

Number Of Subscribers1.08M


fightTIPS is your one-stop YouTube channel to learn about any sort of combat sports, physical training, and strength development. Together with trainers, Shane Fazen, PJ, Vince, and Erin Herle, form the fightTIPS YouTube channel on which they produce a number of videos related to the many variations of combat sports, let it be Kickboxing, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, or Brazilian jiu-jitsu, the trainers are here to guide and provide advice based on their in-ring experience and encounters.

Number Of Subscribers16.7M

Lapp Bros

Making its way into the mediocre category, we have the Lapp Bros, a Sports YouTube channel that mainly focuses on Baseball and Basketball for producing content. The YouTube channel started back in 2015 and since then Sports YouTubers have accumulated a pretty decent audience and reached a total of 295 thousand subscribers. The content they produce consists of various stereotypes videos, sports equipment reviews, and funny skits. Overall a good entertainment value for the viewers.

Number Of Subscribers295k


The below average in the Sports YouTubers Tier List
A Poor Performing Phenomenon

Next, we have C-Tier and the content creators that are added to this second-lowest tier are somewhat pretty bad at the job they do and have basically struggled to produce rather decent content to amuse their audience because the content they are producing now is significantly below average and requires a lot of improvement.


Ballislife is a YouTube channel that is dedicated to all the Basket Ball fans out there, Having said that, the content might prove to be below average as one might perceive, The YouTube channel is based in the United States and normally uploads footage from various High School and College games, to highlight the up and coming new prospects of the game. The channel has a great outreach and has a total of 3.41 million subscribers, but the content lacks thought and creativity, which is a major drawback.

Number Of Subscribers3.41M

Ryan Garcia

The next Sports YouTuber in the Sports YouTuber Tier List is Ryan Garcia a professional lightweight boxer with an impressive career record of 21 wins to 0 losses, with 18 knockouts. Garcia is also entitled to a Sports YouTube channel, with a total sub count of 1.18 million. The content normally focuses on vlogs of his training for an upcoming fight, multiple diet plans, and promotion videos to build hype for his bouts.

The undisputed boxer is added to the second-lowest category because he uses his YouTube channel more as a marketing tool to spread the word and create excitement for his future endeavors rather than creating content to connect with the audience, which is the main point of being a content creator in the first place.

Number Of Subscribers1.18M


The shambolic ones
Absolutely Diabolical

With everything out of the way, we have made our way to the bottom last tier, The D-Tier of the Sports YouTuber Tier List. Shamefully, unlike the other divisions in the tier list, the Sports YouTubers that are added to this dead bottom tier are a complete mess, it is almost painful to see someone crashing out this bad, there is absolutely nothing to applaud, but to feel sorrow about the resolve and drive of these individuals.

Their content isn’t entertaining, it lacks the creativity and innovation to produce fresh new ideas, and also lacks efforts to put out entertaining videos for the viewers to watch.  An all and all diabolical contribution to YouTube.

 The Hockey Guy

Ice Hockey is for sure one of the most entertaining sports a die-hard sports fan can enjoy, an extremely fast-paced gameplay, players fighting, and high action, what’s not to like? However, the YouTuber we are featuring isn’t that exciting or amusing, unlike the sport, we are talking about, The Hockey Guy, a Canadian YouTuber who mainly covers the North American, National Hockey League in his featured content.

We have added The Hockey Guy into the poor category because the YouTuber reeks of laziness, there is no effort what’s so put into the content he puts out, and the channel does not even have a decent Intro, to begin with.

As a Sports YouTuber, it is natural that the viewer might expect some movement and enthusiasm, rather than a person sitting in his room with a whiteboard at the back shooting videos. The content is boring and tiresome, the reason why his videos get low views of 17k-20k on average. A complete miss!

Number Of Subscribers8M

Jason Belmonte

Next up in the Sports YouTuber Tier List, we the undisputed number 1 ranked player from bowling, Jason Belmonte, however unlike his blooming professional career, his YouTuber career might be out for the swings, The Aussie started his YouTube channel more than a decade ago, in 2007 and has only uploaded 74 videos up till now, which makes it almost 5 videos a year.

The content is not that great either, which mainly consists of a talk show, and some major announcements of the past also he has gained only a handful of subscribers over the span of numerous years, all adding up to a mere 70.4 thousand subscribers.

Number Of Subscribers70.4k

Damien Walters

Damien Walters is a world-class free runner, gymnast, and stunt performer from Lancashire England, the guy also has a YouTube channel with almost 721 thousand subscribers. On his YouTube channel, Walter uploads a number of stunt videos on certain reels from his show, Walters & Shieff.

He is inducted to the D-Tier of the Tier List because the YouTuber lacks the consistency to upload on a daily basis, and secondly the content he uploads lacks context, which makes it difficult to properly engage with the audience.

Number Of Subscribers721k

Comparison Table

YoutuberTierNumber Of SubscribersCountry
Chris MDS57.3MUSA
United StandS1.23MEngland
Dude PerfectS5.52MUnited Kingdom
Zack HampleA651kItaly
Brodie SmithA3.77MUnited Kingdom
Mark GoldbridgeA2.22MUSA
44200nsA13MUnited Kingdom
Venom TrickshotsB1.08MFrance
Lapp BrosB16.7MBrazil
Adam BobrowB295kUSA
Ryan GarciaC3.41MUSA
Damien WaltersD8MCanada
Jason BelmonteD70.4kAustralia
The Hockey GuyD721kEngland


And with the conclusion of the D-Tier, we come to the end of the Sports YouTuber Tier List, it was a great experience, talking about all these great influencers, some better than the others of course. I’m sure that most of us have made some great memories while playing our favorite game, growing up or even today.

Sports has been a great deal for most of us, it has had a great impact on our life, it has thought us many great lessons, such as the importance of teamwork, the virtue of hard work, trust in others, and the most important one of them all, that life isn’t always about winning all the time, but to give it all we’ve got and have a great time enjoying it.

With so many technological advancements, we are living in a world that is more digitalized than ever, everything has an online presence, with the existence of YouTube, online streaming has gone to a brand new level, with YouTube attracting a large number of content creators and social media personalities, there has content produced in all aspects of life, cooking, travel, lifestyle, even sports. In this Sports YouTuber Tier List, we have aimed to classify different Sports YouTubers into different on the basis of different characteristics.

The tier list has five tiers, categorized in order from best to worst, with S-Tier being the very best tier, and the D-Tier consisting of poor-performing influencers.  Having said that, please undertake that the tier list is a mere standpoint of one’s opinion and thoughts, which are not an absolute fact, and are open to other people’s criticism and interpretation. With all said it is the end of the tier list, Peace!