Fortnite Youtuber Tier List [2023]

Discover the Best Fortnite Youtubers with our Comprehensive Tier List.

Our young generation becomes mad when they hear someone talking about Fortnite because it is their favorite topic. Who does not know about it? If there is someone then he or she must be an introvert. Because the people who have a craze for games and are gamers by heart die for this game. Fortnite is gaining popularity with every coming day. If you are into action and adventure games then you must definitely give it a try and it’s a bet that you will not resist playing it all day every day.

If you want to have expertise on major controls of the game or even if you are a beginner so you should use Fortnite YouTubers as your guide. But the confusion begins when you get to know that there are so many in the queue and which will be the best for you. In order to overcome this situation of topsy-turvy, our professionals have prepared a Fortnite Youtuber Tier List for you.

Key Points

  • This article has ranked a total of 20 Fortnite YouTubers.
  • They have been ranked based on their popularity, the quality of their content, and consistency.
  • Among the highest ranks, you will find, Ninja, Lazarbeam, Dakotaz, x2twins, etc.
  • In the bottom ranks, you will find Jacksepticiye, Austin Creed, Pokimane, etc.


Here is a table that has ranked the Fortnite YouTubers in order.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Faze TfueHjdooganTypical GamerLoserfruitAustin Creed

We can not doubt their rankings because most of them are also fans of this outstanding game. They know the gist of the game, so on behalf of all the knowledge, they watched videos of all the popular Fortnite YouTubers and then ranked them to ease your confusion.

However these rankings are subjective because every person has a different sense of judging but who knows if your thinking will match with ours, so let us give it a try.

This list will be consisting of five different tiers; S, A, B, C, and D respectively. The ranking criterion is that the tiers will move from best to worst. For instance, If there are some YouTubers that are considered to be top tier so we will be placing them on the S-Tier, then the best ones will be on A-Tier, in simple words as we will move towards the different tier then it means we are taking one step backward in terms of quality.

Our recommendation will be to choose the YouTubers ranked on S and A Tier but if you feel that both the tiers are not working for you so in this case you can make a start with the other tiers, and once you get a grip then things will work for you. So, are you ready to dive into our Fortnite Youtuber tier list? Wait, if you have not downloaded this game yet so you can download it from here. Now let us begin with the rankings.


top-tier gameplays

In the S-tier you will come to know about the pick of the bunch of Fortnite YouTubers. They are completely pro with whatever tips and tricks they use to win the battle. Their playing style, techniques, and explanations are worth watching and listening to.

You will be awestruck while watching their videos. Do not bother yourself we are not going to create much more suspense, following are the big names on Youtube for playing Fortnite.


The most expected name on the top of the Fortnite Youtuber tier list is obviously none other than Ninja. He was the one who become so renowned because of the Fortnite battle royale. He did not know that his try at streaming Fortnite will become so fortunate for his career. All the tables turned when he first started Fortnite streaming on Twitch.

He was a sensation at that time when he started streaming this game, and most importantly his content was family-friendly. He invested a lot of effort in his work that still no one can replace him, and people remember him as the best Fortnite player.

Now, when he streams this game on Youtuber or uploads videos of his battles, people are so excited to watch these. The amazing fact is that some people are not as likely to play the game itself as they watch his Fortnite uploads. His content is very much entertaining and engaging. He is a pro in this game and you should definitely learn his techniques.

His personality, playing style, and videos are so influential that players can never forget him and can not stop adoring him at any cost. There were no excuses to rank him lower therefore, it was decided to place Ninja on the S-tier.

There may be some objections from some of you people that now there are many players playing Fortnite so well and can perform better than him and can be ranked on the top, but Ninja is old now.

But you know what? Old is gold. You can go watch his videos and you can witness his competitiveness. He is not only funny but he genuinely plays so well. Our professionals decided to rank him on top after properly evaluating his performance in Youtuber videos. If you do not find his videos worth watching, then sorry to say but you do not know his worth.

Subscriber Count 23.7M+

Faze Tfue

There are a huge number of fans of Faze Tfue for playing Fortnite. While watching his videos you will come to know how to win a battle without being nervous instead of this he lets you enjoy the whole battle. There are some players who are so lost in the game that their heart starts beating faster than ever, do you know why this happens? It is because they do not know how to play the game and defeat their opponents.

Tfue is very confident and competitive. You should learn from his videos how to face your opponent fearlessly. We recommend you to watch his videos, as he can become a very good guide for your next Fortnite battle. He is considered one of the best Fortnite players all over the world.

Earlier he stopped playing this game and his fans were very upset about his decision but now his comeback brought smiles to the faces of his fans and they are excited to see him again playing this game consistently.

Subscriber Count 11.7M+


One of the best Youtubers who even owns his skin in the game is the legend “Lachlan”. When you will watch his videos, you will be amazed by his skills and the way he is playing the game. Playing Fortnite is like a passion for him. His performance will convince you to say oh man! is he for real?

Trust us we are not exaggerating but his gameplay is worth watching, and you will believe us once you will start watching his videos. There must be a solid reason for him being one of the most popular Fortnite YouTubers. Lachlan’s fanbase is very strong and his subscribers are growing day by day. This is all because of his hard work and dedication to this game.

He himself enjoys playing this game and due to his entertaining nature, he made us enjoy it too. His gameplays are truly a vibe. You must definitely watch his videos and take some learnings from them.

Subscriber Count 14.8M+


The gameplays of Lazarbeam are a complete package for you. You must be wondering a great package in which sense? In his videos, you can find entertainment, information, and fun altogether. He possesses a very great personality that engages his audiences to watch and enjoy his gameplays.

He gained a lot of subscribers after he started playing Fortnite. People started following his gameplays as these are worth watching. He is not an influential gamer just because of the entertainment he offers, but it is because of his challenging battles.

It is strongly recommended to all of you watch his videos.

Subscriber Count 20.4M+


Dakotaz is also one of those YouTubers who create family-friendly content. The way he plays this game makes it more adventurous and interesting. He has won many battles because of his smartness. He perfectly knows how to win the battle like a king without getting into trouble. People all over the world love his gameplays and streams, so he deserves to be ranked on the S-tier.

Subscriber Count 2.79M+

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It is time to move toward those Fortnite Youtubers who are watched by the players all over the world and have so much respect because of their wonderful work. They play the game in a way that the viewers also start enjoying like they are really playing it by themselves.

We must say that in the A-tier of our Fortnite YouTuber tier list we are going to rank one of the best players. No more curiosity, the names are written below, and not only the names but we have justified the rankings as well.


By the name you can understand that this is not one player instead it is an awesome duo. Due to their undeniably outstanding skills, they managed to be qualified for the Fortnite world cup. Not hundreds, not thousands, but their subscribers are in millions. X2twins’s viewers love their videos because it is in some way distinctive from others.

The most amazing quality of them is that they are not only competitive but they know how to keep their audience entertained with humor and extremely remarkable skills. Their career took a big turn after the grand tournament, and from then they became very admirable personalities in the gaming industry.

This duo is considered professional Fortnite players, and this confirmation of this consideration is clearly reflected in their Youtube videos. This is the reason to rank x2twins on the A tier.

Subscriber Count 6M+


Hjdoogan is a very popular and among one of the best Fortnite YouTubers. You can notice that he is very active on youtube and upload his gameplay very often. His fans immensely wait for his videos so they can entertain themselves.

His real name is Harry Doogas and he is basically famous for his Fortnite gameplays. You can take some very interesting lessons from his videos which can be used in your every battle due to which the chances of wins are increased.

Hjdoogan is very smart in playing this game, it is very hard to beat him in a battle. If you want to play in the way he plays then you must watch his youtube gameplays. Do you know what his fans are called? it’s DOOGANG! isn’t it cool? You can also become a part of Doogang once you start watching his videos, and we are sure there will be no single excuse to not like his content.

Subscriber Count 1.64M+


Muselk is one of the most challenging Fortnite Youtubers. He loves to play the same game Fortnite in different ways and winning almost every other battle is his target. He has a lot of courage and we can clearly see it in his videos as he has played some of the battles while doing the dares assigned by his fans. One of those interesting dares was “to win the battle while being blindfolded” and he does this.

People love to watch his gameplays also because he is very gentle with his fans, talks to them nicely, and teaches them the basics and wonderful tricks as well. In a nutshell, he is one of the best Fortnite YouTubers.

Subscriber Count 9.22M+


If you want to watch high-quality Fortnite gameplays along with being funny and free of boredom then the best page to land is Ssundee’s youtube channel. On his channel, you can find a lot of Fortnite videos, and all of them are different and interesting in their own way.

Up to 13 million people from all over the world find his uploads helpful, informative, and amusing. You must also visit his channel and watch the videos relate to Fortnite that you want. You are surely going to enjoy it.

Subscriber Count 22M+


Earlier Mrfreshasian was not among the best YouTubers because at that time the level of his content was not able to match the level of high-quality Fortnite Youtubers. But, You know what? After a lot of practice and hard work he has gained fame and is now considered one of the best Fortnite YouTubers.

It is not that easy to come to this position because the competition is too high. However, it is appreciable that with his competitive nature he managed to do so. It is recommended to follow his videos from the start then you will come to know how to gradually improve your skills so that you can become a champion of this game.

Subscriber Count 7.73M+


SypherPk is a Fortnite YouTuber with more than 5 million subscribers. Is this huge strength dumb? Absolutely not! They value his work and are aware that what good Fortnite content is.

The reason to include him on the A tier is that he is very honest with his work. He possesses a character that shows that somewhere inside Sypherpk plays this game with great dedication and he is wanting to help you learn the special techniques as well.

The seriousness of his game does not mean that he uploads very intense videos, no not at all his videos are funny and engaging as well. His videos will be very helpful for you so consider watching them too.

Subscriber Count 6.56M+


Ali-A is also among one of the best and most popular Fortnite YouTubers. He is great at whatever he does while playing it. From selecting the best weapon to choosing which character will be best suited.

With his experience and skills, he can guide you in a lot easier way, not only his playing style is simple but the way he communicates with his viewers is also so inspiring. He possesses an influential personality. You should not miss his videos otherwise you will regret it.

Subscriber Count 18.4M+

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Everything and everyone is not meant to be perfect. Fortunately, some are, this is because of their extraordinary dedication and hard work. However, some people are those who are still struggling in their domain, and one day after their untiring efforts they are surely going to be on top.

So, in the B-tier of our Youtuber Tier List, we are ranking those Fortnite Youtubers who are considered very good and can be very helpful for you if you want to learn this game, or in other words, you can say that their guidance can become a stepping stone for you. So are you ready for their introduction? Here we go!


Mccreamy is the professional Fornite Youtuber who produces very good content. He is not a pro but it does not mean that he is not a good player. He is considered a very nice player, and the positive point is that children aged 10+ can freely enjoy his videos without any restrictions.

He does not use inappropriate or abusive language to make his videos entertaining and increase views, all he does is play well and use his humor to stick all the viewers to his gameplays. If you are stressed out and want to relax while watching some good Fortnite content then Mccreamy’s Youtuber channel is the best choice for you.

Subscriber Count 9.35M+

Typical Gamer

A typical gamer is another good Youtuber who uploads Fortnite content. The reason for him being on the B tier is that his videos are not only restricted to this game other than that he plays Call of Duty and GTA V as well. If h will start playing this game on a regular basis and upload his Fortnite gameplays more often then he can be ranked on the and A tiers. But for now, the B tier is the position he deserves.

Subscriber Count 13.3M+


The Caster and Analyst of Fortnite “Reisshub” is committed to his game and tries very hard to come along with the best Fortnite YouTubers. He has also been featured in many tournaments of this game. He can guide you with the basics of the game. Overall he is a good Fortnite YouTuber.

Subscriber Count 111K+



The C-tier is that one in which we will be ranking the average or below average player of our Fortnite YouTuber tier list. We can not mention their names with the bad players because of their inconsistent performances. But, they are neither too good as the above-mentioned Fortnite Youtubers.

Still, they can be your guide, because who knows that some of them teach you a trick that you were unable to notice in the videos of players ranked in the best tiers. Following are the rankings of the C-tier.


Timthetitman does not solely focus on one single game. On his Youtuber channel, you can watch him playing a lot of different legendary games like Call of Duty, Minecraft, Overwatch, etc. But the game due to which he got renowned more than before is none other than Fortnite.

He started streaming this game when people all over the world were crazy about this game. It was actually the time when the real hype of this game was created, somewhere between of start of 2018.

This was the time when this game became a road to his rising career. He not only used this game for popularity but played it with a lot of interest. The only reason to rank him on the C tier is that there is a long list of YouTubers who specifically plays this game, and their whole focus is on it due to which their practice is great as well. But as discussed above Tim plays other games too, therefore, his performance in Fortnite is not as good as it must be.

Subscriber Count 4.88M+


We can say that Loserfruit is among good female Fortnite Youtubers but in front of a huge number of male Youtubers, she deserves to be ranked on the C tier of our Youtuber Tier List. We are not saying that her gameplays are useless or a waste of time, but these are not worth it too. Her Fortnite gameplays are considered very average while the other games she plays are too good.

Subscriber Count 3.7M+



Lastly, the ranking will be ended with the worst players or the noob ones. They may sometimes win the battle but it is all because of their luck. Maybe their performance is not good because of a lack of interest in the game, or they do not make the necessary efforts needed. Whatever the reason is, these are not included in our recommendations. Following are the names of unlucky Fortnite Youtubers.


If you want to watch the Fortnite gameplays only for comedy and fun then Jacksepticeye’s videos are the best choice. But, if you really want to learn the game and watch intense and adventurous gameplay then in this case he is considered the worst Fortnite Youtuber.

Never mind, because everyone can perform well in his domain but on the other side he may mess things up. However, if our ranking would be based on the funniest Fortnite Youtuber then we can say that Jacksepticiye is on lead.

Subscriber Count 29.3M+

Austin Creed

There are very few videos of Austin creed for Fortnite gameplays and that too are not the best or even good ones. If a professional player will watch his style of playing then he will truly get mad at him. There is no offense because he does not play this game because he likes it too much, whenever he has played it, it was just for entertainment purposes.

Subscriber Count 2.38M+


The same is the case with Pokimane. She plays a number of different popular games on her youtube channel along with Fortnite. But as there are so many competitive YouTubers on our Fortnite YouTuber tier list so Pokiamane fails to be ranked higher. There are other games in which she is a pro player but it is definitely not Fortnite.

Subscriber Count 6.65M+

Comparison Table

YoutubersTierSubscriber Count
Faze TfueS11.7M+
Typical GamerB13.3M+
Austin CreedD2.38M+

Summarizing the Ranking

You must have chosen your pick by now, right? These rankings are a lifesaver for you, as now you will not have to waste your time by exploring the basics and pro tips of the game by yourselves. The best YouTubers ranked on our Fortnite YouTuber tier list have made it a lot easier for the players to play this game.

The on;y thing you have to do is to watch their videos, notice and remember the main points and techniques, and congratulations you are ready to apply them to your very own battle.

The main focus of every player is to win the game but winning it is impossible without good practice. But you know what? The YouTubers have almost neglected the word “good practice” from your dictionary. As you can watch their videos, and learn from the mistakes that they have made in their battle.

Because, now you know what were the reasons for which they lost some of the battles, and you are wise enough to not repeat those blunders again. Best of luck with your next battle!