YouTuber Tier List: Famous Youtubers Ranked

We rank the famous content creators on the biggest video platform in the world.

YouTube has truly become a diverse community of digital creators. People worldwide make different videos based on their passion and interests, covering Food Blogging, Cooking, Outdoor activities, Gaming, Unboxing, Reviews of Reviews, other Gadgets and Games, Live Streaming, and whatnot. This YouTuber Tier List is a leap into the vast community of digital creators, intending to rank these digital creators by taking into account the entertainment value of their posted content.

Key Points

  • There are 23 YouTubers in the tier list.
  • Each entry has been ranked on the basis of its popularity, viewership, reputation, etc.
  • In the top tier, you can find Jacksepticeye, Dude Perfect, Mr. Beast, PewDiePie, The Food Ranger, etc.
  • Among the lowest tier, you will find  Logan Paul, Morgz, Mike Majlak, Ninja, etc.


We will rank all the entries in a small table below.

S Rank.A Rank.B Rank.C Rank.D Rank.
Lazar BeamGordon RamseyNinjaLogan Paul
The Food RangerChris MD
Jose Zuniga
Mike Majlak
Dude Perfect
Jeremy Lynch
Brad Danger
Mr. Beast
Mike Chen
Andrew Rae
Linus Sebastian

S Tier

Best on YouTuber Tier List
The Very Best on the Platform!

The S-Tier consists of some of the most entertaining YouTubers on the platform. Whether the quality of the content or the audience engagement, these YouTubers have cracked the code to provide the maximum entertainment value to their viewers.

These YouTubers produce content based on some of the best thought-out ideas and constantly search for new ways to entertain their viewers. Ready to see the first YouTuber of the S-Tier? Let’s go!


The uncontested king of YouTube, the only individual content creator to have a subscriber count of over 100 million subscribers, PewDiePie or  Felix Arvid,  is a Swedish YouTuber, mostly known for his Let’s Play series based on gaming, reaction videos, and other comic themed videos.

Over time, PewDiePie has seen some tremendous success; he is a complete icon with a strong fan following; he is also added to the list of Top100 most influential people by times magazine, which is accurate in some ways, with a large audience of 111 million subscribers and he produces or promotes on his YouTube channel will have a mass impact.

Number of subscribers 111M

Mr. Beast

Tell me, are you fond of the idea of spending an absurd amount of cash on stupid challenges and random stuff? If yes, then Mr. Beast has fulfilled your fantasy; Jimmy McDonald, better known as Mr.

Beast is an American  YouTuber whose whole YouTube channel is filled with videos of him spending a crazy amount of money in the dumbest way possible, for instance, buying a car using only pennies or different challenges where random subscribers are allowed to win big cash prizes.

Mr. Beast is a true genius in YouTube Algorithms, as the YouTuber is the proud creator of the most-liked non-music video on the platform, The Egg Olympics, and holds the record to gain the most number of subscribers in a single day. With over a billion subscribers and a loyal fanbase, Mr. Beast is a true elite in the YouTube Rankings.

Number of subscribers 145M


Sean William McLoughlin, better known for his online allies Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTuber who mainly focuses on Vlogs, Reaction videos, and Gaming in terms of content creation; as of 2022, his YouTube channel has a total of 28.2 million subscribers and is added to the S-Tier of the Tier List due to his great audience engagement and entertaining persona.

Number of subscribers 29.3M

Dude Perfect

Tyler Toney, Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton, Gareth Hilbert, and Cody Jones are five friends better known as Dude Perfect. They spend their days competing in multiple outdoor and sports challenges while also making unbelievable Trick Shots. Personally speaking, Dude Perfect is among some of the most entertaining content producers on the platform.

Their videos provide great entertainment value in every aspect; the storylines,  video quality, background music, and editing are at their finest in the content produced by Dude Perfect.

Dude Perfect is becoming popular with each passing day. Currently, the channel is booming in terms of audience reach, having a subscribers toll of 57.3 million. However, along with the normal YouTube content, Dude Perfect has also had the privilege to host its reality show on Nickelodeon. Dude Perfect is a great induction into the S-Tier of our Tier List.

Number of subscribers 59M

The Food Ranger

Trevor James is a travel and food blogger who travels the lands searching for great food. The Canadian foodie has a knack for exploring cultures and eating flavorful food. In his Vlogs, he is mostly seen exploring the local street food and meeting with the local population, through which he tries to understand the living ways of an individual in a specific area.

His Vlogs are outright mouth-watering and enjoyable. They also provide a fresh perspective about life on this earth, seeing the different customs, beliefs, and values: overall, they are a plausible digital creator, living life to its fullest.

Number of subscribers 5.54M

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A Tier

The Greats
Exceptionally Talented

The YouTubers added to the A-Tier of the YouTuber Tier List are exceptional in their own right. However, no matter what, they still may not be capable of meeting the standards or reaching the heights of success of those mentioned in the S-Tier.

These Youtubers may be applauded for their work, but they may not be the first choice for many to make them a part of their day-to-day life; having said that, the YouTubers that are added in the A-Tier may have a very specific fan following.

Lazar Beam

Lannan Neville Eacott, better known as Lazar Beam, is an Australian YouTuber who mainly covers gaming and produces many comedy-centric reaction videos. YouTube is exceptionally talented and is among the content creators who provide their viewers with the most entertainment value. Lazar Beam is one of the fastest-growing YouTubers on the platform, gaining a subscriber toll of  19.8 million. He is added to the A-Tier of the Tier List.

Number of subscribers 20.4M

Mike Chen

Mike Chen is another Food and Travel Vlogger who travels the world to taste multiple cuisines subjected to different cultures generally, the content he produces is quite diverse when compeered to others, for instance, eating instant noodles from different countries, to enjoying various all you can buffets to exploring the local street food, to additional convenient stores food review, etc. With a growing fanbase, this YouTuber is certainly due to big in the future. Currently, the YouTuber has a total of 5.7 million subscribers and has his product line of hot oil.

Number of subscribers 1.58M


Interested in the world of Japanese automation, the rich car culture, and the history of the land of the rising sun, then ALBO is your cup of tea. Albo is a Japanese YouTuber enjoying his JDM dream to the fullest; in his YouTube content, he builds and reviews cars, creates documentaries about the glorious JDM car culture, goes to car meetups, and Touge Runs with his friends.

ALBO might fall short when it comes to the subscriber count, but the quality of content he produces is on a different level. Thus, he is added to the A-Tier.

Number of subscribers 429K


Elliot Watkins or Muselk is an Australian YouTuber who mainly plays Fortnite on his YouTube channel and does multiple live streams regarding any leaks or updates that may be added to the game.

Watching his videos is quite amusing because he incorporates various memes and game bugs into his gameplay and tries to have a good time, not to mention his timeless reactions whenever he gets successful in one of his foolish meme tricks.

With a subscriber count of 9.4 million, the channel has a great audience reach. The Australian is also generating a rather lucrative income stream by introducing his merch line aiming to conquer new horizons.

Number of subscribers 9.21M

Chris MD

Chris MD is a British YouTuber whose whole YouTube career reflects his love for the game of Football. He normally uploads various football challenges, game footage, reactions to multiple football clips, and FIFA pack openings. He is an entertaining sports YouTuber having a Subscriber toll of 5.49 million and is a notable figure in the YouTube Ranking.

Number of subscribers 5.78M

Jeremy Lynch

Next up in the A-Tier, is Jeremy Lynch who is a British YouTuber and is better known for his work on the YouTube channel F2Freestylers. On which he uploads videos regarding freestyle tutorials and challenges, the channel has gained massive fame over the years, reaching a total subscriber count of 13.3 million.

Jeremey also has a second  YouTube channel to his name on which he mainly uploads a day in the life kind of content. The individual has gained great popularity and is one of the leading content creators in the UK.

Number of subscribers 8.19M

Andrew Rae

Andrew Rae or Babish is an American YouTuber based in New York. He runs a cooking YouTube channel, Babish Culinary Universe. He produces several food-related series, such as Basic with Babish where he cooks different homemade recipes, or Binging with Babish where he tries to recreate numerous food items seen in movies and cartoons. He is added to the A-Tier of the Tier List.

Number of subscribers 12M


Turner also known as Tfue is one of the finest gaming YouTubers and competitive players in the world, whether it’s Fortnite, Halo, or Call of Duty he has won it all. Tfue rose to fame when he started playing competitive Fortnite.

He single-handedly qualified for the Fortnite world cup and was considered to be one of the favorites to win the whole event but it was a very big upset when he came 53 among the top 100 best players from around the world. Everyone thought Tfue is dead and buried but he made a great comeback alongside his teammate SCOPED.

On his YouTube channel Tfue, normally uploads videos regarding Fortnite gameplay and has a massive audience of 11.9 million subscribers. Tfue is a good addition to the tier list.

Number of subscribers 11.7M

Linus Sebastian

Linus Sebastian is the host of Linus Tech Tips, a YouTube channel that Technology heavily influences; in his day-to-day content, Linus is seen unboxing and reviewing many different tech devices, building gaming PCs,  while also working on several pretty stupid yet cool projects, such as a pure gold plated Xbox controller, a completely wireless gaming setup among many others.

His content is generally quite amusing with a healthy dose of Tech Information and is enjoyed by many across the globe since the channel has around 14 million subscribers.

Number of subscribers 15.4M


JJ Olatunji, known better as KSI, is a British YouTuber, rapper, and member of the Sidemen. His YouTube content focuses on a wide variety of niches, from making FIFA compilations to daily Vlogs and Music videos, and has a sub count of over 38 million.

However, this is not the end as the young and aspiring content creator has also ventured into new opportunities, for instance, becoming an undefeated Boxer to also co-founding a hydration beverage company name Prime Hydration, with Logan Paul; the duo has agreed to put their feud aside and said cheers to the new beginnings.

Number of subscribers 16.2M

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B Tier

Mediocre on YouTuber Tier List
Average At Best

The YouTubers added to the B-Tier of the ranking are deemed mediocre at their very best. There is just nothing special about the content they produce. Since its inception, the platform has evolved to provide a better and more satisfying experience to the users. This phenomenon does not apply to the YouTubers inducted to this B-Tier of the Tier List. Let us move to the first YouTuber of this average Tier.

Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsey, the British star Chef, is also a YouTuber. Over several years, YouTube has gained some serious popularity as the platform has even become a major tool for various celebrities to gain more popularity and endorse their new projects.

On his YouTube channel, Gordon Ramsey normally uploads several food recipes and tips and tricks for fast and efficient cooking. To demonstrate that cooking is not as complicated and fussy as it seems.

The Michelin Star Chef is entitled to a whopping 18.8 million subscribers, an impressive milestone. However, the content gives a vibe of a traditional cooking show and has no new features; hence this star master chef is a part of the B-Tier.

Number of subscribers 19.8M

Jose Zuniga

Are you an individual who is not satisfied with the life he is living or the standards you have set for yourself? If yes, then Teachingmensfashion is the right stop for you. Jose Zuniga is a young American Entrepreneur and YouTuber whose content mainly focuses on Men’s Fashion, Grooming, Fitness, Lifestyle, and Character building. He has also had the privilege of being nominated for the Shorty Award for Lifestyle, Overall a pronounced creator working for a noble clause. He has been added to the B-Tier of the YouTube Ranking.

Number of subscribers 6M

Brad Danger

Brad Danger is an American YouTuber who hosts a YouTube Channel named Ideal Cars, which mainly focuses on and covers topics regarding automotive. The content that he publishes on his YouTube feed is quite relevant, very well researched, and quite informative, which many car enthusiasts surely enjoy on YouTube; having said that, for me, the creator has only done well to be added to the B-Tier as in most the videos Brad is seen standing in front of a green screen and talking about the relevant subject of the video, which some times get quite boring.

Number of subscribers 1.1M

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Tommy Simons, best known by his online nickname TommyInnit is an English YouTuber and a Professional Streamer; he normally covers and produces content around games like PUBG, Minecraft, and Fortnite.

The main highlight of his content is his collaborations with other numerous YouTubers, which provided him with some welcoming popularity boosting his subscribers count to 11.9 million. However, the kid is still added to the B-Tier of the Tier List because the content he produces is relatively generic, which is why he is added to the B-Tier of Tier List.

Number of subscribers 13.2M

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C Tier

Relatively Bad
Poor Performance

The C-Tier is specified for poor performance; having said that, the YouTubers that are added to the C-Tier of the tier list may be considered good by some people, but for me, they just don’t cut; their video ideas lack innovation and creativity, and the quality of the content being put forward is just not up to the mark. These YouTubers may have had some success in the past, but their recent involvement with the platform has been dreadful. In light of the above discussion, let’s see who is the first YouTuber in the C-Tier of our Tier List.

Mike Majlak

The first Youtuber in the C-Tier of our Tier List is Mike Majlak, who hosts the YouTube channel Mike Majlak Vlogs; even his channel name reeks of laziness, on which he mainly produces a day in the life vlogs, in which he is primarily seen reviewing different fast-food chains, or doing some random activities along with his friends. Generally speaking, his content lacks substance and could improve a lot. The Youtuber has arguably gained popularity due to his close connections with Logan Paul.

Number of subscribers 2.7M


Ninja is a professional streamer and an internet personality, who has hosted multiple e-sporting events and shows, he by no means is a professional YouTuber, but since he has a YouTube channel, I will give him the privilege to be added to this ranking.

On his YouTube, he normally uploads short clips and videos of his gameplay from his live streams, which are a great source of entertainment for die-hard gaming fans; for him, this YouTube channel is just a tool for earning easy money, and by no means does he aspires to make a career of YouTube. Hence, he is added to the C-Tier of the Tier List.

Number of subscribers 23.7M

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D Tier

Absolute Worst on YouTuber Tier List
The Worst on the Streaming Service!

The D-Tier is the absolute worst; the YouTubers added to the D-Tier of the Tier List are shambolic bad publicity or some other issue. They have always been involved in some controversy and are always causing trouble; the content they produced isn’t that great either and lacks in one way or the other way, The YouTubers that are a part of the D-Ter are a prime example of being cringe and bad scriptwriting, with all said let’s proceed with the D-Tier of the YouTube Ranking.


People compete in different kinds of challenges just as a mere excuse to spend an absurd amount of cash. Does that sound familiar; it’s like someone is describing Mr. Beast. Morgz is a joke of a YouTuber who has completely ripped Mr. Beast off; he has copied almost every move made by Mr. Beast with a slight tweak here and there and combined it with his extremely annoying voice to produce cringe and horrible YouTube content.

In most of his videos, he uses clickbait to attract more traffic to his YouTube channel; he has a total subscriber total of 11,9 million. Still, he is added to the D-Tier of the Tier List. No Apologies!

Number of subscribers 12.1M

Logan Paul

At one time in his YouTube career, Logan Paul was a complete definition of cringe. Don’t get me wrong; I am a huge fan of Logan Paul. Still, the American YouTuber, from engaging in numerous controversies to becoming a reigning in-ring boxer, having his merch line, and co-founding a hydration beverage, has done everything rather than producing content.

It almost seems like the so-called content creator only sees YouTube as a marketing tool to promote his upcoming projects and ventures, rather than producing content and engaging with his subscribers. He is therefore added to the D-Tier.

Number of subscribers 23.6M

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Comparison Table

NameTiierNumber of subscribers
The Food RangerS5.54M
Dude PerfectS59M
Mr. BeastS145M
Lazar BeamA20.44M
Chris MDA5.78M
Jeremy LynchA8.19M
Mike ChenA1.58M
Andrew RaeA12M
Linus SebastianA15.4
Gordon RamseyB19.8
Jose ZunigaB6M
Brad DangerB1.1M
Mike MajlakC2.7M
Logan PaulD23.6M


YouTube is a video-sharing platform used by millions across the world. Various content creators upload a wide variety of entertaining videos meant to be enjoyed by the general public, consisting of Vlogs, cooking videos, gaming, anime reviews, fitness and grooming, and much more. YouTube has genuinely evolved into a broad community of digital producers, with individuals from all over the world creating videos that reflect their passions and interests.

This Tier List attempted to categorize these internet personalities into different categories based on their content and their daily engagement with the viewers. The Tier List comprises five Tier with S-Tiers being the absolute best and the D-Tier being a shambolic experience. Again, please consider that this Tier List exists as an opinion and may differ from what other people may think.

Youtube FAQ

Who was the first-ever YouTuber to upload a video on the platform?

The first ever video was uploaded in 2005, titled Me at the zoo, which has crossed over 221 million views, by Karim Jawed, essentially making him the first-ever YouTuber on the video streaming service. He is also one of the three co-founding figures of the company.

What is the most liked non-music video on YouTube uploaded by a content creator?

On January 17th, 2019, content creator Mr. Beast uploaded a video titled “Make this the most liked video on YouTube,” themed after the famous egg post from Instagram. The video did exacting that, gaining a total of 19 million likes and 98 million views.

Which individual YouTuber has the most subscribers on the platform?

As of 2022, a Swedish YouTuber named PewDiePie, has the second-largest YouTube channel on the platform, having a total Subscriber toll of 111 million subscribers, behind T-Series, which is a Music label company making him the most subscribed individual content creator on the platform.

Is making a career in YouTube Lucrative?

Yes, for certain, being a full-time YouTuber can be one of the highest paying jobs in the world because, over time, YouTubers develop a large audience in the shape of subscribers, gaining immense popularity and making high stacks from numerous brand deals and Ad revenue.