Crypto Youtuber Tier List: Information on Crypto

A lot of people on YouTube have crypto based channels, we have ranked some of the best ones.

There are numerous YouTubers out there whose sole purpose is to spread awareness about cryptocurrency. In the Crypto YouTuber tier list, we will be ranking these YouTubers into various tiers from best to worst. You can tune in daily to catch wisdom and insight.

Please keep it under consideration that this tier list is based solely on our own experience. It depends on how the YouTubers enhanced our knowledge about crypto, or how much we thought their knowledge was accurate. It is certainly not official. It is greatly open to variation among other people.

Key Points

  • There are a total 18 of crypto YouTubers in the tier list.
  • We will rank all the crypto Youtubers according to their analysis of cryptocurrencies and their progress.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find Coin Bureau, Altcoin Daily, Data Dash, and Sheldon Evans.
  • Among the lowest tiers, you will observe Nathaniel Whitemore, Crypto Banter, Stansberry Research, and The Moon.


We will rank all the crypto Youtubers in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Coin bureauReal vision financeDigital Assets NewsSon of a techNathaniel Whittemore
Altcoin dailyIvan on techBob LoukasStansberry ResearchCrypto Banter
Data dashBit boy cryptoLark DavisThe Moon
Sheldon EvansEllio trades cryptoSavvy Finance
Altcoins buzz

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

S Tier

best crypto youtubers
S tier

The S tier contains the superb YouTubers that have benefitted many of the viewers with their up-to-date updates and news and strategies. These channels bring the most innovative and recent information on crypto. You can severely count on them to not disappoint you.

They are solely for the help of their viewer to bring and make content. They are extremely entertaining channels that have a great following. They are always able to depart information to their followers so they can easily grasp the knowledge and put it to use.

Coin bureau

The Coin Bureau is a go-to informational portal to the vast galaxy of Cryptocurrency. The main incentive issued by the YouTube channel is that it takes education and information side by side. This information is about blockchain, specifically.

They have a hired team of analysts, who work day and night to review, analyze and conduct regular coin, exchange, and broker reviews. This is done for the accessibility of the users. they help you go through the ridiculous and stupid sellers and marketers.

They have a huge team of accomplished traders. Their main aim is to perform an analysis of the crypto markets. This also includes the forex markets. The main initiative for the inclusion of Coin Bureau in the S tier is that it does not run on any ads, their videos are its sole refuge because it is its goal to provide high-quality information, without the presence of third-party influence.

The Coin Bureau is not just a YouTube channel. It is an infotainment portal that opens a door to almost everything that stands close to cryptocurrency. Their trained professionals and analysts conduct various operations to find the potency of blockchains and other numerous protocols. The Bureau also contains an extensive collection of crypto coins, along with their exchange reviews.

They know that they have a vast grip over crypto and pride over this fact. They mainly deal with blockchain because they believe that one of the main benefits of blockchain is that it is, entirely, immutable. That serves a great purpose when trying to preserve something like damning news. This includes information that a state would prefer to remain hidden or erased forever.

Location London, England, United Kingdom .
Introduced By Guy Turner Bio

Altcoin daily

Altcoin Daily is a channel that is run by two brothers Aaron & Austin Arnold. Altcoin Daily is a channel that doesn’t only provides daily news, but also informs the viewers about education and market analysis. They are HUGE Bitcoiners and take a “free market” approach to a greater extent in the cryptocurrency space.

Their personal goal is to use altcoins in order to stack more Bitcoin. They offer daily coverage of the latest news of the crypto-verse. Additionally, they make occasional interviews with famous members of the crypto community have led them to such fame and a strong fan base and caused their inclusion under the S tier.

Altcoin Daily claims that they are not financial advisors and they strictly operate off of opinions and information, accessed publicly online. Despite this, they are still quite famous because their news and information are based, solely, on truth factoids. It is almost always far from lies. Sometimes, their prophecies and guesses also come true. This is the reason their followers watch their broadcast daily, without any break.

Location Los Angeles, California, United States
Introduced By
Mick Sherman

Data dash

Want a glimpse of the real world along with the virtual finance world? Data dash is your refuge, with its updates regarding Bitcoin, that include potential threats, news, updates, analysis, and comparisons. Data Dash does endeavor outside the crypto-verse, as well, as it steps into the real world with videos that cover stock market trends, political shifts, and finance.

If you’re seeking to get a medium-length hard-hitting analysis on more than just the crypto-verse, this is a great channel for blockchain and general economic analysis. Its versatility and diversity are the reason it is a part of the S tier, it deserves to be in it as much as the other top-tiered crypto YouTubers of the crypto YouTuber tier list.

data dash is a one-stop shop for all things related to cryptocurrencies and financial markets. Nicholas Merten is the founder and owner of DataDash, the largest cryptocurrency YouTube channel.

He is an international speaker, notion leader, and crypto analyst in the space, he has utilized over seven years of his life inexperience in traditional markets to understand the potential of cryptocurrencies. The time he spent trying to gain information is the main reason for his greatness. He worked hard to gain fame and popularity, and impart his knowledge to the people.

Location United States, Canada
Introduced By Alex Johnson Jack Parmer Chris Parmer Matthew Sundquist

Sheldon Evans

Sheldon Evans’s YouTube channel is a great place to learn about cryptocurrency, its tech, and finance. You’ll find his authentic and transparent style of content creation refreshing and revitalizing. He tries his best to entertain his viewers while he informs them about the crypto industry. This enhances the viewers’ focus and concentration, hence he gains more viewers.

Sheldon gives you a look into his personal holdings, his strategies, and the way he makes money. He also shows the next coins he sees creating waves in the crypto space. His innovative ways and information keep bringing new viewers to his YouTube channel. These creative ways are the reason he is housed under the S tier, as the similarity is often boring and change is necessary to bring colors to life.

Sheldon Evans is a man of many talents. He is a renowned photographer and entrepreneur and is a famous YouTuber who provides an in-depth analysis of everything linked to cryptocurrencies and the crypto world. Since 2016, the world has known him for his expertise and experience in crypto.

His videos and content are educational and engaging. Even a layman can easily understand the basics of crypto via his videos as they are basic and simple to grasp. All these superiorities include him in the top tiers.

Location Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.
Introduced By Sheldon Evens

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A Tier

second best youtubers
A tier

A tier of the ranking contains the Youtubers that are extremely adept at what they do. They have all the information required to help the public and make them aware of the current issues regarding the crypto industry. They try their very best but still lack a few attributes that don’t allow them to stay in the S tier among the other best of the best Crypto YouTubers.

Real vision finance

Real Vision is a YouTube channel where you can gain an understanding of the complex and complicated world of finance, business, and the global economy with real and original in-depth analysis from real experts. Its founder, Raoul Pal is one of the leading voices and is responsible for the dynamics in the adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for various institutional investors.

An Essential membership is required to get access to deep-dive interviews with the world’s most successful investors, this is the reason it is included in the A tier as it is not free. Not many people prefer to pay for a membership to gain updates.

Real vision finance calls itself the Netflix of the crypto-verse, as they contain diversity in their updates and news that they bring to people. Essential membership is designed for the people who want to gain an edge and learn from the best personalities in financial markets, which includes the seasoned investor, the self-starter, the industry titan, and many more, without biased or self-serving opinions and perspectives.

With Essential, you will be able to know more, you will get access to multiple points of view, and you will have the tools to become more confident in your financial future.

Location Cayman Islands, North America
Introduced By Raoul Pal 

Ivan on tech

Hosted by a Sweden-based technician, Ivan Liljeqvist, this is one of the most popular crypto YouTuber channels present in the crypto YouTube tier list. A software developer, as well as, a YouTube tech celeb, Ivan covers major topics regarding the crypto-verse and blockchain space. You can enjoy Ivan’s insights views into political shifts and crypto industry shifts that affect the markets, greatly.

Ivan also offers and displays numerous thought-provoking interviews with some of the best minds in the crypto industry. Even though he has many benefits, he is lodged in the A tier because there’s almost too much training taught here and, undoubtedly, any person would not require more than 80% of it.

Ivan on tech offers an academy for the purpose of teaching the world related to crypto. There are 34 different programs in the Academy that has crypto, blockchain, Ethereum, Defi, programming, smart contracts, and much more under their wing.

A lot of these courses are made for people who want to pursue a career in programming. if you’re seeking to step foot into the world as an investor and just want to know what everything means, these courses are made  for you

Location Stockholm, Stockholm County.
Introduced By Ivan and Filip Martinsson

Bit boy crypto

Ben Armstrong is the owner of the BitBoy Crypto YouTube Channel. he founded it in January of 2018. BitBoy Crypto is one of the most recognized news channels, which informs us of the latest updates on Bitcoin & cryptocurrency. Over the span of the last two years, the BitBoy Crypto brand has expanded to great extents. BitBoy Crypto is dedicated to educating & informing the public about the whole Bitcoin & cryptocurrency.

BitBoy Crypto contains exclusive stories that provide a different perspective on the news than many readers get from traditional crypto news sources. It is rumored that he dumps coins on his followers, This is why he is included in the A tier.

BitBoy Crypto is, basically, the go-to source, especially for Ethereum and other altcoins. It delivers daily content on the latest and breaking crypto news, project reviews, and cryptocurrency trading advice along with an in-studio, high-quality viewer experience.

This also includes a rundown graphic of upcoming points that needs to be discussed, it is quite akin to something you’d see on ESPN. You can easily learn about different altcoins, and historical Bitcoin cycles, & get the latest Ethereum news, and Be able to be included as a part of this community Ben calls the BitSquad.

Location Acworth, GA, Business Park – MapQuest
Introduced By Ben Armstrong

Ellio trades crypto

Ellio Trades is one of the fastest-growing up and coming out Crypto Youtubers out there. His well-polished videos, a complete and thorough analysis of altcoins, and relatability have all been the key drivers of his fame and popularity growth. Ellio tends to focus on small-cap cryptocurrencies that contain a higher risk-to-reward profile. His fans adore him for his 10 – 100x predictions on certainly small-cap crypto coins.

He is a great YouTuber altogether and grants his followers various updates. Despite this, Ellio plays in the riskier markets of small caps which is not always a good thing, this risky business dragged him down to the A tier.

The most informative NFT channel is considered on YouTube. You can almost everything about non-fungible tokens, be able to discover the best projects early, watch live talks with the most influential personalities in crypto, and educate yourself with deep dives regarding non-fungible tokens.

You’ll also receive the latest cryptocurrency and Defi news including analysis and insights on what it all means. New videos are produced every day that will help you understand Defi, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Non-Fungible Token and also gives you a first look at interesting new projects.

Location Unclear
Introduced By Elliot Wainman

Altcoins buzz

Altcoin Buzz is an extremely popular crypto YouTube channel. He prides over a large community as his followers Absolutely adore him for his updates. Altcoin Buzz is also a popular channel on Telegram and Twitter as his community’s engagement is exceptionally high. He discusses upcoming trends and future applications of blockchain, including market shifts and coin analyses.

This channel encompasses a wide array and range of crypto topics. This is a top option for those looking to diversify their crypto portfolio and is considering exploring altcoins. In spite of a wide range of updated topics, he is still a part of the A tier because his methods of teaching and imparting information are complex and complicated.

Altcoin Buzz is an independent digital media outlet that imparts the latest and breaking news and opinions on the crypto verse containing Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Technology, Regulations, Adoption, and Blockchain Gaming. Altcoin Buzz has an actively engaged and organically grown community across multiple and numerous digital platforms including its website and YouTube Channel.

Their main initiative is to empower crypto enthusiasts, investors blockchain founders, and analysts with the most relevant and informative content to enhance the understanding and experience of the crypto revolution and stay up to date with the crypto industry.

Location Singapore
Introduced By Shashwat Grew

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B Tier

average youtubers ranked in this tier
B tier

B tier can be regarded as the mediocre tier as the crypto Youtubers included in it are extremely mediocre, they have a blend of the best and the worst characteristics that cause their inclusion in a separate tier, altogether.

Digital Assets News

Digital Asset News provides information about the top cryptocurrencies and digital assets, in small, bite-sized pieces. Dan, the host of the channel, provides practical insights and opinions on cryptocurrency projects and offers full transparency into his profile and trading strategies.

The reason he is in the B tier of the tier list is that he is not a financial advisor which is why he sometimes gets a few of his facts wrong, although he does have an in-depth knowledge of the financial markets, macro-economics, and trading. He firmly believes that this space will change the world dramatically.

Digital Assets News or D.A.N. explains why the Digital Assets & Cryptos are going to be 10 times bigger than the internet revolution, itself. He simplifies the purpose of these assets and what they do also, which ones have a Real World use that will soon be exceptionally valuable in the near future.

Strategies that D.A.N. uses to invest in cryptocurrencies and digital assets include Bull Run, Exit Research, On/Off Ramps, DCA, and many more. among other things, ways to avoid scams and keeping your digital assets safe in a cold and hot wallet is also taught.

Location New York
Introduced By Yuval Rooz

Lark Davis

Lark Davis’s YouTube Channel is presented with a light-hearted flavor, Lark,s witty style, and his use of humor to inject life into his articulate adventures of tech disruption and blockchain solutions.

It is hosted by a New Zealand-based crypto sensation, Lark Davis. This YouTube channel offers a good mix of insight, opinion, and advice. He helps users learn more about trade, make passive income, and get paid in Bitcoin.

The reason he is a part of the B tier of crypto YouTuber tier list among other top tiers is his witty sense of humor. It is quite inviting for some, but for others, it is highly unprofessional and quite pretentious. Many suggest that his style is forced and doesn’t seem to be in his blood.

Lark is a Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and stock investor, he has several years of experience as he has made consistent profits in the market of cryptocurrencies, and tries to help his audience do the same.

He created this channel to help his followers learn more about cryptocurrency investing so they can diversify their portfolios, grow their money and wealth, and be able to make money. He also offers courses for people who are new to crypto and entertains them with daily investor updates.

Location  New Zealand
Introduced By Lark Davis

Bob Loukas

If you’ve lingered around gaining information about the “four-year cycle” regarding Bitcoin, there’s a huge chance you’ve stumbled upon Bob Loukas’ work or followed someone who’s familiar with his theory. Loukas is arguably one of the first Bitcoin OGs to popularize the notion that most markets tend to move on four-year cycles. Loukas has been methodically and strategically updating his followers about the market’s progress.

Most of his updates center around intermediate analyses of 60-day cycles, which make up the broader four-year cycle trend. Beyond the four-year cycle, Loukas believes that asset markets also form much broader and vast 16-year cycles.

But as he writes in his bio, “my crystal ball is often wrong,” which means investors should use his cycle theory only as a guide for how the market could play out this is the reason he is in the B tier.

Loukas helps in running Bitcoin Live, it is a membership website that educates users about cycle theory as it applies to the world of cryptocurrency. The site also features exclusive content, and main interviews from prominent market analysts including Big Chess and Peter Brandt, among others.

His work has sparked extreme debate on the fact whether Bitcoin’s cycle is lengthening or whether the arrival of institutions negates the general outlook on bull and bear markets. It’s important to keep it under consideration that the cycle theory doesn’t hinge on whether Bitcoin experiences a mania phase or not; it also does not have a relation with the quadrennial halving being a price catalyst.

Location Sydney Australia location
Introduced By NA

Savvy Finance

Savvy finance channel is, as the name reads out, all about being savvy with your finance. The channel creates and shares videos that are all about investing. They absolutely love the crypto-verse, the cryptocurrencies, and the stock market. So, they share a lot of crypto and stock market big picture ideas and innovative notions. The channel merges video clips and images to share their views and ideas in organized and easy-to-follow formats.

This material is always focused mainly on the current happenings, and you can count on them to provide a clear and concise review of the issues. But even though they have an easy-to-follow format, they still get their viewers confused with their concise information.

It was formerly known as ‘The Proactive Few’. The channel creates and shares videos about different investments, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and how to manage money effectively. They share their investment opportunities mainly focused on generating a positive outlook of the return on investment (ROI). They have uploaded more than 200 videos all about crypto, stock market, investment, and many more.

Location Australia
Introduced By
Bill Tsouvalas

C Tier

 average crypto youtuber
C tier

C tier contains the YouTubers that are almost the worst but are a little bit better than the D tier crypto Youtubers. Their ways of imparting information are extremely immature and non-understandable. They sometimes give wrong information that should not be promoted.

Son of a tech

This channel has been around for a few years with a little change in focus of the videos and format over time. Avid gamer and crypto-miner is the host who has a great technology-based perspective on crypto and fundamentals. He has been a big help over the years to many in the GPU mining community, hence, this channel can be relied on for honest and experienced views and appraisals.

If you are looking for GPU mining solutions search the channel’s videos and you will surely find them, but other than this he has extremely bad conveying power. He speaks in ways that are not understandable, that is why he is included in the C tier.

Location Unclear
Introduced By Sebastian

Stansberry Research

The official YouTube channel for Stansberry Research is an independent, subscription-based publisher of financial research, that serves individual investors, registered investment advisors, hedge funds, mutual funds, and investment banks.

He focuses solely on the research, Stansberry Research avoids the various conflicts of interest that are inherent in traditional research and trading firms, which leads to its inclusion in the C tier.

For more than twenty years, Stansberry Research has served millions of investors in more than 150 countries around the world, providing exclusive in-depth research on stocks, bonds, currencies, real estate, and commodities. Host Daniela Combine Interviews guests from many financial realms and discusses current economic situations in extreme detail and explanation, focusing quite a lot on cryptocurrencies.

Location  Baltimore, Maryland, with additional offices in Florida, Oregon, and California
Introduced By Porter Stansberry

The Moon

Carl the Moon, basically, provides an in-depth technical analysis of price & market news and has a strong following on both Youtube and Twitter. Carl has appeared on FOX TV to speak about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, and about his journey to the fulfillment of his dreams while he was chasing his passion. From the grocery store to a millionaire, Carl speaks about swing and leverage high-risk trading.

He promotes risk-taking in the crypto-verse, which is not beneficial in most cases. Many people are left with nothing while taking risks. One of Carl’s most recurring statements that he uses is “and Bitcoin did exactly as I predicted”, but this does not work for everyone out there and hence is a part of the C tier.

Location Sweden
Introduced By Jeanette O’Keeffe

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D Tier

worst crypto youtubers
D tier

D tier contains extremely ridiculous crypto YouTubers who promote wrong unethical stuff that shouldn’t be followed. They promote risk-taking that causes the economy to fall. They have a low following due to this.

Nathaniel Whittemore

Nathaniel Whittemore and the Breakdown daily podcast cover almost all of the big picture crypto concerns. Nathaniel tries to relay an articulate and intelligent uptake on the most up-to-date and latest crypto topics in-depth, and with focus. The show discusses almost everything related to crypto including cryptocurrencies, technology, economics, history, and social issues.

Future economic predictions are a main in his show that spawns from research, historical observation, and current technological impact. It’s a daily podcast about Macro, Bitcoin, and big-picture power shifts remaking our world.

He is included in the D tier of the ranking because most of his updates and predictions turn out to be wrong. He promotes risk-taking during his show which has resulted In huge losses for many. 

Location  New York City
Introduced By  Nathaniel Whittemore

Crypto Banter

Crypto Banter is the Go-To live streaming, that delivers news on matters regarding educational Bitcoin, Defi, NFT, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency channels. They interview the biggest crypto industry guests, including Billionaires, thought leaders, and professional traders almost every single day, ensuring that the viewer has his finger on the pulse to learn, and make the best trades or investment decisions to become part of this rapidly growing market, technology, and community, it confers to bull leading conversations with great insight, vast experience, and now via his community much influence.

But he the channel has on various occasions insulted the guests and like many other YouTube channels on the crypto YouTuber, tier list has promoted risk-taking and produced ridiculously wrong facts that destroyed their viewers completely and included them in the D tier.

Location 3 Dock Road, Cape Town City Centre, Western Cap
Introduced By Ran Neuner

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Comparison Table

YoutuberTierLocationIntroduced By
Coin bureauSLondon, England, United KingdomGuy Turner Bio
Altcoin dailySLos Angeles, California, United StatesMick Sherman
Data dashSUnited States, CanadaAlex Johnson Jack Parmer Chris Parmer Matthew Sundquist
Sheldon EvansSJohannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.Sheldon Evens
Real vision financeACayman Islands, North AmericaRaoul Pal
Ivan on techAStockholm, Stockholm County.Ivan and Filip Martinsson
Bit boy cryptoAAcworth, GA, Business Park – MapQuestBen Armstrong
Ellio trades cryptoAUnclearElliot Wainman
Altcoins buzzASingaporeShashwat Grew
Digital Assets NewsBNew YorkYuval Rooz
Bob LoukasB New ZealandLark Davis
Lark DavisBSydney Australia locationNA
Savvy FinanceBAustraliaBill Tsouvalas
Son of a techCUnclearSebastian
Stansberry ResearchC Baltimore, Maryland, with additional offices in Florida, Oregon, and CaliforniaPorter Stansberry
The MoonCSwedenJeanette O'Keeffe
Nathaniel WhittemoreD New York City Nathaniel Whittemore
Crypto BanterD3 Dock Road, Cape Town City Centre, Western CapRan Neuner


In the article on the crypto YouTuber tier list, we evaluated and researched various YouTubers that impart information on the crypto industry while talking about their analysis and their whole outlook. It included different cryptocurrencies, their progress cycle, and also their strategies. 

After the evaluation, we categorized and ranked them into various tiers based on the best and the worst. The S tier contains the best and the D tier contains the worst of the Crypto YouTubers.