Music YouTuber Tier List: Best Music Channels

Listener of music and music covers? The music YouTuber tier list will rank the music YouTubers in the tier list.

With the advent of Youtube, thousands of new creators were given a new platform through which they could share their art with the world. And in this Music YouTuber Tier List, we are going to rank some of the most popular YouTubers on the website. We will include a combination of cover artists, as well as those who make original music.

This ranking will be based on their popularity, content, and the composition of music. So without further ado, let’s jump into this article and learn more about each entry.

Key Points

  • This article ranks a total of 18 Music YouTubers.
  • Each music YouTuber is ranked based on their content, popularity, and talent.
  • Among the top ranks, you will find Alan Walker, Maddison Beer, and Lauren Paley.
  • In the bottom ranks, you will find Rick Beato and Tanner Fox


Here is a table ranking the numerous Music YouTubers.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Alan WalkerBoyce AvenueMrSuicideSheepLogan PaulPink Guy
Lauren PaleyChristina GrimmieMrRevillzAdam SalehRick Beato
Maddison BeerHaloceneFuture House MusicTanner Fox
CimorelliAimee NolteBart Baker
Trap Nation

S Tier

best music channels on YouTube ranked
S Tier.

The S Tier is the topmost category of the article, and it has Influencers and music channels on YouTube that are exceptionally great. The musicians included in The S tier have features and attributes that are unrivaled. They have superior qualities, vocal cords, sonorous voices, and popularity, that allow them to reside under this superior tier.

Alan Walker

Alan Walker has walked into the hearts of many of his subscribers. His melodic combinations of music have been able to dig away into people’s hearts through their ears. His mixing of different music styles into a single song is the main reason for his fame. As not many artists compose such music. He is a part of the S tier not just because of his harmoniously composed music, but also his artistically composed cinematography in his music videos.

They all tell the story of the future after an apocalypse when a robotic colony will arise and lead the rebels of the world. All of his songs continue the same story. It’s like different chapters to the same old gist of a novel. This DJ artist now does colabs with many famous artists, including Sabrina Carpenter, Sofia Carson, and Ava Max. his true fame started after the release of his song ‘faded’ which led him on the path where he stands today.

Subscriber Count 43M+

Lauren Paley

Lauren Paley is famous for being the ‘Lady in the staircase’ or the ‘stairwell siren’. The vocals that are on that woman are utterly mesmerizing. How can you not fall in love with those vocal notes? She is not just singing but she is a siren whose notes have echoes in the staircases of many buildings. She is lodged under the stairwell of the S tier due to these outstanding notes.

Her most popular and demanding video is of titanic music. In this video she effortlessly goes through the ‘heart will go on the chorus with just her vocal cords. She can easily be considered the YouTuber with the best vocal notes on the Music YouTuber Tier List. She has gained a massive following on Tiktok, Instagram, and other online social platforms. These platforms have helped her gain popularity among millions of people. Only a few people might be unaware of this siren. 

Subscriber Count 2.08M+

Maddison beer

This beauty has captured many hearts with her one-of-a-kind voice and stunning looks. She is a true beauty with strong vocals. She is hard to overlook artist. She is now quite famous for her debut albums and many other singles. Her voice was already a gem and being promoted by an artist who is known and loved by many added diamonds to the gem.

She started posting covers on YouTube in 2012. Now, her songs are a part of famous TikTok trends and Instagram reels as well. Many videos seem empty without her voice behind them. It’s a wonder she remained in the shadows for quite a while. But this YouTuber is famous and loved by many of the fans following her.

Subscriber Count 2.96M+


If you don’t know about Cimorelli, you need to follow and subscribe to their channel right away. Personally, this is my favorite YouTube music band. It is led by true biological sisters. Their brother was also a part of the channel, at the start. But he left after a short while. Since then Cimorelli is known for composing music and covering famous artists’ works. They are included in the S Tier because other than covering music, they do intriguing challenges. In these challenges, they surpass their basic singing and explore the lengths of their vocal notes and even their music knowledge. Their various mashups are adored by many viewers.

The members include Christina, Amy, Lauren, Lisa, and Katherine. Their youngest sister, Dani, used to be a part of the group, but she left the band three to four years prior to pursuing graphic design. Prior to this, Dani used to edit the videos, along with taking part in the videos. They also share their life stories along with their melodious music.

Subscriber Count 5.48M+

Trap Nation

Trap nation has the ability to trap its viewers and subscribers. They produce such amazing music and trap music in various genres. These genres include electro-pop, pop music, and electronic music. It’s quite difficult to free yourself once you enter the nation created by the trap nation. They, not only, create different mashups but enhance their abilities by adding additional music. They remain in the S tier due to all these great characteristics. These are the characteristics that every channel needs, to gain a following. Today, they are quite famous, among those who listen to such music.

The music composed and created by trap nation is mainly used at parties and numerous other functions. Here, they help people let loose and give up their thoughts and anxieties. Some music freaks like me, drown out the surrounding noises by listening to music and I choose trap music composed of electronic music with a high bass, which makes studying fun, as well.

Subscriber Count 30.4M+

A Tier

second best music channels on YouTube ranked
A Tier.

The A tier has musicians and influencers who are potentially great. They have the extreme potential to be one of the best influencers and musicians on YouTube, but they are not perfect.

Boyce avenue

Boyce avenue is the avenue of music. This band of three brothers is famous for their cover songs and their original melodies as well. These brothers’ band is included in the A tier because even though they have the best music but their original music lacks a bit of originality.

It seems like they make a replica of Maroon 5 music. Maroon 5 is a whole world in itself and can’t be copied. Additionally, the leader, Daniel Manzano, is not Adam Levine. He does not have the leading capabilities and, hence, cannot lead his group to the top.

The group is composed of three brothers, including Alejandro Manzano, Fabian Manzano, and Daniel Manzano. Out of which the last one is the leader, others are the vocalists and instrumentalists. It’s difficult to get over these highly educated singers.

Highly educated is key worthy because all of these brothers went to Ivy League universities to acquire knowledge, that’s not a small thing and can’t be ignored. But they do make some stunning cover songs, that bless the ears of the listeners

Subscriber Count 16.2M+

Christina Grimmie

Christina Grimmie deserves to be in the A rank more than any other YouTuber. Even though, she is not among us anymore, does not mean that her music and capabilities shouldn’t be ranked along with other artists.  This teenage girl, in her time, worked with many famous singers who helped her in being known all around the world.

Her melodic voice was enough to win the hearts of many music freaks. She had a unique tone in her voice that distinguished her from many other singers. She was even a part of a song in the Disney Channel show ‘Liv and Maddie’. Unfortunately, in a road accident, she left the world bare without her talent. Even today, her fan following hasn’t left her.

Subscriber Count 3.93M+


Haven’t heard of Halocene? That’s shocking, considering they have been in the world of YouTube since 2008. That’s a lot of time to gain fame and become adept at what they do. If you still haven’t heard of them and are a rock music wizard, then they are your destiny. What’s so special about them? Well, they take various songs of artists, of different genres and turn them into rock songs. They cover songs and also compose some. They are incredible at what they but they reside under the A tier because of the songs they compose. 

Halocene is a trio band having three guys, Bradley Amick, Sebastian McKelvey, Joseph Polizzi, and a girl, Addie Nicole. These four people work day and night to gift their subscribers with their very own songs. They are completely independent and do all of their work by themselves.

Subscriber Count 828K+

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Aimee Nolte

Aimee is a professional and trending YouTube music influencer and creator. She has been conveying her music and education to people for quite a while. She has become such a professional at what she does as she does disappoint her followers with her daily coverage and content. She is a jazz singer and quite an experienced pianist. The reason she is under the A tier is that, even though she has an engaging manner and takes the viewers through the topic gradually, her manner gets a bit confusing, sometimes. Otherwise, she is extremely amazing.

She has her very own podcast channel ‘Musicality Podcast’. In this, she talks about her process with music and her love for music sheets. One of the most interesting topics of all is tone-deafness, in this she shares how to help people in learning ways to match pitch. This is done, along with singing in tune.

Subscriber Count 252K+

B Tier

average music
B Tier.

These YouTube musicians are the ones we consider to be just okay, but their fans love them either way. Most of these singers do other work and keep music as a side hobby, this reflects on their musical work.


He is based in Vancouver and spread his talent all over the world through the platform YouTube. He is included in the B tier because his work doesn’t only include music but he also runs another channel in which he talks about games and other stuff. He extracted his channel’s name through a game called ‘Worms’. In this game, the sheep is used as a weapon who commits suicide for the purpose of blowing up and helping the player. 

Subscriber Count 12.8M+


MrRevillz is a YouTube channel that brings to its subscribers, music from all other musicians. He finds various underrated and famous artists from everywhere and presents them to you. The most beautiful thing about him is that he puts scenic backgrounds behind his work.

This helps the listener enjoy the beauty along with the music. He is a part of the B tier because he doesn’t bring innovation to his lot. He could have made mashups along with the music to novelize the music. But he simply delivers the music.

He has had a gradual increase in his reach for quite a while. Because what he does helps people discover new songs and music artists. Many people change their genres after listening to new music.

Subscriber Count 3.22M+

Future House Music

Ever heard of the future house genre of music? If not then, the similarly named channel brings to you this genre. Not just this future house music of Music YouTuber Tier List brings to you Deep House, Tech House, Electro House, Brazilian Bass, and Bass House.

This diversity of music genres is offered only by a few channels. Otherwise, they mainly adopt a single genre and work on that, solely. Although they have a variety of genres they are still dragged down to the B tier, this is because they are not that popular at the moment. With only a million subscribers. They deserve so much more.

Subscriber Count 1.16M+

Bart Baker

If you don’t know about Bart baker, seriously, Have you been living under a rock? He used to be such a funny comedian singer. He was a rapper who stopped creating videos four to five years prior. He created parodies of songs of various artists, including Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Miley series.

His Taylor Swift parodies gained the most popular because they were absolutely hilarious. The reason he is in the B tier is that his content contained explicit language, and sometimes, his jokes went too far. This comedic rapper left YouTube for a while and started working in China on China TikTok. His reach increased on that channel greatly. But he is back on YouTube with his content and his subscribers’ happiness knows no bounds.

Subscriber Count 9.88M+

C Tier

Music YouTuber tier list
C Tier.

The second to last tier, the C tier, is next in line. It’s hard to overlook this tier when it has almost the worst channels. These influencers and musicians have more disadvantages, as compared to advantages. That is the main reason they are in the almost last tier.

Logan paul

This multi-tasking YouTuber had his leg stuck in music YouTube as well. He created such music which only a few people liked. In fact, it was pretty average. His genre was boffo, was just a showoff of his masculinity. As it was absolutely ridiculous. Still, he had a huge subscriber platform. Hence, he is not in the D tier. He did a lot of work on YouTube and even featured in Hollywood movies.

Logan paul’s videos consisted of his boasting, pulling up pranks on people, and degrading other people. His videos gained popularity but it was him being notorious rather than famous. In the YouTube world, he is a bad famed music and YouTube influencer.

Subscriber Count 23.6M+

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Adam Saleh

This multitalented YouTuber deserves to be in a higher tier than this. He is an exemplary dancer, singer, and boxer. He was born in New York. He is an America-based Yemeni Youtuber. His music is exceptionally good and he is a brutal boxer. He is lodged under the C tier because of his controversial work.

In his videos, he tries to show the world that Muslims and other religions are discriminated against. This lowers his reach and made him a target of hate. Although, he was just stating true facts He aimed to be a lawyer since childhood. But his plan changed when his test date and the date of the Ellen DeGeneres show clashed. This made him pursue YouTube as a career, rather than law.

Subscriber Count 4.74M+

D Tier

worst music ranked
D Tier.

Maybe, the D in the D tier represents a dump as these YouTube channels should be dumped from YouTube. These characters do not entertain the viewer or the listener, at all. In fact, they bore the viewer to an extreme length. They impose a threat to the genre of their kind as well as to the ears of their viewers. Hence, the worst of the worst YouTubers are lodged under this damned tier.

Rick Beato

Rick Beato is a 60-year-old music educator, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. He is an educational influencer, who imparts his knowledge of music to his viewers. He thinks he is a know-it and tells true facts. But in reality, that’s not the story. In fact, he boasts and feels proud is just words. His videos prove this fact. He seems pompous and means in his videos. He sometimes gets his music facts wrong as well.

Age doesn’t mean that you can know everything. But he doesn’t understand this. He is included in the D tier due to another reason that he only interacts with rich snobs who donate to him. Other people he, simply, ignores.

Subscriber Count 3.41M+

Tanner fox

He is a YouTuber who does many things but is not a pro at anything. Mainly, he is a stunt master. But he also sings as a side hobby.

Actually, he should have only stayed at the stunt mastering and adventuring, rather than venturing on a journey towards bad music. His music could have been good if he had put sole focus on it. But that is not what happened. He tried grasping many content materials and in the end is left with nothing. That is melancholic for a YouTube creator.

Subscriber Count 10.3M+

Comparison Table

Music YoutubersTierSubscriber Count
Alan WalkerS43M+
Lauren PaleyS2.08M+
Maddison BeerS2.96M+
Trap NationS30.4M+
Boyce AvenueA16.2M+
Christina GrimmieA3.93M+
Aimee NolteA252K+
Future House MusicB1.16M+
Bart BakerB9.88M+
Logan PaulC23.6M+
Adam SalehC4.74M+
Pink GuyD3.25M+
Rick BeatoD3.41M+
Tanner FoxD10.3M+


The D tier concludes the article on the Music YouTuber Tier List. In the article, we were able to rank down adept and abysmal YouTubers related to Music. It’s not difficult to find YouTubers who create music. It’s a vast content-creating topic. Many channels are adopting this platform. In this list, we ranked the YouTube influencers on the basis of their vocal notes, experience, content, lyrics, and popularity.