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Greetings, fellas, and welcome to an article about tier lists. Each of the eight civilizations in the AOE 4 tier list will be examined to determine where it falls in the hierarchy. Keep in mind that this is only a personal opinion. Yours may be different. The fact that you disagree with me is entirely okay. To account for this, there is a ranking system. Starting with the finest civilizations, we’ll move on to other civilizations.

The new Holy Roman Empire will be a significant topic of discussion. We’ll have to wait and see which civilizations are put where before we give it a final seal of approval. I will put them in order and keep this list as short as possible. I am going to ramble along.

I’ll tell you why I put each civilization in a specific tier and why you should agree with me. Some people might agree with my rankings, and some might not, but this is how I feel after playing for a few years. I know how these ancient societies work.

Many of you on this website and reading this article probably already know about Age of Empire 4. Age of Empire gets a new patch with almost every major update, which brings in a lot of new players. I want to take the time to answer the question, “What is King Age of Empire?” Maybe you’ve heard of the game but have never taken the time to try it out.

You might have friends who are crazy about this game and always talk about it. They want you to join them, or maybe you’ve been trying to get your friends to play your favorite game series for a long time. No matter your reason, this article is for you or anyone you know who wants a summary of what this game offers and, more importantly, why it is so good and its civilizations.

Age of Empire 4

AOE 4 is a base-building sword-clashing village pillaging RTS of the classic style inside and out. Jumping into a match as a tenacious English squaring off against the chivalrous French feels like being transported back not only to its setting of the high and late middle ages but to a different era of strategy games entirely.

Some things feel nice about that like comfort food for gamers of a certain age but it’s the few spots where Relic has taken risks here and there that this battlefield shows us at its best and feels modern.

Outside, it often seems too careful and safe in a world where the Age of Empires 2 definitive edition already exists. If you have been sending villagers out to hunt animals, mine gold, and chop wood for decades like I have, you can slide right into the armored boots of most of AOE 4’s factions with no real fuss. Winning pitched battles reliably requires knowing the rock-paper scissors relationships between spears, horses, and bows.

A quick raid to murder some of your opponent’s villagers and shut down their economy can be more strategically valuable than victory in any head-to-head engagement. Building walls and other defensive structures turn the late game into a tense chess match where map control is essential. However, high-tech artillery-like cannons will break the stalemate and lead to a decisive sweep for whoever fields them the most effectively. The pacing is right where it needs to be when you are against an evenly skilled opponent.

AOE 4 Tier List Methodology

AOE 4 Tier List Criteria
AOE 4 Tier List Methodology

In a nutshell, this tier list ranks how well each civilization is likely to do in a game based on the current meta, which assumes that all players are equally skilled within a set of rules. A good tier list ranks the civilizations based on how well each civilization’s moveset, properties, and strategies work against all the other civilizations in a competitive setting. As you might imagine, there are a lot of things.

This is hard to do because so many things can come into play. We can’t analyze all this information, but we can do our best. The more vital civilizations will win over the weaker ones because they have better plans and moves. It’s not the end of the world if the civilization you use isn’t a high tier.

Tier lists never stay the same. As long as people keep playing the game, they will continually change. Civilizations once considered weaker can beat civilizations that were considered more substantial if they find new ways to fight back.

Players who care about their civilizations will find the hidden potential before their civilization’s meta. In this AOE 4 tier list, I’ll rank the different civilizations based on how they play and how much I’ve used them. But this general order of the civilizations in this tier list is how I see things. I know that tier lists are subjective and that the order of the civilizations might not be what you expected.

This list of tiers and the overall order of the civilizations can be discussed, but they shouldn’t be criticized. I have put the Age of Empire 4 civilizations into four groups: S, A, B, and C. I want to get this out of the way before I start this list: I love every single civilization on this list, from top to bottom.

It’s just that the civilizations in the higher tiers significantly affect the game, making it more attractive than those in the lower tiers. This doesn’t mean I don’t like the lower-tier civilizations.

Age of Empires is one of my favorite games. So, no hard feelings, let’s start making a list of the different civilizations and see which ones are the best and worst. Get some popcorn because this is going to be a long trip that will be worth it. This is the list I use when I disagree with someone’s point of view and think I have good reasons to do so. Even though my opinion won out, this list of tiers was close to what most people thought.

Tier Maker for the AOE 4 Tier List
Tier Maker for the AOE 4 Tier List

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S Tier

Greatest Civilizations of the AOE 4 tier list
The Greatest Civilizations of the AOE 4 tier list

The first level on this list is S, which means “superb” or “super” most of the time. It is at the top of the list. This tier of the AOE 4 tier list comprises excellent civilizations that are very flexible, match up well with other civilizations, and can be picked up on almost every map. I have to say that the S-tier civilizations are the best in this patch. The most recent patch has made these civilizations much stronger.

When you play games, using these civilizations will give you an edge over your opponents. As often as you can, play them. Everything else on the bottom tier depends on the situation. Pro players worldwide have been spamming these civilizations in tournaments, allowing casual players to use them as their mains to beat their opponents in ladder matches.


First coming in on the AOE 4 tier list, it is going to be the English. It is sitting securely in the S tier. A civilization not so much viewed as a fiercely disputed election in the current competitions but on the ladder is an extreme pick, virtually a viable pick on any map.

English is adaptable in all matchups and capable of pulling off different tactics. Age of Empires IV includes the English as a playable European culture. In the Age of Empires IV, the English are a formidable opponent in the defense.

As a result of their superior archery, ownership of castles and other fortifications, and a food supply that has proven reliable for millennia, the Romans’ power is unmatched. Age of Empires IV presents the English civilization during the Anglo-Saxon period in Great Britain, from 850-1555 CE.

From the Middle Ages to the Late Renaissance of the 16th century, you see the narrative of a civilization that has withstood empires falling, conquerors conquering, and plagues.

Choosing to play as the English in Age IV gives you a leg up in the competition for resources and success, thanks to a slew of critical benefits. The English had access to cheaper farmland than other civilizations, providing a consistent food supply to increase improvements and troops over matches substantially. For brief periods, the English relied on their extensive network of fortified towns, outposts, and towers and kept away to alert their troops and defensive buildings when an enemy approached.

The English defense is unbeatable because of their Keeps’ ability to create all units. The Longbowman, an English-only unit, has improved other civilizations’ Archers. Ranged combatants will benefit from the Longbowman’s extended range and access to several upgrades. One of the benefits of civilization is the ability to build farms at half the wood cost.

Farms near Mills collect (15% /20% /25% /30%) more rapidly. Stronger Villagers who wield short bows. The Network of Castles boosts all units’ attack speed by 25% and is provided by Town Centers, Outposts, Towers, and Keeps.

Town Centers shoot twice as many arrows. Military ships get a +1 range bonus. A keep may produce all units. A strong economy may be launched via the simple English Villager. With a bow assault from a distance, they may make short work of a conflict. Because of their great range and potent upgrades, the Longbowman is an unbeatable Archer unit. The English Man-at-Arms is a robust infantry unit, accessible sooner than other civilizations, and has an additional armor upgrade.


The French will be our next civilization to examine. They’re very adaptable, like English, and I expect that to be the case as the rankings evolve. It all comes down to the civilization’s adaptability, which we’ll discuss in the coming weeks as we look at the Holy Roman Empire. The French have got up a lot of different strategies that they can employ. It’s a civilization with a plethora of exciting pairings. Age of Empires IV includes the French as a playable European civilization.

As a military powerhouse known for its cavalry, the French have shown time and time again that they can turn the course of a fight. Between 840 and 1559 CE, the Age of Empires IV’s French civilization is modeled on a medieval France that overcame hardship to achieve greatness.

France became a great modern country after overcoming invasions, epidemics, and uprisings. For hit-and-run tactics, French cavalry attacks may shatter enemy lines and inflict more damage.

This civilization will take you from the period of chivalry and noble battle to the worst hour of France’s history and its construction of a disciplined army capable of freeing the country with a cannon’s rumble. Gunpowder siege weapons, strong knights, and advantages in commerce are the French civilization’s strengths. When resources are few, the ability of French Traders to bring back any required resources is an invaluable asset.

The particular health and defensive boosts given solely to select French troops are among the other upgrades available to French forces. This method is peculiar to the French, as units cost less in Archery Ranges and stables around the keep because of their influence.

Town centers can generate units more quickly each Age to aid their economic growth. Known for their deadly charges, the Royal Knights of France wore heavy armor. The Arbalétrier, a formidable range unit, has a unique ability called Pavise, a deployable shield for distance defense.

The French invented the Cannon, a gunpowder siege weapon that could move around. In contrast to the Bombard, the Cannon does not need any packing or unpacking. The following is the list of civilization bonuses: Faster creation of Villagers and Scouts for each Age (10 percent, 15 percent, 20 percent, 20 percent ). The cost of economic technology has been reduced by 30%. 25 Wood is less expensive for resource drop-off constructions.

At the beginning of the game, the minimap shows Trade Posts. Traders can return any resource to the market. The Blacksmith offers free research on melee damage techniques. Trade ships bring in 20% more Gold than non-trade ships. Archery ranges and stables under the control of a Keep yield 20% fewer units. French is a strong civilization; hence I will place them in the S tier of the AOE 4 tier list. I think on the current meta. They are a safe pick on almost every single map.

A Tier

The Prominent Civilizations of the AOE 4 Tier Listf
Prominent Civilizations of the AOE 4 Tier List

A-tier is an above-average tier where I put my favorite AOE 4 tier list civilizations with the same amount of love as the civilizations above them in the tier list. Some of the civilizations on this list could be considered S-tier by many fans since the list is subjective. I feel the same way about all of the civilizations on this list. For this list, I have put them into separate categories. I am dropping to A Tier.

These civilizations are solid and well-balanced, but they have some flaws slightly. At most, one or two at the same time. They are great at either being flexible or being fun all around. As I start to explain, you’ll be able to see why these cultures are here. Holy Roman Empire is in this tier, and when the players finally get the hang of it in the next few patches, I might move it to the S tier.

Holy Roman Empire

AOE’s 4th-tier civilization list has the Holy Roman Empire as its next target. There is a chance that this civilization might be S-tier. I believe that still could be the case, but I think people are going to sort it out obviously in the early days of the fresh new patch, but already we are beginning to see new construction orders emerge. The Holy Roman Empire is in such a strong position because that early prelate speeds up their earlier game, which is when they are hurting the most.

The Holy Roman Empire is a playable European civilization in the Age of Empires IV. An infantry force backed by a religious element, the prelate, helped create the Holy Roman Empire’s culture. The Age of Empires IV occurred in the Holy Roman Empire and lasted from 936 to 1517 CE. There was an empire that claimed to have been the true successor of the Roman Empire, which was based in contemporary Germany.

Using an army of enthusiastic Landsknechte, its rulers ruled central Europe and wanted to conquer Rome, the center of Christianity. The Holy Roman Empire stands out regarding religious units accessible in Age IV. Players can boost Villagers’ economic development with the prelate if they utilize it correctly. The Holy Roman Empire is a formidable infantry-based civilization with various defensive turtling tactics at its disposal.

The Holy Roman Empire’s Landsknechte’s deadly area-of-effect capacity will make it tough to advance against them in combat. When it comes to boosting its economy, the Holy Roman Empire has a distinct advantage: their Prelates, a unique ecclesiastical organization, may increase peasants’ harvest rates. It’s not going to be simple to overthrow the Holy Roman Empire. Strengthening enhancements have made their constructions even more resistant to destruction.

The Holy Roman Empire’s outposts, towers, and keep my all house Relics provide additional armor and damage, making it an impregnable civilization. In terms of civilization bonuses: In the Dark Ages, there was a prelate (I) Man-of-the-people Access to weapons during the feudal period (II) Garrisoning Relics improves the range of sight, weapon range, armor, and damage of Outposts, Keeps, and Towers. All ships’ assault speed is increased by 5% for every Relic housed at a dock (max 25 percent).

For Outposts, Wall Towers, and Keeps, the emplacement costs have been slashed by 25 percent. Forty percent of villagers’ Buildings carry more resources under the influence of the Town Center and have access to the Emergency Repairs feature. That is all from The Holy Roman Empire so I will place it at the top of the A tier of the AOE 4 tier list.


Recently, the Mongols were both nerfed and buffed. It was nerfed due to that, yam, auto network speed. Because the Mongols had no walls, this was the worst blow to their civilization that we could see, and it fundamentally altered the Mongols’ identity.

They must use their yam network to increase their forces’ pace and protect against counterattacks. If you have outposts throughout the map, you will still not be able to infringe against your enemy’s base at rapid speed and then duck away because we have observed it since the yam network was lingering.

Age of Empires IV includes a playable Asian culture, the Mongols. Players new to the game may find them, along with the Chinese, one of the most challenging civilizations to learn. Mongols are nomadic people capable of building and moving their settlements as necessary. However, they can develop outposts since they cannot build walls or fortifications, which might backfire on them. Ovoo and outposts are the only permanent constructions in Mongolia since their buildings cannot be moved to a new location and replaced.

Even while the Mongols may be a mighty civilization in the early going, their inability to effectively protect themselves makes them increasingly susceptible to siege attempts as the game progresses. As a result, the Mongol civilization’s sole means of protection are attacks. During the Age of Empires IV campaign, the Mongols are the only culture to produce two military units simultaneously (paying for the second one with stone). Ovoos’ influence may be used by locating their military facilities there.

The Khan, a horse archer who supplies the Mongol army with much-needed leadership and spiritual advice, is one of the Mongols’ distinctive scouts. In the air, the Khan may unleash various arrows, each offering a distinct advantage to his troops for a brief time. Two minutes after the death of a Khan, a new one emerges from the Town Center to replace him. Tactical agility and a willingness to relocate your base when supplies are depleted are essential to playing with the Mongols.

The Mongols have spread villages over the landscape, making them easy targets for their opponents. This increases the difficulty for players. The Mongols must depend on their ability to attack and move quickly to maintain their nomadic condition.

The Mongols are a formidable civilization. Even in tiny numbers, their army can easily outmaneuver their opponents because of their excellent mobility. As a result, opponents are compelled to take the initiative early on. With their capacity to relocate, the Mongol civilization is a nomadic one.

The Mongols’ ability to flank and withdraw rapidly is aided by their early access to horse forces and the speed afforded by Outposts. Unique structures like Ovoo, a stone-mining town, help them grow their economy. The Mongol army may have a spectacular war for resources if they want ultimate world control. The following breakdown of the civilization bonuses: Exploit enemy structures to get an additional +50 food and Gold. All structures may be dismantled and relocated to a new site.

A disadvantage of the Mongol system is that it does not need Houses and may quickly train units up to the maximum population limit. In the Dark Ages, the First Horsemen (I). Stone may be used to double the production of units or to conduct sophisticated research into new technologies. Gain 10% more food, wood, gold, and stone via trade routes if you have more Traders in your network. Transport ships get a 50% increase in health and a 15% increase in movement speed.

The Mongols are a culture with a wide range of influences. It is not uncommon to witness tower rushes, though. Perhaps that is a sluggish tower. They don’t need to think about it since the free tickling of stone that Mongols constantly have flowing in makes it so simple to acquire such emplacements. They depend on ensuring that they offer the opponent an appropriate level of punishment. For the Mongols, this will be a deciding factor in many games. Hence, I will put them in the A tier of the AOE 4 tier list.

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B Tier

The Average Civilizations
The Average Civilizations of the AOE 4 Tier List

The B tier is not the same as the bottom tier. On the AOE 4 tier list, B Tier is the middle tier. All of these cultures are great, but they all have many problems. If you start well, you won’t do badly with them, but only if you do. After I tell you about a few things that have happened, you’ll see why the rest are here.

These civilizations have some good things about them but also some significant problems. The people at this level are very picky. You have to choose them on a map, which gives them a big deal. They aren’t very flexible, and pro players aren’t picking them as much as they were in the last patches. Over time, they have lost some of their credibility.

Delhi Sultanate

The civilization has a plethora of interesting matches. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that they also feature a lot of terrible maps. If you’re looking at competitions, Delhi is an excellent selection for the pocket pick on particular maps if you want to main a civilization. More and more cultures realize Delhi’s dependence on electricity spikes and times.

In the Age of Empires IV, players may take control of the Delhi Sultanate, an Asian civilization. The Delhi Sultanate civilization is at the forefront of technological advancement. They have an intense concentration on research and defense, with an advantage in technical growth over other civilizations. In Age of Empires IV, the Delhi Sultanate civilization is based on the great kingdom founded by the invasion of the Ghurid Dynasty (originating in Persia) into northern India during 879-1526 CE.

For 300 years, this kingdom developed an autonomous Indo-Islamic territory, embracing technologies available in India. As you go through the ages, you’ll learn about the fascinating past of this civilization. With a focus on the Farsi/Persian-speaking Delhi Sultanate civilization, you’ll experience the Mamluk and Khalji dynasty, the Tughlaq dynasty, and the Sayyid and Lodi dynasties throughout your time in the First Age of the civilization.

Strategic choices in the early Ages of the match are vital for the Delhi Sultanate civilization, which emerges as a dominant power in the late game. The War Elephant, the backbone of the Delhi Sultanate army, is a combat unit of startling sheer power and damage potential.

The Delhi Sultanate’s emphasis rests on research. Not only do they have access to various upgrade possibilities over the Ages, but their unique Scholar Research System—with the precious Scholar fundamental to the system—provides an edge in research that no other civilization has.

The Delhi Sultanate conducts technological development at no cost to itself, although it does so at the expense of a significant amount of its own time. To counter this, the Delhi Sultanate utilizes Scholars – each of which speeds up research. While biding their time developing their might over the Ages, the Delhi Sultanate may tap into their defense via foot units’ capacity to construct defensive constructions. The Delhi Sultanate’s might will be unstoppable once its military reaches its pinnacle.

As the civilization’s Monk, the Scholar may expedite research and technological advancements. The enormous War Elephant is a formidable melee unit with excellent health and damage against troops and buildings. One of the most deadly units in your army, the Tower War Elephant, has a ranged attack: Two archers perched atop a War Elephant in a tower. The Civilization bonuses are as follows: It is 25 percent quicker to harvest from Berry Bushes but impossible to gather from Boars.

In the Dark Ages, a scholar was at your disposal (I). Even if it’s free, technology moves at a glacial pace. Educators have accelerated the pace of scientific discovery—infantry with the ability to construct fortifications.

Fishing Boats are fitted with an Archer. Because of certain incorrect maps, the civilization of Delhi is possibly more difficult for you to navigate. Delhi seems to be losing some of its former lusters. So, I am intrigued by how pro players will play with. As a result, they will be included in the AOE 4 tier list at the B tier.


Rus is a considerable strong civilization given the right circumstances. Rus loves the high view part of why the high view is such a good map for Rus because you got the Gaia there, but the big thing for me is that it is tough to scout the Rus in this map. They do have some pretty decent matchups as well. Once they get to the late game, they are a force to be reckoned with. Age of Empires IV includes the Rus as a playable European culture.

The Rus are expert hunters who know how to survive in the woods. Over time, as they conquered new lands armed with battle-ready cavalry, the Rus became a more formidable force.

In Age of Empires IV, the Rus civilization depicts the narrative of a budding empire trapped between great opponents from 882-1552 CE. As a result of repeated invasions, political upheaval, and frigid temperatures, the Rus developed a fortitude of forbearance unmatched in history.

Using their hunting, trading, and woodworking skills, they would reconstruct their kingdom while its leaders strove to establish a new empire under Moscow’s rule. As you progress through Ages I, II, III, and IV, you’ll see the rise and fall of the Rus civilization under the influence of Norman and Norse influences, the Golden Age of the Rus under Byzantine influence, and the rise and fall of the Muscovy Duchy under the power of the fall of Mongol influence. As experienced hunters, playing the Rus means the wilderness is yours to rule.

Because of this, they can swiftly create a robust economy by using the resources available in their immediate surroundings. It will be challenging for the Rus’s adversaries to halt their expansion. They get constant revenues of Gold from the Hunting Cabin, which operates as a conventional mill, and the remarkable Bounty score for hunting Gaia animals. Players may earn Gold by killing any animal on the map using the Bounty system. Increases in food production and the gold rate of Hunting Cabins go hand in hand with this.

The Rus are an admirable opponent in the early Ages because of their formidable defenses. They have stronger Palisades in place of early access Walls, access to Knights beginning in Age II, and Wooden Fortresses – enhanced Outposts — with unique technology. Lumber Camps established near Wooden Fortresses use their remarkable influence to get other wood. The Streltsy, a formidable gunpowder unit, and the mounted Warrior Monk, which may enhance nearby troops, are two of the Rus’ most well-known weapons in combat.

The Rus civilization’s qualities pose an emotional challenge to those wanting to utilize its benefits. The Warrior Monk is a military-minded support unit that boosts the fighting capabilities of neighboring troops when it assaults. Enemy forces may be converted, and Sacred Sites can be captured. The Horse Archer is a unique ranged cavalry unit in the Castle Age. Against slower melee troops, they may be devastating because of their mobility.

The Streltsy is a light gunpowder infantry unit with high damage output and a higher rate of fire while stationary than most other infantry units. They use a massive axe, which is effective against enemies close to them. The civilization bonuses are as follows: Generate Gold and enhance reward while slaughtering animals. Higher bounty gives more Food revenue from all sources. Early Knight is accessible in the Feudal Age (II).

Stronger Palisades with twice as many hit points. Construct Hunting Cabins – upgraded Mills that create Scouts and generate Gold from neighboring woods. Adding more health points and garrison slots to your existing Outposts allows you to build Wooden Fortresses. Boats used for fishing don’t have to dock while dropping off food. The meta continues to develop, but at this moment, I cannot rank Russ higher than the B tier of the AOE 4 tier list.

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C Tier

Flawed Civilizations
The Flawed Civilizations of the AOE 4 Tier List

The C tier is not as good as the other tiers, but in this list, it is about as crucial as the tier above. This is the last thing that people should focus on. I wouldn’t pick it up unless you want to try something new and are tired of your main civilization. The people who use this civilization are straightforward to figure out; after a few games, you’ll know your main strategies. The civilization has a lot of hard matchups because it was recently nerfed and can’t normally compete with S-tier civilizations.


Next coming up on the list is China. It is uncomplicated to identify what a Chinese player is likely to do. They are often attempting to be as greedy as possible extremely seldom do you see a Chinese player going all in a feudal ram push approach.

The Holy Roman Empire, an ascendant civilization on the ladder, has some challenging opponents. Furthermore, China will have a difficult time competing in English. Chinese is a civilization that gains dominance in the late game, and frequently these civilizations block you from getting there.

The Chinese are a playable Asian culture in the Age of Empires IV. Like their predecessors, the Chinese are one of the most intricate and challenging civilizations to play, meant for more experienced gamers. Their civilization bonuses concentrate focus on gunpowder and siege forces.

One of the most distinctive gaming aspects for the Chinese is the dynasties system; when the player creates both landmarks of a relevant era, they move to the next dynasty but forfeit any practical benefits they received from the previous dynasty in exchange for bonuses to another dynasty.

To move to the next dynasty, careful strategic planning and decision-making are required, particularly when creating two Landmarks of the same age to advance to the next dynasty may hinder the player’s capacity to proceed to the next Age.

In the late game, the Chinese are less susceptible to a Landmark triumph since they can create all of the Landmarks accessible to them because of the dynasty mechanism. One of their distinctive units, the Imperial Official, depicts the Chinese bureaucratic administration with various objectives.

Depending on the number of resources dropped and troops created, economic and military structures may slowly generate gold, allowing the Imperial Official to collect taxes for an early drip of gold. The Imperial Official may also oversee an economic drop-off facility to enable Villagers to drop off more resources or supervise a military or research structure to improve unit output or research speed. When it comes to their armed forces, the Chinese are a “jack of all crafts” culture with a vast range of troops.

Their greatest strength comes into play in the late game when they reach the Ming Dynasty. The Chinese were one of the most challenging opponents to confront throughout the Imperial Age because of their solid and powerful siege weaponry, gunpowder troops, and extensive range of strong dynasty-related units.

In contrast, the Chinese are more susceptible to early-game rushes or civilizations that may aim for a rapid Castle or Imperial Age strategy because of how the dynasty system works, even if the Chinese have the capabilities to compete economically or defend against early-game surges.

At the birth of their civilization, the Chinese had a head start with extra Villagers. In this way, a strong economy may be built to meet the demands of a vast and expanding civilization. City planning is a key development strategy. A particular aspect of the Chinese civilization is their dynasty system, which gives various benefits when activated, such as unit bonuses and access to rare structures. This presents numerous pathways in strategy and strategies to harness everything that the Chinese civilization has to offer.

Powerful gunpowder units are the foundation of the Chinese military force. They have access to many distinct gunpowder units, making them a solid civilization to face up against in combat. The civilization bonuses are as follows: The Town Center Landmark fires with a hand cannon. Garrison troops in this Town Center nonetheless don’t add extra hand cannons. Villagers construct fortifications 50 percent quicker and all other structures 100 percent faster.

Taxes are generated when a resource is dropped off in an economic building. Each time a unit or research is developed, military buildings generate taxes. A building’s Imperial Official may only collect up to 20 taxes from it. Imperial Officials are prohibited from collecting taxes on a building for 15 seconds after taxing it. Imperial Official may manage a building: it generates units and explores technology 200 percent quicker.

Buildings that serve as resource drop-off points earn an additional 20% in resources. Enter a Dynasty by establishing both Landmarks from an Age, granting access to exceptional benefits. Chemistry technology was offered for free upon rising to the Imperial Age (IV). Docks operate 20 percent quicker. I will chuck it up in the C tier of the AOE 4 tier list because it is another very predictable civilization. You know what they are up to, but they are not one-dimensional. There are so many ways that you can play China.

Worst Civilizations
The Worst Civilizations in the AOE 4 Tier List

So, the worst civilization in this game is the one in the D Tier, the lowest tier. Now that I’ve shown you the bottom tier, I want to say a few things. If you play a civilization at the bottom of the list, that doesn’t mean you’re trash or anything. It’s not a personal insult because I know how comments on these lists go. If you are good with a weak civilization, I think that shows how good a player you are.

In this game, you can count on every civilization. With this bottom tier, you must put in a lot of work. Even though it got some buffs in the latest patch, the civilization isn’t very adaptable, and the rate at which it picks up items is still pretty low.

Abbasid Dynasty

Asian culture Age of Empires IV has a playable Abbasid Dynasty. The capacity of the Abbasid Dynasty to develop new technologies at the House of Wisdom makes them a flexible society. These upgrades touch and modify essential game components and rules, allowing a new method to expand your Empire.

In the Age of Empires IV, the Abbasid Dynasty civilization covers 750-1517 CE and is based on the Abbasid Caliphate and the Mamluk Sultanate. After the Mongols destroyed Baghdad, the Empire’s capital, in 1258, the capital was transferred to Cairo, Egypt.

You will experience the “Golden Age of Islam” playing the Abbasid Dynasty. Technology flourished during this period as the medieval world hurriedly prepared to enter the Modern Age.

For over 800 years, the Abbasid Dynasty reigned over the spiritual heartland of Islam, enduring civil wars, crusades, Mongol invasions, unrelenting piracy, and uprisings of the people. The Abbasid Dynasty civilization is built on their House of Wisdom, which offers unique upgrading possibilities and works as the core of their Golden Age mechanism.

As structures are created around the House of Wisdom, their Golden Age tier grows, bringing boosts to the collection, research, and production rates. Specialized in its civilization, the Abbasid Dynasty got Camel Archers and Camel Riders, who served as unique anti-cavalry cavalry forces. Camel Archers and Camel Riders, which are distinctive anti-cavalry cavalry forces for the Abbasid Dynasty, are given to them. The Camel Archer is an anti-cavalry cavalry unit that decreases damage from surrounding opponent cavalry units.

They can pick out enemy cavalry from a safe distance thanks to their longer attack range and better damage output than normal Horse Archers. It is possible to develop an inspiring communal leader in the Abbasid Mosque: the Imam. Since the Abbasid Dynasty may create landmarks and proceed through time without the need to assign active villagers, they could continue collecting resources, constructing structures, and doing other chores, which allowed them to flourish without interruption.

The civilization bonuses are as follows: Start the game with +50 Wood (200 Wood instead of 150). (200 Wood instead of 150). Harvest from Berry Bushes 30 percent quicker but cannot gather from Boar. Constructing the Mill near Berry Bushes increases the quantity of food available by 100 percent (from 250 to 500 Food per Berry Bush) (from 250 to 500 Food per Berry Bush). During the Dark Ages, infantry forces could build Battering Rams and Siege Towers, and during the Castle Age, Springalds and Mangonels.

The House of Wisdom may be used to extend your life expectancy. Like other civilizations, the Villagers do not need to develop anything for it to work. Nearby structures acquire +5 fire armor. Docks are 50 percent cheaper. Enter a Golden Age by erecting buildings under the influence of the House of Wisdom. Unfortunately, it will be sitting down at the D tier of the AOE 4 tier list. I know they did get that recent buff where they are looking a little better in their cattle age, but they are very predictable, and it is bad enough for me.

Best Civilizations In Age Of Empires 4 

Age of empires is all about kingdoms and civilizations. It is important that the players know the weaknesses and strengths of each faction that Age Of Empires 4 has to offer. Following are the best civilizations that a player can go for. 


Veteran players know the power that Mongols possess. Their battle prowess and share speed make them stand out a lot and the faction is overpowered and a great option to consider in Age Of Empires Four. They possess amazing mobility that helps them overpower their enemies.

Also, they possess unpredictable attacks and they can move their base at will. Due to this reason, their survivability chances are high in the game. Also, you will see them incorporate the hit-and-run strategy a lot. You will begin with a great population so you can go straight to training troops in order to prepare for the battle ahead. 


Undoubtedly one of the best civilizations in our Age Of Empires 4 tier list for August 2022, is Rus. They do lack the strength needed early on in the game, but their end game is second to none. The aggressive bounty mechanics make Rus some of the toughest enemies that you will encounter in the game.

Hunting more and more animals is what they are known for. When it comes to battle and combat, you will see a lot of firepower action. Also, they have Warrior Monks who will buff the allies near them. Furthermore, they can deal heavy Gunpowder Damage to their enemies. 


Decent bonuses and consistent unit production of Archery Ranges make them a good civilization. They prioritize resources just as many troops. You will see stables and the Town Center will provide you with enough troops and soldiers.  Overall, their cavalry is much better as compared to others. 


Perhaps the most common choice of many players when it comes to civilization in Age Of Empires Four is English and they stand at a good rank in our tier list for August 2022 as well. They have a very low wood cost so their economy is great.

Furthermore, when you build a farm near Mills you will get a food gathering boost. Also one of the best features of this civilization is that they have a sophisticated network of Castles that will give them a great attack speed boost. 

Ranking’s Precision

The people who write TopTierList follow the rules carefully because they know how important it is. Authors are responsible for making sure their writing is correct and entertaining. Clarity is always our number one goal. The authors know what they know and won’t make a ranking list about something they don’t know much about. Young writers learn from and get ideas from more experienced writers, who will eventually take over the mantle.

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Because of this, none of our authors let their wit get in the way of the facts. Every author at TopTierList has worked together on great content for years. The authors have access to a wide range of good data sources. So that the list is more fun to read, they can write it in their voice. There will always be other tier lists. We will show how good we are by doing top-quality work.

Before writing, the author does research, and they don’t stop until they are sure the information is correct. Because each of our authors is different, we ask them to keep their expert opinions to themselves and only talk about them when they have nothing to do with the issue.

Coming to an End

That’s how the Age of Empires 4 civilizations are ranked until there’s another update or until players get the hang of The Holy Roman Empire, the new civilization. This is what I think, and you don’t have to agree with me. Let’s say you play low-level civilization games and do well at them.

I am thrilled for you. That means you play well and have a promising future. Please let me know if you disagree with where I put the civilizations. Why do you think your culture is stronger or weaker than mine? Tell me in the section below for comments.

But I keep going because I love and care deeply about all eight of them, and I can’t stop talking about them, as you can see from this list. I changed the order a little bit, and we can all agree that that is the proper order for the most crucial Age of Empire 4 civilizations. Those who don’t can tell me in the comments why you don’t. Well, it’s time to end this list of things in order.

One of my skills is that I can spend a lot of time analyzing how great civilizations are. I have decided to use this ability to make what I think may be the complete AOE 4 tier list on the internet. To reach this goal in my life, I made a list of the top 8 civilizations I liked from different ways to play the game.

I took this list of tiers very seriously, and I did so at every level. Tell me what you thought in the comments section. If you read the whole list, you are the best Age of Empire 4 fan and probably like making tier lists. I hope that was helpful or interesting and that you agree with how I ranked these civilizations. If you do not, it’s okay. We are all fans of the same thing, but we all feel differently about the different civilizations. At the end of this list, I want to remind you that it is based only on what I think about these civilizations and their power. Thank you!

Coming Next: MCOC Tier List

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