AOE 4 Tier List: All Civilizations Ranked [V6.0.878]

All the current meta's civilizations have ranked according to their Difficulty, Units, Buildings, and Landmarks

Each of the eight AOE 4 Tier List civilizations will be examined to determine where it falls in the hierarchy. Keep in mind that this is only a personal opinion. Yours may be different. The fact that you disagree with me is entirely okay.

To account for this, there is a ranking system. Starting with the finest civilizations, we’ll move on to other civilizations.

Key Points

  • The article has a total of 8 entries.
  • All the civilizations have been ranked according to their Difficulty, Units, Buildings, and Landmarks
  • The highest tiers contain civilizations like English and French.
  • Among the lower ranks, you can see entries like the Chinese and the Abbasid Dynasty.


All the contents of this article are represented in the table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Holy Roman EmpireDelhi Sultanate Chinese
Abbasid Dynasty

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S Tier

Greatest Civilizations of the AOE 4 tier list
S Tier.

Our AOE 4 Tier List comprises of excellent civilizations that are very flexible, match up well with other civilizations, and can be picked up on almost every map.


The English civilization is adaptable in all matchups and capable of pulling off different tactics. Age of Empires IV includes the English as a playable European culture. In the Age of Empires IV, the English are a formidable opponent in the defense.

As a result of their superior archery, ownership of castles and other fortifications, and a food supply that has proven reliable for millennia, the Romans’ power is unmatched. Age of Empires IV presents the English civilization during the Anglo-Saxon period in Great Britain, from 850-1555 CE.

From the Middle Ages to the Late Renaissance of the 16th century, you see the narrative of a civilization that has withstood empires falling, conquerors conquering, and plagues.

Choosing to play as the English in Age IV gives you a leg up in the competition for resources and success, thanks to a slew of critical benefits. The English had access to cheaper farmland than other civilizations, providing a consistent food supply to increase improvements and troops over matches substantially. For brief periods, the English relied on their extensive network of fortified towns, outposts, and towers and kept away to alert their troops and defensive buildings when an enemy approached.

Unique units Longbowman.
Landmarks Council Hall/Abbey of Kings, King’s Palace/The White Tower, Berkshire Palace/Wynguard Palace.
Unique building N/A


The French will be our next civilization to examine. They’re very adaptable, like English, and I expect that to be the case as the rankings evolve. It all comes down to the civilization’s adaptability, which we’ll discuss in the coming weeks as we look at the Holy Roman Empire. The French have got up a lot of different strategies that they can employ. It’s a civilization with a plethora of exciting pairings. Age of Empires IV includes the French as a playable European civilization.

As a military powerhouse known for its cavalry, the French have shown time and time again that they can turn the course of a fight. Between 840 and 1559 CE, the Age of Empires IV’s French civilization is modeled on a medieval France that overcame hardship to achieve greatness.

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France became a great modern country after overcoming invasions, epidemics, and uprisings. For hit-and-run tactics, French cavalry attacks may shatter enemy lines and inflict more damage.

This civilization will take you from the period of chivalry and noble battle to the worst hour of France’s history and its construction of a disciplined army capable of freeing the country with a cannon’s rumble. Gunpowder siege weapons, strong knights, and advantages in commerce are the French civilization’s strengths. When resources are few, the ability of French Traders to bring back any required resources is an invaluable asset.

Unique units Royal Knight, Arbalétrier, Galleass, Cannon.
Landmarks Chamber of Commerce/School of Cavalry, Royal Institute/Guild Hall, Red Palace/College of Artillery.
Unique building N/A

A Tier

The Prominent Civilizations of the AOE 4 Tier Listf
A Tier.

A-tier is an above-average tier where I put my favorite AOE 4 Tier List civilizations with the same amount of love as the civilizations above them.

Holy Roman Empire

AOE’s 4th-tier civilization list has the Holy Roman Empire as its next target. There is a chance that this civilization might be S-tier. I believe that still could be the case, but I think people are going to sort it out obviously in the early days of the fresh new patch, but already we are beginning to see new construction orders emerge. The Holy Roman Empire is in such a strong position because that early prelate speeds up their earlier game, which is when they are hurting the most.

The Holy Roman Empire is a playable European civilization in the Age of Empires IV. An infantry force backed by a religious element, the prelate, helped create the Holy Roman Empire’s culture. The Age of Empires IV occurred in the Holy Roman Empire and lasted from 936 to 1517 CE. There was an empire that claimed to have been the true successor of the Roman Empire, which was based in contemporary Germany.

Using an army of enthusiastic Landsknechte, its rulers ruled central Europe and wanted to conquer Rome, the center of Christianity. The Holy Roman Empire stands out regarding religious units accessible in Age IV. Players can boost Villagers’ economic development with the prelate if they utilize it correctly. The Holy Roman Empire is a formidable infantry-based civilization with various defensive turtling tactics at its disposal.

Unique units Prelate, Landsknecht.
Landmarks Meinwerk Palace/Aachen Chapel, Regnitz Cathedral/Burgrave Palace, Elzbach Palace/Palace of Swabia.
Unique building N/A


Recently, the Mongols were both nerfed and buffed. It was nerfed due to that, yam, auto network speed. Because the Mongols had no walls, this was the worst blow to their civilization that we could see, and it fundamentally altered the Mongols’ identity.

They must use their yam network to increase their forces’ pace and protect against counterattacks. If you have outposts throughout the map, you will still not be able to infringe against your enemy’s base at rapid speed and then duck away because we have observed it since the yam network was lingering.

Age of Empires IV includes a playable Asian culture, the Mongols. Players new to the game may find them, along with the Chinese, one of the most challenging civilizations to learn. Mongols are nomadic people capable of building and moving their settlements as necessary. However, they can develop outposts since they cannot build walls or fortifications, which might backfire on them. Ovoo and outposts are the only permanent constructions in Mongolia since their buildings cannot be moved to a new location and replaced.

Even while the Mongols may be a mighty civilization in the early going, their inability to effectively protect themselves makes them increasingly susceptible to siege attempts as the game progresses. As a result, the Mongol civilization’s sole means of protection are attacks. During the Age of Empires IV campaign, the Mongols are the only culture to produce two military units simultaneously (paying for the second one with stone). Ovoos’ influence may be used by locating their military facilities there.

The Mongols are a culture with a wide range of influences. It is not uncommon to witness tower rushes, though. Perhaps that is a sluggish tower. They don’t need to think about it since the free tickling of stone that Mongols constantly have flowing in makes it so simple to acquire such emplacements. They depend on ensuring that they offer the opponent an appropriate level of punishment. For the Mongols, this will be a deciding factor in many games. Hence, I will put them in the A tier of the AOE 4 Tier List.

Unique units Khan, Mangudai, Traction Trebuchet.
Landmarks Deer Stones/The Silver Tree, Kurultai/Steppe Redoubt, The White Stupa/Khaganate Palace.
Unique building Ger, Pasture, Ovoo.

B Tier

The Average Civilizations
B Tier.

All of these cultures are great, but they all have many problems. If you start well, you won’t do badly with them, but only if you do. After I tell you about a few things that have happened, you’ll see why the rest are here.

Delhi Sultanate

The civilization has a plethora of interesting matches. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that they also feature a lot of terrible maps. If you’re looking at competitions, Delhi is an excellent selection for the pocket pick on particular maps if you want to main a civilization. More and more cultures realize Delhi’s dependence on electricity spikes and times.

In the Age of Empires IV, players may take control of the Delhi Sultanate, an Asian civilization. The Delhi Sultanate civilization is at the forefront of technological advancement. They have an intense concentration on research and defense, with an advantage in technical growth over other civilizations. In Age of Empires IV, the Delhi Sultanate civilization is based on the great kingdom founded by the invasion of the Ghurid Dynasty (originating in Persia) into northern India during 879-1526 CE.

For 300 years, this kingdom developed an autonomous Indo-Islamic territory, embracing technologies available in India. As you go through the ages, you’ll learn about the fascinating past of this civilization. With a focus on the Farsi/Persian-speaking Delhi Sultanate civilization, you’ll experience the Mamluk and Khalji dynasty, the Tughlaq dynasty, and the Sayyid and Lodi dynasties throughout your time in the First Age of the civilization.

Strategic choices in the early Ages of the match are vital for the Delhi Sultanate civilization, which emerges as a dominant power in the late game. The War Elephant, the backbone of the Delhi Sultanate army, is a combat unit of startling sheer power and damage potential.

Unique units Scholar, War Elephant, Tower Elephant.
Landmarks Tower of Victory/Dome of the Faith, Compound of the Defender/House of Learning, Hisar Academy/Palace of the Sultan.
Unique building Mosque.


Rus is a considerable strong civilization given the right circumstances. Rus loves the high view part of why the high view is such a good map for Rus because you got the Gaia there, but the big thing for me is that it is tough to scout the Rus in this map. They do have some pretty decent matchups as well. Once they get to the late game, they are a force to be reckoned with. Age of Empires IV includes the Rus as a playable European culture.

The Rus are expert hunters who know how to survive in the woods. Over time, as they conquered new lands armed with battle-ready cavalry, the Rus became a more formidable force.

In Age of Empires IV, the Rus civilization depicts the narrative of a budding empire trapped between great opponents from 882-1552 CE. As a result of repeated invasions, political upheaval, and frigid temperatures, the Rus developed a fortitude of forbearance unmatched in history.

Using their hunting, trading, and woodworking skills, they would reconstruct their kingdom while its leaders strove to establish a new empire under Moscow’s rule. As you progress through Ages I, II, III, and IV, you’ll see the rise and fall of the Rus civilization under the influence of Norman and Norse influences, the Golden Age of the Rus under Byzantine influence, and the rise and fall of the Muscovy Duchy under the power of the fall of Mongol influence. As experienced hunters, playing the Rus means the wilderness is yours to rule.

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Because of this, they can swiftly create a robust economy by using the resources available in their immediate surroundings. It will be challenging for the Rus’s adversaries to halt their expansion. They get constant revenues of Gold from the Hunting Cabin, which operates as a conventional mill, and the remarkable Bounty score for hunting Gaia animals. Players may earn Gold by killing any animal on the map using the Bounty system. Increases in food production and the gold rate of Hunting Cabins go hand in hand with this.

Unique units Lodya (including the Lodya Fishing Boat), Warrior Monk, Horse Archer, Streltsy.
Landmarks Kremlin/The Golden Gate, High Trade House/Abbey of the Trinity, Spasskaya Tower/High Armory.
Unique building Hunting Cabin, Wooden Fortress, Fortified Palisade Wall, Fortified Palisade Gate.

C Tier

Flawed Civilizations
C Tier.

The C rank of the AOE 4 Tier List is the first category that I would say has bad civilizations, and it’s only going downhill from here.


The Chinese are a playable Asian culture in the Age of Empires IV. Like their predecessors, the Chinese are one of the most intricate and challenging civilizations to play, meant for more experienced gamers. Their civilization bonuses concentrate focus on gunpowder and siege forces.

One of the most distinctive gaming aspects for the Chinese is the dynasties system; when the player creates both landmarks of a relevant era, they move to the next dynasty but forfeit any practical benefits they received from the previous dynasty in exchange for bonuses to another dynasty. To move to the next dynasty, careful strategic planning and decision-making are required, particularly when creating two Landmarks of the same age to advance to the next dynasty may hinder the player’s capacity to proceed to the next Age.

In the late game, the Chinese are less susceptible to a Landmark triumph since they can create all of the Landmarks accessible to them because of the dynasty mechanism. One of their distinctive units, the Imperial Official, depicts the Chinese bureaucratic administration with various objectives.

Depending on the number of resources dropped and troops created, economic and military structures may slowly generate gold, allowing the Imperial Official to collect taxes for an early drip of gold. The Imperial Official may also oversee an economic drop-off facility to enable Villagers to drop off more resources or supervise a military or research structure to improve unit output or research speed. When it comes to their armed forces, the Chinese are a “jack of all crafts” culture with a vast range of troops.

Their greatest strength comes into play in the late game when they reach the Ming Dynasty. The Chinese were one of the most challenging opponents to confront throughout the Imperial Age because of their solid and powerful siege weaponry, gunpowder troops, and extensive range of strong dynasty-related units.

Unique Units Imperial Official, Zhuge Nu, Palace Guard, Nest of Bees, Fire Lancer, Grenadier.
Landmarks Barbican of the Sun/Imperial Academy, Imperial Palace/Astronomical Clocktower, Great Wall Gatehouse/Spirit Way.
Unique Building Village, Granary, Pagoda.

D Tier

Worst Civilizations
D Tier.

So, the worst civilization in this game is the one in the D Tier, the lowest tier. Neither of these is worth picking if you have other options.

Abbasid Dynasty

Asian culture Age of Empires IV has a playable Abbasid Dynasty. The capacity of the Abbasid Dynasty to develop new technologies at the House of Wisdom makes them a flexible society. These upgrades touch and modify essential game components and rules, allowing a new method to expand your Empire.

In the Age of Empires IV, the Abbasid Dynasty civilization covers 750-1517 CE and is based on the Abbasid Caliphate and the Mamluk Sultanate. After the Mongols destroyed Baghdad, the Empire’s capital, in 1258, the capital was transferred to Cairo, Egypt.

You will experience the “Golden Age of Islam” playing the Abbasid Dynasty. Technology flourished during this period as the medieval world hurriedly prepared to enter the Modern Age.

For over 800 years, the Abbasid Dynasty reigned over the spiritual heartland of Islam, enduring civil wars, crusades, Mongol invasions, unrelenting piracy, and uprisings of the people. The Abbasid Dynasty civilization is built on their House of Wisdom, which offers unique upgrading possibilities and works as the core of their Golden Age mechanism.

As structures are created around the House of Wisdom, their Golden Age tier grows, bringing boosts to the collection, research, and production rates. Specialized in its civilization, the Abbasid Dynasty got Camel Archers and Camel Riders, who served as unique anti-cavalry cavalry forces. Camel Archers and Camel Riders, which are distinctive anti-cavalry cavalry forces for the Abbasid Dynasty, are given to them. The Camel Archer is an anti-cavalry cavalry unit that decreases damage from surrounding opponent cavalry units.

Unique Units Camel Rider, Camel Archer.
Landmarks Prayer Hall of Uqba, House of Wisdon
Unique Building N/A

Comparison Table

Civilizations TierUnique units Landmarks Unique building
EnglishSLongbowmanCouncil Hall/Abbey of Kings, King's Palace/The White Tower, Berkshire Palace/Wynguard PalaceN/A
FrenchSRoyal Knight, Arbalétrier, Galleass, CannonChamber of Commerce/School of Cavalry, Royal Institute/Guild Hall, Red Palace/College of ArtilleryN/A
Holy Roman EmpireAPrelate, LandsknechtMeinwerk Palace/Aachen Chapel, Regnitz Cathedral/Burgrave Palace, Elzbach Palace/Palace of SwabiaN/A
MongolsAKhan, Mangudai, Traction TrebuchetDeer Stones/The Silver Tree, Kurultai/Steppe Redoubt, The White Stupa/Khaganate PalaceGer, Pasture, Ovoo
Delhi Sultanate BScholar, War Elephant, Tower ElephantTower of Victory/Dome of the Faith, Compound of the Defender/House of Learning, Hisar Academy/Palace of the SultanMosque
RusBLodya (including the Lodya Fishing Boat), Warrior Monk, Horse Archer, StreltsyKremlin/The Golden Gate, High Trade House/Abbey of the Trinity, Spasskaya Tower/High ArmoryHunting Cabin, Wooden Fortress, Fortified Palisade Wall, Fortified Palisade Gate
ChineseCImperial Official, Zhuge Nu, Palace Guard, Nest of Bees, Fire Lancer, GrenadierBarbican of the Sun/Imperial Academy, Imperial Palace/Astronomical Clocktower, Great Wall Gatehouse/Spirit WayVillage, Granary, Pagoda
Abbasid DynastyDCamel Rider, Camel ArcherPrayer Hall of Uqba, House of WisdonN/A

Patch Notes V6.0.878

With the V6.0.878 update, the following features and changes have been introduced.

  • New Event and Biome: Enchanted Grove 
  • Season Four Ranked 1v1 and Team Ranked 
  • New Maps: Four Lakes, Continental, Marshland 
  • New Game Mode: Nomad 
  • Mod Browser Update 
  • UI Improvements 
  • Landmark Reworks 
  • Art of War Updates 
  • New Cheat Code 


That’s how the civilizations are ranked in our AOE 4 Tier List, at least until there’s another update. These rankings are all based on my opinions, and you don’t have to agree with me. 

But please do let me know if you disagree with my placements. Why do you think one culture is stronger or weaker than the others? Tell me in the comments section below.