Humankind Cultures Tier List: Top 25 Ranked

In This Article, We Have Ranked The Top Cultures Of Humankind.

The Humankind Cultures Tier List ranks the top cultures of the game and describes them along the way. This is a turn-based strategy game that allows a player to develop civilizations from the Neolithic era to the contemporary era, and during this evolution, the diversity of culture that occurs is what differentiates one from the other.

Each culture has its own affinity which dictates its gameplay and actions. Along with this, each culture also has a specific trait and emblematic quarter which signifies its abilities. So a reader should remember that this article is based on the writer’s perspectives and points of view and depends solely on their opinions. Also, their time invested in the game plays a key role in this ranking.

Key Points

  • The top 25 cultures of humankind have been ranked in the article.
  • Each culture is ranked based on its traits, affinities, and emblems.
  • The highest tiers have entries like the Egyptians, Zhou, Germans, Bantu, and Maya.
  • In the lowest ranks, you have cultures like the Persians, Haudenosaunee, Assyrians, and Edo-Japanese.


The top cultures of the game are added to this short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
• Egyptians
• Zhou
• Germans
• Bantu
• Maya
• Harappans
• Babylonians
• Romans
• Americans
• Huns
• Olmecs
• Carthaginians
• Hittites
• Italians
• Umayyads
• Phoenicians
• British
• Mycenaeans
• Celts
• Nubians
• Teutons
• Persians
• Haudenosaunee
• Assyrians
• Edo Japanese

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S Tier

best cultures ranked
S Tier.

Firstly, Let’s start the S tier with the finest cultures with top-notch characteristics and one-of-kind gameplay that enhances a player’s experiences and transports him into a different era.


The Egyptian culture belongs to the Ancient game era and their Affinity is builders. Their gameplay mainly focuses on building Cities and Industries and setting up food and industrial areas. The affinity action of Egyptians is the Land raiser which involves converting Cities to Industries. Industries include Units, districts, and other Infrastructures that aid in construction. Another feature of Egyptians that adds them to the S tier of Humankind Best Culture Tier List is its bonus i.e. Pride; it grants a player 10% stability, which afterward helps in the development of civilization. A

nother attribute is that Egyptians are grand planners which help in their development. Additionally, They have an incremental power called Egyptian Pyramid which grants them +1 Influence, +3 Industry, and +1 worker slots. They also have high-ranged combat units that perform their moves from afar. 


Zhou belongs to the ancient era and was mainly focused on diplomacy and aesthetics.  Their Affinity action is the cultural Blitz which allows them to spend money on artworks related to patriotic themes, this enhances influence i.e. beneficial in creating cities. An affinity bonus is obtained called Grace that affects Cultural proximity and aesthete affinity. Zhou is in the S due to the renowned harmonious thought that grants them +2 stability for a specific district. The Conducian School is an ability that bestows a player with +8 Stability, +1 Science, and +1 researchers slot. 


Germans are from the Militaristic culture of Humankind and have an affinity with waging wars and showing brutality. They are a savage yet strong civilization with superior traits. Their Iron reserves grant them the upper hand in the game and help them in their military position as well. Germans’ affinity action is Iron reserves that enhance the Armies in the cities and reduce the maintenance cost. This helps increase the population as well. The bonus of Vigilance is granted that awards +30 war support that especially helps strengthen the army. They have the Iron Ordnance that gives +3 Combat strength to Naval and air units and reduces the Insudtrial cost by 20%.  Coking works grants +1 Industry per population, and +1 worker slot in the city.


Moreover, The expansionist cultures include the Bantu civilization that had an affinity with the expansion of their Empires. To get done with it they were awarded an Affinity action called under one banner that overtakes different territories of other empires; it costs money. Additionally, An affinity bonus called ambition adds Bantu to the S tier which allows the army to traverse through closed borders. harmonious Amalgamation also adds 2 points to influence which benefits the empire of a specific territory. Moreover, Mupia Fields adds +10 foods to nearby Cities.

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Maya belongs to the Builders and follows the building Gameplay, which constructs through various methods in the game and forms cities and industrial areas. The Land raiser provides it with money to replace the cities with industries to Get food while in industry mode. The Pride adds +10 Stability and Its character trait of Maya is Tireless spirit which adds it to the S tier. maya’s trait allows it to enhance its industrial workers by 2 in Cities and Outposts. K’uh Nah enhances Industry by 3, Faith by 2, And worker slots in the city by 1.

A Tier

second best cultures tier list
A Tier.

Secondly, we have the A tier that has potentially great cultures with almost great traits and attributes that compete with the characteristics of the S-tiered cultures. 


From the Agrarian culture, we have the Harappan who focus on their empire and population growth. Sometimes thy defer their focus to the resource stores and reserves. Their affinity action grants them greener pastures that add +1 to their population and enhance their influence in the adjacent cities. The community bonus adds+5 stability to the civilization which aids in increasing population as well. The prominent trait that adds them to the S tier of the Harappans is the fertile Innudations which eventually aid their Food production and crop development. Through this trait, they gain population easily and have reserves to feed them, Canal network further adds +3 food and +1 farmers to their city. 


The scientific culture grants us a futuristic civilization with a novel approach and scientific discoveries. They mainly focused on Science research. Their action of affinity is collective minds that aided in the collection of money to build and convert the industry into scientific laboratories. In this mode, the cities can produce food and science. The foresight bonus adds +1 era to the culture which helps in future discoveries as well. The prominent trait of Babylonians is the Brilliant philosophers that bestow +2 science to the technologies of a Capital, The emblem of this culture is the astronomy house which further adds +1 food, and +3 science, and reserves a slot for the researcher.


Romans are from the expansionist category of cultures and focused mainly on expanding their empires and straying away from violence and war. Through Under one Banner and Ambition, they strengthen their army. Their leading prominent attribute is the Legion’s finest which allows them a +1 unit slot for the army and also a 50% experience for every unit. Besides this trait, Romans get a strong military armed force and can take over other cities easily, expanding their memories. Triumph arch allows them to gain +5 Influence, +5 stability, and especially+50 fame regarding victory.


As The Romans were expansionists likewise Americans are also Expansionists and follow in their footsteps in expanding their empire and building more industries and cities while strengthening their armed forces. Affinity action and bonus, Underone banner and ambition aid in this movement and help carry out this action with fineness. Along with this, another trait adds the American culture to the A tier that is American Exceptionalism which grants the resources with +10 influence and additional money for trade. Americans have an emblem for defense agency that also enhances their combat strength and influence by +2.


Huns are the militarists of Humankind and have a soft spot for wars and violence. they tend to wage wars for the smallest of matters and have bloodshed. Their main affinity is through iron reserves and vigilance that strengthens their army militia and aids in their firearm assembly. Iron reserves allow the enhancement of population and hence cause growth in military power and sustainability. Their prominent trait that adds the Huns to the A tier of Humankind Cultural Wonders Tier List is the formidable steeds that grant +5 science for the empire and also +2 for combat. Additionally, Its main emblem is Ordu which causes the upgradation of all outposts.


Olmecs belong to the aesthete culture and aid in the influence and diplomat culture of a civilization. They follow blitz and grace to attain diplomacy. Blitz allows the spending of money for patriotic artworks while grace is the utilization of proximity and aesthete affinities. Its main trait is Natural harmony which promotes influence in the territory, through the influence a culture’s population increases. Olmec head enhances +1 influence, +3 food, and also adds +1 farmer slot in the city.


Carthaginians have an affinity towards Money and trade and belong to the classical era. Moreover, Their affinity action is the power investor that allows them to employ influence for resources and generate money for improving relations with nearby areas. Additionally, the Affinity bonus is mediation that allows a player to rebuy resources for building empires. Carthaginians are Hard bargainers who reduce their cost for construction by 25% and make them money efficient. Cothon is their emblem which adds +10 for the district, +3 for industry, and +1 for the worker slot.

B Tier

average cultures ranked
B Tier.

Moreover, we have the B tier which is the mediocre tier with average traits and typical attributes. Nothing about these cultures is extraordinary.


The militarists of our game wage war against various empires. Their affinity action is iron reserves like other Militarost cultures and their vigilance grants them +30 war support. The most prominent attribute of the Hittites is the lust for war; this drives them forth and helps them in their power against their enemies. It adds +1 combat to their units, and +20 food, industry, money, and technology to a city. However, this culture is in the B tier due to its mediocre characteristics that do not aid a player in building empires. The emblem Awari only awards +3 monet and +20 health units to a territory, no science food, or industry is granted to the culture. Moreover, It is an average culture and ruins a player’s gameplayer to a typical amount.


The Italians belong to the aesthete ethnicity and their gameplay orientation revolves around diplomacy. Grace and Blitz are their main sources of power through which they maintain their stability and growth. As a player moves along, they get accustomed to other traits of Italians as well, that includes Virtuosos which enhances 10% stability, +1 influence, and decreases the cost of the industry by 50%. The emblem of Italians is the Teatro which adds +1 influence and +5 stability and includes them in the B tier due to lack of money, research, and efficiency. 


Let’s go back to the medieval era and scour through the scientific culture of the Umayyads who focused on research and science. They used all their collective mind and resources to build laboratories. Their affinity action turned industries into science i.e. cities form food a science. The main trait of the Umayyads is the addition of 5% science for each alliance formed with a city. The emblem of Umayyads is the Grand mosque which preserves research and adds +3 science, and also +5 faith but reduces the stability of the city by 10, hence adding Ummayads to the B tier of the Humankind Cultures Tier List 2023. 


Phoenicians belong to the ancient era and serve the merchant culture of the game whose main focus is on money and trade. Besides their main focus, Their affinity revolves around power investing and mediation which involves using influence to generate money. The main trait of the Phoenicians is the trading pioneers that involve additional +2 money and +1 combat strength and also +1 naval movement. The emblem Haven allows the player to utilize +2 money and reserve 2 slots for farmers and traders. It is in the B tier because it reduces the stability of the city. 


The British are from the industrial era and are the expansionists of the Humankind game. They refrain from wars and use their reserves for building industries and cities. Under one banner Ambition helps amplify their focus and their main trait is colonial riches. colonial riches allow a player to gain +10 money and science for their territory which enhances his chances of growth and construction. While the colonial office helps them build by increasing their wages by 10%. They are in the B tier because not only their attributes are enhanced but also their money and other attributes are increased as well. This increment would benefit their constructions as an expansion tactic. 


The Militaristric culture belongs to the Ancient era and serves the game by waging wars. Their military armed forces help in their growth in population and stability. As Hittites were militarists in B tier likewise Mycenaens use Iron reserves for their ammunition. It is also used for the upgradation of their military. Brutal upbringing is the distinguished trait of Mycenaeans and they decrease their industry cost by 20% through it. It also enhances their experience in fighting by 25%. Cyclopean fortress grants +20 district fortress for increasing defenses and +5 stability and +2 combat strength. 

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Celts belong to the agrarian culture and show focus on the growth of population and empire reserves. their affinity action is focused on Greener Pastures that attract a +1 population from adjacent territories and community enhancing their stability. Their main trait is the Lore which enhances their food production by 2 and also enhances their population growth and attracts people from nearby areas. The Nemeton is their emblem. This emblem grants them +3 food, and also +3 faith but reduces their stability by adding celts to the average tier of the article.

C Tier

humankind cultures tier list
C Tier

Fourthly, The C tier ranks the bad cultures that ruin the player’s gameplay and makes them regret choosing this culture. They have inferior traits and low-quality powerups.


Let’s start our C tier with the Nubians who belong to the ancient era and are the merchants of human cultures. Their gameplay is oriented around money and trade. power investing and mediation is the main motive through which they generate money and utilize influence. Nubian’s main trait is the Golden dreams. It is a money-awarding trait taht awards +5 money to luxurious and strategic resources for trading purposes. The main drawback of the Nubians that lodges them in the C tier is that a player can only gain money through this culture. and not gain science, industry, or stability. However, Meroe Pyramids award +2 industry, +2 money, and +1 slot for traders. 


The Teutons belong to the expansionist culture and medieval era and expand their empire to refrain from wars. One banner and ambition help them to carry out their motives and complete their needs by taking over various territories by force. Spurred by faith is their main attribute that adds +1 money and +1 science to their state religion follower. This adds religion to their culture and also improves their, population growth. Also, Kaiserdom adds +1 faith +3 influence and also reduces stability by 10%. Teutons are in the c their because their main focus is on their religion and they pay no heed to industry science or money. The cause of this is that it reduces their chance of stability and growth. 


The Persians belong to the builder culture and Industrial era of the Humankind Cultures Tier List. Their main motive is to orient the gameplay around building techniques. Land raiser and Pride aids in this situation and helps convert the city into industrial mode and form food. Persian’s main trait is Mighty works which reduce the cost of shared projects and construction by 25%. The reduction helps in conserving the reserves and increasing the production of industries. The emblem of Persians is the caravanserai which has +1 money, +5 industry, and reduces 10% stability, and puts Persians in the c tier.


From the early modern era, the Haudenosaunee are here with their agrarian cultures and more building skills. they build their empires and focused mainly on population growth. Greener pasters are their affinity skills and community is their bonus for their stability. Besides, Their main characteristic is land of plenty that awards them with only +1 food for utilization which is not enough and adds them to the C tier. Three sisters’ Plantation emblem grants them +5 food and +1 farmer and reduces their stability. Also, it is an unstable culture with few reserves for food, industry, and science. 

D Tier

worst cultures ranked
D Tier

Lastly, we have the D tier with abysmal cultures and poor traits, they have nothing that stands out and could amplify a player’s gaming session.


The Assyrians are the expansionist of the Humankind Best Culture Tier List and they expanded their empire by taking over nearby territories. Under one banner move helps them overtake territories and also ambition bonus helps trespass various closed borders of countries. They take over without waging wars. They are the raid masters and this helps them have +1 land movement speed and +5 combat sped. Dunnu emblem grants them +3 influence, +20 district fortification, and +2 combat strength. They have high strength but no food or industries to accommodate their population and hence are in the D tier. 

Edo Japanese

Lastly, we have the Edo Japanese that is the aesthete and diplomats of the lot. Their main trait is Shogun’s authority which grants them +1 influence to enhance their population but it doesn’t have a great effect on them. Additionally, their emblematic district is tera which awards them +3 faith, and +2 influence but takes away 10% stability to add the Edo Japanese to the D tier. 


Conclusively, we can say that the Humankind Cultures Tier List is the ranking of the top cultures of the game. Each culture has its significance and trait which aids a player’s preferences and gameplay. we have ranked the cultures based on their traits, emblematic traits, and affinity.

The topmost cultures are enlisted in the S tier while the worst cultures are in the D tier. Still, a player should play with all the cultures to get an insight into a great gaming experience.