CIV 6 Tier List [Mar. 2023]

Not All Nations In CIV 6 Are Made Equal, And We Are Going To Rank Them All In Our Article.

Welcome back to another tier list on your favorite gaming franchise and this time we will make a tier list for Civilization VI. You must have seen it across your screen once or twice. If you are a beginner in this niche, this game is your refuge as it is an exceptional creation that can aid in strengthening your game-playing strategies. Civ 6 tier list includes a ranking of its leaders and their related abilities.

Hold on tight, my dearies; civ 6 is a ride through various civilizations of the world and different countries. It is available on iOS, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, and android devices. This game doesn’t let a person get bored or remain in a single rut. A player receives sequential updates on their devices that overwhelm them.

Please note that this article is based on our research and interests. It depends on how we perceive and reflect on every piece of information in our article. Although it is open to all variations, you are welcome to have your own opinions.

Key Points

  • There is a total of 18 entries in this article.
  • The ranking is based on the resources and development of the civilization.
  • Among the best-ranked civilizations are Japan, Portugal, and America.
  • Among the worst-ranked civilizations are Vietnam and Indonesia.


S TierA TierB TierC TierD Tier

About Civ 6

Civ 6 or Civilization VI is a part of civilization series of video games that have introduced new games on the face of the whole family and helped them conquer each civilization based on their tactics, strategies, and set of moves they present in front of a player.

A player gets to develop civilizations to achieve world power. The game creators introduced many new Civilizations, countries, and capitals in this version.

It is a technology tree-based game that introduces nearby terrains and many artificial intelligence mechanics in dead opponents. A player gets to end gravel various tactics and facilities for himself and his peers. It is a game that allows a player to broaden his world aspect and gain first-hand insight into each civilization.


Civilization 6 is not your ordinary game; it is a turn-based strategy video game that allows a player to form a tribe across the whole planet. It is divided into several development periods and has different victory conditions through which a player receives strategies and developments. The main gameplay is off 4X elements: explore, expand, exploit and exterminate.

A player who follows the 4X strategy will gain great success in the game. A player can also introduce districts and military camps inside his game. The best players of the game have unlocked unlimited strategies and agendas.


The game creators are always adding content to their games to increase their outcomes and invite more gamers to their communities. The additions include rise and fall, gathering storm, red death, and a new frontier.

They all have added characteristics and abilities that allow a person to indulge in various skills. Each expansion has its perks and skills; this helps a player adopt a new form of strategy.

Before jumping into our CIV IV Tier List, you might want to look at the previous installment of the game and see how the civilizations were ranked in our Civ 5 Tier List.

 S Tier

best civilization ranked
S Tier

An S tier here is supreme and superb with exceptionally great civilizations. It is an exclusive part of our Civ 6 tier list. They have one-of-a-kind characteristics and abilities that make them stand out. They ate a player in forming a completely developed society with good resources for food science and culture. This tier has the game’s main world powers and makes it easier for a player to make his name inside the Galaxy.

These civilizations have a high start, bonuses, and abilities. Their main ability grants them such bonuses that a player can’t alter with it. They have high numbers and qualities that could make a civilization strive more.


Stats Values
Leader Hojo Tokimune

Tokugawa Tokugawa

Unit Samurai
Infrastructure Electronics Factory

Who hasn’t heard of Japan and its up-to-date culture and civilization? It is a civilization that has affected many people through its unique strategies and facilities. This game signifies the importance of Japanese people in their cities and their abilities to maximize their district.

The most prominent feature of the Japanese civilization is that they quickly adapt to new changes in their surroundings. They don’t allow a player to alter his gameplay a lot. He just has to choose a selected point in his game, and then his way is smooth as he moves along the way.

Due to his Meiji restoration ability, it is included in an S tier of our Civ 6 tier list. The first question is, what is this ability and what does this do? It is a defining ability of Japan, and it constructs its agility and flexibility in the uprising world.

When a beginner tries to adjust to this civilization, he has zero interest in this restoration ability. He likes to play neat and cool, unlike the pro gamers.

It is a kind of civilization where a person gets to encounter scientific discoveries and samurais. He is not left behind as this is the most progressed and developed civilization.

Japan has a holy site, campus, theater square, industrial zone, harbor, and other districts, including the Japanese Government Plaza. A player can gain a lot of bonuses from these sites and increase his chances of winning inside the game.


Stats Values
Leader João III
Unit Nau
Infrastructure Navigation School

Portuguese people just love. They have an amazing culture and civilization with the most basic and beautiful infrastructure. They have unique buildings and notable trade routes that help them increase their trading abilities.

It’s amazing how they can grant a 50% bonus through the harbor. If a civilization knows how to use its trade routes and the coastal areas, then that civilization is named to progress in several ways. It’s not all about work and no play. Culture has to show some strategies and tactics that display courageous abilities.

It is included in an s tier due to its Casa de India. So as a gamer might know, he requires access to maritime access inside his game to get access to the coastal areas. Can I functions might also be useful, but basic trade routes are situated around the coastal areas, and it helps him gain the upper hand inside the world, including it in our Civ 6 tier list gathering storm.

Casa de India Sorts routes and bases them on a specific civilization district. It is a gathering storm expansion that allows players to gain various factors. A 50% bonus is a must and not just in the form of gold. Stacking is a game that can give the most powerful power to this trade routing ability.


Stats Values
Leader Teddy Roosevelt (Bull Moose)

Teddy Roosevelt (Rough Rider)

Abraham Lincoln

Unit P-51 Mustang
Infrastructure Film Studio

America is a civilization at the moment. It’s with the world under its hand and its reign over the whole horses of every part of the world. It has succeeded in reserving its spot in an S tier without even trying to work hard. Its amazing ability and legacy bonuses aid a player in achieving his aim during his reign. so

Teddy Roosevelt was the efficient leader of this civilization and turned the face of his world. Founding fathers is its ability. It has a different sort of version.

When it was seen in rising fall and gathering storm, it changed its face and came as a mutated version. This inclusion makes it a part of our Civ 6 tier list gathering storm. Its vanilla version allows a player to build monuments and sculptures.

It is an ultimate quality in civilization as it allows a player to benefit from the governmental legacy. A player gains a hefty investment in his name, which helps him earn a great amount of expression inside the civilization.


Stats Values
Leader John Curtin
Unit Digger
Infrastructure Outback Station

If you see green and yellow inside your game, don’t check your spectacles again; it’s just Australian people roaming around inside the civilization 6 games. They have ultimate forms of uniqueness in their abilities and aid a player in building such infrastructure that a simple sort of dynamic Bomb cannot bring it down.

Understand thus trillion civilizations ability is of land down under. It adds a housing technique to the coastal cities and triggers a culture bomb for pastures. These cultural bombs allow them to increase the yield and help the food outcome of the whole civilization.

You can add three houses through this skill. I mean, what more do you want? It is the basic need of culture and adds it to an S tier of our Civ 6 tier list 2022. Along with the addition of houses, food growth is also increasing exponentially.

John Curtin has worked very hard to remain on guard for his civilization. His basic agenda is perpetually on guard, and it helps him liberate the captured cities. It has allowed many occupied and oppressed cities to remain on top and have freedom.

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A Tier

second best civilization ranked
A Tier

An A tier is a tier that has exceptionally great civilization. They have a little drawback that saves them from Residing under an S tier of our Civ 6 tier list. It is a tier with the characteristics that aid a player in forming a civilization that might strive, and the chances of it are quite high. But when it displays its drawbacks, a player gets slightly disappointed. But other than that, they have exceptional qualities and high bonuses.

This tier regard civilization that a gamer can use to have good science, culture, and farm resources.


Stats Values
Leader Peter
Unit Cossack
Infrastructure Lavra

Russia is a civilization, and everyone is familiar with it. It has struck the world with his brutality many times. People are mostly afraid of society. But in this game, it has reached the topmost tier with its unraveling abilities and the leadership of Peter. It is a territory where a player gets to involve a lot of formidable opponents in his arena and allows him to remain well equipped during a game.

One of the most exhilarating experiences a player encounters is the extra faith and production of tundra tiles. In the end, our tiles are yielding off a city; with this, a player can use it as a resource. Even though it is not supported in forms, it helps build lovers and grow fertile farms.

Civilization is nothing without food; its sources for society are without food and its origins are for its people. As we discussed earlier, in an S tier, Canada is a better part of the civilization that loves tundra. This superiority is Due to Wilfred Laurier’s ability. Allows Somebody a culture to progress in ways a player can’t be alone.

A unique agenda that Russian leader Peter could have introduced was westernized. It allowed him to show gratitude towards science and culture, and It is helpful if a civilization has some drawbacks in its science and artistic techniques. The grand embassy is his main ability to gain trade routes through science and culture. Is it quite uptight right?


Stats Values
Leader Pericles

Gorgo Gorgo

Unit Hoplite
Infrastructure Acropolis

The Greeks are a civilization that has been divided into Pericles and cargo. Even symbol is a division between white and blue, and red blue. Each side is represented by its different rulers, and each ruler granted them different agendas and tactics. These tactics allow a player to have an evolved gameplay that turns tables inside a game.

Greece’s ability is extremely versatile and hides a player in Plato’s Republic. It is a mass of culture that is gained through peace. It is an amalgam of Pericles and gargos leadership abilities. Through their combined effect, a player can gain Exhilarating filled gameplay.

It is included in an A tier of our Civ 6 tier list because of the wildcard policy that aids players and leaders alike. However, they have a dispute between diplomatic and military policy. But they work through their differences. A player can also win culture slaughtering and spiking blood. Be more brutal, gain more fights.


Stats Values
Leader Cleopatra (Egyptian)

Cleopatra (Ptolemaic)

Ramses II

Unit Maryannu Chariot Archer
Infrastructure Sphinx

 Egypt is your place if you long for history and historical infrastructure. Each building and monument Signifies its only importance and distinguishes it from other civilizations. Who is familiar with the sphinx of Egypt? It is a unique tile in this civilization.

The most prominent ability of this realization is iteru. It has a power that allows players to build great and gigantic wanders in different districts. Up there cannot increase production and build his foundation next to flowing water. The river is a sign of purity, and the civilization next to it is named to flourish.

It is included in an A tier because its strategies are difficult to predict and process. A player has always been guessing what will happen next in his game. he sets out his weapons but does not know how to use them. A player can boost his production through the main ability. But the main distinct plan is quite vague.


Stats Values
Leader Cyrus

Nader Shah

Unit Immortal
Infrastructure Pairidaeza

Persia or otherwise known as Iran is a historical region of thorough. It is filled with legends and storylines that date back to the start of the world. The symbol of this civilization is a light purple background with a red maroonish burn top. A player has great tactics that he can use to gain and form a culture in this area.

The world of the Persia era is divided into three sorts of games: early, mid and late. Each has its itinerary and straightforwardness. A player gets lost in their various statistical powers. They’re just there to mesmerize a player. But when a player encounters his prominent ability, he leaves a mark behind.

The main ability, satrapi’s, is included in an A tier of our Civ 6 tier list. Among other things, it helps a player discover political philosophy. Iran is an area that belongs to the oldest of times and has information that brings a person abilities, including gold and culture. He could gain access and build roads in the Persian territories.

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B tier

average civilization
B Tier

A B-tier has civilizations that are mediocre and ordinary. They have zero extraordinary resources and are good for a beginner. A beginner requires sophistication with no special complex rules necessary. And the execution for a beginner is difficult. As he progresses, he moves on towards the top tiers. So these tier characteristics allow it to remain ordinary and simple.

It has a lot of drawbacks, but it allows a player to have a gentle hand in his civilization. He can build up his whole empire around simple resources that are easy to get accustomed to for a player. These resources and bonuses include science culture and holy cities in New York are amounts. They don’t grant a lot of combat strengths.


Stats Values
Leader Seondeok


Unit Hwacha
Infrastructure Seowon

The world of Korea is a progressing and leading civilization of the world as a whole. It has been a gaming success in engineering and mechanics, but it has also recently embarked on a television journey. In this game, Korea is there presented by the rise and fall. It has a red and light blue-themed black that allows players to have a colorful aspect of this civilization.

The current civilization is not only about work, work, and work. It loosens up a bit and allows the introduction of the computer world to hear. Larry can use three kingdoms’ ability. It is not an ordinary minor ability; it increases size and food, another unique characteristic of a player.

It is included in a B tier of our Civ 6 tier list due to some mediocre characteristic that doesn’t allow a player to excel during his gameplay. If the abilities and the whole civilization don’t boost up a player’s work, he can never exceed his expectations. In three kingdoms, the player’s only way is to receive 1 resource of food and minds. This ability is quite low compared to other top-tier Civilizations they offered.


Stats Values
Leader Lady Six Sky
Unit Hul’che
Infrastructure Observatory

Maya distributes the serenity and new city of the sea and water. It is also led by lady 6 sky, which turns its flag color to light blue and teal. They are peaceful and embark on a calm and quiet nature on our inner souls. It is a civilization that follows in the footstep of lady 6 skies. She is a woman who prefers solidarity and aims to gain a great source of production through her amenities.

The cities have money and functional changes that a player can bring to civilization. It allows a player to gain amenities for each luxury resource he situates next to the city center. Farms, housing, and production are also added to an observatory. An observatory was a must for the Mayans because it helped them gaze into the sky and ravish its beautiful inner things.

It is included in a B tier Civ 6 tier list 2022 because the player cannot form housings next to fresh water or rivers. Another civilization granted this bonus, but unlike that, it does not allow accommodation on the coastline.


Stats Values
Leader Mansa Musa

Sundiata Keita

Unit Mandekalu Cavalry
Infrastructure Suguba

Maya is a sort of civilization that is led by lady 6 sky. Ladies, guys, she is not an ordinary lady; she has basic hand ultimate powers. She was a queen, reigned over military campaigns, and had great energy during her time. He is not an Orthodox-thinking woman. She thinks outside the box, which has led to her implantation and gaining crash water sources.

The main ability is the songs of Jelly that center the city centers and adds to food and faiths distributing skills. A player receives unlimited sort of additional updates. He is faithful, and increasing gold from the minds helps to increase production. Intern production is quite useful for the building of civilization.

It is included in a B tier of our Civ 6 tier list because Even though it can grow extremely fast in the desert, the mines produce less gold, leading to poor and broken civilizations. It is a type of civilization you adopt at the start of the super game as good production output cities are better in the stars to make up your whole civilization.


Stats Values
Leader Philip II
Unit Conquistador
Infrastructure Mission

Spain is a place where people speak Espanol. This city and its diversity range from person to person. It has an unlimited source of resources for its civilians. Philly leads it, and the default colors of it are red background and yellow The story of the bull end Spain goes way back due to the competition of Pamplona.

Where people are running in front of bulls in an 815-meter marathon, their main aim is to stray from the path of the bold without getting damaged. This aim is the most exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping experience a person can ever imagine.

Civilization uses dryer fleets to locate its naval unit. This ability embarks on the enhancement of boldness, faith, and production. This ability is done through trade routes and some intercontinental routes that are difficult to locate.

It is included in a B tier of our Civ 6 tier list because of its ordinary abilities that are not extraordinary and cannot be competed with the top most years. They include mercantilism. This mercantilism allows players to gain different resources such as gold faith and production. As well has it also triples these numbers. But a player cannot achieve the capital continent, which is a major drawback.

C Tier

CIV 6 tier list
C Tier

A C tier is a sort of tier that has potentially worse civilizations. They are the type of civilizations that have a lot of bad aspects and perspectives to them. A player usually strays away from them when he has to choose between a C or a D tier of our Civ 6 tier list.

He opts for a C tier because they have a few benefits that could aid a player in surrounding himself with a civilization that helps him gain repute in the world. He might not be able to become a world power with this civilization, but he might be able to stand up and learn the basics.

They might stray a player in the bad aspect as they have a lot of drawbacks. They might only take in regard a single resource out of the bonuses. This lack of rewards is a huge drawback as a player does not get accustomed to other resources and has to start anew when he encounters them.


Stats Values
Leader Pachacuti
Unit Warak’aq
Infrastructure Terrace Farm

Inca is a civilization that has its customs and traditions. It follows a ritual and Has stayed in this game for many a version. A player receives great intrigue with this civilization until he doesn’t. You might be wondering what that means. Typically, it’s the abilities and various statistics that state this. It represents the Gathering storm and follows yellow and brown hues.

Its special ability is mit’a which allows all civilians to work on mountains and their related tiles. This special ability is quite helpful for a player as it helps him gain food resources and production in almost some areas. The especially industrial era was there maximum produced error.

The districts of this civilization include theater squares, industrial zones, and commercial hubs. Machu Picchu is a district that is prominent among others.

It is included in a C tier due to its main incentive of building much Picchu. It may seem that a higher and blended idea made them wait for this district. Due to this district, the Inca people have to fight for their chances of gaining space in camps and holy sites.

They are in a huge shortage of tariff forms and preserves. A player has to see a loss in production and population growth. They would have been much better if they had avoided the Machu Picchu district. Its drawbacks include it in Civ 6 tier list potato.


Stats Values
Leader Wilhelmina
Unit De Zeven Provinciën
Infrastructure Polder

The Dutch are civil and chaotic people all at once, and Their civilization is a combination of versatility and diversity all around. A player has a perfect blend obtained from the naval empire and the land civilization. He gains the abilities that help him deteriorate his incoming chances of survival.

This civilization uses Grote Rivieren as its major extraction of bonuses from campuses. It allows a player to extract adjacency bonuses from the connecting districts that aid it in production and farming abilities.

Disability will enable them to gain rewards regarding adjacent areas. These areas include the theater square campus, industrial zones, harbors, etc. Dutch can also build a culture bomb by claiming tiles around the port.

It is included in a C tier due to its abysmal qualities that make a downtrodden and cursed. A player usually forgets a prominent game rule while dealing with the touch. They accidentally put a riverless city beside a huge lake. It does not allow them to use any bonuses because they cannot access the lake without the lack of tributaries. This civilization is a huge drawback as society is of no use without rewards.


Stats Values
Leader Montezuma
Unit Eagle Warrior
Infrastructure Tlachtli

Aztec isn’t an old civilization that was very cursed and had to face a lot of restrictions and obstructions in the way of success. In this game, this civilization was available only for 90 days. After this, it vanished, and no player had any access to it.

It was the sort of civilization that asked your player to remain offensive throughout his gameplay. He had to show many different approaches to gain the upper hand on cultures.

Legend of five sons is the main ability that allows the user to speed up the constructions and complete them swiftly. Due to its drawback of being of all times, it lacks many amenities and luxury resources. It may gain resources by taking over other countries, but at the start, the player has to work hard to show his efforts in obtaining sources.

It is included in a C tier of our Civ 6 tier list due to its drawback of being underdeveloped. If a civilization remains underdeveloped, it will never be able to stand in front of the whole world as the Conqueror.

They have the Colosseum, but the Aztecs could have forcefully taken it, and they would have been able to save up their resources for other purposes. But they wasted it and made their whole civilization more laid back.


Stats Values
Leader Basil II


Unit Dromon
Infrastructure Hippodrome

If you see purple and light yellow on your screens, you are probably under the reign of Basel 2. He reigns over Byzantium. He has been able to succeed in taking over many parts. This specific version of civilization was only available in the Byzantium and Gaul packs.

Taxis is the main ability that this civilization displays inside again. It supplies combatant religious stents through this holy city. It is a spiritual civilization with the main incentive of protecting its sacred areas and belief, and They have low offensive and defensive qualities.

A player has to make a lot of effort to make his name. Otherwise, all their abilities and bonuses revolve around strengthening their religion. Some of their abilities include adding great profit points to their holy cities and sites.

It is included in a C tier of our Civ 6 tier list 2022 because civilization is more than just its religion. It requires other resources to strengthen its state and be a developed area. And even if you fail their founding religion, you fail civilization.

You won’t be able to put your feet down and succeed inside the game. Crusade is a gameplay that is extremely beneficial inside this civilization. It gives them 10% combat strength nearer a foreign city with the same religion. Other than this, they are useless.

D Tier

worst civilization tier list
D Tier

A D tier is a tier of our Civ 6 tier list with an abysmal sort of civilization. They do not benefit a player at all. A player has to suffer a lot why with this civilization. Because his game doesn’t move anywhere, it starts and stops almost immediately.

Some of these civilizations have ways a player cannot use the resources. He comes to a stop and does not know where else he has to go. His society, in this way, is cursed.


Stats Values
Leader Bà Triệu
Unit Voi Chiến
Infrastructure Thành

A convulsed purple turtle can only mean that you are under Vietnamese civilization. It is a sort of civilization with almost no features that a player could use. he has to suffer in his districts, bonuses, and specialties.

Its special ability is the nine dragon river delta which allows him to have a strict parameter around his rainforest marsh and what tiles. This way, they have a low amount of area for their bonuses, including science production and culture. A player does not find any sort of plus point when he is building this civilization.

It is included in a D tier of our Civ 6 tier 2022 because each sort of yield or building a player built is on removable features. He has to remove them once in a while. It is a civilization that requires a massive power spike during the medieval era. Hence they do not require a great strengthening of production in science. On the whole, it is an abysmal civilization that does not benefit a player.


Stats Values
Leader Gitarja
Unit Jong
Infrastructure Kampung

Bright green sun on a maroonish background is the world of Indonesia. This society was available only for a short period. And it was in a special pack and had to be bought. But it is not worth it because of its drawbacks and poor abilities that do not add to a player in many ways.

The major ability it grants is great Nusantara, which is the ability that regards the coastal and water bodies of the game. It provides a small adjacency bonus to holy sides, industrial zones, and cheater squares. A little amenity is also granted, but other than this; it is useless.

It has a unique jong unit with ranged tags and low starts as a ranged unit is of less use. It is included in your D tier of our Civ 6 tier list because its ability does not grant combat strength or farming resources. However, civilization is supposed to grow food resources without landforms. It is a dropback that it has no culture or science campuses. It doesn’t even have a religious statement.


CIV VI Tier List
Tier image

A tier image is a necessary part of a tier list. It allows a player to gain a factual illustration of every Civilization inserted into your list. A player can glance at this clear image and gain the Inside of the whole article. He doesn’t have to pay much heat to it and can get this gist through a tier image.

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When a reader enters our website, he wonders what is so good about this article that I should trust it and put my whole belief in it. He must affirm his belief that we put great measures into publishing a single piece. We have export gamers, writers, and editors who work together to create a compilation of perfection.

This article goes through different stages of systems that include analysis, speculation, data, writing, and editing. The editor supervises each step, retakes every fact, and passes it for publishing. Our tier list demands attention as we convey the best form of information found over the whole Internet.

Comparison Table

JapanSHojo Tokimune
Tokugawa Tokugawa
SamuraiElectronics Factory
PortugalSJoão IIINauNavigation School
AmericaSTeddy Roosevelt (Bull Moose)
Teddy Roosevelt (Rough Rider)

Abraham Lincoln
P-51 MustangFilm Studio
AustraliaSJohn CurtinDiggerOutback Station
Gorgo Gorgo
EgyptACleopatra (Egyptian)
Cleopatra (Ptolemaic)

Ramses II
Maryannu Chariot ArcherSphinx
Nader Shah
MayaBLady Six SkyHul’cheObservatory
MaliBMansa Musa
Sundiata Keita
Mandekalu CavalrySuguba
SpainBPhilip IIConquistadorMission
IncaCPachacutiWarak’aqTerrace Farm
DutchCWilhelminaDe Zeven ProvinciënPolder
AztecCMontezumaEagle WarriorTlachtli
ByzantiumCBasil II
VietnamDBà TriệuVoi ChiếnThành

Patch Notes 16 Feb 2023

  • Leader pass continued with Sahara Pack.
  • Each pass has new leaders with great abilities.
  • The leaders represent themselves at different stages through the historic journey.

Summing It Up

Our Civ 6 tier list is a compilation of civilizations and their leaders in the Civ 6 game. It has displayed a factual representation of the culture scattered inside the game, and A player gains inside into the civilization’s resources, bonuses, and district. Each society has its ability and tactic that it presents to the world.

A tier list provides a basis for compiling civilizations. It helps gamer open their inner eye and evaluate their experience building empires. This tier list is comprised of five tiers. They are S, A, B, C, and D tiers. They all have unique characteristics that stun a player. S tier has top movies with high-quality civilizations and leaders and gives a player great resources.

A tier has potentially great civilizations, but they sometimes lack quality or have a drawback that puts them down. Next are lower and mediocre tiers. B tier has tolerable societies that are good for those who work on every empire; c tier resides those that may or may not be good for a player. Lastly, this tier list is concluded with a D tier with abysmal civilizations.

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