Apex Character Tier List: Best Characters Ranked

Let's rank all of the legends in the game according to their unique abilities.

When it comes to picking up legends, then it is a highly complex task. There are some extremely well-performing characters, but on the other, there are some useless ones in the character pool as well. Due to this, it is hard to spot which characters to opt for. I have prepared the Apex Character Tier List for that dilemma so you are sure which characters are the best ones to pick.

Like most ranking lists, ours is going to be a subjective one. You may not agree with the placements made here but be sure to know that these placements are based on certain criteria. That criteria ranged from the character’s pick rate and win rate as well to what the current meta demands of players. As for the difficulty, that is going to be assessed with respect to the average player.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 22 characters in the tier list.
  • We will rank all the characters according to their abilities, skills, and stats.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find characters like Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Bloodhound, and Wraith.
  • Among the lowest tiers, you will observe characters like Revenant, Mirage, Wattson, and Lifeline.


We will rank all the characters in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

S Tier

Apex character tier list
S Rank.

We will rank the best of the best in the S rank of our Apex Legends Character Tier list. The characters here are undeniably the best to opt for in the current meta. They do come in different roles, so there is a lot to choose from. However, their difficulty levels are also quite diverse, making them the ideal option for winning games. These characters are listed as follows.


Bloodhound is the best legend in the S rank if you want to control the battleground. This fantastic character possesses all the abilities that a player is looking for, and for that reason, the vast majority consider them as the principal character. They act like a CCTV camera because their surveillance skills are way too strong, and can detect enemies who are even trying to hide in the rarest areas.

Their tracker (passive) ability allows them to track the marks of the enemies they leave. So they prove to be a strong member of any team as the whole squad can find their foes easily with their abilities. Additionally, the Eye of the Allfather is another tactical skill that allows them to find the opponents hiding behind opaque objects such as walls. However, there is a limit to using the skill, which is that the enemies must not be too far away from you. Correspondingly, their ultimate skill, “beast of the hunt,” allows you to move at a very high speed, so the ability adds more power to the legend’s tactical skill.

Tactical Ability Eye of the Allfather
Passive Ability Tracker
Ultimate Ability Beast of the Hunt


The all-rounder Gibraltar is a tank-based character with great offensive and defensive skills allowing him to be one of the most sustainable characters on our list. He offers great utility for protecting his allies as well as giving them the upper edge in battle.  His unique abilities allow him to reduce opponents’ speed, so the whole squad can easily attack and kill their enemies. The character’s outstanding gun shield ability protects him from other attacks while aiming at foes.

Tactical Ability Dome of Protection
Passive Ability Gun Shield
Ultimate Ability Defensive Bombardment


Valkyrie took a little time to climb this high in the Apex ranks, but after a while, her over-the-top abilities made it possible to rank her in the list. The lady legend is a perfect choice for winning a battle. VTOL jets, missile swarms, and skyward dives are some of the extraordinary powers that allow her to use a jetpack and make her skydive. Her mobility is key for navigating around fights and allows you to always have the higher ground in fights.

Tactical Ability Missile Swarm
Passive Ability VTOL Jets
Ultimate Ability Skyward Dive


Don’t get confused if you hear the name Renee Blassey because people often refer to Wraith as such. She is an interdimensional skirmisher who can fight at an amazing speed in any battle and is a great support system for her squad as she can detect incoming attacks. Furthermore, she is one of the most renowned legends in the Apex Legends universe and acts as a danger alarm for her team as she can hear a special kind of sound when the enemies attack her, possibly because of voices from the voidability.

Other skills include into the void and dimensional rift, with the help of which the great lady can dodge considerable damage, go into spacetime, and take the enemy by surprise by appearing in the middle of fights.

Tactical Ability Into the Void
Passive Ability Voices from the Void
Ultimate Ability Dimensional Rift

A Tier

best legends.
A Rank.

Now, talking about the A tier, it is the category where we usually include things with the best performance. They aren’t the ideal choice, but they still offer great utility in battles. They aren’t as good as the S tiers, but they are definitely not the ones to be ignored. These legends can potentially annihilate the S-tier characters’ squad in the hands of slightly well-versed players. 

I will suggest you pay attention to the characters I will rank on the current rank, as these are one of the best-performing legends you can find in the game. The minor problems do not matter at all. Remain focused, select them, understand their skills & abilities, and you are good to go.


Octane is not one for team fights, but individually a very good one for different moves and aggressive plays. This A-tier legend can reflexively fill his health with the passing of time. Not only that, but he can launch his squad into the air. Isn’t it interesting? All of that is possible due to some exceptional abilities like Swift mend. Skim and launch the pad. So, why would I not place him in the current tier?

Tactical Ability Stim
Passive Ability Swift Mend
Ultimate Ability Launch Pad


Despite being a new character, Vantage made it to the A tier, and I am impressed with her performance. She has an amazing oppressive kit and can acquire useful information about her enemies. Spotter’s lens is the ability that makes her eyes work as a scope. Due to that reason, she can detect where her shots would go exactly. Furthermore, the sniper’s mark applies a great damage bonus to your squad.

Tactical Ability Echo Relocation
Passive Ability Spotter’s Lens
Ultimate Ability Sniper’s Mark


Catalyst is one of the newer additions to the Apex Legends family. She is a well-rounded legend that performs well in both offensive and defensive maneuvers. Her utility can be quite annoying to deal with as well. Her tactical ability allows you to throw a patch of ferrofluid that turns into spikes as soon as enemies come near it. Additionally, her ultimate allows her to place a wall of ferrofluid that slows and blind enemies that come into contact with it.

Tactical Ability Piercing Spikes
Passive Ability Barricade
Ultimate Ability Dark Veil


As opposed to many previously released Legends, Ash has a fairly diverse collection of skills that may be used for tracking, moving around, starting attacks, and causing trouble for foes. Her Ultimate skill is a powerful tool for quick and surprising team repositions, and her Passive skill gives her squad valuable information about enemy locations around the map. Like Bloodhound, she provides her squad with a wealth of opponent’s positional information, albeit Ash is more helpful before battles than during them. Although it can be challenging to use her powers successfully, she has a decent answer for each situation.

Tactical Ability Arc Snare
Passive Ability Marked for Death
Ultimate Ability Phase Breach

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If Bangalore is shot upon, then she can speed up her sprinting by 30% during that period. However, the promise is only valid for a limited and short time. The skill still works well, though, for fleeing battles or distracting nearby foes. Bangalore’s remarkable character can release a smoke canister into the air with great speed, creating a thick smoke wall. The wall virtually prevents your foes from seeing the other side, allowing you to set up a convincing ruse. You can also take advantage of the circumstance by slipping a few surprise attackers into the enemy’s ranks.

Tactical Ability Smoke Launcher
Passive Ability Double Time
Ultimate Ability Rolling Thunder

B Tier

good legends
B Rank.

After having an introduction to top-notch characters, I am now coming towards the more average characters. These are not the legends from which you can expect the perfect performance, but undoubtedly, they are decent characters to play with. Also, a player can have a lot of advantages by having them in the initial stages. So, without wasting more time, let us get into the B tier of the Apex Character tier list.


Although Newcastle has powerful skills that can undoubtedly save lives, each one also comes with some solid built-in vulnerabilities and counters. Newcastle’s defenses don’t have as strong of a foundation as Gibby’s Dome. In exchange for the greater mobility provided by his Ultimate, he forgoes defensive strength. He’s a good Legend to have but not the best.

Tactical Ability Mobile Shield
Passive Ability Retrieve the Wounded
Ultimate Ability Castle Wall


In the early game, Loba is a gem for getting your preferred weapon and some high-tier treasure because of her passive ability and incredibly fast ultimate charge rate. The legend’s passive ability, known as the Eye for quality, allows her to see the nearby loot through opaque objects. Therefore, he can easily detect all the stuff important for a battle. Furthermore, she can teleport to a rare place if you throw the jump drive bracelet. Not only that, but her ultimate black market boutique can make him teleport the nearby loot by connecting a portable device.

Tactical Ability Burglar’s Best Friend
Passive Ability Eye for Quality
Ultimate Ability Black Market Boutique


Horizon is still figuring out her place in the meta despite having been absent for a long time. She’s popular enough with the general public to merit a higher spot in the ranks, but that’s only because of her pick rate. She is a valuable squad member in the right circumstances. Still, players should exercise caution entering into a game without being familiar with their kit since their potential can be wasted. The spacewalk (passive) ability utilizes Horizon’s unique spacesuit to improve air control and lessen fall effects.

A key skill to keep in mind is her Gravity lift (tactical). It is another skill that lifts players and boosts them outward when they exit; reversing the direction of gravity with the custom spacesuit from Horizon can improve air control and lessen fall effects.

Tactical Ability Gravity Lift
Passive Ability Spacewalk
Ultimate Ability Black Hole


Earlier, when seer was a newcomer, then at that time, this legend was among the S-tier characters, but in season 13, he is average at best. He is a very good character and has some distinctive abilities, like hearing the heartbeats of his foes while aiming and shooting them. I find it so interesting, do you? Let me know in the comment box below. The ultimate cause is to detect the moving enemies who are either firing or aiming, which makes it easier for the whole squad to get attentive according to the situation.

Tactical Ability Focus of Attention
Passive Ability Heart Seeker
Ultimate Ability Exhibit


Another mid-tier hero who is a package of fun is none other than Fuse, notably with his passive ability to throw grenades like an NFL receiver. However, Fuse performs and acts according to the situation and is frequently not the ideal choice. Fuse’s ultimate is perfect for striking shifting squads off guard because it crowds adversaries into a ring of fire for easy pickings. His tactical attack uses a massive bomb that discharges airburst explosives continually as it hits.

Tactical Ability Knuckle Cluster
Passive Ability Grenadier
Ultimate Ability The Motherlode

C Tier

below average legends
C Rank.

Now, It is time to introduce you to the most subjective tier of our list. Anything that you will find in the category is neither too good nor too bad. It is just that the legends that I am going to place in this tier are not among the recommended legends. Do not ever include them in your priority list. However, depending on the situation, there are chances that sometimes these legends can benefit you and vice versa.


The prevalent opinion is that Crypto is a bothersome and rather pointless Apex legend to run across from the time it is there. We dislike those silly drones, which is still only partially accurate. Even though he receives virtually little play, he is nonetheless a respectable legend. Although his kit is handy if no one else is playing Bloodhound, it is not quite as effective as it could be. But still, he is a superb opponent for Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection defense. For these reasons, I consider him a below-average character.

Tactical Ability Surveillance Drone
Passive Ability Neurolink
Ultimate Ability Drone EMP


Mad Maggie, a C-tier character, makes an effort to become a speed devil-like Octane. She can use her wrecking ball to cause devastation and accelerate herself by moving quicker with shotguns than other Legends. Moreover, Termite-like flame attacks from her Riot Drill can also be utilized to pierce cover and force adversaries out from behind it. Maggie’s skill set was boosted in Season 14 when her Wrecking Ball was given the potent ability to smash Gibraltar’s Dome immediately upon contact.

That’s major news that could help shake up the Gibby-dominated ranked meta somewhat; however, bear in mind that he needs to utilize an Ult to negate Gibraltar’s Tactical, although her increased speed with shotguns can make her decent in close combat. As far as his skill set is concerned, it is not as good as it must be.

Tactical Ability Riot Drill
Passive Ability Warlord’s Ire
Ultimate Ability Wrecking Ball


Since the introduction of Apex, Pathfinder has likely experienced the most changes. Furthermore, only Octane can fully match the flexibility and speed that his grab offers, and your teammates can use his Zipline Gun ultimate to travel a great distance or ascend to high terrain quickly. His abilities include insider knowledge, grappling hook, and Zipline gun; passive, tactical, and ultimate. But the advantage of these skills is not too satisfying, making him a perfect C-tier Legend.

Tactical Ability Grappling Hook
Passive Ability Insider Knowledge
Ultimate Ability Zipline Gun


Caustic, the chemical warfare master, is next up in the Apex Legends character tiers. He is tricky if you don’t pay attention to him but is essentially only useful in a handful of situations. His tactical ability is that he can drop canisters that explode into gas when shot by or activated by enemies. His ultimate allows him to cover a large area in the same gas. The problem with Caustic is that he is only good for cutting off exits if you push a camping squad.

Tactical Ability Nox Gas Trap
Passive Ability Nox Vision
Ultimate Ability Nox Gas Grenade

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Revenant’s deadly Death Totem is the Revenant’s distinguishing talent. While laying it down, your whole squad will be temporarily safeguarded from death; instead of whizzing back to the Totem when you would typically be knocked out, they will rather return to it. It’s a tremendously potent tool that outshines Rev’s other, more underwhelming skills, including his situational silence ability and a passive that lets him climb higher and crouch-walk faster.

In essence, the squad as a whole receives a free push on an adversary through Revenant’s Death Totem. It becomes very difficult to counter when used with a repositioning tool like Octane’s Launch Pad. Revenant, however, is truly a one-trick pony without that combination. He doesn’t have a lot of useful tools in his toolkit if his Ult is taken away.

Tactical Ability Silence
Passive Ability Stalker
Ultimate Ability Death Totem

D Tier

worst legends
D Rank.

The last category of our Apex Character tier list 2023 is where you’ll find the worst characters in Apex Legends. Even if you summon any of the characters placed in the D tier, I am sure you will want to swap it as soon as possible because using these characters is more of a liability than a perk.


You can get some extra time to heal or reload without being attacked by using Mirage’s ability to become invisible. Furthermore,  Holograms can sometimes be employed to achieve the same objective in addition to perplexing the enemy’s ranks. While running to a secure location to heal or reload, leave the enemy perplexed. I can not find anything redeemable in the character, which is why I cannnot praise or recommend him to others.

Tactical Ability Psyche Out
Passive Ability Now You See Me…
Ultimate Ability Life of the Party


Another disappointing character whom I will put in the D rank place is Wattson. I am underwhelmed by her performance whenever I select her because even though her electric fences are really unique, it is an extremely useless skill in the current meta. The character only works if you like to camp out in houses and get lucky with the zones.

Tactical Ability Perimeter Security
Passive Ability Spark of Genius
Ultimate Ability Interception Pylon


Lifeline is a Legend many players look up to, and having her on the team can be very helpful. Her passive, while very useful, isn’t as powerful as it used to be, and she doesn’t have the tactics or ultimate abilities. In modern times she also faces many competitors in the reanimation arena. Unfortunately, she sometimes uses her toolbox to win battles. Still, she needs to be downgraded to D, her tier.

Tactical Ability D.O.C. Heal Drone
Passive Ability Combat Revive
Ultimate Ability Care Package

Comparison Table

Entry TierTactical AbilityPassive AbilityUltimate Ability
BloodhoundSEye of the AllfatherTrackerBeast of the Hunt
GilbraltarSDome of ProtectionGun ShieldDefensive Bombardment
BloodhoundSMissile SwarmVTOL JetsSkyward Dive
WraithSInto the VoidVoices from the VoidDimensional Rift
OctaneAStimSwift MendLaunch Pad
VantageAEcho RelocationSpotter’s LensSniper’s Mark
CatalystAPiercing SpikesBarricadeDark Veil
AshAArc SnareMarked for DeathPhase Breach
BangaloreASmoke LauncherDouble TimeRolling Thunder
NewcastleBMobile ShieldRetrieve the WoundedCastle Wall
LobaBBurglar’s Best FriendEye for QualityBlack Market Boutique
HorizonBGravity LiftSpacewalkBlack Hole
SeerBFocus of AttentionHeart SeekerExhibit
FuseBKnuckle ClusterGrenadierThe Motherlode
CryptoCSurveillance DroneNeurolinkDrone EMP
MaggieCRiot DrillWarlord’s IreWrecking Ball
CausticCNox Gas TrapNox VisionNox Gas Grenade
PathfinderCGrappling HookInsider KnowledgeZipline Gun
RevenantCSilenceStalkerDeath Totem
MirageDPsyche OutNow You See Me…Life of the Party
WattsonDPerimeter SecuritySpark of GeniusInterception Pylon
LifelineDD.O.C. Heal DroneCombat ReviveCare Package

Patch Notes – Arsenal

In the latest Arsenal update, the following changes were made to characters in the game.

Mirage: Class changed from Skirmisher to Support

Ash: Now gets slowed to weapon sprint speed instead of weapon walk speed when targeting with her tac


Finally, we have reached the end of our Apex Character tier list, and like all other articles of its type, it is highly subjective. You will probably have a lot to say about these placements, and we encourage you to make your voice heard in the comments below.

Apex Legends has been expanding quite rapidly, especially with its mobile release and there are new legends being introduced to the game fairly regularly. So while we stand by the current rankings in our article, know that they are subject to change as new patches and seasons change up the meta of the game.