Console Tier List: Best Consoles Ranked [2023]

In This Article, We Will Be Ranking Some Of The Best Consoles In Five Different Tiers.

A video game console is a computerized system for playing a variety of games. And in our Gaming Console Tier List, we will list and rank some of the best and worst systems of all time in the order of their performance and ability. Our article will contain two different types of hardware, Home Consoles that have to be connected to some sort of TV or monitor to operate, and Handheld Consoles that have their own in-built screens that are able to be used on the go.

So in this article, we are will go through the best consoles in which we will list and rank some of the gaming consoles by their performances and features. These consoles are not simply ranked by their prices, but also by their performances and visuals and how they fared in the market in terms of sales and critical acclaim.

Key Points

  • We will be going over all the mainstream consoles only.
  • Our list has a total of 30 entries.
  • Each console was ranked according to its sales, price, performance, and available software.
  • In the highest tiers, you can find the Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5,  Nintendo Switch, Sega Genesis, and the SNES.
  • The lowest ranks contain consoles like the Magnavox Odyssey, Vectrex, Atari Lynx, ColecoVision, and the Intellivision


Let’s list all the entries in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
• Xbox Series X
• PlayStation 5
• Nintendo Switch
• Xbox One S
• PlayStation 1
• Sega Genesis
• Atari 2600
• 3DO
• ColecoVision
• Nintendo Switch OLED
• PlayStation 4 Pro
• Nintendo 64
• PlayStation 3
• Xbox 360
• Dreamcast
• PlayStation 4 Slim
• PlayStation 2
• Nintendo Wii
• Atari 5200
• Atari 7800
• Megnavox Odyssey
• Vectrex
• Atari Lynx
• ColecoVision
• Intellivision
• SG 1000
• N-Gage
• Virtual Boy
• CD i
• Pippin

Learn more about each entry further on in the article.

S Tier

best gaming consoles

In the S-Tier gaming console list, we will list and rank games that come on the top rank and the most popular based on their performances and capabilities. It consists of some best consoles that were greatly appreciated by gaming critics. 

Console Released Type Manufacturer Units sold
Xbox Series X 2020 Home Microsoft 8 million
PlayStation 5 2020 Home Sony 10 million
Nintendo Switch 2017 Hybrid Nintendo 103.54 million
Xbox One S 2013 Home Microsoft 51 million
PlayStation 1 1994 Home Sony 102million
Sega Genesis 1988 Home Sega 31 million
SNES 1991 Home Nintendo 49.1 million
Atari 2600 1977 Home Atari 30 million
3DO 1993 Home Panasonic, Gold Star, Sanio. 2 million
ColecoVision 1982 Home Coleco 2 million
SNK Neo-GEO 1990 Home SNK 1.18 million

A Tier

good gaming consoles

In the A rank of the Gaming Console tier list, we will put the consoles we cannot place in the S rank due to minor differences in their characteristics. These consoles are not extraordinary but are good enough to invest in.

Console Released Type Manufacturer Units sold
Nintendo Switch OLED 2021 Hybrid Nintendo 103.54 million
PlayStation 4 Pro 2016 Home Sony 1.5 million
Nintendo 64 1996 Home Nintendo 30 million
PlayStation 3 2006 Home Sony 87.4 million
Xbox 360 2005 Home  Microsoft 84 million
Dreamcast 2001 Home Sega 9.13 million

B Tier

average gaming consoles

The gaming consoles placed in the B tier lack compatibility in one area or the other so could not be placed in the A rank. We can call them average consoles but still they have managed to be in the gaming market. Consoles in the B tier do not have extraordinary qualities in terms of performance or gaming experience of users but still are not a bad option to invest in.

Console Released Type Manufacturer Units sold
PlayStation 4 Slim 2016 home Sony 106 million
PlayStation 2 2000 Home Sony 157.6 million
Nintendo Wii 2006 home Nintendo 102 million
Atari 5200 1984 home Atari 1 million
Atari 7800 1986 home Atari Less than a million
Magnavox Odyssey 1972 home Sander associates


Less than a million
Vectrex 1982 home Smith Engineering Less than a million

C Tier

bad gaming consoles

Now comes the C rank of our Console Tier List 2023, in which we have placed gaming consoles that are not too proficient in this world of modern technologies and failed to impress the user much.  That does not mean they are bad but are just not the best-selling ones and lack in certain areas of technology.

Console Released Type Manufacturer Units sold
Atari Lynx 1989 Hybrid Atari 3 million
ColecoVision 1982 home Coleco 2 million
Intellivision 1984 home Mattel 3 million
SG 1000 1983 home Sega 1.5 million

D Tier

worst gaming consoles

In the D tier, we have put some gaming consoles which are least ranked as they lack compatibility in the modern advanced world for a variety of reasons whether it be a bad collection of games, uncomfortable gaming options, or lack of innovation, and thus have low market value and have incurred loss to the producer.

Console Released Type Manufacturer Units sold
N-Gage 2003 Handheld Nokia 3 million
Virtual Boy 1995 home Nintendo Less than a million
CD-i 1990 home Phillips Less than a million
Pippin 1996 home Apple Less than a million

Now that we are done with our main console list, we will break down each company and rank all their consoles from the best to the worst.

Xbox Console Tier List

Xbox is a video gaming brand that consists of five consoles. Those are the Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One,  Xbox Series X, and Series S. So in the Xbox consoles list we will rank all the Xbox consoles in accordance to their inventiveness, characteristics, performance, and business they did for their producers.

S tier

In the S Tier, we will list the best consoles produced by Microsoft. These consoles marked a huge name in the gaming market and are the reason behind the success of the Xbox series. These consoles are much more powerful and gave great competition to their rivalries in the market.

Console Units sold Released
Xbox Series X 12 Million 2020
Xbox Series S 12 Million 2020
Xbox 24 Million 2001

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X is a powerhouse of gaming with significantly faster load time and Dolby vision gives you an excellent gaming experience with high-end technology. It also has awkward compatibility with most of the games. Microsoft came up as a big beast in the gaming industry with the release of this console as it rose the gaming field. 

Xbox series X has also impressed us with its new game library showcasing that the new hardware can do wonders. Also, it comes with a reasonable price tag and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars like you have to do for other high-end consoles.

Xbox Series S

The Xbox series S is a remarkable entry into the gaming world as the smallest Xbox ever made. With its compact design and powerful specs, the Xbox series S has made its place in the gaming world. The console has significantly less space and focuses more on graphics and targets a resolution of 1440p and will upscale to 4K when connected to an ultra HD display. Thus impresses with comfortable gaming, smooth frames, and increased resolutions.


With the long battery life of the controllers, the Xbox is very easy to set up. Provides you with a smooth and quiet gaming experience to enjoy your all-time favorite games at peace. The most awesome fact is that you can turn it off and turn it back on again and start from where you left the game which means you will not lose the gaming score by turning it off. It is also a great console in terms of memory. You can also turn it off or by voice command which is quite a cool factor.

A Tier

Xbox 360 is the only console we could place in the A tier of our Xbox Console Tier List. That does not mean it is a bad console it is still the favorite gaming console of some gamers but still has certain flaws on basis of which it is placed in the A tier.

Console Units sold Released
Xbox 360 84 Million 2001

Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is a winner when it comes to graphics but still failed to compete with the PS3. Xbox 360 has some best online games like Call of duty 3,  F.E.A.R, Gears of War, and Prey. However, it is an expensive toy for casual gamers. Some consoles also came with a defect and gave a huge shock to the fan base of Microsoft.

B Tier

In the B tier of Xbox consoles, we have placed one console for not being able to meet the demands of the consumer which is the Xbox One. Although it had some great gaming features but was criticized by gaming critics for lacking in some respects.

Console Units sold Released
Xbox one 51 Million 2013

Xbox One

The release of Xbox was a bizarre decision for Microsoft. Although it provides a smooth 4K gaming experience to the user still has some major cons the top one of which is that the user had to pay for all the online apps and nothing was free to download.

This console requires a 4K television otherwise it is useless. If u lend a game to your friend you will have to allow him to use your account otherwise they will have to pay for it. Xbox does not run smoothly on its own and you have to assign the object to their respective property bag. The console also had a high cost which failed to impress the users.

PlayStation Console Tier List

PlayStation is one of the topmost and most liked video game brands and has approximately nine gaming consoles released. Being a Sony Interactive Entertainment release PlayStation is a big name in the gaming industry. In the PlayStation console list, we will break down PlayStation consoles in order of their qualities.

S Tier

In the S tier, we have placed two consoles that are PS 5 and PS 2.

Console Units sold Released
PlayStation 2 157.6 Million 2000
PlayStation 5 17.3 Million 2020

PlayStation 2

The PS2 turns 22 but has not lost its popularity in the gaming world it is considered to be the best and the most famous console among gamers. We call it the greatest console of all time as it is backed by numbers and has over 157 million units sold.

The two major selling points were backward compatibility and the ability to play DVDs at a time when DVD players cost a lot. With massive third-party support, PS2 has a huge game library and like its predecessor, it also became the choice of mainstream users. The console design is durable sleek and asymmetric with its best graphics amazing sound effects and 3d effects that take gaming experience to next level.

PlayStation 5

The future console gaming system with a huge generation leap from PS4 known as the PS5 is the S tier of our list. With incredibly fast loading time. Eye-catching look with the ability to be placed both in a horizontal and vertical position so can find a place in the house easily. Greatly advanced visual and sound systems and good gaming options give a perfect gaming experience to the user. Dual Sense controller has sheer performance with takes us to the next level of future gaming.

A Tier

Here we have some good consoles which have a strong place in the hearts of all gamers, I had to think twice before placing them in the current rank, but it was simply that they could not reach the level of the consoles placed in the S tier.

Console Units sold Released
PlayStation 4 116.9 Million 2013
PlayStation 1 102.49 Million 1994

PlayStation 4

The PS4 comes with an attractively sleek and beautiful body. Ps4 is still the favorite console of most gamers. It was a record-breaking best seller for Sony and still has a long healthy life in the market. With 112 million games sitting at home, PS4 will see new games released for years to come. It has a dynamic menu for jumping from apps to gaming. Sony won the next-level console battle with this console in the market.

A DualShock 4 controller provided easy and comfortable gaming options to the user. The PS4 has already done a lot of business and will continue to do a bucket load more business. It has certain limitations in terms of music and PC streaming which is placed in the A tier with which most of you will disagree but it is based on my experience and research.

PlayStation 1

PS1 with the introduction of CD ROM had an incredible game library but misses a few classic ones. The PlayStation 1 was efficient and low in price as compared to other consoles of the time making it a special console for gaming. Metal gear solid, Resident Evil, and Final Fantasy 7 are some best games on the console.

B Tier

Listing the PlayStation consoles is a very hard task itself, but we have still we have managed to put PS3 in the B rank. Listing the console in the B tier does not at all mean that it is a bad console it is just that it was just not justified to put it in the above categories thus we placed it on the last tier of our PlayStation Console Tiers

Console Units sold Released
PlayStation 3 87.41 million 2006

PlayStation 3

Coming to the PS3, placed in the B tier the PS3 has certain cons which dragged it down to this tag. Overall it is not a bad console but was not preferred over other consoles of that time, as people preferred buying an Xbox 360 instead of a PS3 although the free online services were an eye-catcher for many customers. Rechargeable controllers and a built-in Blu-ray player were the stars of the console but a pathetic banning service a security breach with it, a major reason why most people avoided purchasing it

Nintendo Console Tier list

Nintendo is one of the most compatible names in the gaming industry. Being a Japanese multinational video gaming company is one of the big names in the industry. Nintendo has blessed the gaming industry with some best and most innovative consoles. In the current list, we list all the Nintendo consoles in order of their features and performances.

S Tier

Nintendo has given us many iconic consoles. We have listed the best consoles from the juggernaut in the gaming industry. 

Console Unit sold Released
Nintendo Switch 103.54 million 2017
Game Cube 21.75million 2001
DS 154.02 million 2004
SNES 49.1 million 1990
NES 61.91 million 1983

Some of the Stier consoles are discussed here:

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is a hybrid of a handheld and home gaming console  It is the youngest of Nintendo’s consoles. It is an excellent gaming console with a colorful and innovative design. The excellent game collection amazes gamers and it is the best choice for enjoying a variety of the best games.

Game Cube

Game Cube by far is the most unique and creative console. Nintendo has never failed to go out of the box and create something different. With an incredible sale of 21 million units, the Nintendo Game Cube was the first Nintendo console to use a disc instead of a cartridge. It gave us some classic nostalgic games Super Mario Strikers being at top of the list.

A Tier

In the A tier rank we have some very good consoles that have certain flaws so could not make it to the S rank.

Console Units sold Released
Nintendo Wii 103.54 million 2006
Game boy 118.68 million 1989
3DS 75.94 million 2011
GBA 81.51 million 2003
GBA color 118.69 million 1998

Some Nintendo A-tier consoles are discussed here:

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii was one of the best video gaming consoles in the market as it introduced motion control as an advanced feature. Wii also has a strong gaming library. Nintendo Wii was the most hot-selling, innovative, appealing, and successful console of its time but is placed in the A tier due to some uncomfortable controller options.

Game Boy

From beyond basic hardware to an incredible screen to a very useful sleep screen feature and huge game library the Game boy made it to the S tier. The analog is mainly designed to preserve old classic games and make them able to be played on TV. The most exciting feature is the screen that in practice looks amazing but with flaws like shoulder buttons being a little cramped and the screen is not backlit.

B Tier

The B tier is here and there is only one console we have placed on this list as it had certain drawbacks. The B tier of Nintendo has one console that could not meet the level of other consoles in Nintendo. We could only place one console at the level because of the fact it lacked in many areas and it will not be wrong to call it the worst production of Nintendo.

Console Units sold Released
Virtual Boy Less than million 1995

Virtual Boy

Virtual Boy is a bizarre portable video game system ever experienced. The controllers were very well designed with symmetric buttons and comfortable handling. With the concept of 3d gaming and the stereo sound effect, it came with serious health hazards as it came with the caution of permanent vision damage.


In the bonus section of our Console tier list, we will give some extra info about some notable devices.

Xbox Series X                                                     




1, Huge potential 1, Size is bulky
2, Greater storage space  
3, Exceptional performance  
4, Accessible game library  
5, Great value  

Microsoft, a big beast in the gaming industry, never fails to satisfy the user. The most in-demand and powerful gaming console at present time is the Xbox. The Xbox series X with many advanced features also comes on top of the Xbox list. It will not be wrong to call it a powerhouse of games. Want to enjoy games with the best technology available? Xbox X is the best answer to your demand. Stunning visuals, and reduced processing load from future adventures to classic gaming titles. The true-to-life 4K graphic technology and beautiful frame of 120 frames per second (fps). The high dynamic range of the Xbox series X takes you to a next-level gaming experience.

The Xbox series X allows the gamer to enjoy original classic games along with the next-level advanced ones -a huge win for the preservation of games. It comes with a wireless controller which allows comfort during gameplay. Xbox also has another advanced feature in the form of the X cloud integration project, and with the help of the feature, gamers can explore and try playing and exploring new titles at a low fee. 

In the short, it is the most powerful and spectacular gaming console in terms of storage for example TB of expandable storage, streaming, and graphic performance, and comes with a variety of accessories which is why it has made it to the top of our list. Due to high demand, there is a supply issue with the Xbox series X which tests the patience of the consumer.

PlayStation 5




Speedy hardware Large size
 4K gameplay limited Limited storage of 825GB
New controller  SSD  hard disc drive
Next-generation titles No Dolby effect
Significantly faster load time

Attractive body


Sony has proven to satisfy and impress the user with their gaming products PlayStation 5 being one of them. A price tag of 500$ PS5 gives you the best and most compatible plug-and-play gaming platform as you will be able to play most of your games and not miss on your favorite games and thus make it in the s tier of our Gaming Console tier list.

PS5 is upgraded from last-generation consoles with an 8-core CPU and AMD chipset, allowing for playing more advanced and higher-resolution games. PS5 comes with a Dual sense controller which gives us an accurate sense of touch in the gaming experience. The buttons are a smooth and new technology of PlayStation virtual reality (PS VR) that takes the gaming experience to another level. If you want to experience fast loading with high-speed SSD, higher resolution graphics, and 3D audio the PlayStation 5 is a good option for you.

PS5 digital edition is the all-new PS5 console with no disk. You can sign in to your PlayStation Network account and buy or download games. If you simply want to save some money it is a good option for you as the only difference between the two is no disk so no ultra HD Blu-rays. If you are planning to buy a PS5 the only issue is that it gets out of stock very quickly so you are only lucky if you go to a shop and get to find it in-store.

Nintendo Switch




Hybrid design No 4K resolution on the TV.
Controllers are very dynamic The right analog has the wrong placement.
The console has a great resolution for handheld mode. NO VR.
Good battery life Limited internal storage.

Let’s take a look at the features of the Nintendo Switch. If we consider the Nintendo tier list, the Nintendo Switch comes on top. In the past, Nintendo Switches introduced 3D without using 3D glasses and still have not failed to surprise us with something new as a hybrid console, therefore, made it to the s tier.

In their Nintendo Switch, you can choose your control style yourself as the controller known as the joy-con which provides total gameplay flexibility. You can invite friends to bring their joy-cons or share your own for friend gathering. Nintendo gives you 3 modes in one concept as you can transform it from a home console to a portable system in a snap. The three modes are:

1, TV MODE (in which you can enjoy HD gaming on your TV screen)

2, TABLETOP MODE (You can flip the stand and share the screen)

3, HANDHELD MODE (You can play with the Joy-Con controllers)

If you are attracted to cool things Nintendo is going to be your choice as their joy-cons are eye-catching and there are about 5000 games to play however the Nintendo Switch is less popular in the market as compared to the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 yet has offered most diversity and creativity.

However, there are certain drawbacks of the Nintendo Switch a major one being that it does not support 4K technology and gives you 720p rather than 1080p resolutions in terms of VR support although hand-held resolution is great.

Xbox ONE S

Pros Cons


Small in size 4K gaming limited
Great HDR streaming

Good price

Can not connect to kinetic without an adaptor

Microsoft being the big beast in the gaming industry provides gamers with the best in terms of entertainment. The Xbox One S has made it to the S Tier based on its features. XBOX OS amazes the user with 4K ultra HD streaming of videos on Netflix, Amazon prime video, Hulu, and many more. Along with the spatial sound quality, you can bring the games to life.

The controller along with having a D-Pad and analog stick has an improved blue tooth and wireless range. Microsoft now has also allowed the user to design their controller with a color scheme of their choice for 80$ called the XBOX Elite Controller in addition to this micro soft did not fail to impress the user with the additional support of 5 Gigahertz thus enabling more compatible wi-fi connection and more loading power, so you can also load and play games online very smoothly.

If needed, you can also add additional storage by attaching an external storage drive. XBOX ONE S on other hand provides the gamer with a wide variety of gaming choices ranging from classics to new advanced games.

Nintendo Switch OLED




Game anywhere you want to Limited storage
Unique colorful controller Uncomfortable control options
Excellent game library  
Good battery life  

The Nintendo Switch OLED features a vibrant and sharp display screen of 7 inches and enhanced audio quality. A wide and adjustable stand is provided for easy viewing. The Nintendo Switch OLED like the Nintendo Switch is designed to fit your life by easily changing from a portable system to a home console. The latest 4K, 120FPS technologies are not supported in the console, and it can only play at 30 FPS which is why it is a part of the A tier.

The Switch OLED games look much better in the handheld mode. The controllers called the joy-cons are easily detachable and support multiplayer mode. The OLED has a built-in land port to enable the gamer to enjoy online games. It does not allow the gamer to play games of higher fidelity but is good for players who enjoy Nintendo classics.

PlayStation 4 Pro

Pros            Cons


 Great performance  no Blu-ray player
Improved gaming titles  
Great 4 K output  
1 TB hard drive  

The design of the PS4 Pro is made so that there are two PS4 slim put one over the other so it takes more space in the house.

The PS4 of PS4 pro has some changes, A DualShock 4 controller comes with more responsive buttons and there is also an option to switch between wired and Bluetooth modes, with a Bluetooth 4.0 receiver. The processing power of the PS4 Pro console is much improved including playing 4k, VR, and HDR games.

The 1TB hard drive allows you to experience a variety of new versions of games as Sony has worked a lot on the interiors of this console 1.6 GigaHertz RAM allows fast processing of considerably heavy games. Thus the PS4 Pro is an efficient gaming console and made it to our A tier.

PlayStation 4 Slim

Pros Cons
Remarkable wireless connection Lacks 4-k blu-ray printer
sleek and slim design No optional audio
VR gaming  
Improve dual shock 4 controllers  
Easy to setup  
Do not make noise  

With a sleek design, awesome gaming power, spectacular entertainment, increased efficiency, incredible HDR technology, and an updated controller, the PS4 is an incredibly smart choice to invest in. Users can enjoy a breathtaking VR gaming experience by simply connecting the PS VR headset to the console. You can store games and additional data with up to 1 TB of storage space. So you can catch up with your old gaming friends and play your favorite classic games from PlayStation hit the range. You can also download your favorite games and other apps without worrying about space.

Gamers can also get a PS Plus membership to play and compete with players online by playing famous matches like FIFA. PS4 comes with a much more advanced DualShock 4 wireless controller with facilitates the user with smooth game handling.

Sega Genesis

Pros Cons
Offers the Japanese version of the game Three-button controller for fighting games
4 saves per game Bad response timings
Great RPG’s Low-quality audio
Comfortable controller to hold False nostalgia for old games

A 4th generation gaming console known as the Sega Genesis has made its way to the S rank of the Best Console tier list 2023. Sega Genesis is also known as the mega genesis. The 4th generation gaming console was released in the 90s by Sega and did a huge business of 3 million units sold which is a greater market than the Nintendo 64.

The Sega Genesis has a memory of 64KB RAM, 64 KB VRAM, and 8 KB audio RAM. The best-selling games on the console are Sonic hedgehog and Mortal Combat. Being an old-school game Sega genesis is hard to handle in today’s world and lacks compatibility in many areas but is the best of its times.




Great game library Needs to be reset to change the game
Good miniature replica design Slim design

The SNES classic edition allows gamers to play their classic super Nintendo games as there is a CRT filter also installed to give an old TV look if you grew up playing Super Mario this game will give you a chance to enjoy it again with your gaming buddies. Despite the fact that it lacks modern technology, still is one of the classics, promising and reasonable gaming sets and thus made it here.

Nintendo 64

Pros                       Cons
Pioneer of 3D gaming Blurry graphics
4 Player plug and play Formative issue
New gaming controllers Lack of disc format support
  The bad image on TV
  Rumble pack batteries required

The Nintendo 64 featured some very dynamic and improved graphics. Nintendo put the concept of a game party to life by introducing the first home console to have four controller ports. Colorful and attractive joysticks make the device a cool gaming gadget. It is called the Nintendo 64 because a 64-bit processor is used in its console.

The Nintendo 64 also known as the Ultra64 has maintained its charm in the gaming industry even after 25 years which is a great achievement in itself. the Nintendo 64. However, the Nintendo 64 lacks in the field of technology as it is an old product and technology has advanced a lot over the years.


Pros Cons
Great US library The high laser failure rate
2000’s PC quality visuals Console yellowing
Games are cheaper Short controller cables
Powerful consoles  

Sega’s Dreamcast is one of the company’s greatest achievements as it is the most powerful gaming console of its time. in terms of gaming library, Sega Dream Cast provides the gamer with an excellent gaming library and is ahead of its time. Dreamcast is an amazing piece of work showcasing innovative features like a built-in modular modem for internet access and online gameplay.

A Hitachi SH-4 CPU is installed in the Dreamcast along with NEC PowerVR2 GPU. The most popular game is Sonic Adventures. The console was released in 1998 and discontinued in 2001 marking the end of Sega from the console business.

PlayStation 2

Pros Cons
Huge collection of games. Load times.
Innovative attractive design only. Only two-controller sports games.
Games are easy to find and inexpensive. It May require a lot of memory cards.
Sturdy packaging.  

PlayStation 2 is a hardcore console for gamers and is the greatest and best-selling console of all time. One never gets bored of the gaming options it provides. The PS2 was the most anticipated product of 2001 and had some very impressive features.

The PS4 has a sleek symmetrical design, the memory cards can hold more data than their predecessors although some advanced games are still a memory hog. To overcome this Sony offered an additional hard drive add-on but it was not supported well and did not run much.

Sony struck gold by using DVD format so can hold any current-generation game. The PS2 has a wide variety of games ranging from absolute adventures like GTA3 to fighting classics like Takken 4, and Virtual Fighter 4. The game library of  PS4 has everything for everyone. PS2 also offers home theatre flexibility.

Nintendo Wii

Pros Cons
Ideal console for group gaming. The Multiplayer site no longer works.
Good game collection.  

Being a 7th generation gaming console the Nintendo Wii made it to the b tier rank of our Gaming Console tier list. Nintendo Wii is one of the classic consoles that are designed to entertain the user to its level best. The console gives a chance to the user to go back to their past nostalgia and enjoy some of their classic favorite games.

It is easily attachable to their TV so the user can enjoy a realistic game experience on a large screen due to which Nintendo Wii is one of the best entertainment gadgets to own in the house. The option of motion sensors is introduced in the Wii controllers thus giving the user with advanced, dynamic, and spectacular gaming experience as they will not have to use their thumb, instead will play by simply moving the controller in the air.

Also, the user can increase the hardware memory by adding a memory card in the memory card slot provided in the console. The software can be updated from Wii connect 24 services.

Nintendo also provides parental control to users who want to limit access to some apps for their children. Despite the advanced technologies and gadget additions, Nintendo Wii is still a wonderful choice in terms of entertaining your gaming friends group and fulfilling your nostalgia for playing classic childhood games which are still available on the market at low cost. Some of the classic hit games of Nintendo Wii are Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario, and Banana Blitz.

Atari Lynx

Pros Cons
Large LCD screen Terrible battery life
Polygonal graphic gaming Small library
Backlit screen Heavy
Comfortable for lefties Washed out the screen when viewed from a certain range

Atari Lynx was released in 1989 as a handheld gaming console and came in competition with Nintendo’s Game Boy. Probably the first color LCD screen console with advanced and vibrant graphics. Atari Lynx also could network 15 other units through its Comlynx system. The full-color portable console provides on-the-go polygonal graphics and a good gaming experience.


Pros Cons
Great RPG’s Compilation discs
Sega saved arcade games cost Cost of games
  False nostalgia
  Difficult setup

The very first video game console made by Sega was the SG1000. It is a home video game console successful enough to encourage Sega to continue to develop video game consoles. It was a decent console to enjoy gaming with friends. Sega was an important company to Japan to try making its games as well. SG1000 games have the hooked to it to date and the gamers fulfill their nostalgia by playing games they have been playing in childhood. Also, there are a lot of games in SG1000 that are not fun and have bad timings.

However, the system is outdated and not recommended for use at present time. Some most popular games are Bank Panic and 007 James Bond. That is why placed in the C tier


Pros Cons
Tons of games and apps The speaker and microphone were located on the edge of the handset instead of its face
portable No stereo sound
Bluetooth Uncomfortable phone-to-game switching options
  No MP3 or FM radio

Released by Nokia in 2003 N-gage is a 6th generation gaming console and takes its place in the D tier of our Best Console tier list. N-gage has the combined features of both a mobile phone and a handheld gaming console. The N-gage has a mocking name of Taco phone given due to its resemblance with a Taco. The system ended up being a bit of a joke and failed to impress the consumers.

Virtual Boy

Pros Cons
Controllers well designed High price
Impressive sound surround Monochrome display
  Health hazards
  The fact that the system is portable is a joke

Virtual Boy is a tabletop portable console of the 5th generation manufactured by Nintendo. To experience good stereoscopic 3D graphics the players place their heads against the eyepiece to see a red monochrome display and games by parallax effect create the illusion of depth.

The virtual boy was a commercial failure and did not do much business in the gaming market even after repeated price drops.

Comparison Table

ConsoleReleasedTierManufacturerUnits soldType
Xbox Series X2020SMicrosoft8 millionHome
PlayStation 52020SSony10 millionHome
Nintendo Switch2017SNintendo103.54 millionHybrid
Xbox One S2013SMicrosoft51 millionHome
PlayStation 11994SSony102millionHome
Sega Genesis1988SSega31 millionHome
SNES1991SNintendo49.1 millionHome
Atari 26001977SAtari30 millionHome
3DO1993SPanasonic, Gold Star, Sanio.2 millionHome
ColecoVision1982SColeco2 millionHome
SNK Neo-GEO1990SSNK1.18 millionHome
Nintendo Switch OLED2021ANintendo103.54 millionHybrid
PlayStation 4 Pro2016ASony1.5 millionHome
Nintendo 641996ANintendo30 millionHome
PlayStation 32006ASony87.4 millionHome
Xbox 3602005A Microsoft84 millionHome
Dreamcast2001ASega9.13 millionHome
layStation 4 Slim2016BSony106 millionhome
PlayStation 22000BSony157.6 millionHome
Nintendo Wii2006BNintendo102 millionhome
Atari 52001984BAtari1 millionhome
Atari 78001986BAtariLess than a millionhome
Magnavox Odyssey1972BSander associatesLess than a millionhome
Vectrex1982BSmith EngineeringLess than a millionhome
Atari Lynx1989CAtari3 millionHybrid
ColecoVision1982CColeco2 millionhome
Intellivision1984CMattel3 millionhome
SG 10001983CSega1.5 millionhome
N-Gage2003DNokia3 millionHandheld
Virtual Boy1995DNintendoLess than a millionhome
CD-i1990DPhillipsLess than a millionhome
Pippin1996DAppleLess than a millionhome


At present time there is a huge variety of gaming console options in the market with all the advancements in technology and soo many options it is very hard for the consumer to choose amongst the big names of gaming consoles. As the world of gaming technology has advanced so much that it leaves the consumer confused to decide which console to invest in as every gaming console has excelled in one thing or the other.

In the above-mentioned Best Console tier list, we have ranked some of the best-selling gaming consoles in order of their compatibility and functions. Now you know all the different gaming consoles, their characteristics, and outcomings. We hope this article will help you choose the perfect console according to your needs and desires.