DISGAEA RPG Tier List [Sept. 2022]

The Disgaea RPG Tier List ranks all the characters associated with the game while assembling their distinct features, including their pros and cons. It is a game that allows a player to form a team comprising five characters, encounter his enemies, and dissolve their existence.

This title is a spinoff to the Disgaea series, and it is available for iOS and Android devices. It saw the light of day in 2019 when it was monetized and became available for all players. It revolves around the Gacha system, allowing players to obtain an in-game currency to unlock new features

Players receive numerous features from the Gacha system, including reviving their favorite characters and using them to throw and lift items, forming teams, and acquiring special abilities to take on enemies. A fascinating thing is its storyline, which revolves around its characters. Each character has a well-developed background and title.

Key Points

  • The current v3.2.6 meta was taken into account when forming the list.
  • When ranking characters, we analyze their attributes, abilities, skills, magical powers, etc.
  • Our article contains a total of 19 characters.
  • Among the highest rank we have Madoka Kaname and Calamity Adell.
  • The lowest rank contains Yukimaru and Christo.


All characters are compiled into a short table.

Tier RankCharacters
S Tier• Madoka Kaname
• Awakened Rozalin
• Tyrant Valvatorez
• Calamity Adell
A Tier• Salvatore
• Tyrant Overload
• Kilda
• Merlin
• Pure Sciliy
B Tier• Gym Fuka
• Sapphire
• Easter Mao
• Raspberyl
C Tier• King
• Star Mage
• Love Oracle
• Star Skull
D Tier• Christo
• Yukimaru

Lean more about them in the article below.

S Tier

best characters ranked
S Tier.

The S Tier is the best part of our article as it has fantastic characters enlisted under it who all have high ranks and are useful for a player to achieve great game success.

These characters have increased stats and incredulous abilities that do not let a player stagger inside an arena.

Madoka Kaname

Her abilities revolve around protection and damage. Her useful abilities are a casual singularity, contractor’s archery, and an artificial heart. Some of her skills ground her high damage dealing powers. She gains a 50% ATK level that allows her to use her powers on Her allies. Madoka is a part of the S Tier because of her low-cost area of effect, which makes her deal damage and misses a great range of area.

Moreover, She has armor break, resist break, mega armor break, and mega resist break as her magical spells increase her ATK, RES, or decrease their targets RES and aid a player in their gameplay. Madoka is a character who has Incredibly high stats, including HP, ATK, and RES. All these allow her to be a harbinger of death for her enemies and take them down with good powers.

Awakened Rozalin

Rozalin holds expertise on her revolver, allowing her to break her enemy’s resolve and take them down. She is a high DPS character who deals damage to her enemies and reduces their ATK. Her abilities also include kalamatas karma, a force of calamity and disturbed slumber that deals 50% damage, adding a 15% SP to her allies while enhancing her gun-wielding abilities. These Superior skills allow her a prominent place in the S Tier.

Rose thorns, rose crest, mortal liberate, and karma enhances her ATK reducing and DEF granting abilities. Her wings also create a torrent and tornado that can suck in her enemy and build an action gauge of 500%. Black powers from wind and use them to develop mega armor, break wind, and Omega wind, all of these have a low-cost AOE on her enemies.

Tyrant Valvatorez

Valvatorez extracts his powers from water and uses a spear to replenish his energies. Proud tyrant, assimilation, and bloody battle are the top commands that grant him spear-wielding allies with a 15 percent SPD. He can also heal himself if his enemy is taken down. His self-healing ability makes him invincible, and he also gains a 40% ATK when his enemy is destroyed. These qualities include him in our Disgaea RPG Tier List 2022.

Tyrant sweep, blood sting, and emperor flugelhorn are ruthless capabilities that corrupt the mind of his enemies and make them fear him. If he gains a nether enhancement, he unlocks some unique set of skills that increases his parameters and ability lists.

Calamity Adell

He is great at hand-on-hand combat and does not require weapons to destroy his enemies. Adell can break down their façade just by a single punch.

His skills include cursed power, uncontrollable passion, and an endless nightmare. Just by their names, a player can easily encounter his grotesque abilities, and they can shatter his enemies and make them run for their lives. He resides in the S Tier because his abilities grant him an ATK buff of 60%. Also, if a player defeats an enemy, he gains an HP of 35%, which allows him to have a good self-healing ability. Anthropophagy rebuffs him with 15% ATK and earth rending extracts a 10% ATK from his enemies. His other skills include inferno roll, shadow flame dance, and mega Braveheart.

A Tier

second best tier list
A Tier.

The A Tier is a Tier that is present just below the S Tier and has qualities that are a little inferior to those in the S Tier. These characters have great potential to be the best, but they lack little quality and ability that could help them be the perfect role model.

These characters have high stats and great abilities that could help a player in combat and help them win easily.


Salvatore’s ability allows her to deal damage with an area of effectiveness of up to 15% through her relentless salvo. When she is wielding her gun, she gains the ability of a gun master. Moreover, the ability allows her to gain an ATK and DEF of 27%. Conclusively, a player rarely misses his chance of taking down his enemy with this sturdy character.

Short recoil, the great gun king, and magnificent world are her superior skills that grant her abilities to keep shooting at her enemies. Her action gauge is 50, which allows her to shoot without failing. Her nether enhancements are what help her unlock various abilities of the character.

Tyrant Overload Kilda

A character adept at hand-on-hand combat and who doesn’t let his enemies take control of his moves is a definite addition to the A Tier of the article. With a wave of tyranny, destructive urge, raging Tempest, and ruin Incarnate, a player can deal damage and increase disability up to 55%. Enemies’ SPD level is reduced to 30%, and they have difficulty standing in an arena.

Rebellion initium, impulse destructor, and symbolum forces are some brutal moves that can shatter an opponent’s confidence and make him regret his decisions. These traits increase the ATK and DEF of a player while destroying an opponent’s DEF.


She is a character who has great adeptness and attributes, including fire, water, wind, and stars. Her scepter helps her relay her magical powers to her enemies and stun them. A magician’s most shady tactic is his hands’ play which he never tells anyone. She resides in the A Tier due to her great magician’s power, keen observer, enhanced magic power, and didn’t work on his abilities.

These abilities allow her to deal damage and destroy the enemy with the highest RES. She can also cancel all SPD buffs and debuffs of her allies and support them till victory. She reduces DEF and RES for enemies and also makes them weak in their knees. When you choose her to be on your team, remember that you will not regret your decision.

Pure Sciliy

Pure Sicily’s powers mainly revolve around fire but also have a tinge of water, wind, and stars. Moreover, she is a magical being who uses her staff to perform pure arts, magic cutie aura, refined power, and sakura maiden.

These allow her to increase damage dealing and grant DEF and CRIT of 13% to her allies. She also bestows magic monster weapon-wielding supporters damage-dealing powers of 16%. She is in the A rank of our Disgaea RPG Tier List jp because she bestows her love and kindness on her allies. This kindness allows her to grant them HP and other basic stats of 13% while healing them.

B Tier

average tier list
B Tier.

The B rank is what everyone considers the mediocre Tier. This level has an amalgam of characteristics extracted from the S and the D Tier. Some traits are highly stupendous inside the arena, while some are barely bearable by a player.

These characters have an average statistical profile, including average HP, ATK, DEF, and RES levels. These characters do not turn the tables around inside an arena, and a player has to work hard to make his team win with these characters.

Gym Fuka

Her abilities include fest-evil competition, assured victory, painless dreams, and we are the Champions, allowing her to damage her enemies and gain a single targeted attack that could destroy her enemies by following a player’s gameplay. Assured victory grants her 23% ATK, and also glorious signal decreases her opponent’s DEF.

Some of her skills allow her to gain a critical power of 20%, DEF of 10%, and ATK of 30%. But when she gets hit by an enemy, it decreases her ATK, which makes her a disappointment for a player. Her most powerful skill damaging move is a single target attack and requires recharging after one turn, which includes her in the B Tier of our Disgaea RPG Tier List October 2022.


Sapphire’s powers include the attributes of fire, water, and wind; she uses them with her gun-wielding powers. Robust Princess glitter, bringing it on an initiative shot, allows her to deal damage up to 15%, boost her ATK by 35%, and reduce her SP cost to 10%. All these make her a great opportunity to win inside an arena.

Virgin innocence and legend white are her superior skills, but Mega speed boost is the only proper skill a player can use with her gun-supporting powers. Her abilities are also not unique and are seen in other support characters.

Easter Mao

He’s a magician who uses his scepter to use Easter wisdom, experiment, at barrier Easter glasses. These abilities allow him to increase his INT to 45% when the battle begins and his allies are granted a DEF and RES of 15%.

He resides under the B Tier because his skills grant no internal damage. A person usually sees him glitching inside an arena as he is incredibly slow. He has a turn limit on his moves, and when his activities are over, His buffs are also removed, which puts the players at a huge disadvantage.


Raspberyl extracts her powers from fire and wind, allowing her to access her weapons. Her weapons mainly include her wings, surpassing her opponent in an arena. Her abilities include delinquent lessons, class preparations, teaching necessities, and delinquent flow. These allow her to have magic monster weapon-wielding abilities granted to our allies.

She induces INT of 18%, SP of 10%, DEF, and RES of 13%, and deals wind damage of 60%. A player prefers such top-tiered statistics, but when a character has a single targeted high damaging ability which she usually misses with her aim at a Player straight away from this character and chooses a top-tiered character. On the contrary, She also has no AOE-targeted moves that would help her and her companions.

C Tier

Disgaea RPG tier list
C Tier

The C Tier or the second to last level of our ranking has characters that barely missed being the absolute worst. These are all below average, and they have really poor move sets that could make or break a fight.

These characters also have low stats and do not provide high bonuses to themselves or their allies, so basically they have poor chances of survival


His abilities include fairy king’s command, brace yourselves, fairy king spear, and fairy guardian. These abilities are relayed through his spear, and he reduces his enemy’s DEF by 30%. This character cannot be debuffed when he holds his spear.

Conclusively, he is a part of the C Tier of the Disgaea RPG Tier List Altema because he has almost no remarkable moves that could make his presence prominent in an arena. Additionally, he only has a mega Braveheart bot that could be useful inside a battleground, but other than that he just eases around and serves his time doing nothing.

Star Mage

Star Mage has low stats, and her abilities allow her to extract DMG of 40% from her enemies. She adds 7% of SP and 11% of INT by magic generation and magic field. Her other abilities include magic recycling, element resists, astral impact, and energy potion—all help heal herself but do not aid in damaging her opponents.

Her bosses usually take control of her miniature figure and destroy her existence. These damages add her to the C Tier of my ranking because she cannot inflict harm on her enemies and does not have a significant INT in her moves.

Love Oracle

Love Oracle’s powers revolve around fire, water, and wind, through which she uses her magical abilities to aid herself and her Allies. She can heal her allies up to 6% and increase their HP with dandelion protection. She has a single targeted damage attack that creates a damaging ability in a single enemy.

Additionally, Her other skills include fluffy temptation, a garden of favor, and a dandelion smile, allowing her to gain little statistical bonuses. She is a part of the C Tier because she does not have an AOE or area affect moves; her abilities range from single targeted activities. Her movements are also less effective inside an arena as they do not decrease the ATK of her enemies.

Star Skull

His powers revolve around fire, ice, wind, and stars. He has adeptness over his scepter and uses it to create a magic wave, magic generation, magic training, and over the limit. These allow him to deal damage on Star skull’s enemies and, hence, initiate an INT of 6% till he finishes his turns.

The reason for his inclusion in the C Tier is that he has no access to AOE attacks and has single targeted attacks, which he usually misses. A boss usually stands tall above him and can crush him under their feet. His abilities are also quite few and do not grant him many parameters. this character requires great training and good gameplay to defeat his boss.

D Tier

worst tier list
D Tier.

The D Tier contains the absolute worst characters on the list, and they all have extremely low stats which do not help them inside an arena. They can be killed by an opponent very fast because they cannot have a tactful approach.

They do not even defend themselves, they stay idle inside an arena and do not move a muscle. They depend on their player to create a strategy that could get them out of trouble.


If a player chooses this warrior, they will find themselves buried six feet deep. Christo character uses fire and water as his main attributes and relays his powers through a scepter. His commands include a battle of wits, cool and calm, tacticians, and fountain of facts. These abilities allow him to grant a helping hand to his allies and support them, directed only toward his staff-wielding supporters.

His allies gain a small increment at the start of their battle. He’s a part of the D Tier of our Disgaea RPG Tier List Altema because he only heals his companions and does not grant them many powers through which they can take down the enemies. Because of that, he is not a special character and a player should usually avoid choices.


Yukimaru is a highly sadistic soul who has never loved anything. She gave her powers from water and used them in her swords. Her powers include a bloodline of snow, all set, expel an evil spirit, and extreme kunoichi. These abilities allow her to deal Water damage to her enemies after 60%. She also helps her allies to a small extent and extracts some huge power from them. Her other skills are weird and do not aid her player inside an arena, so she does not support her allies and that puts her in the D Tier.

She is the worst addition to your team as she will make you regret it. Her SP battle skill also does not grant her huge benefits, and she is always at a loss with her sword and ax equipment.


Tier Image.

The Tier image you see above is a comprehensive placement of each character in his article, and the reasons are given above in each rank accordingly.

We have simply created the illustration to give our readers a visual aid that can help you quickly put a face to each entry, and you can easily surf through our list without having to read it all.

Ending Note

Our Disgaea RPG Tier List is a compilation of the Game’s characters, warriors, and supporters based on their analytical profiles and stats. These stats allowed us to create a list with each character’s agility, strategy and strength measured and evaluated. Hopefully, our evaluation helps a player curate their gameplay accordingly while keeping in mind the pros and cons

We also would really appreciate it if you keep in mind that this article is our opinion, and a lot of readers will likely not agree with every placement here. But if you do have differing opinions, we would love to hear them in the comments below. We are very open to tips from our readers, and we will update the article as new information or patches become available.

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