Elder Scrolls Legends Solo Arena Tier List: All Cards Ranked

In Elder Scrolls: Legends, Solo Arena is an in-game model. Solo Arena mode consists of a series of matches against opponents. Rather than using your pre-built decks, you will be given one of three classes and given a pick of cards from that class to build a thirty-card deck. The built deck will only be usable for the rest of the arena. What’s exciting is that prizes are higher than those won in Play modes, but it should also be noted that the prizes earned in this mode are lower than those won in Versus and Chaos Arena. Legendary cards and numerous card packs may also be included. This Elder Scrolls Legends Solo Arena Tier List is to help you guys to choose the cards wisely.

Cards in this tier list are ranked by their power level. So, if you are unsure what card to select in a draft in arena mode then we are here to help you by ranking all the cards in different tiers from best to worst. It should be kept in mind that this tier list is based on our research, experience, research, and personal perspective which might be differing from yours.

Ranking characters in a tier list is a difficult task because at times it can be very subjective and vary from person to person. But our purpose is to make sure you select the best cards in the solo arena mode.

S Tier

Elder Scrolls: Legends Solo Arena Tier List
Superb Cards in Elder Scrolls Solo Arena Legends

The superb tier of Elder Scrolls Legends Solo Arena Tier List includes all those cards which are considered to be the best to help players in the arena’s toughest battles. S Tier rankings are based on how each card would perform in an arena battle and what would be the cards to choose in the draft while building a deck for the arena. S Tier cards are considered to be insane in their performance so, there is a big chance that these cards would not disappoint you. Superb tier cards include the following.

Card NameRarityCard Attribute
Blood DragonLegendariesStrength
Reive, BlademasterLegendariesStrength
Vigilant GiantLegendariesStrength
Aela the HuntressLegendariesStrength
Earthbone SpinnerEpicsStrength
Belligerent GiantEpicsStrength
Markarth BannermanEpicsStrength
Unstoppable Rage*EpicsStrength
Stampede SentinelEpicsStrength
Burn and PillageEpicsStrength
Triumphant JarlRaresStrength
Underworld VigilanteRaresStrength
Cast OutRaresStrength
Aela’s HuntmateRaresStrength
Cradlecrush GiantRaresStrength
Morkul GatekeeperCommonsStrength
Savage OgreCommonsStrength
Protector of the InnocentCommonsStrength
Steel ScimitarCommonsStrength
Fell the MightyCommonsStrength
Battlerage OrcCommonsStrength
Circle InitiateCommonsStrength
Stormcloak VanguardCommonsStrength
Grappling HookCommonsStrength
Undying DragonLegendariesWillpower
The Black DragonLegendariesWillpower
Cloudrest IllusionistEpicsWillpower
Divine FervorEpicsWillpower
Bandit RingleaderEpicsWillpower
Dawnstar HealerEpicsWillpower
Hive DefenderRaresWillpower
Phalanx ExemplarRaresWillpower
Cast Into TimeRaresWillpower
Golden SaintRaresWillpower
Bruma ProfiteerRaresWillpower
Eastmarch CrusaderRaresWillpower
Morthal ExecutionerRaresWillpower
Thieves Guild ShadowfootRaresWillpower
Piercing JavelinCommonsWillpower
Sanctuary RaidCommonsWillpower
Cleric of KyneCommonsWillpower
Clockwork ApostleCommonsWillpower
Daggerfall MageLegendariesIntelligence
Supreme AtromancerLegendariesIntelligence
Ice StormEpicsIntelligence
Breton ConjurerEpicsIntelligence
Heirloom GreatswordEpicsIntelligence
Conjuration TutorEpicsIntelligence
Shrieking HarpyRaresIntelligence
High Rock SummonerRaresIntelligence
Royal SageRaresIntelligence
Elusive SchemerRaresIntelligence
Riften PickpocketRaresIntelligence
Lightning BoltCommonsIntelligence
Mystic DragonCommonsIntelligence
Shocking WamasuCommonsIntelligence
Cunning Ally*CommonsIntelligence
Ungolim the ListenerLegendariesAgility
Tazkad the PackmasterLegendariesAgility
Snowy Sabre CatEpicsAgility
Moonlight WerebatEpicsAgility
Eclipse BaronessEpicsAgility
Murkwater ShamanEpicsAgility
Mournhold TraitorEpicsAgility
Cliff RacerRaresAgility
Shearpoint DragonRaresAgility
Deshaan AvengerRaresAgility
Murkwater WitchRaresAgility
Blacksap ProtectorRaresAgility
Eldergleam MatronRaresAgility
Fighters Guild RecruitCommonsAgility
Brotherhood SlayerCommonsAgility
Daring CutpurseCommonsAgility
Thieves Guild RecruitCommonsAgility
Sanctuary PetCommonsAgility
Clockwork ScorpionCommonsAgility
High King EmericLegendariesClass-Specific
Allena BenochLegendariesClass-Specific
Red BrammanLegendariesClass-Specific
Queen BarenziahLegendariesClass-Specific
Edict of AzuraEpicsClass-Specific
Thorn HistmageEpicsClass-Specific
Sower of RevengeEpicsClass-Specific
Sentinel BattlemaceEpicsClass-Specific
Rift ThaneEpicsClass-Specific
Shornhelm ChampionEpicsClass-Specific
Ulfric’s HousecarlEpicsClass-Specific
Emperor’s BladeEpicsClass-Specific
Sorcerer’s NegationRaresClass-Specific
Crusader’s AssaultRaresClass-Specific
Monk’s StrikeRaresClass-Specific
Bone ColossusLegendariesEndurance
Blood Magic LordLegendariesEndurance
Frost GiantLegendariesEndurance
Galyn the SheltererLegendariesEndurance
Shadowfen PriestEpicsEndurance
Night ShadowEpicsEndurance
Preserver of the RootEpicsEndurance
Pure-Blood ElderEpicsEndurance
Young MammothRaresEndurance
Bleakcoast TrollRaresEndurance
Haunting SpiritRaresEndurance
Black Worm NecromancerRaresEndurance
Wrath of SithisRaresEndurance
Whiterun ProtectorRaresEndurance
Barrow StalkerRaresEndurance
Wind Keep SpellswordCommonsEndurance
Stalking ShadowscaleCommonsEndurance
Swamp LeviathanCommonsEndurance
Dragontail SaviorCommonsEndurance
Wrothgar ArtisanCommonsEndurance
Dark GuardianCommonsEndurance
Cave BearCommonsEndurance
East Empire CrafterCommonsEndurance
Mundus StoneLegendariesNeutral
Siege of Stros M’Kai**LegendariesNeutral
Dwarven CenturionEpicsNeutral
Clockwork DragonEpicsNeutral
Crushing BlowCommonsNeutral
Lurking CrocodileCommonsNeutral
Reflective AutomatonCommonsNeutral

A Tier

Elder Scrolls: Legends Solo Arena Tier List
Overall Balanced Cards

A Tier ranks those cards which are to be overall balanced in the solo arena battles of Elder Scrolls: Legends. These cards should be definitely in your deck to give a tough time to the enemies.

However, A Tier cards of Elder Scrolls Legends Solo Arena Tier List are a second choice of the players as in some cases the A Tier cards might not be able to perform as well as S Tier cards. Due to the overall balanced performance of these cards we have ranked them in A Tier. The following cards are included in this tier.

Card NameRarityCard Attribute
Garang, Dark AdherentLegendariesStrength
Wildfire DragonLegendariesStrength
Aldora the DaringLegendariesStrength
Grahtwood AmbusherEpicsStrength
Fearless NorthlanderEpicsStrength
Withered Hand CultistEpicsStrength
Child of HircineEpicsStrength
Lumbering OgrimEpicsStrength
Ancestor’s BattleaxeEpicsStrength
Dushnik-Yal ArcherEpicsStrength
Orc Clan ShamanRaresStrength
Skeever InfestationRaresStrength
Orc Clan CaptainRaresStrength
Orcish WarhammerRaresStrength
Candlehearth BrawlerRaresStrength
Battlefield ScroungerRaresStrength
Mighty Ally*CommonsStrength
Rapid ShotCommonsStrength
Graystone RavagerCommonsStrength
Stone ThrowCommonsStrength
Skaven PyromancerCommonsStrength
Sharpshooter ScoutCommonsStrength
Swiftwing DragonCommonsStrength
Berserker of the PaleCommonsStrength
Shield BreakerCommonsStrength
Ulfric’s ZealotCommonsStrength
Haafingar MarauderLegendariesWillpower
Miraak, DragonbornLegendariesWillpower
Dawn’s WrathLegendariesWillpower
Spiteful DremoraEpicsWillpower
Loyal HousecarlEpicsWillpower
Pit LionEpicsWillpower
Pillaging TribuneEpicsWillpower
Fifth Legion TrainerRaresWillpower
Imperial Reinforcements*RaresWillpower
Penitus Oculatus AgentRaresWillpower
Grisly GourmetRaresWillpower
Karthspire ScourgeRaresWillpower
Scouting PatrolCommonsWillpower
Resolute Ally*CommonsWillpower
Auridon PaladinCommonsWillpower
Imperial LegionnaireCommonsWillpower
Knight of the HourCommonsWillpower
Solitude StalwartCommonsWillpower
Kvatch SoldierCommonsWillpower
Cliffside Lookout*CommonsWillpower
Winterhold IllusionistCommonsWillpower
Riften LawkeeperCommonsWillpower
Mentor’s RingLegendariesIntelligence
Indoril ArchmageLegendariesIntelligence
Bringer of NightmaresLegendariesIntelligence
Keeper of WhispersEpicsIntelligence
Blood SorceressEpicsIntelligence
Thief of DreamsEpicsIntelligence
Skilled BlacksmithRaresIntelligence
Mace of EncumbranceRaresIntelligence
Telvanni ArcanistRaresIntelligence
Ash ServantRaresIntelligence
Fate WeaverRaresIntelligence
Dres RenegadeRaresIntelligence
Corsair Ship*RaresIntelligence
Spear of EmbersRaresIntelligence
Icewing DragonRaresIntelligence
Crown QuartermasterCommonsIntelligence
Tome of AlterationCommonsIntelligence
Camlorn HeroCommonsIntelligence
Camlorn SentinelCommonsIntelligence
Dunmer NightbladeCommonsIntelligence
Conjuration ScholarCommonsIntelligence
Reverberating StrikeCommonsIntelligence
Quin’rawl BurglarLegendariesAgility
Pahmar-raht RenegadeEpicsAgility
Wild BeastcallerEpicsAgility
House KinsmanEpicsAgility
Giant SnakeEpicsAgility
Deepwood TrapperEpicsAgility
Territorial ViperRaresAgility
Feasting VultureRaresAgility
Green Pact StalkerRaresAgility
Malefic WreathRaresAgility
Dune SmugglerRaresAgility
Dune StalkerRaresAgility
Back-Alley RogueRaresAgility
Sly MarshbladeRaresAgility
Finish OffCommonsAgility
Shadow ShiftCommonsAgility
Nimble Ally*CommonsAgility
Chaurus ReaperCommonsAgility
Giant BatCommonsAgility
Woodland LookoutCommonsAgility
Gortwog gro-NagormLegendariesClass-Specific
General TulliusLegendariesClass-Specific
Skywatch VindicatorEpicsClass-Specific
Sadras AgentEpicsClass-Specific
Master of Thieves*EpicsClass-Specific
Battlemage’s OnslaughtRaresClass-Specific
Archer’s GambitRaresClass-Specific
Assassin’s RitualRaresClass-Specific
Scout’s ReportRaresClass-Specific
Spellsword’s SummoningRaresClass-Specific
Lucien LachanceLegendariesEndurance
Night Talon LordLegendariesEndurance
Skeletal DragonLegendariesEndurance
Lion Guard StrategistEpicsEndurance
Stampeding MammothEpicsEndurance
Dragon Cult GhostEpicsEndurance
Corrupted ShadeEpicsEndurance
Hallowed DeathpriestEpicsEndurance
Frostbite SpiderRaresEndurance
Archein Venomtongue*RaresEndurance
Archein EliteRaresEndurance
Spine of EldersbloodRaresEndurance
Mountain TyrantRaresEndurance
Midnight SweepRaresEndurance
Lurking MummyCommonsEndurance
Restless TemplarCommonsEndurance
Stonetooth ScrapperCommonsEndurance
Enchanted PlateCommonsEndurance
Hist SpeakerCommonsEndurance
Ancient Lookout*CommonsEndurance
Soul TearCommonsEndurance
Grim Shield-BrotherCommonsEndurance
Ironscale DragonCommonsEndurance
Stonehill Mammoth*CommonsEndurance
Seht’s Masterwork**LegendariesNeutral
Stronghold EradicatorEpicsNeutral
Heroic RebirthEpicsNeutral
Dwarven ArmamentsEpicsNeutral
Dwarven ColossusEpicsNeutral
Vicious DreughRaresNeutral
Slaughterfish SpawningRaresNeutral
Treasure MapRaresNeutral
Awakened ImperfectRaresNeutral
Ravenous CrocodileCommonsNeutral
Frenzied WitchmanCommonsNeutral
Gristlehide DreughCommonsNeutral
Midnight SnackCommonsNeutral
Mudcrab AnklesnapperCommonsNeutral

B Tier

Above Average cards in this tier
Above Average Cards

B Tier includes all those solo arena cards which are considered to be above average in terms of their performance in battles. B Tier cards are not as good performing as S and A tier cards but with the right settings might be able to perform very well in battles. B Tier cards should also be added by players in their solo arena decks as they can be supporting the high-tiered cards. Following cards are included in B Tier of Elder Scrolls Legends Solo Arena Tier List

Card NameRarityCard Attribute
Relentless RaiderLegendariesStrength
Ulfric StormcloakLegendariesStrength
Wood Orc HeadhunterLegendariesStrength
Mage SlayerEpicsStrength
Alik’r Survivalist*EpicsStrength
Wrothgar ForgeEpicsStrength
Blighted AlitEpicsStrength
Stormcloak AvengerEpicsStrength
Duel Atop the WorldEpicsStrength
Stoneshard Orc*RaresStrength
Afflicted AlitRaresStrength
Covenant MarauderRaresStrength
Rampaging MinotaurRaresStrength
Assassin’s BowRaresStrength
Silvernar TrackerRaresStrength
Raiding PartyRaresStrength
Skirmisher’s ElixirRaresStrength
Inspiring StormcloakRaresStrength
Skyborn DragonRaresStrength
Ratway ProspectorRaresStrength
Rihad Battlemage*CommonsStrength
Rihad Horseman*CommonsStrength
Riften PillagerCommonsStrength
Heavy BattleaxeCommonsStrength
Valenwood HuntsmanCommonsStrength
Blades Lookout*CommonsStrength
Quicksilver CrossbowCommonsStrength
Bangkorai Butcher*CommonsStrength
Relic HunterCommonsStrength
Renowned LegateLegendariesWillpower
Auroran SentryLegendariesWillpower
Descendant of AlkoshLegendariesWillpower
Jarl BalgruufLegendariesWillpower
Legate RikkeLegendariesWillpower
The Mechanical HeartLegendariesWillpower
Helgen Squad Leader*EpicsWillpower
Ravenous HungerEpicsWillpower
Immolating BlastEpicsWillpower
Tower Alchemist*EpicsWillpower
Cauldron Keeper*EpicsWillpower
Wolf CageEpicsWillpower
Praetorian CommanderEpicsWillpower
Arrow StormRaresWillpower
Hive WarriorRaresWillpower
Imperial Siege EngineRaresWillpower
Riverhold EscortRaresWillpower
Blood Pact MessengerRaresWillpower
Snow WolfRaresWillpower
Shivering ApothecaryRaresWillpower
Mecinar’s WillRaresWillpower
Summerset ShieldmageCommonsWillpower
Priest of the MoonsCommonsWillpower
Pack WolfCommonsWillpower
Legion Praefect*CommonsWillpower
Rajhini HighwaymanCommonsWillpower
Cheydinhal SapperCommonsWillpower
Tusked BristlebackCommonsWillpower
Priest of the Eight*CommonsWillpower
Revered GuardianCommonsWillpower
Ruin ArchaeologistCommonsWillpower
Snowhawk DetatchmentCommonsWillpower
Call of ValorCommonsWillpower
Nahkriin, Dragon PriestLegendariesIntelligence
Divayth FyrLegendariesIntelligence
Winter’s GraspEpicsIntelligence
Balmora SpymasterEpicsIntelligence
Master of Arms*EpicsIntelligence
Shimmerene PeddlerEpicsIntelligence
Desperate ConjuringEpicsIntelligence
Dark RiftEpicsIntelligence
Memory WraithEpicsIntelligence
Dres Tormentor*RaresIntelligence
Baron of TearRaresIntelligence
Elixir of DeflectionRaresIntelligence
Glenumbra SorceressRaresIntelligence
Fire StormRaresIntelligence
Evermore StewardRaresIntelligence
Revealing the UnseenRaresIntelligence
Insightful ScholarRaresIntelligence
Throne AlignedRaresIntelligence
Brutal AshlanderCommonsIntelligence
Abecean NavigatorCommonsIntelligence
Lillandril Hexmage*CommonsIntelligence
Redoran EnforcerCommonsIntelligence
Soul SplitCommonsIntelligence
Ice SpikeCommonsIntelligence
Lesser WardCommonsIntelligence
Ghost Sea Lookout*CommonsIntelligence
Vigilant of StendarrCommonsIntelligence
Farsight NereidCommonsIntelligence
Scroll SeekerCommonsIntelligence
Shalk Fabricant*CommonsIntelligence
Necrom Mastermind*LegendariesAgility
Thieves’ DenLegendariesAgility
Thieves Guild FenceLegendariesAgility
Serpentine StalkerLegendariesAgility
Murkwater Skirmisher*EpicsAgility
Tenmar SwiftclawEpicsAgility
Smuggler’s HallEpicsAgility
Elder CentaurEpicsAgility
Chaurus Breeding PitEpicsAgility
Cog CollectorEpicsAgility
Murkwater SavageRaresAgility
Skooma RacketeerRaresAgility
Embassy DisguiseRaresAgility
Soulrest MarshalRaresAgility
Varanis CourierCommonsAgility
Helstrom FootpadCommonsAgility
Highland LurcherCommonsAgility
An-Xileel InvaderCommonsAgility
Voracious SprigganCommonsAgility
Baandari BruiserCommonsAgility
Skooma UnderbossCommonsAgility
Murkwater ButcherCommonsAgility
Shadowscale PartisanCommonsAgility
Ruthless FreebooterCommonsAgility
Murkwater GuideCommonsAgility
Nix-Hound Fabricant*CommonsAgility
Militant Chieftain*EpicsClass-Specific
Falinesti ReaverEpicsClass-Specific
Warrior’s FuryRaresClass-Specific
Mage’s TrickRaresClass-Specific
Doomcrag VampireLegendariesEndurance
Cicero the BetrayerLegendariesEndurance
Black Marsh WardenLegendariesEndurance
Emperor Titus Mede IILegendariesEndurance
Blackrose HerbalistEpicsEndurance
Angry GrahlEpicsEndurance
Disciple of NamiraEpicsEndurance
Night PredatorEpicsEndurance
Flesh AtronachEpicsEndurance
Frost TrollEpicsEndurance
Iliac SorcererEpicsEndurance
Plea to Kynareth*RaresEndurance
Northpoint CaptainRaresEndurance
Little GirlRaresEndurance
Bruma ArmorerRaresEndurance
Encumbered ExplorerRaresEndurance
Companion HarbingerRaresEndurance
Lay Down ArmsRaresEndurance
Falkreath DefilerRaresEndurance
Deadly DraugrCommonsEndurance
Fharun DefenderCommonsEndurance
Stormhold HenchmanCommonsEndurance
Cursed SpectreCommonsEndurance
Daedric DaggerCommonsEndurance
Mentor of the WatchCommonsEndurance
Restoration TutorCommonsEndurance
Thornwell TerrorCommonsEndurance
Stalwart Ally*CommonsEndurance
Hulking Fabricant*CommonsEndurance
Mistveil Warden*CommonsEndurance
Assembled TitanLegendariesNeutral
Stronghold IncubatorEpicsNeutral
Illusory Mimic*EpicsNeutral
Voice of Balance*EpicsNeutral
Dreugh Shell ArmorRaresNeutral
Ageless AutomatonRaresNeutral
Raging HorkerRaresNeutral
Young DragonbornRaresNeutral
Dragon AspectRaresNeutral
Dark HarvesterCommonsNeutral
Barded GuarCommonsNeutral
Dwarven SphereCommonsNeutral
Merchant’s CamelCommonsNeutral
Ferocious DreughCommonsNeutral
Sparking SpiderCommonsNeutral
Mechanical AllyCommonsNeutral
Horned HelmCommonsNeutral
Assembled SanitizerCommonsNeutral
Reachman ShamanCommonsNeutral

C Tier

Average cards of C tier in in Solo Arena
Average Cards

C Tier of Elder Scrolls Legends Solo Arena Tier List includes all those characters who in the solo arena are considered to be average. This is due to their average performance and not being as strong as the high-tiered cards.

C Tier cards should be used by the players only when needed and if they are not having any high-tiered cards in their battling decks. C Tier of this tier list includes the following cards.

Card NameRarityCard Attribute
Dremora MarkynazLegendariesStrength
World-Eater’s EyrieLegendariesStrength
Gladiator Arena*EpicsStrength
Dread ClannfearEpicsStrength
Whirling Duelist*EpicsStrength
Fiery ImpRaresStrength
Improvised Weapon*RaresStrength
Northwind Outpost*RaresStrength
Bog LurcherRaresStrength
Bone BowRaresStrength
Trial of FlameRaresStrength
A Land DividedLegendariesWillpower
Artaeum Savant*EpicsWillpower
Dagi-raht Mystic*EpicsWillpower
Hero of AnvilEpicsWillpower
Imperial MightEpicsWillpower
Elsweyr LookoutEpicsWillpower
Reconstruction EngineEpicsWillpower
Aldmeri PatriotRaresWillpower
Two-Moons ContemplationRaresWillpower
Imperial CampRaresWillpower
War CryRaresWillpower
Legion ShieldRaresWillpower
Sunhold MedicCommonsWillpower
Cathay-raht VeteranCommonsWillpower
Marked ManCommonsWillpower
Thalmor JusticiarCommonsWillpower
Staff of SparksLegendariesIntelligence
College of WinterholdLegendariesIntelligence
Echo of AkatoshLegendariesIntelligence
Wisdom of AncientsEpicsIntelligence
Ice WraithEpicsIntelligence
Brilliant ExperimentEpicsIntelligence
Dragonstar Rider*EpicsIntelligence
Moment of ClarityEpicsIntelligence
Battlereeve of DuskEpicsIntelligence
Dragon Priest MaskEpicsIntelligence
Cruel FirebloomRaresIntelligence
Gardener of Swords*RaresIntelligence
Master Swordsmith*RaresIntelligence
Daggers in the DarkCommonsIntelligence
Crystal Tower Crafter*CommonsIntelligence
Steel SwordCommonsIntelligence
Palace ConspiratorCommonsIntelligence
Court Wizard*CommonsIntelligence
Dark Rebirth*CommonsIntelligence
Fire BreathCommonsIntelligence
Dragon’s Fury*CommonsIntelligence
Mistveil EnchanterCommonsIntelligence
Arcanaeum LibrarianCommonsIntelligence
Nest of VipersLegendariesAgility
Spider DaedraLegendariesAgility
Green-Touched SprigganEpicsAgility
Arenthia SwindlerEpicsAgility
Hidden TrailEpicsAgility
Camoran Scout LeaderEpicsAgility
Torval CrookEpicsAgility
Shadowgreen Elder*EpicsAgility
Snake Tooth NecklaceRaresAgility
Goblin Skulk*RaresAgility
Swift StrikeRaresAgility
Grand BallRaresAgility
Daring HeistRaresAgility
Murkwater GoblinCommonsAgility
Mounrhold GuardianCommonsAgility
Greenheart KnightCommonsAgility
Drain VitalityCommonsAgility
Palace ProwlerCommonsAgility
Caravan Enforcer*CommonsAgility
Sightless Skulk*CommonsAgility
Dovah of the VoiceCommonsAgility
Iron AtronachLegendariesEndurance
Innkeeper Delphine*LegendariesEndurance
Siege CatapultEpicsEndurance
Wrothgar Kingpin*EpicsEndurance
Grim ChampionEpicsEndurance
Hackwing FeatherEpicsEndurance
Hist GroveEpicsEndurance
Waves of the FallenEpicsEndurance
Gloom Wraith*RaresEndurance
Watch Commander*RaresEndurance
Ring of Imaginary Might*RaresEndurance
Yew ShieldRaresEndurance
Steelheart VanquisherRaresEndurance
Lowland TrollRaresEndurance
Tree MinderCommonsEndurance
Oldgate WardenCommonsEndurance
Dragonplate ArmorCommonsEndurance
Healing HandsCommonsEndurance
Deathless DraugrCommonsEndurance
Orb of VaerminaLegendariesNeutral
Journey to SovngardeLegendariesNeutral
Dragon MoundLegendariesNeutral
Halls of the Dwemer*EpicsNeutral
Forsaken Champion*EpicsNeutral
Flesh SculptureEpicsNeutral
Star-Sung BardEpicsNeutral
Tullius’ ConscriptionEpicsNeutral
Ulfric’s UprisingEpicsNeutral
Elixir of ConflictRaresNeutral
Forsworn Guide*RaresNeutral
Close Call*RaresNeutral
A Night to RememberRaresNeutral
Dwarven Dynamo*RaresNeutral
Namira’s ShrineRaresNeutral
Enraged MudcrabCommonsNeutral
Dwarven BallistaCommonsNeutral
Greybeard Mentor*CommonsNeutral
Glass Helm of RemedyCommonsNeutral
Knife to the ThroatCommonsNeutral
Gearwork SpiderCommonsNeutral
Assembled SentryCommonsNeutral
Dormant CenturionCommonsNeutral
Assembled ConduitCommonsNeutral

D Tier

D Tier Worst Cards in Solo Arena
The Worst Cards

Finally, the last tier of Elder Scrolls Legends Solo Arena Tier List ranks all those cards that are weak. D Tier cards are unable to perform anything like S or A Tier characters. These cards should be avoided by players at any cost and should never be included in the battling deck of solo arena mode. The reason why these cards should be avoided is that they have low stats and are terrible performers. D tier includes the following cards.

Card NameRarityCard Attribute
Hit and RunEpicsStrength
Stormcloak CampRaresStrength
Nord FirebrandCommonsStrength
Alpha WolfEpicsWillpower
Elixir of the DefenderRaresWillpower
Septim GuardsmanRaresWillpower
Chanter of AkatoshRaresWillpower
Healing PotionCommonsWillpower
Elixir of VitalityCommonsWillpower
Speaker TerenusLegendariesIntelligence
Mage’s Guild RetreatEpicsIntelligence
Studium HeadmasterEpicsIntelligence
Summerset OrreryEpicsIntelligence
Arcane Enchanter*EpicsIntelligence
Thalmor EmbassyEpicsIntelligence
Craglorn Scavenger*RaresIntelligence
Studious GreybeardRaresIntelligence
Niben Bay CutthroatCommonsIntelligence
Stealer of SecretsCommonsIntelligence
Embassy GuardCommonsIntelligence
Ring of Namira*LegendariesAgility
Leafwater BlessingEpicsAgility
Spider LairEpicsAgility
Swindler’s MarketRaresAgility
Elixir of Light FeetRaresAgility
Brotherhood Sanctuary*RaresAgility
Move in ShadowsRaresAgility
Arrow in the KneeCommonsAgility
High HrothgarLegendariesEndurance
Necromancer’s AmuletEpicsEndurance
Imprisoned DeathlordEpicsEndurance
Elixir of VigorRaresEndurance
Chieftain’s Banner*RaresEndurance
Imperial ArmorCommonsEndurance
Altar of DespairLegendariesNeutral
The Night MotherLegendariesNeutral
Forsworn Looter*EpicsNeutral
Prized ChickenEpicsNeutral
Brass ArquebusEpicsNeutral
Abandoned ImperfectRaresNeutral
Dwarven SpiderCommonsNeutral
Maple ShieldCommonsNeutral
Spider WorkerCommonsNeutral
Blackreach RebuilderCommonsNeutral
Word WallCommonsNeutral

Elder Scrolls legends Solo Arena Tips and Winning Strategies

Elder Scrolls: Legends Solo Arena Tier List
Menu screen of Solo Arena

If you are new to the arena we have got some of the best tips and strategies to make you stand out in the arena. Below we will be discussing Elder Scrolls Legends Solo Arena Tips so the one fifty gold that you have spent to play Arena does not go wasted.

Building Deck and Selecting Cards

There are some cards that can be proved to be better picked than others due to the fact that Arena has a randomized structure. This means that you must have Elder Scrolls Legends Solo Arena best class while building your deck as you will be fighting against every other class combo in Arena.

Intelligence and Agility based cards are considered to be more useful and versatile than Endurance based cards. However Neutral cards should be picked by the players in Arena due to their all-around utility.

Create the Best Class

For creating the Elder Scrolls Legends Solo Arena best class you need to match and mix different cards depending upon the card’s attributes. There is a total of ten classes that players can create by mixing different cards. When you choose a class, you will be able to see which cards are available as you create your deck.

You will not be allowed to include any Intelligence cards in an Archer deck, but you can include Agility, Endurance, and Neutral cards instead because these cards can be included with any combination of attributes. There are some cards that fall into two categories which include Agility-specific cards and Endurance-specific cards. So, make sure you create the best class in Arena.

Attacking in Order

One of the most important Elder Scrolls Legends Solo Arena Tips is to attack carefully in every turn for the perfect combos. Opponents can break whatever combo you were going for by getting a free card with Prophecy if you do enough damage to break a rune. So, it is usually better to attack the bigger creature in the beginning.

Strategies Against Bosses

Let us move on to some winning strategies against bosses which work well and can be one of the best Elder Scrolls Legends Solo Arena Tips. The strategy which you should use while having battles against bosses in Arena should be to defeat the easier bosses first due to two main reasons.

The first would be if you start against a difficult boss and end up losing you will probably have fewer chances to deal with other bosses. Secondly, if you start against easier bosses you can build and upgrade your deck making it easier for you to deal with harder bosses in future battles.


While Multiplayer and Story Mode are all about making the best combos Solo Arena is about reliability as you cannot make the perfect combos. The Solo arena mode can be a good way to earn gold without facing difficult players in the Versus Mode. Do remember to use any given card in any battle and situation. Elder Scrolls Legends Solo Arena Tier List ranks all cards from best to worst so the players can create the best deck for the Arena. The cards ranked higher in this tier list are not always advisable to choose as other cards can also be correct. So, good luck against Arena.