Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier List [Nov. 2022]

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I’m sure you’re all awaiting the ultimate analysis of the latest patch released a few weeks ago. I have been playing the game uninterrupted for several hours, analyzing a variety of heroes. Playing them all day and gathering statistics on which heroes in the new Hearthstone Battlegrounds patch are the most broken. Here is my current Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list. Let’s discuss why some of these heroes have been upgraded. It is vital to remember that this is the most recent patch.

This tier list won’t become invalid until after the next patch; at that point, I’ll likely create another one for you. Consequently, please check that out as soon as possible. All of the heroes are based on the current patch playtime I’ve experienced.

Before I begin my tier list, I should mention that I anticipate criticism in the comments area. Yes, HS replay or other websites may provide alternative hero statistics. Depending on the level you play them at and which faction you choose in the lobby, each of these heroes will have unique abilities.

Some are superior in lower ranks, while some are superior in higher ranks, and indeed, the best players in the game will not agree on other tier lists. Almost everyone creates a unique tier list. So, this is only my opinion. This is my estimation of the quality of heroes in the current meta. I would say perhaps the top 10 percent of players. Many of you who have visited our page and are reading this text are already familiar with Hearthstone Battlegrounds.

With each Hearthstone Battlegrounds patch bringing a new update and many more players into the battle, I’d like to take the time to address this question. What are Hearthstone Battlegrounds specifically? Perhaps you have heard of the game but have never taken the time to participate. Maybe you have buddies that are fascinated with this game and always discuss it.

They also want you to experience, or perhaps you have spent years trying to get your buddies to play your favorite video game series. This essay is for you if you or anybody you know want a quick overview of what this game offers and, more significantly, why it is so unique and its heroes.


With eight players battling it out one-on-one, the aim is to be the last one standing. Phases 1 and 2 make up each round of the competition. This phase allows players to buy and sell minions, enhance the Tavern, activate their hero power, and reshuffle their minions’ attack order. During the combat phase, minions automatically attack the opponents until one or both players have no more minions left, when the winner assaults the loser.

This mode contains a distinct set of cards (though many are functionally similar to collector cards) and an extensive roster of characters. To begin with, every card in the Battlegrounds set is accessible for play.

The gameplay elements in Battlegrounds are new to Hearthstone and stand out from anything else. Coins are the sole resource: there is no mana (similar to the Bartender Bob, Bartendotron, and Bazaar Bob encounters from previous Single-player adventures).

3 Coins for all minions means their strength is determined by Tavern Tier, which is presented instead of mana on a cards card interface. This is a purple square with 1-6 gold stars in the upper-left corner. When a round is ended, the hero’s remaining minions contribute Tavern Tier to the hero’s assault instead of immediately attacking the opponent. On November 1, BlizzCon 2019 unveiled Battlegrounds for the first time.


In Battlegrounds, the player influences the Hero card type. Health is the primary source of life for all heroes. Heroes in Battlegrounds have a maximum health of 40. To properly strategize their approach to the game, players need to consider the various Hero Powers and their associated costs and mechanics that each hero possesses. Each Battlegrounds game ends with the top four players having dealt enough damage to all other characters to lower their health to 0.


There are several heroes to choose from in Battlegrounds, each with unique abilities and techniques. Two (or four, if you have Battlegrounds Perks) heroes are available for each player to choose from at the start of the game.

It is impossible to provide the same hero to two players in a single match because of the enormous number of characters in the game. As a replacement for the standard History bar, a sidebar displays the health of every hero in the match.

Heroes are ranked from highest to lowest health, with the top four players assigned numbers and the first place winner receiving a crown. Players’ usernames, hero power levels, Tavern Tiers, and the percentage of the majority minion tribe in their team can all be found by hovering your cursor over any icon.

You can also see who that player has fought in the last two rounds and the damage that player has dealt (either receiving or attacking). There’s a bright red border around your current opponent, separated from the other symbols by a little gap.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier List Methodology

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier List Ranking Procedure
Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier List Methodology

In a word, this tier list assesses the projected competitive performance of all heroes in-game based on the current meta, assuming that all players are equally skilled under the constraints of a set of rules. An accurate tier list rates heroes based on the effectiveness of each hero’s moveset, attributes, and tactics when matched against all other heroes in a competitive situation. As expected, there are several things.

This is not a simple process due to the many variables involved. It is physically impossible to examine this data, but we will do our best. Heroes with special maneuvers and plans will triumph over their lesser counterparts. If the hero you employ is not of a high rank, it is not the end of the world.

Never are tier lists static. As long as people are still playing the game, they are constantly evolving. With the revelation of new tactics and counter-strategies, heroes that were earlier considered to be weaker are now able to defeat those that were previously thought to be more powerful.

Heroes-dedicated players will ultimately uncover latent potential that exceeds their character’s meta. In this Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list, I will rate heroes according to their playstyle and my experience with them. However, the ranking of heroes in this tier list is based on my judgment. I recognize that tier lists are subjective and that the order of the heroes may not correspond to your expectations.

This tier list and general rating of heroes is open to discussion but not criticism. I have separated the Hearthstone Battlegrounds heroes into five tiers: S, A, B, C, and D. Before beginning this tier list, I’d want to complete the following: I adore every hero on this tier list, from highest to lowest. In contrast to the heroes in the lower levels, the upper-tier heroes have a considerable influence on the game, which makes the game more appealing. This does not imply that I dislike heroes at lower ranks.

I like every Hearthstone Battlegrounds hero. So, without hatred, let’s begin naming heroes and determine who are the finest and worst in the game. This will be a lengthy journey, but it will be worthwhile. This is my tier list if I disagree with someone’s viewpoint and believe I have valid grounds. Although my perspective prevailed, this tier ranking was mainly agreed upon.

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S Tier

The Greatest Heroes of the Hearthstone Battegrounds Tier List
The Greatest Heroes in Patch 23.6

The first tier of this list is denoted by the letter “S,” which stands for “excellent” or “super.” It has the highest rank. This portion of the Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list contains only heroes with exceptional movesets, primary abilities, damage, and tackiness. I must state that S-tier heroes are superior to anything else in this patch.

The most recent patch has severely buffed these heroes. Using these heroes in your games will give you an advantage over your opponents. Play them as often as possible. Everything else on the lowest tier is circumstance-dependent.

Maiev Shadowsong

In the Battlegrounds game mode, the player may choose the hero Maiev Shadowsong. As with Yogg’Saron and Rafaam, Maiev’s hero power may be employed identically to overpower minions. While it slows down Maiev’s early game, her additional resources and stats allow her to dominate most strategies by the midgame.

To avoid hazardous purchases, you may use the Hero Power later in the game to buy your second copy of Brann Bronzebeard or Baron Rivendare to wait for a triple or spend it on a Freedealing Gambler, Murozond, or Tavern Tempest for a Gold profit.

Bob’s Tavern has no room for dormant minions. When you refresh the Tavern after reaching Tavern Tier 6 and have two Dormant minions, only 5 of the six new minions are added. Refreshing Bob’s Tavern will not dispose of dormant minions. Dormant minions may have numerous masters. The Steward of Time’s boost is not available to dormant minions.

In the Battlegrounds game format, the hero Maiev Shadowsong uses the hero ability Imprison. Maiev Shadowsong’s Minion card, Shadow Warden, is her best friend. So, I will place it at the top of the Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list.

Lord Barov

In the Battlegrounds mode, Lord Barov is a hero that the player may choose. It is revealed to the player that two more opponents will be battling on the current turn after pressing a Hero Power. Once both players have been eliminated, the player may choose himself or his opponent as his last opponent.

With an even number of players, Kel’Thuzad is an option. One coin will be returned to the player when a fight concludes in a draw. Because of the three coins, you stand to gain from this knowledge, knowing your opponent’s warbands is definitely worth the risk.

Even better, since certain early-game matchups might be predicted, you can obtain a power bump (Characters that have a solid early game like The Curator or Rafaam over characters that gain more value over time like Alexstraza or Aranna). The Hero Power may be used after your turn after you’ve taken care of the minions. I think it’s preferable to lose on a wager than to ruin a game board.

It’s a bad idea to utilize a Hero power on the first turn because of all the connections. The Hero Power, which allows you to know the Heroes and their beginning minions, may be used on the second turn if you find Deck Swabbie and play it. Bet on a Hero who triumphed in the last round rather than the one who lost. Chance on the one who faced a stronger opponent if both won or lost.

Using Hero Power to try to obtain a match against Kel’Thuzad is preferable when an odd number of players is still standing. In the Battlegrounds game mode, the hero Lord Barov uses the hero ability Friendly Wager. Thus, I will place it at the S tier of the Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list.

Reno Jackson

In Battlegrounds, Reno Jackson is a hero the player may choose. However, if the right circumstances are met, Reno’s Hero Power may be game-changing. It’s ideal if Reno works quickly to gain a Golden minion of a high level. Mama Bear, Kalecgos, Arcane Aspect, Brann Bronzebeard, Nat Pagle, Extreme Angler, and Baron Rivendare are some of the most excellent minions to turn Golden since they scale well with other cards. Do not be greedy and hold out for the “ideal” card if your health is low.

Ghastcoiler’s twofold card effect or Imp Mama’s enormous base stats nevertheless give a considerable power boost and may rescue you from death at a poor position. Reno Jackson’s hero power “Going to Be Rich!” can be found in the Battlegrounds mode. Reno Jackson’s companion Minion card is Sr. Tomb Diver. You want to use this hero power as soon as possible on a card that will significantly influence your overall strategy.

Spend time in the lower levels to find a triple, then level up to find a card in the upper classes that you can turn golden and use as the foundation of your deck. Scaling up your board is more manageable by hitting the right cards (Mama BearMama Bear, Brann BronzebeardBrann Bronzebeard, Chef Nomi). You should hero power the first strong card you come across if you cannot locate a triple to assist in stabilizing if you cannot. As a result, I will place it in the Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list Minions.

Dancin’ Deryl

A hero called Dancin’ Deryl is available in the Battlegrounds mode. When played correctly, Dancin’ Deryl is a formidable hero. To get the most out of his Hero Power, make sure you fill your board and hand with minions (especially token summoning ones), and then, once you’ve rolled a minion you want to buff, hold off on replenishing your Coins until you’ve bought all the minions you don’t want, and then sell them all to ensure that the buffs all go to that one minion. It is possible to gain a boosted minion rapidly, increasing the strength of your triples.

Hat Trick may target minions that benefit from higher stats, such as Divine Shield minions, Magnetic minions, Cave Hydra, Security Rover, and Foe Reaper 4000. A few of the finest minions to purchase and sell are Murloc Tidehunter (which grants four buffs if played correctly), Sellemental (which stacks a hero power boost with its selling bonus), Alleycat, Murozond, and Tavern Tempest (which grants free 3x +1/+1). Gentle Djinni and Nat Paggle are two more minions that might be useful in fighting to obtain “free” cards.

Deryl’s approach to gameplay is highly distinct. Spend your money on as many cards as possible while remaining in the lower ranks. Stack all your bonuses on a single card after you’ve found one ideal for dancing on (the best units are divine shield minions or Impulsive TricksterImpulsive Trickster).

The more times you do this, the more powerful your minions will become, and the more beneficial your tech cards will be while you’re playing against your opponents. Hence, I will place it in the Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list builds.

A Tier

The Prominent Heroes of the Hearthstone Battegrounds Tier List
The Prominent Heroes in Patch 23.6

The Lich King, Al’ Akir, Galakrond, and Jandice Barov comprise this tier. That concludes the discussion. These heroes are outstanding or comparable to high-stakes gambling. In other words, they are still in the top four categories of excellence. This patch’s Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list contains a substantial gap between the A and S levels. Nevertheless, this does not indicate that they are incorrect.

The only difference is that the gap has grown somewhat. Having a solid start with them makes this more situational, but if you want to shake things up, all of these compositions use the same elements, so feel free to flip between them.

The Lich King

Players may choose the Lich King as a hero in Battlegrounds. Minion builds that depend on support minions to bolster your board, like Mama Bear, are less likely to be shut down thanks to the Hero Power of the Lich King.

It also protects the minion from opponent minions like Zapp Slywick and Kaboom Bot that may snipe at it. A Deathrattle minion, such as Spawn of N’Zoth or Ghastcoiler, may have it is Deathrattle increased using this ability. In contrast, using this ability can make killing a Divine Shield minion more challenging.

If you’re up against a wall of incredibly high health and in desperate need of a Poisonous attack, you may want to consider going for Maexxna. After Deathrattle’s effects, the reborn minion is summoned. Therefore Rat Packs and mechs magnetized with Replicating Menace are not recommended candidates for the reborn minion. This has no effect when thrown on a previously reborn minion, such as Bronze Warden or Micro Mummy. Because of Khadgar’s ability to replicate the reborn duplicate, the Lich King and Khadgar work well together.

If you use hero power every round, you’ll have an easy time winning the early game on death rattle cards or troops that you don’t want to get sniped. Utilize the Reborn (like Murloc Warleader, Baron Rivendare, Soul Juggler). The Lich King excels in executing death rattle comps, particularly involving animals like The Great Wolf Goldrinn, The Great Wolf, or Mama Bear / Palescale Crocolisk. So, I will place it at the top of the A tier of the Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list.


In the Battlegrounds game mode, the player can select Al’Akir as their hero. A free divine shield minion is as beneficial as (or perhaps better than) having another minion on your team in the early stages of the game for Al’Akir. If you have murlocs, use Old Murk-Eye, who has a strong synergy with your hero power, early in the game. You can play more aggressively with an extra minion, such as advancing to the next tier sooner than your opponents.

You may discover minions that utilize Windfury from the hero power like Foe Reaper 4000, Cave hydra, or Wildfire elemental in the mid to late game. Therefore it is still essential to have a hero. Alternately, if you want to eliminate two of your opponent’s minions quickly, you may send your toxic, high-stature minion to the front. Unlike Illidan, Al’Akir’s hero power does not force your minion to strike first.

When positioning your minions, remember that both your buffed minion and the opponent’s buffed minion might attack first, resulting in your buffed minion losing its heavenly shield. Al’Akir, the Windlord’s hero power in the Battlegrounds game mode, is Swatting Insects. Al’Akir’s Minion card is Spirit of Air.

The best way to maximize the potential of this hero power is to start with a massive card like Wrath weaver. Monstrous Macaw, Cave Hydra, and Wildfire Elemental all work nicely with this card in the game’s latter stages. Thus, I will place it in the Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list hsreplay


In the Battlegrounds game mode, players can select Galakrond as their hero. Compared to Infinite Toki, Galakrond’s Hero Power has one benefit over hers: You may upgrade the changed minion the next round, even if it was Frozen.

Alternately, keep freezing it to go even higher, or upgrade the minion you improved last round immediately for a minion two tiers higher to maximize your rolls. On the other hand, the latter has a higher level of danger because you will have to depend on your initial roll each round to fill up your Warband.

The Hero Power may also be used to reroll a minion into a more powerful one. Hero power and freeze every round until you find something you want from a higher tier in the early stages of play. You can use these cards to expand your board and construct your deck around them. Make sure you don’t overlook the importance of leveling up! When you’re behind in the lobby, it’s challenging to return.

The Rafaam Curve works well with this hero (level 6 and 7 gold on tier 1 remains there). It is a hero ability Galakrond uses in the Battlegrounds game mode. This Minion card is a companion to Galakrond. As a result, I will place it in the Hearthstone Battlegrounds 2022 tier list.

Jandice Barov

In the Battlegrounds game mode, the player can select Jandice Barov as their hero. It’s comparable to Malygos’ Hero Power in that it allows her to swap a lesser token minion for a greater statted minion. Still, it’s more predictable since you know what minions you will get. You may also use her Hero Power to double-chain a minion’s Battlecry. However, this is more expensive than Shudderwock and isn’t relevant in the case of Kalecgos, Arcane Aspect, so it’s best to use it early in the game.

With her Hero Power, you may also utilize the additional space to play Battlecry minions to enhance your minions before purchasing back the minion that was temporarily switched out. This increases the reliability of creating a complete 7-minion Warband.

In most cases, purchasing all the minions you want to use before activating the Hero Power is preferable. Deck Swabbie may be used to cut the cost of Tavern Tiers significantly or to boost your odds of receiving a Freedealing Gambler by using such strategies.

You should increase your Tavern Tier before utilizing the Hero Power if you expect to obtain a triple reward after using it and you are not already at the lowest level of the Tavern (before the sell-buy process). Use hero power every round if an early token is found. The token that it produces on your board may be used to create many triples without sacrificing tempo.

Golden cards may be held until you’re on tier 3 or 4, so you can spike like crazy! No token to be found? No need to be alarmed! Hero power is still getting lots of nice upgrades. Brann Bronzebeard and Mama Bear also have a strong working relationship with her. Hence, I will place it at the last of the A tier of the Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list.

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B Tier

The Average Heroes of the Hearthstone Battegrounds Tier List
The Average Heroes in Patch 23.6

However, the B tier is not the whole bottom tier. These approach the A-tier heroes in terms of power but surpass them in terms of individuality and depth. B Tier is the balanced tier in the Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list.

All of these heroes are fantastic, yet they all have severe flaws. They seem incomplete since they either do a lot of damage but lack movesets or something similar, yet their overall game performance is only average.

B Tier heroes are, in my opinion, the weakest heroes following A Tier. This tier includes Captain Hooktusk, George the Fallen, Silas Darkmoon, and Dinotamer Brann. All of them belong to the B-tier category. If you begin well with them, you will not do poorly, but only if you do so. After I describe a few occurrences, you’ll understand why the rest are here.

Captain Hooktusk

In the Battlegrounds game mode, the player may choose the hero Captain Hooktusk. Despite its inconsistency, Captain Hooktusk’s hero power might be challenging to master. This hero skill may “boost” tier 1 minions by substituting 1/1 minions like Tabby Cat with potentially stronger minions in the early phase. Battlecry minion boosts would not be squandered if it was used on it. Though it’s not certain that employing the hero power will result in a bonus, you should use it as much as possible in the early game to buff minions.

With your hero power, it will be more potent if you can make it to the upper tiers of minions. This hero ability places a new minion in your hand, allowing you to play other boosting minions before putting down the new minion you have summoned.

Moving minions away from the board during recruitment is also a helpful strategy. Her early turns are where you’ll get the most bang for your buck. Use the hero power for more money and to find tier 1 pairs and triples.

To go ahead of the lobby, level up and quadruple your 1-star cards into higher tiers. The hero powers you’d ordinarily sell in the middle to the late game might lead to the discovery of additional helpful troops like buffs or tech cards like Selfless HeroSelfless Hero. Captain Hooktusk, in the Battlegrounds game mode, uses the hero ability Trash for Treasure. Captain Hooktusk’s Minion pal, a Raging Contender, is a card in the set. So, I will place it at the top of the C tier of the Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list.

George the Fallen

It is possible to choose George the Fallen as a hero in the Battlegrounds mode of the game. As an expensive, endgame-focused Hero Power, George’s Hero Power isn’t for everyone. Despite its high cost, the ability to take an additional hit on a minion becomes very beneficial towards the end of the game. Cave Hydra and other massive attackers will gain the most from them, as well as Taunt minion hordes and support minions such as Baron Rivendare. If you want to take advantage of George’s Hero Power later, you’ll need to ramp up early.

All minions with Divine Shield (e.g., Bronze Warden) may be purchased if they are helpful to the Warband. The greater the long-term gain (or negative) of using his hero power on a subordinate is, the sooner it is used.

Adding Divine Shield to a strong minion early in the game (even though other minions may be weaker) may significantly boost the odds of surviving. To utilize hero power on a later, more powerful minion, it’s a good idea to acquire several token minions early in the game so you can sell them for two coins.

Later games are subject to the same regulation. Your divine shields are too valuable to squander on subpar early-game cards. Finding a Gemsplitter on tier 3 is one of the most acceptable methods to progress. To go further, you’ll want to locate a Groundshaker in Tier 4 or an Aggem Thorncurse in Tier 5. You may even attempt to win the game by using shielding poison cards on your opponent’s board. Hence, I will place it in the Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list minions.

Silas Darkmoon

In the Battlegrounds game mode, the player may choose Silas Darkmoon’s hero. A minion in the Tavern may have a ticket for each die rolled. A Prize card is added to your hand when you buy three Minion tickets. There’s a reasonable probability of getting one or more tickets at each tier. Higher to two tickets may appear at Tiers 4 and up, although occasionally none do. To uncover a minion with this hero’s power, you must acquire three randomly assigned minions, which cost you nine coins.

A low-tier, low-statutory, or ineffectual minion may be worth purchasing after you reach a high tavern level to “swap” for discovering a high-tier minion. If you’re already in the wrong position at the beginning of a game, you’ll lose out on the benefits of this hero ability. A permanent bonus from your first minion may be obtained by upgrading the Tavern to tier 3 before finding it. Check out the ticket on a lovely card. It’s yours, so go for it.

When you start, finding free troops offers you the pace and economics you need to level up and learn how to scale your game. You earn a lot of tickets if you have a composition that wishes to purchase and sell often (Elementals, Pirates, Menagerie). Silas Darkmoon’s hero ability, “Come One, Come All!” is utilized in the Battlegrounds mode of the game. Thus, I will place it in the Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list builds.

Dinotamer Brann

A hero called Brann Bronzebeard is available in the Battlegrounds mode. Brann’s Hero Power is worth it if you can get the most out of it early on. A Nathrezim Overseer or Menagerie Mug early in the game is worth picking up for the stat increase it gives, as are Alleycat and Murloc Tidehunter. If you have the other Brann, its late-game utility goes through the roof for specific strategies but becomes less effective in the middle of the game.

Due to the randomness of the Battlecry minion you get, Kalecgos, Arcane Aspect has a lot of utility. Additionally, upgrading to Tier 6 speeds up the quest for an Amalgadon. Brann Bronzebeard should be acquired as soon as possible. Staying on tier 1 and searching for battlecry cards is the best way to do this. Make sure you’ve got a lot of powerful cards on your table before moving on to tier 3.

You’ll spend most of your time in the middle of the game seeking for and cycling between buffs. Aiming for Tier 6 and flooding the board with strong minions is the objective. When playing the Battlegrounds game mode, the hero Dinotamer Brann utilizes the Battle Brand power. Brann Bronzebeard is a Battlegrounds minion of the fifth level. Consequently, I will place it in the Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list his replay.

C Tier

The Below-Average Heroes
The Below-Average Heroes in Patch 23.6

The C level is regarded to be inferior. The three heroes at this tier are almost identical to one another. This is the last examination. Please do not collect them unless you already own the other items and possess the means to do so. You may also uncover a creative way to never run out by doing web research. Patches the Pirate, Rafaam the Arch-Villain, and Tickatus, are all C-tier heroes. I would want to stay away from them.

Patches the Pirate

A hero called Patches the Pirate is available in the Battlegrounds mode. As a constant source of value, Patches’ Hero Power provides both more Pirates to play with and a discount on minions or a profit when discounted to 0. To have a higher chance of discovering triples, his hero power allows Patches to build up a Pirate board early. If the game continues late with Pirates, Cap’n Hoggarr will contribute more gold to the pool, making it easier for Patches to trigger his hero power.

Don’t feel forced to remain with the Pirates, as you should with any tribe-specific hero. Even if you don’t play Pirates, you should always purchase Freedealing Gambler when it appears since Patches can sell the minion back for no gold loss. Use your hero power as much as possible to increase your chances of discovering excellent pirates and pairs or triples. Salty Looter is a great early-game pirate to pick up. Trio: Salty Looter, Briny Bootlegger, Southsea Strength.

It would be best if you aimed for Peggy Brittlebone, Cap’n Hoggarr, and Tony Two-Tusk in the middle of the game. A golden Cap’n Hoggar, along with a conventional one, gives you a nearly limitless supply of gold, allowing you to cycle through the remaining pirates to complete the game. During the Battlegrounds game mode, Patches the Pirate may wield the hero power Pirate Party! Patches the Pirate’s buddy Minion card is Tuskarr Raider. So, I will place it at the top of the C tier of the Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list.

Arch-Villain Rafaam

Arch-Thief When playing the Battlegrounds game mode, the player may choose Rafaam as their hero. A random minion may be “purchased” for one gold via Rafaam’s hero power. A player may utilize them early in the game to set the pace by swiping the first minions to build up their board and then later in the game to land on triples. If you’re playing as Rafaam, it’s recommended that you keep your hero power active for the first few turns to maximize value and triples. The most common strategy is to level up tier 2 at turn four and tier 3 at game 5.

Excellent choices for Rafaam in the first tier include Alleycat, Murloc Tidehunter, Deck Swabbie, and even Wrath Weaver. A golden Wrath Weaver might be the difference between victory and defeat in the game’s early stages.

Look for minions with high stats and immediate effect if you hit a triple. You may go more aggressively to tier 5 or even 6 to discover build-defining minions like Brann Bronzebeard or Mama Bear to shift to a late-game build or hunt for more vital boost cards and synergies to consolidate your board.

Keep pressing the hero power button at all times. Follow the Rafaam Curve to remain on Tier 1 and only get six gold levels. With all the additional cards and triples you obtain in the early game, your primary strategy is to avalanche your way to victory. In the game’s later stages, it’s critical to keep stealing from your opponents since they’ll frequently hand you key tech cards. Hence, I will place it in the Hearthstone Battlegrounds 2022 tier list.


In the Battlegrounds game mode, players can select Tickatus as their hero. With his unique Hero Strength, Tickatus can discover strong cards that increase in power as the player progresses. With the aid of abilities like Great Deal and Open Bar, Tickaus may easily transition into the latter stages of the game, and some of these powers can even help them win it. To avoid losing your final reward by earning new hero power, never choose Training Session unless necessary.

This is because, unlike the Darkmoon Awards event, the prizes are provided by Tickatus’ Hero Power. However, if you are steady enough to survive four rounds without the turn three award, you may pick it up and spend it. For example, early in the game, it’s preferable to focus on economics than tempo: you get two gold, a Tier 1 unit, and two bananas.

Finding late-game tech like a divine shield from your spells might help you win games. Tickatus’ hero ability, Prize Wall, is utilized in the Battlegrounds game mode to create a prize wall. Tickatus’s Minion pal is Ticket Collector. As a result, I will place it in the Hearthstone Battlegrounds 2022.

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D Tier

The Flawed Heroes
The Flawed Heroes in Patch 23.6

Consequently, the heroes of D Tier are the weakest in the game’s lowest levels. Now that I’ve shown the bottom tier, I’ll elaborate on a few points. Regardless of the hero you play, it does not mean you are worthless. It’s not a personal assault; I understand how tier rankings function. You are better if you can competently play a hero from the lowest tier. In this game, it is possible to depend on any hero. These lowest levels need significant improvement.

Millhouse Manastorm

Players may choose Millhouse Manastorm as a hero in the Battlegrounds mode. You’ll need to approach him uniquely to get the most of Millhouse’s unique Hero Power. The fact that he may buy up to 5 minions every turn at maximum gold for just two gold means he will have a lot more purchasing power throughout the game. It’s possible to purchase two minions on the second turn of the game for a strong start, employ token-generating minions to “bank” money, then switch out old minions for new ones more effectively as he advances in tiers.

His Reroll costs have increased, making him less able to identify particular minions and more susceptible to terrible RNG. Additionally, he must spend an additional gold point to upgrade his Tavern Tier, making it more difficult to rank up early even with a considerable lead.

To get the most out of your refreshes as Millhouse, go in with a solid early-game purchase strategy. Hoarding minions and selling them later is typically preferable to spending money on rerolls to get specific minions.

Millhouse’s ability to play more minions every round means he can apply these buffs more often. In contrast, minions with built-in scaling like Iron Sensei, Razorgore, the Untamed, and Salty Looter may acquire stats regardless of the result of your rolls. Builds that depend on late-game minions such as Kalecgos, Arcane Aspect, or Mama Bear should be avoided because of the limited amount of rerolls available in Millhouse.

Millhouse is a fascinating character. You never want to roll early on. Instead, focus on getting the most value for your money. The object of the midgame is to hit three-pointers. Millhouse prefers configurations that aim to purchase and sell many cards as the game progresses into the late stages (Elementals, Pirates, Menagerie, Dragons). So, I will place it in the Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list hsreplay.


Alexstrasza is a Battlegrounds hero the player may choose. If you can live long enough to use Alexstrasza’s Hero Power, you’ll get a considerable boost in power. You want to get to tier 5 without falling too far behind on the board, so you don’t need it in the early game. If you need more stats to last till you achieve your power spike, don’t be scared to use different sorts of minions. The Beast and Yo-Ho-Ogre are two such minions.

If you see many people signing up for the Dragons, you may wish to switch gears. Early game stability is more important than trying to discover strong dragons with your Hero Power after you’ve already lost too much health and momentum to recover.

If you don’t already have dragon synergies, don’t try to force them at the beginning of the game. Consider stability and stats while selecting minions. Minion starters like Alleycat and Murloc Tidehunter produce tokens that may be sold to advance through the tavern system quicker or recruit more powerful minions.

Otherwise, make the most of what you have and work up to the crucial tier 5. The ideal way to succeed with this hero is to aggressively level up, aiming for tier 5 as soon as possible and boosting your hero strength. Don’t be afraid to use additional Tier 5 robust tools if you come across them. Hence, I will place it in the Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list builds.

Certainty of  This Tier List

The writers of TopTierList strictly adhere to the standards since they recognize their significance. Authors are responsible for ensuring that their work is accurate and entertaining. Clarity is always our number one concern. The writers are aware of their limitations and will never compile a ranking list on a subject with which they are ignorant. Senior authors serve as mentors and sources of inspiration for aspiring authors who may one day take their mantle.

Only writing about topics you are familiar with might boost the article’s trustworthiness. The following phrases best describe our authors: Educated in popular culture; lifelong geek. In their respective disciplines, they are formidable forces. Our writings are rather amusing. Whenever feasible, you can depend on them to make you laugh. Tier lists are meant to be humorous.

As a result, none of our writers permitted their wit to contaminate any of the facts. Every TopTierList author has years of experience working on outstanding material. The writers have access to a wide variety of credible data sources. To enhance the entertainment value of the tier list, they are permitted to write it in their voice. Other tier lists will remain forever. We will demonstrate our superiority by providing unique content.

Winding it Up

This is the Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list until a new patch or players get used to the new heroes, whichever happens first. It is your right to disagree with me if you so want. What if your low-tier hero is doing well? It gives me great pleasure to learn that everything is good with you. You are a skilled and prospective player as a result. If you disagree with my picks of heroes, please feel free to comment down below. Why do you believe that your hero is better or worse than mine? I welcome your feedback.

Nonetheless, as our Hearthstone Battlegrounds 2022 tier list demonstrates, I cannot stop talking about my 17 favorite heroes. Since everyone knows the most prominent Hearthstone Battleground hero, I wanted to mix things up a little. Those that disagree are welcome to vent in the comments area. This ranking list may now conclude. Understanding the strengths and flaws of heroes is one of my areas of expertise.

Consequently, I’ve compiled what I believe to be the authoritative Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list accessible anywhere on the internet. I chose and rated 17 heroes from various play styles to achieve this objective. Your favorite heroes did not cut this tier list, and I apologize. Due to the absence of some of my favorite heroes, I’m not satisfied with the list, despite its length. Following the requirements of the tier list, any hero of the same tier may beat any other hero of the same level.

However, it is more likely that the left side will triumph. It is unusual for a hero of a lower rank to win the fight, but not impossible. It does not imply that a hero is weaker than the others; rather, it indicates that they have not shown superiority over the others.

I examined each level of this tier list carefully. I’m eager to read your remarks in the space below. If you’ve reached this far, you’re a Hearthstone Battlegrounds fanatic who likes building lists like these.

I appreciate your reading. I hope you found my rating of the Hearthstone Battlegrounds heroes interesting or instructive. If you choose not to, that is also OK. Despite being members of the same audience, each has a unique relationship with the heroes. I want to remind you that this tier rating represents my view of these heroes’ overall strengths. Thank you.

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