The Definitive Genshin Weapon Tier List

Welcome, all Genshin Impact enthusiasts, to this greatly awaited Genshin Weapon tier list. This is a topic I’m particularly passionate about as this game is one of the best, if not the best, Gacha and story games currently. In this list, you’ll be informed about the best and the worst in this game now and tell you which banners you should stay tuned for in the future.

Weapons serve a crucial role in Genshin Impact because of their passive skills. Some do more damage, and some allow for better recharge. All in all, weapons are one of the most essential parts of a character’s build, if not the most crucial. We will help you pick which weapons to opt for in your specific situation so you can make the most out of your characters. Without further ado and discussions, let us get started with this list of the best and worst Genshin Impact weapons.

Patch 2.8

Most Genshin Impact fanatics are already aware of the newest patch of this game. In this new version, named Genshin Weapon tier list 2.8, we will discuss some of the new weapons added. If you are out of the loop for some reason, this new patch is quite plentiful as it releases a new 4-star Anemo catalyst character. In addition to that, it also added a plethora of new quests and events. As for these weapons, let us discuss them briefly as follows.

Kagotsurube Isshin

The First sword available in patch 2.8 of Genshin Impact is the Kagotsurube Isshin. This sword is obtainable when you have completed Kaedehara Kazuha’s Story Quest. In my opinion, this is one of the better swords in the 4-star rank at the moment. Additionally, it only has one refinement rank, which is limiting but also useful because it is quite easy to refine. Lastly, it has a very deadly skill that does 180% AOE damage which is one of the best skills among weapons currently.

Rarity: 4 Star Sword

Prized Isshin Blade

This weapon is not really useful regarding normal builds and gameplay, as it is only available for use in a specific quest. The Prized Isshin Blade is an exclusive quest sword which is also the next sword we will discuss in this Genshin Weapon Tier List. This sword is available in Kaedehara Kazuha’s quest and has two variants, Shattered and Awakened.

These two variants differ in a very subtle way. The Shattered version deals 180% of the attacker’s damage as AOE damage and reduces the subsequent damage by 50%. Whereas our Awakened version does all the above with an additional perk, it also heals its user for 100% of base ATK damage. These two swords are very good in combat, especially against hordes of enemies. Unfortunately, it is only available in the mentioned quest line.

Rarity: Quest Exclusive 4-Star Sword

Weapon Types

I am positive that most of you already know what weapons there are in Genshin impact. However, there is a possibility that you may be new to the game and don’t completely understand the weapons and their types. For this reason, I have made this section a key so you can easily navigate this Genshin Weapon Tier List. The four types of weapons that are currently in the game are:

  • Sword
  • Claymore
  • Bow
  • Polearm
  • Catalyst


The time to start this Genshin Weapon Tier List is nearly here, but before we move on to our main event, there is something worth noting first. This is a disclaimer for the content that follows: some of you may not agree with the placements of the weapons down below. But, I assure you all that they have been carefully researched and then sorted to remove any form of animosity. All in all, you can disagree with this list, but the spring is based majorly on the data present online.

S Tier

best Genshin Weapon tier list weapons
S Tier

Travelers, brace yourself for we are finally about to venture into this Genshin Weapons Tier list 2.8. And, of course, we shall start from the top, which happens to be this S Tier. In case you don’t already know, the S tier is usually understood to contain the very best entities of a certain category. This case shall not differ in our tier list either, which is why we are about to dive into the best weapons in Genshin Impact, listed as follows.

Mistsplitter Reforged

The first weapon we will discuss in this S tier of our Genshin Weapon Tier List is the Mistsplitter Reforged. This sword is rated as the best sword for main DPS characters like Kegqing and Kamisato Ayaka. The charm this weapon brings to this table is its spectacular elemental damage bonus; base bonus damage is 12% and 24% at max refinement.

In addition to the elemental damage bonus, you will also get stacks of Mistsplitter’s Emblem, which increases the damage you deal in stacks. When you gain these stacks, you can also get increased elemental burst damage. Lastly, the duration is different for each Refinement level, so you can deal consistent damage for a long time depending on how high the weapon level is.

Rarity: 5-Star Sword

Primordial Jade Cutter

The second weapon we will discuss in this S tier is the Primordial Jade Cutter. This weapon is another and the last sword we are going to go over in this S Tier. The Jade Cutter is particularly a great weapon choice for main DPS or supporting DPS characters like Katya or Xingqiu. It has a unique set of skills; it raises the base hp of its user by 20%, which is a massive boost for these characters.

If that was not enough, after boosting its user’s health, it raises the ATK by another 1.2% of the max health of its wielder. Keep in mind that these numbers are only for the level 1 variant. At max refinement, it raises hp by 40% and ATK by 2.4% of its user’s max health. I believe that this is one of the best 5-star weapons in this game, especially if your character focuses on damage based on combos and health points.

Rarity: 5-Star Sword

Skyward Pride

The Skyward Pride is the first Claymore, which we will discuss in this S tier of our Genshin Weapon tier list. The Skyward set was one of the earliest 5-Star weapon sets and showcased the importance of good weapons in this game. This weapon best suits characters like Beidou or Eula; one might even put this in a Genshin Eula Weapon tier list. To summarize, this Claymore was forged for all roles in Genshin Impact.

Now, it’s time to discuss what makes it so great. Well, it has two great skills that earn it the S tier and make it versatile. Firstly, it increases all damage dealt by 8%, and secondly, it creates a vacuum that deals 80% of Attack damage as damage to enemies in its path. It is key to note that this is level 1; at max level (90), these numbers bump up to a 16% ATK damage increase and a 160% Vaccum damage which can potentially 1-hit most bosses in the game.

Rarity: 5-Star Claymore

Song of Broken Pines

The Song of Broken Pines is the last Claymore we will discuss in this S Tier of our tier list. It is one of the hardest weapons to obtain in this game. Consider it to be as rare as Tartaglia is in this game itself. But, like Tartaglia, this Claymore is quite a ruthless beast, especially in the hands of characters like Eula and Chongyun. It has a unique set of skills but to summarize, it greatly increases its user’s Special Attack DMG dealt to enemies.

The first skill to note is that it increases ATK by 16%. In addition to that, whenever a normal or charged attack hits, it will create a “Sigil of Whispers.” When its user has accumulated 4 of these sigils, they will obtain the “Millenial Movement: Hymn Banner.” That increases its users’ normal speed attack by 12% and attack by 20%. This is at level 1; these numbers increase to a 32% ATK bonus at the max level. And under the buff, you get an ATK SPD bonus of 24% with a 40% increase in ATK.

Rarity: 5-Star Claymore

Staff of Homa

At late, we move on to the spears of this S tier in our Genshin Weapon Tier List. Let’s commence this section with the first spear in question, the Staff of Homa. The Staff of Homa is possibly the most sought spear in the game. This fame arises from the highly versatile nature of the weapon. It goes well with characters of all sorts but mainly Thoma, Zhongli, and Hu Tao. Why? Let’s explore that in the following paragraph.

At level 1, it increases the wielder hp by 20% with a 0.8% ATK damage of its user’s max HP. However, when the user falls below 50% hp, it increases to 1.8% of its user’s Max Health ATK damage bonus. At its max refinement level, it raises hp by 40% and ATK damage by 1.8%. After HP drops below 50%, it increases by an additional 1.8% of max HP. This is one of the mouse useful perks you can have on a polearm character with a build that focuses a lot on Max hp. It is quite deadly (speaking from experience).

Rarity: 5-Star Polearm

Engulfing Lightning

The last Polearm we will be going over in this S Tier is the Engulfing Lightning. It is a weapon of Raiden Shogun’s army in lore. However, in the case of our tier list, it serves as a great weapon for characters like Xiangling, Kaedehara, and Raiden Shogun herself. This Polearm is mostly for builds that focus on elemental damage and recharges, which can potentially deal devastating amounts of damage.

At refinement 0, it increases its wielders ATK by 28% of the Energy Recharge. In addition, you can potentially gain a max bonus of 80% ATK over the base 100%. Additionally, gain 30% energy recharge over 12 seconds after an elemental burst. ATK is increased by 56% of energy recharge at max refinement based on the 100% base. An additional bonus of 120% ATK and a 50% energy recharge for 12 seconds after using an Elemental Burst.

Rarity: 5-Star Polearm

Polar Star

Let us move along this Genshin Weapon tier list of ours with the next category of weapons, Bows. The Polar Star is the first and only S-tier bow we will discuss in this list. This weapon is mostly for main DPS characters like Tartaglia or Aloy. It is great for DPS characters because its secondary focuses solely on Crit Rate. Its skills are quite useful for elemental characters, so they are listed in more detail.

At refinement rank 0, it increases elemental damage by 12% and generates “Ashen Stars” on every hit. For 1/2/3/4 stacks of Ashen Stars, the wielder deals 10/20/30/40% bonus ATK. Each stack lasts for 12 seconds and is counted independently. At max refinement, the Elemental ATK bonus increases to 24%. And the Ashen Star bonus for 1/2/3/4 stacks increases to 20/40/60/96%. This is one of the deadliest bows in the game, especially if your Tartaglia is your Main DPS character.

Rarity: 5-Star Bow

The Widsith

At last, the last weapon of this S tier in our Genshin Weapon Tier list is here. The first and only Catalyst is also the only 4 Star weapon that made it into the S tier in this tier. The Widsith is the best Catalyst, according to most users on Reddit and the game’s wiki. This Catalyst is recommended for all Roles in this game and is one of the most versatile weapons. It’s most suitable for characters like Yae, Mona, and Yanfei.

Whenever a wielder is deployed, this weapon assigns them a random song that determines the buff they receive. At level 1, Recitative increases ATK by 60%. Aria increases all elemental damage by 48%. Interlude increases elemental mastery by 240. However, at max refinement, the buffs increase to the following. Recitative increases ATK by 120%, Aria increases elemental damage by 96%, and Interlude bumps elemental mastery by 480.

Rarity: 4-Star Catalyst

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A Tier

Good genshin impact weapons
A Tier

With the Widsith, we conclude the S Tier and move onto the next tier of our Genshin Weapon tier list; A tier. In this A Tier, we will be going over the weapons considered to be extremely good but not as great as the S Tier weapons. Of course, I will not be discussing every A-tier weapon in Genshin Impact but think of these as the notable ones among them. Let’s get started with the A tier.

Skyward Blade

Skyward Blade is the first weapon we will discuss in this A tier of our Genshin Weapon Tier list 2.6. It is a part of the famed Skyward 5-Star set, which is most likely the best weapon in the game. The key character for this weapon is Bennet, Jean, and Qiqi, all of who can use this weapon to its maximum potential. It focuses greatly on energy recharge and is the best sword for support characters. Its skill is discussed in more detail as follows.

At refinement level 0, it increases Crit Rate by 4%. Additionally, when the wielder uses an elemental burst, it imbues the user with Skypiercing Might. This buff increases movement speed by 10%, Attack speed by 10%, and boosts attack by 20%. However, this is much more deadly at max refinement. At max level (90), this weapon increases the Crit rate by 8%. In addition, it increases ATK speed and Movement speed by 10% but ATK by 40% under Skypiercing Might (12 seconds).

Rarity: 5-Star Sword

Luxurious Sea-Lord

Moving on from the Skyward Blade, let’s discuss the next weapon in our A tier; this Luxurious Sea-Lord. This is possibly the most famous sword in the Genshin fandom because it is a giant fish. Despite its humourous appearance, it is quite a deadly weapon because its secondary raises the attack of its user. It was obtainable in the fishing event but now can only be obtained through wishes.

Now it is time to discuss the attributed skills of this Claymore. At refinement rank 0, it raises elemental burst damage by 12% and summons a huge wave of tuna that deals 100% ATK as AoE damage. However, at max refinement rank, it increases elemental burst damage by 24%, and the summoned tuna wave deals 200% ATK as AOE damage. This tuna wave effect can only occur once every 12 seconds.

Rarity: 4-Star Claymore

Skyward Spine

Another piece of the Skyward Weapon set, the next weapon we will discuss, is the Skyward Spine. It is a polearm that is especially good for energy recharge and therefore is best if used by supports. A key character for this weapon is Rosario, but many other support characters can also use this weapon. The Skyward Spline is not as sought out as some other Skyward weapons, but it is worth noting. Some of its skills are discussed as follows.

At refinement rank 0, it increases a character’s CRIT rate by 8%. Additionally, it increases normal attack speed by 12% and has a 50% chance of triggering a vacuum blade that does 40% ATK damage as AoE (2-second CD). However, it raises the user’s CRIT rate at max refinement rank, but 16% with the same 12% added ATK speed. In addition, the Vaccum blade can now deal 100% of ATK damage as AoE with a 2-second cooldown.

Rarity: 5-Star Polearm

Favonius Lance

The next weapon we will discuss on this Genshin Weapon tier list is the Favonius Lance. It is the go-to weapon for supports like Rosario or Yun Jin, as this is a relatively easy weapon to obtain. Additionally, it focuses a lot on energy recharge, which is why it can be great for characters who are crucial for their utility. To Summarize, it is the cheaper Skyward Spine. But of course, this weapon is not as good as the weapon discussed but is great in its way.

At refinement rank 0, it gives CRIT hits a 60% chance to generate elemental particles every 12 seconds, which can recharge six energy for the character. Even though it seems quite underwhelming for an A-tier weapon, it is key to note that this weapon is for support only. At max refinement, each CRIT hit will generate particles that can regenerate six energy for a character every 6 seconds which is super handy for charging ultimate every 30 seconds.

Rarity: 4-Star Polearm

Favonius Warbow

The Favonius Warbow is up next on this tier list of ours. This weapon is exactly like the Favonius Lance, which we have discussed just before this weapon. The only difference is in the type of weapon. It has the same skills, same refinement increases. However, this Favonius Warbow is better because the number of supporting characters compatible with this Bow is far greater than the Polearm users. But they each hold their place in the A tier, and rightfully so.

Rarity: 4-Star Bow

Skyward Atlas

The final weapon we will discuss in this A tier of our Genshin Weapon Tier List is the Skyward Atlas. This is the last Skyward weapon we will discuss here, and what better to end it on than the Catalyst. It is one of the best and rarest Catalysts in the game that is devastating in the hands of characters like Mona and Lisa. In the paragraph below, I will discuss why this weapon is as great as I claim it to be.

At just refinement rank 0, it increases the Elemental DMG bonus by 12%. In addition, each normal attack has a 50% chance of getting “Favor of the Clouds,” which seeks out enemies and deals 160% ATK damage. At max refinement, the elemental DMG bonus increases to 24%. The “favor of the clouds” perk deals 320% ATK DMG instead of 160%. Lastly, it is important to note that this can only occur once every 30 seconds.

Rarity: 5-Star Catalyst

B Tier

Decent Genshin Weapons
B Tier

We conclude our A tier with that final piece of the Skyward set. Therefore, it is time to start this B tier of our Genshin Weapon Tier List. In this B tier, we will review the weapons considered decent weapons but not as the first pick of any build. They are not particularly hard to obtain either. These are the average tier weapons that almost every Traveler has access to. Let’s not waste more time and start with our B Tier.

Prototype Rancour

The first weapon we will discuss in this B tier of our Genshin Weapon Tier list is the Prototype Rancour. It is a craftable 4-star sword which is quite useful if you don’t have any great swords at your disposal. It offers a great Physical Damage Bonus which allows most characters who use this to hold their own in fair fights. Given how easy it is to get it, it is quite a good weapon. Let’s discuss more how it helps the wielder in a fight.

At refinement rank 0, it increases attack and defense by 4% for 6 seconds after each normal and charged attack. A user can have four stacks of this buff at a time with a CD of 0.3 seconds. However, at max refinement rank, these numbers are doubles. Each normal or Charged attack will increase the user ATK and Defense by 8%, with four possible stacks at a time. Prototype Rancour is a great weapon so if you have no swords, try using this one.

Rarity: 4-Star sword

Festering Desire

The next sword we will discuss in the B tier of this tier list is Festering Desire. This sword is one of my favorites only because of how it is designed. In addition, the event linked to this sword was very entertaining to play through. However, that is not what makes this weapon worthy of a B tier; its stats do. This sword is great for supporting characters like Bennet as this sword focuses a lot on energy recharge.

At refinement rank 0, this sword increases the wielder’s elemental skill damage by 16% and the Elemental Skill CRIT rate by 6%. This may not seem like a lot, but you would be surprised at what some builds can do with this sword. However, this is not even the weapon’s strongest form. At max refinement, it increases elemental skill damage by 32% and increases elemental skill CRIT damage by 12%.

Rarity: 4-Star sword


The next weapon placed in the spotlight is a Claymore named Akuoumaru. This is the only Claymore we will discuss in this B tier of our Genshin Weapon tier list 2.8. It focuses a lot on the amount of damage a user can deal, which makes it a great Main DPS or Support DPS weapon. However, this does not woo the community enough, so we must also look at its abilities.

At refinement rank 0, this weapon increases the Elemental Burst Damage of its user by quite a lot. The math behind this number is unique as it is only 0.12% of the entire party’s maximum energy combined. This keeps on stacking until it reaches 40%, which is the limit at this level. However, at max refinement, this limit increases to 80%, and the increment by which the Elemental Damage rises is also increased to 0.24%.

Rarity: 4-Star Claymore

Dragonspine Spear

Continuing the B tier of this Genshin Weapon Tier List, the next weapon we will discuss is the Dragonspine Spear. It is a polearm with a bonus physical damage bonus which is not particularly great but still not the worst. With this spear, little to no characters can completely unlock this weapon’s potential. The closest character is Rosario, but even she has better options than this spear.

Now it’s time to discuss what differentiates this Polearm from the others. At refinement rank 0, every normal and charged attack has a 60% chance to hit an enemy with an Everforst Icicle which deals 80% of ATK as AoE damage. However, if the enemy is affected by Cryo, this damage is bumped up to 200% of ATK. At its max refinement rank, every charged or normal attack will Aoe damage equal to 140% of base ATK. In addition, if the enemy is affected by Cryo, this damage is bumped up to 300%.

Rarity: 4-Star Polearm

Windblume Ode

Travelers! We are almost done with our B Tier of this tier list. So, let’s continue this tier with our next weapon, the Windblume Ode. It is a bow that is primarily good for Elemental Mastery. When it comes to this Bow, it is hard to place it in a specific role as this Bow can be used in many builds. Additionally, this Bow is quite unpopular as there are so many better options for characters that no one uses this weapon anymore.

This Bow is good in specific conditions, though. At refinement 0, this Bow increases the wielder’s ATK by 16% after they use an elemental skill. This buff lasts for 6 seconds, so it can’t be activated that often because of the skill CD. At max refinement, the Windblume Ode increases its wielder’s ATK by 32% for another 6 seconds, which can potentially be devastating but only in very timed and skilled combos.

Rarity: 4-Star Bow

Hakushin Ring

The final weapon we will be going over in this B Tier of our Genshin Weapon Tier List is the Hakushin Ring. The Hakushin Ring is a Catalyst that is especially good for support characters. Its secondary perk is energy recharge which is great for characters who are electro and also support like Lisa. There are better options for catalyst users, but if you don’t have any other Catalysts at your disposal, this should suffice temporarily.

At refinement rank 0, this weapon deals electro damage to enemies who are near party members when they are involved in an elemental reaction. The members will receive a 10% Elemental Damage bonus for their element. This effect can not stack and lasts for 6 seconds. At max refinement, the elemental bonus other characters receives is bumped up to 20%. Despite being one of the common 4-Star weapons, I would recommend not using them because they are only good in very specific situations.

Rarity: 4-Star Catalyst

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C Tier

Average Weapon in Genshin Impact
C Tier

With that last weapon, we conclude the B tier and move towards this C Tier in our Genshin Weapon Tier List. In this C tier, we will review some of the average-at-best weapons in Genshin Impact. These weapons have horrible stats but still are not considered the worst because of one or two qualities. I would never suggest you use these weapons unless necessary, as these weapons rarely find value. Without further delay, let’s move on to the descriptions of these weapons.

The Flute

The first weapon we will go over in this C tier of our Genshin Weapon tier list 2.8 is The Flute. This weapon is one that I have used a lot, and I can tell you from personal experience that it sucks. This weapon is very easy to obtain and gives a good ATK damage boost, but there are many better options than this one. However, if you don’t have other options, I suggest you use this one rather than any of the worse swords.

Aside from boosting ATK% of the wielder, this sword grants them Harmonic on every hit. At five stacks, it causes harmonic to trigger, which deals 100% ATK damage to surrounding enemies for 30 seconds. This is the situation at refinement rank 0; they bump up to the following numbers at max refinement. Harmonics deal 200% of the base ATK damage to surrounding enemies.

Rarity: 4-Star sword


The next weapon we will discuss in this C tier of our tier list is the Rainslasher. I use Rainslasher a lot because I am bound by the pressure of having no good claymores. It is not an ideal weapon, especially considering it is made for Main and Sub DPS characters. Primarily, it goes best with Beidou and Sayu as this weapon is made for electric and hydro characters.

At refinement rank 0, this weapon increases damage dealt to enemies by 20% if they are affected by either Hydro or Electro. At max refinement, this weapon is still mid-tier as best because the damage buff is increased from 20% to 36%. This is a very small buff, considering how better the other claymores are in tense situations. If claymore options bind you, then use this; otherwise, don’t ever use it.

Rarity: 4-Star Claymore

Lithic Spear

We are finally on the most popular weapon in this entire C Tier; Lithic Spear. This Polearm used to be one of the best weapons for polearm users until more and better polearms were released. This weapon’s secondary is ATK %, so this Polearm is best used by Sub or Main DPS characters. It used to be the go-to weapon for most Hu Tao builds, but unfortunately, we live in those days no more.

At refinement rank 0, this Polearm has the following skills. For each character you have in your party from Liyue, this weapon gives the wielder a 7% ATK increase and an additional 3% CRIT rate. It is important to note that this effect can be stacked to 4 times. However, at the max refinement level, this ATK increase goes from 7% to 11%, and similarly, the CRIT increases from 3% to 7%.

Rarity: 4-Star Polearm

Prototype Crescent

It is time to discuss the Prototype Crescent, the second last weapon of our second last tier of this Genshin Weapon Tier List. This Bow is also one of the craftable weapons in the game and is a part of the Prototype set. One of the best things about this weapon set is that it is very easy to refine these weapons as the crafting ingredients are simply domain drops. However, as far as bows go in this game, the Prototype Crescent is very underwhelming in terms of its power.

Its best character, according to the wiki, is just Ganyu. Additionally, at refinement rank 0, each charged attack that hits an enemy’s weak spot increases the wielder’s movement speed by 10%. Furthermore, it also increases ATK by 36%, which lasts for 10 seconds. At its max refinement rank, the movement speed buff is still at 10%, but the increased ATK damage goes from 36% to 72%, lasting for 10 seconds. It is a good bow, but there are better options in Genshin.

Rarity: 4-Star Bow

Wine and Song

The final weapon we will discuss in the C tier of this Genshin tier list is a Catalyst named “Wine and Song.” I believe this Catalyst is the worst in the game despite having one of the best appearances. It’s useful in a handful of situations that happen once in a blue moon. However, if you plan on running away from many enemies, this may be your weapon.

At refinement rank 0, this weapon decreases Stamina consumption by 14% for 5 seconds when the wielder uses a normal attack. Additionally, this weapon increases your ATK by 20% for 5 seconds if you use a sprint or a dash. However, at max refinement, these buffs add by a minute amount. The stamina consumption is reduced by 22% for 5 seconds, and in addition to that, sprinting or dashing will increase your ATK by 40% for 5 seconds.

Rarity: 4-Star Catalyst

F Tier

Genshin Worst Weapons
F Tier

Finally, the last tier, which we will discuss in this Genshin Weapon Tier List, is here. In this tier, we will go over the worst weapons anyone could ever think about using. These weapons never find good value and are mostly 3-star rarity times which are only useful for leveling up other things. I would not recommend you use any of these weapons unless you want to have a hard time winning fights, even against basic slimes. The F-tier weapons are listed as follows.

Magic Guide

The first weapon which we are going to shed light on in this F tier of our Genshin Weapon Tier list is the Magic Guide. Magic Guide is a 3-star catalyst weapon that is one of the least used and among the few used 3 Start weapons currently in the game. It has the secondary ability to increase the Elemental Mastery of its user by at least 41 points (Level 1). It is a weapon best used by Hydro or Electro characters for the following reasons.

At refinement rank 0, this weapon increases DMG against enemies affected by either electro or Hydro by 12%. However, at max refinement level, this weapon doubles the damage buff from 12 to 24% against enemies who are affected by Hydro or Electro. It is a very early game catalyst used by Lisa or Barabara just until the player gets the hang of the game.

Rarity: 3-Star Catalyst

Sharpshooter’s Oath

We are almost done with this tier list, so hang in there, Traveler. The next weapon we will discuss in our Genshin Tier list F tier is the Sharshooter’s Oath. This weapon is a 3-star bow which is mostly used as an early game weapon when you have access to no other bows. Its secondary perk is CRIT DMG, so it is hard to fit it into the most effective builds.

It has a fairly simple and basic skill tied to it. At Refinement level 0, this weapon allows the wielder to do 24% more damage if they land hits on the weak spot of their enemy. However, at the max refinement level, this buff only increases to a mere 48% which is horrible compared to some of the other available bows. If you are new to the game and don’t have access to better bows, try using this one but switch it out as soon as possible.

Rarity: 3-Star Bow

Black Tassel

The next weapon we will discuss in our F tier of this Genshin Weapon Tier List is the Black Tassel. This weapon is a polearm with the secondary perk of an increase in HP%. It is a good early weapon for Thoma or Zhongli, but it isn’t ideal. This weapon has a specific bonus, increasing the damage to slimes. At refinement level 0, the damage increases. It is 40%, and this increase is 80% of the base ATK damage at max refinement.

Rarity: 3-Star Polearm

Bloodtainted Greatsword

The second last weapon we will discuss is a Claymore named Bloodtainted Greatsword. It has the secondary ability to increase the Elemental Mastery of the user by at least 41 points ( Level 1). It is a weapon designed for Pyro and Electro because, at refinement rank 0, this weapon increases damage dealt to enemies affected by Pyro or Electro by 12%. This damage increase bumps up to 24% at the max refinement rank of this weapon.

Rarity: 3-Star Claymore

Sword of Descension

This Sword of Descension is the final weapon we will discuss in this Genshin Weapon Tier List. This sword is only available for the PS4 Travelers but still is bad enough to be included in this tier list. At refinement 0, this weapon has a 50% chance to deal 200% AoE Damage every ten seconds. The worst thing about this weapon is that it does not increase any of its skill damage with refinement. All in all, Ps4 users just don’t use this weapon ever; it sucks.

Rarity: 4-Star sword

Ad Astra Abyssosque

Genshin weapons tier list maker
Tier List

Travelers, that does it for today’s Genshin Weapon Tier list. This image shows a depiction of the placements made in this tier list. However, the image was made using the Genshin Weapon tier list maker. I had a lot of fun writing this list as it is one of my favorite games. If you have anything, you wish to tell me, leave it in the comments below. Ad Astra Abyssosque Traveler, and may you never have difficulty defeating Tartaglia.

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