Girls X Battle 2 Tier List: All Characters Ranked [2023]

In this article, we will rank all the characters in the game Girls X Battle 2.

We will call this article the Girls X Battle 2 Tier List, because all the characters here will be ranked according to their strengths and weaknesses. All the characters will be organized from S Tier to D tier. 

The game is well-liked and is offered in both single-player and multiplayer modes. It is a game that blends elements of strategy and entertainment, as players need to focus not only on assembling their team of girls but also on their advancement throughout the game. 

Key Points

  • There are a total of 49 characters on the list.
  • The girls will be ranked on the basis of their skills, attack, and defense values.
  • In the highest tiers, you can see the likes of Psychic, Fenrir, Izanami, Vivian, and Teresa.
  • Among the lowest ranks, you can find girls like Zoe, Toyo, Silvia, Scythe, and Sapphire.


To summarize and give you a quick view of our ranking, we have made the table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
• Psychic
• Fenrir
• Izanami
• Vivian
• Apate
• Nephilim
• Wraith
• Sonya
• Priestess
• Phoenix
• Kong Ming
• Nobunaga
• Nani
• Muppet
• Michael
• Javelin
• Hottie
• Gambler
• Fencer
• Ennamaya
• Amelia
• Amazon
• Susan
• Sakura
• Saint
• Pandaria
• Nia
• Lucifer
• Guan Yin
• Gabriel
• Dracula
• Bud Elf
• Blowie
• Aquaris
• Mio
• Capsugirl
• Turin
• Zoe
• Toyo
• Silvia
• Scythe
• Sapphire
• Librarian
• Iron Fist
• Giana
• Caitlyn
• Angel
• Alice

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

S Tier

Girls X Battle 2 Tier List
S Tier.

The girls belonging to S-tier are the strongest girls among all girls in the game. They can perform outstandingly well in any situation. Following are the girls in the S rank of our Girls X Battle 2 Tier List.


Psychic is capable of engaging in combat with up to four opponents simultaneously, dealing damage that can reach as high as 150 percent. She possesses a special ability called Canine Guardian that targets enemy combatants in the defensive line, inflicting 90 percent more damage while reducing their army’s size significantly. Psychic is also capable of increasing the energy levels of her fellow teammates, which can be very advantageous in battle. Overall, her abilities are very useful in warfare. 


She is a warrior-class girl in the game. Using her club to alter the terrain, Fenrir launches an assault against her opponents. Her attack causes (206% of Attack) damage to three randomly selected enemies, inflicting a Bleed status that lasts for three rounds and deals (100% of Attack) damage each round. If the target is located in the Front-line, it will also suffer an additional (15% of the target’s Maximum HP) damage (not exceeding 1500% of Attack). Meanwhile, if the target is in the Back-line, they will sustain (108% of Attack) extra damage, which will result in a Critical hit.


She is a character who excels at deceiving enemies and safeguarding her allies, but it’s clear that she cannot single-handedly deliver enough damage to win battles. To achieve victory, she requires strong attackers such as Rogue, Nephilim, and Kratos. Moreover, if she receives energy support from girls like Psychic, she can provide even better protection for her team members.


She teleports to the adversary with the lowest AGI in order to apprehend them. During the ensuing period, Vivian and her target are immobilized (unless the target perishes), and the target is unable to use any abilities. Additionally, both Vivian and her opponent are limited to attacking only each other. Any damage dealt by enemies during this time will not cause Vivian’s HP to fall below 1.


She is a ranger-class girl. Apate has the ability which inflicts harm equal to 240% of the user’s attack on four enemies chosen at random. Additionally, it causes additional shockwave damage and has a 75% likelihood of stacking Resonant Marks on the target. If she is vanquished, her pet serpent Volos will assume her position and accumulate one stack of “Voice of Siren” at the conclusion of every round. Furthermore, for each female opponent slain on the battlefield, Volos will obtain an additional stack of “Voice.”

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She is a Mage-class girl. As her weapon, Nephilim conjures a light lance. Her basic attack zeroes in on the foe with the greatest amount of HP present and inflicts damage equal to 132% of her attack, as well as additional damage equal to 22% of the target’s maximum HP (not exceeding 1500 of Nephilim’s attack). Furthermore, she restores her own health by 24% of the damage dealt. 


A Tier

A Tier.

The girls in this tier are still strong and can perform well but not as well as compared to S-tier girls. They face tough times when they come face to face with S-tier girls. 


She is an Assasin-class girl who tops the A-tier of our Girls X Battle tier list 2023. Wraith inflicts 300% of the user’s attack as damage on two adversaries chosen at random. If the targets are Priests, the damage is increased to 180% of the user’s attack. Additionally, if the enemy’s HP surpasses the user’s, the skill deals an additional 20% of the enemy’s total HP as damage (not exceeding 1500% of the user’s attack). Furthermore, the user obtains a 22.5% increase in critical hit rate for three rounds. The skill must strike the target to take effect. 


She attack unfailingly reduces the armor of the target by 24%. Moreover, it causes damage to the target each round equal to 45% of Sonya’s attack for a duration of four rounds. Additionally, if the target is burning, the damage dealt to them is augmented by 40% and that increase lasts for four rounds.


The Priestess’s primary attack marks the target with the Yinyang Mark. The mark heightens the damage that the Priestess inflicts on the target by 35%. In addition, the Priestess appropriates 10% of the target’s attack for a period of two rounds. She is a mage-class girl.


She is an assassin-class girl. Her attack hits two random enemies and causes damage equivalent to 300% of its attack. If the target has more HP than the Phoenix, there is a 100% likelihood that it will become stunned for two rounds. Furthermore, if the target’s HP is lower than that of the Phoenix, the Phoenix’s attack deals an additional 160% of its attack as damage. The ability must connect with the target to have an effect. 

Kong Ming

She unleashes an attack that inflicts 272% of his attack as damage upon four enemies selected at random. Additionally, all allies receive healing equal to 120% of Kong Ming’s attack per round for a duration of six rounds. She is a priest-class girl.

B Tier

Girls X Battle 2 Tier List
B Tier.

The girls in the B rank of the Girls X Battle 2 Servant Tier List are decent in performance and skills. They are good and depend on the player and how the player uses them. These are particularly not very strong but still a good choice if A and S-tier girls are not available. 


She unleashes a fatal slash upon the enemy with the least amount of HP, inflicting physical damage on them. If this blow vanquishes the target, the damage is propagated to enemies in close proximity. In addition, Nobunaga detonates all current Tenka Fubus, which then restores his health. The amount of health recovered is contingent upon the number of Tenka Fubus detonated, up to a maximum of five. After utilizing Last Breath, Nobunaga immediately casts Tenka Fubu.


She inflicts damage on all enemies, equivalent to 95% of her attack. Additionally, she decreases the attack of all enemies by 10% for a period of three rounds. There is a 10% probability that Nani will mark the enemies with the Critical Mark, which deals 220% of her attack as damage. Furthermore, Nani raises the attack of all allies by 20% for a duration of three rounds.


She is a middle-range magic fighter with the ability to directly attack enemies positioned in the rear. She can utilize her abilities to trap and harm enemies within a particular area. Muppet damages all enemies by manipulating strings. Enemies who are located further away from Muppet will experience greater damage.


She inflicts damage equal to 158% of his attack on four enemies chosen at random. Additionally, there is a 40% likelihood that Michael will stun these enemies for two rounds. Michael also provides healing to the ally with the lowest health, restoring their health by an amount equal to 400% of his attack. Furthermore, Michael enhances the ally’s critical hit chance by 20% for a period of three rounds. 


She charges toward the enemy who is located furthest away, and shifts to melee mode to initiate an assault on the enemies. Upon entering melee mode, Javelin experiences a significant boost in both her attack power and attack speed. The first attack that Javelin executes after switching to melee mode will invariably result in a critical strike.


She entices the enemy who has the highest remaining health and inflicts a considerable amount of magic damage that persists over time. The potency of the spell can be enhanced with additional spell power. Hottie also winks at an enemy, causing them to suffer from a minor amount of magical damage over time, while simultaneously reducing the target’s armor. This effect can be stacked up to three times, and each new stack will renew the duration of the ability.

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She employs playing cards to assault a foe at random, with the amount of damage inflicted being determined by the type of card utilized. She also throws a magical card that ricochets between enemies, with each hit resulting in a reduction in the amount of damage dealt.


She utilizes her sword mastery to enhance her damage and attack speed, and exclusively performs Star Burst attacks while the skill is active. She strikes with her Thunder Sword to deal damage and stun the targeted enemy and nearby foes.


She inflicts (220% of Attack) damage on two randomly selected enemies. In addition, she deals extra damage each round (66% of Attack) for 6 rounds, with a (50% chance) to stun them for 2 rounds. She also gains 50% damage reduction for 2 rounds. The attack must hit the target.


Whenever a battle girl uses a skill, Amelia gains an energy ball that increases her spell power, with a maximum of 20 balls. When she uses Magic Burst, she then unleashes all the energy balls to damage her enemies. If Amelia dies, she can cast Magic Burst again, but with reduced damage, not including the damage from the energy balls.


She is a versatile damage dealer who attacks from the rear and possesses skills that allow her to control the battlefield. She uses a powerful energy arrow to inflict magical damage that can penetrate through enemies.

C Tier

C Tier
C Tier.

The girls belonging to C-tier are neither good nor bad in terms of performance. These are the average ones but can be used if the player wants to explore characters in the game. Following are the girls belonging to the c tier of Girls X Battle 2 Tier List.


She is a support battle girl who operates from the rear and has the ability to significantly boost the damage output of her allies for a brief period of time. She attacks the enemy with the highest physical defense using a barrage of flower petals, which also has the effect of slightly reducing the physical defense of the target.


She is a Middle battle girl who deals high damage and is capable of significantly reducing the maximum HP of her enemies. Her attack targets the nearest enemy and seals a percentage of their current HP. If the target dies with the seal still in place, Sakura will receive the sealed portion of HP. However, if the target survives, the seal will be broken and the sealed HP will be returned to the enemy.


She is a Middle Caster who can deal high Area Damage using her infinite sword skill. If she dies in battle, she can release the skill once more to cause high fullscreen Damage, centered around herself.


She is a physical DPS in the backline and is skilled at delivering last hits. She launches a barrage of bamboo shots that inflict continuous physical damage on multiple enemies. The number of attacks she launches increases as her skill level increases.


She is a Backline mage who can control the battle and deal damage. When Nia’s MP reaches 80%, she can take charge of the battle. Once the skill is activated, all allies’ critical damage will be doubled, and every 3 seconds, Nia will deal damage to all foes and stun them for 1 second, until her MP runs out.


She is a physical attacker positioned in the front line, she takes charge and leads her allies in battle. When using her skill, Lucifer transforms into a devil and charges toward the enemy with the lowest HP, creating chaos and fear among all enemies around her. As she lands, she inflicts area damage and extra damage to the target enemy based on a percentage of their lost HP. If the target enemy dies from this attack, their spirit will be summoned to fight alongside Lucifer, and a random enemy will be affected by the terror effect.

Guan Yin

She is a front-line physical damage dealer who possesses immense power. She uses a magic mirror to create multiple shadows that attack enemies randomly.


She is a front-line girl who excels in physical combat and has the skill to counterattack her opponents when she gets hit. When Gabriel uses the skill, she enters a concentrated state, increasing her attack range and boosting her HP recovery rate. She also becomes more resilient to damage and can reflect a portion of the damage she receives back to the attacker.


She is a front-line support character who has the ability to convert MP into HP. Once Dracula has more than half of her MP, she can activate her Vampire mode, which will continuously drain her MP but provide her with increased attack speed and sustained self-healing. The Vampire mode will continue until her MP drops to zero.

Bud Eif

She is a frontline fighter with the ability to control and knock back multiple enemies at once. She throws a target away and deals magic damage to all the enemies hit by the thrown target.


She is a magical girl in the middle who deals significant damage and can silence enemies. She can also survive for longer periods. Her hair dryer passively causes magical damage to a random enemy, with a few hits every second. Every time an enemy is hit, she stores a portion of her health. When her ultimate ends, she will heal herself for the entire accumulated amount.


She is a powerful Frontline Tank that excels at dealing damage and controlling enemies. She unleashes a water dragon that crushes the ground, causing magic damage to all enemies within its radius and stunning them, making her an unmatched leader on the battlefield.


She dominates her opponents, enabling Rumpy to slash them with his claws, resulting in (162% of Attack) damage to three enemies at random while stealing 15% of their Attack for three rounds. The skill will also ignite the enemy with the largest HP pool, causing them to lose some of their health for two whole rounds.


She summons Luvly from a capsule to launch an attack. Luvly will divide into four weapons and strike four different enemies. The Hammer inflicts damage equal to 120% of Capsugirl’s Attack and has an 80% chance of stunning the target for 2 rounds. The Club deals damage equal to 140% of Attack and has a 40% chance of stunning its target for 2 rounds. The Axe inflicts damage equal to 160% of Attack and has a 20% chance of stunning its target for 2 rounds, while the Sword deals damage equal to 200% of Attack.


She inflicts (210% of her Attack) damage on all enemies positioned at the back, while also gaining a damage reduction of 35% and an attack boost of 40% for herself for a duration of 3 rounds.

D Tier

Girls X Battle 2 Tier List
D Tier.

The characters in the D rank of our Girls X Battle 2 Tier List 2023 are the weakest among all. They are not recommended as they lack skill and performance. Players can choose them if they are playing the game for fun.


She is a Frontline assassin who excels at eliminating enemies single-handedly and boosting the agility of her teammates. She conjures five surgical tools and targets the enemy with the lowest HP, performing surgery to reduce their healing ability by 80%.


She possesses the ability to act as a frontline assassin and steal her enemies’ power. That is demonstrated in her skill, Toyo-skill, with which she charges toward nearby enemies, causing damage upon impact. The more charges she executes, the greater the bonuses she receives for consecutive charges. These bonuses may include an increase in HP recovery, damage, attack speed, and even her movement.


She is a battle girl who specializes in the front line and has the power to limit the damage inflicted by enemy physical battle girls. Her unique skill involves throwing her weapon into the midst of her enemies, causing physical damage to all nearby enemies every second until her MP is completely depleted.


She is a tank character who operates at the front line and possesses exceptional healing abilities. Additionally, her ultimate ability is highly effective at dealing with damage. With this skill, Scythe concentrates her energies on her scythe, which then targets the weakest enemy. The amount of magic damage inflicted is dependent on the amount of HP the enemy has already lost. There is also a possibility that the skill will stun the enemy.


She is a mage who operates at the backline and possesses numerous techniques for increasing her own damage output. She has the ability to summon an army of Fox Spirits to attack her enemies, causing magic damage and pushing them back. The damage inflicted by the skill is boosted with every successful use of the Fox Fire technique.


She is a support character who operates at the backline and possesses the ability to impede the movement of her enemies while also providing protection to her allies. Through the use of magical incantations, she is able to imprison the enemy with the highest amount of HP. Once imprisoned, the target is rendered immobile and becomes more susceptible to magic damage. Additionally, any enemies who are located next to the imprisoned target will automatically attack it.

Iron Fist

She is a tank character who operates at the front line and serves as an excellent shield for the party. She possesses a resurrection skill that allows her to effectively take the place of two party members. With her powerful ultimate skill, Iron Fist gathers energy to deliver a fatal blow to her enemies, inflicting magic damage and stunning the target.


She is a tank who specializes in leading the charge and possesses impressive abilities to control and cast spells. One of Giana’s abilities involves placing a curse on the enemy with the highest attack frequency and establishing a soul connection with them for a certain duration. The ability also grants Giana three Koi-Koi cards. While the soul connection persists, the enemy will lose health and mana continuously, with some of it being absorbed by Giana. Furthermore, if Giana takes damage, the enemy will also suffer sustained damage in return.


She is a DPS character positioned at the backline who can deal incredibly high amounts of damage. Each time Caitlyn attacks an enemy, a magic bullet is created, which grants her extra attack power. Caitlyn’s ultimate ability, Killing Banquet, requires all of her accumulated magic bullets to be consumed. The amount of bullets consumed determines the damage output, which is physical in nature.


She is a support mage positioned at the backline who can infuse her team members with her magical energy, thereby granting them incredible magical prowess. She can also unleash holy light on all her enemies, dealing magic damage. The damage output of the ability increases with the duration of Angel’s prayer, up to a maximum of 4.5 seconds. Additionally, players can interrupt Angel’s prayer by tapping on the “Battle Girl” button, which stops the prayer and causes Angel to release holy light immediately.


She is an assassin positioned at the front who specializes in striking fatal blows to enemies from behind. She can silence enemies within a specific area and subsequently move to the edge of the battlefield. From there, Alice unleashes a series of ranged attacks on nearby enemies. She is the worst-performing entry in the article.


To conclude our Girls X Battle Tier List 2023, we would say that it is a great game to play with a lot of characters. Each girl has her own skills, power, and abilities. There are some girls which are better than others and help you dominate the game. We have made it easier for you to choose girls which are ranked in S and A tiers so that you can perform well in the game. We hope that this information is beneficial for you.