Skullgirls Tier List [V.3.5.11]

Enter the Battlegrounds of Skullgirls: Our Comprehensive Tier List of Warriors.

Skullgirls is an impressive fighting game developed by Revenge Labs and later published by Autumn Games. It is a 2D combat game in which the players engage in combat against each other in teams consisting of one, two, or even three different characters,  which we will now rank in this Skullgirls Tier List.

More interestingly, the setting of the games depends upon the “Skull Heart,” which is an artifact whose job is to grant wishes to women. If an impure soul wisher uses the Skull Heart, she is transformed into the monster bent on destruction, which is nothing but the next Skullgirl ranked.

Key Points

  • This article has ranked a total of 14 Skullgirls characters.
  • They have been ranked based on their capabilities, popularity, and overall role in the game.
  • Among the highest ranks, you will find fighters like Cerebella, Double, and Peacock.
  • In the bottom ranks, you will find the likes of Eliza, Robo Fortune, and Painwheel.


Below is a table ranking all 14 Skullgirls characters:

S RankA RankB RankC Rank D Rank
CerebellaPeacockMs. FortuneParasoulRobo Fortune
DoubleBig BandFiliaSquigglyPainwheel

S Tier

Best characters ranked
S Tier.

So the first rank in our Skullgirls tier list 2nd encore is the S tier. As mentioned above, the S tier consists of the best fighters in winning the combat, or we can say with which we can mark our victories. The players who chose the warriors ranked in this tier won’t regret the fighting skills, and the strength of the fighters in this tier is worth it.

These fighters have great combat skills and stability with the power which, if used accurately, can guarantee your win against the opponent team.


Cerebella is one of the most competitive fighters in the game Skullgirls. She benefits from her moves as she is one of those fighters who got some of the hardest attacks. She is recommended for beginners as this fighter has outstanding mobility, strength, and combat skills. Talking about her appearance, she has a mint green color and light brown skin, which is tied up in a short ponytail. On her left cheek, she has a small purple diamond tattooed. She also wears purple eye shadow, matching mint green lipstick, and nail polish.

Her eyes are alternatively portrayed as being black or purple. Her outfit consists of an orange strapless low-cut mini dress with a band of cloth having an orange and black triangle pattern around her upper arms. She wears thigh-length boots colored in black. Her underwear is shown to be white. In her earlier appearance in Skullgirls, she was portrayed as a thief in the circus.


April 11
Blood Type B


Double is also a great fighter known as the monstrous transforming creature working under the Trinity. She is also very easy to play with, and her fighting skills are enough to defeat a player and achieve a great victory. Perfect zoning tools are also coming with this great player to perform great combos and thus making it a powerful player for the entire gameplay.

Double is one of the best playable characters in the game. Mike Z stated that double was female, but her gender is still unknown on the official website. Double is also said to be a production of Trinity as she shares some of her physical traits with each of the members. Double represents many things, although Venus views her as a maid or a butler. Talking about her personality, Double is an interesting character who therefore lacks a distinct motive.


Blood Type All/None


A Tier

Second Best characters in tier list
A Tier.

After the S tier, which we know ranks the best fighters in the game, we have the A tier. In the A tier of our Skullgirls tier list 2023, we will organize the above-average soldiers.


The peacock was originally a human girl, and her name was Patricia Watson. She turned into an Anti Skullgirl biochemical weapon by Dr. Avian. She was one of the best and original eight playable characters in Skullgirls. Peacock is said to be the most outspoken and infamous member of the anti-skull girl labs, and she is also the most prominent. Peacock is also an optimistic and light-hearted fighter and is considered a threat to the brawl. 

Dr. Avian was close to the peacock, and his death made the peacock outraged, and she went on to search for her murderer. Peacock has her one true friend, and her name is Marie Korbel. Nobody is close to the peacock other than her. In the end, she disposes of Marie as she was instructed. She has some best long-range movements in the game, and once the opponent is close to her, she will never let them go. This fighter does not have enough mobility with her, but the peacock is of no regret to pick as her skill set, and combos are enough to mark you a great victory.


November 13
Blood Type B

Big Band

Despite being slow, Big Band is a good fighter with powerful attacks. The fighter will get used to the Super armor, making his attacks more powerful. The Big band also comes with a parry mechanic, which makes things harder for the opponents. Big Band is Ben Birdland’s alias, a former policeman. And he was turned into a cybernetic weapon by Dr. Avian. Big Band was the first male character added to the game Skullgirls. In the background of anti skullgirls, a Big band can watch the players fight. However, if one or both the players select the Big Band, he will not be present in the stage background.

Talking about his personality, Ben Birdland, also known as the Big band, was an observant detective committed to using his abilities to stop Skullgirls. While working as a police officer, he was one of the few officers who were honest with his work and followed the rules and regulations, while the others were corrupt.


December 15
Blood Type B♭ (experimental oil mixture)

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He is a known wrestler who retired at the height of his professional wrestling career. He defeated the unstoppable Grendel. Some years later, Beowulf had become restless and wondered if that was his limit. He then announced his plans to fight again but didn’t mention that the fight would be in the ring.

He was briefly mentioned in the Peacock story, where Andy Anvil notes that Beowulf is retiring. Cerebella were reported to be a huge fan of theirs. Regarding her personality, Beowulf is known to be a hot-blooded wrestler who enjoys fighting and wrestling. He is not known for thinking things through as he focused on his career and received advice from his manager instead of seeing the main problem.

Despite his tendencies, Beowulf is known to be a good player and a worthy fighter who cares for his fans and other people. This was proven when he told the crowd that his match with Grendel was fixed after finding out and promising them that he would defeat the Skullgirl Marie.


March 31
Blood Type O

B Tier

Average in this tier
B Tier.

The B tier of this Skullgirls tier list includes the average or mediocre fighters. The fighters in this tier can be used to mark a great victory, but they aren’t enough to hold their position in the S or A level. These fighters lack some combat skills, which make them have their place in the B tier, but they are enough to mark a player’s great victory.

Ms. Fortune

This fighter’s combat skills are impressive. Because of the projectiles and extendable limbs she holds, she can zone well in the game. She can add a puppet mechanic and zoning into a fighter from close range to make it a solid fighter. Little Innsmouth, in all its variation, is her home state.

MS. Fortune underwent serious character design after it was received poorly by the art team at her initial concept. Her power skills were that she was very lucky and used to suck away luck from the other fighters. An incident that left her butchered would render her to survive but also unlucky to survive in such a way. The Paradox was solved by the gods and brought her back differently; thus, she could detach her head. Talking about her personality, Fortune likes making friends. She loves to drop puns wherever she goes.


November 24
Blood Type B


Filia has one of the best combat skills and mobility in the game, which is why no one can predict what attack she will perform because of her quickness. There is a quick air dash cancel and AND, which is used as a catalyst to make her very powerful for the fights.

She was once a normal school girl, until one night, her hair was possessed by Samson, who was a parasite resulting in amnesia. She was the first character made playable in a demo of skull girls when the game was being made. Filia had a very good relationship with her parents. They used to share their dislike for the criminal acts conducted by the rest of the family.

Filila was best friends before they began possessed by the parasite Samson and became pinwheels respectively. She is known to be a very kind and caring girl who cares for her parents and Carol but later befriends Samson after he helped protect her family from Marie and Vitale. Filia maintains a similar personality, often giving people a slight benefit of the doubt and being very friendly towards them.


March 18
Blood Type AB


She is encountered as the antagonist in almost every character’s story mode alongside Double, who appears to be the antagonist in her story mode. She can be considered a tragic villain because she loses her entire group and is an anti-heroine for defeating the Marire and becoming the next Skullgirl. She is a solid fighter who acts more like a ninja and has some marvelous speediest attacks and air combos for the gameplay. It will be tough to defeat enemies with Valentine’s combo because none of her attacks are that powerful.

As mentioned in her bio, little is the last hope operative and servant of the skull girl about Valentine apart from her service. Her motive to join the skull girl was chiefly out of the hopes of the researching powers that control the skull heart behind enemy lines. Her agenda influence Valentine’s actions despite taking orders from higher authorities.


December 25
Blood Type A


Fukua is also known to be a good fighter. She is a physical clone of Filia containing two souls: one who was the strongest at ranged attacks and the other who was strongest at close combat. The Brain Drain created Fukua. However, she has considered a joke character, and her existence is non-canonical.

She was created as a text for Robo Fortune and was implemented as a joke initially on April Fools Day.Fukua is a fighter who mixes many things, and she has moves and fighting styles similar to Filia. Fukua acts a bit differently than Filia. She got a double jump in the game.

She is not recommended for beginners because of her low defense. Her personality is not defined much as her lines are recycled from Filia, and she does not speak for most of her Story other than to express her desire to become Filia. She may have a masochistic inclination as Fukua is the only character in the skull girl who smiles when finished with a blockbuster.


Blood Type Unknown

C Tier

Below average skullgirls
C Tier.

The C-tier characters are below-average fighters in this Skullgirls Tier List. The players can choose them, but their fighting skills and combat style do not compete with the ones in the tiers, as mentioned earlier.


Parasoul is the first character in our C tier. She is the older sister of Umbrella and princess of the Renoir family, the ruler of the Canopy Kingdom. She is known to be the daughter of King Franz and Queen Nancy, the previous Skullgirl. Parasoul is one of the playable characters in skullgirls. She is a technical fighter, and Parasoul has excellent viability herself.

She is undoubtedly a good fighter and has some good moves, but she is not good to be picked for any player due to her lowest mobility. She is a firm, fair, wise, and diligent leader eager to protect the kingdom with the Black Egrets by her side. Talking about her childhood, she was centered around becoming a warrior that was worthy of her father’s legacy.


December 22
Blood Type A

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She is an undead girl who is kept conscious thanks to her family’s Parasite. Although this fighter is blessed with everything to win, she also comes with flaws for them. She is only good at one thing which is Squiggly’s zoning skills.

Her major deficit is that she has the slowest attacks and needs a lot of time to learn her toolkit to use Squiggly properly. She was initially included in the character roster of Skullgirls. She was known to be replaced by Valentine because Lab Zero wanted to have a playable villain during the game’s release.

Speaking about her personality, she is well-mannered and calm, but she is determined and tough to complete her mission. One thing that benefits her is her experience with a Skullgirl, which gives her a unique perspective and greater understanding of the situation. She is close to her parasite, especially since the day she died and was revived by her mother.’


November 2
Blood Type Embalmed (formerly A-)


Eliza is another playable character in Skullgirls. She is a powerful fighter, but she is not recommended for beginners. Although she is easy to handle, she has only one dimension. She was the third character to be created after the Squiggly and Big Band and the first character to win the DLC vote.

She was originally set to be the main antagonist in the Skullgirls sequel. She is also known to be older than Annie and has been operating under her current guise for the past twenty years. Eliza is the queen of a personality who always loves to be the center of attention. Despite running a charity blood drive, she has a greedy side which makes her keep the blood all to herself to retain her beauty.


October 17
Blood Type Any

D Tier

Worst Characters
D Tier.

The last tier in our Skullgirls Tier List 2023 is the D tier. The fighters in this tier are known to be the worst fighters whose combat skills are insufficient to mark a great victory.

Robo Fortune

The first fighter in our D tier is the Robo-Fortune. She is a robot loyal to her creator, Brain Drain. She occasionally displays nonsensical behavior but is known to be a deadly force to be reckoned with when the situation calls for it. Since the Skull Heart will return no matter what happens, she also displays some doubt about her creator’s plans.

There is no proper tool kit with this fighter. Moreover, she also got the lowest defense and lowest damage to the gameplay. The only good thing that Robo Fortune has is the zoning ability. She was confirmed to be a playable character after the Keep Skullgirls Growing. It was on hearing that she was to be released in late 2014 following the release of Beowulf and Eliza.


January 31
Blood Type 10W-30 synthetic oil


She is a player with some extraordinary skills to perform in the game, She can be taken as a selection, but this should be noted that she always comes with a disadvantage. Painwheel has a powerful hatred for Valentine, and judging her by her list and dislikes, she also dislikes people and her own body. This could be the result of her monstrous transformation. It was revealed that Painwheel was able to keep control of her mind over Brain Drain and was also able to think and behave for herself.

Painwheel is a very kind girl who wants a normal life and enjoys peaceful and beautiful things such as flowers, dogs, and walking on a beach during the sunset. Instead of living with her parents, she lives in the ASG labs, where she is happy.


October 23
Blood Type SG

Patch Notes Version 3.5.11

The latest patch was released on Steam retail build and PS4 and made the following changes to the game.


  • Fixed a bug where catching Big Band with Tongue Twister at max distances could cause the camera to pan rapidly in his direction.
  • Fixed a bug where the eyeballs in Umbrella’s “Under The Weather” Blockbuster would not rotate when she was Overstuffed.
  • Fixed a bug where Umbrella would sometimes fail to stagger her target with s.F+HP (Cliff Hanger) if she also hit or traded with some projectiles.
  • Fixed a bug where Umbrella could perform a puddle boosted version of Slurp ‘n’ Slide at a later time without being near a puddle if she previously ended Slurp ‘n’ Slide near a puddle in the past.
  • Fixed a bug where making two Retina Reflectors collide would cause the IPS stage to not advance.
  • Adjusted palette 30 colors for Umbrella so that Hungern is not impacted by lighting.
  • Fixed a bug where the Skull Heart from Umbrella’s 30th palette would follow the enemy around if they defeated her using Umbrella’s “Feeding Time” Blockbuster.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed Beowulf to perform hopdash attacks back to back faster than intended.
  • The crowd will now “boo” Beowulf instead of cheering for him if he is fighting Black Dahlia on her own stage.

Ms. Fortune

  • To prevent accidental taunts, Ms. Fortune can no longer perform her taunt for 60 frames after performing jHP or her Air Dash.
  • Added a new palette (palette 29) based on Ms. Fortune’s costume in the Skullgirls comic on Webtoon.

Comparison Table

CharactersTierBirthdayBlood Type
CerebellaSApril 11B
PeacockA November 13B
Big BandADecember 15B
BeowulfAMarch 31O
Ms. FortuneBNovember 24 B
FiliaBMarch 18AB
ValentineBDecember 25A
ParasoulCDecember 22A
SquigglyCNovember 2A-
ElizaCOctober 17Any
Robo FortuneDJanuary 31 10W-30 synthetic oil
PainwheelDOctober 23SG


Skullgirls is very impressive fighting and action game. It has many fighters that players love and enjoy fighting with. We ranked the warriors of the game into our list, which is categorized from S tier to D tier, ranking them all on their combat skills and abilities.

Our ranking in the Skullgirls tier list 2nd encoreis based totally on our perception and experience, which might differ from some of you. Nevertheless, you can leave a comment indicating which skull girl you think should be placed in the higher or lower tier. Best of luck to you.!