Gotham Knights Tier List: All Characters RANKED

Gotham's Finest: A Tier List of the Playable Characters in Gotham Knights.

In Gotham Knights, you have control over four incredibly iconic DC characters; Nightwing, Red Hood, Robin, and Batgirl in an open-world Gotham City. This is the spiritual sequel to the highly successful Arkham series of games, and in celebration of its launch, we have made a Gotham Knights tier list where we ranked all four playable heroes. 

You can play as all 4 of these characters in the game, and while it’s not necessary to switch heroes regularly, doing so is recommended because each has unique plot beats. One of the game’s many remarkable features is how the world shifts based on the character you choose to control.

Key Points

  • There are a total of four entries on the list.
  • They have been ranked on their playstyle, equipment, and popularity.
  • The higher tiers consist of Batgirl and Red Hood.
  • In the lower tiers you will find Nightwind and Robin.


Before we jump into the list properly, let’s quickly rank all 4 heroes in a short table.

S RankA RankB RankC Rank
BatgirlRed HoodNightwing Robin

We will go over each of their abilities in more detail below.

S Tier

Gotham Knights Tier List Bottom Character
S Tier.


First on the list we have Batgirl. When talking about willpower, few people can compare to the Oracle herself. She has been a doer and the influence of her father, James Gordon, one of Gotham City’s most prominent police commissioners, was immense. So she feels responsible for carrying on his legacy and ensuring that his sacrifice for the city was not in vain.

Batgirl employs a high-pressure, tech-based style of play, and she can inflict massive damage on superior foes. Batarangs serve as her ranged weapon, and her Knighthood ability is a glide identical to that used in Batman Arkham Knight by the caped crusader himself. Because of her position as the Bat Family’s resident technology whiz, she can also hack into her enemies’ devices and the environment, using them against them. Barbara’s scientific prowess gives her unique advantages on the battlefield. Some of her skills, for instance, allow her to take hits without pausing her attacks and to counter powerful enemy assaults with her standard combinations.

She can also deal more punishment than the other heroes thanks to later upgrades, making her a good choice for players who wish to deliver damage in close quarters without constantly being on the defensive. She is equipped with tonfa that can transform into various forms, allowing her to strike quickly or with devastating force, depending on the situation.

And it’s not just that she can heal herself through the slaughter of her foes; she can also restore herself if she falls. If you’d rather quickly eliminate foes than engage in drawn-out battles, Batgirl is a great pick because of her ability to hack the environment while remaining stealthy. She can cause serious environmental items like electrical installations to explode from a maximum range and is invisible to electronic access control devices such as sensors and cameras.

Real Name Barbara Gordon
Fighting Style Tonfa

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A Tier

Jason Todd
A Tier.

Red Hood

The second entry on our Gotham Knights tier list is the Anti-hero Jason Todd. While he has difficulty controlling his anger, he is willing to put himself in danger to protect an ally in need, and the Red Hood wants criminals to pay since he has been on the losing side of too much corruption and violence in Gotham City. Jason has honed his body to its physical peak and is an expert in combat with a wide variety of conventional and exotic weaponry. He prefers to fight at medium range, where his non-lethal pistol bullets can be most effective. 

In Gotham Knights, Red Hood is the Bat Family’s tank. His primary playstyles may be broken down into two distinct skill trees. One emphasizes his grab skills and terrifying opponents up close. In contrast, the other emphasizes his handgun strikes, which can cause tremendous quick damage and hold adversaries at a distance from a range. He has two pistols that can do much damage from a long way away. As a result of his supernatural rebirth, he has also taken an interest in the occult arts. This allows him to do tandem jumps, using the air as a platform to reach greater heights without needing additional equipment or gliders.

When facing off against several foes, remember that Red Hood’s melee attacks are the slowest among all the characters. But despite his skill with a gun, he is also the most formidable fighter on the roster. He’s a real force to be reckoned with, and even his simplest attacks do considerable damage. Once you learn to toss a single foe into a cluster of enemies, causing them to “explode” and do massive area-of-effect damage, very few groups of foes will be able to stand up against you for long.

Moreover, Red Hood can use mobile turrets in combat, which are so overpowered that they almost feel like cheating. In addition to his destructive attacks, Red Hood frequently uses the “fear” mechanic, which causes his adversaries to be temporarily stunned (often). He’s a simple character, yet he gets the job done.

Real Name Jason Todd
Fighting Style Twin Pistols

B Tier

Dick Grayson
B Tier.


Now in third place on the Gotham Knights tier list we have Nightwing. This is the current identity of Richard “Dick” Grayson, formerly known as the first Robin. In addition to being the adopted child of millionaire Bruce Wayne, he is also a full-fledged member of the Bat Family. He is also perhaps the most charismatic member of the whole group  Before he became a hero in his own right, he was Batman’s first protégé. He is also an expert at acrobatics and decimating foes with his trademark dual escrima sticks, which he proudly displays. Nightwing fights in an acrobatic fashion, flipping and moving around the arena as he strikes his enemies.

These skills can be improved by granting him the ability to knock down foes and gain momentum and greater energy, increasing the frequency with which he can perform his special attacks. Teamwork is another area in which Grayson excels, and as he levels up, he can access area-of-effect abilities that heal and enhance his friends. 

The skills of Nightwing’s Raptor tree deal critical hits to single targets and are the focus of the tree’s design. Each of the seven abilities that make up the tree gain momentum if he successfully avoids an opponent’s attack, which lets you use Nightwing’s circus experience as a hook while you’re fighting. Moreover, the Pack Leader tree features multiplayer-focused abilities like healing and buffing for your team. Each of the four characters transforms a pivotal juncture in their story arcs, symbolized by a branch on the Knighthood skill tree. When they do, they gain access to a new branch of the skill tree that corresponds to their newfound knowledge.

Nightwing’s trees also have skills geared toward multiplayer that can be utilized to aid nearby allies. So, if you prefer the notion of playing the “Guidance” position on your team (which means you’ll devote some time curing your teammate and even revival them from a far distance), Nightwing is your best pick. 

Real Name Dick Grayson
Fighting Style Twin Sticks

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C Tier

Tim Drake
C Tier.


Lastly, on the Gotham Knights tier list we have Tim Drake, a young prodigy, and the third person to don the name “Robin”. After training under Batman for many years, he is now fully committed to his task of saving Gotham City. His youth and little stature belie the fact that he can hold his own in any situation, whether it be through stealth, technology, or close-combat fighting. Robin is not driven solely by grief, but rather by the belief that Gotham City needs a hero like the Batman, and he personally saw the caped crusader as a role model.

He’s a formidable foe because of his expertise in melee combat, stealth, psychological warfare, and behavioral sciences. His ability to use cutting-edge technology to compensate for his diminutive stature is a great strength of his. In addition to that, he is equipped with both a bullet-deflecting staff and a high-powered slingshot stocked with a variety of projectiles. 

While other heroes in Gotham Knights may have a more diverse set of powers, Robin’s are almost entirely focused on stealth. He’s the only playable character capable of performing the same “perch takedowns” that Batman used to take down enemies in the Arkham games, and you can even make Robin undetectable for a little while with a specific ability. He can also teleport short distances using the Justice League’s radar system to sneak up behind his foes.

When he can’t use stealth, Robin relies heavily on his arsenal of gadgets. Some of these tools can temporarily incapacitate foes, while others can help you regain the upper hand by facilitating a rapid retreat. Although Robin is not a close combat specialist, he has a decent melee range with his staff as well. The “Elements” system in Gotham Knights is something Robin uses more than any other character, allowing him to inflict far more damage than any other character in the game using only standard fighting methods.

Real Name Tim Drake
Fighting Style Quarterstaff

Comparison Table

CharacterTierReal NameFighting Style
Batgirl SBarbara Gordon
Red HoodAJason ToddTwin Pistols
Nightwing BDick GraysonTwin Sticks
RobinCTim DrakeQuarterstaff

Patch Notes 12/14/2022

The following are the most notable changes made to the game relating to the characters.

Stability & Optimization

  • Crash fixes for Heroic Assault.
  • Crash fix for certain player abilities.


Only by experiencing the story through all of the Knights can players experience the full effect of the game’s plot. Since the player’s selected hero affects the outcome of each story’s mission cutscene, the game is designed to be played numerous times. Overall, the Gotham Knights cast is comprised of individuals with their own set of skills and flaws. Batgirl may be the best choice for players who want an experience similar to the Arkham series, while Red Hood may appeal more to action fans.

In conclusion, we present our Gotham Knights tier list, whereby we have made considerable efforts to rank each character accurately. These rankings, however, are greatly impacted by our personal preferences, and that’s fine since everyone has different playstyles. What we find interesting may not be to your liking at all, but we are willing you hear you out in the comments below.