THE Definitive Hearthstone Mercenaries Tier List

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If you have played Hearthstone classic mode, it does not mean mercenaries mode will be too accessible for you. Although, there is a slight difference between both modes. Your star card must support you during the battles. But, for this, you must have the perfect cards. In the first place, the player must select champions thoughtfully. Here comes our Hearthstone Mercenaries Tier List 2022.

I am going to rank the most combat-proven champions in this article. Not only the flawless ones, but you will know about all the mercs from patrons to chumps. Heartstone is not like the other card games. However, it is somewhat unique in comparison to the traditional ones. It is intricate as well as experimental.

About Mercenaries Mode

The creators launched Hearthstone mercenary mode approximately one year back. When it was released, players used purely constructed cards in this game. However, now things are different. In effect, games started using Blizzard games’ actual characters in this mode. You can also receive rewards by participating in quests linked with the characters.

These mercenary cards act as the main character who a player controls. The other two prior modes of this game are more card-focused. In contrast, this mode is different because of the turn-based RPG fighting system. This model is available for PvP and PvE content.

You must take every step wisely to make the best hearthstone mercenaries team. Not only this, but your responsibility is to prepare them with extraordinary weapons and showcase their talent before making them fight with the villains. Do you want to try it right away f you haven’t yet? Click here.

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Hearthstone Mercenaries Ranking Criteria

ranking criteria
Hearthstone mercenaries ranking criteria

There are not one or two but innumerable mercenaries. For this reason, we have prepared a Hearthstone mercenaries tier list for 2022 for you. By going through this article, you will learn about the most valuable cards. And, I am sure you are curious to find it.

Additionally, all the professional writers on the top-tier list ensure to provide a piece of reliable and complete information to our readers. And, trust me, it is not an easy task. Sharing your opinion as guidance in front of the whole world means taking a big responsibility. Because, along with me, every writer’s vision on this website is to stay honest.

I have done extensive research to prepare this Hearthstone mercenaries tier list for 2022. Hence, the opinions rely not only on my personal experience but also on information from different sources. While providing the hearthstone mercenaries rating, I kept in mind that my main focus must be reliable and helpful knowledge.

This article consists of five tiers in total. Moreover, under each level, you will find mercs with different qualities. On the positive side, the rankings will be very advantageous for you. The Hearthstone mercenaries tier list will move from best to worst. So, legendary cards will be there on the S-tier. As the category moves downward, cards’ skills and capabilities decrease with every tier.

Here is a short snippet of the categories:

  • S Tier: Cream of the crop mercenaries
  • A Tier: Best mercenaries
  • B Tier: Good mercenaries
  • C Tier: Below-average mercenaries
  • D Tier: Worst mercenaries

Now, let us dive into the in-depth Hearthstone mercenaries ratings.

S Tier

hearthstone mercenaries tier list
The legendary mercenaries ranked

you can find the legendary Hearthstone mercenaries on this tier. The top cards are on the Hearthstone mercenaries tier list’s S tier. Which are these, you ask? You must choose S-tier mercs and acquire the necessary knowledge to use them effectively if you wish to become a champion of this game. In short, you will find the cream of cards here.


The role of Xyrella is a caster. This remarkable character belongs to the Draenei tribe. And, he needs 100 coins to craft as his rarity is rare. A fantastic character with true-to-life visions is none other than the great Xyrella. Flash heal, blinding luminance 5, and atonement 5 are his abilities. The specialties of this S-tier character are reducing attacks and healing.


The role of Vol’jin is a caster. Additionally, he is another phenomenal character ranked higher on the Hearthstone mercenaries tier list, which belongs to the troll tribe. I believe him to be the future war chief of the Drove. Shadow’s combo and Shadow’s weakness are his special powers. Further, the shadow is a spell school of this ideal mercenary. Moreover, if we talk about the rarity, then Epic it is.


Before the above flawless mercenaries, let us talk about another. The hero belongs to the Orc tribe and has a caster role. He is among the creators of Orc Horde. Not only this, but he is number one to enter the Orc warlock. His specialty is healing damage.

Garrosh Hellscream

The protector Garrosh Hellscream belongs to the orc tribe. Thrall has selected him as the coming candidate for war chief of the Horde. Also, I believe he was born to be an orc warrior. The battle to the death is the specialty of this fighter.

Cairne Bloodhoof

Cairne Bloodhoof is the king of the Tauren race as he belongs to the Tauren tribe. In addition to that, Cairne is a protector by role. If we talk about his specialty, then, in this case, he has two; speed manipulation and Self resistant. His abilities are cleave, Mortal strike, Thunderclap, uppercut, and war stomp. Bloodhoof is the most dangerous creature and an outstanding warrior.

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A Tier

hearthstone mercenaries tier list
The best mercenaries ranked.

Welcome to the best tier, where I will introduce you to those cards that are best of all (not as good as the above tier). There is a very slight difference between S and A tiers.

In contrast to the above tier, these have minor issues but are still ignorable. These small flaws do not affect the performance massively, so you can pair them up with the best ones to increase the effectiveness.


Another brave mercenary about whom I am going to tell you is Thrall. He is a protector by role belonging to the orc tribe. Do you know what I like the most about this hero? He stood against the demons along with humans and the night elves and successfully stopped the demon race with incomparable bravery. AoE and Buff orcs are his specialties.

Sylvanas Windrunner

Sylvanas Windrunner is a fighter by role and belongs to the undead tribe. Moreover, he is one of the strongest High Elf combatants. The future Lich King nobbled him.

As a result, this warrior came back as a  vindictive antagonist. AoE and mind control are the special powers gifted to this character. For this reason, I rank him high on the Hearthstone mercenaries tier 2022.


This outstanding merc is one of the strongest orc combatants of the Horder, as he belongs to the orc tribe. Saurfang is a fighter by role. His specialties are summoning orc and orc buff.


Coupled with the above-ranked merc, this hero is also from the orc tribe. Not only this but he is considered a fictitious orc fighter of the Horde. Correspondingly, Rokara is a fighter by role, having buffs as his extraordinary power.

The Lich King

Another protector is none other than the Lich King, who belongs to the human tribe. Prior he was only a human, but now he is a lot more than that. So, this king can assist you a lot in the mercenary mode.

Without bringing a second thought to your mind, I will recommend you incorporate this character into your squad. By doing so, the game will include your group in the Hearthstone mercenaries’ best team. I am sure you will like that, no? AoE is his extraordinary power.


This dangerous merc belongs to the demon tribe. As a result, he is considered the most wicked among all prime evil. Not only this, but Diablo is there to rule hell. He is a fighter by role. If we talk about his extraordinary power, these are AoE.

Cariel Roame

Now, let us talk about a leading champion who broke the holy oath to find her sister, who had been lost for many years. Cariel Roame is a protector by role and belongs to the human tribe. Taunt buff and healing are her specialties.

Blademaster Samuro

The rearmost blade master in the burning blade tribe is none other than the greatest Blademaster Samuro. He is a fighter by role and belongs to the orc tribe. AoE and mirror image are his special powers.

B Tier

good mercs
Good Hearthstone mercenaries ranked.

I am moving on towards the likable tier. You can find middle-of-the-road cards in this category. They possess those types of qualities that provide you with moderate performance as well as favorable results. I am sure you are looking forward to knowing which mercenaries I have ranked on the B tier of Hearthstone mercenaries tier list 2022.

Varden Dawngrasp

Varden Dawngraps is a caster by role. He has a specialty in freezing his opponents. If we talk about the rarity of Varden, then it is Rare. This potent Blood Elf mage can bend reality by using his powers.


The leading champion and confidante of Uthan belongs to the human tribe. He is a caster by role. His rarity is legendary. This leader of the human has several unique abilities, which include the Holy combo, taunt buff, and speed manipulation. Some other skills are the hammer of justice 5, blessing of protection 5, and avenging wrath 5.

Tirion Fordring

One of the most dominant mercenaries who can control Argent crusaders is none other than the legend Tirion Fordring. Not only this but he is also considered a bearer of Ashbringer. Fordring is a fighter by role and belongs to the human tribe. This likable character consists of various abilities such as Divine assault 5, the blessing of kings 5, and judgment of humility 5.

However, he is not as good as the characters on the above tiers. For this reason, I placed him here. If we talk about the rarity, then it is epic. Tirion Fordring has the unique ability to reduce attacks and Divine shield.

Tamsin Roame

Tamsin Roame is a caster by role. He belongs to the undead tribe. As far as rarity is concerned, it is rare. His special abilities are summoning demons and healing disruption.

Prophet Velen

The leader of his tribe Prophet Velen is a caster by role. If we talk about the rarity, then it is epic. He belongs to the Draenei tribe. Holy combo and 2x holy spell are his unique abilities. The stats of this B-tier mercenary are good. For this reason, I am ranking him in this category.

Natalie Seline

This appreciable lady is a master of dark magic belonging to the human tribe. Also, he is a writer of secrets of the void. Along with this, Epic is his rarity. Strong AoE and healing are his unique abilities.

Malfurion Stormrage

The twin brother of Illidan Stormrage is also a good character. Malfurian Stormrage is from the Night Elf tribe and is a protector. Legendary is his rarity. Together with Natalie Seline, this mercenary also has special powers of strong AoE and healing.

Kurtrus Ashfallen

No other hero can hunt demons like him so you can refer to him as a potent demon hunter. Moreover, he is not a part of Illadin’s cause anymore, as now he aims to avenge Dreadlord Anetheron. Kurtrus Ashfallen is a protector by role and belongs to the night elf tribe. As far as special abilities are concerned, these are; immune if outcast and provide extra damage to demons.

Jaina Proudmoore

Jaina Proudmoore is a caster by role, belonging to the human tribe. She is one of the most dangerous human sorceresses in the game. To freeze and summon elemental are his special powers. Along with this, Jaina’s rarity is legendary.

Cornelius Roame

The fate of his daughters saddened this mercenary as it was very mournful. Cornelius Roame is a legendary combatant belonging to the human tribe. He is capable of healing and sacrifice.


Now, I am moving on to a robust mythical character belonging to the dragon tribe. He is a caster by role. Healing is his extraordinary power. If we talk about the rarity, then it is Epic.

Anduin Wrynn

Anduin Wrynn is the King of Stormwind, who belongs to the human tribe and can reduce attacks as a caster by role.

C Tier

below average mercs
The below-average Hearthstone mercenaries ranked.

Falling in the below-average category does not mean that it is a good one. To simplify, it is better than the worst but not considered best or even suitable. Sneak into this category to find out more.


The Stormrage family gives us another lady character, a fighter by role. To put it another way, Tyrande is the wife of Malfurion Stormrage and belongs to the Night elf tribe. Moreover, 2x next arcane spell is her specialty. Epic is the rarity of this below-average character.

Tavish Stormpike

Tavish Stormpike is capable of controlling the beast with the help of his skills as he is a fighter by role and belongs to the dwarf tribe. If we talk about his rarity, then it is legendary. To summon beast and AoE are the unique skills of this combatant.

Scabbs Cutterbutter

Scabbs Cutterbutter is a legendary gnome fighter who is always ready to use evil tactics in the game. Stealth is his extraordinary power. But, these skills do not help much in the game. For this reason, I am placing him in this category of the Healthstone mercenaries tier list 2022.


Rexxar is a legendary fighter belonging to the half-orc tribe. However, he can summon beasts but is still not a very good combatant.


The mighty lord of fire is a protector and belongs to the Elemental tribe. AoE is his extraordinary power. Magma blast, die insects 5, and meteor 5 are other abilities. He is a legendary protector.

Millhouse Manastorm

Millicent and her husband Millhouse Manastorm are also strong caster Gnome. AoE is his remarkable ability which is not that good.

Lady Anacondra

Lady Anacondra is a rare fighter belonging to the Night Elf tribe. Her special powers are to summon beasts and buff beasts that are not so special.

King Mukla

King Mukla is Skymane Gorilla living in Jaguero Isle. The king is a protector by role and belongs to the Beast tribe. Along with this, he is immune to the beast.

King Krush

King Krush is a beast fighter who can summon beasts. But, this only skill can not help you in a good way for your game. Maybe you can pair this mercenary with another strong one to make a balanced team.

Guff Runetotem

Taunt, buff, and bench buffs are the specialties of this hero. Guff Runetotem is a caster and belongs to the Tauren tribe. Therefore, he can cast strong nature spells and is a potential druid.

Grommash Hellscream

The best friend of Warchief Thrall, Grommash Hellscream, is a protector by role belonging to the orc tribe. He is a legendary chieftain who can battle to the death.


Bur’kan is a caster by role. He belongs to the Troll tribe. This mercenary is an outstanding advisor for the young fighter but can not perform very well by himself. For this reason, I include him in this category of the Hearthstone mercenaries tier list.

Blink Fox

A ne’er-do-well fox who allows the players to draw an additional card is here. Blink Fox is a rare caster whose special powers are Arcane combo, ability refresh, and spell steal with ten attacks and 79 health. I believe he deserves to be in this category.

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D Tier

worst mercs
The weakest Hearthstone mercenaries ranked.

I recommend you avoid the mercenaries ranked in this tier because many better choices are available on the Hearthstone mercenaries tier list 2022. In my view, these are a piece of trash.

War Master Voone

War Master Voone is one of the worst hearthstone mercenaries who look after the lower Blackrock spire. Fire is his spell school. Not only this, but he can summon dragons too. In my view, it is not something very appreciable. He is a fighter belonging to the troll tribe.

Varian Wrynn

In Hearthstone mercenaries, Varian Wrynn is considered the king of Stormwind and the grand alliance. He is a protector by role band belongs to the human tribe. Human speed buff and retaliation are his specialties. But, I am telling you through my experience that this mercenary will let you down.


Rathorian is a rare fighter, belongs to the Demon tribe, and can summon demons. This character protects the Demon seed atop Dreadmist peak.

Old Murk-Eye

This merc can petrify Westfall Lighthouse. The old-Murk eye is a fighter by role and belongs to the Murloc tribe and is a rare fighter who can summon Murloc.


Mutanus is one of the rugged beings in the Wailing Caverns. He is an epic fighter whose special abilities are buff and taunt. But, to be honest, I found this character boring. So, I will not recommend you choose him.

Morgl the Oracle

A rare caster belongs to the Murloc tribe whose specialties are to heal and Murloc buffs. He is among the weakest mercs you saw on the Hearthstone mercenary tier 2022.


Mannoroth is considered a ruler of the Pit Lords. He is a protector by role belonging to the Demon tribe.

Lord Jaraxxus

Despite being a strong eredar Demon Lord of the Burning Legion, he is still a flawed character. Lord Jaraxxus can summon demons.

Illidan Stormrage

As discussed above, this character is the twin brother of Mulfurion Stormrage. But, he does not perform as well as his brother. For this reason, I am ranking him lower in this Hearthstone mercenary tier list 2022. This merc is a legendary fighter who can outcast attacks.


The ruler of the Ogres of Outland, Gruul, is an epic protector who can summon orcs and give extra dragon damage. Furthermore, he belongs to the Giant tribe.

Baron Geddon

Baron Geddon protects the Rune of Zeth and belongs to the elemental tribe. This one of the weakest mercenaries is an epic hero whose special abilities are fire combo and AoE. Hence, I will recommend you avoid him.


Even though Antonidas is a caster by role and belongs to the human tribe, you can not rely on him for successful gameplay.


Finally, the last merc in this article is a protector by role belonging to the Dragon tribe. He is said to be the aspect of the Red Dragonflight, the protector of all life.

Hearthstone Mercenaries Guide

Furthermore, look at the table below and find out how you can get Hearthstone mercenaries’ best teams.

Team NameMercenaries
CXBCariel + Xyrella + Samuro
KrushMillhouse + Varden + King Krush
FireAntonidas + Geddon + Ragnaros
NatureMalfurion + Brukan + Guff
HolyXyrella + Velen + Anduin

Summarizing It

Each card placed on the Hearthstone mercenaries tier list is different in general. However, some of them are best while others are not good. You can build your own Hearthstone mercenaries’ best teams by mixing these heroes. Ultimately, the choice is yours. But, again, I want you to remind that be very careful while building the squads.

Moreover, I have not only told you the names of the best character but also justified them being the center of attention. And, with numerous options in front of your eyes, you are mature enough to pick the right ones for yourselves.

It would be best to go for the mercenaries ranked on the earlier shelves as they are better than others. But, if you want to try others, you are your boss. There is no harm in trying others too. Although, I am focusing on the point that will be more helpful for you. Good luck, buddy!

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