High on Life Tier List: All Weapons Ranked

In Our High on Life Tier List, We Will Be Ranking All Of The Weapons In The Game

So, have you also recently heard everyone talking about High on Life? Which weapon is the best, I wonder? Which one of them best fits your strategy? Then look no further than our High on Life Tier List, where we will provide you with all the information about each weapon in the entire game. High on Life is an FPS game released exclusively for Microsoft. The game is set in a comedic theme where the players are offered various weapons known as the Gatlians. You are required to fight off any hurdles by operating with them. These goofy weapons have unique characteristics and attributes which add up to the comedic theme of the game.

We want to make it clear that the following list has just been created based on personal opinion. This might not be the perfect presentation of all the weapons nor do we claim it to be. Our writers tried to remain objective but as long as ranking lists go constructing them requires one’s personal thoughts and experience with any given article so therefore it will give rise to a few clashes of opinions. So we do expect to hear your views about it as well.

Key Points

  • The rankings below were made with the current meta in mind.
  • There are a total of 6 entries in our rankings.
  • We will rank them into 5 different tiers (S, A, B, C, and D).
  • With each entry, a short explanation has been provided.


The following table has been presented to summarise everything.

Tier RankWeapons
S Rank• Lezduit
A Rank• Creature
B Rank• Knifey
C Rank• Kenny
• Sweezy
D Rank• Gus

We will describe each entry further in the article

S Tier

S Tier
S Tier.


Lazeduit occupies the top spot in our High on Life Tier List. He’s an extremely powerful weapon that you can only use in the final boss battle to fight Garmantuous. Lezduit has good aim allowing the players to smooth usage, additionally, he deals significantly more damage compared to the other weapons, and to top it off he can kill a queue of enemies in a very short time. Despite being the strongest weapon he still has a drawback in his game which is the slow recharge rate but being the most powerful weapon in the game comes with a cost. However, the players can switch to other weapons real quick and wait for Lezduit to recharge. Once recharged he is ready to be used to deal serious damage. It’s a shame that the player can’t use this weapon in the early stages of the game and have to wait for the final battle.

A Tier

A Tier
A Tier.


Creature gets a place in the A Tier who throws small creatures off his back that chew the foes. Unlike many of the weapons, he doesn’t have a good fire rate so he heavily relies on the chewing abilities of these small creatures which take care of the enemies. When it gets a little crowded Creature is the ideal weapon for you as in a short time you can clear a large group of enemies with his powers. Not only he can launch these creatures but can mind control enemies and launch explosions. All these make him a very versatile weapon thus getting a high rank in our list.

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B Tier

B Tier
B Tier.


Knifey falls into the B rank of our High on the Life Tier List, which is one of the handiest weapons in the game but at the same time, it’s not that big of a deal to be missing out on using it. What makes Knifey a standout weapon is that it’s the only melee weapon in High on Life. So with that, it’s a great close-range weapon that doesn’t need ammo or any sort to cause damage and can be a good change of battle style for the players. Since he lacks any distinguishing attributes, we think the B Tier is the greatest fit for him.

C Tier

C Tier
C Tier.

The C Tier will be the first category where we will have more than 1 entry. Kenny and Sweezy are given a spot in this tier.


The first weapon you can get in the game is Kenny, a standard pistol. He is a perfect starter gun that can send enemies flying into the air with his explosive shots. Kenny has a decent ammo and reloads rate with a good range with whom the players can deal damage from almost anywhere. Overall, he’s a good weapon for the game’s early levels, but as the story develops, he’ll have trouble taking on boss fights and stronger enemies.


Sweezy launches explosive projectiles that can be unlocked fairly early in the game. Initially, she appears to be a perfect weapon in the early game. She can fire through walls, explode her crystals, stop time, and has a tonne of ammunition. Despite a good amount of ammo capacity, she doesn’t actually deal that much damage which is one of her highlighted flaws. Sweezy excels in taking down mobs with low health, such as Mytes, whereas is ineffective against the stronger enemies in the later stages of the game.

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D Tier

D Tier
D Tier.


We will conclude our list with the D Tier which is occupied by Gus who is relatively the weakest weapon in the game. He is the shotgun of High on Life and is one of the fan favorites because of his character but when it comes to performance our little shotgun guy is pretty weak. Gus’s biggest flaws are his slow fire rate, low ammo holding capacity, and weak precision which results in misfiring your shots. When the enemies swarm you around Gus fails to hold his ground which can result in you losing a great amount of health. The only favorable condition for Gus to perform in is close-range combat where he can one-shot the enemies.


That concludes our attempt to rank every weapon on our High on the Life Tier List. It’s not a perfect presentation, as we said above, but we hope to have done many, if not all, of these weapons justice. Yes, there will be many readers who will disagree with our rankings, but in the end, our objective is to offer information based on our personal views and game-playing knowledge. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.