Marvel Puzzle Quest Tier List

Today I will be discussing the Marvel Puzzle Quest tier list with all of you, which is about a game that has so much to offer, be it the character collection, the thrilling multiplayer, or the robust upgrade system. And there are thousands of fans out there of all these heroes, so it is pretty hard to assemble them all into a coherent list.

We have researched a lot before writing our article as this title has really dedicated fans, each with their own likes and dislikes. So keeping that in mind, we have assembled our rankings based on the skills and talents of all the characters from the game. These characters are ranked in a four-tier system. The ones placed in the S tier are the best coming down with quality from the A to C tier. 

Key Points

  • The list is made in accordance with the current meta.
  • There are well over 100 entries on our list.
  • Among the best characters are Wolverine and Captain America.
  • The worst characters are Ares and Black Widow.


We have ranked each entry in a short table below.

Tier RankCharacters
S Rank• Wolverine
• Captain America
• Silver Surfer
• The Hulk
• Black Bolt
• Iron Man
• Natasha Ramanoff
• Pheonix
• Dr Strange
• Spider Man
• Green Goblin
A Rank• Invisible Woman
• Mr Fantastic
• Captain America (Sam Wilson)
• Venom
• Devil Dinosaur
• Drax
• Gwen Pool
• Howard The Duck
• Spider Gwen
• Moon Knight
• Kate Bishop
• Luke Cage
• War Machine
• Blade
• Miles Morales
• Winter Soldier
• Spider Woman
• Wasp
• The Incredible Hulk
• X-23
• Star Lord
• Ghost Rider
• Wolverine (X Force)
• Carnage
• Quake
• Elektra
• Nick Furry
• Kingpin
• Professor X
• The Thing
• Ant Man
• Nova
• Iron Man
• The Punisher
• The Cyclops
• Jean Grey
• Red Hulk
• Thor
• Dead Pool
• Peggy Carter
• Ice Man
B Rank• Black Widow
• The Incredible Hulk (Indestructable)
• Black Panther
• Blade
• The Hood
• Loki
• Sam Wilson
• Wolvarine (Patch)
• Luke Cage
• Thor (Modern)
• Captain Marvel
• Dr Strange (Stephen Strange)
• Magneto
• Deadpool
• Steve Rogers
• Kamala Khan
• Cyclops
• Scarlet Witch
• Iron Fist
• Iron Man (Model 40)
C Rank• Sentry
• Spider Man (Classic)
• Colossus
• Ragnarok
• Beast
• Gamora
• Psylocke
• Otto Octavious
• The Punisher
• Vision
• Rocket Groot
• Storm
• Daken
• Human Torch
• She Hulk
• Dr Doom
• Squirrel Girl
• Daredevil
• Quick Silver
• Bullseye
• Mystique
D Rank• Yelena Belova
• Hawkeye
• Storm (Modern)
• Venom (Dark Avengers)
• Spider Man (Orignal)
• Black Widow (Modern)
• Iron Man (Model 35)
• Juggernaut
• Spider Man (Bag Man)
• Bullseye
• Steve Rogers
• Daken (Dark Avengers)
• Moonstone
• The Human Torch
• Wolverine (Astonishing X Men)
• Captain Marvel (Ms Marvel)
• Thor ( Marvel Now)
• Storm (Classic)
• Hawkeye (Modern)
• Magneto (Marvel Now)
• Black Widow (Orignal)
• Ares

Learn more about each entry further in the article.

S Tier

Best characters of Marvel Puzzle Quest
S Tier.

The characters in the S tier of the Marvel Puzzle Quest tier list 2022 are the best of all in skills and abilities.

Wolverine (Old Man Logan)

There is no one better to start our list off then Old Man Logan himself. He possesses two distinct sets of abilities: first, he can produce power-up tiles on his own, and second, his healing capacity is unparalleled in the area. He is a tank, a killer, and an endurance specialist. 

Silver Surfer (Skyrider)

The latest boost that the Surfer received was certainly an improvement, but he is not yet making Galactus pleased to the extent that he should be. Even though he is capable of healing and creating charged tiles, he is still in the back of the pack despite his abilities.

The Hulk (Bruce Banner)

Fans of the Hulk have been patiently waiting for this rendition for some time, and it has finally arrived. However, it was well worth the wait to witness Bruce’s transformation into the infamous rampaging monster. 

Black Bolt (King of the Inhumans)

Bolt is a real leader, and he encourages his colleagues to perform to the very best of their skills by pushing them to their boundaries. Even if his improved performance weren’t enough, his scream is powerful enough to remove each and every tile from the whole board.

Iron Man (Mark XLVI)

The capability of the suit to call in additional, unmanned armor provides Stark with a significant amount of protection. His arc reactor beams are powerful, and he has the ability to generate a large number of cascades. 

Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow)

Each of her abilities has a set of requirements that must be met before it can be used. These circumstances can be triggered by a variety of various things, such as the amount of health teammates have, the number of energy foes have, or the number of special pieces currently on the board. 

Phoenix ( Jean Grey)

Her assault is powerful, and her ability to turn things red is fantastic; nevertheless, what renders her a true danger is her capacity to revive after being killed. When she does so, she is furious at having been put to sleep. 

Doctor Strange

I have a sneaking suspicion that the Doc, in his new three-star form, will be someone who has to be avoided at all costs. He still automatically attacks when adversaries use an ability, but he is far more resilient against special tiles now. The Eye of Agamotto cannot be removed from the game and cannot be destroyed by other means.

Spider-Man (Back In Black)

It is difficult to score a strike on Spider-Man since he uses shadows to escape when his opponents are stunned. He appears and disappears at will, gaining strength only while his adversaries are distracted. He also possesses physical force, as evidenced by the fact that he can throw a car over any protective tiles.

The Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)

This Halloween-themed hazard poses a significant risk since the player has the choice to pick a number of different pumpkin bombs, each of which has a unique impact and the capacity to either speed up or strengthen squares. The most devastating blow is delivered by his errant glider, which slams into the target. 

Captain America (First Avenger)

He may be quite effective against foes that produce a large number of special pieces, but other than that, he does not bring a lot of quirks to the fight. In the S tier, it takes a great deal to survive, and Steve barely manages to hang on.

A Tier

Marvel Puzzle Quest tier list A tier
A Tier.

The characters in the A tier of the Marvel Puzzle Quest tier list are good but not up to the mark with those of the S tier.

Invisible Woman (Classic)

Just because she has a rating of four stars does not indicate that she is of high quality. Even after receiving a buff, she is still not very good at all. She was awful, to begin with. Her enhanced match damage is the one benefit she possesses; otherwise, she is just as awful as Yelena or Bag-Man.

Mr. Fantastic (Reen Richards)

It’s ironic because Reed is just as awful as his wife. In spite of the fact that he was ostensibly designed to lend assistance to the other characters of the Fantastic Four, he turned out to be a useless mess and had nothing going for him.

Captain America (Sam Wilson)

When Sam comes tumbling down from the sky, it’s an impact that shakes the ground to its very foundations. The issue is that it requires a long time and a significant amount of energy to make it there, and it is far too simple to prevent him from slowly building enough steam to get there.

Venom (Eddie Brock)

This version of Venom is unquestionably superior to the previous iteration, but it was designed to expressly deal with the threat posed by the adversary’s special tiles. That renders him ineffective in the vast majority of matches because of his excessive specialization.

Devil Dinosaur (Gigantic Reptile)

When it comes to fan favorites from the past, the dinosaur reigns supreme! I mean, he’s a gigantic dinosaur; that alone is pretty cool, right? On the other side, his repertoire is restricted because the only thing he actually does is bite things. Still, a dinosaur!

Drax (The Destroyer)

Though he appears tough, he’s got issues. The fact that he ends the game when he uses his violet power is a significant drawback; moreover, he eliminates the unique tiles that belong to his own team, and his red is at its most effective when the opponent is close to reaching full health. 

Gwenpool (Gwen Poole)

She is very close to being a comic relief character. Sending her teammates into the air has no value other than being comical, and her primary power is so difficult to understand that people have built spreadsheets to try to make sense of it. Plus, stupid name.

Howard The Duck

Everyone believed the game’s developers were joking when they stated Howard would be heading to the game, but he actually made it into the game, and he’s not awful at all. It is a lot more beneficial than you may imagine for him to be able to take off his garments and mix in with the other ducks in the flock.

Spider-Gwen (Gwen Stacy)

Spider-Gwen can pack a powerful punch, but her primary function is to work along with other Spider-based heroes. Even if she’s not that horrible, you should be careful when the board gets webbed over.

Moon Knight (Marc Spector)

Moon Knight’s mental health spills into his capabilities, which is a nice twist considering how unpredictable his abilities are. On the other side, unpredictability isn’t exactly welcome in a game such as this, but he is enjoyable to watch when it comes to entertainment value.

Kate Bishop (Hawkeye)

She’s not very complicated when it comes to dealing with harm. Although she is not particularly remarkable in any regard, she is rather reliable and is capable of holding her own. 

Luke Cage (Power Man)

Quite a few characters can generate fortified tiles and Luke is all about helping the squad shore up their defenses and retaining what defenses they have.

War Machine (James Rhodes)

Rhodey creates a lot of countdown tiles, and since those tiles can be matched to cancel out one another’s effects, using Rhodey is a bit of a gamble. However, he is also able to reveal characters that are invisible, making him an excellent weapon against those that like to conceal themselves.

Blade (Modern)

Since the Modern iteration of Blade is a newbie to the game, it’s safe to say that we don’t really know much about him just yet. One thing is very evident right from the bat, and that is the quality of his artwork is quite poor. 

Miles Morales (Spider-Man)

Being able to generate energy passively when his webs are broken is a major advantage, and being able to become unseen is always a significant benefit in almost any circumstance. 

Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes)

Bucky is a figure who achieves a solid mix between being a guy who specializes in finesse and one who is simply generally handy. Tossing a bomb and then firing it out of the air is a really impressive move, and since sniping away opponent energy causes them to move more slowly, having a little amount of control is also beneficial.

Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

I’m a big fan. Like Elektra, Jessica has the ability to cancel off a significant portion of the damage that is about to be dealt to her, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the majority of players have not yet realized how significant of an advantage that is.

Wasp (Janet Van Dyne)

Janet is a wonderful source of support. The fact that she can swap the function of other characters that generate tiles while simultaneously boosting them is a huge advantage for the side she’s on. This is especially true when she’s linked up with other characters who can take energy from the opponent on every turn.

The Incredible Hulk (Totally Awesome)

Amadeus is a positive story that demonstrates the developer’s devotion to continue developing the game. His initial iteration was a disaster, but he has now matured into a respectable person, and very few people make jokes about the appearance of his hair anymore.

X-23 (All-New Wolverine)

She might not have Wolverine’s lethal capability, but she has some of the strongest healing abilities in the game. She has the ability to withstand blow after hit upon hit and yet keeps fighting, making her an incredible anchor for any squad.

Star-Lord (Legendary Outlaw)

His new inactive ability reduces the amount of power that teammates need to spend, allowing for speedier strikes and more rapid victories. In addition to it, he delivers a devastating sucker blow.

Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)

Ghost Rider is among my favorite characters in the comics, but he doesn’t even come close to being good in the movies. His black power is among the most potent in the rest of the game, his other 2 talents aren’t quite as impressive as his black power. However, he is not all that beneficial in other situations. His primary usage is against bosses.

Wolverine (X-Force)

His attempts to heal aren’t always successful, and his green energy is so feeble that it’s laughable. However, it is not difficult to take him out before the claw comes out.

Carnage (Cletus Kasady)

A maniac with a violent temper, Carnage inflicts just as much harm on his allies as he does on the other side. In PVP, he is an excellent deterrent if nobody wants to battle him, but even if you utilize him, there is no assurance that you will come out on top. 

Quake (Daisy Johnson)

In recent times, it appears that she has lost some of her supporters, but her one-of-a-kind ability to lessen or remove damage dealt by area-of-effect attacks makes her an essential asset against foes that like attacking the whole squad. Red Hulk, schemed hulk.

Elektra (Unkillable)

Her black ability is able to counteract any and all attacks, she is able to kill Old Man Logan by using his claws versus him, and her red ability causes characters to bleed to death in a fast. Her black power can counteract any and all attacks. She is wonderful!

Nick Fury (Director of SHEILD)

Nick is not one to engage in idle chatter. His gun has an extremely high caliber, and if the enemy manages to detonate two of his grenades at the same time, it will almost always result in the elimination of the whole team. In addition, bringing in Avengers is an awesome thing to do.

Kingpin (Wilson Fisk)

Fisk is a cold-blooded killer. At first glance, he does not appear to be very powerful; nevertheless, before his foes realize it, all of their health has been depleted, and he has a dozen goons under his authority on the board. Have respect for the finger.

Professor X (Charles Xavier)

It is possible that Chuck is the most valuable supporting figure in the ranks. His ability to strengthen the abilities of favorable special tiles can result in ridiculously powerful assaults, and when he turns invisible, it is difficult to remove him from the battlefield. He is essential to the success of several different initiatives.

The Thing (Classic)

Many weaker characters have impressive abilities, but they run the danger of being eliminated in a single blow by more powerful foes. If Ben is nearby, he will leap ahead of any powerful assault and take the hit, then immediately thereafter he will put up a large number of defensive tiles.

 Ant-Man (Scott Lang)

When it comes to unique tiles, Ant-Man is the best there is. He is able to create them, grab them, and then when he quickly expands in size, his punch is a knockout blow. Even his animations are quite fascinating to look at!

Nova (Sam Alexander)

As Nova races across the battlefield, he unleashes a barrage of powerful abilities in rapid succession. Because certain characters are resistant to being stunned, having the ability to rocket-boost an opponent into the air is also a very beneficial ability. His erratic flight is a great technique to get around that!

Iron Man (Hulkbuster)

He has the ability to fill himself with his favorite hue, which in this case is red, and then unleash blows with an incredible amount of force, just like Ares. And it goes without saying that he’s quite the tank. Take a look at how well-protected he is!

The Punisher (Max)

He gains strength by eliminating his own team members and going it alone, and when he is fighting an opponent one-on-one, his strikes become even more powerful. He gains strength by eliminating his own teammates. 

The Cyclops (Classic)

One of the most sophisticated characters, Scott is able to achieve dominant victories through the strategic application of his abilities. His turns can be stretched for a considerable amount of time if he chooses his targets with care, preventing his adversaries from ever having a chance to rebound.

Jean Grey (All-New X-MeN)

Teen Jean is an important character in Puzzle Quest due to the fact that all of her skills have an area of effect, and they get fairly powerful as the player advances through the game. When she has the upper hand, she can wipe out an entire group of adversaries before they ever realize what has occurred.

Red Hulk (Thunderbolt Ross)

Red Hulk is a monstrous being in every sense of the word. He does only one thing, yet he does it really well: sucking in gamma radiation and smashing whatever is in front of him. His only emphasis is on these two activities.

Thor (Goddess of Thunder)

She has the same tendency as other powerhouses to get off to a sluggish start, but once she gets going, there is no stopping her. Her hammer, Mjolnir, is capable of delivering deadly strikes when she has worked up a storm of energized tiles, and she is able to single-handedly eliminate whole teams.

Deadpool (Uncanny X-Force)

Wade is dangerous from any vantage point since he possesses a powerful sword attack that simultaneously restores a significant portion of his health, the capacity to exact revenge on the opponent anytime one of his allies is hurt, and potent bombs that zero in on the enemy’s most dominant color.

Peggy Carter (Captain America)

Her mere presence on the battlefield is enough to strike fear into the hearts of her foes and cause the cost of their abilities to raise. It’s a huge leg up on the competition. When you combine that with the fact that her punch is unaffected by protection tiles and that her reinforcements may initiate combat, it is simple to understand why she is at the top of so many people’s most-wanted lists.

 Iceman (All-New X-Men)

He may provide the appearance of a snow-covered buffoon, but in reality, he is a lethal killing machine. His ability to freeze adversaries for four rounds renders virtually all of them helpless, his cold punch is devastating, and his green area of effect absolutely destroys the competition. When the temperature is low, he is a force that cannot be ignored.

B Tier

Decent characters from the game.
B Tier.

The B tier of the Marvel Puzzle Quest tier list 2022 includes those characters which are pretty decent but lack the fine abilities present in the ones mentioned above.

Black Widow (Grey Suit)

Although all of her skills come at a very high cost, they are well worth the investment. It’s a tremendous advantage for her to be able to generate large quantities of green, her sniper rifle deals damage to the whole opposing team, and her weapon can zero in on particular locations on the map. 

The Incredible Hulk (Indestructible)

One of the most effective meat shields currently available in the game. He has an enormous amount of life, and each time he is injured, green is added to his total number of health points. When he becomes angry, the cascades simply keep on coming one after another. 

Black Panther (T’Challa)

The Wakandan king’s blue power is useless, but his yellow power is excellent for providing a speed boost to attack power, and his black power is nothing to mess with. Someone is going to be hurt when those claws start raking the opposing squad.

Blade (Daywalker)

When the game and board conditions are favorable for Blade, he may be an exceptionally destructive player. When playing on a board with a lot of red, his bloodlust will increase, and when it does, his attack tiles will take big sections out of his opponents at every turn.

The Hood (Classic)

As is the case with Moonstone, the AI’s employment of The Hood makes him appear to be an extremely dangerous figure, yet my own usage of him never appears to have the same impact. His ability to siphon energy is admirable, and the yellow assault he executes with his dual-wielded weapons is formidable; nevertheless, he just can’t manage to get himself to the gym.

Loki (Dark Reign)

He is bad in PVE and awful at defending in PVP, but when employed aggressively against other players, he may be used to tremendous effect. The AI simply can’t help but make a match-4, which ultimately results in them crippling itself by allowing Loki to take all of their energy and putting a halt to their progress.

Sam Wilson (Falcon)

He is one of the strongest support players in this tier. The ability of his falcon to automatically eliminate hostile special tiles is quite useful, and his buffing is second only to that of Professor X. He can’t lead a squad, but he certainly succeeds as a second fiddle.

Wolverine (Patch)

The three-star tier is the first time Wolverine truly has a healing ability that’s akin to what he has in the comics. It doesn’t take much for his berserker wrath to put a stop to about, but if he uses it at the wrong moment, it may easily backfire on him. It’s a little bit risky, but so is Logan’s situation.

Luke Cage (Hero for Hire)

Luke’s uppercut is a deadly blow if he is able to land it while the rest of his team is still alive, and maintaining consistent shielding is almost always an advantage. 

Thor (Modern)

The god of thunder is distinctive in that all of his powers are interconnected with one another. The red contributes to the growth of the yellow, which in turn contributes to the growth of the green, which ultimately deals with the knockout blow. 

Captain Marvel (the Contemporary Version)

If you ask me, I think she’s one of the most underestimated characters in the game. If she’s at the proper level to tank, she can produce a large amount of power for her squad, and getting a stun that also deals good damage is always useful. 

Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange)

Due to the fact that he is the newest hero in the game, there are still a lot of uncertainties concerning him. Even again, the fact that adversaries using their powers trigger an automatic assault and heal is hardly something to scoff at. 

Magneto (Classic)

Magneto is a fantastic asset for any squad because he can practically operate independently. He is the whole deal because of his combination of moderate board control, significant damage, and defensive tiles.

Deadpool (It’s Me, Deadpool!)

It was perhaps with this rendition of Deadpool that Puzzle Quest’s signature brand of dry humor was first made apparent. I mean, stealth whales are capable of eliminating a whole squad in a single shot. And in order to utilize it, you are required to give him in-game cash. 

Steve Rogers (Super Soldier)

Once the elderly soldier starts going, he’s wonderful, but it takes a little while for him to get going in the beginning. He is able to recycle AP in order to reduce the overall cost of his abilities, and his ability to replace any tile prevents opponents from moving forward.

Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel)

She is able to create a large quantity of purple that she may consume or give to other characters, she has the ability to strike the entire squad with huge fists, and she is able to heal herself whenever a member of the team uses one of their abilities.

Cyclops (Uncanny X-Men)

Scott Summers is a crimson machine; his zaps deal significant damage, and when he pulls the visor off and unleashes fly, he has the ability to flatten a mountain.

Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)

Wanda’s green power is very ineffective, but her other abilities more than makeup for it. The ability to automatically generate purple is a significant advantage, and her real crush may remove a character from the game for five rounds, which is equivalent to an extremely long time.

Iron Fist (Immortal Weapon)

All of Danny Rand’s abilities are of a very high caliber. He has the ability to generate a large amount of black, his strike is both powerful and quick, and he provides an immediate attack tile at no additional cost. He is the best when teamed up with Luke Cage.

Iron Man (Model 40)

His capacity to create a massive quantity of strength is unmatched, and the chest beam that he uses is a very powerful assault. He is an indispensable asset and serves as the backbone of teams that are eager for energy.

C Tier

Average characters from the game
C Tier.

The C tier characters of the Marvel Puzzle Quest tier list are not that good, they have some skills but they are not so great.

Sentry (Dark Avengers)

He may seem as though he just came out of a salon, but he’s not quite as gorgeous as his hair. Sentry was formerly quite lethal, but he had to be toned down quite a bit because of a nerf. Because his abilities harm his personal team without providing a proportionate boost to their attack strength, there is no need to utilize him.

Spider-Man (Classic)

It should not have come to this for Peter Parker. His web bandages can heal teammates, but they do not provide a significant enough boost to be a major impact. The same can be said for his protection tiles. Even with its reduced power, his web stun no longer poses a danger.

Colossus (Classic)

You’d think that a person made of steel would be more resilient than he is. Even at full power, his main attack isn’t a cause for concern.

Ragnarok (Dark Avengers)

Poor Rags. You’d never guess it today, but back in the day, he was a really difficult client to deal with. The only actual benefit he provides is the creation of a few charge tiles, but in addition to that, he is harmful to his colleagues. What a useless person.

Beast (Classic Series)

Another figure that is completely devoid of redeeming qualities is the Beast. Even after receiving a boost, he is still not very good because his in-game motion is horrible, none of his skills are very powerful, and he has none. The one redeeming quality about him is that he is covered in fur, which gives him an attractive appearance.

Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy)

She can strike quickly and for little cost, but her blows are not particularly powerful. Her ability to enhance her attack is only effective in specific circumstances, and while her stun is adequate, it is not sufficient to warrant a seat on a team. Her ability to slow the target’s movement is adequate but not sufficient.

Psylocke (Classic Version)

Her capacity to build tiles that cause significant damage every turn was novel when she first appeared in the game, but she was quickly surpassed by Blade in the same area as soon as it was introduced. Even though she is popular with the audience, she is not a favorite among the staff.

Otto Octavius (Doctor Octopus)

His performance in player vs player combat is abysmal, but he succeeds in player versus-environment combat because of his ability to manufacture attack tiles by demolishing opponent tiles. It possesses a remarkable amount of power, especially when combined with Professor X’s expertise.

The Punisher (Dark Reign)

It is hard to determine where The Punisher falls on the totem pole due to the fact that he possesses one incredible ability and two weaker ones. In boss fights, his ability to one-shot enemies that have been weakened is quite useful but other than that he’s a bust.

Vision (Android Avenger)

Vision is one of the most versatile players in the game because of his ability to alter his density at will. However, he is unable to quickly adjust to shifting circumstances, which limits the possibilities available to him despite his adaptability.

Rocket Groot (Most Wanted):

Rocket and Groot Because Groot can regenerate a significant amount of health, this duo is excellent at tanking owing to Groot’s abilities. Rocket’s tinkering talent generates excellent buffing tiles, too. It’s a clever take on how the characters should be interpreted.

Storm (Mohawk)

Her hailstorm may be devastating in games that go on for a significant amount of time, but I’ve always had the impression that she’s typically weak, not to mention the fact that she’s rather vulnerable. She is fine as a recurring player, but she is unable to carry a whole squad by herself.

Daken (Classic)

His main function is to generate a large number of weapon tiles for characters that make use of those.

Human Torch (Classic)

Another hero is precisely the same as his two-star form. 3HumanTorch.png Even though they are quite reliable as attackers, energy cannibalization is still a problem for them. Characters that don’t employ the colors he burns make the best allies.

She-Hulk (Modern)

It is quite surprising, given that she is a large and green figure, that her most potent ability is not a physical one. Her energy-draining scream must be prevented at all costs, and she may cause havoc on teams that build tiles with a legal-themed theft. 

Doctor Doom (Classic Series)

His demons have the ability to whittle down an opponent’s team, and if he is able to maintain his presence on the board for an extended period of time, his diabolical plotting can inflict a significant amount of damage. He can generate a significant amount of black while also preventing blue from being generated.

Squirrel Girl (Unbeatable)

My opinion may not be shared by others, but I think Squirrel Girl is more entertaining than it is useful. Having said that, is there anything that isn’t appealing about deploying a force of squirrels out to conquer your foes? Just the fact that it is unique adds a great deal to its value.

Daredevil (Man Without Fear)

A victory achieved with Daredevil requires some dexterity as well as excellent timing, but the satisfaction gained from doing so is immense. The fact that he has complicated trap tiles makes him one of the most entertaining characters to employ, despite the fact that he is neither the strongest nor the most consistent.

Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff)

His speed has more early removal than anybody else in the game, and if it is employed correctly, it may lead to the player making multiple consecutive plays. It is the equivalent in match-three games of making your opponent appear as though they are not moving at all.

Bullseye (Classic)

He might be a little off his rocker, but he’s another character that has excellent control over the board. It is quite helpful to aim your knife throws toward particular tiles, and it is also beneficial to throw an enemy’s weapon back at them.

Mystique (Raven Darkholme)

Raven is a small amount of dark mare. Her blue ability is useless because it is entirely dependent on chance, but her ability to steal and stun people is rather useful. If she is able to keep her cover and fire a shot while pretending to be someone else, it will be a very effective one.

D Tier

Worst characters from Marvel Puzzle Quest
D Tier.

The worst characters of the Marvel Puzzle Quest tier list 2022 are placed in the D tier.

Yelena Belova (Dark Avengers)

The vast majority of people have never heard of her, and she is often considered to be the worst figure in the lowest tier. She only possesses two abilities, both of which are ineffective and have a high cost associated with using them. Plus, she has ambitions of becoming the Black Widow… It has a sinister air about it.

Hawkeye (Classic)

The fact that Hawkeye’s abilities may target particular locations on the board is one of the reasons I enjoy using them, but the fact that they are so expensive and so ineffective makes up for it. It’s entertaining to employ him, but entertainment without power won’t win you many battles.

Storm (Modern)

The Modern iteration of Storm isn’t terrible by any stretch of the imagination, but like the vast majority of heroes in the current tier, she’s quite feeble. Her improved versions are strong, but there are other options available that are superior. However, I really like what she’s wearing. 

Venom (Dark Avengers)

He used to be able to render a whole squad unconscious and consume anyone with only one bite. He was weakened when new characters that could create webs entered the game and altered the balance of power; as a result, he is now a mere shell of the vicious person he used to be.

Spider-Man (Original)

He is not a terrible character by any means, and because of his propensity to generate crucial tiles, he packs quite a punch.

Black Widow (Modern)

One of the very few one-star fighters who is useful at higher levels. Her power to stun an opponent for five turns is extremely helpful when utilized as part of a Team-Up, and it has the potential to completely change the outcome of a fight.

Iron Man (Model 35)

Players will begin to observe a pattern in the builds of characters in higher rankings when they reach Iron Man 35. His talents are quite varied and he possesses a complete span of three different types of power. Because he is strong in a variety of areas, rookies who are just beginning out shouldn’t steer clear of him.

Juggernaut (Classic)

He is the largest fish in a pond that is not very large. Juggs has a lot of life, deals a (relatively) significant amount of damage, and has a fantastic board-shake ability that can gain some cascade games and get rid of opponent tiles. 

Spider-Man (Bag-Man)

He is just terrible in every possible way. Not only does he have the appearance of a complete nerd, but his powers are completely useless, and it takes a lot of effort to utilize them. He is a total embarrassment and a bust from any point of view you choose to take.

Bullseye (Dark Avengers)

Although this form of Bullseye is a low-ranking character with skills that cost too much for the function they perform, he does have some use because of his natural ability to construct defensive tiles if someone matches the color purple. 

Steve Rogers (Captain America)

His capacity to create defensive tiles is fine, and his power to overrule tiles controlled by the adversary is fantastic, but his assault is completely worthless. Forget about vibrant, his shield appears to be little more than a whoopee cushion with a new coat of paint on it.

Daken (Dark Avengers)

Wolverine Jr. looks unimpressive from every angle you look at him. His ability to make strike tiles is rather beneficial, but his self-healing is not sufficient to keep him living for long

Moonstone (Dark Avengers)

Moonstone can be really annoying. Her effectiveness as a tool in the hands of AI is astounding. When utilized by the player, she almost always proves to be disappointing. The unpredictability interferes with her ability to move tiles, and her attack is dependent on having a board that is predominantly red. However, stealing tiles can convert a loss into a win versus opponents who are much stronger.

The Human Torch (Johnny Storm)

The Torch is a completely average piece of fiction. He has respectable offensive powers, but his black dismantles the power of his own side, and his green is dependent on the player always making additional green matches. Both of these factors limit his offensive potential. He requires a fair amount of care and attention.

Wolverine (Astonishing X-Men)

His capacity for mending is not very impressive. It takes a lot less time for him to get knocked out than a competent Logan should.

Captain Marvel (Ms. Marvel)

Her demolition of shield tiles and supersonic assault is nothing worth bragging about, but she creates an absurd quantity of Team-Up tiles, which both build cascades and pay for more expensive abilities to be employed. 

Thor (Marvel NOW)

He is identical to his older brother who has three stars, with the exception that he is far less capable in every way. It’s not a terrible pick, but it’s also not a fantastic one.

Storm (Classic)

Storm may acquire AP to aid herself along, which is helpful, despite the fact that her powers are on the more costly side, and her blue ability is quite destructive. Not only does it do damage to the entire squad, but the adversary is stunned for five turns, which is a significant length of time to put them to sleep.

Hawkeye (Modern)

If the player is able to complete a match-5, Hawk will generate a sequence of tiles that do significant damage. It is devastating to adversaries, but in order for him to be successful with it, he has to either have an outrageous amount of luck or work in conjunction with…

Magneto (Marvel NOW!)

Even while his red deals a respectable amount of damage, his true worth lies in the fact that he is best friends with Clint. They constitute the best possible combination at the tier.

Black Widow (Original)

Her black power increases the amount of damage she deals during a match, making each of her moves more powerful than the majority of those in the tier. In addition, she has the ability to steal authority from the opposing team, and her blue strength either slows down the actions of the adversary team or heals the ally team. 

Ares (Dark Avengers)

His yellow provides a significant amount of damage, his red strike the other team, and the strength of his green is increased in proportion to the number of green pairings he makes. Once he has amassed sufficient funds, he will be able to knock anybody out from behind their kneecaps.


We tried our best to construct a list that reflected the current meta while also taking into account our particular playing styles. In addition, I am confident that the majority of readers would agree that we have made the right choices.

Nonetheless, if you feel the need to disagree with us, please feel free to do so in the comments below. Authors at TopTierList always take constructive criticism in a positive manner and strive to enhance our analysis as a consequence.

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