MKX Tier List: All Fighters Ranked [2023]

The Purpose Of The Article Is To Rank The Capabilities Of All Fighters And Their Variations.

The article aims to provide a comprehensive guide regarding all the fighters and their variations in the Mortal Kombat X game, ranked accordingly in the MKX Tier List 2023. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, the guide will assist you in making perfect decisions on which fighter’s variation to select. Let’s examine each fighter’s abilities and uncover their strengths to enhance your gameplay.

Tier List Contents

Mortal Kombat X is a highly praised fighting game that has exciting combat. There are many characters to choose from, each with unique and finishing moves. It can be difficult for gamers to decide which fighter to select because of the many available variations but don’t worry; our guide will help you choose wisely by giving you some valuable insight.

Key Points

  • A total of 93 variations are discussed in detail in the article.
  • Fighters’ rankings are based on strength, speed, capabilities, and varying powers.
  • In the highest tiers, you can find entries like Shinnok (Impostor), Ermac (Mystic), Triborg (Smoke), and Mileena (Ethereal).
  • The lower tiers are home to the likes of Ferra/Torr (Lackey), Johnny Cage (Fisticuffs), Shinnok (Necromancer), and Kenshi (Balanced).


To begin with, our rankings, let’s take a glance at a table that summarizes the rankings of all the fighters in their respective tier.

S+ RankS RankA RankB RankC RankD RankE RankF Rank
• Shinnok (Impostor)
• Ermac (Mystic)
• Triborg (Smoke)
• Mileena (Ethereal)
• Triborg (Sektor)
• Sub Zero (Grand Master)
• Jason (Unstoppable)
• Tremor(Crystalline)
• Scorpion (Hellfire)
• Quan Chi (Sorceror)
• Cassie Cage (Hollywood)
• Jason (Relentless)
• Tremor(Aftershock)
• Kenshi (Possessed)

• Kitana (Assassin)
• Takeda (Ronin)
• Ermac (Spectral)
• Mileena (Piercing)
• Takeda (Shirai Ryu)
• Shinnok (Bone Shaper)
• Kitana (Royal Storm)
• Jacqui Briggs (Shotgun)
• Liu Kang (Dragon’s Fire)
• Tanya (Dragon Naginata)
• Jacqui Briggs (Full Auto)
• Predator (Hish-qu-ten)
• Liu Kang (Flame Fist)
• Ferra/Tor (Ruthless)
• Sub Zero (Cryomancer)
• Reptile (Nimble)
• Mileena (Ravenous)
• Quan Chi (Summoner)
• Kano (Cybernetic)
• D’Vorah (Swarm Queen)
• Sonya Blade (Demolition)
• Reptile (Deceptive)
• Raiden (Displacer)
• Reptile (Noxious)
• Kitana (Mournful)
• Kano (Cutthroat)
• Quan Chi (Warlock)
• Tanya (Pyromancer)
• Raiden (Thunder God)
• Kung Lao (Buzz Saw)
• Takeda (Lasher)
• Goro (Dragon Fangs)
• Scorpion (Ninjutsu)
• Jason (Slasher)
• Cassie Cage (Spec Ops)
• Cassie Cage (Brawler)
• Triborg (Cyrax)
• Johnny Cage (A-List)
• Sonya Blade (Covert Ops)
• Kotal Kahn (Sun God)
• Kung Lao (Tempest)
• Predator (Warrior)
• Tanya (Kobu Jutsu)
• Jax (Wrestler)
• Johnny Cage (Stunt Double)
• Erron Black (Gunslinger)
• Kung Jin (Ancestral)
• Ermac (Master of Souls)
• Raiden (Master of Storms)
• Tremor (Metallic)
• Goro (Tigrar Fury)
• Leatherface (Killer)
• Triborg (Cyber Sub Zero)
• Kano (Commando)
• Leatherface (Butcher)
• D’Vorah (Brood Mother)
• Goro (Kuatan Warrior)
• Kotal Kahn (Blood God)
• Bo’Rai Cho (Dragon Breath)
• Kenshi (Kenjutsu)
• Alien (Acidic)
• Kung Jin (Shaolin)
• Alien (Tarkatan)
• Predator (Warrior)
• Jax (Pumped Up)
• Bo’Rai Cho (Bartitsu)
• Scorpion (Inferno)
• Liu Kang (Dualist)
• D’Vorah (Venemous)
• Erron Black (Outlaw)
• Leatherface (Pretty Lady)
• Erron Black (Marksman)
• Bo’Rai Cho (Drunken Master)
• Alien (Konjurer)
• Jacqui Briggs (High tech)
• Ferra/Torr (Lackey)
• Johnny Cage (Fisticuffs)
• Shinnok (Necromancer)
• Kenshi (Balanced)

We can now proceed to a comprehensive analysis of each character in the game.

S+ Tier

S+ Tier
S+ Tier.

The S+ tier represents the most powerful and capable fighters in the game. These fighters possess incredible strength, speed, and unique abilities that make them stand out from the rest of the roster. Among the S+ tier fighters are iconic characters like Shinnok, Ermac, Triborg, etc each of whom boasts a unique set of moves and abilities that can easily overpower opponents.

Shinnok (Impostor)

Shinnok is an excellent choice in the S+ rank of our Mortal Kombat X Tier List for players who want a character with various moves. The ability to sense the opponent’s moves makes him unpredictable in battle. Shinnok also has a range of effective moves, including a projectile attack, a teleport, and a combo that can hit opponents from the air.

Ermac (Mystic)

Ermac is a powerful fighter with the ability to levitate, control gravity, and summon telekinetic blasts. The abilities of the character are ideal for keeping opponents at a distance while dealing damage. One of the powers of a fighter allows him to create illusions and manipulate opponents, making him challenging to predict. Ermac’s X-Ray move is a powerful combination of telekinesis and psychic energy that deals substantial damage.

Triborg (Smoke)

Triborg is a versatile character with an array of moves that can take down opponents from close and long range. He can open a rapid-fire missile attack useful for keeping opponents at bay. His X-Ray move combines all four cyber-ninjas’ powers, dealing massive damage to his opponent.

Mileena (Ethereal)

Mileena is a character who excels in close combat due to speed and agility. The Ethereal powers allow the fighter to vanish and teleport. The skill of the fighter includes a combination of quick strikes, throws, and specials that cause massive damage to opponents and earn a name in the top tier.

Triborg (Sektor)

The current variation of the character is an expert in ranged attacks with weapon capabilities that include missiles and flamethrowers. His teleport move is useful for quickly closing the distance with opponents. His X-Ray move combines missiles, flamethrowers, and a powerful punch that can knock out opponents easily.

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S Tier

S Tier.
S Tier.

The S Tier of Mortal Kombat X consists of fighters with Good strength and unique powers that give them a significant advantage over fighters of the lower tiers. These characters possess a wide range of abilities that can be used to dominate opponents in both close and ranged combat. 

Sub Zero (Grand Master)

Sub Zero is a highly skilled fighter who has mastered the art of ice manipulation. The Grand Master variation focuses on freeze setups and zoning, making him an incredible fighter of the MKX Tier list. The ice clone of the fighter can create opportunities for follow-up attacks or to cover his approach. 

Jason (Unstoppable)

Jason is a monstrous fighter with incredible strength and resilience. The Unstoppable variation of fighter grants him the ability to resurrect himself upon death, allowing him to continue fighting with a portion of his health restored. 


Tremor is a ninja who possesses the ability to control earth and crystal. The unique capability of Crystalline variation focuses on defensive play, with moves that allow him to absorb projectiles and reflect them at his opponents. The ground pound capability can create crystals that damage opponents who they hit. 

Scorpion (Hellfire)

Scorpion is a fan-favorite fighter with the power of fire and hellfire,  proving himself to be among the top players of the S tier. The Hellfire’s capability focuses on offensive play stance. His spear can pull opponents toward him, setting them up for a combo. 

Quan Chi (Sorceror)

Quan Chi is a powerful sorcerer who specializes in dark magic. The portal of the fighter can teleport him around the arena, allowing him to surprise his opponents. His trance move can stun opponents, leaving them open to attacks. His summon move can bring forth a demon to attack his opponents.

Cassie Cage (Hollywood)

Cassie Cage is the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, making her a skilled fighter from a young age. The Hollywood capability of the character is focused on pressure and extreme play, with moves that allow her to close the distance between her and her opponents quickly. The character’s dual pistols can be fired from range.

Jason (Relentless)

The Relentless variation grants the fighter ability to summon his dead counselors to fight alongside him. These counselors can attack opponents or absorb hits, allowing Jason to safely approach from any side.

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In the Aftershock variation, the character excels in keeping opponents at bay with his seismic waves. He can also cause earthquakes and rocks to burst out of the ground to inflict damage on his opponents. 

Kenshi (Possessed)

Kenshi is a well-rounded fighter with various abilities to fight in close combat or from a distance. His special moves include a telekinetic push and a spinning sword strike. This variation also grants him the ability to levitate and execute a soul push.

A Tier

A Tier Mkx Fighters.
A Tier.

The A tier of Mortal Kombat X represents characters with good fighting skills,  capabilities, and mix-up potential. These characters have strong combo potential, high damage output, and great zoning capabilities. Choosing an A-tier character can significantly advantage you in online matches and tournaments.

Kitana (Assassin)

Kitana’s Assassin variation is an offensive fighter allowing fast and deadly attacks. She can close in on her opponent quickly and strike before they can react. Her combo attacks are also fast and deadly, allowing her to deal massive damage, quickly keeping him on top of rank A in the Mortal Kombat X Tier List.

Takeda (Ronin)

Takeda’s Ronin variation is a well-balanced fighter with a range of offensive and defensive moves. He has a long-range whip that can keep his opponents at bay while preparing to launch his attacks. His grappling moves are also powerful, allowing him to immobilize and strike his opponents with deadly precision.

Ermac (Spectral)

The Spectral character variation relies on his long-range attacks to keep his opponents at a distance. He can levitate, allowing him to avoid ground-based attacks and projectiles. His ability to drain the life force of his opponents makes him a formidable opponent in any fight.

Mileena (Piercing)

The Piercing variation of the fighter relies on fast attacks and mobility to overpower her opponents. She can teleport behind her opponents, making it difficult for them to anticipate her next move. With her sails, she has excellent range and can strike her opponents from a safe distance.

Takeda (Shirai Ryu)

Takeda’s Shirai Ryu variation is a fast and agile fighter that relies on speed and mobility to outmaneuver his opponents. His whip attacks are also fast and deadly, allowing him to deliver damage quickly. 

Shinnok (Bone Shaper)

The Bone Shaper variation of character offers many moves. He can summon skeletal hands to strike his opponents from a distance. With the help of a portal, he can move anywhere on the battlefield.

Kitana (Royal Storm)

The Royal Storm variation of character offers the ability to control the battlefield with her fan attacks. Her fans can be used to keep her opponents at a distance while she prepares to launch her attacks. 

Jacqui Briggs (Shotgun)

Jacqui Briggs’ Shotgun variation is an aggressive fighter that relies on close-range attacks to overpower her opponents. She can launch herself at her opponents with a powerful leaping attack. Her shotgun attacks are also deadly at close range. With her ability to grapple her opponents, she can immobilize them and set them up for devastating combos.

Liu Kang (Dragon’s Fire)

Liu Kang’s Dragon’s Fire variation is an offensive fighter that relies on fast and deadly attacks to overpower his opponents. He can launch fireballs at his opponents, keeping them at a distance while he prepares to launch his attacks. His combo attacks are also fast and deadly.

Tanya (Dragon Naginata)

The Edenian traitor Tanya wields a Dragon Naginata, a powerful and swift weapon capable of striking at different angles. Her agility and speed allow her to launch quick attacks that overwhelm her opponents. Her capabilities helped her to gain a considerable position on MKX Tier List 2023. She can also teleport and summon magical traps to enhance her attacks further.

Jacqui Briggs (Full Auto)

The Full Auto variation of fighter emphasizes her proficiency with firearms. Her arsenal includes pistols, shotguns, and a drone that can fire at her opponent from a distance. Jacqui’s fast and precise attacks make her a deadly force in combat.

Predator (Hish-qu-ten)

Predator, a fierce and deadly hunter, wields a weapon that combines a retractable spear with a powerful plasma caster. His unparalleled strength and durability make him a formidable opponent in close combat. Predator can also use their plasma caster to attack from range, making them a threat even at a distance.

B Tier

B Tier Mkx Fighters.
B Tier.

The B-tier fighters in the game are still strong, but they may have some weaknesses compared to the A-tier fighters. These fighters include characters like Liu Kang, Ferra, and Reptile(Nimble). These characters are still viable in competitive play but may require more effort to win against the A-tier characters.

Liu Kang (Flame Fist)

The Flame Fist variation of the character can control fire, making him a powerful and distinguished fighter in B-tier. His moves are fast and he can strike quickly. His signature move is the flying kick, which is a powerful and swift attack.

Ferra/Tor (Ruthless)

Ferra/Tor is a unique character with two different fighters in one. Ferra is a small creature who rides on the back of Tor, a giant brute. Together, they make a formidable team. Ferra is fast and agile, while Tor is slow but strong. Ferra/Tor’s moves combine quick strikes and powerful throws, making them very versatile fighters.

Sub Zero (Cryomancer)

The Cryomancer variation of the fighter can control ice. He can freeze his opponents in place, leaving them vulnerable to attack. His moves are calculated and precise, and he can easily take down his opponents. Sub Zero’s ice powers allow him to create icy projectiles, slide across the ground, and even create a clone of himself.

Reptile (Nimble)

The Reptile(Nimble) is a quick, agile fighter with long tongue and acid spit. He can crawl on walls and has a very nimble fighting style. His moves are sneaky and quick, making him a difficult opponent to fight. Reptile’s acid spit can also create acid pools on the ground, which can harm his opponents if they step in it.

Mileena (Ravenous)

The ravenous variation of the character can quickly take down opponents with her smart moves. Her moves are very acrobatic, and she can move quickly across the stage. Mileena’s signature move is her teleport kick, which allows her to close the distance between her and her opponent quickly.

Quan Chi (Summoner)

Quan Chi is a sorcerer who can summon demons and spirits to fight for him. He is a very powerful character and can quickly take down his opponents with his dark magic. Quan Chi’s moves are very calculated and precise, and he can quickly turn the tide of a battle in his favor. He can also summon portals, which he can use to quickly move across the stage.

Kano (Cybernetic)

Kano Cybernetic is a mercenary that has been augmented with cybernetic enhancements. He is a very powerful fighter with moves that are both quick and powerful. Kano’s signature move is his knife throw, which can quickly take down his opponents. 

D’Vorah (Swarm Queen)

D’Vorah Swarm-Queen variation is an insectoid creature who can control swarms of insects hence, proving to be a character with unusual ability in MKX Tier List 2023. She is a very versatile fighter with a variety of moves that can quickly take down her opponents. Her insect swarms can quickly overwhelm her opponents, leaving them unable to fight back.

Sonya Blade (Demolition)

Sonya Blade is a special forces soldier with a variety of explosives at her disposal. She is a very tactical fighter with moves that can both deal damage and create distance between her and her opponents. Sonya’s signature move is her energy ring, which can quickly take down her opponents.

Reptile (Deceptive)

The Deceptive variation of the fighter is a highly skilled assassin who uses his deceptive abilities to gain the upper hand in combat. He can transform his body into various forms and blend into his surroundings, making him a formidable opponent. His sharp claws and poisonous attacks can inflict serious damage.

Raiden (Displacer)

Raiden is a god of thunder who possesses immense power and can manipulate electricity to his advantage. He can teleport across the battlefield and use his lightning strikes to immobilize his foes. His mastery of the elements makes him a powerful ally in any fight.

C Tier

C Tier.
C Tier.

C-tier characters in Mortal Kombat X are considered mid-tier in terms of strength and effectiveness in battle. They have a good mix of offensive and defensive capabilities, but may not excel in any one area.

Reptile (Noxious)

The Noxious variant of the character uses his venomous attacks to weaken his opponents, leaving them vulnerable to his next move. He also can turn invisible, making him hard to see and hit. With his agility and speed, Reptile is a formidable opponent.

Kitana (Mournful)

The Mournful variation of the fighter uses her fans as weapons and can float in the air, allowing her to attack from different angles. She also has the power to heal herself, making her a valuable asset in team battles.

Kano (Cutthroat)

The Cutthroat variation of the character uses his additional blade weapons to be more lethal. He can also perform powerful grappling moves, allowing him to control the pace of the fight. With his arsenal of knives and explosives, Kano is not to be underestimated.

Quan Chi (Warlock)

With the Warlock variation, the fighter can summon demons to fight for him. He can also control the battlefield by creating portals that allow him to move around quickly. With his powerful spells and magical abilities, Quan Chi is a dangerous adversary.

Tanya (Pyromancer)

The Pyromancer variation uses fire-based attacks to incinerate her opponents. She is also able to teleport, making her difficult to hit hence making him a fierce fighter in the Mortal Kombat X Tier List of C Tier.

Raiden (Thunder God)

The Thunder-God variation can summon lightning to strike his foes. He can also teleport and fly, making him hard to hit. With his immense power and lightning-fast reflexes, Raiden is a formidable opponent.

Kung Lao (Buzz Saw)

Kung Lao Buzz-Saw uses his razor-sharp hat as a weapon and can throw it like a boomerang. He is also able to teleport and perform acrobatic moves, making him unpredictable in combat. With his lightning-fast strikes and deadly accuracy, Kung Lao is a dangerous adversary.

Takeda (Lasher)

The Lasher variation of Takeda uses a retractable whip-like weapon to attack his enemies from a distance. He can also teleport and perform acrobatic moves, allowing him to evade his opponents.

Goro (Dragon Fangs)

Goro is a four-armed Shokan warrior who uses his immense strength and size to overpower his opponents. He can also perform powerful grappling moves, allowing him to control the pace of the fight.

Scorpion (Ninjutsu)

The Ninjutsu variation of Scorpion uses his chain-tipped spear to attack his foes. He can also teleport and create clones of himself, making him difficult to hit. With his swift movements and deadly accuracy, Scorpion is a force to be reckoned with.

D Tier

D Tier.
D Tier.

In Mortal Kombat X, the D tier is comprised of characters that are considered to be average or below average in terms of their overall strength and effectiveness. These fighters may have some useful moves or abilities, but they lack the power and versatility of the higher-tier characters.

Jason (Slasher)

The Slasher variation of Jason uses his signature machete as a weapon. He is known for his slow movement speed but high damage output.

Cassie Cage (Spec Ops)

Cassie is the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade and has inherited their fighting skills. In the Spec-Ops variation, she focuses on long-range attacks and heavy damage.

Cassie Cage (Brawler)

The Brawler variation is a hand-to-hand combat style that focuses on close-range strikes. Her punches and kicks are enhanced with special moves and combo strings that allow for additional damage and mix-ups.

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Triborg (Cyrax)

Triborg is a unique character in Mortal Kombat X as he can transform into four different variations. His Cyrax variation focuses on zoning and keep-away playstyles.

Johnny Cage (A-List)

The A-List variation of the fighter is among classic Mortal Kombat character who is known for their movie star persona and cocky attitude. The variation allows him to gain increased damage output and improved special moves.

Sonya Blade (Covert Ops)

The Covert-Ops variation of Sonya Blade allows her to use gadgets and traps to control the battlefield.

Kotal Kahn (Sun God)

Kotal Kahn is a new character in Mortal Kombat X who serves as the emperor of Outworld. In his “Sun God” variation, he can summon beams of sunlight to attack his opponents and gain enhanced health regeneration.

Kung Lao (Tempest)

Kung Lao is a classic Mortal Kombat character who is a member of the White Lotus Society. In gameplay, his “Tempest” variation allows him to control the wind and create tornadoes to attack his opponents.

Predator (Warrior)

The Warrior variation of Predator is a guest character in Mortal Kombat X from the Predator movie franchise. He is known for his advanced technology and weapons, including his plasma caster and wrist blades.

Tanya (Kobu Jutsu)

The Kobu Jutsu variation of the character is known for her agility and acrobatic moves which allow her to use power to perform quick strikes and combos.

Jax (Wrestler)

Jax is a classic Mortal Kombat character who is a member of the Special Forces. His “Wrestler” variation allows him to use grapples and throws to overpower his opponents.

Johnny Cage (Stunt Double)

The “Stunt Double” variation in gameplay allows the character to create a clone of himself to confuse and attack his opponents.

Erron Black (Gunslinger)

Erron Black is a new character in the game who is a gunslinger and bounty hunter. In his Gunslinger variation, he can use a variety of firearms to attack his opponents.

Kung Jin (Ancestral)

Kung Jin is also a new character in the game who is a member of the Shaolin Monks. In his “Ancestral” variation, he can shoot arrows that explode on impact and summon spirit animals to attack his opponents.

Ermac (Master of Souls)

The  “Master of Souls” variation of Ermac allows him to create clones of himself and use telekinesis during gameplay.

Raiden (Master of Storms)

In the Master of Storms variation, Raiden gains the ability to control the battlefield with his lightning strikes. He can place lightning traps on the ground, shoot lightning projectiles, and summon a powerful storm to hit his opponent.

Tremor (Metallic)

Tremor’s Metallic variation gives him the ability to control minerals and rock formations hence, making him a fighter with a unique ability in MKX Tier List for the D rank. He can summon rocks to create barriers or projectiles, form stone armor to increase his defense, and create earthquake-like shockwaves that can knock down opponents.

Goro (Tigrar Fury)

The Tigrar Fury variation of Goro is focused on his brute strength and grappling abilities. He gains new throws and command grabs, as well as powerful strikes that can launch opponents.

Leatherface (Killer)

The Killer variation of Leatherface is a close-range fighter who uses his chainsaw and other sharp tools to deal damage. He can charge up his chainsaw for additional damage, swing his hammer for knockdowns, and throw his saw for ranged attacks.

E Tier

E Tier mkx fighter.
E Tier.

The E tier includes characters who are considered to be average in the game. These fighters lack in many areas, including their skills, special abilities, and performance. They are not considered viable options for competitive play and are often overlooked by most players.

Triborg (Cyber Sub Zero)

The Cyber Sub Zero variation is a formidable fighter with deadly combos that can take out any opponent. As a cyborg, he has a unique ability to teleport and control the battlefield. His arsenal of weapons includes ice blasts and electrifying punches that can stun his opponents.

Kano (Commando)

Kano is a ruthless fighter who uses his brute strength and military tactics to defeat his opponents. He is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and has an arsenal of high-tech weapons that he uses to overpower his enemies.

Leatherface (Butcher)

The Butcher variant of the character is a psychopathic killer who wields a chainsaw as his weapon of choice. He is known for his brutal attacks and relentless pursuit of his victims. His moves are slow, but they pack a punch, and he can easily do the needful.

D’Vorah (Brood Mother)

The Brood Mother variant of fighter uses her agility and speed to take down her enemies. Her moves are quick and precise, and she has a range of abilities that allow her to summon swarms of insects and shoot venomous projectiles.

Goro (Kuatan Warrior)

The Kuatan Warrior variant is a four-armed behemoth who uses his brute strength to crush his opponents. He can also summon fire and shoot flames from his mouth.

Kotal Kahn (Blood God)

Kotal Kahn is a powerful Aztec warrior in the Mortal Kombat X Tier List who uses his strength and speed to defeat his opponents. He can absorb sunlight to heal himself and can summon blood to use as a weapon.

Bo’Rai Cho (Dragon Breath)

The Dragon Breath variant of the fighter uses his unorthodox fighting style to confuse and disorient his opponents. He is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and uses his fiery breath to incinerate his enemies.

Kenshi (Kenjutsu)

The Kenjutsu variant of E-Tier is skilled in swordsmanship and can easily disarm his opponents with his quick and precise strikes.

Alien (Acidic)

The Acidic variant of Alien is a deadly creature that uses its acidic blood and sharp claws to defeat its enemies. It can shoot acid projectiles and use its long tongue to ensnare its opponents.

Kung Jin (Shaolin)

Kung Jin is a skilled archer who uses his bow and arrow to take down his opponents from a distance. He is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat and can easily disarm his opponents with his quick and precise strikes.

Alien (Tarkatan)

Alien Tarkatan is a deadly creature that uses its sharp claws and teeth to defeat its enemies. It can shoot projectiles from its mouth and tail, and its movements are quick and unpredictable. Its ability to extend its arms and legs makes it a difficult opponent to get close to.

Predator (Warrior)

The warrior variant of the character is a deadly hunter who uses his advanced technology and weapons to defeat his enemies. He is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and has a range of abilities that allow him to cloak himself and shoot plasma bolts at his opponents.

Jax (Pumped Up)

Jax has been a fan favorite since the inception of the Mortal Kombat series, and in Mortal Kombat X, he has been given a new variation called “Pumped Up”. This variation focuses on increasing Jax’s strength and making his punches more powerful, allowing him to deal a lot of damage quickly.

Bo’Rai Cho (Bartitsu)

The Bartitsu variant of the fighter is a unique character in the Mortal Kombat series, as he is the only character that uses alcohol as a weapon and focuses on using his drunken fighting style to take down opponents.

F Tier

F Tier mkx.
F Tier.

The F tier consists of the least powerful characters in the game. These characters have significant disadvantages when it comes to their abilities and unique moves, making them challenging to use effectively in battles. Players who choose to play as F-tier characters must have a lot of skill and experience to succeed in the game.

Scorpion (Inferno)

The inferno variant of Scorpion is proficient in hellfire. In his Inferno variation, he can summon flames from the depths of the Netherrealm, creating devastating combos and mix-ups that can easily overwhelm his opponents. 

Liu Kang (Dualist)

He is a Shaolin monk who has mastered the art of controlling his dual nunchakus with deadly precision making him a well-regarded fighter of F-Tier in our MKX Tier List 2023. In his Dualist variation, he can summon an astral dragon to assist him in combat.

D’Vorah (Venemous)

The Venemous variation can control swarms of insects to attack her opponents. In her Venomous variation, her attacks inflict damage over time, making her a great choice for players who prefer a more strategic approach to combat.

Erron Black (Outlaw)

Erron Black is a gunslinger who is known for his quick draw and expert marksmanship. In his Outlaw variation, he can summon a sand grenade that temporarily stuns his opponents, allowing him to set up for devastating combos.

Leatherface (Pretty Lady)

The Pretty Lady variant of the fighter in the game can dish out massive damage in close-quarters combat. In his Pretty Lady variation, he can dodge attacks and counter his opponents, making him a great choice for players who prefer a more defensive playstyle.

Erron Black (Marksman)

Erron Black’s Marksman variation focuses on his expert marksmanship skills, allowing him to take down his opponents from a distance with ease. In this variation, he can use a rifle to shoot his opponents from afar, making him a great choice for players who prefer to keep their distance from their opponents.

Bo’Rai Cho (Drunken Master)

The Drunken master variation is proficient in martial arts and can use his unique style to catch his opponents off guard. In the variation, he can also vomit on his opponents to stun them and leave them open for attacks.

Alien (Konjurer)

In the Konjurer variation, the fighter can summon face-huggers to attack his opponents perfectly.

Jacqui Briggs (High tech)

Jacqui Briggs is a special forces operative who uses advanced technology to give her an edge in the rankings. In her High Tech variation, she can summon drones to attack her opponents from distance.

Ferra/Torr (Lackey)

In the Lackey variation of Ferra/Torr, both characters form a deadly tag team that can overwhelm opponents in a fast manner.

Johnny Cage (Fisticuffs)

The Fisticuffs variation of Johnny cage relies on his quick punches and flashy footwork to outmaneuver his enemy.

Shinnok (Necromancer)

The capability of the Necromancer variation of the fighter includes dark magic to defeat the enemy. As a necromancer, Shinnok can also summon undead warriors to fight alongside him in battle.

Kenshi (Balanced)

The Balanced variation of the fighter offers heightened senses to anticipate and counter his opponents. He also adopts both offensive and defensive techniques for a fight. The use of his telekinetic powers to control his sword and strike from a distance is also among his unique abilities.


So that was our MKX Tier List, where we attempted to rank each and every character variation in the game. Mortal Kombat X offers a good balance of characters with different variations, strengths, and weaknesses, making it easy to find a fighter that suits your playstyle. Some of the characters in the higher-tiers like Shinnok, Takeda, Erron Black, and Kung Lao are more challenging to use, but mastering their abilities can be rewarding.

Overall, the game provides an exciting fighting experience that offers a lot of replayability. Whether you are a casual player or a competitive one, Mortal Kombat X has something to offer everyone.