Vainglory Heroes Tier List: Top 15 Ranked [2023]

We Will Be Ranking 15 Of The Most Relevant Characters In This Article.

Finally, Vainglory’s Update 3.7 has arrived, and with it, our Vainglory Heroes Tier List. We will focus on covering all the meta characters in the game to give our readers an idea of how each of them performs and which best suits your team and combination.

The game has undergone numerous versions over the years, and the most notable new improvements and additions are covered in our article. Our ranking will only cover everything about the playable characters, analyzing their abilities and powers and then ranking them in a ranked list. As expected, it will be based on personal opinion, therefore, we don’t expect you to agree with each entry. But without further ado, let’s dive into our article.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 15 entries on our list.
  • Each hero is ranked on their core stats, unique abilities, roles, and usefulness in combat.
  • In the highest tiers, you can find Grumpjaw, Yates, Flicker, and Reza.
  • The lowest ranks are home to heroes like Vox, Blackfeather, Joule, and Skye.


The table gives you a quick overview of the whole article.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
• Grumpjaw
• Yates
• Flicker
• Reza
• Ardan
• Anka
• Tony
• Catherine
• Lance
• Adagio
• Lorelai
• Vox
• Blackfeather
• Joule
• Skye

You can read below to learn more about each entry.

S Tier

S Tier
S Tier.

The Heroes in our S Tier are among the strongest characters in the game. Their special and unmatchable skills and stats distinguish them as the standout units in our Vainglory Tier List.


Grumpjaw is a tough fighter who can outlast anyone on the battlefield. His “Grumpy” ability allows him to charge recklessly into a battle, severely wounding and slowing foes after his charge. Grumpjaw can quickly change the course of a battle once he gets through the enemy lines by consuming one of his enemies and briefly eliminating them from the battle.


Yates is a leader of men who specializes in melee attacks. He is a protector in the game and commands the battle with his wide range of attacks and super bulky defense, which gives him a place in the highest rank.


Players who enjoy little sneaky and stealth-based characters will enjoy using Flicker. Using his stealth, Flicker can penetrate enemy lines, cause havoc, or give his squad stealth to attack gullible targets. Flicker can only remain in stealth for 3 seconds, so the players must be quick with their tactics. In addition, players must be careful not to take damage while Flicker is in stealth mode because doing so will render him vulnerable.


Reza can easily defeat practically any opponent with his two main powers, which include dealing damage with fire and crystal. He slams the ground, sending a blazing shockwave in his direction. When the shockwaves collide with the enemy, it damages everything it travels through.

A Tier

A Tier
A Tier.

Although the units in the A Tier are among the strongest in the game, they aren’t nearly strong enough to overcome the S Tier characters. Because of a few minor flaws in their game, we could not include them in the highest rank, which is why they have to settle for a place in the A Tier.


Ardan is a great option for team battles where he can aid his allies by providing protection and boosting their attacks. When Ardan takes damage, he can heal up to 0.8% of his missing health. Similarly, another of his unique trait is using a yellow meter called Vengeance. Vengeance builds over time and can be boosted through skills, critical hits, and direct attacks.

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Anka is a very quick unit with exceptional speed and attacks her enemies with Shimmer Blades. She throws these daggers in the desired direction, damaging the first foe they strike.  When one of the daggers critically hits an opponent, Anka’s rapid speed is given a powerful boost, enabling her to move even more quickly.


Tony is a warrior class in Vainglory Heroes who thrives in melee combat. His high weapon damage and quick attacking speed make him a great pick in the game.

B Tier

B Tier
B Tier.

In B Tier, we will place those characters best described as average. Their overall stats and abilities are pretty average. They might not be among the best of the units in the game, but still, in desirable conditions, they can prove to be a fantastic bunch of playable characters.


Catherine, also known as Gladiator Catherine, is the first entry in the B rank of our Vainglory Rank Tier List. She carries a shield with her which is her primary weapon for attack and defense. She can cover herself and her allies from incoming attacks and launch counterattacks. Catherine has one of the best defensive stats in Vainglory Heroes.


Lance’s combat style highly depends on the shield he carries. Similarly, as a protector, he can craft crystals, useful objects, or weapons to increase his damage output in combat. Although Lance appears to be a very powerful unit, players might occasionally find his slow attacking speed and mobility irritating. Despite his sluggish speed, he remains a solid choice of character due to his massive attacking impact.


Adagio is a support unit classified as a mage in Vainglory Heroes. He has two primary abilities Arcane Renewal and Gift of Fire. Arcane Renewal allows him to regenerate 25% of damage energy after they take damage from Arcane Fire. Likewise, he can heal himself while using Gift of Fire to burn his opponents.


The effects of Lorelai’s spells produce water pools on the ground. Lorelai gains strength when she is in a pool. The pool she is on is consumed when using an ability while empowered, which impacts the used ability. Additionally, the direct attacks of Lorelai are wet avalanches that cause crystal damage.

C Tier

C Tier
C Tier.

The further down we go through the Tiers the characters will get weak. As for the C Tier, these characters are amongst the most vulnerable on our list, but due to some noticeable game features, we believe they don’t quite belong to the lowest rank, the D Tier, so they got a place in the C Tier.


If you are looking for a ranged attacker, Vox is your guy. Although the players’ skill levels greatly influence Vox’s aim and precision, you will find his traits incredibly fluid. However, the downside to his game is his slow cool-down rate, which can sometimes be pretty bothersome.

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Blackfeather’s primary ability, Heartthrob, allows him to heal himself after each successful attack. For each successful basic attack, Blackfeather also gains an additional 10 focus. We didn’t see any other remarkable abilities in his play; thus, we demoted him to a lower rank.

D Tier

D Tier
D Tier.

The final rank on our list, the D Tier, will be home to the weakest units.


Joule is a front-liner with defensive armor already built in, and his abilities require very accurate aim to hit the intended target. And if you succeed in hitting the mark, they have a devastating impact.

Joule is shielded and has additional armor to protect her from all frontal and side attacks. At level 1, bonus defense starts at 50 and increases to 175 by level 12. Likewise, Joule makes a bound for the desired spot. Those enemies close to the collision are knocked away and suffer 33% damage; enemies caught below Joule take full damage and are stunned.


Skye is our 15th and last entry on the list, throwing missiles at enemies. Players may be exposed to attacks due to the delayed timing of these missiles, which have a launch delay of up to 5 seconds. Overall, Skye is a very sluggish character to use in the game.


So that was our Vainglory Heroes Tier List 2023. We don’t claim it to be the perfect representation of all the covered characters, but we did our best to be objective and provide our readers with a balanced viewpoint.

But if you’re a fan of the game, and have some additional information you can add to the conversation, please do let us know in the comments sections below. We always take constructive criticism into account, and use the m to improve our articles.