MultiVersus Tier List [Final Beta Update]

This Tier List is valid till the close beta of the game shuts down in June 2023 and the game goes offline.

Multi Versus, released in July 2022, is a free-to-play cross-platform online game. This game offers players 17 different characters from franchises such as Warner Bros and D.C. Comics. The game has seen many updates over time and the characters have subsequently been updated. This MultiVersus tier list takes into account these updates and gives you the definitive ranking of these characters to help you make better choices in the game to get closer to victory. The game has been taken offline on June 25, 2023, and will be back in 2024, whether you want to prepare for that or have a general idea about the game then this Tier List is for you.

Key Points

  • This Tier List consists of a total of 17 characters.
  • We will rank all the characters according to their stats, base attacks, abilities, and power.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find characters like Bugs Bunny, Batman, Harley Quinn, and Finn.
  • Among the lowest tiers, you will observe characters like Steven Universe, Arya Stark, Reindog, and Iron Giant.


We will rank all the characters in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Bugs BunnyShaggyVelmaGarnetReindog
BatmanJake The DogWonder WomanSteven UniverseIron Giant
Harley QuinnTom and JerryTazArya Stark
FinnSupermanLebron James

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

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S Tier

S Tier
S Tier

S Tier will contain the strongest character the game has to offer. These characters have the highest stats, base attacks, and unique special abilities. Their general playstyle is more impressive than the other characters and offers much more than them. 

Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny, our beloved tricky and charismatic rabbit from the looney tunes universe is the strongest character in the game. Sounds surprising. Well, there is a good reason he’s there on the top. Like in the cartoons, Bugs have many tricks up his sleeves in the game. He is an absolute terror to go up against; bringing him down can be very challenging with his unique powers.

His box of tricks includes projectile pies that can slow down the foe, the ability to stun opponents through blown kisses, and mallet swings which can deal a lot of damage. All this, alongside his swift movement and different combos, make Bugs Bunny our strongest character in the tier list.

Role Mage
Voice Actor Eric Bauza


If we are talking about the strongest character, Batman’s inclusion has to be there, and rightly so. Our superhero from Gotham has a very strong overall base attack in the game. He possesses many combos with high vertical mobility, which can be very challenging for the challengers. His set of distinct gadgets is effective in both close and range combat.

These include Batarang and Bat-bomb, which can be difficult to get the hang of, but with a little practice, you can make the best out of the Dark Knight’s arsenal. Besides the gadgets, Batman has highly dealing melee attacks that can stun and knock out the challengers.

Role Bruiser
Voice Actor Kevin Conroy

Harley Quinn

Another character from the D.C. universe who has made it to the S Tier is Harley Quinn. The bubbly, energetic, and charming Jester has a set of different abilities and powers to give herself a concrete place among the game’s best characters.

As seen in the movies and comics, Quinn has tricks that can put the opponents in a jumble. With her abrupt movement, she can get the foes in the air and control them with her unique combos.

Her set includes balloon traps and sticky bombs, which are great for close and range combat. Quinn also has jack-in-the-box in her collection of tricks that can deal much damage in close combat. Overall she creates complete chaos for the challengers but her powers only being effective on certain maps gives her a little disadvantage.

Role Assassin
Voice Actor Tara Strong


If you are familiar with the Nintendo gaming series Super Smash Bros, you will be no stranger to Finn. His stats, different powers, and special abilities make him one of the finest characters in the game.

If you are looking for a character in a 1v1 or 2v2, look no other than our brave hero from the famous Cartoon Network show “Adventure Time.” Finn is best suited for close combats; with his super quick speed and a box of tricks, he can get very topsy-turvy.

His special ability, known as the coin ability, allow the player to collect coins with every damage. These coins not only let you purchase items from the shop but as well as increase the power of their special attacks.

The shop option can be accessed in mid-battle, allowing you to buy projectile shields and an increase in speed that can give players a great advantage. Overall, Finn is a challenging character for the users, but once you get a grip of his abilities, you can conquer any rival easily.

Role Assassin
Voice Actor Jeremy Shada

A Tier

A Tier of MultiVersus Tier List
A Tier

In the A Tier of MultiVersus Tier List, I will group all those strong but not good enough characters to be included in S Tier. It is due to some liabilities I found in their abilities after trying them out. These faults rob them of a place on the S Tier list. Don’t get it twisted, though, as these characters are still pretty strong and can put up a real fight.


The first character in this list is Shaggy, who I believe needs no introduction. Our cowardly slacker friend who is always starving for a good meal has very good solid stats. Shaggy is the best fighter in a 2v2 battle and close-range combat.

Shaggy’s abilities include chargeable rage ability, which deals massive damage. It increases the damage of special attacks, making Shaggy one of the strongest Bruisers in the game.

Shaggy’s sandwich-throwing ability is another high-dealing offensive ability. When in rage mode, you can throw a Sandwhcih at the opponents who do not only damage but also recovers a little bit of health.

With all that, Shaggy has a drawback: slow mobility, and it can get a bit frustrating with the intensity of the battle. Overall I would say the clumsy detective from Scooby-Doo is a solid fighter in the game and fits in the A Tier perfectly.

Role Bruiser
Voice Actor Matthew Lillard

Jake The Dog

Finn’s best pal, Jake from Adventure Time, is another of the A-Tier fighter from the game. Jake, a Bruiser, deals much damage with his abilities and powers. His strength is in the air due to his special upward ability. Similarly, he has a special horse attack on the ground, which can be a headache if you find yourself on the receiving end.

I recommend using Jake in a team combat where his special abilities are used to their full potential. His heavy-hitting attacks and ability to switch fast combos make him a great teammate.

With all these strengths, there is also a downside to his game, which is slow-moving, and players will sometimes struggle. I would say Jake perfectly fits in A Tier.

Role Bruiser
Voice Actor John DiMaggio

Tom and Jerry

Quite possibly the most iconic duo in animation history, Tom and Jerry, are also included in the game. Unlike in the show, Tom and Jerry aren’t fighting against each other but come up as teammates; you are controlling both of them simultaneously. This feels a bit unusual, but as the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work.

They are a very versatile duo in the game as they offer many stage control to the players. Tom can throw Jerry at foes which results in damage. Likewise, the pair can send projectiles to the enemy to cause further damage.

Tom also has access to mallet attacks, while Jerry can use dynamites to deal damage. The two together can use a series of combos to put the opponents in a tricky situation which can cause a lot of chaos.

The only downside I see in their game is that getting used to their powers and team ability is a bit challenging. The players will struggle at some point in the combat while controlling them, so I believe they belong in this A Tier due to this little setback.

Role Mage
Voice Actor Eric Bauza (both)

William Hanna


The man of steel from Kryptone is also a playable character in MultiVersus who comes up as a Tank in the game’s rank. Superman has great defensive stats due to his heavy armor, shielding him from serious damage. Breaking his armor is one big challenge that can annoy the opposing players.

If we look at his attacks, Superman possesses some great heavy-dealing attacks. He is both good in the air as well as on the ground. It can create a tricky scenario for those whose strength is only one of the above. Superman’s abilities, like Icebreath and heat vision, are one of his great striking strengths.

Although he might have fantastic defensive and offensive sets, his pace lets him down in the game. Superman is very slow; his lack of speed can put you in a very undesirable condition in a battle. His slow movements make him very vulnerable and predictable.

Role Tank
Voice Actor George Newbern

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B Tier

B Tier
B Tier

B Tier will hold all those game fighters with a very average playstyle. Their attack, defense, and combos are average at best but remain one decent character. Tho, if the conditions are in their favor, they can offer a lot more than expected.


Jinkies! The first inclusion in the B Tier is Velma. She is a very versatile character in the game. She can hamper opponents and assist the allies through her abilities. Velma is very difficult to use as it requires a lot of patience to use her powers to the best.

If we look at her abilities, it includes cooldown, speech bubbles, and throwing projectiles. Velma is the best fit for ranged combat as her powers allow her to use them more effectively. The speech bubble is one of her best attacks and is very easy to use. A series of bubbles will hit the enemies, each dealing more damage resulting in a knockout.

However, Velma has limited powers and is best suited to a team game. As her melee attacks are very weak, I recommend avoiding using her in solo battles. So, therefore, her strength is in team matchups and long rang combats. I believe this does justice to her being put in the C Tier.

Role Support
Voice Actor Kate Micucci

Wonder Woman

Diana, Princess of the Amazons, aka Wonder Woman, is one of the fighters in the game. She has access to a shield and a lasso, plus she can fight in the air. Wonder Woman is best suited for a 2v2 battle, whereas she might struggle a little in solo combats.

The shield provides cover not just to her but also to her alloy, plus the lasso she uses doesn’t even do much damage. Also, her air game isn’t that strong either, so overall, she just doesn’t do enough to be listed higher in the ranks. I would describe her as decent at best.

Role Tank
Voice Actor Abby Trott


Taz is another character from the Looney Toons universe to be included in the game. You might think the Tasmanian Devil will eat up anyone who stands in his way but unfortunately, that is not the case. Taz doesn’t have much on his sleeve in the game; therefore, I have listed him in the C Tier.

He is a wonderful asset in close-range battles where his quick turns and attacks can do plenty of damage. Also, one of his moves, tornado special, is a sideway move that can be spammed to annoy opponents.

Other than that, a cooldown move dogpile is also in Taz’s move sets. Taz is a good option in close-range combats, and I recommend using him only in such situations.

Role Bruiser
Voice Actor Jim Cummings

Lebron James

Yes, you heard it right. Lebron James is also a part of the game. NBA isn’t the only game where you can control a famous basketball star. Unlike there, he does not play basketball but sees himself fighting many fictional characters. We’ve seen how good he can be on a basketball court, but let’s see how well he does in the MultiVerse arenas.

Lebron is the most recent addition to the game’s roster. He has two types of moves, one with the ball and the other without. Both are quite strong moves, which can deal a handful of damage.

Lebron also has unique combos which enable him to perform strong attacks. Attack-wise, Lebron is one of the best fighters in the game, but due to their slow speed, it kind of makes him a bit weak. Therefore I believe including him in this tier is the correct choice.

Role Bruiser
Voice Actor John Bentley

C Tier

C Tier of MultiVersus Tier List
C Tier

C Tier will be home to the below-average characters of the game. These characters don’t have vigorous stats alongside weak powers and abilities. They will struggle very big time against the top fighters of the game.


Garnet is one of the weakest bruisers in the game. Plus, her speed doesn’t do her any favors either, making her very unsubtle to attacks. Besides that, her attack and abilities take some time to achieve perfect timing.

Due to the intensity of the battle, attaining that gets very difficult. Her cooldown is also very slow, plus a sizable gap between her combos can leave her vulnerable. Overall, she is an average fighter the game has to offer.

Role Bruiser
Voice Actor Estelle

Steven Universe

Following Garnet, Steven Universe is our second character from the Steven Universe show in this tier. Steven is a defensive unit who can provide shelter for his teammate through a shield. He is a decent pick if you are playing in a 2v2 and looking for a balance of both attack and defense from your fighters.

Another of his ability is providing healing for his teammate. He plants a watermelon which helps regenerate health and later turns into a ditto of Steven, which can buy you a little time on the battlefield.

His offensive play is very weak, deals minimum damage, and is time-consuming. Also, getting the perfect timing is not easy, so id say that Steven Universe best fits the C Tier in the MultiUniverse Tier List due to these points.

Role Support
Voice Actor Daniel DiVenere

Arya Stark

Arya is the third assassin in the game. Unlike Finn and Harley, she is very weak in this particular role. Arya doesn’t have many tricks up her sleeves, has a shaky defense, and doesn’t offer much in terms of attack. Her movement is a bit slow, which further adds up to her weak rank, and I believe she doesn’t quite have any special abilities to give her a higher place on the list.

I would recommend using Arya in 1v1, where she thrives. Besides, from that mode, she’s not an ideal fighter to use. So make sure only to select her in 1v1 from the roster of 17 fighters.

Role Assassin
Voice Actor

D Tier

D Tier of MultiVersus Tier List
D Tier

In the D Tier, the weakest fighters will be included. These characters have very poor stats and combos; in my opinion, they are the faultiest characters in the game. The players should avoid using these characters if they don’t want to be left disappointed.


The first of weakest character in the game is Reindog. Reindog, who has a support role in the game, is a good option only for 2v2 battles. In a 1v1, Reindog will be exposed and left very vulnerable. With his very weak base attack, he doesn’t offer much offensively. I would only recommend using him in a 2v2 match where he assists his allies greatly.

Role Support
Voice Actor

Iron Giant

The weakest character in the MultiUniverse at the time of this article is Iron Giant. Now I know a 50 feet tall giant robot made of steel being the weakest just doesn’t make sense, right? But there is a reason why I have put him at the bottom of the list.

Iron Giant is the slowest playable character in the game; his slow mobility gets very frustrating. Plus, he isn’t very agile, so dodging attacks with him gets very difficult. If he is up against a very quick, mobile, and highly powerful character, Iron Giant will scramble into the arena.

He has punches, kicks, and a few strong attacks in his arsenal, but his slow movement and slow acrobatic playstyle make the big guy the least favorable pick in the game.

Role Tank
Voice Actor

Patch Notes

In the latest update, the following changes were made to the game.

  • ValentiNeon Is Here: Pair up with someone special and prepare to celebrate!
  • Log in for 30 days of love with the ValentiNeon event!
  • There’s no better way to show affection than with the gift of candy! ValentiNeon is like a box of neatly arranged, numbered, and hidden chocolates…or in this case a whole lot of Candy Hearts! (We like the chalky bits!) Feel the love and claim your rewards by logging in every day. You’ll be treated to a little something special when Shaggy comes a-knocking and asks you out on the HOTTEST of dates to the Dimension of Love!
  • Candy Hearts Prices
  • Feel the Beat Emote Sticker (Rare) = 500 Candy Hearts
  • Lovestorm Banner (Rare) = 750 Candy Hearts
  • ValentiNeon Surge Profile Icon (Epic) = 1000 Candy Hearts
  • Small Battle Pass Boost (Currency) = 1,500 Candy Hearts
  • Medium Battle Pass Boost (Currency) = 6,000 Candy Hearts
  • Heart of Kahndaq Black Adam Variant (Rare) = 14,000 Candy Hearts
  • Aphrodite’s Blessing Wonder Woman Variant (Rare) = 14,000 Candy Hearts
  • Ranked Mode makes its return!!!
  • Teams with duplicate characters are no longer allowed in Ranked 2v2 matches.
  • Ranked will now draw from a limited competitive-focused map pool with Hazards disabled.

Comparison Table

CharactersTierRoleVoice Actor
Bugs BunnySMageEric Bauza
BatmanSBruiserKevin Conroy
Harley QuinnSAssassinTara Strong
FinnSAssassinJeremy Shada
ShaggyABruiserMatthew Lillard
Jake The DogABruiserJohn DiMaggio
Tom and JerryAMageEric Bauza (both)
William Hanna
SupermanATankGeorge Newbern
VelmaBSupportKate Micucci
Wonder WomanBTankAbby Trott
TazBBruiserJim Cummings
Lebron JamesBBruiserJohn Bentley
Steven UniverseCSupportDaniel DiVenere
Arya StarkCAssassinMaisie Williams
ReindogDSupportAndrew Frankel
Iron GiantDTankJonathan Lipow


So there you have it, my attempt at ranking all 17 characters from the game’s catalog in this MultiVersus Tier List. I believe I did justice to many of the characters. Of course, different opinions will be welcomed, as we all have our thoughts upon playing any game. Suppose you want an even better idea of the characters. In that case, I suggest trying them out in different modes, practice arenas, and trying other matchups to see what combination best suits your style.

MultiVersus - FAQs

Who is the best character in MultiVersus?

Bugs Bunny is the strongest character because his superb overall stats make him the best fighter in the game. It is weird to see looking at other characters who can squash him outside this game are part of the game, but this is not constant, and it might change with future updates.

Is MultiVersus available?

MultiVersus is available on various platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. It is a cross-platform game that can be played across any party line. There are rumors of it coming to mobile phones, but nothing concrete.

How much does MultiVersus cost?

MultiVersus is a free-to-play game on steam. It doesn’t need any membership for either Xbox or Playstation users. It is WB’s entry into the free multiplayer games, and it has gained a good following thus far.

Does MultiVersus have 1v1?

Yes, MultiVersus have various mods, 1v1, 2v2, 4v4, and a free-for-all. The game offers that with many multiple maps which can be unlocked further into the game. It is perfect for players who want to have a good multiplayer session with friends or opponents online.

Does MultiVersus have Couch CO-OP?

As of now, you can’t play split screen in MultiVersus on the same device. However, the game allows play across modes, so you can play local multiplayer in the same room with your friends.

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