MVC2 Tier List [2023 Edition]

Marvel vs Capcom 2 has 56 characters and this Tier List aims to rank them all to help you make an informed choice.

The Marvel vs Capcom fighting game series is one of the most popular fighting games series ever conceived. and every character in the game is borrowed from the two different brands in its name. And like all titles with big rosters, there are a lot of fighters to choose from here, so we have specifically made this MVC2 Tier List to help you find your optimal character from the second game in the series.

Choosing the most varied and well-rounded fighters from the options available would be difficult for everyone. However, when it comes to ranking, all that matters are each fighter’s combat techniques, special attacks, inherent strength, quickness, and agility, though good animations and VFX effects could also be an option to decide on your favorite fighter if you care more about style.

Key Points

  • This Tier List ranks all 56 characters from the game.
  • All the characters are ranked on the basis of their base move set, tactical abilities, and their overall gameplay.  
  • These Rankings in our list apply to the current meta.
  • Among the highest tiers, we have Sentinel and Cable.
  • The lowest ranks include the likes of Serv Bot and Roll.


To summarize, there are five ranks in our article, with the S rank containing the best characters, while the D rank contains the worst ones. We have also listed all fighters in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Dr. DoomCaptain CommandoWolverineChun LiServ Bot
SentinelGambitDhalsimShuma GorathRoll
StormRuby HeartSilver SamuraiZangief
CableMega ManOmega RedWolverine
PsylockeCammyTron BonneDan Hibiki
RogueBlack HeartJin
MagnetoColossusM. Bison
Strider HiryuSpiralGuile
War MachineMorrigan
KenB.B. Hood
SonSonCaptain America
Iron ManFelicia
Spider Man

You can learn more about them in the article.

S Tier

MVC2 Best Characters
S Rank MVC 2 Characters.

The S rank is the highest-rated rank in our MVC2 Official Tier List. To be able to qualify for it, a character must have the most remarkable abilities, combat techniques, strength, speed, and agility.


Sentinel is a character from Marvel’s X-Men series and it is armed with cutting-edge A.I. and highly potent attacks to counter specific mutant talents. It has ways to keep opponents away, even without using the Hyper Sentinel Force. He can summon robots to attack, use a long-range Rocket Punch, and even use a Heavy Punch to fire a full-screen beam. The ability alone makes it much more robust than other fighters on the list.

The Sentinel’s airplane mode is high-speed, allowing it to call for assistance while also being highly agile and elusive in the air. In addition, he can swiftly cancel overhead costs or low points into his crushing air button for extreme damage thanks to the Fast Fly ability. Likewise, his slower regular games and beams can be made safer by canceling into and out of the flight. Sentinel stands out from the rest of the fighters on the roster. He is most probably the strongest out of all of them. If you are looking for an overpowered character that will wreck any beginner player in a matter of seconds, Sentinel is the one for you!


Well look who’s here, another one of the X-Men. Storm is a mutant with the innate power to influence and control the weather. Every one of Storm’s assists is helpful, and her projectiles move full across the screen and never lose collisions with other projectiles. For lockdown and combinations, her expansion is effective.

Furthermore, players can use Storm’s zoning traps in various ways. The Storm is advantageous in most air-to-air encounters because of its large, quick hitboxes and mobility. As a defensive player, Storm does exceptionally well, which is why we decided to put her in the S Tier.

Other S Tier Characters

Character NameOriginReason
CableX-Men seriesAn extremely powerful special abilities set
PsylockeX-Men seriesHer hyper combos are extremely strong
RogueX-Men seriesShe is the best female defensive fighter in MVC2
MagnetoX-Men seriesHe has the fastest air-dash and he deals immense damage.
Strider HiryuStrider seriesHe is extremely fast, strong, and has a good set of special abilities
Doctor DoomFantastic Four seriesHis stats are insanely high. He has good defense, offense, and assist.

A Tier

Decent fighters
A Rank MVC 2 Characters.

The A-rank characters are the decent ones in our MVC2 team tier list. They won’t perform as well as characters from the S tier, but they make good stand-ins.


Scott Summers is a fictional character from the Marvel X-Men series, which goes by the superhero nickname Cyclops. As the captain of the X-Men and a mutant with the ability to produce force-based concussive beams through his eyes, Cyclops strives to defend mutants in a society that despises and fears them.

Players can use a wide range of helpful control samples, specials, and supers in the Cyclops’ move set in several situations, both on the ground and in the air. Moreover, this character deals excellent damage. Most of the game’s characters can take over half health from a regular B&B combination for 1 bar of meter.

Cyclops lack weapons that would rip opponents, making it difficult to win the fight. His limitlessness is challenging and simply too difficult for most individuals to complete. He is a decent fighter but not cracked. Unlike the deities, Cyclops doesn’t possess anything that makes him a powerful character in a given situation.

Iron Man

Because he can perform endless combos, Iron Man is incredible. He requires practice, but once you master him, Iron Man is enjoyable. Iron Man has some fun playthings in the shape of his specials, such as Sunbeam and Arc Reactor Blast. He can quickly get a lot of space between himself and his opponent with those special abilities.

Although he only has one super move, it is a beam known as the Proton Cannon. You can use it to stop combos since it contains hitboxes that push you into the beam if you toss it near you. Additionally, it deals decent damage for the price in super meters.

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He has access to an unlimited combo that can be learned quickly and works on just about anyone. Iron Man is not nearly incredibly fast, but he has good mobility because of his eight-way air dash, flying, and other abilities that enable him to swiftly change his course in the air. However, even the most vital players may struggle to execute the infinite under pressure since it requires considerable practice.

Black Heart

Black Heart is a top-tier fighter with one excellent zone assist and a challenging ground assist. Whoever is not paying attention can be killed by his infinity. He has a relatively simple infinite that uses his catch demon and air dash to gain meters while quickly erasing the opponent’s life bars. Due to its tracking and enormous hitbox, his pro assist is helpful for zoning and anti-zoning, even if it has a long startup. In addition, Blackheart gains meters reasonably quickly, even when using his standard zone-in technique.

However, due to his large size, near-total lack of movement skills, and effective combos, some characters may quickly catch and dismantle Blackheart after striking him. The best characters to take advantage of this are those with tremendous mobility, like Hurricane, and excellent zoning, like Cable.

Other A-Tier Characters

Characters NameOriginReason
MegaManMega Man seriesMM has great combo hitboxes
ThanosMarvel ComicsHe has some great special moves and hyper combos
War MachineIron Man seriesHe has superhuman strength and speed, which makes him almost undefeatable.
SonSonSonSon CapcomShe has very fast moves.
KenX-Men vs. Street FighterKen's special moves are super good. His attacks are fast and long-ranged.
AkumaStreet Fighter seriesHe deals extremely good damage but his defense is bad.
Ruby HeartMarvel v.s. CapcomHe plays both good defense and offense.
GambitX-Men seriesHis Royal Flush hyper combo is very effective.
Spider ManMarvel ComicsHe is incredibly evasive and deals good damage
JuggernautX-Men seriesHe deals an immense amount of damage.
SpiralX-Men seriesHe has good assist attacks.
SakuraStreet Fighter seriesShe can manipulate Ki very well.
ColossusX-Men seriesHe has very good defense.
VenomSpider-Man seriesHe has good hyper combos, special attacks, and assists.
CammyStreet Fighter seriesHer moves are very fast and difficult to counter.
JillResident Evil seriesShe is fast and can not be easily defeated.

B Tier

Average Fighters
B Rank MVC 2 Characters.

These fighters are considered decent but not outstanding. The B tier of the MVC2 TIER LIST consists of characters that are not incredibly strong or effective but are still deadly in the hands of a skilled player.

Captain Commando

Captain Commando is the captain of the ‘Commando Team,’ a group of superhuman law enforcers out to eradicate crime on Earth and throughout the galaxy. Together with his three friends, Shoo, Genet, and Hoover, Commando fights evil using a variety of weapons and gadgets like his Energy Gloves.

His anti-air assist, Captain Corridor, is perhaps the best aide in the entire game. Choose this assist almost always if you choose Captain Commando. Given its speed, tremendous damage, and invincibility, it is also not a terrible move on point. When paired with assistance like Patrol drones, Captain Commando’s block strings may be somewhat effective and of a respectable length.

However, he has poor mobility and is somewhat sluggish when on point. Captain Sword can be iffy in some connects, will occasionally malfunction if struck in specific locations on display, and Captain Rain can be dodged, making you incredibly punishing. The fact that Captain Blade is his primary power harms him a lot. Another drawback is that the launcher cannot be hit-confirmed. Commando is only allowed to strike his launchers once, leaving no time for confirmation. Nevertheless, CapCom ranks well in the MVC2 Assist tier list.

B.B. Hood

Baby Bonnie Hood is a unique Dark stalker who first appears in the Dark stalkers series. B.B. Hood has a double jump, which she may use for daring jump-ins, jump-outs, and other solid air movements. With just zoning and using H.K. and Missiles, you can quickly build up tones of meters.

She does not possess a solid air game, and aside from Cheer & Flame, she cannot constantly engage in aerial combat. Her deficit is tough to overcome, especially since you can’t go forward under pressure.


Jin Saotome is another B Tier character in our list. In the Marvel vs Capcom video games, Jin uses flaming punches and kicks, some unsettling clothing-exploding action, and several supers that summon Bloodier to the arena from the sidelines.

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Jin does pretty heavy blows for a man without a weapon. His chip damage is dealt with by heavy normal. However, Jin has a slow startup and recovery on most of his equipment. It can be strange because he could not convert grounded mediums into heavies. He is a little linear because he has no other air mobility choices. Furthermore, his supers are somewhat situational and can be punished if they do not work.

Other B Tier Characters

Character NameOriginReason
FeliciaDarkstalkersShe has some very strong moves
WolverineX-MenHe has a special wall jump that makes opponents difficult to catch him
GuileStreet Fighter seriesHe plays good defense
AmingoMarvel ComicsHe is goof for long range play.
MarrowX-Men seriesHe has decent combo hitboxes.
SabretoothX-Men seriesHe is strong but slow and requires assists.
Charlie NashStreet Fighter seriesDeals low damage but is good at defensive play.
AnakarisDarkstalkers seriesHe has some great combos
DhalsimStreet Fighter seriesHe has a variety of special moves.
HayatoStar Gladiator seriesHe is screen dependent (can be easily caught in enemy's grasp).
Captain AmericaMarvel ComicsCaptain America has average defense and hitboxes.
M. BisonStreet Fighter seriesHe has decent special attacks and hyper combos.
MorriganDarkstalkers seriesShe can fly in air and attack well.
Tron BonneMega Man Legends seriesHe is average in terms of damage and defense.
HulkThe Incredible Hulk seriesHe has good defense but he is very slow.

C Tier

Below-Average Fighters
C Rank MVC 2 Characters.

We have now arrived at the below-average rank of our tier list. You will not find the best characters in the game here, every entry in the current rank is fairly weak in terms of power.

Omega Red

One of the Wolverine’s main adversaries in the Marvel universe is Omega Red, also known as Arkady Gregorivich Rossovich. His regular attacks and special abilities have impressive ranges for a hero his size. For example, his Carbonation coils can extend to the entire screen and are retractable at any point. Or’s burrowing coils can also dominate any floor area on which the opponent could stand.

Whenever Omega Red completes a coil grab, he can peerlessly drain the opponent’s health while simultaneously regenerating his red health. He may also drain the enemy’s super meter, perhaps denying them the opportunity to complete a match-winning hyper combination. Omega Red’s supers are indeed lacking, extremely difficult to combo without assistance or in very unusual situations, and generally not very good supers throughout general, having left him with such a drowning man’s blight and a desert man’s blessing. As a result, Omega Red frequently needs someone else to use the meter he builds.

The hitboxes on Omega Reds coils are not particularly generous, and even when full screen, they take a bit to get there, so you frequently have to withdraw before they get a chance to hit. To get the most out of his kit, Omega Red needs outstanding reads, an even better location, and superior understanding; otherwise, he will have few gimmicks to use.

Silver Samurai

Silver Samurai is a highly adaptable character in Marvel vs Capcom 2, possessing one of the strongest supers inside the game, a strong projectile, good mix-up, instant overhead, and instant overhead. Your opponents can severely punish any poor assist call with just one meter, and the hero is entirely safe on the block.

He is the destroyer of assists. Silver Samurai can deal some assist damage of at least half their health with just one bar. Moreover, he also deals significant damage. Furthermore, Silver Samurai may deal up to half their health in one combo with one assist from a weapon like T.Bonne’s projectile one or a bar from a weapon like Raimeiken.

Silver Samurai has meter dependence. Since Raimeiken costs bar, the meter is required to do anything useful. Furthermore, the hitboxes are terrible. Almost every normal attack has hitboxes entirely out of sync with the animation. Not to forget that he also depends on assists. His immediate overhead combo is not particularly dangerous without an assist because he needs one to get it going. As a result, he ranks relatively low.


In Marvel vs Capcom 2, Ryu, the first global warrior, steps into the ring in search of fresh foes. His standard attack repertoire makes up for its lack of range by being swift and effective in dealing with damage. He also has some perfect special moves.

He has big, large hitbox Hoboken spam. Ryu can dispatch a few of them using tiger knee fireballs to cover the entire screen. Although he does not have a professional defense, Ken, Dan, and Akuma all play worse defense than this. Ryu can quickly cover ground because of his short dashes, which are simple to reverse with a crouch. His usual attack has a short range because they are shoto normals. He has average mobility. He travels rapidly on the floor, but he has no real options for aerial mobility, which is problematic in the game. With any one of his Hoboken’s, he can stop in the air, but that’s about it.

Other C Tier Characters

Characters NameOriginReason
Shuma GorathMarvel ComicsHe is very slow & others can easily take him down
DanStreet Fighter seriesHe has a terrible moveset
ZangiefStreet Fighter seriesHe is close-ranged and easily defeated by long-ranged characters.
Chun LiStreet Fighter seriesHer moves are only good for teasing the opponent. She also has low HP.

D Tier

Worst Fighters in MVC2 tier list
D Rank MVC 2 Characters.

Characters in the D rank are among the worst fighters in the entire game. Do not pick these unless you have a death wish, or unless you are exceptionally skilled.

Serv Bot

People who have never faced Servbot mistakenly believe he is “too little” and “impossible to attack.” However, most players will become aware of how easily one can stop Serv Bot and how few alternatives he has after a varying length of time playing against him. He may still be a competitive character without the skill gap between the two players being too great. In the top meta game, Servbot has no hopes at all.


Marvel vs Capcom 2’s Roll reportedly has an abysmal performance in the game. Roll’s resistance to damage in Marvel vs Capcom 2 is appalling. As a result, she shares the distinction with Servbot of having the least damage resistance.

The Sentinel receives 25% less damage from assaults, but Roll is struck more often and absorbs 38% more damage. As a result, she struggles to prevail in attrition-based encounters because of her low damage output. Her projectile is rather good, though. Roll is a petite figure who is also quite stubby.


Tier Lists like the MVC2 TIER LIST are among the most divisive topics and can be a point of contention since everyone has their own opinions about which fighters work best for them and which don’t. And with our MVC2 official tier list, we have decided to create a ranking with our own experiences and preferences with the game in mind. We think that players can benefit from our article since they can use it to determine a general ranking for each character in the game.

But we are not so arrogant as to suggest that our choices are final. We are always open to constructive criticism from our readers, and we are more than willing to hear you out in the comments below if you have a differing opinion.