Realm Royale Tier List: All Weapons Ranked

In this tier list we will rank all the weapons and place them in different tiers from the best to the worst.

With our Realm Royale Tier List 2023, we will take a technical view at the world of Realm Royle, a game developed by Heroic Leap Games and Hi-Rez Studios, taking its own unique take on the popular gaming genre. Weaponry is an important component of the gameplay of any Battle Royale game, and in our article, we aim to list all the different weapons this rather quirky PVP shooter has to offer. 

The List starts with the S Tier and ends on the D Tier. Having said that, before proceeding with a moment of caution, please consider that ranking lists are only comprised of the thoughts and opinions of an individual, which may or may not be biased, and can certainly contradict the reader’s opinions and understanding. Therefore, please read them with an open mind.

Key Points 

  • Our article contains a total of 20 different entries for each weapon in the game.
  • Each ranking has been made according to the current meta, and takes each weapon’s damage, range, recharge rate, etc. into account.
  • The Long Bow, Fire Staff, Trowing Axe, Assault Rifle, and Sniper Rifle are among the strongest weapons in the game.
  • In the lowest ranks, you will find items like the Revolver, Automatic Sniper Rifle, Plasma Launcher, Pistol, and Dagger.


All the ranked 20 weapons from Realm Royale can be seen in the following short table:

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Long Bow

Sniper Rifle
Cross Bow
Fire Staff Gate Keeper Shotgun Automatic Sniper Rifle Dagger
Throwing AxeIce Staff SMGPlasma Launcher
Assault Rifle LMGSlug Rifle
Burst Rifle
Long Sword
Heirloom Rifle

Each weapon is discussed in detail below.

S Tier 

The most powerful weapons in the Realm Royale Tier List.
S Tier.

Building the ideal loadout that is perfectly aligned with the specific gameplay of the player is key to winning any Battle Royale game. Our Realm Royale Weapon Tier List begins with the S Tier, where we will be ranking the strongest weapons from the game. 

Long Bow

  • 900 Damage, 2.0 Shot per second

Realm Royale has taken most of its mechanics from Fortnite. The rarity systems, quirky graphics, the loadout system, etc. The game resembles Fortnite, in many instances, it almost feels like it is a cheap knock-off, of the Epic Games’ pulling giant. Long Bow is one of the most disastrous weapons of Realm Royale, though it is a shame that the weapon can longer one-shot kill a chicken at the level of Legendary rarity. Having a recharge of 2 seconds, it is a deadly weapon to employ with the presence of a secure cover. A fully charged Long Bow is capable of dealing a total damage of 900 hit points for body shots and 1800 hit points for headshots. Other than its terrorizing damage stats, the Long Bow is also a great option in combat because of its infinite ammunition and bullet speed. 

Fire Staff

  • 1500 damage, 1000 hit points.

Unlike most Battle Royale games, Realm Royale has completely customizable gameplay, allowing players to pick a character from a total of 5 classes, which ultimately forms the overall gameplay for the round. There are classes like Warrior, Assasin, Engineer, Hunter, and Mage, all of which stand out in one or another aspect of the game. To further up the ante, there are specific class weapons that can only be accessed by a specific class. Our inaugural class weapon is the Fire Staff, a weapon that can either be forged or acquired by the mage class. 

Fire Staff is a heavy-hitting weapon, one that guarantees an instant kill to players who have a relatively decent aim. It takes Fire Staff a total of 3 hits to knock down an enemy, and only a single hit to kill a downed enemy.  The Fire Staff deals total damage of 1500 hit points on headshots and 1000 hit points on body shots on Legendary rarity. Though its damage may fall inferior to the Long Bow, unlike Long Bow’s single-shot attacks, Fire Staff also packs a very handsome rate of fire. 

Throwing Axe 

  • 900 Damage, 0.9 Shot per second

Throwing Axe is a Warrior Class weapon, the weapon has no reload time, in contrast to all other weapons in the game, allowing players to take an all-out offensive stance. The Throwing Axe has an arch trajectory and the amount of damage it causes varies according to the distance from which it is thrown at the target, on average the weapon deals total damage of 715 hit points on Epic rarity and 830 hit points on Legendary rarity. The projectile speed is also an impressive feat traveling at speed of 415ft per second. The weapon also has a capacity for unlimited ammunition and also a high rate of fire, rounding off to one axe every second. 

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Assault Rifle 

  • 110 hit points damage per hit.

Out of all the automatic rifles the Assault Rifle is a powerful option to have in one’s loadout and is a fairly popular weapon throughout the community. Due to its relatively high spawn rate all over the map, the weapon is a staple to have. Assault Rifle offers some pretty notable damage stats, with even a Common rarity weapon dealing around 110 hit points damage per hit. Though the weapon is spawned across the map, it can also be forged and upgraded on upgrade points for the materials farmed, a moment of caution though, as an upgraded weapon does not increase the damage per hit, rather it increases the rate of fire, which for a Common weapon is 8.3 bullets per second and for a Legendary weapon is 10 bullets per second. 

The Assault Rifle is a good weapon for long-range pokes, due to its considerable damage cap and the fact that the weapon is not subjected to any bullet drop, the weapon has an effective aim radius of 600m which on single-tap fire can essentially also be used as a semi-automated Sniper Rifle. Overall the Assault Rifle is a recognizable option for players of skill levels, because of its versatility and adaptable gameplay, a force to be reckoned with.

A Tier  

The second best weapons.
A Tier.

The A Tier weapons of the Relm Royale Gun Tier List are regarded among the best value weapons offered in the game, that provide the best utility to the players. All these weapons have relatively appreciable stats and offer the best performance to the players, while also having a great potential for success. 

Sniper Rifle 

  • 1,100 Damage, 1.0 Shot per second

Sniper Rifle is an Assassisan Class long-range bolt action weapon. Overall the Sniper Rifle is a great option to pick fights with other players, due to its high damage stats, an Epic rarity Sniper Rifle deals total damage of 1000 hit points, and the Legendary weapon deals total damage of  1300 hit points for body shots, where a headshot from perspectives is an instant knockdown. Having said that, the weapon is subjected to bullet drop making the weapon an exclusive choice for seasoned players. The Sniper Rifle could’ve easily been an S-ranked weapon, but it’s long reloads of 2.9 seconds preceding every shot dragged it down making it the first weapon of A Tier. 


  • 1000 hit points, per 7 seconds.

The next ranked weapon in the A Tier is the GateKeeper, a phenomenal short-range option other than the pump shotgun. The weapon is most feasible at short-range combat due to its limited range and low blast radius, and also due to the fact that it deals fall-off damage. The damage stats for the weapon are also quite impressive as it deals damage of  1000 hitpoints per inflicted hit, negating the fall-off damage, making it a two-hit weapon to knock down enemies. GateKeeper also has an Overcharge ability, which buffs up the weapon’s damage stats while increasing its blast radius. The ability lasts for a limited time period of 7 seconds, and can again be activated through the designated control from the key binds. GateKeeper is a weapon of Legendary rarity and has one of the lowest spawn ratios in the game. Overall, a great pick for the game loadout but a restriction of low-range attacks decreases its effectiveness.  

Ice Staff 

  • 280 hit points

The Ice Staff is a class weapon that can only be accessed by the Mage Class. Ice Staff is an exceptional weapon for long to mid-range attacks. It is a considerable option to execute poke attacks on enemies far away, first, the weapon packs some considerable firepower, and second, the Ice Staff also has the ability to freeze enemies in their place, making them a sitting duck for incoming attacks. Just like the Burst Rifle, the Ice Staff also fires shots in a batch of 3, with each shot dealing total damage of 280 hit points, negating the fall-off damage, for a Legendary rarity weapon. Ice Staff is also a great weapon option for players because due to its ability to inflict fall-off damage and long attack radius, it can also assist players in the crowd control aspect of the game. Having said that, in the end, it all comes down to the skill and accuracy of the players to hit long-range targets.    


  • 1050 hit points damage per second.

The Light Machine Gun is a complete nightmare to go against, the weapon has some pretty devastating damage stats registering a total damage cap of 150 hit points for every bullet registered on the target, which when paired up with the high rate of fire, makes the weapon a complete kill machine averaging in around 1050 hit points damage per second. LMG is only available in the Legendary rarity and is one of those weapons of the game that pretty much guarantees a win if the players survive till the latter part of the match, running the competition slim. LMG has a total ammunition capacity of 80 bullet rounds as well.

Though being a greatly rewarding weapon for its damage stats, in my opinion, the Light Machine Gun should be used specifically for short-range fights, because the weapon’s high recoil can certainly play its part in reducing the player’s accuracy for hitting long-range targets. Another reason why the LMG is added to the A Tier is because of its infamously long reload time which round’s out to a total of 3.5 seconds, enough time for players to make their way to the game lobby.  

Burst Rifle 

  • 450 hit points per second.

The Burst Rifle is a great mid-range option, for the early stages of the game. The weapon shoots a total of 3 rounds per second in burst fire. To add Burst Rifle to the A Tier was a no-brainer, because of its high accuracy and unrelenting damage stats. The weapon is available in a total of 4 rarities, out of which a rare weapon deals total damage of 150 hit points per round rounding it to 450 hit points per second which is more than enough to enable players to score some early kills and gather loot, that can further be utilized in forging class weapons. The weapon also has the capacity to hold a 30-round magazine, another positive for the Burst Rifle is that its bullet rounds are not subjected to any drop-off, enabling players to hit accurate headshots. 

Long Sword 

  • 1158 hit points.

Long Sword is a Warrior class weapon, which like the Throwing Axe also negates the logic of any reload mechanics. It is the first melee weapon of the Realm Royale Tier List 2023 and is one that holds a strong reputation in the game’s community. It has been a part of Realm Royale since the game’s inception, the weapon is available in both Epic and Legendary rarities. Long Sword is a great offensive option for players, as it can knock down a locked target with two strikes the most, making it one of the best weapons in the game. A Legendary rarity Long Sword can deal total damage of  1158 hit points, just shy of the total health of a maxed-out enemy. Lacking any reload time and high damage stats make it an ideal choice for crowd control. Having said that, Long Sword being a melee class weapon lacks reach and offers a certain one-dimensional gameplay, which could be seen as a minute flaw, in an otherwise flawless weapon option for one’s loadout.  

Heirloom Rifle

  • 400 hit points, holds 8 bullets in a single magazine.

The Heirloom Rifle is one of the ten class weapons of the game and is reserved specifically for the Assassin class. The Heirloom Rifle is a single-shot bolt rifle that offers high accuracy and damage to players. The weapon is available in both Epic and Legendary rarity and can only be found in class chests for Assassins that are scattered across the Realm Royale map. The weapon is a great option for trading pokes over long distances, due to the fact that the Heirloom Rifle is subjected to any bullet drop, making it very easy to hit accurate shots. The damage cap on the weapon is also quite impressive with the Epic weapon inflicting total damage of 350 hit points and the Legendary weapon dealing a total of 400 hit points. For a bolt action rifle, the ammunition capacity is also a big positive, as the rifle has a complete capacity to hold 8 bullet rounds in a single magazine.  

B Tier 

The average ranked from the Realm Royale Tier List.
B Tier.

Weapons that are typically powerful but may have certain drawbacks in comparison to other weapons are added to the B Tier. All these weapons require a lot of skill and mastery to be able to stand toe to toe with those ranked in the A Tier or even the S Tier. These weapons may be considered a feasible option, but having said that overall they may fall short.  

Cross Bow 

  • 1045 hits per second.

The Cross Bow is a great ranged weapon that can be used to hunt down enemies from long apart distances. It is a class weapon for the Hunter class and can only be found in class chests that are scattered across the map. Most effective for long-range pokes, the weapon is not subjected to any bullet drop and a Legendary level weapon can deal a total damage of 350 hit points per registered hit or total damage of 1045 hit points per second. The ammunition capacity for the weapon is also quite impressive, as it can fire a total of 10 bolts before making a reload stop, which is approximately 1.2 seconds long. Cross Bow, despite having such great positives has drawbacks, which nullifies its effect to a great extent, which is its low accuracy, making it a feasible option for only the most seasoned of players.

Shot Gun 

  • 950 hit points per 2 seconds.

Moving on next in the B Tier of the Realm Royale Weapon Tier List is the Shotgun, which is a more feasible option to clear out tight corners and closed houses. The weapon has a great damage cap and the recoil is manageable to hit some outrageous flicks. Shotgun is a great weapon for the early stages of the royale match, ideally, during the loot period as it can be a certain help to score some initial kills, a Legendary Shotgun can deal damage of 950 hit points, enabling it to kill enemies with only a couple of shots. Having said that, the reload time for the weapon is a bit high, taking the players a whopping 2 seconds time period to load a single shotgun shell, which is a bit too high, hence players are required to be critical of the ammo capacity, a mistake can certainly prove fatal with the Shotgun. Secondly, the weapon only has an effective range of 78m, which makes the Shotgun a highly risky option to choose.


  • 80 hit points per 2 seconds.

The Sub Machine Gun is a staple weapon and is by far the most popular weapon for the battle royale gaming genre due to its high rate of fire, great accuracy, and relatively long range. However, in the case of  Realm Royale, the weapon is a partial miss, except for its high damage capacity, whereby a completely maxed out weapon the Legendary rarity weapon inflicts total damage of 80 hitpoints for every registered hit. Though the weapon might have a total ammunition capacity of  35 bullets the high rate of fire is still a major threat for running out of bullets in midst of a fight, while a reload time of 2 seconds doesn’t help either. Also, the recoil mechanics of the SMG are also completely busted, accounting for being a poor choice to pick fights over the range of 100 meters. Having said due to the abundance of ammunition, chests, and looting spots it is not a bad shout for players looking to build a strong loadout for the latter part of the match.   

Slug Rifle

  • 380 hit points.

Slug Rifle is a newly added weapon that was added to the game after the Realm Royale Ultimate update with the aim that it may light up a spark in an all but died-out game, but contrary to the developers’ expectations the weapon had some mixed reviews from the gaming community. Despite having a pretty formidable damage cap the weapon had a series of different flaws which lowered its popularity and ultimately placed it in the mediocre tier for most Realm Royale players. 

Upon a technical analysis of the weapon, Slug Rifle is not a bad shout, but it is certainly not a match for its other counterparts. The weapon is capable of dealing total damage of 500 hit points per registered hit, for a Legendary rarity weapon, having said that, in regard to Slug Rifle, the upgrading tactic of the game really comes into play, as a common weapon is only capable of dealing total damage of 380 hit points for every hit. The also holds a limited capacity for holding ammunition, rounding out to only 6 bullet rounds, before waiting for a reload time of  1 second in between firing shots. 

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C Tier 

All the weak weapons are ranked in the C Tier
C Tier.

The C Tier is composed of weak weapons. These weapons have weak stats; whether it is the damage output, accuracy, recoil, or rate of fire, they require exceptional set skill and mastery to be productive and provide value to the players who are using them.  


  • 480 hit points per bullet hit.

If Realm Royale were anything like the wild west, the Revolver would make the S Tier in this Realm Royale Gun Tier List. Having said that, unlike the assumption, the Revolver is not a formidable weapon option to carry in one’s load out in view of the game’s current meta. Though the weapon has a quite plausible effective range and good accuracy, the weapon, unlike most games, does not guarantee a kill upon hitting headshots due to the low damage cap of the weapon, as a Legendary rarity weapon inflicts total damage of 480 hitpoints, for each bullet hit.  

Automatic Sniper Rifle

  • 1,100 damage at 1.0 shots per second.

Getting killed from a faraway distance is one of the most frustrating things one can imagine, that too from long-away pokes, having said that, raging moments like this can’t actually happen in Realm Royle, as the game has pretty much limited the use for every weapon certain scenarios, by implementing different weapon stats and mechanics. The weapon identified by the game developers to kill enemies with far-away poke damage is the Automatic Sniper Rifle. A weapon that is significantly weak and a complete mismatch for the job. 

Though the thought behind the weapon was for it to be a powerful firearm that can take out enemies from a distance, its recoil for the burst fire and automatic fire modes is not a commendable mechanic for the weapon. Despite having some formidable damage stats the weapon’s poor accuracy and bullet drop tracing, nullifies all the positives the weapon has to offer. Having said that, another negative for the weapon is its low ammunition spawn ratio.

Plasma Launcher 

  • 800 Damage, 1.0 Shot per second

The Plasma Launcher is perhaps the most technical weapon of the game, an unnecessary hassle if you ask me. In crux, the weapon instead of firing bullet rounds at the locked target fires high-velocity plasma projectiles that have a thrust attack effect. The weapon being equipped with such an unusual mechanic, while also being subjected to bullet drop movement, makes the weapon exclusive for the most seasoned of players. 

The Plasma Launcher has an overwhelmingly high rate of fire, firing a total of 8 shots per second, which rather being a blessing is more of a catastrophe in disguise, as with a high rate of fire the weapon also has a high recoil mechanic and also creates a constant fear in players to run out of ammunition, though the magazine capacity to hold a total of 8 projectiles. Moving forward, the damage stats for the weapon is also sort of a letdown, as the weapon is only available in Legendary rarity and deals only damage of 480 hit points for every connected hit. 

D Tier  

The lowest possible tier in the Realm Royale Tier List.
D Tier.

The D rank is the lowest-ranked category in our Realm Royale Tier List 2023. In view of the game’s mechanics, these weapons are a complete mess and are meant to be ignored by most of the gaming community. They offer players the weakest performance compared to all the other weapons ranked here.


  • 420 Damage, 2 Shots per second.

Our first ranked weapon for the lowest possible D Tier is the Pistol, which in my opinion, is unlike all the other weapons on the list. A player may pick up the Pistol at the extreme start of the round without any powerful weapon but may also very soon drop it to make room for other weapons. 

The Pistol overall is a completely inferior weapon upon analyzing its stats, it does not have an excellent damage capacity, effective range, or even accuracy, a weapon that is deemed to be ignored by almost every player under favorable circumstances. 


  • Zero range.

The weakest link of the entire article is the Dagger, a given as it is a melee weapon with virtually zero range. Despite having a decent damage cap, in a game where enemies are attacking with long-range firearms, playing with the Dagger is a literal suicide. Nothing else special about the weapon. Overall only a filler weapon that offers no utility to the players whatsoever.

Comparison Table

Long BowS Tier900 Damage, 2.0 Shot per second
Fire StaffS Tier1500 damage, 1000 hit points.
Throwing Axe S Tier900 Damage, 0.9 Shot per second
Assault Rifle S Tier110 hit points damage per hit.
Sniper Rifle A Tier1,100 Damage, 1.0 Shot per second
GateKeeperA Tier1000 hit points, per 7 seconds.
Ice Staff A Tier280 hit points
LMGA Tier1050 hit points damage per second.
Burst Rifle A Tier450 hit points per second.
Long Sword A Tier1158 hit points.
Heirloom RifleA Tier400 hit points, holds 8 bullets in a single magazine.
Cross BowB Tier1045 hits per second.
Shot Gun B Tier950 hit points per 2 seconds.
SMGB Tier80 hit points per 2 seconds.
Slug RifleB Tier380 hit points.
RevolverC Tier480 hit points per bullet hit.
Automatic Sniper RifleC Tier1,100 damage at 1.0 shots per second.
Plasma Launcher C Tier800 Damage, 1.0 Shot per second
Pistol D Tier420 Damage, 2 Shots per second.
Dagger D TierZero range.

Realm Royale Reforged Version 24

  • Armor is introduced back.
  • Class locking is introduced back.
  • Many combat abilities are introduced.
  • A new chest called class chest is introduced.


Our Realm Royale Weapon Tier List ranks all the twenty weapons from the Hi-Rez-developed Battle Royale game Realm Royale. The article focuses on the current meta of the game and distinctively ranks all the weapons on the basis of the utility they provide to the players in the overall gameplay.

Having said that, there might be a few rankings that may contradict the reader’s opinions and thoughts. So once again, it’s a humble reminder that ranking lists like there is only a matter of one’s opinion and may or may not be biased. But we here at TopTierList value our reader’s feedback, and encourage you to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.