Revived Witch Tier List [2023]

Unleash the Best Characters and Dominate the Battlefields with Our Comprehensive Tier List.

Greetings Witches! In this Revived Witch Tier List, we will go over some of the best characters that are currently available in Revived Witch. However, before we jump into those juicy details, let’s first discuss what this game is about, shall we? Revived Witch is an adventure game available only for Android and IOS users. It mixes 2-D graphics with 3-D effects and lighting to present itself as a beautiful work of art.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 34 characters in the revived game.
  • We have ranked them based on Power, Rarity, and efficiency.
  • Among the best characters are Akasha, Ella, Yui, and Mineer.
  • Joining us in the lowest ranks are characters like Ocatvia, Czerni, Cuspidata, and Fey.


In the table below, you will find a quick summary of all the rankings we will make in this article.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
EllaUshpiaInn and LouMortimerCuspidata
MineerKyphonLa CrimaOcatvia

With games like Azure Lane and Bistro Heroes, revived Witch spent a little time in the shadows. However, in these past few months, it has convincingly brought its name up high in the charts. This tier list will help you decide which allies best suit your needs in this magical world of witches and enchantments. 

Tier List’s Methodology

Tier lists are useful for games regarding ranking characters based on their overall performances and skills, so we decided to present the tier list. This article will rank characters from best to worst by categorizing them into four tiers: S, A, B, C, and D.

The S tier includes all the best characters who are legendary, the most powerful, and the most efficient. This list cannot contain average or below-average characters, just the top-performing characters. Following the S tier is the A tier. A tier consists of characters that are good but not as good as those mentioned in the S tier. In other words, this category includes above-average characters who, although very useful, have loads of skills, are efficient, and amazing but cannot compete with the characters of the S tier.

After the A tier comes to the B tier, characters that are less powerful than characters mentioned in the S and A tiers are included under this category. These characters are better than those mentioned in the C and D tiers but are no match for all those in the S and A tiers. These characters have some great superpowers but are useless on certain occasions.

The C tier is what comes next after the B tier. Average characters are mentioned in this category. These characters lie on the borderline and are neither good nor bad, just good. In other words, we can conclude that these characters have a few good moves but are not too good overall. Their performance is satisfactory, and their efficiency is low.

Lastly, we have the D tier. Characters that are below average are mentioned in this category. These characters are of no use and are considered weak. All the characters mentioned in the D tier have weak skill sets, and their efficiency is below average.


In the tier list, we will rank characters and place them in these four categories so that gamers can better choose the character they want to play with. In addition, this article will also give readers an overview of the game as a whole and not just the characters.

Players should also note that this ranking has been done based on our understanding of the game, and some players may not agree with this ranking. Every gamer has their own opinion about a particular character of a game. So, keep that in mind before giving this article a read. Now, without any further ado, let’s get started.

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S Tier

Revived Witch Tier List
The best and top performing characters of Revived Witch

As mentioned above, the S tier consists of all those characteristics that are top-notch. Not only are these characters the most powerful ones, but gamers will greatly enjoy playing with these characters as it is quite interesting and full of adventures. These characters are legendary and include:


The first character on this list is little Akasha. She is beyond an ordinary character. This character is super powerful and can give your enemies a great deal of damage.

A player just needs to know the skill set of Akasha, and after mastering it, there is no opponent that Akasha cannot defeat. This character is simply a top-notch level warrior with extraordinary capabilities, and the way she slashes her opponents is a sight worth seeing.

In addition, Akasha is famously known as a backstabber, and she performs exceptionally well against giant monsters and enemy bosses by attacking them from behind. However, she is also good at fighting a group of enemies, thereby making her a rounder of a character. We have included Akasha in the S tier because of all these reasons.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health 360 + (36)
Damage 150 + (15)


Fiery, charming, and powerful. These are the attributes of our next character Ella who is one of the top performing characters of Revived Witch. Ella has several superpowers, the most amazing of which is her ability to turn into a dragon. The mere sight of her turning into a giant dragon gives enemies chills, and when she attacks them, she ensures it spares no one.

Ella’s basic attacks are quite impressive, too, and are effective against one or two opponents. However, when she encounters a group of enemies, her ability to transform into a dragon is very efficient and gives her a solid edge over her opponents.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health 661 + (66.15)
Damage 121 + (12.11)


Since we are discussing the best-performing characters of this game, Yui is someone who cannot ignore. This powerful character stuns enemies with her strong capabilities and gives them a great deal of damage.

Furthermore, Yui carries a long, sharp spear that she uses to slash through an enemy’s body, killing them painfully and with great precision. Yui’s such moves make her an epic character that deserves a spot in the S tier.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health 598 + (59.85)
Damage  127 + (12.72)


Mineer is an aggressive mage who uses her magical abilities to destroy enemies. She prefers violence over everything and this characteristic of Mineer makes her stand out from the out.

Mineer is dangerous and has the potential to kill a group of enemies in one strong attack. Mineer is nearly impossible to stop once she gets going. It is as if she gets out of control once she gets into her zone.

Mineer’s ability to destroy enemies with brutal force and magical capabilities is very different from hers. Lastly, as an opponent, it is never a good idea to confront such an extraordinary mage like Mineer. Otherwise, you won’t survive for a long time.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health 450 + (45)
Damage  135 + (13.5)


If you love assassins, then you are going to love this character. Celanya is another S-tier character that has got the characteristics of an assassin. She carries a bow and an arrow, with the help of which she deals great physical damage to her opponents. She is an epic warrior and belongs to the snowy areas. Celanya’s attacking skills are what make her one of the best.

It is important to note that when Celanya starts attacking, she doesn’t hit an enemy just once; rather, she continues hitting the opponents with great force several times. In the end, when enemies can take her attacks anymore, they die, and Celanya emerges victorious.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health 352 + (35.28)
Damage 150 + (15)


Another character on this tier list is Catherine. She is a tigress that tears through opponents using her powerful abilities. Catherine’s capability to stay immune to the enemy’s attacks makes her different. It means that she will not be affected regardless of how hard she gets hit by the opponent’s attacks.

Moreover, Catherine can recover more rapidly than other characters in this game. Her HP level recovers quickly, giving her an edge to strike back at her opponents, this time with even more force. Because of all these characteristics, Catherine is one of the legendary characters.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health  900 + (90)
Damage 60 + (6)


Amanami is the next character on our Revived Witch Tier list. Many people who have never encountered Amanami before confuse her with someone very innocent and calm. In actuality, that is not the case. Amanami has an excellent skill set, and her ability to deal great damage to her opponents is worth appreciating.

In combat, when Amanami strikes, her attacking spell works like magic against everyone who comes in her way. Not only does she deal great physical damage, but she also ensures she transfers nearly 30% of the enemy’s strength to her body. Amanami’s this capability is not something to mess up with.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health  450 + (45)
Damage  90 + (9)


Another S-tier character on this list is Dorin. Many enemies often get fooled by Dorin’s superpowers. She gives her opponents a cute gift box which then explodes like a bomb, causing a great deal of damage to her opponents.

Dorin’s powers are fierce, and her skill set is fantabulous. Another interesting capability of Dorin is that she can melt enemies with one of her moves. This ability of Dorin makes her a fiery yet innocent legendary character.

Dorin’s ability to strike back quickly after getting hit by an opponent is phenomenal. This characteristic of Dorin proves helpful during combat, where the enemy has strong and fatal attacks. To defeat a powerful enemy, she must be in your team.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health 382 + (38.25)
Damage 76 + (7.65)


The next character we have included in the S tier is Metamorphoses. You would be surprised to know what this character can do. She bluffs with the enemies by changing her mask after every attack, giving the enemies no clue what is coming next. Not only that, but when she deals damage to the opponents, at the same time, she ensures her team starts healing by a rate of approximately 60%.

It means that with this character, you get two major advantages. One, your opponent receives a lot of damage, and number two, your team heals, and you benefit from your attacks as your HP boosts. Thus, because of these attributes, Metamorphoses is regarded as one of the best characters in the game.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health 450 + (45)
Damage  90 + (9)


The last character on this list is Mahayeul. She is a powerful mage with a brilliant skill set. Since she is a mage, she has magical capabilities, unlike other characters. Her skill set is unique and very different from the rest. Mahayeul’s attacking skills are epic and cause enemies a great deal of damage.

In addition, Mahayeul’s ability to self-heal at a rapid pace also makes her get a spot in the S tier. Usually, characters take some time to heal when they get hit by their enemy. However, that is not the case with Mahayeul; her HP boosts faster than other characters in this game.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health  448 + (44.89)
Damage 121 + (12.18)

A Tier

Revived Witch Tier List
Good characters with impressive skillsets

Following the S tier, we have the A tier, the second category of the ranking. This category includes all those characters that are better than those mentioned in the B, C, and D tiers but are less efficient than those mentioned in the S tier.

The characters in this category have awesome skill sets and impressive capabilities. However, these characters are considered weak compared to those mentioned in the S tier.


The first character that we have included in the A tier is Kapla. Kapla’s impressive moves make her more than just an ordinary A-tier warrior. She is aggressive, and the way her shield protects her from enemies is nothing less than terrific. Her shielding ability is her major superpower, as she uses it as a defensive strategy against opponents.

She greatly damages over 200% of enemies when she attacks with full force. In addition, even while she is using her shield to protect herself from the enemies’ attacks, at the same time, she also continues performing her physical attacks. The only drawback of Kapla is that her healing duration is slow-paced. Other than that, she is a perfect destroyer.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health 661 + (66.15)
Damage  121 + (12.11)


The next character on the A tier is a mage, Ushpia. She is a vigorous warrior with some out-of-the-world abilities. You won’t confuse Ushpia with any other character because of her majestic giant snake, with the help of which she injects poison into the bodies of her opponents. It is worth noting that the chaos skill of Ushpia is so forceful that it can knock out opponents with just a couple of blows.

The only weakness of Ushpia is that she cannot kill an enemy with a single blow; rather, she must hit the enemy multiple times to wipe them out. Lastly, her speed is superb. Opponents barely get time to think about their next move when fighting against Ushpia.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health  436 + (43.61)
Damage 125 + (12.57)


Cynetia is another A-tier character who bluffs with her opponents using her looks and abilities. This character is known for her healing capabilities and can boost the HP of her teammates very quickly.

Furthermore, one doesn’t need to tell her what to do during combat. She will automatically use her Charge skill to raise the HP level and heal the wounds inflicted by the enemies.

Cynetia has one major drawback, and that is her weak attacking skill. She is a good character, but when she attacks an opponent, it usually does not cause a great deal of damage to them. Rather, she must continue hitting her opponents with full force, after which it destroys them.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health  427 + (42.75)
Damage 85 + (8.55)


An attractive character with terrific skills, Kyphon is next on our list. This character can not only use her magical abilities to destroy enemies, but her physical attacks are also quite impressive. She is known for her Order skill because whenever she expunges an opponent, this skill of hers reforges and gives her an edge over enemies.

Moreover, her chaos skill is particularly effective against fallen and damaged enemies. She uses her chaos skill against enemies who have been injured and are weak. This move is the final nail in the opponent’s coffin and kills them almost instantly. She is also referred to as a warrior of the underworld with all these characteristics and superpowers.

One of the major drawbacks of this character is that she lacks precision. She struggles with targeting the opponent. Apart from that, she is an excellent choice for players who want to have a fun gaming experience.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health 598 + (59.85)
Damage 121 + (12.11)


Matveiffe is the next character on our A tier. She is a versatile character and has an amazing skill set. She might look like a Disney princess, and this is where her opponents fell into her trap. Matveiffe transforms from a good-looking Disney princess to a fierce warrior, destroying everything and everyone in her path.

Matveiffe is known for her powerful crit attacks that lower the HP level of the enemies. This character’s chaos skill is stunning as well. The main drawback of this character is her speed, which is not that impressive, and because of this, she has not been placed in the S tier.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health  360 + (36)
Damage  150 + (15)


Caledonia is the name of an ancient nation, and this character is named after that nation. She is known for her stun attacks that blind the opponents. When she uses her superpowers in a battle, she ensures she blinds her enemies so they are no longer in a position to fight. Caledonia then uses her chaos skill to finish out her enemies.

This character has one main drawback: her HP also lowers whenever she hits an opponent. In other words, she gets some damage as well. This is why she is not mentioned in the S tier, despite her extraordinary moves and skill sets.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health 900 + (90)
Damage  60 + (6)


The next character on our list is Cersivey, who may be identified as a compelled, but if you look at her skill set and capabilities, you would say she’s a mage.

Regardless, she is terrific when it comes to giving enemies a great deal of damage. Her magical abilities make her unique and different from other characters and mages. Usually, mages cannot be classified as compellers, but Cersivey is an exception.

Cersivey is a boss lady who likes to do things her way, causing violence and killing enemies forcefully. She is a compeller because of her high precision and accuracy. Whenever she places a target on her enemy, she ensures to kill it with style.

Her chaos skill is nothing extraordinary, and this is something that holds her back from being in the S tier.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health 495 + (49.5)
Damage 81 + (8.1)


We have talked about female mages above. Now is the time to familiarise you with the Dude, famously known as Datheios. He is a mage and has an impressive skill set and style. He wears a robe with a hood and uses his magical abilities to knock out opponents before giving them a chance to think about their next move.

Datheios’s speed is remarkable, and he ensures no opponent stays safe from his wrath as a mage. His chaos skill is also very effective against opponents, shielding him from enemy attacks. At the same time, he continues attacking them from behind the shield. This combo of shielding and attacking is fatal, and enemies never last long.

Datheios’s weakness is his slow healing ability. If he gets hit by an opponent, he will take a little while to regain his strength before making the next move. Overall, he is a good character to play with, and if he had a steady healing ability, he would have been in the S tier.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health 427 + (42.75)
Damage 128 + (12.83)


The next character on our list is a healer, and her name is Sher. She is a good-looking character and is considered useful if the opponents have slow and deadly attacks compared to opponents who attack quickly and give you a great deal of damage. Sher is called a healer because she can heal her teammates during combat and shield them from the opponent’s attacks.

Her shielding ability is so good that even a nuke cannot destroy it. However, it has one major drawback: it doesn’t last for long, not even 30 secs. Sher can shield her teammates for only 15-20 secs max. Beyond that, her shield is useless, exposing her teammates to enemy attacks.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health 405 + (40.5)
Damage  94 + (9.45)


Flora is another terrific character in Revived Witch. If you want to enjoy the game fully, make sure you don’t forget to play with Flora. She is an amazing character with fiery moves and an impressive skill set. If you like musical instruments, you will love her even more because she is also a harp player.

She is a good healer thanks to her order skill. In addition, her charge skill makes her heal faster, which is another plus point. She lacks speed, so she gets a spot in the A tier instead of the S tier.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health 450 + (45)
Damage 94 + (9.45)


The second last character which has made it to the A tier is Nannar. This character might give off the vibes of a Disney character as she has a mirror that she uses as a shield in a battle. She is famous for her fierce order and chaos skills. Nannar is not a part of the S tier because of her weak attacking skill.

Nannar has to take some time to gather strength, strike the enemy, and kill it, unlike other characters, especially those mentioned in the S tier, who instantly destroy an enemy or group of enemies. She does not cause enemies a lot of damage in one blow, which holds her back from being an extraordinary character.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health 900 + (90)
Damage 60 + (6)


Revived Witch tier list would be incomplete without mentioning Goorveig in the A tier. She has quite impressive chaos and order skills. This character can even transform into a deadly and powerful monster during combat. When she transforms into a monster, automatically, this transformation gives a great deal of damage to the opponents, and alongside, it provides Goorveig with a shield for some time.

Creature of the Abyss is the name of the monster she transforms into. Goorveig’s passive ability boosts this monster’s strength and makes it even bigger. Lastly, talking about the drawbacks of this character, it has only one: her slow-paced healing ability.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health  495 + (49.5)
Damage  90 + (9)

B Tier

Above average characters
Above-average characters with great abilities

Following the A tier, there is another category called the B tier. All those less powerful and dominant characters in the S and A tiers get a spot in the B tier. In Revived Witch, there are numerous legendary characters, some good, some average, and some below average. Consider the B tier as a “Good” category. Let’s find out which characters have made it to this list.


The golden character with two sharp swords, Hilda, is our first character that has made it to the B tier. Hilda has good order skills, but when it comes to her chaos skill, it is not impressive. Her chaos skill does not deal a great amount of damage to the enemies, and she struggles with it. Hilda is considered relatively weak compared to the S and A tiers characters.

Hilda’s known for her slap which gives continuous damage to her enemies for nearly five seconds.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health 510 + (51.03)
Damage  120 + (12.05)

Inn and Lou

Inn and Lou are twin assassins, and these two characters work together to encounter enemies and destroy them. These characters have weak order skills, and to make an impact, they need to hit the enemy multiple times with full force and great precision. Otherwise, the enemy won’t get weak and will get a chance to strike back at them.

This pair is good when it comes to their chaos skill. The chaos skill can cause enemies great physical damage and leave them in a state of suspended animation for a while.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health  331 + (33.17)
Damage   146 + (14.68)


Pakane is another character on our tier list. She is a mage with some extraordinary abilities and carries a huge spear. Her moves are impressive but only to a certain extent. For instance, when she attacks an enemy and uses her order skill, it causes frostbite, which is useless in that it does almost nothing until she uses her chaos skill which causes harm to the enemies.

Pakane has good passive skills. An enemy has a 10% chance of getting frozen when attacking Pakane. This skill is a surprise and is the reason why she is popular.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health 425 + (42.53)
Damage  115 + (11.54)

La Crima

There are multiple compellers in Revived Witch, but La Crima is one of the weaker ones. She is a good healer, but her order skill is too slow. La Crima’s buff is useful, but only if a single target exists. Her charge skill is more impressive than her order skill as it degrades the enemies’ defensive abilities and makes their attacks less effective. She can deal great damage to her enemies as her attacks stun them and paralyze them, ensuring they don’t make a move against her.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health  427 + (42.75)
Damage 68 + (6.84)


There are loads of characters in this game, and in the Revived Witch tier list, we try to mention as many of them as possible. The last character which we have included in the B tier is Luan. She is a dominant character, but her order skill is her greatest weakness. It is because it backfires on it, bringing down her HP bar along with the opponents.

In addition, her chaos skill is good. It is a magical attack and is helpful against the opponent’s magic.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health   855 + (85.5)
Damage 57 + (5.7)itch

C Tier

Average characters
Average characters which are neither good nor bad

Our second last tier is here. You may choose to play with these characters, but you have to sacrifice a lot. Again it comes down to subjectivity, but we feel it is best to avoid choosing these characters to fight your battles in the game.


Witch is the first character on our list. She is like a heroine from a movie with a unique style and an aura to her personality. Talking about her skill set, she is nothing more than an ordinary character.

Gamers believe she is a good pick because she has four distinct chaos skills. But they regret their decision when they get to know that none of those four skills is strong or effective against a powerful enemy.

Even if we talk about her order skill, it is not impressive. When it hits an enemy, it does not give them a fair amount of damage to kill them. A character incapable of killing an opponent is useless and can land the player in hot waters.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health  405 + (40.5)
Damage 121 + (12.15)


Mortimer might be good for beginners who want to experiment with new characters. However, as you advance in the game, she is just an ordinary character. In the game’s early stages, a player needs to know the significance of healing during combat, and Mortimer teaches you that. Her skill set is not unique, and all she does is deal a little damage to opponents, nothing stunning.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health  364 + (36.45)
Damage 85 + (8.51)


Miku is a destroyer, and she, too, is an average character. Beginners pick this character because of her looks, but when they learn about her skills, they regret their decision. Both her order and chaos skills are basic. They don’t cause an enormous amount of damage to the enemies. Miku’s order skill is hitting the opponent with a spear which decreases the opponent’s health bar.

The same goes for her chaos skill which is as basic as her order skill. There are better characters with better capabilities than Miku in the game.

Players should not waste their time and energy on a below-average character like Miku. However, if someone wants to gain experience and play with every game character, they can go ahead and fight a battle with Miku.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health 567 + (56.7)
Damage 114 + (11.48)


Octavia is the last character that we have included in the B tier. She is one of the first characters you will get a chance to fight a battle with your opponent. Octavia will teach you how important time management is. Her skill set introduces you to hit your target at the perfect time. This target also includes giant bosses who are not easy to defeat.

In the game’s early stages, she is a good character, but you might not want her to be a part of your squad later. Her abilities are quite ineffective, and her order and chaos skills are pretty basic.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health 567 + (56.7)
Damage 109 + (10.9)

D Tier

Poor performing characters
Useless characters which have zero efficiency

D tier is the last category on the tier list. This category includes the worst-performing characters in the game. These characters are useless, and gamers should refrain from picking them if they want to save time. Following are the characters that have made it to the D tier:


The first bad-performing character that has made it to the D tier is Czneri. She is famous as a compelled, but her abilities are poor. She is not a good character at all. Czerni’s skills are weak in that when she uses her order skill, it either heals her teammates or deals a little damage to the enemies.

It means that she is not capable of doing both at the same time. A character incapable of dealing great damage to its enemies and unable to cure or aid its teammates during an important battle is certainly of no use.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health 405 + (40.5)
Damage 85 + (8.51)


The mages mentioned in the discussion above are all very powerful, with amazing skill sets. However, this one is different. Cuspidata is a weak mage with a cute personality. If we were to consider her looks, she would have made it to the S tier. But considering her abilities, she is a below-average character.

Cuspidata’s order skill is weak as well. It is because the damage an opponent receives is not effective even after getting hit three times. Besides, her chaos skill is useless and reduces the opponent’s health by only 30%, which is nothing compared to other characters.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health  382 + (38.25)
Damage 114 + (11.48)


The last character on the Revived Witch tier list is Fey. She has a similar skill set to Miku. The order and chaos attacks of both Miku and Fey are the same as well. However, Miku is a better and stronger choice compared to Fey. The amount of damage Miku’s attacks deal to enemies is greater than Fey’s.

During a battle, Fey’s chaos attacks stab the opponent continuously but do not give it major damage. Thus, Fey is a useless character with no special abilities.

Stats Base + Per Level Bonus
Health  481 + (48.2)
Damage 113 + (11.38)

Comparison Table

AkashaSBase + Per Level Bonus360 + (36)150 + (15)
EllaSBase + Per Level Bonus661 + (66.15)121 + (12.11)
YuiSBase + Per Level Bonus598 + (59.85)127 + (12.72)
MineerSBase + Per Level Bonus450 + (45)135 + (13.5)
CelanyaSBase + Per Level Bonus352 + (35.28)150 + (15)
CatherineSBase + Per Level Bonus900 + (90)60 + (6)
AmanamiSBase + Per Level Bonus450 + (45)90 + (9)
DorinSBase + Per Level Bonus382 + (38.25)76 + (7.65)
MetamorphosesSBase + Per Level Bonus450 + (45) 90 + (9)
MahayeulSBase + Per Level Bonus448 + (44.89)121 + (12.18)
KaplaABase + Per Level Bonus661 + (66.15)121 + (12.11)
UshpiaABase + Per Level Bonus436 + (43.61)125 + (12.57)
CynetiaABase + Per Level Bonus427 + (42.75)85 + (8.55)
KyphonABase + Per Level Bonus598 + (59.85)121 + (12.11)
MatveiffeABase + Per Level Bonus360 + (36)150 + (15)
CaledoniaABase + Per Level Bonus900 + (90)60 + (6)
CersiveyABase + Per Level Bonus495 + (49.5)81 + (8.1)
DatheiosABase + Per Level Bonus427 + (42.75)128 + (12.83)
SherABase + Per Level Bonus405 + (40.5)94 + (9.45)
FloraABase + Per Level Bonus450 + (45)94 + (9.45)
NannarABase + Per Level Bonus900 + (90)60 + (6)
GoorveigABase + Per Level Bonus495 + (49.5)90 + (9)
HildaBBase + Per Level Bonus510 + (51.03)120 + (12.05)
Inn and LouBBase + Per Level Bonus331 + (33.17)146 + (14.68)
PakaneBBase + Per Level Bonus425 + (42.53)115 + (11.54)
La CrimaBBase + Per Level Bonus 427 + (42.75)68 + (6.84)
LuanBBase + Per Level Bonus855 + (85.5)57 + (5.7)itch
WitchCBase + Per Level Bonus405 + (40.5)121 + (12.15)
MortimerCBase + Per Level Bonus364 + (36.45)85 + (8.51)
MikuCBase + Per Level Bonus567 + (56.7)114 + (11.48)
OcatviaCBase + Per Level Bonus567 + (56.7)109 + (10.9)
CzerniDBase + Per Level Bonus405 + (40.5)85 + (8.51)
CuspidataDBase + Per Level Bonus382 + (38.25)114 + (11.48)
FeyDBase + Per Level Bonus481 + (48.2)113 + (11.38)


In the discussion above, we have highlighted some of the characters of Revived Witch. We have ranked them based on their abilities and skill sets. For gamers who wish to play this game, it is important to know its dynamics, and thus, this tier list is a great guide to answer all their queries.

After extensive research, we have classified the game’s different characters, and we hope this article will add to your existing knowledge. Now it is time to choose your favorite character and start playing this game full of fun and adventures.

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