Rivals of Aether Tier List: Best Characters Ranked

This tier list focuses on the characters in the game and have placed them in different categories for ranking.

Dan Fornace developed a fighting video game called Rivals of Aether. It was made available for Microsoft Windows in March 2017, Xbox One in August 2017, and Nintendo Switch on September 24, 2020. Critics much appreciated it, and both critics and players responded favorably to it and praised its intricate gameplay. With the help of this Rivals of Aether tier list, you will be able to find out which characters are presently the greatest in the game.Also, the main objective of this tier list is to give you a complete overlook of the game and its characters so that you can improve your game with the help of this information.

Key Points

  • The article contains a total of 25 characters.
  • The ranking is based on the power and strength of the characters.
  • The top Tiers include characters like Forseburn, Wrastor, and Maypul.
  • The lower tiers include entries like Orcane, Shovel Knight, and Sandberg.


Before presenting more details about all the entries, we will present a table containing all characters in a sequence of their ranking.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Ori and SeinEtalusEliannaShovel KnightMorshu
MaypulAbsaUntitled Goose
The Drifter
The Peacock
SM64 Mario

Now we will discuss each entry in detail.

S Tier

best characters of rivals of aether
S Tier

The strongest characters in the game reside in the first tier, the S tier. These characters may be portrayed in many ways due to their extreme versatility. Additionally, they are particularly powerful versus other characters in this game.


A playable character named Forsburn is a hyena who stands tall in the S tier. Forseburn represents the element of smoke and is a tremendous punishing character in the game. When used carefully, he is most effective while watching for his opponents to approach him. With his powerful choices and great combo tools on the ground and in the air, he may profit from his opponent’s errors.

Also, Forsburn has superb mobility, and his assaults often extended a disjointed range. He has a dagger that provides him with some of the strongest reaches in the game, and his hitboxes are fragmented, which makes it incredibly easy for him to space out opponents, especially those with short range.

He thus possesses one of the most efficient move sets, primarily seen in his wide-ranged aerials and powerful long-range attacks, thus doing high-range damage to the opponents.

His extraordinary combust power can push the enemy away from him. Moreover, being an excellent offensive player, his powers and special move sets help him in his specialized attacks.

Despite these superb qualities, Forsburn has exploitable weaknesses, the most serious of which is his recovery strategies are pretty predictable. He also lacks projectile movements, and it is quite a challenge for him to push away his opponents. Also, his smokebox can be destroyed only with a single hit.

Weight  Normal (1x knockback)
Ground Speed  Normal
Aerial Speed Slow

Ori and Sein

The first outside character to appear in Rivals of Aether was Ori and Sein, who was revealed at the game’s E3 2017 Direct Conference presentation. During a battle, Ori and Sein can stop the opponent in a battle and protect their teammates from being attacked.

Also, the invisibility skill prevents them from being attacked by opponents. Ori is very lightweight so it can escape many attacks easily. If the skills and combos are used wisely, Ori is an excellent player for your team.

Ori and Sein have some drawbacks in their performance as they are not much effective in their attacks separately. Also, they are liable to get killed very early in the game.

Weight  Light (1.15x knockback)
Ground Speed  Fast
Aerial Speed Fast


Wrastor is well known for his solid and lengthy combos in a battle. Most of his attacks and combos are air based. He is so strong in his air attacks that he is almost impossible to defeat. Some absolute ariel attacking skills make him be placed in the S tier. Wrastor has some fabulous super strong skills and combos, which make him an efficient character throughout the fight.

All his attacks have a good range and have some great combos needed to win. Also, Wrastor has unique skills that are very helpful for winning the battle. He not only has good aerial moves but perfect ground moves.

With all these great skills, Wrastor skill is lacking in some areas as his projectiles are not enough to attack the enemy from far. Moreover, he is likely to be killed in the field due to his lightweight.

Weight  Very light (1.2x knockback)
Ground Speed  Slow
Aerial Speed Fast


Maypul is a character that can use her rapid strikes to complete lengthy combos. She can teleport to marked opponents, enabling creative kill setups. Her fast and effective moves enable her to make some good kills in the battle. For example, Maypul can do a reverse side special and cling to the walls, yielding perfect combos.

She is poor at recovery, meaning that she cannot recover if being attacked on the battlefield. Also, her light weight makes her unable to stand long in the battle.

Weight  Light (1.1x knockback)
Ground Speed  Very fast
Aerial Speed Fast


This villain in the Rival of Aether is a half plant, half wolf sort of a character in appearance. He has many diverse and influential combos. Using his unique skills, he can attack the enemy with a bunch of petals and do considerable damage to the enemy. He can also attack the enemy with his biting powers. Also, he has some excellent aerial attacking skills, which make him an overall fabulous fighter.

Sylvanos, along with the super skills mentioned above, does have some flaws in his attacks. His body is hefty, which makes him easy to be defeated in a battle. If fighting a strong opponent, his quirks are punishable to himself.

Weight  Heavy (0.95x knockback)
Ground Speed  Fast
Aerial Speed Slow

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A Tier

good character of rival of aether
A tier

Some good characters appear in the second tier, which is the A tier of the Rivals of Aether tier list. Even though these characters aren’t as powerful as those in the S tier, they are all accommodating.

They have a variety of effective tactics that may be employed to defeat any enemy. Having them in a lower tier does not mean they are not strong. It is just that they are not suitable to be placed with S-tier characters due to minor lacking in certain areas.


Ranno is a poisonous frog-like character in the Rival of Aether who is best at his poisonous attacking combos. He has a special ability to poison the opponent with his short-ranged poisonous attack and then wrap them in a bubble and apply his combos on them. In addition, his poisonous tongue attacks enable him to defeat the enemy and deal good damage to the opponent.

He can be easily trapped and attacked in his bubble, and some of his moves are pretty lagging.

Weight  Normal (1.05x knockback)
Ground Speed  Normal
Aerial Speed Slow


Etalus is a strong and heavy character of the game who has the strength of ice armour and uses this unique skill against the opponent beautifully. He has a strong hitbox and speed of attack. His knockback is also significantly reduced with his powerups and combos. Therefore, this character is of much help in the game if used wisely.

Due to his enormous size and good strength, he is hard to defeat and thus stays for long in the battle and renders good damage to the opponent. Also, he has a unique ability to freeze the enemy with his ice skills and deal with extra damage to them.

It takes time to charge up his special moves, so Etalus, during this time, can get attacked by the enemy quickly. Also, he has a weak recovery, so he cannot overcome the attack quickly.

Weight  Heavy (0.9x knockback)
With Armor: Very heavy (0.7x knockback)
Ground Speed  Very slow
Aerial Speed Slow


This black panther makes it to the A tier of my ranking and can deal with a good amount of damage to the opponent using her sword as a weapon.

She has a large hotbox, hit stun, and knockback, which makes her a good offensive player in the battle and is of great danger to the opponent. Her combos are very effective and do not also lower her health meter.

The recovery rate of Clairen is very low, and she cannot recover if attacked. Also, most of her moves have a lot of end lag.

Weight  Normal (1x knockback)
Ground Speed  Normal
Aerial Speed Normal


Absa is a tricky character to play in the game and represents the element of light. She is a tough character to play and master with her variety of options and requires a lot of skill to operate her many options.

Exploding clouds and a forward tilt is her particular skill by which she can send electricity shots throughout the field. Along with this, she also has some excellent aerial skills that ensure killing the enemy.

Her special skills stun her for some time and are very easy to attack in that duration. In addition, some characters like Ori can send Absa’s clouds back at her and damage her health with her attacks.

Weight  Light (1.1x knockback)
Ground Speed  Normal
Aerial Speed Fast


Zetterburn is a lion character who plays with flames and represents the element of fire in this game. His fire attacks enable him to attack and harm the enemy far away from him and also render massive damage to the opponent. Burn damage, fire amp, and wildfire skills of Zetterburn enable him to attack the enemy with fire and do sufficient health decrease to them.

Zetterburn, a buff lion with flames, will ignite the globe with his Burn Damage, Wild Fire, and Fire Amp abilities. This character can also form a fire circle around himself, so anyone coming close to him will experience damage and be attacked by his fierce attacks.

He also has some fabulous aerial attacks by which he can send the opponent straight down on the ground. Also, all his attacks are wide ranged and damage the enemy in a vast range, even away from him.

Weight  Normal 
Ground Speed  Fast
Aerial Speed Slow 

B Tier

Average characters of rival of aether
B Tier

Characters in the B tier are average. These characters have been around for some time, although they might not be as powerful as some of the other characters on the list. Using some of these characters successfully may take more expertise, but they may still be competitive.


Kragg is a solid character to be placed in the B tier of my ranking. This character is a heavy-weight character, so it is very hard to defeat in the game. He also has some good aerial attacks, which do average damage to the enemy in a battle.

Although he is very tricky to handle, suspectable combos still are not a bad option in the game. Kragg is skillful in using unique blocking combos to confuse and kill opponents. Also known for his strong personality, Kragg uses Rock Hurl, Defense Ball, and Earth Pillar skills against enemies in battle.

Some of his lacking areas are mainly his very laggy attacks and low mobility.

Weight  Heavy (0.9x knockback)
Ground Speed  Slow
Aerial Speed Slow


She is a snake in a mechanical suit and a very tricky character to handle. This requires great strategies to handle her in a battle which is quite tricky for someone new to this game as she has many complicated projectiles.

However, Elliana can easily disturb her enemies because of the complex projectiles she uses for her rockets and missiles. Overheat, Letting Off Steam, and Abandon Ship are some of her elemental abilities.

Her massive attacks are made for damage on the ground and in the air. Also, her fast speed enables her to attack the enemy with great speed and good damage. However, despite all this, she is challenging to handle in the fight.

Weight  Heavy (0.9x knockback) Without Mech: Very light (1.2x knockback)
Ground Speed  Slow
Aerial Speed Fast

C Tier

bad characters
C Tier

Characters placed in the C tier of the Rivals of Aether tier list are not so efficient in terms of gameplay and gaming tactics. Playing on these characters does not ensure your win in the game. These characters also have not shown any extraordinary quality in the game.


Orcane is charming, certainly, but he is also quite deadly. Through his rapid strikes and good stage control, he can also deliver lengthy and complex combination attacks. This character exhibits a few ranged attacks in the battle and can also bubble zone the attacking opponent and prevents them from attacking him.

He also possesses a unique ability to teleport into his puddle from anywhere. His puddle-boosted attacks are pretty strong and also have an excellent range of action. Still, he has zero recoveries if being attacked.

Weight  Normal (1x knockback)
Ground Speed  Fast
Aerial Speed Slow

Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight, a guest character from the game of the same name, is flexible in terms of playstyles and matchups. Go to the store and purchase some improvements. Despite having some unique moves and combos, Shovel Knight is placed in the C tier because of having some very bad neutrals in the game. Additionally, despite having some good aerial attacks and projectiles, it is hard for him to make full use of his skills.

Weight  Normal
Ground Speed  Normal
Aerial Speed Normal

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D Tier

Worst characters of the game
D Tier

There is only one character placed in the D tier of my Rival of Aether tier list due to the worst performance in the game.


Sandbert can turn into a ball and dash forward to attack the opponent and fire a heart-shaped projectile direction of the opponent. Also, he can come forward and bite the enemy. Still, her attack effect is not sufficient to do much damage to the enemy.

Weight  Normal
Ground Speed  Fast
Aerial Speed Fast

Comparison Table

CharactersTierWeightGround Speed Aerial Speed
Ori and SeinSLightFastFast
WrastorS Very lightSlowFast
MaypulSLightVery fastFast
RannoANormal NormalSlow
EtalusAHeavyVery slowSlow
ZetterburnANormal FastSlow
Shovel KnightCNormalNormalNormal
Untitled GooseD Very lightSlowFast
AshDLightVery fastFast
SteveDNormal NormalSlow
The DrifterDHeavyVery slowSlow
The PeacockDNormalNormalNormal
SM64 MarioDHeavySlowFast

Patch Notes Version

Patch Version offers the following new features.

  • Players can now personalize any premium skin they own in the custom color menu
  • This feature applies to all alternate skins from milestones and free premium skins
  • Show off your style by pairing custom colors with your favorite taunts
  • RCS S7 Store offers skins with 100% of profits going towards Rivals esports


After careful consideration and analysis, I was able to rank all of the characters in the game Rivals of Aether. They have been organized neatly into the S, A, B, C, and D tiers. You now have access to a clear and simple Rivals of Aether tier list that players of all skill levels may use to enjoy a combat game with a combination of natural components. The fan-made characters in the game are always becoming better thanks to a team of committed creators.

In fact, four more characters will be added to the game’s roster of already excellent combatants. However, if your view on this tier list changes, we are always open to constructive feedback. Based on my firsthand observations, I compiled a detailed list of these characters. They all indeed have advantages as well as disadvantages. So let’s enjoy our gaming experience, and let us know in the comments if this post was helpful.

Tier list
Rival of Aether tier list

Rival of Aether - FAQs

What platforms is the game available on?

Rivals of Aether games are presently accessible on Xbox One and Steam. Unfortunately, only Windows users may presently access the PC version, although a Mac and Linux release is considered nothing is confirmed yet.

How many stages are there in the game?

There are 11 stages in the base game, but with the addition of four more DLC stages, there are now 15 stages in this game. Every stage is unique, and the addition of the 4 new stages has greatly elevated the game.

Can you make your characters in Rivals of Aether?

Yes, you can, but it involves technical details and references when creating your characters in Rivals of Aether. This makes it fun, and many fans of the game love creating their own character as it creates a sense of affiliation.

Can you play with workshop characters in Casual mode, and if so, how?

Yes, there is a way to do so. First, you must turn the workshop on and wait for someone who opts for the same. This is the only way so far to play with workshop characters in the casual mode, and we wish there was a better way to do so.