Seven Knights 2 Tier List: Meta Heroes Ranked [2023]

We Will Only Be Ranking Characters Relevant To The Current Meta Here.

Seven Knights was one of the fastest-growing mobile games in South Korea, so much so that its widespread fascination has reached the west too. It’s an easy RPG, and the sequel was recently released in November 2020, and it was met with the same expected hype. And our Seven Knights 2 Tier List will enlighten readers about the new entry. 

In the game, the Seven Knights protected the world from eternal destruction caused by Physis (an evil goddesses cult). In the present age, these knights are worshiped, and their powers are channeled by the trainees who aim to be the next generation of the Seven Knights. 

Key Points

  • Our article contains a total of 17 entries.
  • Each hero has been ranked according to their health, attack, defense, skills, etc.
  • In the highest tiers, you can find the likes of Noho, Ace, Shane, and Yuri.
  • Among the lower ranks, you will see Iota, Juju, Kade, and Tristan.


Before the details are stated, let’s take a quick overview of what each tier contains.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
AceShayShane Cosette Kade
Shane IanClaireIotaTristan
YuriCheng Chen

Now let’s now discuss each character individually.

S Tier

seven knights tier list
S Tier.

To begin with, we have a list of some of the best additions to the game. Each one of these has fortunate outcomes with little or minimum self-effort. Undoubtedly, it is difficult to get your hands on one of them, but they’re as valuable as a precious gemstone when in one’s control. They have unique individualistic qualities too which adds to their points certainly declaring them above average.


Noho appears to be a scholastic persona at heart and dedicates her commerce to reviewing the tales of the Seven Knights to document them. Throughout her life, she has collected information about each one of them. Whilst her ambition is centered solely on accessing their wise powers without obstructing their integrity. Due to these reasons, it has also been concluded by fans that she might’ve been the royal family’s librarian however the claim hasn’t yet been made with supporting and substantial evidence.

The skills she possesses include Officer and Librarian; the active forms of these guarantee damage dealt to the opponent. Officer Noho has a five-star rating, and it primarily increases the counter rate by 25%. Furthermore, it can assist in damaging over 5 enemies at a time. In the most ideal situation, it imparts about 80% worth of damage to three opponents. The skill increases by 10% when used under the historian’s actions.

Role  Supporter


The character is also known for having strong and durable passive skills which include one named ‘Supreme Order’, which will help you to increase the amount of damage your enemy draws from you by about 50% and equally decreases their defense. Plus, your HP remains somewhat high-key with the skill.

Lunar and Blossom Slash are some other abilities Ace is competent of. Lunar Slash increases physical damage dealt by an astronomical amount i.e. 230%. Blossom Slash is almost the same with mere adjustments (damage rate of 140%). Let us emphasize the point regarding the sustenance of HP; according to numerical statistics, Ace boosts a player’s HP from 3000 to well above 8000.

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Role  Attacker

Shane (Nesta’s Incarnation)

Shane is a legendary addition to strong attackers. Her type is universal and belongs to the multitude of infinite and brutal destruction. Her rebirth was induced when the “Power of Destruction’s” effects was made prominent. Shane’s abilities are mostly applaudable when her targets are situated in a particular area frame. When present in this frame of reference (10m), damage worth fairly 230% of the ATK is seen to be inflicted upon the enemy.

Black Blade is one of her active skills that helps her by blinding the enemy in most cases. With Black Blade, the frame of reference falls short by about 4m. Also for about 8 seconds, all attacks by the opponent are missed with no exception. One of her most powerful skills is inhibiting debuff action; she casts a shield of 220.7% ATK when these debuffs are removed. The shield also protects herself and the player from all damage for 10 seconds. Furthermore, Shadow of destruction is one such skill where Shane has a choice of whether or not to target ranged opponents or those beyond that limit. It does bring down all opponents, but the ones favored lie in a range. The opponent’s target ATK is also reduced considerably.

Role  Attacker


She is given an occupation status of a white fox together with being the leader of Oasis. Yuri is boldly a great opposed to the Seven Knights; disliking being due to their ideologies or their praise, the reason is unclear. Throughout the game, she is seen as a major character when it comes to Evan’s character stability. 

Different forms of Yuri guarantee various mutilating strategies; for instance, “Three-Tailed Yuri” can deal about 130% damage to her opponents and deprive them of their life, which ultimately benefits herself. Another form is “White Wolf Yuri,” which has an activated build. Her damage status is about 300% in that case, and there’s a vital chance the target will burn. 

Role  Attacker

A Tier

second tier of seven knights 2
A Tier.

Now that we’re done with the first tier of excellent showcase-worthy characters of the game, let us move forward with this Seven Knights 2 Tier List 2023 and enlist the next few amazing characters. They’re surely special and possess wanted commodities too, but their performance isn’t as appreciable as that of the top characters. Regardless, players should consider them if they can’t lay their hands on the top-tier ones. 


She is roughly 100 years old and is biracial i.e. has an elf mother and an archdemon father. The two races intermixed contributes heavily to her old age. The war against pedigree demons was successful in her favor, and she was feared for her display then. When it comes to her name, stands for an eagle. Slayer Aquila actively helps develop a player’s defense layout. It is an excellent method to prevent your life from running out for a maximum of 4 turns too.

Last Executive Aquila also lies within the lines of defense but can haggle with enough damage when put in the position to. Frontier protection is guaranteed with a DEF boost. The magnitude of physical damage it can deal with is about 200% or even more. Vengeful Sword Aquila has a rating of 6 stars and thus has executive objects such as “Dark Shephard” and “Extinction.”

Role  Supporter


Shay is mainly best to use for support. At times she can blind her enemies while healing her teammates. She is also called “Ultimate Fuel Station” as her presence makes the team members heavily reliant on her if ever anything goes wrong. Her healing abilities are also incredibly effective which made her earn the title. Provided that she acts as a cooperative healer, we see it permissible to include her in the tier.

In addition to healing, she also can carry out the burden of attacking moderately. Her AOE attacks are rather weak, but when paired with her strong blinding techniques, they can reduce the enemy’s effective blows for a solid five seconds to minimum damage. She also launches a damage reduction buff with the help of Ming’s HP, increasing her own HP.

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Role  Defender


Besides being an excellent healer, he can also indirectly be a good attacker. During the launch of attack debuffs, he maximizes the effect from his team’s main attackers for 15 seconds upon the enemy. His direct attacks are only eligible for single targets. 

During his attacks, the enemy’s damage rate is also reduced by 23% for approximately 20 seconds. The above-mentioned skills were all a brief account of his “active” skills. His passive skill is inclusive to healing, too, and in that state, everyone is made resistant to poison or anything harmful. It is a very common skill, but with his knowledge, it’s highly useful and productive for the team. We conclude the A tier.

Role  Supporter

B Tier

seven knights 2 tier list
B Tier.

Continuing our rankings, we have the gradually depleted characters in terms of quality and skill. These characters are known to possess the bare minimum this game has to offer. Their skills are ordinary. There’s nothing grand here. However, the game also has some characters who sulk at performing the most basic tricks. Therefore they are better when compared to such low-lifers. 


The first character in the B Tier is a good enough demon hunter. His race is that of a human. His backstory reveals a tragic and troubled past of his thus, it wasn’t something he preferred discussing, and was pretty closed off about his childhood. He carried his baggage until his skills were recognized during an encounter with his true self. His traumatic past also contributes to his hatred of demons.

His skill-related polish is the real gem in the crown; even as a character is seen fit in the B tier, we have to admit he has an excellent chase when it comes to tracking down his enemies. His DEF and HP collaborate to aim for maximum damage against the opponents. Its also to be noted that Scott is a highly focused and hard-working acquisition who tends to obtain anything he puts his mind to.

Role  Defender

Shane (Lost Soul)

Shane’s abilities are numerous, varying concerning practicality. Some related to her occupation include Test Subject Shane, Special Agent Shane, Demon Shadow Shane, etc. All 3 of these have a rating progressing from 3 to 4, and finally, 6 stars. All these skills are derived from Shane’s offensive aspect hence proving themselves successful in depriving the enemy’s defense. 

Besides weakening the opponent, Shane actively increases its ATK by 5%. When certain other skills of its are activated too, the ATK boost ascertains immense consequences. Shane is also one of the game’s most popular characters. That is probably why her costumes are the most any character has in the game. Irrespective of her popularity, the character has tremendously well attributes designating her to the B tier.

Role  Supporter


Like Shane, Claire is a legendary character in the ++ category. Claire is a good character to consider if most of your battles are needed to offend well. Her reflexes are pretty strong, and she responds to damage infliction quickly. She is capable of increasing her ATK when certain skills of hers are stimulated. The boost in ATK strengthens one’s border, ensuring no opponents seep in. For a beginner, handling Claire may be difficult at first since her powers won’t max out quickly however, if you’ve been playing since day one, it should be quite easy for you to do so. 

Besides being a serviceable attacker, Claire can also block all damage imposed on her. In that state, all efforts done by the opponent are equal to zero as she builds a shield around herself, guarding the player’s base. The protection is highly fitting as she is not only serving to protect herself but also other better characters. There’s no discussion left when one says Claire is truly undefeatable after finishing her training.

Role  Attacker

Cheng Chen (Nestra’s Disciple)

She mainly targets single units and ultimately disables their powers. She is more of a second option during major battles hence we placed her in the B tier of our Seven Knights 2 Tier List rare.

Cheng Chen preferably targets rangers. The attack upon rangers is often met because avoiding them is nearly impossible. Furthermore, this is a “teleport attack,” meaning ATK equal to 900% is subdued into it. And, as mentioned above, she renders her immunity to those disabled by her. She successfully alters the enemy’s HP stats and reduces their defense quarter’s efforts for a short amount of time.

Role  Supporter

C Tier

seven knights tier list
C Tier.

Moving on, let’s talk about the characters that are less resourceful and should better be kept at the back of your mind while opting for a win. It’s not that these characters are an instant low blow, but it is more than likely that they won’t offer you the kind of results a character from the above few tiers would. Their powers are bedridden; their HPs are weak. Their only expertise resides in one particular skill, which isn’t the most impressive.

Valdur (Elena’s Sword)

Valdur can not be owned by simply discovering treasure. Rather, he is to be obtained from the summoning shop. When it comes to skills, he is a surprisingly mediocre all-rounder. The only major drawback is that he must be constantly watched. Regular invigilation must be necessary if you’re opting for the character. Otherwise, he goes wild and practices his fighting preferences.

Valdur can not boost his AOE tremendously; however, when using his passive skill, he can boost it to a noticeable extent while reducing the enemy’s healing abilities. The skill has an advantage over any of its other powers as this also increases his ult and other minor skills. Lastly, it can also launch a cone attack. 

Role  Defender

Cosette (Elena’s Sword) 

Cosette also performs tremendously well when her targets are enclosed within a specific range. When she focuses all her powers upon a single target, her basic skills to deal admirable magnitude of destruction upon them is seen in action. With such requirements met, it’s fair to conclude her in the C Tier of the Seven Knights 2 Tier List 2023.

Her presence in boss fights is rather powerful, considering how she enables additional attack mechanisms to blend with her average skills. For instance, one of these allows her to plague the enemy’s health while simultaneously dodging any attacks launched by them. Therefore, she acts half as an attacker and a health destroyer for her enemies.

Role  Attacker


The weapon she uses for her kills is a heavy axe. If you’re still learning Aggro Control as a beginner, her tank would be considerably beneficial for you due to some of her skills, such as the Taunt and Self-healing. Let us now discuss her skills in more detail. First off, you will see that she can easily reduce the DEF of the target entity. As opposed to that, her own DEF can increase when she activates “Block.” Her buff increases by 10 stacks too. 

Her ultimate and second skills support her AOE stats. The drawback with Iota is that the boss might already have died by the time she gathers 10 stacks of Buff. Thus it’s controversial in terms of timings which is why Iota can not be trusted when needed in intense battles. It is a major liability due to which we have categorized her in the C Tier.

Role  Supporter

D Tier

d tier
D Tier.

The last category in the Seven Knights 2 Tier List is the D Tier, where you’ll find all the flawed characters of the game. Such characters lack skill efficiency and have the most basic abilities. Even their skills aren’t that effective in any way. In short, it is much better not to use them in your important battles; instead, try using them for practice, as they can be easily obtained.


Juju’s past reveals that she stands up against unfairness and hypocrisy. She sees through the Saintly Order’s lies and deceit and earns the title of a “Freedom Fighter.” Her main skill isn’t pulling and stunning rather; she prefers paralyzing her enemies. She targets one enemy at once. Her passive skill does even more damage to the opponent. The damage she intends isn’t equal to any percentage of ATK, which shows the short magnitude of her extent.

Another skill of hers can reduce and ignore the DEF of the enemy. That can be useful if the opponent is a high DEF one. It is to be noted that Juju barely launches any effective attacks, and in terms of healing, she is completely useless as that is not her field of expertise. Her ultimate skill is hitting with some AOE, but this, too, works best when the target opponents are minimum. It is probably the most ideal and unrealistic requirement, according to the game.

Role  Attacker


Cheng Chen and Kade are two of the most frequently replaceable characters in the game. Kade lacks both aspects that a good character must have, i.e., he is no good in terms of healing nor with AOE attacks. When the character lacks moderate self-healing abilities, he puts his team at stake as he can’t ensure how long he’ll last. His HP becomes unpredictable hence selecting him is a big risk. Every sound player will get rid of the character as soon as you get your hands laid on some top-tier ones. Even when it comes to casting attacks, he is unreliable if his life runs out. Besides, he lacks solid skills, which may convince one that using him isn’t such a bad idea.

Role  Defender

Tristan (Fortress of Steel)

Tristan is a destroyer and has had a somewhat troubling “coming-to-terms-with.” He transferred and breached loyalties until he met Shane. In the beginning, Tristan was regarded as a very strong warrior. His reputation was so dense that he had never lost a single battle. That was until he met Eileene; when he lost to her, he decided to join the Daybreak Mercenaries but later decided it was not a place meant for him, and that’s when he met Shane.

Due to this “fall-out” of his character, we deem it appropriate to associate him with the D Tier. The fall-out was no minor slipping; in fact, he lost hold of all of his skills and practices. He has an okay self-healing ability; for 9 seconds, he can be healed for about 150% of his DEF. His other skill is quite fascinating as it is an exploitation of Aggro. It’s called “Taunt,” and players get to control the character entirely, which in return manipulates Aggro. It is also the method of using him that will ensure some outcome for him. His ultimate skill manages a chance of 30% to stunning the opponent over a wide range of landscapes. 

Role  Attacker

Patch Notes – 15 March 2023 

The following features are added in the latest patch dated 15 March 2023.

  • Soulstone Quarry Tier 16 has been added.
  • 5th Divinity Page has been added.
  • New Formations Defensive 2 and Firepower have been added.
  • Aisha’s Trial has been added to the Maze of Trials.
  • Attacker Buffs in Arena (Normal) have been improved.
  • Auto Clear improvements have been made.
  • Emporium Refresh has been updated.
  • The purchase Limitation for Maze of Trial Shop has been removed.
  • The 17th Season of Guild War has started.
  • A new legendary+ Pet Summon voucher fragment has been added.
  • Fixed issues and other improvements have been made.
  • A new profile icon has been added.
  • New events for new and returning commanders have been added

Comparison Table

Cheng ChenBSupporter


Our Seven Knights 2 Tier List features some of the characters that are the most relevant to the current meta of the game. Personal experiences play a key role in such rankings, which is why the characters have solely been characterized depending on their strengths, weaknesses, numerical statistics, and references to their ATK, DEF, and AOE digits. No personal bias has been included in the formulation of our article.

In short, all characters have been designated in their respective 5 tiers. The list begins with the S Tier, where the best characters reside, and slowly, the quality of these characters depletes. The characters that lie within the same lines haven’t been explained in detail all too much. Instead, a representative has been selected who shows similar attributes. On an ending note, we’d like to hope that our list helped give you a clearer perspective on the characters of the game.