Soul Calibur 2 Tier List: All Fighters Ranked

There are over 20 characters in the game, and making the right character choice is made easy with this Top Tier List.

The topic for today’s article is the Soul Calibur 2 Tier List, in which I will rank all characters from this great game. Soul Caliber 2 was released back in 2003, but it is still a legendary title that is still played worldwide and has still not lost its charm even after so many years of its release.

So in the rankings below, I will rank all characters based on their skills and abilities. The rankings are purely subjective, and we have made them after playing the game and taking our own opinions about each of the fighters into account. You may not agree with some of our placements, and that’s fine.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 21 characters categorized in this tier list.
  • All the characters are ranked based on their strength, speed, moves, and combos.
  • In the highest ranks, you will find Nightmare, Yoshimitsu, Ivy, Xianghua, and Assassin.
  • As for the lowest ranks, you can see entries like Spawn, Raphael, Mi-Na Seong, Necrid, and Yun-Seong.


We will make a short table with all entries below for easy viewing.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
XianghuaVoldoMaxiMi-Na Seong

You can learn more about each fighter below.

S Tier

Best characters.
S Tier.

In the S rank of the Soul Calibur 2 Character Tier List, we have included all great characters that have mastered their skills and abilities. Let us get to know them more.


Whatever your feelings are about Nightmare as a hero, he possesses a distinct visual style in this game. A deformed knight wielding a flesh sword screams Soulcalibur.

This hard-hitting character is rather swift for this type, capable of striking and downing unsuspecting opponents. Nightmare’s sword has a long-range, giving him an excellent mid-range melee combatant in any battle. Nightmare is a difficult opponent to defeat if you can hit your punches regularly. Nonetheless, his sluggish attacks and mobility make him less than flawless.

First Appearance Soul Calibur
 Weapon Soul edge
 Score 547


Yoshimitsu may have extensive movesets in Soulcalibur. He possesses a set of fundamental attacks that everyone can employ, but he also has a few surprises. He may manage his health pool by striking himself or regenerating his health with his sword. Like most of the game’s top characters, he takes a long time to perfect his moves.

First Appearance  SoulCalibur
 Weapon Double Katana
 Score  142


Ivy is the epitome of simple to learn, difficult to master. Her chain whip sword is an unusual weapon in this game, matched with her impressive moves.

Ivy, while having a sword, struggles at close range. Instead, use a chain feature to juggle foes in the air and strike them from a distance. Her quick strikes and ludicrous degree make her difficult to deal with, but her big skill difference makes her a neutral character that isn’t too strong. However, once you’ve mastered Ivy, losing to any aggressive opponent will be difficult.

First Appearance Soul Calibur
Weapon Snake Sword
Score  168

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Xianghua, like Ivy, is a difficult character to master in this game. Her assaults are difficult to land on defending players, and tossing someone is easier said than done.

Despite these drawbacks, her attack speed and potential range are unrivaled in Soulcalibur 2. That speed allows her to dominate as an aggressive character against worse-talented opponents, yet it can also be used to penalize more competent players for minor errors. If you can master this character, you will be practically unstoppable.

First Appearance Soul Calibur
 Weapon Jian
 Score 163


Assassin is not a selectable character when you initially start Soulcalibur 2, and you must complete Subchapter 3 in Stage 2 before you may use him.

This is worthwhile since he is a really strong figure. He mixes Xianghua’s extraordinary speed with Yun-emphasis Seong’s kicks. He does a lot of damage, has a lot of techniques, and his kicks are deadly when paired with his rapid slashes. Best of all, he’s a breeze to master! There’s a reason Assassin was banned from most Soulcalibur 2 competitive events.


First Appearance  SoulCalibur2
 Weapon  Chinese Sword

A Tier

Good characters from the game.
A Tier.

The A rank of the Soul Calibur 2 Tier List contains all those characters with good skills, but they are somewhat lower in abilities than in the S tier.


Talim comes from a long family of wind priests and shamans. Therefore, it is no surprise that she enjoys dabbling with the paranormal in her spare time. In a time when such mysticism is reportedly on a decline, she stands out as a rare talent. Many people think she’s a great priestess her people have seen in decades if not centuries. She can hear what wind has to say (in DC Heroes RPG terms, Awareness).

She miraculously cleansed a youngster who had been contaminated by Soul Edge. She may have occult skills that have yet to be revealed. She also has a finishing move where she manipulates air currents (Air Animation) to knock out the opposition.

First Appearance Soul Calibur 2
Weapon Dual Tonfa Styled blades
Score 348


She is a demi-goddess skilled in the ancient Attic combat method that utilizes a sword and a shield. She is a warrior of a high caliber, as she was able to hold her own against Soul Edge-possessed Cervantes until she destroyed one of many cursed swords.

In addition to that, she has gymnastic talents that are above average. She distinguished herself as most deserving of being selected for this responsibility.

First Appearance  Soul Edge
Weapon  Sword and Sheild
Score 166


Mitsurugi is a renowned swordsman in Japanese history. He has a reputation for being very dangerous and can alter a course of an entire conflict. On the battlefield, he is quite skilled at cutting through low-level troops.

As a result of his diligent training and practice, he is also skilled in disarming several assailants with just his sword (as seen in some of his CG cut scenes).

 First Appearance  Soul Edge
 Weapon  Katana
 Score 304


Voldo is an exceptionally talented acrobatic martial artist who likes to fight with paired katars. His method of combat is unorthodox, unpredictably lethal, and unexpected. In addition to his innate capacity as a contortionist, he does a lot of high-flying acrobatics as part of his act. Voldo defends himself and assaults his opponents by contorting his body into more bizarre postures on a regular basis.

First Appearance  Soul Edge
Weapon   Katar
Score  120


Cassandra fights in a manner that is less constrained than others, utilizing her shield not just to hit her opponent but also, at times, as a projectile in their battles. Additionally, her defensive capabilities aren’t always up to par, which may be a result of the huge rage she takes.

Cassandra is a character in this game who is a ferocious gorilla that fights with wild abandon using close-range attacks, command grabs, and a distinctive tackle posture. She has a one-of-a-kind powerup mechanism in addition to her ability to modify all risk-versus-reward ratios of some strikes by expending her own guard gauge.

First Appearance  Soul Edge
Weapon  Sword and Sheild
Score  184


Cervantes is a particularly savage one. In point of fact, he is most likely a violent pirate of his age and maybe even in the history of his world overall at that time period. As a result, he has a wealth of expertise in activities such as murder, looting, and pillaging, among other things. In addition to that, he is an excellent navigator and has a lot of experience with holding two swords at once.

Even if some of his skills have diminished since he was resurrected, he is still considered to be an accomplished combatant in his realm.

First Appearance  Soul Edge
Weapon  Wicked Sword
Score  117

B Tier

Average characters.
B Tier.

In the B category of the Soul Calibur 2 Character Tier List we have placed some average characters that do have some good qualities as well. 


While Xbox customers received Spawn as their distinctive platform character, GameCube owners got Link as a playable combatant, recognized for an excellent Legend of Zelda series.

Although he excels at solving riddles and coping with slower adversaries, Link lags behind in a one-on-one swordfight. He is a jack-of-all-trades character with a great combination of melee strikes and projectile mix-ups. The problem is that every character in this series excels at one thing, which means that Link may be defeated by any strong player. His simple outfit makes him ideal for learning this game, but he should be replaced by another character as you progress.

First Appearance  SoulCalibur 2
Weapon  Master Sword and Hylin Shelid


Astaroth is well-known in Soul Series for his devastating assaults and throwing skills. His techniques, however, are rather sluggish in execution, putting him at a disadvantage against speedier characters like Taki. He is particularly effective at long range because many of his strikes make advantage of that characteristic in their qualities. In terms of competitive utilization, Astaroth is relatively rated in the mid to top tier. He fights similarly to Rock and even employs some same techniques.

 First Appearance  SoulCalibur
 Weapon  Giant Axe
 Score  146

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Kilik is a very good fighter who has been taught by temple monks from the time he was a little child. Even when compared to his contemporaries, he stood out as a highly skilled and proficient fighter. As a result, he was selected to be an inheritor of  Kali-Yuga, which is considered to be one of a temple’s hallowed jewels. Kilik’s fighting style may be described as being rather acrobatic due to his high degree of agility.

 First Appearance  SoulCalibur
 Weapon  Rod
 Score  260


Maxi has a high level of dexterity and adaptability when it comes to the use of nunchucks. He has a greater variety of postures available to him than any other character in this game, with a total of six. In addition to that, he is a good acrobat who has exceptional mobility.

 First Appearance  SoulCalibur
 Weapon  Soryuju
 Score  229

C Tier

Soul Caliber 2 tier list C tier
C Tier.

Every character in the C tier of this Soul Calibur 2 Tier List is below average. They have a few skills but more flaws.


Taki is an expert ninja and demon hunter. She has killed or sealed several strong demons, all while evading the Fu-ma Clan’s relentless pursuit. When Cervantes was under the influence of the Soul Calibur, she easily dispatched him with her martial prowess. She can move quite quickly and is very skilled at acrobatics.

 First Appearance  Soul Edge
 Weapon  Dual Kadochi
 Score  228


Spawn is a tough character from a classic comic book series of the same name who was originally only available on the original Xbox.

He may look and sound incredible, but his playing style is difficult to adjust to. If you can breach your opponent’s defenses, Spawn is a good pick, but there are many better characters that perform what Spawn is meant to excel at while being significantly safer.

 First Appearance  SoulCalibur2
 Weapon  Agony
 Score  145


Raphael isn’t inherently a bad character; it’s just that a number of unique conditions required for him to function make him a just under-ideal choice.

His rapier helps him to overpower opponents in close combat. While this sounds amazing, his armament rapidly falls short against long-ranged opponents and close-range competitive players. Raphael’s move set is excellent, and his speed is strong, but the need to confront every adversary at mid-range with minimal breathing space makes him difficult to play with little benefit.

 First Appearance  SoulCalibur 2
 Weapon Rapier
 Score  208

Mi-Na Seong

Mi-Na Seong is an average character in this game. After getting instruction from an Edge Master and Kong, she has made significant progress but is still a long way from being on par with the best in the world.

First Appearance  Soul Edge 
Weapon  Scarlet Thunder
Score  142

D Tier

Soul Caliber 2 tier list D tier
D Tier.

The D tier of Soul Calibur 2 Character Tier List has all the worst characters from this game. It’s best to ignore them while selecting a player.


A character that can take assaults and combinations from other heroes’ movesets should be slightly overpowering. Unfortunately, Necrid has proved that this is not the case.

Why does Necrid stink while most of those characters are fantastic and top-tier choices? His limited combo set makes mixups and interruptions almost difficult. However, predictable timing doesn’t assist him with every strike telegraphed well enough for foes to evade or counter.

First Appearance Soulcalibur 2
Weapon Maleficus
Score 93


It may seem unusual that both the greatest and worst characters on our list depend on kicks, but how Yun-Seong employs them makes him significantly worse than Assassin.

Kicks are Yun’s bread and butter, opening adversaries susceptible to his sluggish strikes. Yun has no chance if you maintain your distance from him by playing Ivy or other similar characters.

First Appearance   Soulcalibur 2
Weapon   White Storm
 Score   119

Comparison Table

CharacterTierFirst AppearanceWeaponScore
NightmareSSoul CaliburSoul edge547
YoshimitsuSSoul CaliburDouble Katana 142
IvySSoul CaliburSnake Sword 168
XianghuaSSoul CaliburJian163
AssassinSSoulCalibur2Chinese Sword
TalimASoul Calibur 2Dual Tonfa Styled blades348
SophitiaA Soul EdgeSword and Sheild166
MitsurugiASoul Edge Katana304
VoldoASoul EdgeKatar120
CassandraASoul Edge Sword and Sheild184
CervantesASoul Edge Wicked Sword 117
LinkB SoulCalibur 2Master Sword and Hylin Shelid
AstarothBSoulCaliburGiant Axe146
KilikBSoulCaliburRod 260
MaxiBSoulCaliburSoryuju 229
TakiCSoul EdgeDual Kadochi 228
SpawnC SoulCalibur 2Agony145
RaphaelC SoulCalibur 2Rapier 208
Mi-Na SeongCSoul Edge Scarlet Thunder142
NecridDSoulcalibur 2Maleficus93
Yun-SeongDSoulcalibur 2White Storm 119


The main adjective of our Soul Calibur 2 Tier List was to provide our viewers with great guidelines on each of the fighters in the game so that they could make an informed decision when choosing to commit to one. We have tried to be as factual as possible, but we are also fans of the game and are biased in our placements.

If you disagree with any of our placements, please be sure to let us know in the comments section below. We always appreciate constructive criticism from our readers.