Star Ocean Anamnesis Tier List: All Characters RANKED

Today’s topic of discussion is the Star Ocean Anamnesis tier list, with is based on an entry in the Star Ocean franchise that was released back in 2016. The game has a detailed narrative and a variety of objectives, but unlike a lot of its peers, it is a free-to-play mobile title and as such possess a lot of the quirks that games of this format have.

But with our article, we intend to rank all of the playable characters in the game, and divide them into separate ranks depending on their skills and abilities. So with that said, let’s jump into the list with an open mind.

Key Points

  • Our list contains all of the characters relevant to the current meta.
  • There are a total of 35 entries in the article.
  • Among the highest ranks, you will find Arumat and Cliff
  • The lowest tier contains Daril.


We will rank all characters in a short table now.

Tier RankCharacter
S Rank• Arumat
• Cliff
• Amgrim
• Bunny Maria
A Rank• Sakura Maria
• Wolf Albel
• Bandaged Fiore
• Bridal Clair
• Caleen
• Idol Reimi
• Maid Nel
• Precis
• Summer Ratix
B Rank• Valentine Verda
• Wedding Rena
• 2B
• Albel
• Black Commander
• Bridal Reimi
• Claude Awakened
• Devil Claire
• Fayt
• Fidel Awakened
C Rank• Wedding Leanne
• Welch
• Xmas Fidel
• Zephyr
• Ashtron
• Capell
• Chisato
• Crowe
• Ilia
• Lasswell
D Rank• Daril
• Anne


Star Ocean Anamnesis is well-known for the exceptional way in which it combines science fiction with fantasy elements. The spotting system is divided into special points (SP) and mental points (MP) (skill points). The protagonist must have a certain amount of MP in order to access unique capacities. Because the maximum amount of MP varies from character to character, some characters can access abilities that others cannot. The fact that you can trade in a variety of game components (weapons, meals, armor, and other accessories, for example) for a variety of different abilities is an interesting aspect of this game. On the contrary, a character will gain experience points (also known as SPs) whenever they learn a new technique or skill. Increasing your level typically results in receiving additional SPs as a reward.

During a fight, the qualities that a character possesses, known as “Symbology” or “Special arts,” are put to use. In plainer language, the ability to concoct spells or other forms of magic is known as symbology. The extent to which a character’s spells are powerful and durable is one of the criteria used to evaluate whether or not they have mastered the ability. In our article then, we will highlight all of these characters that are worth your time.

S Tier

Star Ocean Anamnesis tier list S Tier
S Tier.

To begin, there are a large number of characters, each of which engages in combat in a certain manner and possesses a distinct arsenal of moves. Second, because there are so many different mechanisms in the game, such as grapple attacks, throws, combination strikes, and defensive qualities like dodging and blocking, each player is one of a kind, and the playstyle is peculiar.

This is because the game was designed to accommodate such a wide variety of combat techniques. We begin our Star Ocean Anamnesis jp tier list with the rank, which is only available to the characters that have the highest ratings or are considered to be the most powerful.

Bunny MariaSword

A Tier

Good characters from the game
A Tier.

Now let’s take a look at everything the A Tier has to offer. Fighting games are notoriously subjective, but they also give players the opportunity to authentically express themselves, which results in playstyles that are very different from one another and are sometimes even one-of-a-kind.

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And evidence of this can be seen in the wide variety of playstyles that competitors from various regions of the world have consistently displayed in global e-sports competitions. The only reason these characters might be placed in the A rank rather than the S is that their total numbers might be a little lower than those above them. Other than that, they are an excellent selection of formidable fighters.

Sakura MariaDual Sword
Wolf AlbelAxe
Bandaged FioreKnuckle
Bridal ClairDagger
Idol ReimiDual Sword
Maid NelSheath
Summer RatixSheath

B Tier

Decent characters from the game
B Tier.

The next position on the Star Ocean Anamnesis tier list is B tier, which begs for discussion due to the fact that all of the characters listed there are, at the very best, average and teethers on the edge between good and awful. The fact that none of the characters in B Tier have particularly impressive statistics or talents may be deduced from how poorly they do in combat.

These characters can scarcely keep up with the action, and even if they were chosen at random to participate in the game, their success would be totally dependent on the ability of the person in control. The vast majority of gamers won’t even consider these characters as their first choice because they aren’t even good enough. Unquestionably a controversial and vexatious collection of people.

Character Weapon
Valentine VerdaArm
Wedding RenaKnuckle
2B Sword
Black CommanderGreatsword
Bridal ReimiBow
Claude AwakenedSword
Devil ClaireDual Sword
Fidel AwakenedSword
Lenneth AwakenedSword
Summer MariaGreatsword
Summer ReimiSword
Valentine RenaKnuckle

C Tier

Star Ocean Anamnesis tier list C Tier
C Tier.

C Tier is a special category reserved for characters that fall short of expectations. Even though their abilities, combos, and general gameplay are excellent, and their usefulness is off the charts, certain characters mentioned in the Star Ocean Anamnesis jp tier list have been intentionally or unintentionally designed to be so vulnerable that there is nothing fascinating or unique about them.


This is despite the fact that their overall usefulness is off the charts.

Wedding LeanneGun
Xmas FidelGun
AshtronDual Sword
CroweDual Sword
Wolf MillieArm

D Tier

Worst characters from the game.
D Tier.

The D Tier is the worst possible rating that may be given to a character. The technique, attack tactics, and even defensive placements of these characters have all been found wanting. These characters had failed badly.

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They are in dire need of any kind of a lift to even make them viable; alternatively, they are basically dead. They are in severe need of any kind of a boost to even remain viable.



Our Star Ocean Anamnesis Tier List is complete now, and we hope you liked it. We worked very hard to make sure that we gave each character in the article the time they deserved. However, the rankings may or may not correspond with the choices that you personally have, and that’s okay. Different people play games in different ways, and what appeals to me may not always appeal to you in the same way. When it comes to a game with as much variety as Star Ocean, extremely few people are going to have perspectives that are completely identical to one another.

However, we did make an effort to compile a list that was reflective of the current meta while also keeping in mind the individual play styles of each of us. In addition, I believe that the vast majority of readers will acknowledge that we have made the appropriate decisions. However, if you feel the need to say something, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. The contributors here at TopTierList always consider constructive criticism in good spirits and make an effort to improve our analyses as a result of it.

We would also want to bring to your attention the fact that the list’s applicability may be limited to the period of time during which the current meta is operational. We will revise the article in order to incorporate the newly acquired information regarding the rankings as soon as the next update becomes available.