Valor Legends Tier List: All Characters Ranked [2023]

We Will Be Ranking All The Characters In The Game With This Article.

Are you looking for an article ranking all the available characters in Valor Legends? Then you’ve come to the correct spot since we’ll review everything players need to know about them in our Valor Legends Tier List 2023.

This is an RPG game that offers players various characters, classified as Mages, Assassins, Priest, Warrior, and more. They each have unique and distinct qualities and abilities, making them different. The game also provides 2 types of environments, Player vs. Player (PvP) and Player vs. Environment (PvE), influencing the characters’ abilities. Some best suit PvP, while others play to their full potential in PvE.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 31 entries on our list.
  • Each character is ranked according to their performance, specialties, and skills.
  • You will find the likes of, Lionel, Eric, Olivia, Margaret, and Flora in the highest ranks.
  • Characters like Sota, Catarina, Bally, Frode, and Renaud can be found in the bottom tiers.


The table below summarises the whole article.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
• Lionel
• Eric
• Olivia
• Margaret
• Flora
• Yulvyin
• Garr
• Oche
• Suvere
• Sinclair
• Cadelin
• Ramiel
• Felix
• Sellier
• Yesacco
• Diana
• Terrene
• Telwihr
• Milton
• Gisela
• Waga
• Grigor
• Achis
• Liv
• Renee
• Sota
• Catarina
• Bally
• Frode
• Renaud

Continue reading to learn more about each entry.


Before we begin our rankings, it’s important to know that, like every other list, this one is based purely on personal thoughts on our experience with the game. We don’t claim it to be a perfect representation, but we can assure you that it will deliver the information objectively.

S Tier

Valor Legends Tier List
S Tier.

The S rank of our Valor Legends Tier List with pictures will be the starting point for our rankings because it naturally contains the game’s most powerful heroes. They are given a spot in the top tier due to their unmatchable stats and skills.


Lionel is a warrior class with very high durability; he has the highest among all the units in the game. However, Lionel serves best in every condition in PvE scenarios where he thrives the most. He has access to abilities like healing and buffing, which adds up to his outstanding traits.


Like Lionel, Eric is also a warrior class who performs exceptionally well in both PvP and PvE battles. Due to his bulky build, Eric has exceptionally strong defense stats, allowing him to resist numerous powerful attacks.


Olivia is a priest who can heal herself and her allies, which comes in handy when numerous enemies surround her.


Margaret follows Olivia as another priest class in the S Tier who, like her, also can heal both herself and her friends.


Our third consecutive priest class, Flora, earns a spot in the S Tier thanks to her capacity for buff removal. Yes, many of Valor Legends’ heroes share that power, but Flora’s stands out the most.


Yulvyin is a mage class which is a tremendous damage dealer. His attacking move sets and stats are very high but have a little drawback in his game: his slightly weak defense.

A Tier

A Tier.

We will include some of the best heroes in the A Tier; although they seem to be some of the strongest characters and could well get in the S Tier, due to some small shortcomings, we believe they have to settle for the second-best rank in our article.


In an assassin class in the game, Gar has almost everything in his arsenal to make him an S Tier hero, but due to his slightly weaker defense prevented us from including him above. The A Tier does justice to his admirable attacking skills tho.


Oche is a mage class with expertise in crowd control and damage control.

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Suvere is a priest class who has proven himself as a good defensive unit in the game.


Sinclair is another mage class in our A Tier whose attacking powers make him one of the strongest damage dealer units in Valor Legends.


Cardelin, a warrior class, carries a shield that adds up to his defense, giving him one of the best defensive stats in the game. He performs well in PvP and struggles in PvE.


Ramiel is an assassin class whose strengths are crowd control and self-healing.


A ranger class Felix gets a place in the A Tier due to his unique ability to reduce enemy attacks.


Sellier is another ranger class acting as a support unit and damage control.

B Tier

Valor Legends Tier List
B Tier.

Average would be a more accurate description of our B rank of the Valor Legends Tier List and its characters. In our rankings, we think this tier is the best suit for the heroes in it because of their average stats.


Yesacco is a warrior unit that’s known for crowd-controlling.


Dianna is also a warrior class who is too known for her crowd-controlling abilities.


Terrence is a ranger class whose attacking moves make him a good damage dealer in the game. As there are far better options for that, it’s better to overlook him.


Tekwihr, too, is a ranger class that can give good damage if critical damage is landed.


A mage class Milton is a decent damage dealer in Valor Legends.


Gisela is a crowd controller who is a mage class.

C Tier

C Tier.

The characters’ abilities also get weaker as we go down the rankings. The units in the C Tier are among the weakest but not the weakest, so they got a place in the second-last tier.


Waga can act as a supporter unit and a damaged controller and is classified as a Priest.

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Grigor is a good team-up pick for you as he can buff up his allies’ energy, enhancing your team’s attacks.


Liv is best known for his crowd-controlling ability.

D Tier

Valor Legends Tier List
D Tier.

With our D Tier, we will wrap up our rankings. It will contain the weakest of the 31 characters listed above who are good at the initial stages of the game, but their powers and abilities get less effective as the story progresses.


Among the weakest ranger class in Valor Legends, Renee is one of the inclusions in our lowest rank.


Sota is an assassin class who can temporarily stun enemies. Other than that, Sota is a fairly weaker unit in the game.


Catarina is a warrior class who can heal herself and remove debuffs.


Bally is a weak assassin whose strengths only appear in the early games.


Frode’s main abilities are crowd control and damage control, and she is a mage class.


Renaud is a warrior class whose main strength is damage control.


With that, we have concluded our Valor Legends Tier List 2023, where we attempted to rank each unit. We don’t claim it to be a perfect representation, nor want our readers to agree with everything. And if you do have a point of contention, please let us know about it in the comments section below.

We hope you had a good time reading it, and as always, we will see you in the next article.