Waifu Tier List: Top Waifus Ranked [2023]

Ranking the Hottest Waifus: Get Ready to Sweat!

We are finding the perfect Waifu for you who will cherish you for your entire life? Stop right here! We have made the ideal Waifu Tier List to help you figure out who the best Waifu is. Having a waifu is not just a crazy obsession but a lifestyle for weebs like us.

Normal people may think it is depressing, but I truly feel sorry for individuals who have never had a Waifu. Waifus are the moon to our earth, the light to our darkness, and the air to our lungs. There is no better feeling than having a waifu you can adore forever and in whatever way you desire.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 18 entries in this article.
  • Our ranking is based on the strength, appearance, and personality of the characters.
  • The top tiers include Waifus like Rem, Hinata Hyuga, and Makoto Nijima.
  • Among the lower tiers, we have entries like Bea, Camilla, and Ann.


To begin with, let’s take a look at a table that provides an overview of each waifu.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Hinata HyugaMistyNowiTharjaCamilla
Makoto NijimaRiseGym Leader SkylaBea
CynthiaWii Fit Trainer

These Waifus will be discussed in the same rankings in the sections that follow.

S Tier

S Tier Waifu
S Tier.

I realize I’m probably a degenerate weeb for daring to rank lovely Waifus, but someone has to do it. The S Tier female characters are very attractive, both appearance-wise and personality-wise. They are also one of the strongest waifus to exist. 

Rem – Re: Zero

I know how a lot of people call Rem overrated for being the most loved waifu, but how can you even blame us for loving her? She is the perfect Waifu ever. Rem is cute, beautiful, responsible, and the most loyal waifu ever. Her perfect hourglass figure makes it even more perfect. I mean, flat-chested Waifus can never compare to her. If you hate her, you probably do not have a heart. Rem is the cutest of them all—the most wife-material anime character to ever exist.

Moreover, she can cook delicious food for you, take care of your children, and love you for her entire life. Rem will always take care of you and encourage you to take the right step. She is like a light in the dark for depressed and single Otakus like me. Her loyalty attracts many followers, allowing her to grow in popularity. Rem also possesses all of the qualities that make one a great waifu.

Age 17
Birthday February 2 (Aquarius)
Best Trait Polite and Well-Mannered
Anime Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Game Series Re: ZERO – Starting Life in Another World: The Prophecy of the Throne

Hinata Hyuga – Naruto

Hinata Hyuga is a warrior who, as a result of her experiences, has gained the determination to overcome any obstacle. She is the sweetest of the females, and she showers unconditional love on Naruto, who has never known true love. This means a lot to Naruto, and it would allow him to relax and be himself with her. She is a wonderful supporter and listener.

When everyone else criticized Naruto’s idea of becoming the Hokage, only Hinata sincerely supported him. When everyone else thought he was nothing but an annoying fool, she looked through his soul and never stopped loving him. She was also sympathetic to his circumstances and offered him emotional assistance.

Age 17
Birthday December 27
Best Trait Loyalty
Anime Naruto, Naruto Shippuden
Game Series Naruto

Makoto Nijima – Persona 5

Makoto Nijima is just way too awesome! Imagine having THE Makoto Nijima as your real wife; that would be the most amazing thing. Makoto is an S Tier waifu in part because she is a figure who balances characteristics of femininity and masculinity without necessarily sacrificing either of them. Makoto is also well-liked because of her strong sense of duty and compassion for others. She is always willing to help people, especially in the game, no matter her position.

Makoto’s demeanor is very sincere and genuine. Makoto is the sort of girl who would willingly give her life to rescue the world. She also aspires to be a police commissioner for the same reason to aid people around the globe. Makoto aspires to lead a team that hunts down criminals while rescuing victims. Her father’s death was also a major element in instilling a strong sense of duty in her. Makoto Nijima is a very remarkable character who deserves all of our admiration.

Age  17 – 18
Birthday April 23
Best Trait Strong and Responsible
Anime Persona 5
Game Series Persona 5

Cynthia – Pokemon

She is the favorite waifu of Pokemon fans for many reasons. First of all, she is incredibly sexy and attractive. However, her hotness is not the only amazing thing about her. Cynthia is the pure definition of beauty with the brain. She is one of the most difficult champions to defeat in the pokemon game.

You could say that some fans are just a little masochistic to fall in love with her since defeating her in the game is very difficult. She like Pokemons because they appear to be more powerful than humans. Furthermore, Cynthia only collects the most powerful monsters, making her one of the toughest champions to defeat. She also has a Garchomp that is not scared to face off against Dialga and Palkia.

Furthermore, she is the ultimate savior of Ash and Co. Plus, Whenever they got into danger, Cynthia eliminated the threat like it was nothing and helped Ash and Co out. Cynthia was highly interested in what lay ahead for Ash and Paul.

Age 20’s
Birthday July 19 (Cancer)
Best Trait Immense strength
Anime Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl
Game Series Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

Lucina – Fire Emblem Awakening

Just how can I not include Lucina here? She is THE perfect Waifu. For many Fire Emblem fans, Lucina is their favorite character. She is regarded as a top tier on the Fire Emblem Waifu tier list owing to her keen intellect and superior analytical and thinking abilities. She devises a really simple game plan, yet it turns out to be very remarkable. Lucina has a tremendous advantage in protecting skills and plays an oppressive neutral and spacing game. Furthermore, Lucina is one of the best shield alternatives and combo breakers available. She possesses exceptional powers that enable her to wield tremendous power.

Our beautiful Lucina has a wonderful personality and is quite beautiful. Lucina, like Makoto Nijima, has a strong feeling of duty and compassion for others. She is adamant about saving the future from the terrible calamities that would befall it, even if it costs her life. She appears to be a very loyal woman who would keep her promise no matter what happens. Lucina is wifey material, but since she is not real, we can only make her our Waifu instead of a wifey.

Age 17
Birthday April 20 (Taurus)
Best Trait Intelligence
Anime N/A
Game Series Fire Emblem Awakening

Malon – Legend of Zelda

Malon is the purest of them all! It is said that your personality is best analyzed by the things you like and all Malon likes are animals and nature, which shows what a loving person she is. There is a lot to love about Malon. She gives us an Epona in her first appearance in a Zelda game, which is very hard to forget. But, more importantly, there is a bond between her and Link (player) when we encounter her for the second time in Lon Lon Ranch.

Even though the planet is on the point of disaster, it is a bitter-sweet and wholesome moment for them. They are like children playing to have a short period of childlike fun before returning to the fight and saving the day.

Age 15
Birthday Unknown
Best Trait Kindness
Anime N/A
Game Series Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Times (Nintendo)

A Tier

Waifu Tier List
A Tier.

Whether it is Fire Emblem, Pokemon, or Persona 5, only the girls with the best personalities get a spot in the A-Tier. The females in the A Tier are the loveliest and bravest ones. They will always be loyal to you and never betray you.

Edelgard – Fire Emblem Awakening

Even though Edelgard plays the role of an antagonist in Fire Emblem Awakening, one cannot deny that she is the most well-written Fire Emblem character ever. Apart from this, Edelgard is also the strongest Fire Emblem character. Edelgard manages to remove every trace of the evil group Those Who Slither in the Dark. While Edelgard has turned to unspeakable cruelty to attain her goals, she knows that karma will eventually catch up with her.

Edelgard is a self-conscious individual. If her loved one is there, she will repeatedly express her remorse. She is frequently concerned that what she is trying will eventually fail, resulting in the loss of all the lives of innocent people and the damage that has been done. On the surface, she appears cold and collected, yet she is a highly sensitive person tormented by the evil she is committing. She also expresses anxiety that even if she succeeds, the price will be too high, and it will be in vain.

Age 17
Birthday June 22 (Cancer)
Best Trait Strong-headed
Anime N/A
Game Series Fire Emblem Awakening

Misty – Pokemon

Her intelligence and attitude provide a certain charm to the performance. We meet this short-tempered, stubborn lady who aspired to be a world-class Water Pokemon Specialist at the start of the series. However, Misty grew in kindness, maturity, and generosity as the adventure progressed. The finest part was that her feisty, domineering, aggressive, and optimistic attitude was never lost to giving her that frilly, feminine vibe, even after becoming Togepi’s mother.

It is as if Misty was designed to appeal to a wide range of people. Misty’s character initially turned off a lot of Pokefans, but things changed after a while. We met a bratty, reckless, and short-tempered girl who turned out to be nice and lovely. I enjoyed she got less huffy and more welcoming of others as a character. Misty is not the most charming character, but she is still likable. Our sweet waifu also has a Mega Gyrados, which is rather impressive. Misty’s character growth was also excellent, earning her a lot of admiration from Pokemon enthusiasts.

Age 16
Birthday April 1 (Aries)
Best Trait Amazing Storyline
Anime Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon
Game Series Pokémon Red and Blue, Pokémon Gold and Silver

Rise – Persona

Rise is a super fun character, and undeniably, she is the best female character in Persona. She reminds me of Yukiko, except she’s a lot less dull. The Rise can also get away with being promiscuous since she is a member of the Lovers Arcana, and the Lovers are always a little sexier than the rest of the group. Almost everyone is familiar with our popular girl Rise’s personality.

Astoundingly, Rise’s charm is so appealing and amusing that spending time with her can never be boring. When fighting enemies, you can not even determine if she is being sarcastic or just plain savage, which is freaking funny. When she is drunk, her character becomes even more appealing and intriguing. Rise is hands down a ten out of ten Waifu. Rise is an A-Tier.

Age 15
Birthday June 1 (Gemini)
Best Trait Funny and Flirty
Anime Persona 4
Game Series Persona 4

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Wii Fit Trainer (Female)

The beautiful Wii fit trainer first appeared in the Wii Fit game as the default personal trainer for users. After that, she gained immense popularity for being the player’s trainer in Super Smash Bros 2014. Wii Fit female trainer has the perfect hourglass body, which is quite sensational for players. Therefore due to her amazing qualities, Wii Fit female trainer makes her way to the A Tier of the Nintendo Waifu Tier List.

Age  20’s
Birthday  Unknown
Best Trait Funny and Flirty
Anime N/A
Game Series Wii Fit and Super Smash Bros

B Tier

B Tier Waifu
B Tier.

The B Tier of all waifus from Nintendo, Pokemon, or other games consists of the most underrated but iconic waifus. These female characters are not that popular amongst the weebs community yet, but they are still very deserving of a higher rank.

The ladies in the B Tier are very attractive and classy. Due to the waifus compelling personalities, they can shine the brightest amongst the other girls in their respective games or anime series.

Even though the underrated girls have a short fanbase, their fanbase is more dedicated to their sweet waifu than many other waifu fandoms in the S and A-Tier. Firstly, it is important to understand that the B Tier does not contain bad or unlikeable female characters. Instead, it includes some nice girls who could not gain much popularity in their respective anime or game. Therefore, the beautiful ladies in B Tier cannot rank higher than A and B-rated Waifus.

Mitsuru – Persona 3

Mitsuru is a B Tier waifu for many different reasons. Firstly, Mitsuru has an appearance that makes her look very elite. She is hands down one of the most beautiful female characters in Persona, and she is not even from the Lovers Arcana. Mitsuru is the team’s hidden leader, even though she lets you act as if you’re in charge. In a lot of ways, she’s a total badass. Also, her stupid friggin AI keeps blasting Marin Karin on bosses during fights.

On the other hand, Mitsuru has a few flaws, such as being far too serious all of the time. As a result, her personality becomes bland. In contrast to rising, Mitsuru is not that entertaining and exciting. Her seriousness is somewhat endearing because it does not make her appear like a goofy duck, similar to other girls. If you are into mature girls, Mitsuru is the one for you. Furthermore, Mitsuru will not even consider dating you unless you are extremely intelligent. She probably also has a crush on Akihiko.

Age 17
Birthday  May 8 (Taurus)
Best Trait Angelic Beauty
Anime Persona 3
Game Series Persona 3

Nowi – Fire Emblem

Nowi is the mom of Nah and a playable heroine in Fire Emblem Awakening. Nowi was abducted when she at her birth on another continent. It is uncertain what occurred to her for most of her life, but she did meet and befriend a wise, old Manakete who taught her a few things. 

Soon after, Nowi was sold as a slave to nasty men who forced her to morph and perform acts for their amusement. Nowi had a rough life up to this point. Her Persona is endearing, and her times of loneliness when her front crumbles are heartfelt. Nowi’s interactions with the dead-serious characters were usually amusing since she managed to make them laugh somehow.

Age 1000+
Birthday September 21 (Virgo)
Best Trait Cheerful
Anime N/A
Game Series Fire Emblem Awakening

C Tier

Below average waifus
C Tier.

The females in C Tier are below average and are not quite popular. These girls are widely known for their unattractive storyline, appearance, and personalities. Many people dislike them, but there are still some fans who love them a lot. Nevertheless, these waifs are not the worst ones to have as they still have some personality, unlike the ones in the D Tier.

Haru – Persona

Many people dislike her, claiming she is “too bland” or “lacks development.” Those people are also likely to like Makoto, who has more personality than Haru. Haru is nice in her own right, but the haters are partially correct in that Haru IS a tad bit boring overall. Either way, Haru is filthy rich, but she is still extremely nice to everyone.

Haru enjoys gardening and grows vegetables on the school roof. She also has a freaking Rocket Launcher in the dungeon, which means she wants to blow stuff up, which is awesome. Haru does not have a very attractive appearance or personality.

Age 17-18
Birthday Dec 21
Best Trait Rich
Anime Persona 5
Game Series Persona 5

Tharja – Fire Emblem

Tharja is a universally attractive female character in Fire Emblem Awakening. Plus, she is so much into your avatar in the game that it gets hard to ignore her efforts. However, her personality completely contradicts her beautiful appearance. Tharja is known for abusing her daughter and threatening everyone. On top of that, she also acts like a creepy stalker, which makes many fans uncomfortable. 

Age 18
Birthday April 2
Best Trait Loves the player a lot
Anime N/A
Game Series Fire Emblem Awakening

Gym Leader Skyla

In this Pokemon Waifu Tier List, all gym leaders are pretty reliable, and so is Skyla. She is the best when you need a free-to-play healer. Moreover, gym leader Skyla has powerful buffs and great utility. However, many pokemon fans are disappointed by Skyla as she is one of the weakest gym leaders. According to pokemon fans, gym leaders are supposed to be role models for others, yet Skyla does not live up to her reputation.

Age 16
Birthday Unknown
Best Trait Reliable Healer
Anime Pokemon the Series: Black & White
Game Series Pokemon Black & White

D Tier

D Tier female anime and game characters
D Tier.

D Tier contains one of the most useless and uninteresting yet popular female characters from games and anime. The waifus in the D Tier mostly gain negative popularity due to their lack of personality and utility. These girls do not have any appealing characters, and they are not even strong in their respective anime and games.

Ann – Persona

Ann is just a pretty girl with no personality or brain. She is a very boring character, and all she has got going on is just because of her looks. Moreover, Anne’s storyline is just as bland as her, with no exciting plot twists. Ann does have some funny moments, but Ryuji usually creates those hilarious circumstances. Thus, she should not be praised for them. Therefore, Ann is one of the least popular girls.

Age 16
Birthday November 12 (Scorpio)
Best Trait Gorgeous appearance
Anime Persona 5
Game Series Persona 5

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Camilla – Fire Emblem

Camilla is one of the worst Fire Emblem girls. While it is true that she is beautiful, her personality gets too annoying sometimes. Camilla’s backstory is quite interesting, but the way it is conveyed is not that good and could have been better. Sadly, it looks like the writers just gave up on Camilla and never gave much focus to her. 

Age 74
Birthday July 17 (Cancer)
Best Trait None
Anime N/A
Game Series Fire Emblem Fates

Bea – Pokemon Trainer

Bea is a character in Pokemon that feels like it was forced into the game and anime. She has no personality, and she is not even strong. Bea’s outfit is also bland and dull; nothing is too special about it. One of the biggest drawbacks about Bea is that in Pokemon Sword and Shield, she only has one Pokemon, Galar, which is not even her ace. .

Age 15
Birthday May 10
Best Trait None
Anime The Pokémon Journeys: The Series
Game Series Pokémon Sword

Comparison Table

CharactersTierAgeBirthdayBest TraitAnimeGame Series
S17February 2 (Aquarius)Polite and Well-ManneredRe: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai SeikatsuRe: ZERO – Starting Life in Another World: The Prophecy of the Throne
Hinata HyugaS17December 27LoyaltyNaruto, Naruto ShippudenNaruto
Makoto NijimaS17 – 18April 23Strong and ResponsiblePersona 5Persona 5
CynthiaS20’sJuly 19 (Cancer)Immense strengthPokémon the Series: Diamond and PearlPokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
LucinaS17April 20 (Taurus)IntelligenceN/AFire Emblem Awakening
MalonS15UnknownKindnessN/ALegend of Zelda: Ocarina of Times (Nintendo)
EdelgardA17June 22 (Cancer)Strong-headedN/AFire Emblem Awakening
MistyA16April 1 (Aries)Amazing StorylinePokémon the Series: Sun & MoonPokémon Red and Blue, Pokémon Gold and Silver
RiseA15June 1 (Gemini)Funny and FlirtyPersona 4Persona 4
Wii Fit TrainerA20’sUnknownFunny and FlirtyN/AWii Fit and Super Smash Bros
MitsuruB17May 8 (Taurus)Angelic BeautyPersona 3Persona 3
NowiB1000+September 21 (Virgo)CheerfulN/AFire Emblem Awakening
C17-18Dec 21RichPersona 5Persona 5
TharjaC18April 2Loves the player a lotN/AFire Emblem Awakening
Gym Leader SkylaC16UnknownReliable HealerPokemon the Series: Black & WhitePokemon Black & White
AnnD16November 12 (Scorpio)Gorgeous appearancePersona 5Persona 5
CamillaD74July 17 (Cancer)NoneN/AFire Emblem Fates
BeaD15May 10NoneThe Pokémon Journeys: The SeriesPokémon Sword


With our Waifu Tier List, we ranked some of the most popular waifus from some mainstream games and anime. Please keep in mind that the ranking of all characters mentioned in this list is solely based on our team’s experience of the game and extensive research on the topic.

We do not claim any of these rankings to be a fact and understand that others may have different opinions on this list. Finally, let us know who is your perfect waifu in the comments.