Zelda Boss Tier List: All Main Bosses Ranked

An In-Depth Ranking of Zelda's Main Bosses

The Zelda series is an undying addiction, with the dungeons, unique combat, weird characters, and comedy all working together to keep players engaged for a very long time. Not to forget the nerve-wracking boss fights that either give you tons of serotonin or make you want to smash your controller out of frustration. So today’s article will rank bosses from best to worst in our Zelda Boss Tier List.

Since its release in the 1980s, Zelda has been the go-to game for every Nintendo fan No matter what year it is, these games never seem to lose their appeal, and the series has inspired many other popular games for a long time now. Many even claim that Breath of The Wild even inspired Genshin Impact, one of the biggest titles in the world right now, and it’s not hard to see why. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that Zelda is a legendary franchise that will always have a place in our hearts.

A commoner boy named Link is the protagonist of the series, which is set in the magical kingdom of Hyrule. Link seeks to assemble the Triforce of Wisdom’s eight shards to save Princess Zelda from the evil warlord, who later transforms into a demon king. The core narrative of the game’s various sequels is the same, however, the stories themselves vary significantly.

Key Points

  • We have a total of 35 bosses on our list.
  • The ranking has been done according to how difficult each boss battle has been.
  • In the highest ranks, we have the likes of Phantom Ganon, Puppet Ganon, Zant, Igneo Talus Titan, and Master Kohga.
  • As for the lowest ranks we have placed bosses like Morpheel, Moldarach and Gyorg.


We will now briefly list all the bosses in the table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Phantom GanonGanondorfQueen GohmaKing DodongoGyorg
Puppet GanonBongo BongoCalamity GanonGhirahimMoldarach
Igneo Talus TitanWindblightThunderblight GanonImprisoned
Master KohgaWaterblightMonk Maz KoshiaMorpha
TwinrovaJalhallaDark Beast GanonKalle Demos
StallordHelmaroc KingVolvagiaGohdan

S Tier

S Tier Zelda Boss Tier List
S Rank.

The S Tier is the Supreme Tier and will contain the best bosses you will encounter in your 3D journey in the Zelda series. These bosses will give you an unforgettable experience that you will never forget in your entire life. You may grow up to be 60 years old and reminisce about fighting these bosses because these boss fights are extraordinarily remarkable. The entire vibes, aesthetics, and settings of these battles are exceptional.

Moreover, these bosses are challenging to defeat. However, they are not annoyingly challenging like the ones in the D rank. Instead, the atmosphere of these S Tier battles is deadly and exciting. You are sure to love playing against these bosses. With that said, let’s see which monsters are worthy of an S rank. 

Phantom Ganon 

Series Name Ocarina of Time
Weak Point Between the eyes

Phantom Ganon is, hands down, the best and most epic boss in Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time. He looks deadly, he moves frighteningly, and he attacks fatally. You will have to leave no stone unturned and give it your all to defeat this boss. The fight is brutal, but it is not tedious or lengthy and you will enjoy every single second of the battle as it is thoroughly entertaining and exhilarating in equal measure. 

Phantom Ganon leaps into one of the six paintings positioned around the chamber as soon as the combat begins. He will then ride to the front of three paintings with his two duplicates. The battle is considerably more interesting because of these replicas, and you will never be able to beat the monster if you don’t know how to tell the difference between the real boss and the fakes. It is a battle of wits, which will test your intellectual power and patience. Ganondorf casts him into the chasm between realities when Link defeats him, and Link also obtains the Forest Medallion and a Heart Container.

Moreover, the atmosphere, settings, and the whole vibes of the boss fight are remarkable. It gives you a feeling that you will never forget. When the fight starts, you will feel the hair on your arms raise just like that. When you see the painting, you try to leave, but the gates open, and Phantom Ganon enters the room. It is a crazy adrenaline rush. Easily one of the best boss fights in Ocarina of Time.

Puppet Ganon

Series Name The Wind Waker
Weak Point A blue circle at the end of its tail

The climactic confrontation with Puppet Ganon, which takes place in The Wind Waker, is undoubtedly one of the series’ most imaginative and well-designed fights. Link ultimately confronts Puppet Ganon, Ganondorf’s guise, as he appears in the fight after following him across the Great Sea aboard Ganondorf’s ship. Puppet Ganon is a massive mechanical beast.

The fight is particularly memorable due to the extraordinary location and Ganon’s ingenious employment of puppets to assault Link. In addition, the fact that the conflict is taking place in a massive stadium lends an air of majesty to the unfolding events.

Meanwhile, Ganon is at the height of his inventiveness and cunning here, employing a wide array of mechanical puppets to bring Link to his knees. It is undoubtedly one of the most challenging and aesthetically impressive boss fights in any Zelda game, making it one of the finest bosses fights in any Zelda game.


Series Name Twilight Princess
Weak Point Appears after his moves are blocked

In The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Zant is the primary antagonist and undoubtedly one of the game’s most challenging and exciting enemies. He is an ambitious Twilight King who aspires to reign over Hyrule and amasses all of its power. He employs a wide array of techniques based on the dark, and he can call upon creatures of the twilight to assist him in combat.

What makes Zant such a formidable foe is the fact that he presents a significant challenge to the player. He employs a broad array of assaults, some of which are incredibly tough to dodge, and he also possesses some potent magical abilities that he may use against you. Conquering Zant is a very gratifying endeavor, and the boss fight that follows it is unquestionably one of the most exciting and memorable in any Zelda game.


Igneo Talus TitanBreathe of the WildVery unique boss fight
Master KohgaBreathe of the WildAn exciting boss fight that will keep you on your toes
TwinrovaOcarina of TimeThe ice and fire combo is amazing
StallordTwilight PrincessEpic boss fight

A Tier

A Tier Zelda Bosses
A Rank.

The A Tier 3D Zelda bosses in our Zelda Boss Tier List are the ones that give a memorable experience to the players. These are not exceptional boss fights that will make you go ‘WOW!’ Still, they are respectable enough to get an A rank. Every boss in this tier is strong, but not in an irritating way. Instead, these boss fights are fun and exciting. 


Series Name Twilight Princess, Windwaker
Weak Point Belly

The ultimate showdown between Link and Ganondorf is an exciting boss fight in all of the Zelda games. The fight is highly intense and challenging, and it puts your talents to the test in a significant way. The constant shifting of positions from one side to the other makes combat so exciting to watch. When you go up against Ganondorf, you can be sure that the fight will be one of the most difficult you’ve ever experienced. He is a very formidable adversary.

However, the fight also provides a tremendous sense of accomplishment when you ultimately prevail against Ganondorf after a long and arduous struggle. It’s a gratifying sensation, and it’s one that firmly establishes Twilight Princess as having one of the most memorable bosses fights in the history of gaming.

Bongo Bongo – Ocarina of Time

Series Name Ocarina of Time
Weak Point Eyes

One of the most peculiar bosses to ever appear in the Zelda series is Bongo Bongo. It is the boss of Ocarina of Time’s seventh dungeon, the Shadow Temple. It emerges as the last guardian of the Shadow Temple and is a sizable ghost that plays the bongo and is partially invisible. The only portions of it that can be seen without the Lens of Truth are its hands, which are isolated from the rest. The shadow ghost with one eye was formerly imprisoned in the Kakariko well.


Series Name Skyward Sword
Weak Point Break its arms to reveal its weak point

In Skyward Sword, Koloktos is a vast mechanical monster you must defeat. He can attack in several ways, such as by whirling his body and flailing his arms. Fortunately, his centre crystal is his weak point, and you can cause a lot of harm if you can strike that. He’s undoubtedly a demanding boss, but it’s possible to defeat him.


WindblightBreathe of the WildThe blight bosses are fun to defeat as they seem like a sequential quest
WaterblightBreathe of the WildDifficult boss fight
JalhallaWind WakerAn intimidating fight with interesting aesthetics
Helmaroc KingWind WakerVery significant boss in the game
BlizettaTwilight PrincessGood BGM and good fight
ArgorokTwilight PrincessAn amazing and challenging boss fight

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B Tier

B Tier Zelda Bosses
B Rank.

The B Tier consists of average bosses from the 3D games in the Zelda series. They are neither exceptional nor terrible but are much better than the ones in C and D tiers. 

Queen Gohma

Series Name Ocarina of Time
Weak Point Eyes

The first boss in Ocarina of Time 3D is the “Parasitic Armored Arachnid” or “Queen Gohma.” You will be able to find her hiding in the ceiling of the second basement in Deku Tree. 

One of the most famous boss battles in 3D Zelda games is the one with Gohma. The boss is ranked highly since this is the player’s first time engaging in a boss battle in a 3D Zelda game. The fight appears far more complicated in the beginning than it is. Moreover, the adrenaline rush, excitement, and pressure of the first boss fight are extraordinary and unforgettable.

Besides, the entire animations, VFX effects, and movements were exhilarating. The developers utilized the 3D spaces in the game efficiently, making the game feel much more realistic and immersing the player in the fight. Another fun aspect of the boss fight is that you can defeat Goma in just 3 seconds if you know the trick of using Deku’s stick. Nevertheless, the battle significantly impacts your involvement in the game. Hence, after much deliberation, we placed Goma in the A Tier.

Calamity Ganon

Series Name Breath of the Wild
Weak Point Back of the neck

Calamity Ganon is Breath of the Wild’s final boss and a formidable adversary. He’s fast, powerful, and has a variety of different attacks. Fortunately, he’s not too difficult to beat if you know what you’re doing. However, he has a weak spot on his back; if you can hit that, you can do severe damage.


Series Name Ocarina of Time
Weak Point Soft skin under the jellyfish armor
  • Series Name:  Ocarina of Time
  • Weak point: Soft skin under the jellyfish armor

In Ocarina of Time, Barinade, who lives inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly, is the third boss. It is a vast anemone-like creature that enslaves JJ and feeds dangerously on his life force to maintain itself. Furthermore, it is the one that protects Zora’s Sapphire, the third guardian stone. When you defeat Barinade and win the battle, it grows purple-pink polyps on its core and tentacles, erupts into green gas, and drops a Heart Container.

The Barinade boss fight is not nasty, but players could find it annoying as there are many boomerangs that the boss throws here and there. Moreover, camera angles hurt the eye significantly, especially on the N64 version. However, its difficulty is respectable as Barinade brings one of the most brutal battles in Ocarina of Time. It could be nerve-wracking and frightening while fighting but the relief and satisfaction you receive after defeating Barinade is worth the effort. 

Thunderblight Ganon 

Series Name Breath of the Wild
Weak Point Eyes 
  • Series Name: Breath of the Wild
  • Weak point: 

The battle against Thunderblight Ganon takes place in the keep of Hyrule Castle, where Zelda is being held hostage. The battle is quite similar to the one fought against Windblight Ganon, with the exception that Thunderblight Ganon is encircled by an electric field that causes harm to Link if he goes too close.

It is up to Link to use the Magnesis Rune to pick up heavy metal objects and throw them toward Ganon’s eye while evading the electric strikes he will unleash. When Ganon’s eye has been struck an adequate number of times, he will get stunned, at which point Link will be able to damage with his sword.

Thunderblight Ganon is a challenging boss, but it is possible to prevail over him if you keep fighting. Watch out for his electric strikes, and be sure to put the Magnesis Rune to good use so you can come out on top.


Monk Maz KoshiaBreathe of the WildMonk-themed boss fight gets boring in the middle
Dark Beast GanonBreathe of the WildA decent boss fight but lacks specialty
VolvagiaOcarina of TimeA bland experience
MolgeraWind WakerHas one of best boss themes in Zelda but the fight itself is simple and boring

C Tier

C Tier Zelda Bosses
C Rank.

The C Tier bosses in our 3D Zelda Boss Tier List are below-average and do not give us a worthy battle. These boss fights are boring and forgetful. However, they are still better than the worst bosses as they have at least one thing that makes them tolerable.

King Dodongo

Series Name Ocarina of Time
Weak Point Mouth

He is also known as the ‘Infernal Dinosaur’ and ‘series regular boss’ as King Dodong has shown up many times in the original Zelda series. Therefore, fighting with the boss is not a new or unique player experience. Moreover, since Zelda players have already encountered him, they all know that Dodongo’s most significant weakness is explosives, making this boss fight super easy and boring. 

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Besides Ocarina of Time, King Dodongo appears in Legend of Zelda, Majora’s Mask, Oracle of Ages, Seasons, Four Swords Adventures, and Twilight Princess. Hence, the players have to face the boss many times in their Zelda journey. The king transforms from a lizard to a full-fledged dragon over time. Furthermore, everything he does is repetitive, including the way he moves. These movements give the player a significant upper hand in the fight.


Series Name Skyward Sword
Weak Point Torso

In Skyward Sword, Ghirahim is the second monster that Links battles, representing a considerable difficulty increase from Moldarach. Ghirahim is a far more complicated and engaging enemy, not to mention an essential part of the game’s narrative. The fact that he also has a pretty nice design contributes to the fact that he is one of the bosses with the most outstanding design in the game.


Series Name Skyward Sword
Weak Point No specific weak point

Skyward Sword’s primary foe and the game’s concluding boss, Demise, serves as the game’s principal antagonist. He is an all-consuming, malevolent creature whose sole objective is to subjugate the human race. However, because he is robust and resilient, Demise is a challenging boss to take down. Demise is in C Tier because his boss fight has nothing special and gets boring in the middle.


Series Name Skyward Sword
Weak Point Attacking his toes will reveal his weak point

The Imprisoned is the last monster of Skyward Sword, a gigantic and strong beast locked up under the surface of the ground. The Imprisoned is the final boss of Skyward Sword. The fact that it can withstand a significant amount of damage makes it challenging to conquer.


MorphaOcarina of TimeBoss looks like a slime
GohdanWind WakerVery simple boss fight
Kalle DemosWind WakerEasily defeated by forest water
ArmogohmaTwilight PrincessGood soundtrack, bad fight

D Tier

D Tier Zelda Bosses
D Rank.

The D Tier has the worst 3D Zelda bosses. These bosses are downright terrible, and nothing makes them likable. Following are the bosses with a D rank.


Series Name Majora’s Mask
Weak Point Eye


Gyorg is one of the most despicable, frustrating, and nerve-wracking boss fights in 3D Zelda games. Some might argue that he should be ranked higher since he is strong. However, the list is not based on the strength of the bosses. Instead, we focused on which boss fight was most exciting and worthy of our time. 

Gyorg’s boss fight is highly stressful due to his abnormally high HP, strength, and defense. The thing is not just that he was strong but that the time limit to defeat the boss was so short that it became a headache. Many people avoid replaying the game only because of this one boss fight since it becomes too annoying to bear. 


Series Name Skyward Sword
Weak Point Eyes hidden inside its hands
  • Series Name: Skyward Sword
  • Weak point: Eyes hidden inside its hands

Moldarach is the first boss that Link meets in Skyward Sword. Unfortunately, it is an incredibly forgettable fight, which a player forgets as soon as he moves to the next stage. The boss fight is neither especially difficult nor particularly intriguing, and it does not even play a significant role in the game’s narrative. The only thing Moldarach has going for it is its design, which is quite remarkable.


Series Name Twilight Princess
Weak Point Its entire body

Morpheel is one of the worst bosses in the Legend of Zelda series because of their stupidity and zero intelligence. Bosses are supposed to be scary and challenging, but this one was too easy and it seemed like a low-level monster since it does not even try to attack the player.

Comparison Table

BossTierSeries NameWeak Point
Phantom Ganon SOcarina of TimeBetween the eyes
Puppet GanonSThe Wind WakerA blue circle at the end of its tail
ZantSTwilight PrincessAppears after his moves are blocked
Ganondorf ATwilight Princess, WindwakerBelly
Bongo Bongo – Ocarina of TimeAOcarina of TimeEyes
Koloktos ASkyward SwordBreak its arms to reveal its weak point
Queen GohmaBOcarina of TimeEyes
Calamity GanonBBreath of the WildBack of the neck
BarinadeBOcarina of TimeSoft skin under the jellyfish armor
Thunderblight Ganon BBreath of the WildEyes
King DodongoCOcarina of TimeMouth
GhirahimCSkyward SwordTorso
Demise CSkyward SwordNo specific weak point
Imprisoned CSkyward SwordAttacking his toes will reveal his weak point
Gyorg DMajora’s MaskEye
MoldarachDSkyward SwordEyes hidden inside its hands
MorpheelDTwilight PrincessIts entire body


The boss fights in the Zelda games are essential to the whole experience. And throughout the years, there have been specific experiences that will stick with me forever. Within our Zelda Boss tier list, we rank every boss that appears in a 3D Zelda game, going from most potent to least powerful.

Because the rating is based on our personal experiences and ideas, it is subject to individual interpretation and is open to critical feedback. So let us know what you think about our article below, and comment if you have a better understanding of what is the hardest Zelda boss.