Sandwich Tier List: Top 10 Sandwiches Ranked

Taking A Deep Dive And Learning More About Some Famous Sandwiches.

Our Sandwich Tier List is made for you if you love eating sandwiches. Sandwiches are a traditional foodstuff consumed for decades and are famous for their great taste and easy access. They are easy to prepare and consist of various fillings, including a diversity of meats, veggies, and cheeses among other toppings, seasonings, and sauces.

Today, we have a wide variety of sandwiches, and everyone has a special blend of tastes and textures readily available in delis and restaurants. Sandwiches are made using different bread, including white bread, brown bread, whole wheat bread, baguette, sourdough bread, milk bread, etc. 

Key Points

  • We have ranked the 10 most famous sandwiches in the discussion below.
  • Our rankings are based on various factors such as taste, popularity, ease of making, nutritional value, etc.
  • The highest tiers include entries like the traditional Sub Sandwich, Philly Cheesesteak, and the Reuben.
  • Among the lowest ranks, you can find varieties like the BLT, the Monte Cristo, and the Sardine Sandwich.


The table below shows the ten different types of sandwiches ranked into various categories. Keep reading. The article to the end to know more about them

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Sub Sandwich
Cuban Sandwich
French Dip
BLTSardine Sandwich
Philly Cheesesteak SandwichClub Sandwich Book MakerMonte Cristo Sandwich
Reuben Sandwich

S Tier

Best sandwiches ever
S Tier.

The S rank of the Subway Sandwich Tier List is the first category in our article and consists of the best, most unique, and luscious sandwiches worldwide. These sandwiches have great taste and nutritional benefits and are filling. Following are the S-tier sandwiches:

Sub Sandwich

The Sub Sandwich is one of the most favorite and widely eaten sandwiches worldwide. The Sub Sandwich can be enjoyed anywhere, on a bus, train, plane, or on your cozy couch. It is made with a baguette-style long bread and filled with various toppings, including beef, chicken, ham, mushrooms, lettuce and icebergs, cheese of all sorts, and a variety of sauces such as mustard, mayonnaise, and avocado, etc. Italians are the ones who introduced the Sub Sandwich in the US back in the 19th Century. It became popular because it is easy to make and is readily available everywhere. The cherry on top is that they are very delicious, are greatly enjoyed by people worldwide, and can be eaten hot or cold depending on the individual’s preference.

You can make the Sub Sandwich in several ways. You can choose from different options and get a meat or vegetarian sub based on your taste preference. If you neither like meat nor veggies, you can go for the fish sub, which is full of nutrients and a delicacy. Healthwise, it is considered a healthier option compared to other bread available. If you skip the sauces and add proteins and veggies, you can make yourself a tasty and healthy meal because it helps to satisfy your hunger and aids in muscle building, which is another plus point if you are a fitness enthusiast. Keeping all these points in mind, we have decided to keep the Sub Sandwich in the S tier.

Average Price($) 5
Average Calories 350

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Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

The Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich, as the name suggests, comes from Philadelphia, a US state. It originated there and soon became popular among American teenagers and adults. It is prepared with a delicate hoagie roll with toppings of beef strips, mushrooms, thinly sliced onions, and creamy melted cheese. During the 20th Century, this Sandwich was introduced and has become part of the Philadelphian culture ever since. The Sandwich is enjoyed at dinner parties and with friends get together. Usually, Rib-eye is the preferred choice of beef used to make the Philly cheesesteak sandwich because it is very tender and cooks quickly. However, you can also use thin slices of undercut beef to prepare the Sandwich. Regarding the type of cheese, swiss cheese goes well with the Sandwich, but people also use mozzarella and cheddar cheese. 

Moreover, some people don’t like onions in the Sandwich, while others enjoy it with thin slices of onions over a bed of beef slices and mushrooms. According to a person’s taste preference, the filling inside the Sandwich can be personalized, which is one of its great advantages. It has been placed in the S tier because of the Sandwich’s taste and juiciness. The flavorful, tender meat melts in your mouth as soon as you take a bite, and the creamy cheese and caramelized onions add more flavor. Lastly, because the meat is char-grilled and not fried, healthwise, it is also considered good.v

Average Price($) 8
Average Calories 800

A Tier

Great sandwiches with good flavors
A Tier.

The next category is the A tier, where you can find the most delicious sandwiches. These sandwiches consist of nutritious ingredients, and the flavors of ingredients in these sandwiches blend perfectly well. 

Reuben Sandwich

On our Subway Sandwich tier list, the Reuben is the next entry that is considered among the 10 most popular sandwiches. The Sandwich was first introduced in New York and became famous among people during the 20th Century. Rye bread is used to make the Reuben Sandwich; cornered beef, cheese, onions, sauerkraut, and thousand island sauce are used for filling. It is a tangy sandwich that is full of flavors and juiciness. It is called cornered beef because the meat is treated with rock salt, giving it a unique salty flavor, and the thousand island sauce combines the flavors of beef, cheese, and sauerkraut, resulting in a delicious sandwich. 

The Reuben Sandwich is placed in the A tier and not in the S tier because some people don’t like the tangy flavor of the sauerkraut, which is prepared by combining crushed cabbage in an acidic medium using lactic fermentation. However, it is readily available in cafes, delis, and shops across the US, and we would recommend you try it once. The Reuben Sandwich is sometimes prepared with bacon strips instead of thin slices of cornered beef, and people also add pastrami to prepare it. It is a classic sandwich and can be eaten cold or toasted in an oven, warm and soft.

Average Price($) 7
Average Calories 600

Cuban Sandwich

Cuban Sandwich is the next one on our list and is prepared with traditional Cuban bread, which tastes like the french baguette but has more sugar, making it sweeter than a baguette. It was introduced in Florida, USA, by a group of people belonging to Cuba. The Sandwich quickly gained fame and is a favorite choice for lunch and picnics. The Sandwich consists of layers of pickles, cheese, thinly sliced pork strips, baked ham, and mayonnaise or mustard sauce. To prepare the Sandwich, the Cuban bread, also called Cubano, is filled with ham, pickles, and cheese which is then given the shape of a roll and toasted on the grill to melt the cheese inside. The Sandwich’s soft and warm bread adds to its overall flavor.

If you happen to visit the US, you will be able to find Cuban Sandwich in different restaurants and delis. These days, the Sandwich is prepared with several variations. For instance, some people add more veggies to it; others add a variety of sauces. Another plus point of the Cuban Sandwich is that you can make them in advance, and they won’t go bad quickly. You can make it at night and grab it in the morning when you leave for work or keep it in your child’s lunchbox. It is placed in the A tier because of the pickles, which some people are allergic to. Other than that, it is tasty, satisfies hunger, and has nutritional value. v

Average Price($) 6
Average Calories 475

Club Sandwich

The next delicious Sandwich on our list is the Club Sandwich, and we are sure you must have heard about it. You can easily find it in restaurants because it is a popular option for lunch. It has US origins and was introduced in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. The Sandwich is famous for its layering and is often called the triple-decker Sandwich. It is because of its three layers: turkey meat, slices of ham, veggies, and sauces. To prepare it, you need to toast the bread first and then spread the sauces of your choice. Mayonnaise is generally used to make the club sandwich, after which turkey meat is added, followed by veggies and thin slices of ham. Together these ingredients create a delicious and flavorful sandwich that is not only easy to prepare but filling, too, which helps keep you energized throughout the day. 

If you like crunchy sandwiches, you can ask the server to add lettuce leaves or icebergs to your club sandwich, making it crispy and enhancing its flavor. Moreover, if you want a traditional-style club sandwich, you must add all the abovementioned ingredients. However, because some people have allergies to different kinds of meat, including ham, not many will go for it. Moreover, the Sandwich’s taste is not as extraordinary as the one mentioned in the S tier. Thus, we have decided to mention it in the A tier. vvv

Average Price($) 3
Average Calories 300

B Tier

Good sandwiches but not extraordinary
B Tier.

The third category on our list is the B tier which contains flavorful sandwiches that are delicious and considered healthy because of the ingredients they are made up of. However, compared to S and A-tier sandwiches, these sandwiches are not that great. Let’s find out more about them.

French Dip

The French Dip is another special sandwich on the Sandwich Tier List 2023. It is not confirmed where this Sandwich originated from, but as per research, it has been found that it was first introduced in Los Angeles, USA, during the 20th Century. The Sandwich is prepared by roasting beef for hours to make it tender and juicy, which is then rolled in a soft and warm french roll along with swiss cheese and caramelized onions. It is called the French Dip because the Sandwich is served with a tasty dip, a combination of strong spices, and meat broth. The Dip has a strong taste and goes well with the French roll. 

In the US, you can find several variations of the Sandwich. Some cafes and delis add lettuce and reddish to give it a more crunchy texture, while others serve it plain with just the Dip. The quality of cheese matters a lot when making a French dip sandwich. Not all kinds of cheese can be added to it. Swiss cheese is the most preferred choice. However, many people like to have it with goat cheese as well. We have added it to the B tier because it tastes good but is not as great as the sandwiches mentioned above. v

Average Price($) 7
Average Calories 550

Book Maker

The next Sandwich on our list has quite a unique name. The Sandwich is popularly known as the Baked Ham sandwich, consisting of roasted pork, veggies, cheese, and flavorful sauces. During the 20th Century, the Book Maker sandwich was introduced in the US, and over time, it became an infamous afternoon snack. To prepare the Sandwich, all you need to do is to take a french roll of bread, spread some butter over it, and then add a generous amount of french mustard.

Next, add thin slices of grilled or baked ham and veggies, including lettuce, tomato slices, cucumber, and top with loads of cheese. Roast the Sandwich so the cheese melts, and enjoy it with a cup of tea or fresh juice. For office-going people, the Book Maker can be a perfect starter and can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.  We have added it to the B tier because of the time it takes to prepare. It takes quite some time to bake or grill ham; taste-wise, it is not that good. Thereby, we think it is a B-tier sandwich.

Average Price($) 4
Average Calories 560

C Tier

sandwich tier list
C Tier.

Sandwiches that taste average and not extraordinary are placed in the C tier. These sandwiches do not provide great nutritional value, and many people don’t like their taste. Following are the C-tier sandwiches:


Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, or the BLT sandwich is a well-known and simple staple food on our list. It was introduced during the late 19th Century in the US, and because you can make it with just a handful of ingredients, the BLT Sandwich became popular among citizens. To prepare the BLT sandwich, you must have three main ingredients: bacon, lettuce, and tomato. If you like to add mayonnaise, spread it over the toasted bread and layer the other ingredients. The secret to making a perfect and delicious BLT sandwich is ensuring the bacon slices’ crispiness. You must ensure the bacon is tender and crispy on the outside to feel that crunch when you take a bite. Another important point to remember is the freshness of tomato slices and lettuce leaves. Remember that you may not get the perfect taste if you do not use fresh veggies. 

Moreover, some people like to add avocado pieces to give them a unique taste, but we recommend keeping it simple and not adding too many ingredients. To make the sauce flavorful, you can combine mustard sauce with mayonnaise, resulting in a tasty sauce. We have placed the BLT sandwich in the C tier because of the pork’s flavor, which some people do not like, and making it with some other meat would not do justice to it as it will no longer be called BLT. Thus, because of its taste and preference, it has been placed in the C tier.

Average Price($) 344
Average Calories 5

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Monte Cristo Sandwich

Perfect for breakfasts, the next Sandwich on our list is the Monte Cristo. As the name suggests, the Sandwich is of French origin and is made with swiss cheese, turkey, and pork arranged in two or three layers. To prepare the Monte Cristo, you must take sourdough bread, the most preferred type of bread. To make it, spread some butter and layer the turkey meat, pork, and swiss cheese. Next, dip the bread in an egg mixture, coat it well, and deep fry it in oil or butter until golden brown. Often, you will find jam and powdered sugar served with this Sandwich. For diabetic patients and people who are overweight, the Monte Cristo sandwich is a no-go area. People on a diet should avoid eating Monte Cristo completely as it has a lot of calories, making it an unhealthy option. For kids, it is an amazing option.

Moreover, it is dipped in an egg batter to give it a crunchy texture so that when you take a bite, you feel the crispiness on the outside and gooey cheese and tender meat on the inside. Calorie-wise, Monte Cristo is not a desired choice, but because it has flavors, eating it once in a blue moon won’t harm you.

Average Price($) 6
Average Calories 550

D Tier

Worst Sandwiches
D Tier.

The last category, which includes the worst sandwiches, is the D tier. You will find the most disliked and tasteless sandwiches in this category. Let’s find out which sandwiches have been included in the bottom tier or the D rank.

Sardine Sandwich

According to us, the worst type of Sandwich is the Sardine Sandwich. It is an open-faced sandwich that consists of canned sardines topped with a combination of melted cheese and ketchup. The Sandwich originated in the 19th Century, and even though some people may like it, it is disliked by many. The flavors of the sardine sandwich don’t blend well, and the overall taste is not that good. It is strong and weird; many people do not enjoy eating it. Nutrition-wise it is not great either since fresh sardines are not always available, and canned ones have added preservatives. Besides, cheese and ketchup also contain calories, so it has very little nutritional value. All in all, it is a D-tier sandwich and does not taste good.

Average Price($) 6
Average Calories 640

Comparison Table

SandwichesTierAverage Price($)Average No of Calories
Sub Sandwich
Philly Cheesesteak SandwichS8800
Cuban Sandwich
Club SandwichA3300
Reuben SandwichA7600
French Dip
Book MakerB4560
Monte Cristo SandwichC6550
Sardine SandwichD6640


In the Sandwich Tier List above, we ranked 10 famous sandwiches around the world. Now you have a deep understanding of different types of sandwiches and know which sandwiches to try and which ones to stay away from. We hope you enjoyed reading the article, and you can use the comments section below to give us feedback or suggestions.