Disney Heroes Tier List: All Characters Ranked [2023]

Our Article Will Be Ranking All The Characters In The Game So Far.

Ever wondered how famous Disney or Pixar characters would perform in a fight? If you did, then you could use the Disney Heroes game to figure out what Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Jasmine, and many more can do in combat. To better understand our favorite childhood characters’ performance in the game, we have brought this Disney Heroes Tier List.

Disney Heroes is an RPG cross-over mobile game developed by PerBlue for Android and iOS. The game allows you to use your favorite Disney Characters from a roster of more than 90 characters, each with unique skills and attributes.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 91 entries on our list.
  • They will be ranked according to their powers, roles, and popularity.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find characters like Goofy, Eeyore, Piggy, Randall, Beast, and Peter Pan.
  • Among the lowest ranks, you can see entries like Yax,  Kevin Flynn, Genie, Tia Dalma, Ursula, and Frozone.


To summarise everything, we have provided the table down below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
• Goofy
• Eeyore
• Ms. Piggy
• Randall
• Beast
• Peter Pan
• Joy
• Launchpad
• Megara
• Magica
• Captain Hook
• Bo Peep
• Olaf
• Megavolt
• Stitch
• D & B
• Duke
• Kida
• Rapunzel
• T & P
• Animal
• Gizmoduck
• Jafar
• Yzma
• Hiro
• Donald
• Maleficnet
• Oggie B.
• Baymax
• Hades
• Gonzo
• Hercules
• Anger
• Scrooge
• Elsa
• Merida
• Barbossa
• Jack Sk
• S & N
• Woody
• Rafiki
• Jasmine
• Merlin
• Gaston
• Finnick
• H&D&L
• Facilier
• Mr Inc
• Felix
• Bogo
• Sally
• Moana
• Zurg
• Eve
• Nick
• Scar
• Ma. Mim
• Violet
• Mickey
• Miguel
• Judy
• Flynn Rider
• Colette
• Hatter
• Wall-E
• Shank
• Maui
• Queen of H
• Sulley
• Ralph
• Rex
• Aladdin
• Quorra
• Darkwing
• Robin
• J. Sparrow
• Mike
• Buzz
• Jessie
• Vanellope
• Calhoun
• Elastigirl
• Jack-Jack
• Dash
• Alice
• Yax
• Kevin Flynn
• Genie
• Tia Dalma
• Ursula
• Frozone

Learn more about each entry by reading on.


The game requires you to devise a squad from the available Disney and Pixar characters and fight off a deadly virus with various enemies and boss battles in your way. You will be required to develop a strategy and a strong team to be the winner. If you wish to battle against your friends in multiplayer, Disney Heroes even allows you to do that through their multiplayer mode.

Our article will rank all these characters in 5 different tiers S, A, B, C, and D, each getting a place in them according to their performance and abilities. The strongest will be ranked in the S Tier, followed by the slightly less powerful in the A Tier, and so on till the D Tier. With that being cleared, let’s dive into the rankings.

S Tier

S Tier
S Tier.

We will place the strongest characters in the S rank of our Disney Heroes Tier List 2023, because of their exceptional skills and abilities, which are leagues above the other players.


Many people would be surprised to learn that Goofy is the most powerful character in Disney Heroes. Yes, he might not seem like a strong unit, but don’t let his silly personality fool you. Goofy is a tank class in the game and can be unlocked after collecting 10 Goofy chips.


Followed by Goofy, another very unlikely S Tier candidate is Eeyore. Like Goofy, he is a tank class and requires the players to collect 10 Eeyore Chips to unlock him.

Ms. Piggy

Ms. Piggy is amongst the strongest character in Disney Heroes and is a damage class unit. You will have to collect 30 Ms. Piggy Chips to unlock her.


Our little monster from Monster Inc., Randall, follows others in the S Tier who is a damage class unit. Randall can avoid being attacked by using his invisibility, and his skin changes colors when he is revived.


Prince Adam, aka Beast, is among the game’s oldest characters and is a damage control unit. The players can use his enormous size and strong strikes to defeat many powerful enemies.

Peter Pan

Another damage unit is Peter Pan, who gets a place in the S Tier due to his great speed and agility, which can be very tricky to deal with for the enemies. In addition, he attacks them with his sword, which can be upgraded further into the game.


Joy from Inside Out is a support unit that can heal herself and her allies with her abilities and can be unlocked with 10 Joy Chips.


Launchpad McQuack is a support unit that can heal himself and his allies.


Another support unit, Megara, commonly referred to as Meg, can buff herself to enhance her powers and heal others.


Magica from Duck Tales also is in the Disney Heroes, and she got a place in the S Tier due to her impressive crowd control abilities.

Captain Hook

With Captain Hook, we will conclude our S Tier, a control unit. His abilities are best utilized when a lot of enemies surround him.

A Tier

A Tier
A Tier.

The A rank of the Disney Heroes Tier List will hold those characters who can easily be placed amongst the strongest characters of the game, but some minor flaws in their game prevent us from including them in the highest rank. Therefore, they get a place in the A Tier in our rankings.

Bo Peep

Bo Peep is a tank class that specializes in blocking attacks that prevent her and her allies from taking damage. Similarly, she can summon sheep, which can headbutt the enemies.


Olaf can be unlocked with 10 Olaf Chips, which will aid you in your journey with his ice-freezing abilities. 


Megavolt is a damage control unit that can control the damage intake and requires 30 Megavolt Chips to be unlocked.


Our cute little blue koala from Lilo & Stitch is also in the game and is a damage-control unit. Stitch is more effective in close-range combat with his exceptionally quick melee attacks. To unlock him, the players must collect 80 Stitch Chips.


Duke Caboom from Toy Story 4 is another A Tier unit specializing in damage control that needs 30 Duke Caboom chips to be unlocked.


The Atlantean Princess, Kida, is classified as a support unit that heavily depends on her long-range combat. If you build a strong squad around her, she can still perform well despite weak close-range combat.


In Disney Heroes, Rapunzel’s skills are anything but tangled. She is a support unit in the game and quite a good pick.


Animal from Jim Henson’s Muppets is also among the playable characters who is a support unit that can protect himself and his teammates from a wide range of attacks.


Gizmoduck from Duck Tales makes his way into the A Tier due to his impressive supporting abilities. However, the game has to offer slightly better units of the same class, so he gets a place in the second-best rank.

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To access one of the famous Disney villains, you’ll have to collect 30 Jafar Chips. Once you’ve unlocked him, you will access his crowd-control abilities.


Yzma is a control unit who did catch our eye with her impressive abilities. However, her game isn’t much more fascinating; therefore, A Tier does justice to her powers.


Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6 is a control unit that can summon a toy robot, Megabot, which attacks and stun enemies.


The classic white duck, Donald, is also included in the game and is best known for his crowd-controlling abilities. Donald throws punches at his enemies, which results in massive damage if you land a critical hit.


Finally, we arrived at the end of A Tier, and it will be concluded with Maleficent, whose combined abilities of crowd controlling and magical powers get her a higher rank in our list.

B Tier

B Tier
B Tier.

The B Tier will include some of the average characters in Disney Heroes, and their performance highly depends on the players’ experience controlling them. A well-skilled player can take full advantage of their potential, while those fairly new to the game might not be able to do much with this set of characters.

Oggie B.

Oggie B. is a tank unit built that allows you to withstand many attacks and can last in battles for a long time.


One of the fan-favorite Disney Characters, Baymax, gets a spot in the B Tier due to his impressive bulking and tank unit abilities, which can be further improved with a better team built around him.


The Hercules villain Hades is a tank unit with average abilities; therefore, we placed him in the B Tier. You can unlock him by collecting 10 Hades Chips.


Gonzo has been added to the roster as a tank class and, in all fairness, is a very average pick in the game.


Hercules might appear very strong in the movie, but in Disney Heroes, he doesn’t have the same impact as expected. His slow movement is one of the core reasons he is not a favorite pick in the game.


Anger damage control unit that requires a lot of patience, but those players who wish to overlook him can’t be blamed.


Our greedy duck from Duck Tails is a damage-dealing unit that can be unlocked with 10 Scrooge Chips.


Elsa has been in the game for quite some time and is a damage-dealing unit that can take down enemies with her icy powers. Although she might appear strong, our overall experience with her was unsatisfactory, so we placed her in the B Tier.

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It’s a little disappointing how weak Merida is in the game despite being shown as a strong character in the movie. She is a damage dealer who uses her bow to strike at foes, but it’s not very impactful, due to which the players will struggle against tougher opponents.


Hector Barbossa is a damage control unit that needs 30 Barbossa Chips to be unlocked. Overall he is not worth the effort and grinding, and it’s best to look for better options.

Jack Sk

Jack Skellington to is a damage control unit that lacks a lot in his game but, at the same time, can be pretty handy in certain situations, so it’s up to the players to decide whether to pick him or not. Our experience with him was okay at best.


Woody can be unlocked with 30 Woody Chips, which can aid his teammate’s support unit by providing cover and healing from time to time.


Rafiki, the sage character from The Lion King, is another member of our B Tier. He is a support unit whose healing, and defense skills can benefit his allies.


Jasmine is also a support unit whose main strengths are Energy Vortex and Tiger Boost and can be unlocked with 10 Jasmine Chips.


Merlin from Sword in the Stone is a playable character who got a place in the B Tier due to his slightly sluggish abilities and is a crowd-controlling unit.


Gaston is classified as a control unit that can be unlocked with 10 Gaston Chips.


Finnick from Zootopia gets a place in the B Tier, whose primary use as a weapon is a big red popsicle. His abilities are not too special, so he best suits our average list of characters.


Dr. Facilier is a control unit, and like many of the B Tier units, he, too, is not a very reliable character. Though at some point in the game, his abilities can be utilized for the good part of the game, he is very ineffective.

C Tier

C Tier
C Tier.

Now we have arrived at the C rank of the Disney Heroes Tier List 2023, which will be home to some of the underwhelming performing characters of the game. They can be very good at the initial stages of the game, but as the story progresses, their powers appear to let them down. Since they are not the weakest units in the game, it’s a good tier for them.


Felix from Wreck-It Ralph is a tank unit that appears to be amongst the weakest character of this class. His abilities are not eye-catching, so he is placed this low in our rankings.


After obtaining 30 Chief Bogo Chips, you can unlock Chief Bogo, a tank unit that will help you on your initial journey.


Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas is included in the game as a tank class whose main ability, Deadly Nightshade, can be unlocked at level 4, which is a very strong power in the initial stages of the story.


Moana carries a paddle through which she strikes the foes with melee attacks which can be upgraded for improvement. Once you have collected 80 Moana Chips, she can be unlocked.


Emperor Zurg, one of the villains in the Toy Story Universe, is ranked in the C Tier due to his relatively weak abilities, best suited for early game.


Eve from Wall-E can be acquired with 80 Eve Chips, whose quick speed can come in handy, and those players who enjoy quick movement characters will enjoy using her.

Nick Wilde

Nick Wilde is a damage dealer unit who is quick with his attacks, but we opted for a lower rank for him due to them not being very convincing, especially against tougher enemies.


Scar from Lion King is a damage dealer whose main source of attacks is roaring, which can damage enemies and stun them temporarily.

Madam Mim

Madam Mim can transform into different animals through which she can deal damage. The strongest transformation is a fire-breathing dragon, which is extremely useful in long-range battles.

Violet Parr

Violet Parr from The Incredibles is a control unit that uses her invisibility and force fields to control enemies.

Mickey Mouse

The Disney legend himself, Mickey Mouse, has arrived at last. We know a lot of us thought he would rank among the game’s strongest characters, but that isn’t the case in Disney Heroes. As a support unit, Mickey is only effective early on and against weaker foes. If you surround him with a strong team, it might improve his game.

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Miguel River is a support unit that can be unlocked with 10 Miguel Chips.

Judy Hopps

Judy Hopps, whose rapid speed and melee attacks make her a really good early-game selection, can be unlocked with 10 Judy Hopps Chips.

Flynn Rider

Flynn Rider is good at crowd control and is accessible after collecting 10 Flynn Rider Chips.


Colette is quite a recent inclusion in the Disney Heroes roster whose potential is best utilized in the early story.


The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland can be unlocked after collecting 30 Hatter Chips.


The cute little robot Wall-E is our final C Tier character who is classified as the control unit and can be unlocked with 30 Wall-E Chips.

D Tier

D Tier
D Tier.

Our rankings will be completed with the D rank of the Disney Heroes Tier List. It will have the remaining characters who are the weakest.


Shank a tank class unit is one of the weakest characters in the game who can be unlocked with 10 Shank Chips.


Maui from Moana is another tank class whose physique and build make him a very strong defense character. He can launch heavy attacks too but is let down by his pace and slow reaction time which can get him in trouble if surrounded by loads of enemies.

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts has access to bulk which enhances her tank abilities and it takes ten Queen of Hearts Chips to unlock her.


Ralph from Wreck it Ralph is another tank unit that is also let down by his slow reaction time and sluggish speed.


Rex is a recent addition to the game, the T-Rex from Toy Story is a tank class that is only suitable for the early parts of the game.


Aladdin is a damage-dealing unit that uses his sword for melee attacks and has very agile movement. However, he is let down by his weak defenses.


Due to her poor stats and abilities, Quorra is one of those characters who is best avoided.


Darkwing from Duck Tales is obtainable after collecting 30 Darkwing Chips.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood is a damage dealer whose main abilities are very weak and best to only limit them to the part of the game.

Jack Sparrow

The renowned pirate uses his Sabre Sword for melee attacks. Overall we had a bad experience with him and therefore placed him in the lowest rank.

Mike Wazowski

Mike Wazowski from Monster Inc. is among the weakest characters due to his weak defensive stats.

Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear requires 80 Buzz Lightyear Chips to be unlocked. Buzz’s strengths include basic melee attacks and blocking attacks.


Vanellope from Wreck it Ralph has a very basic set of moves and stats that can be unlocked with 10 Vanellope Chips.


Calhoun will be available for use after collecting 10 Calhoun Chips which will bring his damage-dealing abilities to the table.


Elastigirl from The Incredibles uses her strong stretchy arms to attack enemies and doesn’t need unlocking as she’s available from the beginning.


Jack-Jack is a reliable Damage Hero in the early games who can do significant damage to both lone enemies and large groups of them. The one catch is that Jack-Jack deals Fantastic Damage with all of his abilities, making him worthless against foes like Skeletons who are resistant to Fantastic Damage.


Dash has one of the faster characters in the game whose pace can cause havoc at times but other than that he’s very much weak.


Alice from Alice in Wonderland who is a damage dealer in Disney Heroes will be available after gathering 30 Alice Chips.


Yax from Zootopia is a very weak damage dealer unit in the game.

Kevin Flynn

Kevin specializes in melee attacks who can be unlocked after collecting 80 Kevin Flynn Chips.


The famous blue Genie is included in the game’s roster as a control unit. Genie is a very reliable early-game support character and we will highly recommend using him in the early stages.

Tia Dalma

Tia Dalma is a Control Hero with the ability to Curse, Silence, and Charm foes, which makes her especially effective against enemies who play the Support role such as healers. Moreover, she or any other Hero’s Silencing or Cursing of an enemy makes her skills stronger.


Ursula is a support unit who does play her role very well but the only downside is she’s weak against stronger enemies. You can unlock her with 80 Ursula Chips.


The Disney Heroes Tier List 2023 is now complete. We made an effort to rank each character from an objective standpoint. We do not claim that it is an ideal portrayal because everyone has different experiences and thoughts. Hope we were successful in delivering everything you were looking for about your favorite Disney Heroes characters.