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TopTierList is your one-stop shop for anything relating to the Dynasty Warriors franchise. My name is Abdul Hannan, and I’d want to discuss the Dynasty Warriors Overlords tier list, which consists of individuals that played significant roles in the creation of the Dynasty Warriors series. So, without further ado, the seventeen terrifying tyrants stack up. We will then rank them according to their power and strength.

To be clear, the criteria for inclusion on this list is just a group’s physical strength. Characters will be graded on how well they contribute to the plot in the end. The sheer number of series characters makes it difficult to do so. This ranking list, therefore, has a specific focus. Thus, this list only includes the most important figures. I have to think about how to organize 17 different characters properly.

Those who frequent and read this site are probably already familiar with the Dynasty Warrior video game franchise. So many new video game franchises appear yearly that I feel obligated to share my thoughts on this. Some people associate the term “Dynasty Warriors” with a specific group of individuals, while others have other associations. You may be familiar with the game’s name but have never really had the chance to play it.

Depending on who you speak to, you may hear a lot of chatter about this franchise. You may have been trying to convince them, or they may have been trying to convince you to play your favorite video game series. This article is for anybody interested in Dynasty Warriors who want a quick rundown of the game’s features and, more importantly, why the game and its characters are so particular. The tier list is required reading for all art enthusiasts.

Unparalleled Heritage of Dynasty Warriors

Hisashi Koinuma began working as a programmer at Koei, a Japanese video game company, in 1994. There were several factors in his decision, but his passion for the Romance of the Three Kingdoms strategy series and the ambition to make a combat game were the two that swayed him. He reasoned that established players in the industry, like Capcom, would have enough material with their take on fighting games that might act as competition.

However, that wouldn’t be the case if he had joined a studio that had never made a fighting game. The new Omega Force development team at Koei recruited Koinuma within two years, and he contributed significantly as the team’s primary programmer for their first competition. Similar to Romance of the Three Kingdoms, this game was a one-on-one brawler set in ancient China. The Japanese version, titled Three Kingdoms Unrivaled, was released on February 28, 1997.

In comparison, the North American and European versions were released in June and December of the same year. Like Namco’s Soul Caliber series, PlayStation owners can only play The Original Dynasty Warriors, a weapon-based combatant. However, the roster of Koei’s game is nearly entirely made up of actual historical characters from China’s Three Kingdoms period. There are 16 playable characters, with four significant personalities from each country.

When the team decided to switch to a new genre that emphasized the concept of a battlefield rather than one-on-one duels, several changes had to be made. The new game, Xtreme Legends and Empires, was a hack-and-slash title in which players faced off against hordes of foes they quickly and easily slaughtered. More than twenty-one million copies of the books in the series have been sold to date (February 2020).

Overloads Ranking Methodology

Dynasty Warriors Overlords Tier List Ranking Procedure
Dynasty Warriors Overlords Tier List Methodology

Dynasty Warriors is one of my favorite gaming series, and its emperors are some of my most beloved characters. This Dynasty Warriors Overlords tier list will rate them according to how far they’ve come, how important they are to the tale, and how effectively they play their respective roles. Notably, the ranking of characters is determined by their levels of strength and power.

In my opinion, these are the top-tier characters. Because of the subjective nature of ranking systems, the order of these characters may or may not correspond to your preferences. This tier list, as well as the overall ranks of characters, are debatable but not criticizable. Here are my top four tiers of Dynasty Warrior emperors: S, A, B, and C. How I feel about them as a person and how their story has developed will determine how I vote.

The first thing I’d want to do is say: I’m paying close attention to every single persona on this list, from top to bottom. Characters with higher ranks significantly affect the game’s plot and narrative arc more than those in lower ranks. I don’t dislike low-level characters because of this, either. Throughout Dynasty Warriors, my favorite characters have always been the emperors. Let’s get down to brass tacks and look at the most admirable and top-tier personalities on our list.

There’s a long ride ahead, so stock up on snacks. I use the tier list to prioritize my arguments when I disagree with someone’s viewpoint and think I have good reasons to do so. Despite the widespread consensus, my opinion ultimately won out when constructing this hierarchy.

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S Tier

Greatest Overlords of the Dynasty Warriors Overlords Tier List
The Greatest Overlords of the Dynasty Warriors Overlords Tier List

In this ranking system, “S” represents “superb” or “super,” the highest possible rating. There is no better option out there. Each of the characters included in this section of the Dynasty Warriors Overlords tier list has contributed significantly to the series’ narrative and garnered devoted admirers from all corners of the world.

Their involvement in the game’s primary plot and the mystery it creates is undeniable. The most enduringly cherished in the Dynasty Warriors franchise, these characters give you thrills, make you feel connected to the game, and leave a particular place in your heart.

Taishi Ci

General Taishi Ci of the late Han Dynasty was revered for his bravery even as a young man. He initially served Liu Yao, but following his lord’s dying, he submitted to Sun Ce. As rumored, Sun Ce’s shown skill and compassion in their combat swayed his decision to side with the lord. After Sun Ce’s death, Cao Cao sought him out, but Taishi Ci remained faithful to Sun Quan.

Taishi Ci was an archer of unparalleled talent in the annals of history. For their part, Koei’s games portray him as a mighty warrior. Taishi Ci often begins his career as an officer under Liu Yong. Sun Ce’s army attacks them, and he decides to fight with the invaders. It usually happens after he loses a battle during the Campaign for Wu Territory.

He usually remains with Wu’s ranks until the Battle of He Fei or He Fei Castle unless he has a narrative that diverges from the norm. Warrior Taishi Ci has high moral ground and a solid personality. Since he wants to be a better fighter, he is always looking for new methods to better himself. He feels bound to return the favor if someone does anything kind for him.

Wordplay on a Ming Dynasty era Chinese adage presumably inspired the original titles for Taishi Ci’s Level 11 weapon, his third and fourth weapons, and all of his weapons in Special. ” A tiger at the front gate, a wolf in the rear,” penned Zhao Hang. When the victim believes he has gotten away from the tiger, they will tumble into a pit where a dragon is waiting to devour them. As a result, I will assign him at the top of the Dynasty Warriors Overlords tier list.

Sun Ce

Sun Ce is the elder brother of Sun Quan and Sun Shangxiang and the oldest son of Sun Jian. When he and his closest buddy Zhou Yu first founded Wu, Sun Ce was a popular and well-liked leader who was also ambitious. The Little Conqueror is a moniker from Romance of the Three Kingdoms that accentuates his warrior persona and highlights his role in the story. According to the story, he was killed by the spirit of Gan Ji.

After the passing of Sun Jian, he follows in his father’s footsteps by taking over as the family’s leader and joining the campaigns. To claim Wu for himself, he must first defeat its territorial rulers. At this time, he duels Taishi Ci and quickly becomes best friends with him out of admiration for his power. During this time, he also rapidly gains adherents for his cause. He quickly brings back the Sun family’s reputation for dominance.

He next encounters the magician Yu Ji, whom Sun Ce typically despises, according to two possible timelines. Leaders may learn a lot from Sun Ce because he is enthusiastic, outspoken, and bold in a casual setting. Everyone, from his family to his soldiers, respects and admires him. With a macho and self-assured demeanor, he frequently does anything he wants on a whim.

He values every assistance and works hard to make up for past favors. According to Ranmaru’s overall evaluation of him in Warriors Orochi, Wu’s capriciousness is motivated less by whim than by duty to the Kingdom of Wu. Sun Ce’s third weapon in the Dynasty Warriors games is called the Little Conqueror/Supreme King, a reference to his moniker. As a result, he will be placed in the S tier of the Dynasty Warriors Overlords tier list.

Zhao Yun

During the Three Kingdoms era, Zhao Yun served valiantly as a commander. Even though his achievements were mainly unheralded and vastly exaggerated by many fake histories, Liu Bei personally complimented him for his gallantry at Han River. He is often portrayed as a righteous and noble commander with unmatched power and an incredible feeling of devotion for Liu Bei in works of local tradition, such as the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

His solo effort to save A Dou stands out among his many literary achievements. As time has passed since his death, he has been remembered as one of the Five Tiger Generals. His manifestation in Dynasty Warriors serves as the series mascot. When he’s not the main focus, he and Lu Bu, the other prominent figure in the story, trade places. In-game, he always appears on a white horse.

He often joined Liu Bei’s service following Gongsun Zan’s death, impressed by the man’s character and beliefs. Depending on the story, he could join Liu Bei during the Yellow Turban Rebellion or the Battle of Hulao Gate. He stays with the Shu during their last wars in Yi Ling and Wuzhang Plains against Wu and Wei.

Omega Force wanted to make the Dynasty Warriors series more action-oriented, so they gave the series a protagonist who would lead the fight. If you’ve read Romance of the Three Kingdoms, you’ll agree with Suzuki that Liu Bei should be your first choice. In his opinion, the leader wasn’t a good match for their group since they needed a more aggressive fighter. As a result, it holds its spot in the S tier of the Dynasty Warriors Overlords tier list.

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Xiahou Dun

Cao Cao’s father’s side of the family includes a cousin named Xiahou Dun. However, he was renowned as a hothead in his youth. He matured into a legal and cultured bureaucrat who put his attention on logistics and household matters. He devoted his whole military career to serving Cao Cao, and he passed away only a few months after his lord. It is well-known that an errant arrow caused him to lose his left eye at either Xiapi or Xiaopei.

According to Romance of the Three Kingdoms, he was an effective military leader who famously ate his left eye after the arrow that blinded him pierced it. The Dynasty Warrior’s version of him is like a brother to Cao Cao’s other cousin, Xiahou Yuan. Xiahou Dun has been on Cao Cao’s side since Cao Cao’s first wars, and he is Cao Cao’s trusted right-hand man.

At Xia Pi, he is hit in the face with an arrow, and most of the games in the series feature him recovering from this injury. He pulls the arrow out of his body and keeps fighting valiantly. Xiahou Dun will go against his cousin’s instructions and follow Guan Yu to the Five Passes after Guan Yu and his sister escape Cao Cao’s service. His presence was essential in laying the groundwork for the Wei dynasty.

Later, in an interview with Dengeki PlayStation, he revealed that he was responsible for requesting the scene in which Xiahou Dun consumes his eyeball from the original game. Suzuki said it took him a long time to make and that you can make a reflection on the eyeball when he pulls the arrow out. As a result, he will be assigned to the S tier of the Dynasty Warriors Overlords tier list.


Queen of Nanzhong was the fictitious wife of Nanman King Meng Huo. It is said that she is the daughter of the God of Fire and the only female character in Romance of the Three Kingdoms to fight, taking down two Shu generals. Zhu Rong is mainly known for being her husband’s staunch ally in their fight against northern invaders. After her husband has been beaten, she usually chooses to attack.

Unlike Meng Huo’s many visits, it will be her only appearance at Nan Zhong. Her “Amazoness” security force accompanies her in battle. However, Meng Huo refers to her by many affectionate nicknames in English. In the Asian alphabet, she is addressed as “mother.” In popular culture, Zhurong is portrayed as a fierce and alluring lady who often pressures her husband to wage war on neighboring kingdoms. Aware that Meng Huo’s comfortable demeanor is a detriment to the Nanman people.

She considers her obligation to instill a sense of drive and determination in him. She may come out as aggressive, but her spouse has her undying devotion. Meng Huo is devoted to his wife and does what she wants since he doesn’t want to provoke her fierce anger. This usually works out well for the Nanman people. In her guise as the Warriors Orochi, Zhurong befriends Ginchiyo Tachibana, who is inspired by her confident demeanor and ability to take charge.

In the third part, she and Nene become friends and test each other’s dishes. Albeit, Nene is less willing to explore due to Zhurong’s more out-there tastes. Even though she doesn’t understand Wei Yan or Kojiro very well, she still wants to provide them with a home in Nanzhong. As a result, she will be placed at the bottom of the S tier of the Dynasty Warriors Overlords tier list.

A Tier

Prominent Overlords of the Dynasty Warriors Overlords Tier List
The Prominent Overlords of the Dynasty Warriors Overlords Tier List

My favorite overlord characters are placed on a tier below their usual placement, where they get the same amount of love as their superior. Certain fans might deem any of the characters on this list an S-tier character. Many people on this tier list have an extraordinary place in my heart.

This rating list is the sole reason I divided them into different categories. Four of Dynasty Warrior’s most potent overlords are included in this tier. However, in my opinion, they don’t deserve to be as high as the S rank on the  Dynasty Warrior Overlords tier list.

Zhuge Liang

One of Liu Bei’s political allies is Zhuge Liang. As a trusted adviser, he was known as the “Sleeping Dragon,” a moniker that inspired equal parts awe and respect. After being appointed Prime Minister of Shu, he conducted a grueling invasion of Wei. However, his failure is debated (whether due to a shortage of workforce, lousy weather, or poor judgment). Modern society celebrates Shu for his unwavering allegiance to his superiors.

Multiple legends, including the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, portray him as a genius on par with Lu Wang and Zhang Liang, two of China’s most revered thinkers. He is married to Yueying, and their son is Zhuge Zhan. Zhuge Jin and Zhuge Jun are his brothers. Zhuge Liang is a genius revered as Liu Bei’s master strategist throughout the three kingdoms.

At Chi Bi, he starts a prayer to summon the southern winds essential for the Allied Forces’ fire strike. Most of the time, he attempts to persuade his master to go after the Jing Province culprits responsible for Guan Yu’s killing, but his words usually fall on deaf ears. Zhuge Liang’s assaults have always included laser beams, although that was determined from the beginning of the series.

They believed he’d look more relaxed with the capacity to fire laser beams, so they gave him that. Although Zhuge Liang’s inclusion of this seemingly frivolous idea may seem effortless to modern ears, the mental process behind it was anything but. Tomohiko Sho thinks he’s the best. Zhuge Liang is an unruffled guy of few words who constantly look forward. He claims that his meticulous preparation makes every twist and turn of combat seem easy. Therefore, it will be placed at the top of the A tier of the Dynasty Warriors Overlords tier list.

Ma Chao

Ma Teng’s oldest son, heir, and cousin is named Ma Chao. At Tong Gate, he revolted against Cao Cao because he didn’t trust him. Ma Chao loathed the warlord for having his family killed as punishment after he failed. Up to his surrender to Liu Bei, he lost many more relatives and possessions fighting against Cao Cao. His superb armor and stout looks earn him the moniker “Ma Chao the Splendid” in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

He was considered one of the Five Tiger Generals after his death. Ma Chao is synonymous with his dream of a just nation for many. After Cao Cao kills his family, he frequently leads a revolt at Tong Gate. Following the battle, he goes on the road till he runs across Liu Bei at Cheng Du. Even though they are opponents, he respects their bravery and admires how well they fight.

After that, he officially became a Shu member and fought in both their campaigns to the south and north. The producer of the Dynasty Warriors games has said that Ma Chao is not bald and never has been, even though his helmet often hides his hair. For example, a fan asks whether Ma Chao will be bald in the next episode and reiterates that he will be.

As the loudest member of Shu’s army, his forceful proclamations are not always well received by his listeners at home or in opposing forces. His charm and openness make him fans, but when he puts his own needs above those of others in pursuit of his aims, he risks losing their confidence. Thus, he will be placed in the A tier of the Dynasty Warriors Overlords tier list.

Yuan Shao

The Han Dynasty had a staunch ally in Yuan Shao, a nobleman who responded to the Yellow Turban Rebellion by gathering a vast and formidable army. He came from humble beginnings but became a charismatic leader who opposed Dong Zhuo’s oppression. During the last years of the Han Dynasty, he ruled as the undisputed master of the north until his death, when he became more arrogant and corrupt.

Yuan Xi, Yuan Shang, and Yuan Tan are his children. Younger half-brother Yuan Shu is his name. Yuan Shao is a proud nobleman who wants to retain his illustrious family name. Cao Cao appointed Yuan Shao as the head of the surrounding regional lords when they rose against Dong Zhuo’s dictatorship. Yuan Shao commanded the Allied Forces at the Si Shui and Hu Lao Gates to maintain the prestige of his family name.

Despite his best efforts, he loses faith in the Han Dynasty and their ability to restore order in the city. With his aspirations, he frequently conquers Gongsun Zan in the north and becomes one of the greatest armies in the kingdom when he suppresses Hua Bei. The central plains are his target, and he meets Cao Cao in a showdown at Guan Du. There are a few ways this fight doesn’t end badly for him, usually with his death or serious injury.

Several works allude to a subsequent effort to obliterate his loved ones. In previous books, Yuan Shao is shown as a prideful general who hesitates to accept the post of supreme commander of the coalition against Dong Zhuo. By the end of the series, Yuan Shao’s egotism and superiority complex had been blown out of all proportion. As a result, he will be placed in the A tier of the Dynasty Warriors Overlords tier list.


Xiaoqiao is Zhou Yu’s wife and the younger sister of Daqiao. Before the Battle of Chibi in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang warned her husband that Cao Cao desired her. The news deeply distressed Zhou Yu and won his consent to war. In Dynasty Warriors 3, Xiao Qiao makes her debut in the Wu Territory combat, where she battles with her husband. She eventually joins Sun Shang Xiang and the rest of the army for the Nanman Campaign.

As part of Zhou Fang’s scheme, she also shows up at Shi Ting, where she tries to seize the western fort and encircle Cao Xiu. When she takes on Zhang Pu, she usually succeeds in beating him. Xiaoqiao, an enthusiastic and optimistic adolescent, is more courageous than her sister and quick to take action. She is not one to get worked up over little matters and instead opts for the most direct route in combat.

Her sister usually corrects her when she says something too abruptly or in a way that offends her. She’s more childlike in her behavior than her sister and takes offense when others call her out on it. In subsequent books, she shows her compassion for animals. She is completely smitten by her husband’s admiration and lavishes it on her whenever she can.

She addresses her spouse as “Lord Zhou Yu” while writing in the Asian script. The two sisters, Qiao and Qiao, in the Dynasty Warriors series love beautiful things whose naming themes are at odds with each other. The original versions of her third and fourth weaponry reflect that she is the more lovely sibling pair. As a result, she will make its place in the A tier of the Dynasty Warriors Overlords tier list.

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B Tier

Notable Overlords
The Notable Overlords of the Dynasty Warriors Overlords Tier List

It’s fair to say that these folks can tell a tale just as well as the A-listers, if not better. The B-tier of Dynasty Warriors Overlords tier list consists of those overlords with solid character arcs and substantial influence on the story. These characters have been held in the highest esteem throughout the history of Dynasty Warriors. Each of these four tyrants hails from the Dynasty Warriors series. Their stories are fascinating, and their characters are endearing, in equal measure.

Zhou Yu

Zhou Yu is well-known as the military leader who successfully defended his lord’s land from Cao Cao at Chibi. Cao Cao and Liu Bei feared Zhou Yu because he was a skilled fighter and writer. He was spiritually close with Sun Ce and Sun Quan, the eldest brother, and the latter saw him as a kind older sibling.

Sun Jian often receives his initial service from Wu’s most faithful officer, Zhou Yu, who is also the team’s primary strategist. He swiftly meets Sun Ce, and the two buddies combine to envision a nation of peace under Wu. If Sun Ce were to die while pursuing their goal, Zhou Yu would continue to steer Sun Quan toward success with Sun Ce’s ambitions.

After his performance at Chi Bi, Zhou Yu often vanishes. Zhou Yu is a level-headed strategist adept at seeing his opponents’ tricks. In his initial debut, he was a darker and significantly more arrogant character but has softened in succeeding titles. His friends can expect nothing less than his utmost professionalism and respect. His skills and unwavering loyalty to his country have earned him widespread acclaim.

Hou Yu serves as the voice of reason for the hot-headed Sun Ce. They are very close and can always count on each other for support. His stern and mature demeanor stands in sharp contrast to Xiaoqiao’s innocent and upbeat demeanor. He is a doting husband, but his wife doesn’t always listen to his words of warning. As a result, he will be placed at the top of the B tier of the Dynasty Warriors Overlords tier list.

Lu Bu

The general Lu Bu of the late Han Dynasty is famed for his repeated betrayals in the central plains. Before his death at the hands of Cao Cao’s army, he, like many warlords of his day, tried to become an influential leader in his own right. Both versions of him were notoriously mercurial and tactic-challenged. However, he is best recognized as the era’s greatest warrior because of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

His high stats, substantially better moveset, distinctive horse, and theme song are hallmarks in the Dynasty Warriors series. In contrast, the song serves as the musical motif for many of the game’s opening scenes. To this day, people still quote the famous “Do not chase Lu Bu!” cry. He often takes a back seat when the other series staple is the main attraction.

He opposes the Allied forces at Hu Lao and Si Shui Gates while first serving his adoptive father, Dong Zhuo. Yuan Shao cautions his officers to avoid him in every game because of his reputation for viciousness in the previous fight. Many books include a pivotal battle between him, Liu Bei, and his brothers. In popular culture, Lu Bu is portrayed as a ruthless, brutal, bloodthirsty warrior who seeks out conflict to face off against a worthy foe.

A self-proclaimed “Mightiest Man Alive,” he considers the battlefield to be the only place where justice is served and the decisive triumph over the weak. Lu Bu is ruthlessly honest despite his many betrayals. He has no trust in or regards for politicians, bureaucrats, or other cowards who resort to dishonesty to advance their careers or advance their careers. As a result, he will be assigned to the Dynasty Warriors Overlords tier B.

Sun Jian

Posthumously revered as Wu’s first emperor, Sun Jian is said to be a direct descendant of the renowned Sun Tzu. He was a legendary warrior, famous for his undeniable bravery and strength, who rose to prominence as a young man for defeating pirates and outlaws. He was a veteran soldier who participated in several battles until Huang Zu’s underlings brutally ended his life. His reputation as a fierce fighter is inflated and given the fictitious moniker “Tiger of Jiangdong” in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

One of his wives is named Wu Guotai, and he has three kids: Sun Ce, Sun Quan, and Sun Shangxiang. When Sun Jian joins the alliance against Dong Zhuo at either the Si Shui Gate or Hu Lao Gate during the Yellow Turban Rebellion, he earns a stellar name. While serving with the Allies, he steals the Imperial Seal and hides it away.

In the end, he is killed by an injury brought on by Huang Zu. If the player doesn’t engage in his narrative mode, he won’t show up until the beginning of the Three Kingdoms period. The personnel under Sun Jian’s command can always count on him to be calm, respectful, and polite. He is the most courteous of Wu’s three tyrants. He has a kind demeanor and is quick to forgive others for whatever wrongdoing they may have committed in the past.

Sun Jian is also a brave and strong fighter in his spare time. He takes great satisfaction in his tiger moniker because of the acclaim he receives in his own country; his children also take pride in their achievements. He is a devoted parent who takes immense pleasure in protecting his family. As a result, he will be placed in the Dynasty Warriors Overlords tier B.

Sun Shangxiang

The mythical character Sun Shangxiang, or Lady Sun, has become famous in Peking opera. She is the younger sister of Sun Ce and Sun Quan and a daughter of Sun Jian. Sun is one of Liu Bei’s historical wives who did not give birth to any of his offspring. She was said to have studied martial arts and had armed servants close by throughout their marriage. They were not very close in real life, but the Romance of the Three Kingdoms claims they lived happily ever after they tied the knot.

While her marriage to Liu Bei isn’t a central plot point until the fifth game, it is referenced in the series’ lore and history files and is prominently hinted at in Zhurong’s initial Musou mode. One of her armed maids is played by Lianshi. Sun Shang Xiang is a young woman who has been trained in martial arts since she was a little child and now wants nothing more than to establish her value in combat.

Her appearances in Dynasty Warriors 2 and 3 tend to come in the game’s last bouts. Many of her male teammates saw Sun Shangxiang, an optimistic and self-reliant lady, as a tomboy. She has a deep, abiding love for her family and gives her older brother, Sun Ce, a fraction of the respect she gives Sun Quan.

She is always willing to provide a hand, but her eagerness to prove her worth in war causes her father and brothers concern. They are, nevertheless, pleased that she has inherited their respect and zeal. She is cheerful and strong-willed, contrasting Liu Bei’s mild demeanor. As a result, she will be placed at the bottom of the B tier of the Dynasty Warriors Overlords tier list.

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C Tier

The Inferior Overlords
The Inferior Overlords of the Dynasty Warriors Overlords Tier List

In this ranking system, every tier other than the C-tier is on par with the others in terms of importance. All of the characters in this category have a lot of characteristics in common with one another. All of the fans participating in this fandom strongly distaste the characters included on this tier list. It’s not that they aren’t strong enough; it’s just that I’m not interested in their character arc. As a result, I have placed them as far down on the Dynasty Warriors Overlords tier list as possible.

Guo Jia

Guo Jia was a trusted advisor to Cao Cao and his team. He and Cao Cao were close friends, and he was highly regarded by the former. His contributions were cut short when he became sick and passed away during one of their efforts in the north. Cao Cao is reported to have lamented, “If only Guo Jia was with us,” after his side was defeated at Chibi.

Since his debut, Guo Jia has been regarded as Cao Cao’s primary strategist at Xia Pi. He directs the two armies to attack the castle in Dynasty Warriors 4 and plots to steal Red Hare from Lu Bu. In addition to being Cao Cao’s sub-officer at Guan Du, strategist Guo Jia is the chief commander of the troops since the leader places his absolute faith in him. He orders the army to blow up the water gates so that Yuan Shu’s reinforcements don’t come.

Guo Jia appears as a gifted guy of unrivaled intellect in the Dynasty Warriors video game series. He maintains his dignity and a delicate, longing grin on his lips at all times. He takes great pleasure in mocking stodgy soldiers. Guo Jia knows he doesn’t have much longer to live and that his frail physique prevents him from doing much of anything, so he plans to make the most of his remaining time on earth.

He enjoys wine and ladies almost as much as the excitement of battle. Based on their discourse, he and Cao Cao have friendly confidence in one another, as seen by their enjoyment of toasting cups of wine as lovely ladies dance by them at banquets. As a result, I will place him at the top of the C tier of the Dynasty Warriors Overlords tier list.

Zhang Fei

As a commander under Liu Bei’s command, Zhang Fei is a notable figure. They said he was second only to Guan Yu in courage and might, but he was also brutal and would not hesitate to use force (even death) to deal with disobedience. Lady Xiahou is his wife, and he has two daughters both married men named Liu Shan. It is often said that Zhang Bao is his oldest son.

He is the youngest sworn brother of Liu Bei and Guan Yu and one of the Five Tiger Generals in the fictitious Three Kingdoms culture. Xingcai is his only child and the protagonist of the Dynasty Warriors franchise. Legendary fighter Zhang Fei has a penchant for alcohol. In the show, although small, he and Lu Bu are rivals since Liu Bei says they are both formidable fighters.

Several games include Zhang Fei’s resentment at Lu Bu because Lu Bu takes Xia Pi from him when he is in charge. One of the bridges going to his brother, Liu Bei, was guarded by him at Chang Ban, and his terrifying cry scared off Cao Cao’s soldiers. In most timelines, Zhang Fei passes away as soon as Guan Yu. If there’s a fight to be had, Zhang Fei is the guy to win it.

He is proud and obstinate, refusing to give up or surrender to the opponent and quick to rage. Unlike his siblings, he shows a greater variety of emotions, going from happy to terribly sorrowful in seconds. Even though he makes some poor decisions, he has good intentions and is typically able to be practical. As a result, he will be placed in the C tier of the Dynasty Warriors Overlords tier list.

Xiahou Yuan

Cao Cao’s father’s side of the family includes a cousin named Xiahou Yuan. Xiahou Yuan was Cao Cao’s favorite general because of how modest he was and how cunning he was in battle. He participated in several wars for his master until his untimely death at the hands of Huang Zhong’s army, who attacked from behind. The general was lauded for his lightning quickness in battle and his skill at ambushes.

The novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms popularized his image as a skilled archer and highlighted how Xiahou Dun looked up to him as a younger brother. One of his kids, Xiahou Ba, and his niece, Xiahou Ji, have the same name. Cao Cao often employs his cousin’s brother, Xiahou Yuan, as a commander. At times throughout the Battle of Guan Du, he looks for Cao Cao to benefit from Zhang He’s skills.

When left alone on Mt. Ding Jun, he will almost always be killed by his adversary unless it is his narrative. Xiahou Yuan is not a man of words, instead opting to be a blunt practitioner of battle. While he shares his family’s commitment to the cause, he is more outgoing and humorous than his more severe elder relatives.

When the opposition gains ground, he loses patience and may be challenging to work with. Off-duty, he’s a kind guy who doesn’t dwell too much on his setbacks. He is the one who cheers up his somber Wei colleagues with a positive and pleasant outlook. Even as he makes light of difficult circumstances. As a result, he will be placed in the C tier of the Dynasty Warriors Overlords tier list.

Liu Bei

The self-proclaimed emperor and founder of Shu, Liu Bei, is a controversial figure. He was reported to have been an influential leader with a magnetic personality and lofty ambitions. Even after his death, “Former Master” is used more often than his posthumous title in Record of the Three Kingdoms. Liu Shan is his successor and one of his wives, Sun Shangxiang.

He is often referred to be Guan Yu and Zhang Fei’s older oath brother in works based on the Three Kingdoms era. In the Dynasty Warriors games, Cao Cao is his primary adversary. Liu Bei is a just ruler who defends the interests of ordinary people. He pledges his allegiance to Guan Yu and Zhang Fei upon meeting them during his service in the imperial conscription to crush the Yellow Turbans.

There are a couple of titles where he and his brothers engage in combat with Lu Bu at Hu Lao Gate and where they play a role in the downfall of the powerful commander at Xia Pi. Unfortunately, Liu Bei’s separation from his brothers during Cao Cao’s assault cancels out any benefits he may have gained from his newfound fame.

He’s a kind guy with good intentions and wants to make things right again. He treats everyone he encounters with courtesy and humility. He has a natural affinity for regular people, which helps him win over their support. Cao Cao’s worst opponent respects him despite this quality. Liu Bei has a lot of faith in his followers, but he doesn’t always believe in himself as a leader and a fighter. As a result, he will be placed in the C tier of the Dynasty Warriors Overlords tier list.

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