Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List: All Characters Ranked

Did you turn on your Nintendo Switch in the hope of conquering the Fire Emblem universe from the comfort of your couch but got all tangled up with all the heroes the game has to offer? Wondering where to start, what weapon to use, and which characters best fit your strategy? Don’t worry because our Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List covers you.

In this article, we will cover all the heroes in the game, keeping their attributes, skills, and overall performance in the game in mind. This way, our readers can better understand what they are dealing with in the game and have the upper hand before diving into the Fire Emblem Heroes world. Make sure you don’t share any of this information with your friends!

An Introduction to the Game

Fire Emblem is a fantasy theme role-playing video game series published by Nintendo. This chain of role-playing games developed by the Japanese video game developer requires the players to use their best tactics to compete against 12 million active players globally to make their way to the top.

The developers have released 16 games in this hugely popular online competitive videogame series, the first of which dates back to 1990 known as Shadow Dragon and the blade of light. There have also been 3 remakes along the way so the players can taste the old-school games with a modern touch. Here is a complete list of video games in this series.

Fire Emblem offers the players up to 596 different characters, each with unique powers and abilities. Unfortunately, it’s only exclusive to Nintendo platforms, so if you look forward to using these heroes up to your best tactics, better ensure you get your hands on any Nintendo console.

If we talk about the ratings of this game series, it’s extremely positive, further proving its popularity. The highly popular video game and entertainment media website IGN has given it a 9.5/10, while Metacritic has given it an 89% rating.

These positive reviews from the most trusted gaming critique websites have given us a further witness to the series’ high popularity. That is why we needed to make the Fire Emblem heroes tier list.

Before we dive further into the tier list, it’s important to mention that we’ve prepared this tier list purely based on our preferences and experience with the characters, so there will be mixed opinions about certain characters being classified into certain tiers.

AN Introduction to a Tier List

You might be familiar with the concept of a tier list in which an item(s), let’s put it into easy words, say a bunch of video game characters, any game from a video game series such as the GTA series, or any item(s), in general not necessary videogames, are ranked into 5 different tiers based upon their popularity, abilities or simply the overall praise and love it got from the people of the concerned community.

As stated earlier, a tier list has 5 different categories, out of which the stand-out article(s) from any group is placed into the S tier list. Then that item that doesn’t have the qualities to cut the S tier list is listed in the B tier list, which falls below the S tier list.

By now, you know the drill about how items are classified, so the rest of the objects are placed in the remaining lists (B, C, and D ) according to their quality.

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S Tier

S Tier of The Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List
Legendary Heroes of The Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List

The S Tier of the Fire Emblem heroes list will include the game’s most powerful and strongest heroes. These heroes are given legendary status in the game and are very rare to get. They will offer immense offense and defense with incredibly powerful weapons, powerups, and great combat skills to help you win any battle without a sweat.

With their unique abilities alongside apex stats, having these heroes in your arsenal will give you a great advantage in any combat, so make sure they are on your side before entering the arena.

TierCharacterWeapon TypeMove TypeRarity
SAscended IdunnBlue BreathArmored5 Star
SYoung PallaLanceFlying5 Star
SValentine's RudolfLanceArmored5 Star
SBrave HectorLanceArmored5 Star
SBrave DimitriLanceInfantry5 Star
SLegendary DimitriLanceInfantry5 Star
SNew Year AlfonseBlue TomeInfantry5 Star
SHalloween Tiki (Young)Red BreathInfantry5 Star
SLegendary AzuraBlue TomeFlying5 Star
SSeirosCrest StoneInfantry5 Star
SLegendary ChormBlue BowInfantry5 Star

A Tier

A Tier of Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List
Above average Heroes of Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List

A Tier will include all those heroes with all the abilities and potential to be ranked among the game’s greatest and most powerful characters. After noticing some flaws in their powers and abilities following our experience with them, we felt they didn’t quite have the competence to make their way into the S Tier List, so they had to settle for a place as the best amongst the rest.

They are still very much powerful units in the game, so if they are put to better use, they have all the potential to give the S Tier List heroes a run for their money.

TierCharacterWeapon TypeMove TypeRarity
ASummer ThorrBlue TomeFlying4 Star
ALegendary MyrrhBlue BreathFlying4 Star
ABridal LilinaBlue TomeCavalry4 Star
AFallen DimitriLanceInfantry4 Star
AHatari KarlaLanceInfantry4 Star
ALegendary FaeIron BowArmored4 Star
AKris (F)SwordInfantry4 Star
AUllrBowInfantry4 Star
ADuo EphraimLanceInfantry4 Star
ABrave LucinaLanceInfantry4 Star
ABrave EirikaLanceInfantry4 Star
ASummer IngridLanceFlying4 Star
AForsythLanceArmored4 Star
ADuesselLanceCavalry4 Star
ALegendary JuliaBlue TomeInfantry4 Star
APicnic LukasLanceArmored4 Star
AWinter EphraimLanceArmored4 Star
ALilithBlue BreathFlying4 Star
AGatrieLanceArmored4 Star
APeonyBlue TomeFlying4 Star
AGuinivereBlue TomeInfantry4 Star
APlegianAxeInfantry4 Star
AOpheliaBlue TomeInfantry4 Star
AFalle Corrin (M)Blue BreathInfantry4 Star
ALegendary Tiki (Young)Blue BreathArmored4 Star
ANinja NavarreLanceInfantry4 Star
APirate SurtrAxeArmoed4 Star
ABrave EliwoodLanceCavalry4 Star
AWinter FelixBlue BowArmored4 Star

B Tier

Average Characters in Fire Emblem
Average Heroes of The Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List

We now find ourselves talking about the B Tier List, it best suits uncommon characters, and the players can easily get them in the game. These heroes require very little grinding to be obtained.

Although they may seem weak compared to the heroes of the S and B Tier list characters, with good strategy, powerups, and attached weapons, these heroes can offer you much more than expected. So after trying out these characters, we believed the B tier is the good tier for what they bring to the table.

TierCharacterWeapon TypeMove TypeRarity
BValentian EstLanceFlying3 Star
BSummer ClaudBlue DaggerFlying3 Star
BHalloween NilesIron BowArmored3 Star
BFallen NinianBlue BreathInfantry3 Star
B Ascended IshtarBlue TomeInfantry3 Star
BSpring DeltheaBlue TomeInfantry3 Star
BLegendary CaedaLanceFlying3 Star
BValentine's OwainLanceCavalry3 Star
BNew Year ReginnBlue TomeCavalry3 Star
BWinter MirabilisBlue DaggerFlying3 Star
BNinja Corrin (M)LanceInfantry3 Star
BSetethIron LanceFlying3 Star
BAltenaLanceFlying3 Star
BBrunnyaBlue TomeInfantry3 Star
BKana (M)SwordInfantry3 Star
BGeeseLanceInfantry3 Star
BFallen BerkutLanceCavalry3 Star
BCamusLanceCavalry3 Star
BSummer LuteTomeInfantry3 Star

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C Tier

C Tier of The Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List
Below average Heroes of The Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List

The C tier of the Fire Emblem hero tier is a below-par tier that includes all those characters with average stats, combos, and weapon powers, with both average offensives and defensive abilities. These heroes are classified as common game characters and can easily be acquired with minimum grinding.

Having them in your team is recommended only if you are a 3-star player, as they’ll struggle against the powerful heroes in the prior tiers. They might not offer much in the arena, but they remain a great unit if you are halfway through your rank.

TierCharacterWeapon TypeMove TypeRarity
CKarinLanceFlying2 Star
CSpring LuthierLanceCavalry2 Star
CMirielBlue TomeInfantry2 Star
CRosheaLanceCavalry2 Star
CHalloween SophiaTomeFlying2 Star
CMaeTomeInfantry2 Star
CSharenaLanceInfantry2 Star
CLukasLanceInfantry2 Star
COscarLanceCavalry2 Star
COboroLanceInfantry2 Star
CValterLanceFlying2 Star
CRoderickLanceCavalry2 Star
CWinter RobinLanceArmored2 Star
CTravantLanceFlying2 Star
CQuanLanceCavalry2 Star
CPeriLanceCavalry2 Star
CUrsulaTomeCavalry2 Star
CSpring MarisaLanceFlying2 Star
CSummer CordeliaLanceCavalry2 Star

D Tier

Worst Characters in Fire Emblem
The Weakest Heroes of The Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List

Coming down to the business end of this Tier List, we have our last tier, the D Tier. This includes all the familiar characters accessible in the early stages 0f the game. These heroes have a very low base attack, shaky defense, and weapons that deal minimal damage; in short, they are the weakest heroes in the game.

We suggest using them only in the game’s early stages, like if you are a 1-2 star player. It’s best to toss them away from your team once you’ve reached a higher rank by leveling them up and providing them with rare items and using your best strategy with these heroes won’t help you compete against the stronger heroes.

TierCharacterWeapon TypeMove TypeRarity
DBridal LarumLanceFlying1-2 Star
DMathildaLanceCavalry1-2 Star
DSpring LucinaTomeInfantry1-2 Star
DSpring XanderLanceCavalry1-2 Star
DCliveLanceCavalry1-2 Star
DJagenLanceCavalry1-2 Star
DBridal CharlotteLanceInfantry1-2 Star
DSullyLanceCavalry1-2 Star
DBridal CaedaTomeInfantry1-2 Star
DSummer Robin (F)TomeInfantry1-2 Star
DOliverTomeInfantry1-2 Star
DOdenBlue TomeInfantry1-2 Star

August 2022 Update

Intelligent Systems has released a new update Ver. 6.8.0 this month which has introduced new events, game mode features, updated weapons, and an increase in overall stats of the heroes. The update has also seen 31 new characters added to the game, including 6 legendary heroes. So for these new heroes, we’ve created this Fire emblem heroes tier list for August 2022, so buckle up your seatbelts as we’re in for another tier list ride.

Legendary Heroes

These legends will start to reveal in upcoming Legendary and Hero Remix Banners. Which are as follows:

  • Legendary Eliwood
  • Sothis
  • Legendary Julia
  • Thrasir
  • Legendary Leif
  • Altina

5-Star Heroes

These heroes will begin appearing in Weekly Revival Banners in the 4-Star special category instead of the 5-Star banners. These heroes are:

  • Phina
  • Nagi
  • Sirius
  • Valentian Catria
  • Forsyth
  • Silque
  • Duo Ephraim
  • Ewan Gerik
  • Igrene
  • Perceval
  • Larum
  • Eyvel
  • Osian
  • Mareeta
  • Larcei
  • Shannan
  • Ced
  • Kiria
  • Tsubasa
  • Mamori
  • Ellie
  • Fiora
  • Nils
  • Leila

Why trust us?

When ranking our characters, we make sure it’s solely based on their abilities and contribution to the player teams while keeping in mind their overall stats.

Our judgments have no bias; we place these characters in consonance with the community’s thoughts about the protagonists rather than our biased opinion. This way, we provide our readers with knowledge about the games and characters from a completely neutral perspective.


So this was our take on the Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List. We believe we did justice to many of the heroes from these long-listed characters. There will be mixed opinions about certain characters not making it into certain tiers, but at the end of the day, this tier list was constructed purely based on our thoughts upon playing the games. So there, we welcome every reader’s views about it in the comments.

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