Fire Emblem Sacred Stones Tier List (2023)

In the following article, I will be discussing the Fire Emblem Sacred Stones tier list where we will go over all the characters of this mind-blowing game. Additionally, I will make sure each of them is ranked in accordance with their abilities and skills in the game.

There are a lot of playable characters in the title and sometimes it can be hard to know who to pick and who to invest your time and effort into. So if you are new to the game, you are definitely in the right place to learn about all the characters and which ones to choose from, and which ones should be ignored. 

Key Points

  • The list has been compiled keeping in view the current meta of the game.
  • There are a total of 33 characters in the article.
  • Among the highest tiers, we have characters like Seth and Franz.
  • The lowest rank contains the likes of Knoll.


All the characters in the game are ranked in a short table below.

Tier RankCharacters
S Rank• Seth
• Franz
• Moulder
• Vanessa
• Ephriam
• Gerik
• Tana
A Rank• Gilliam
• Tethys
• Duessel
• Innes
• Ephriam
• Eirika
• Cormag
• Kyle
• Forde
• Lute
B Rank• Joshua
• Colm
• Artur
• Ross
• Natasha
• La’rachel
• Garcia
• Syrene
• Myrrh
C Rank• Dolza
• Neimi
• Amelia
• Evan
D Rank• Marisa
• Knoll
• Rennac

You can learn more about them in the article.


Our list is purely subjective and is influenced heavily based on my personal preferences and choices of all the characters of the game. Despite the fact that this article has been researched by us, you may or may not like where a respective character is placed. After all, each one of us has our own likes and dislikes. 

So let us begin with the list and discuss the characters of the game, their stats, and their abilities. All entries are also ranked in either the S, A, B, C, or D tiers, as you would expect to see.

S Tier

Fire Emblem Sacred Stones tier list S tier.
Best Characters.

These characters have flawless qualities and are the most valuable units in the entire game. Using them, there are few situations where you will not absolutely crush your enemies.


Seth is a great character in the game that provides a great game throughout, she can carry out the player through an entire game without much work. He has the ability to make many other players look like shit compared to him. Looking at his growth, he can be felt apart from many other characters that make him stand at the very top of our Fire Emblem Sacred Stones tier list.

Also, he can stand for an entire game without any shocking damage done to him. He can provide a great challenge to his enemies, and without this character the game is a lot harder and more challenging. 


He is a great and well-serviceable player in the game, along with his outstanding growth. He can cap his SPD, SKL, and STR with so much ease and with a great amount of power and strength that he is placed in the top tier of the list. 

Apart from that, his stats and growth are the main factors that are the main reason for his placement in the S tier of our article. He is greatly available plus he is a solid character being able to contribute a lot to the entire game. 


He is available in chapter two of the game being a walking heal staff. He has a fine majority when it comes to healing in the game. Additionally, he has brilliant stats and skills along with his base SPD which is extremely high for a level 3 healer. 

Moulder has the ability to use high-level staves late game which makes it very hard to promote him. His luck and def are great as compared to many other characters in the game which makes him a highly recommend character in the game, and his skills have absolutely no match.


She is a Pegasus Knight who is available from the start of the game. She has the finest ability to rescue other units and she can also transport units across the map. She has an amazing SPD, SKL, and luck even when she tends. Along with this, she has an incredible STR, RES, and HP which can grow at a decent rate.

Also, she is an excellent flier plus she has marvelous combat power, despite that, pierce is an efficient and amazing ability and the extra four Con provides the skill to help out a vast amount when she attains SPD from wielding iron lances. She is an awesome option when it comes to fighting combats and battles that are way difficult to fight and win, she can make them easy for the player.

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Ephriam is present in all the chapters and can be trained in the easiest way. He is way better and possesses a weapon known as Reginleif which serves as a spear vision to utilize and annoy the lance wild cavalry. 

After getting Dracosheild he gets linked by the iron weird bone walkers and revenants. He has amazing growth just like GBA Wyvern Riders. He has high none HP growths that are skills, speed, and strength. Having a +3 speed on promotion therefore his speed is extremely high when he passed levels after level ten. He is a very strong character so he is placed in the S rank of the list.


Gerik is an absolutely fantastic unit with amazing skills and a great mid-game in the routes. He is recruited at level 10 along with some fine bases at DEF, SPD, HP, and STR. He has the ability to promote right away by using his Hero Chest factor, which really gives him the tendency to become a fabulous player in the game.

Apart from that, he has excellent mobility and some really fine skills when it comes down to growth. He is a good sword user with many skills that come in handy when he has to battle against serious opponents. 


She is great for a Pegasus Knight who is available from the very start of the game along with the route split from both of the routes. Tana is that character from the game who has a wide range of availability plus she has somewhat the same stats as compared to another S-class player, Venessa. 

It is not easy to be standing in the S rank of a tier list, the payer must be perfect in many terms of stats. Tana fulfills all the basic stats and abilities of a top-tier player. She can be promoted as a Wyvern Knight because it works out better for her as she takes SPD for wielding Iron Lances.

A Tier

A tier characters.
Good Characters.

The characters of the A rank are pretty good and have some fine skills, but obviously, they are not as great as the ones present in the S tier. These units are great in terms of skills and power, and most of the time they have no problems dominating in combat.


Gilliam is the character who is available from the very beginning of the game and has some pretty fine and decent abilities. He has very fine bases in his DEF, HP, and STR, especially of an armored knight along with this, he has awesome growth and caps. His bulk is really amazing and it helps out a lot in the early game as he is a fine option to go Great Knight.

He has very eager mobility which makes him a very fast player that is of key importance o the gamer in order to win the battle.  His main flaw is that he is good at being a Knight but not very fine in the general form, which means that he has to have the support of his Knight form in order to win a battle.


Tethys is an essential character in the game as she is a dancer with some fine starting moves resulting in having a firm hand on the game. She has some basic and fine moves but even these are so classic that make her stand out in the crowd of many players, as she is a pro in all these moves.

Her SPD, DEF, and luck are very similar to the characters Nils and Ninian which are from the previous version of the game, although there are many differences as well their similarities are great.


Duessel is a brilliant unit that has some amazing base STR, DEF, SKL, and HP. He also has great growth, and the unit has a great grip on weapons as well as a brilliant use of Gram.

The use of axes, swords, and lances results in means he can wield some legendary weapons. On the contrary, his luck sucks big time along with the growth of SPD and Def is not that good therefore they are placed in the A tier of the Fire Emblem Sacred Stones tier list.


The character is available from the very beginning of the game and has two routes just the same as all the other players.  Additionally, he has a firm grip over weapons usage as he can deal with all types of weapons with ease due to that, he can deal with the deadliest opponents with ease.

Innes is all over a good character in the game with fantastic SPD, DEF, STR, and SKL, all of these are in great proportion. The fault with this unit is that he is not very capable of handling bows which are a great source of fighting the enemies. 


The major flaw of Ephriam is that she is not available up until chapter six, which makes its availability much more deprived. This unavailability makes her stand in the A tier. Apart from that, she is a superb unit having all the great stats in the skills set. In addition, she has really awesome growth.

Ephriam has great DEF, SKL, SPD, and STR which is the basic stat power of a very versatile fighter. As he has all the abilities like mobility, speed, and growth, therefore, he is a strong player in the game.


Eirika is the main character of the game and has been deployed in all the chapters. Eirika’s growth is worth noticing along with her SKL, SDP, and luck as they can cap really easily but the department where she lacks the most is HP, ATK, DEF, and RES as she can not catch up that great.

The greatest part of the character is the Angelic Robe which can really boost the rate of survival in the most difficult times. Her sword is locked up despite the fact she is able to be a very competitive character in the game. Eirika has some fine abilities which let her stand out among her allies


This one is a great character in terms of having some pretty amazing bases for the level nine Wyvern Rider which supports a great SKL, SPD, and luck, additionally, his growth is really good when it comes to the HP and STL. He is much better than many characters in the game as he joins pretty early as compared to them.

Cormag can be promoted well enough when it is concerned with the Elysian Whip. His piece is extremely useful as the Pegasus Knight and Wyvern Knight are in a similar situation. 

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Kyle is a pretty great one when it comes to being a Cavalry unit as he is able to perform really well. He has a much better DEF, STR, and HP as compared to his companion named Forde. The STR, SKL, and SPD are really strong and have the ability to cap pretty easily. On the contrary, his luck and RES are not top-notch as he has them very weak, and so is the case with his mobility.

His lack of mobility skills become the reason for his incredibly slow movement throughout the game. The main reason for his placement in the A rank rather than the S one is his speed.


Just like Kyle, Ford is also a fine Cavalry unit due to the way he has fine SKL and SPD. Ford is pretty faster than Kyle but he does have many similarities with his as his STR, SKL, and SPD are amazing and have an identity of being perfect. 

Forde has fine moves and really awesome skill set that enables him to perform really well in the game when there is a tough battle going on. His tank is not up to the mark which makes him somewhat less perfect than the characters of the S tier.


She is an early-game mage having the greatest SKL, SPD, DEF, and RES along with an awesome growth rate that is accompanied by an STR rate being 65% which means that she is able to level up most of the time. Even after training for level ten, her STR is still able to cap pretty nicely. However, the HP and SKL will evidently grow at a low rate and the DEF is very unlikely to grow at a rapid rate during the battle.

The Mage Knight avails a mount to which it can be evidently promoted well enough in the game. All the stats cap very well efficiently but except for the DEF which is relatively slow at capping.

B Tier

Fire Emblem Sacred Stones tier list B tier
Decent Characters.

The B rank characters of the Fire Emblem Sacred Stones tier list contain those units that are relatively average in their forms and skills. They are neither good nor bad, but winning with them can be a struggle depending on the player’s skill level.


Joshua is a good sword-using character having an incredible SKL and SPD for a level five Myrmidon and being able to crit when he combined with the killing edge. The SKL, SPD, and HP grow at a really high rate that provides a high fighting power t him during a battle but on the other hand, his DEF and RES are extremely weak, about 30% to be exact, which makes him highly weak at some points in the game.


He has great combat power allowing him to become a good fighter overall. Despite that, he has a very low base that me him high in his powers but his SKL and luck are pretty great for a level-two thief. His growth is so great that he is a strong one in this regard. If you want him for the purpose of the utility of picking locks and stealing you can just go into Rough form and if you want him to fight combat you can just go Assassin.


He is an absolutely fine magic user who can be recruited in chapter four of the game where the crawling with the monsters happens which means that he might be having a field day. He has some decent STR, SKL, SPD, and RES growth and base which gives him the ability to fight great monsters and mages with absolute ease.

The major flaw of the character is that his DEF, HP, and luck are extremely weak which results in making him far away from all the frontlines in the battle. 


He has a pretty weak base due to the ten additional levels, however, his growth is best for the axe-wielding class due to the reason that his HP, STR, SPD, and SKL are fabulous but his RES and DEF are poor. He has an incredible class of a Pirate and Berserker.

Within these two classes, his SPD is increased at such a high rate that he becomes a good player overall. Ross also uses swords with great efficiency rather than bows.


Natasha is recruited in chapter three after Moulder which leaves her with a great amount of time to be trained which results in two healers being deployed. She is one of the walking heal staff having a fine SPD, RES, and luck on the contrary her DEF, SKL, and STR are not up to the mark.

She can top up many units by mending staff having a great growth rate which enables her to develop heal units to maintain a great fighting ability. Her promotion is good in both terms whereas in Valkyrie is mounted which is great as well as the Bishop comes with a Slayer skill which has a great effect on the player’s stats.


La’rachel has some marvelous bases for level three Troubador along with decent growth he is an absolutely fine unit. Having fabulous STR, SPD, RES, SKL, and luck he plays an important role in the game along with his great skill set. On the other hand, his DEF and HP are somewhat weak.

Another great flaw with this one is that she is recruited in chapter eleven, which takes too long to accomplish and get to avail her. It takes incredibly long to reach the required level and may need some extra levels because sometimes RNG is fond of messing up. 


Garcia is an axe user and a very definitive player who is available from the very beginning of the game. Garcia has good STR, HP, and luck, however, all of the other stats are just average which makes him placed in the B tier.

He is not able to acquire penalties from axes and requires a fair amount of SPD in order to stop being double. For the sake of promotion, he is not so great with bows rather he can work as a hero.


Syrene has a great late game as he is available at the end of the game and has some nice bases in order to keep coping with the other units. She has decent bases and pretty nice growth despite that she can be easily defeated by Vanessa and Tana as they can beat the hell out of her as they are perfectly trained till level twenty.

She is only available for four chapters which means that she can be benched by people as they have completed their terms. Only if she joined a bit early like in chapter fifteen as she can get some fine training or as level fifteen as Pegasus Knight because she is much better like that.


Just like Syrene, Myrrh is available pretty late in the game but she can beat the enemy so badly that it causes heavy damage to the enemy and can level up to be able to catch up in other units. She has decent growth but her RES and luck are really very weak, while the DEF is almost 150%. 

The main reason for her placement in the B tier is that she has just a single stone and that too can be used only up to fifty times. However, it can not be repaired in battle.

C Tier

Below average units.
Below Average Characters.

The units of the C rank of our Fire Emblem Sacred Stones Tier List are below-average characters. They have some decent skills, but the flaws outweigh the benefits of their skills and abilities.


Dolza has a good game going on as he is a mid-game Berserker having fine STR and HP. His DEF and SKL are pretty decent as well along with that there is a minor flaw that I may add here that is if he is battled against a Berserker Ross, he may definitely lose to him in a very bad way.

Apart from other stats, his SPD is so low that it is devastating in many ways for him, on the other hand, it may happen that the SPD might grow better with training and time. Dolza is yet another mediocre one because he can be easily out and by Berserker Ross. 


Despite the fact that she is available from the beginning of the game, her bases are so weak that even the trainees have a much better base than hers. If she played as one of the trainees with the same base she would be the best trainee archer, but as far as being a real player in the game, she is really not up to the mark.

She also goes through a really tough time in order to get killed because of the major flaw of the base. While she causes what bit of damage she can, she may get brutally hurt herself in the meantime.  She is placed in the C rank of the list because she has these flaws in her which are not the skills a good player should have.


She is a trainee unit who joins late due to some underleveled for some reasons, although she is running low on the base still she can be developed as she has ten more levels. She has great growth in the SKL, HP, SPD, and luck but on the contrary, her RES, DEF, and STR are absolutely poor in terms of growth as power.

For the sake of extra movement, Paladin and Cavalier are great for her as compared to Knight which is not so good, despite that it is still better than the general form.

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He is the last trainee in the game who has an underleveled path. Although he has extremely weak bases he still has a big extra of ten levels in order to cope with this weakness of his. As far as growth is concerned, he is doing a good job in the RES, STR, and SKL but his SPD is running extremely low at a 35% range along with the DEF and HP.

The major flaw with him is that he is available in the game at a very late level where he is all-new and takes a lot of time to reach the level of his fellow players. Classwise he is best as Shaman as he is able to cross Knoll because he has many more levels ahead of him to train. 

D Tier

Fire Emblem Sacred Stones tier list D tier
Worst Characters.

The D rank of the article has all the units that are the worst in all respects, and they really do not have many good stats or skills. These characters should be avoided as often as possible.


Marisa has somewhat the same stats as Joshua but she obviously lacks them all in one way or the other from him. She joins the game at level five which is relatively late. She has a really bad skill set that makes her no good at all. All her growth levels are abysmal as she has really bad SKL, SPD, DEF, RES, and luck.

Eventually, her growth rate pretty much declined due to the low stat level. Classwise she is a good swords master, despite that she is much lower in all manners than the above-mentioned units.


He is also available very late in the game at level ten, thus his promotion can be done there and then. When taking a look at the bases of Knoll you might think that he is a level five player but his bases are so pathetic that you may just ignore him while selecting a player. He has to be avoided like the Dark Magic in Sacred Stones along with this, he is a really bad Shaman.


Rennac is the worst character in the game as he has zero combat he is only fine in picking locks and chests. It does help somewhat but he can be brutally beaten by the units mentioned above. His bases are extremely weak as his SKL, SPD, RES, DEF, and luck do not cope with the growth rate. He is really not worth picking as he has got everything in the worst possible way


The Fire Emblem Sacred Stones tier list above has all the characters in the game ranked according to their stats and skills. All of them have them have their own strengths and weaknesses, and those were taken into consideration when compiling our article. But we understand that not everyone will agree with our choices, and that’s fine.

We are always open to criticism, and we would love to hear your opinions in the comments below.