Kaladesh Remastered Draft Tier List: All CARDS Ranked

The time to dive into another Magical Arena is here. Here, we will be going over a Kaladesh Remastered Draft Tier List, which is an expansion for Magic: The Gathering that is a collection of other sets from the arena. It unites the mechanics of Kaladesh and Aether Revolt with a unique twist on their playstyles. The remastered set has a collective 301 cards with even more illustrations for the fans to enjoy. It is a part of the same arena set as Amonket Remastered and Jumpstart: Historic Horizons. However, the expansion was a limited set that aired around November 2020.

Magic: The Gathering provided the players with a fresh and new experience with these expansions, from new mechanics and illustrations to bringing back a plethora of old keywords that we rarely saw in any other set. I think they outdid themselves with the art when it comes to this particular set. Now, let’s look at what you’ll find in our article.

Key Points

  • Learn about the best and worst cards in the Kaladesh Remastered Set.
  • Our list contains a total of 33 entries.
  • Among the top tiers, you will find Chandra and Angel of Invention.
  • The lowest ranks will contain the likes of Lost Legacy and Paradox Engine.


In the table below, I have listed all the cards that are discussed in the list, along with their ratings. It will provide a general idea of which types of cards are great and which are not that ideal. Remember, high rarity does not always mean that it’s better.

Tier RankingCard Names
S Rank• Chandra, Torch of Defiance
• Verdurous Gearhulk
• Skysovereign, Consul Flagship
• Demon of Dark Schemes
• Angel of Invention
A Rank• Confiscation Group
• Nissa, Vital Force
• Noxious Gearhulk
• Heart of Kiran
B Rank• Cloudblazer
• Aerial Responder
• Yahenni’s Expertise
• Quicksmith Rebel
• Longtusk Cub
• Metallic Mimic
C Rank• Gearshift Ace
• Aether Meltdown
• Embraal Bruiser
• Chandra’s Pyrohelix
• Attune with Aether
• Blooming Marsh
D Rank• Inventors Fair
• Engineered Might
• Herald of the Fair
• Thriving Turtle
• Fen Hauler
• Built to Smash
• Creeping Mold
F Rank• Paradox Engine
• Commencement of Festivities
• Lost Legacy
• Paradoxical Outcome
• Authority of the Consuls

You can lean about each card in more detail below.

S Tier

Best Kaladesh Remastered Draft Cards
S Tier.

The first tier of this article is, of course, the S rank. It is customary to start such a list with the best category, and that is what we are doing here. In it, we will be covering the best of the best cards from each category in Kaladesh Remastered.

These cards are considered the best bomb cards, and they are among the best choices for opening picks. Furthermore, these cards allow you to easily go into their colour set and quickly take control of the game—sort of like the “Blue Eyes White Dragon” of Kaladesh Remastered.

Chandra, Torch of Defiance

What better way to start the list than with the best card in the set, Chandra, Torch of Defiance? It is, by far, the most entity that you can draw that’s as usable. Its cost is pretty average at just two.

In the card description, it says specifically that Chandra Exiles the very top card of your library. You may cast it, but if you don’t, Chandra deals two damage to each enemy. For -3, you can deal four damage to a target creature. Lastly, for -7, you gain an emblem. With that in play, each time you play a spell, that emblem deals five damage to any enemy target.

Rarity: Mythic Rare

Verdurous Gearhulk

The next card we are going to look at is the Verdurous Gearhulk. It is an Artifact Creature that costs three mana to play. Additionally, It is a Construct-type creature from the Green colour set. Verdurous Gear Hulk is the only card from the Green set that is pretty strong.

When it comes to the card text, it is a strong trump card in many scenarios. It states that whenever Gearhulk enters the battlefield, you distribute four +1/+1 counters among any of the creatures you control. It has particularly great art on the card as well.

Rarity: Mythic Rare

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Skysovereign, Consul Flagship

Let us continue to the next card, which is a five mana cost legendary artefact called the Consul Flagship. It is arguably the best artefact that we are going to discuss in the Kaladesh remastered draft tier list.

It has a pretty strong ability which states that when the card enters the battlefield, it immediately deals three points of damage to a target creature that an opponent owns. Additionally, it has the ability crew, which allows it to become three selected creatures of three or more power until the end of your turn.

Rarity: Mythic Rare

Demon of Dark Schemes

The second last card we will discuss in the S Tier is the Demon of Dark Schemes. It is a Demon creature with a mana cost of six, which is quite expensive. But it is definitely worth the cost, considering how powerful it is.

When Demon of Dark Schemes enters the battlefield, all other creatures gain -2/-2 for the remainder of your turn. Furthermore, whenever a creature dies, this card gains an energy token. Lastly, you can replace the card from the graveyard under your control for four energy counters.

Rarity: Mythic Rare

Angel of Invention

The last card which we are going to discuss in the S tier is the Angel of Invention. It is an Angel-type creature that costs three mana to be played. It is not the most powerful card in the set when it comes to strength. But, it is quite possibly the best support card in the expansion.

It has the following four keywords as its attribute. Flying, Villigance, Lifelink, and Fabricate 2. Fabricate allows you to either put two +1/+1 counters on this card or create two 1/1 colourless Servo Artifact tokens. Lastly, the card allows you to add 1/1 to all the creatures that you own.

Rarity: Mythic rare

A Tier

Good Kaladesh Remastered Draft Cards
A Tier.

It’s time to discuss the next rank in our Kaladesh Remastered Draft Tier List. Here, we will discuss some of the cards that are still very good when it comes to usability.

However, these are countered easier than the S-tier cards because they don’t let you ease into the color set as efficiently.

Confiscation Group

The first card that we are going to discuss in the A tier is the Confiscation Group. It is a sorcery-type card that costs three mana to play. Despite being an A-tier card, it is used in almost every game you play with this expansion because it is good.

It allows the user to target one creature or artefact and obtain four energy counters. Once you have obtained them, you can pay the cost of the artefacts or creatures’ permanent mana cost and then gain control over it.

Rarity: Rare

Nissa, Vital Force

Next up on the A tier is the Legendary Planeswalker, Nissa. It is a three-mana cost card from the green colour set. Despite being a Mythic Rare card, it fails to join the ranks with the other S-tier cards simply because it’s not as useful as one might think but still very deadly.

For +1, you can untap the target land you control, making the land a 5/5 elemental creature while still having the land keyword. For -3, you can tap a targeted permanent card directly from your graveyard to your own hand. Lastly, for -6, you get an emblem that makes you draw a card each time land you control enters the battlefield.

Rarity: Mythic Rare

Noxious Gearhulk

The next card we are about to discuss is one of the most played cards in the entire game. It is very close to being an S-tier card if not for its four mana cost and restrictive plays. 

It is an Artifact creature with the ability Menace. Whenever Noxious Gearhulk enters the battlefield, you can destroy one targeted creature. Furthermore, if a creature is destroyed using this method, Noxious Gearhulk will gain life equal to the toughness of the creature it destroyed.

Rarity: Mythic Rare

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Heart of Kiran

The last card that we are going to discuss in the A tier is the Heart of Kiran. It is a Legendary artefact Vehicle that costs two mana to play. Additionally, it has the Flying and Viligance keywords as its card attributes.

The first part of its card text is that you can Crew 3. The crew keyword has been discussed in the “Skysovereign, Consul Flagship” section. In addition to that, you can potentially remove a loyalty token from a planeswalker you may own instead of paying the cost of the card’s crew cost.

Rarity: Mythic Rare

B Tier

Decent Kaladesh Cards
B Tier.

The next tier we are going to discuss is, of course, the B rank of our Kaladesh Remastered Tier list. In this, we are going to be discussing the cards that are still pretty usable but not a lot of the time. They are pretty difficult to fix into nice plays and long strategies.

At the same time, these are some of the most played cards because of their low rarity and cost. 


The first card that we will discuss in the B tier is Human Scout Creature, Cloudblazer. Cloublazer costs three mana to be played and has the Flying keyword. It is a part of the blue colour set. When it comes to utility, it provides a very basic but still somewhat useful in some situations.

It has the following card text. Whenever Cloudblazer enters the battlefield, you can draw two additional cards and simultaneously gain two life. It is a very basic card that’s quite common in setting up plays which is why it has earned its spot among the notable B Tier Cards.

Rarity: Uncommon

Aerial Responder

Next up is the Dwarf Soldier Creature, Aerial Responder. It costs one mana to be played but possesses three keywords. It has the Flying, Viligance, and lifeline keywords that constitute its entire card text. To conclude, it has no other special abilities, just these three keywords.

Rarity: Uncommon

Yahenni’s Expertise

After the Aerial Responder, the next card that we are going to take a look at is Yahenni’s Expertise. In addition to being a two-mana cost card, it is a sorcery-type card. Furthermore, it is not exclusive to Kaladesh Remastered and is also available in the Aether Revolt Expansion.

When it comes to utility, Yahenni’s Expertise certainly packs a punch. It makes it so that each creature has -3/-3 until the caster’s turn ends. Here is a card that is quite hard to set up but can be very useful in setting up an artefact effectively.

Rarity: Rare

Quicksmith Rebel

The next card that we are going to discuss is also one of the most played cards from the Red Set, Quicksmith Rebel. It is a three-cost Human Artificer Creature that is quite deadly if not countered effectively.

Whenever Quicksmith Rebel enters the battlefield, your target artefact is tapped. Additionally, for as long as you control Quicksmith Rebel, the artefact will deal two damage to any target you choose.

Rarity: Rare

Longtusk Cub

The second last card of the B tier in this Kaladesh Remastered tier list is the Longtusk Cub. It is part of the green set and costs only one mana to be played. Longstusk Cub is one of the most annoying cards in my experience.

It is a cat-type creature that deals combat damage to the player and gains two energy tokens. Furthermore, you can place a +1/+1 counter on the Longtusk Cub at the cost of two energy tokens, which allows it to snowball out of control if not dealt with immediately.

Rarity: Uncommon

Metallic Mimic

The last card we will discuss, the B Tier, is the Metallic Mimic, one of the hardest cards to play effectively. It costs two mana to be played and has no associated colour set. Additionally, It is an artefact creature called the Shapeshifter.

Whenever Metallic Mimic enters the battlefield, the caster has to decide on the creature type. Once it has been chosen, Metallic Mimic becomes that type in addition to any other types it may already have. Lastly, each new creature of the type you chose that enters the battlefield will gain a +1/+1 counter immediately.

Rarity: Rare

C Tier

Average Kaladesh Remastered Cards
C Tier.

Well, we have reached that halfway mark in our Kaladesh Remastered Draft Tier List. And in the C rank, we will be going over some of the more average cards available in the game.

They don’t really bring anything special to the table but can be played sometimes. Not the ideal pick, but still useful enough to give you a chance.

Gearshift Ace

The first card that we are going to discuss in this C Tier is the Gearshift Ace Card. It is a Dwarf Pilot card that costs one mana to be played. Furthermore, it is one of the most used cards in setting up plays because of how common it is in some pools.

It has the keyword First Strike which it gains as soon as it boards a vehicle the player owns. However, the keyword only lasts until the end of the caster’s turn. 

Rarity: Uncommon

Aether Meltdown

Aether Meltdown costs one mana to be played, and additionally, it is classified as an Aura Enchantment. It is one of the most powerful cards in some of the expansions, but in Kaladesh Remastered, it is rated as an average utility card. 

It has the Flash keyword that allows the user to cast it anytime they could cast an instant. In addition to that, it has the ability to enchant a creature or vehicle, which gives them -4/0. Furthermore, whenever the Aether Meltdown card enters the battlefield, you also get two energy counters. 

Rarity: Uncommon

Embraal Bruiser

The next card that we are going to discuss is the Embraal Bruiser. It is a one-mana cost Human Warrior creature card. Despite being in the C tier, Embraal Bruiser can be one of the most annoying cards to play against at times.

Embraal Bruiser has a number of different abilities. Firstly, it will always enter the battlefield as a Tapped card. Additionally, if you own an artefact at the time of playing this card, then it will gain the Menace keyword. Menance makes the card unblockable by a single enemy, no matter how high the power difference is.

Rarity: Uncommon

Chandra’s Pyrohelix

Continuing our C tier, the next card that we are going to go over is Chandra’s Pyrohelix. It costs one man and is an instant card. Chandra’s Pyrohelix was available in the original Kaladesh set as well. Additionally, it is one of the best cards in terms of usability for the red colour set. However, it is rarely game-changing.

Chandra’s Pyrohelix is a pretty simple card. It deals two damage divided between one or two targets. It is mostly used to finish off low-health creatures or to counter a strong incoming spell.

Rarity: Common

Attune with Aether

The second last card that we are going to discuss in the C tier is the Attune with Aether card. It is part of the green colour set and costs only one mana to be cast as it is a sorcery spell. It is not the best offensive card but pretty decent in setting up future plays.

According to the card text, when the card is played, the user searches their library for a basic land card. Once found, they reveal and then place it into their hand. In addition to this, you also gain two energy counters. You also shuffle your deck afterwards. 

Rarity: Common

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Blooming Marsh

The last card in the C tier is the Blooming Marsh, which is a land card from the multicoloured colour set. When played, the card enters the battlefield tapped unless and until you control two or few other lands. Upon tapping, you can either gain a colourless token or a green token.

Rarity: Rare

D Tier

Kaladesh Below Average Cards
D Tier.

Nearing the end of our Kaladesh Remastered Tier List, the next tier in the spotlight is the D rank. Here, we will be going over some of the worst cards in the Kaladesh Remastered expansion set.

There is never a need to play any of these cards, but they can be considered a last resort in the most desperate situations.

Inventors Fair

The first card of the D tier is the Inventors Fair. Inventors Fair is a legendary land card and is one of the rarest lands you ever come across in games. However, that is good because the usability of the card is next to poor because of its cost.

At the start of your upkeep, if you happen to have three or more artefacts, then you gain one life. Furthermore, for every tap, you can add a colourless token. Lastly, for four mana and a tap, you can discard this card and search your library for an artefact, reveal it and put it in your hand. 

Rarity: Rare

Engineered Might

The next card we are going to place in the spotlight is Engineered Might. Engineered Might is a three-cost sorcery card that can be used with both green and colourless sets. It does have good card utility but is too expensive and lacks usability until the very late game stages.

Whenever Engineered Might is played, the player can pick one of two different texts. The first text dictates that one target creature will get +5/+5 and trample until the end of the turn. The second text states that the player can add +2/+2 and vigilance to every creature they control until the end of their turn.

Rarity: Uncommon

Herald of the Fair

Up next on the list is the Herald of the Fair. It is a simple human creature card that costs two mana. Additionally, it is a common card and very expensive for what utility it offers. It would easily be an F tier if it lacked a little bit in the usability area.

Herald of the Fair gives one of your targetted creatures that are under your control +1/+1 until the end of your turn. For a common card, It would be good if not for the expensive mana cost.

Rarity: Common

Thriving Turtle

The next card that we are going to discuss is the Thriving Turtle. It is a single mana cost Turtle Creature, as the name suggests. It is one of the most common cards in the expansion and the most “meme” card of the expansion.

His text is pretty simple. Whenever Thriving Turtle enters the battlefield, the player gains two energy counters. Additionally, whenever the card attacks, you have the option to pay two energy tokens to give it +1/+1  permanently. 

Rarity: Common

Fen Hauler

Up next in the Kaladesh Remastered Draft Tier List is the Fen Hauler card. It is one of the most expensive common cards with a man cost of six. It is an insect-type creature that is originally from the Aether Revolt expansion set.

Fen Hauler has the Improvise keyword, which means that each artefact you own at the time of casting the card negates one mana cost of the card itself. In addition to that, it has 5/5 stats and can not be blocked by artefact creatures.

Rarity: Common

Built to Smash

The second last card of our current tier is the Built to Smash card. It is an instant card from the red colour set that is used quite commonly. I honestly don’t think it should be a D-tier card, but most stats for the card lead to it being unusable in most situations due to man restrictions.

This instant card gives an attacking creature +3/+3 until the end of the caster’s turn. In addition to that, if the creature is an artefact, it also gains the Trample keyword until the end of the caster’s turn. 

Rarity: Common

Creeping Mold

The last card of the D Tier is one of the most well-known cards in the game, Creeping Moss. It is a two-cost card from the green colour set. Additionally, it is a sorcery-type card with a mana cost of four.

It is a pretty straightforward card as well, which is why it can potentially be a very clutch card. By playing Creeping Mold, you can immediately destroy a targetted artefact, creature or land of any type.

Rarity: Uncommon

F Tier

Worst Kaladesh Remastered Draft Cards
F Tier.

Well, it is time to discuss the final rank of our Kaladesh Remastered Draft Tier List. Here, we will be going over the worst of the worst of all the cards in this expansion.

There is never any use in playing these cards, and sometimes they benefit your opponents more than they benefit you. Let us have a look at them below.

Paradox Engine

The first card that we are going to discuss is the Paradox Engine. Despite being a Mythic Rare, it is one of the worst cards in the expansion. In addition to a uselessly high cost, it offers a very redundant utility. It is a legendary artefact that costs five mana to be played.

The Paradox Engine simply allows you to untap all non-land artefacts under your control whenever you play a spell. Not only is it usable in a situation that occurs every ten games or so, but it is also ridiculously overpriced.

Rarity: Mythic Rare

Commencement of Festivities

Commencement of Festivities is a one mana cost from the green colour set. It is an instant card type and is rarely ever useful. It negates all combat damage that any player would deal for that entire turn.

The card is played in two situations, to either delay your loss by one turn or to save yourself while you set up plays. The latter hardly ever occurs because of the mana restrictions. However, the first situation is quite common but does nothing substantial to help you. 

Rarity: Common

Lost Legacy

I mentioned above how some cards help the opponent more than the caster, and Lost Legacy is one of those cards. Lost Legacy is a one-cost sorcery card that is rarely ever played.

Lost Legacy allows the player to exile all cards of the same name from a target player’s library, graveyard and hand. After they have exiled all those cards, the targetted player draws the same amount of cards as they exiled. In about 98% of the cases, that will help the target player more than the caster.

Rarity: Rare

Paradoxical Outcome

The second last card of the article is the Paradoxical Outcome card. It costs three mana to be cast and is a part of the blue colour set. Furthermore, it is an instant card that is absolutely pointless unless you are hopelessly behind in the game.

When the card is cast, all target non-land, non-token permanents that you control are returned to their original owners’ hands. Additionally, for each card that you return, you draw a card in its place. 

Rarity: Rare

Authority of the Consuls

Authority of the Consuls is another card that benefits your opponents more than it benefits you. It is a one-mana cost enchantment that is only available in the Kaladesh expansions.

The enchantment makes it so that every creature that is owned by an opponent enters the battlefield tapped. Additionally, whenever a creature owned by an opponent enters a battlefield, you gain one life. 

Rarity: Rare


Well, masters of the battlefield, that does it for our Kaladesh Remastered Tier list. Of course, discussing every single card in the expansion is not entirely possible. However, the cards that do require special attention have been discussed here for you.

Let me know in the replies below what your opinion is on the listings I made. Lastly, I hope this list helped you in some way. Because even though I tried my best to be as critical as possible. my biases as a Magic player are probably going to come through. Either way, good luck in your future battles, summoner.

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