Path to Nowhere Tier List [2023]

In this Path to Nowhere Tier List, we will discuss all the Sinners in the game so you know which ones will help you on the road to victory.

Are you looking for which characters to look for in rolls? Well, you have come to the right place. In our Path to Nowhere tier list, we will go over all the characters currently in the game and rank them accordingly. For those who may not be aware, this is a very popular gacha game, so knowing which character to build is extremely important. The characters in the game are referred to as “Sinners”, which you can obtain through the in-game system called “Arrest.”

Rankings are based on the overall usability and relevance of the Sinners throughout the game. You may shine brighter with a B-tier Sinner than with an S Tier one. Each Sinner also has its own rarity, indirectly dictating how powerful a character may be. 

Key Points

  • Path to Nowhere has a collection of characters called Sinners.
  • There are a total of 47 characters in the Path to Nowhere.
  • Baiyi and Demon are some of the rarest and best characters in the game.
  • Some of the worst Sinners are along the lines of Wolverine and Pepper.


Before we dive any further into our list, each Sinner has been briefly listed in the table below.

S RankA RankB RankC Rank
Luvia Ray

The table should give you a general idea as to what you can expect in the content that follows.

S Tier

Path to Nowhere tier list best characters
S Tier.

Like every ranking list in existence, we shall start ours with the best tier of them all in the S rank. Here, we will go over the best-rated Sinners currently in the game. These characters are the hardest to obtain because all of them have the higher tier rating in the Gacha system, and in general have a 2% chance of being pulled.


The first Sinner we will discuss in our Path to Nowhere tier list is Baiyi. She is one of the hardest-hitting characters in the game because her basic attack, Sinister, is a double-hit attack. It is a stage-based attack that deals 65-105 % attack damage. Her Wind Chaos allows her to max her speed stat and deal 200% damage for three turns.

Every time you move in this effect, you’ll also gain an extra 15% crit rate. Even if you stay still, you procure her passive Rush Benefit, which increases attack damage by 6% per stack of Ready to Go.

HP 1161
ATK 147
DEF 79
RES 87


Next up in the S tier is Demon. Demon is one of the tankiest characters in the game. All his abilities are for shielding opponents and himself. He is possibly the best support in the game. There is the exception of his basic attack, Shield, which deals 110% of his attack damage as physical damage using his shield.

His special ability is called Body As A Shield, which allows him to shield himself for 22% of his max health and his allies for 35% of his max health. The shield lasts for 12 seconds. Furthermore, his first passive gives him a shield always for 10% of his max health. Additionally, his second passive, called Never Give Up, increases his shield efficiency by 7% for each 20% health lost in battle. 

HP 1697
ATK 104
DEF 156
RES 154


Moving on in our S Tier, the next Sinner on the chopping block is Hamel. Hamel is a Catalyst user in Path to Nowhere. She is also a support Sinner that uses her ability, Requiem, to restore her health by 16% of the lowest hp ally. Her special ability is Phantom Dance which increases her Dane’s efficiency by 40% for the next 12 seconds.

Energy does not automatically regenerate during that time period. However, her passive, Endless Roration, improves Dance efficiency by 0.5% per second for 60 seconds. Similarly, her other passive is called Touch Of Life which shields allies affected by Dance for 6% of the damage they receive from all sources. Her support is linked to healing rather than shielding which is why she is a different kind of “best” support in the game.

HP 868
ATK 139
DEF 53
RES 53


The next Sinner we are going to discuss is Labyrinth. Labyrinth is one of the most popular S Tier Sinners because of how lethal she is in-game. Her basic attack is called Standard Process which allows her to deal physical damage for 98% of her attack stat. Her special skill is Purge Order which deals Attack times 120% damage to all enemies five times in a row. Additionally, the first hit deals 1 core damage. The skill has only two charges which is fair because it is almost an instant wave clear.

Moving to her passives, her first passive, Bioelectricity, allows her to deal 8% more damage if the target is struck from behind. As for her second passive, after performing Purge Order, she gains an 8% attack increase for five seconds. 

HP 1094
ATK 136
DEF 78
RES 76


She is moving on to Langley, the Reptile type Sinner. She uses a postal as her weapon of choice which allows her to do 113% of attack damage to a target using her basic attack, Decisive. Furthermore, her special episode, Gunfire Amnesty, allows her to stack Pardon followed by five consecutive shots to one enemy that deals 180% of her attack stat per hit. This also deals 1 core damage for the first hit. Her passive, Casualty, allows her to stack Casualty on opponents she hits which increases her damage by 35% per stack for that target.

HP 844
ATK 156
DEF 54
RES 59


The second last Sinner that we are going to look at in the S ranking is Nox. Nox is a fury-type Sinner that is one of the most devastating Sinners to face. Her basic ability is Destruction which deals 90% of her attack damage as physical damage. Moving on to her ultimate, Touch of Despair, causes her to upgrade her basic attack to Sword of Defeat which sends shockwaves to all enemies dealing 158% of her attack damage as physical damage for 20 seconds.

In addition to that, the attack also boosts the attack range to a 3×3 square. Next up are her passives, Soul Corruption and Nether Intimidation. Soul Corruption allows Nox to gain a 0.6% (max 9%) attack bonus for each dead enemy in battle. Nether Intimidation reduced all enemies’ defence stat by 15% whenever she is on the battlefield.

HP 1349
ATK 145
DEF 122
RES 116


Finally, the last character of our S tier is Zoya. Her basic attack is called Assault which is as deadly as it sounds, it deals attack times 83% of her base attack as physical damage. As for her ultimate, Legion’s Arrival, it deals 500% of her attack damage physical damage in the 3×3 range around her. 

This also allows Zoya to deal more damage at the cost of attack speed for 15 seconds after Legion’s Arrival. Her passives are Extreme Violence and Fiery Invasion. The former makes it so every third attack by Zoya deals an extra 2% of the target’s current HP True Damage. The latter increases Zoya’s attack speed every time she hits the same enemy with a maximum of 15 stacks.

HP 1377
ATK 153
DEF 123
RES 116

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A Tier

Path to Nowhere Good Characters
A Tier

With Zoya, we conclude our S Tier and move on to the A-rank Sinners. Although they are of a lower rarity, they can easily outscore all of the S Tier characters because they are easier to promote statistically. 


The first character we will list in the A tier of our Tier List is the Catalyst Goddess, Ariel. Ariel is one of the fan-favorite characters and one of the most used catalyst characters as well. Contrary to some S-tier Sinners, she deals magic damage rather than Physical damage while also having incredible healing support.

Her Abyssal Glimmer heals all allies five times while healing herself for 90% of Ariel’s Attack. She has a horrible defense stat which does make her an easy target, but because she is so strong at healing, most players run her with shield support, creating a very annoying healing+shielding combo.

HP 918
ATK 128
DEF 52
RES 48


Continuing our A-tier Sinners, the next one we will talk about is Astrologer. Astrologer is an arcane type Sinner who also deals magic damage through her basic attack “Astrological.” Furthermore, she has an ultimate ability called Victory Star that summons a Victory to start at the target tile (Max 2). In a nine-square grid around the star, it will inherit 30% of the Astrologer’s max hp and 100% of her attack. It will then deal 130% of its attack damage in its range at regular intervals.

This is quite a deadly ability especially when you pair it with Astrologer’s passive skills Star Guidance and Realm. Realm makes it so that when a Victory Star disappears, it deals 200% of its attack damage to all enemies in its range. As for Star Guidance, magic damage dealt by Victory Star is increased by 4% for attacking in short intervals of time. 

HP 856
ATK 150
DEF 56
RES 60


Che is perhaps the most used as well as the most loved Sinner in our article. She is only a B-tier rarity character but supersedes even S tier champions in damage output most of the time. Because he is so low in rarity, it is very easy to promote him which is why he is worthy of being A Tier Sinner.

His basic attack deals 84% of his attack damage as physical damage (can be upgraded to 151%). Her ultimate starts her Hunt and deals 400% physical damage. Enemies hit by it obtain the Track debuff for 11 seconds. Both of his passives give him a 20% chance to get 1 energy per hit.

HP 1104
ATK 140
DEF 120
RES 104


Chelsea is a tank Sinner that can last longer as well as poke down enemy targets consistently for a long time. Her utility is not as devastating as some of the other Sinners but considering how high her Defense and Resistant stat is, she proves herself worthy of being an A-tier Sinner. Her ultimate is even more annoying to deal with because it spawns a Sitri which has 80% of Chelsea’s max hp. 

HP 1105
ATK 100
DEF 133
RES 133


Crache is an S-tier rarity Sinner that relies on combo plays rather than straight-up attacks. Sinister is his basic attack which deals 92% attack damage. His ultimate allows him to enter the shadows, making him un-targetable. The damage is boosted by 400% upon using an attack with an incremental 5% (60% max) crit chance for each second. Furthermore, his passive allows him to generate a shadow every 6 seconds that deal additional damage per shadow when you use your ultimate.

HP 1196
ATK 171
DEF 91
RES 88


Similar to  Chelsea, Dolly also is very tanky because of her high defence and resistance stats. Dolly also relies heavily on her stack combos. With Dolly, you just have to wait because she gains 10% attack speed every 20 seconds. When this bonus is at least 50%, all hell breaks lose because her basic attack becomes an AoE attack along with 10% more attack damage.

If her passives were not enough, her ultimate increases her attack speed by another 100% and adds 20% attack damage to her attacks for 6 normal attacks. 

HP 1293
ATK 142
DEF 119
RES 117


Emp is a Reticle-type Sinner that struggles to stay alive because of her low defense stats. However, she does hit pretty hard as her basic attack deals 128% damage for the first two hits and then becomes a multi-hit attack that deals 85% damage per shot. Her ultimate is an execute because it targets the lowest hp enemy and deals 800% attack damage along with 1 core damage.

HP 879
ATK 147
DEF 46
RES 49


Next up on the Path to Nowhere tier list is Eirene. Eirene is also a very squishy target but deals a lot more damage than Emp. Her basic attack deals 92% magic damage. As for her ultimate, it is one of the most complex ones in the game. It deals with each type of enemy differently. The categorization of these enemies is enemies with no core, with one intact core, or with all of its cores broken. 

HP 955
ATK 163
DEF 52
RES 54


Horo is another tank Sinner that qualifies in the A ranks. Her attacks deal a significant amount of damage while her defense and resistance stats help her survive in the fights. However, all of these stats come at the price of a very low attack speed stat. Her most notable ability is her ultimate that deals 600% damage and 1 core damage to all enemies in her range. Her second passive helps her sustain as well because it heals her for 2% of her max hp per each sweep.

HP 1198
ATK 149
DEF 123
RES 113


Hella is another hard-hitting Sinner that deals a lot with her basic attack. Her ultimate is quite underwhelming because it’s not as lethal as some of the other ultimates we have looked at. However, her passives are very clutch because both of them heal Hella for a percentage of her health. Her basic attack deals 113% damage as well which is quite decent given her attack stat.

HP 1313
ATK 146
DEF 121
RES 103


Hekaty is another hard-hitting sinner that deals a lot of magic damage in a very short amount of time. What makes her especially unique is her immense range. Her normal attack deals 120% of her damage as attack damage. Her ultimate, Lightless Mirror, deals 630% magic damage to every single targetable enemy. In addition to that, each attack applies a dream on the enemy (max 10 stacks) which increases damage taken from Hekaty by 1% per stack.

HP 921
ATK 146
DEF 54
RES 54


As the name suggests, Ignis is a fire bases Sinner that bends the arcane to her will. Ignis has relatively low attack damage but the trick is her second passive, Uncontrollable Blaze. The ability applies to burn on the enemies hit by a meteorite for 5 seconds which deals 15% of magic damage per second. Her ultimate affects her basic ability that turns Blaze to Meteorite along with bumping up the damage from 74%-160%.

HP 872
ATK 146
DEF 53
RES 55


Consequent to Ignis, Kelvin deals in ice damage. The notable difference is in passives. While Ignus deals more damage, Kelvin protects the lowest hp ally by giving them 28% damage resistance. Her other passive slows down enemies around her by 20%. As for her ultimate, it deals 180% AoE damage with 30% slowed movement debuff.

HP 875
ATK 138
DEF 49
RES 53


Kava-Kava is an extremely tanky Sinner that doesn’t hit as hard as some of the other tanks but can hit way more often than them. One of the key traits of Kava-Kava is that they have a lot of range for their abilities. The ultimate Guardian Beacon has the range of the entire target grid and heals all allies for 1% of their health every 2 seconds. Each Guardian Beacon increases the next Guardian Beacon’s total healing. 

HP 1586
ATK 110
DEF 133
RES 160

Luvia Ray

Moving on to the Arcane user, Luvia Ray. Luvia has a very attack stat, but the rest of her stats are mediocre at best. Despite that, She is worthy of A Tier spot because of how her kit helps her out. Luvia or Ray deals 67% or 100% of their attack damage, respectively, through their basic attacks.

Her Ultimate allows her to switch between her two personalities, Luvia and Ray, which introduces quite a complex variable in her playstyle. Attacking with Luvia-Ray will occasionally make them electrocuted which boosts their attack damage as well as their attack speed through passives.

HP 778
ATK 139
DEF 51
RES 48


Pacassi is another hard-hitting sinner that relies on radiation for most of her damage. Her basic attack is quite deadly because it is a multi-hit attack. For the first two shots, she does 84% magic damage and with the third attack, she hits the enemy with 60% magic damage twice. Her ultimate creates a radiation field around her enemies which deal damage to enemies hit by it or in it.

HP 1289
ATK 137
DEF 118
RES 124


Pricillia is quite an underwhelming damage Sinner but still an A-tier one. Her utility is very luck based because being good with her relies on her passive which has a 15% chance to boost the damage she does. Her basic attack deals 56% attack damage which is boosted by her ultimate by making it two 40% damage shots. 

HP 853
ATK 151
DEF 57
RES 50


As the name would suggest, Serpent is a sinner that deals with a lot of venomous abilities. Her basic attack deals 80% of her attack damage, but if no enemy is in their square at any point in the game, her passive is activated which deals 30% increased damage. If the passive procs six times, Serpent deals 300% damage to all enemies in range. Similarly, her ultimate deals AoE damage amounting to 600% of her attack damage.

HP 990
ATK 156
DEF 69
RES 66


Victoria is quite a bloody Sinner. All of her abilities are related to blood manipulation. Her most interesting ability is her ultimate, which consumes 50% of her hp but deals 110% of her damage six times to any enemies in range. Each Rose penetration stacks on enemies, and when an enemy has 3 of these debuffs, Victoria recovers 150 hp and deals 90% attack damage to that enemy.

HP 898
ATK 140
DEF 50
RES 56


Wendy is a pretty well-rounded Sinner that is quite a menace in some fights. Her basic attacks deal 33% damage to an enemy in range three times. This may look weak but when you consider that her passive gives her 5% for each enemy on the battlefield, her attack builds up quite nicely. For her ultimate, she becomes a Beyblade and spins with her chainsaw dealing 150% damage to all enemies in range 5 times.

HP 1166
ATK 152
DEF 109
RES 112

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B Tier

Path To Nowhere Tier List Average Characters
B Tier.

Now, let us move to the B rank of our article. Here we will discuss some of the average-rated sinners in the game. They do differ in rarity but due to complications as well as low stats, but were not able to cut the A Tier.


The first character that we are going to discuss in the B Tier is Anne. Anne is a catalyst-type character that has pretty average stats all around. Her basic damage is pretty decent for a healer, but her kit’s main focus is her ult, Blessing of the White Clothes, which heals allies and Anne significantly. Paired with the ability is one of her passives that increase her healing by 2% for 10% ally unit health recovered.

HP 909
ATK 118
DEF 48
RES 47


Chameleon is a catalyst Sinner that “Hypnotizes” allies and enemies. All her damage is magic damage but players don’t pick her for her damage. She is purely a Sinner focused on status effects. Her ultimate, as well as her passives, increase ally Sinners’ attack damage as well as attack speed. These buffs stack up over the game allowing her to boost her teammates immensely.

HP 788
ATK 121
DEF 51
RES 57


Demolia is a tank Sinner that has the role of endurance. Her basic attack is quite a deadly one because it deals 119% of attack damage and Demolia’s base attack stat is 108. This is not as high as some of the tanks in the A Tier and the S tier, which is why she is in the current tier. Her ultimate is quite underwhelming as well because it only allows Demolia to recover 30% of her health. Her only attack is her basic attack which does make her quite redundant in most situations.

HP 1630
ATK 108
DEF 138
RES 134


We have already discussed the Fire and Ice sinners; now it’s time to look at the Water Sinner, Flora. Flora deals physical damage in the form of water waves and projectiles. Unfortunately for Flora, her attacks are way too low on damage to compete with many of the other Reticles we have discussed. However, Flora does have a win condition, and that is luck. Her passives and ultimate focus a lot on crit damage. If you manage to hit consecutive crit shots, chances are that the battle is yours.

HP 758
ATK 137
DEF 45
RES 48


Fox is another catalyst user that falls in the B tier. His most notable ability for supporting allies is his ultimate, which shields all allies for 20% of the damage they take and removes all “Control” debuffs for 6 seconds. He does have an interesting passive that debuffs enemies that use a skill for -10% attack damage for 4 seconds.

HP 824
ATK 116
DEF 55
RES 48


Joan is an arcane user who has severely underwhelming abilities. She is the perfect average sinner because her powers don’t stand out a lot, and you’ll most likely be rerolling her the first chance you get. Her ultimate is quite average as well because it only increases her attack speed by 30%. One interesting thing about her kit is her Marcato stacking ability which allows her to deal 250% attack damage every third instance of a Marcato being applied.

HP 860
ATK 136
DEF 58
RES 53


Koko is an endure type character which means that she has very high defence and resistance but lacks in damage and attack speed stats. Her basic attack deals 80% of attack damage to an enemy. Her ultimate is quite disappointing as well because it only gives Koko 20% defense and restricts her energy recovery. Additionally, her passive allows her to stack 0.5% defence each time an enemy hits her.

HP 1476
ATK 101
DEF 147
RES 126


Macchiato is a Catalyst user that gets the job done with her trusty whip. She is quite a bizarre sinner because when you use her ultimate, she whips an ally sinner and heals them for 3.5% of their max health. Furthermore, her attack imbues enemies with “Torture,” which allows ally Sinners to heal every time they hit them. Her ultimate also increases an ally’s defence by 15%.

HP 768
ATK 112
DEF 49
RES 49


Mess is a fury-type Sinner that has extremely well-rounded stats all around. Unfortunately, using Mess popularly is so complex and uselessly descriptive that she loses all the worth of those stats. She can switch between two weapons, the Evil Sword and Craftsman’s Hammer, which boost attack damage and attack speed respectively. 

HP 1236
ATK 149
DEF 114
RES 113


Ninety-Nine is also a fury-type sinner but deals way more damage than Mess. Her basic attack deals 108% attack damage. Additionally, her ultimate comes at the cost of 50% of her hp with a 20% attack bonus. Thanks to her passives, Ninety Nine deals more damage to an enemy if she hits them repeatedly, while her other passive gives her increased attack speed for every 10% of health she loses.

HP 1282
ATK 152
DEF 111
RES 110


OliFer is an arcane user sinner who deals damage using his Puppet spells. Each of his attacks applies a “Puppet” on the target which increases the damage they take from Oliver significantly. What’s even more annoying is that when enemies lose this debuff, they get hit 110% of OliFers attack damage.

HP 818
ATK 144
DEF 48
RES 53


Peggy is an endurance-type user that shields all allies for 25% of her max hp by using her ultimate. Furthermore, each of her basic attacks has a 10% chance of Peggy gaining a shield for 10% of her max hp. The passive has a 15-second cooldown, with the shield being up for 5 seconds.

HP 1522
ATK 104
DEF 135
RES 138


Rou Lecca is a Reticle-type Sinner that has pretty low defense and resistance but can steamroll through her attack stats. Her basic attack deals 85% damage each time with every 6th one being 30% stronger. Her ultimate load’s magic bullets in her gun, which can deal anywhere from 50-225 % attack damage. 

HP 788
ATK 150
DEF 57
RES 53


Finally, the last character in the C Tier of our Path to Nowhere tier list is Summer. Similar to RouLecaa, Summer is also a Reticle Sinner that deals a lot more damage at the cost of low armour and resistance. Summer’s basic attack only deals 50% of her attack damage.

Additionally, Summer’s ultimate allows her to summon a drone with increases her attack speed along with the attack speed of her drones. Because of her passives, each drone gives her a 4% increase in crit rate as well as a 10% damage increase per drone.

HP 953
ATK 154
DEF 58
RES 53

C Tier

Path To Nowhere Tier List Worst Characters
C Tier.

Now it is time to discuss the last rank of our ranking. Here we will discuss the worst-ranked Sinners in the game since their utility and stats are severely poor compared to some of the Sinners discussed above. 


Cinnabar is an Endurance Sinner whose job is to shield her allies. Her basic attack is pretty strong because it hits two times; the first attack deals 104% attack damage, while the second shot deals 62% attack damage. Using her ultimate, she can shield her allies for 2.5% of her max health.

However, the ultimate is quite expensive because it reduced the number of people Cinnabar can block along with halting her automatic energy gain. Her passives increase shield intensity, but given how low the shield period is, they rarely ever come in useful.

HP 1572
ATK 103
DEF 143
RES 150


Up next is Gekkabijin, who is an Umbra Sinner. She has low defense and resistance stats but high health and attack stats. Her basic attacks deal 80% damage, while her ultimate deals 300% attack damage to the highest health enemy. This also applies an Assasins Mark on the target, which increases the damage they take from Headhunt by another 100%. Attacking an enemy with an Assasins mark also gives Gekkabijin a 10% attack speed bonus.

HP 935
ATK 142
DEF 87
RES 86


Lisa is a B Tier rarity Catalyst user that has very poor defense and resistance stats. Additionally, her attack and health stats are very poor as well which is why she is in the C tier. Her basic attack only deals 80% magic damage. Her ultimate is pretty poor as well because it only increases the attack speed of allies by 20% for the ones affected by it. The enemies it hits become immobilized as well as reduced movement speed. 

HP 816
ATK 108
DEF 54
RES 54


Pepper is a fury-type character with pretty good stats for a C-tier Sinner. However, her abilities are where the problem takes place. Her basic attack deals 87% damage two times then follows up with a third hit that doe 114% attack damage. However, she has one of the worst ultimates in the game that only gives Pepper a 50% increase in attack speed. Her attacks also apply “Life Loss” which deals 40% damage to enemies and gives Pepper a 5% attack speed bonus.

HP 1153
ATK 131
DEF 108
RES 102


Tetra is an A rarity Umbra Sinner with very high health stats but relatively poor defense stats. Her basic attack deals 100% attack damage which is pretty decent damage. However, her ultimate, Instant Strike, deals 500% attack damage to all enemies in her range. She also gains a 4% crit bonus after her ultimate. Her crit hits are important because every crit hit she lands every 20 seconds can stun enemies for 2 seconds.

HP 1142
ATK 152
DEF 83
RES 78


The last character of our C tier is Wolverine who is a Reticle-type Sinner. His only decent stat is his attack damage which is why his basic ability is quite lethal. It deals 111% of his attack damage. His ultimate is a trap that deals 100% of his attack damage to all enemies in range of it. Furthermore, the farther Wolverine is from his opponent, the more danger he deals with his crossbow. For a Reticle, his damage is pretty low, which is why he is in the C Tier.

HP 767
ATK 139
DEF 54
RES 51

Comparison Table

Luvia RayA7781395148


With Wolverine, we conclude our Path to Nowhere Tier List. There was a brief description of the characters in the game that highlights their strengths and their weaknesses. Keep in mind that strategy matters a lot in this game which is why no definitive ranking holds any character back. 

All in all, let me know what you thought of the list and which characters you feel like giving a try. Additionally, if you feel like adding something or want to leave a tip for future readers, feel free to do so in the comments below. Take care, gamers. 

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