Pokemon Go Attacker Tier List [2023]

In this tier list we will analyze all the 216 Pokémon currently in the meta and rank them in tiers.

As we dive into the world of Pokemon Go, a game that captured the hearts of millions since its release in 2016, we present the Pokemon Go Attacker Tier List. Developed by Niantic, Inc., this mobile game has continued to thrive with its dedicated fanbase and regular updates, boasting an impressive 80 million active players worldwide.

It’s important to note that this tier list is subject to changes with new updates and the introduction of new Pokemon. The dynamic nature of the game keeps the meta constantly evolving. Enjoy your adventures in Pokemon Go as you strive to become a skilled and powerful trainer!

Key Points

  • We have a total of 216 Pokemon on our list.
  • They have been ranked according to their base stats, strengths, rarity, and overall performance.
  • In the highest ranks, we have the likes of Shadow Mewtwo, Shadow Metagross, Shadow Machamp, Shadow Salamance, Shadow Dragonite, and Mega Latios.
  • You will find Pokemon likes of Empoleon, Gallade, Alolan Exeggutor, Alolan Raichu, Deoxys (Attack Forme), and Overqwil in the lowest ranks.


To view a complete list of our rankings, see the table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
• Shadow Mewtwo
• Shadow Metagross
• Shadow Machamp
• Shadow Salamance
• Shadow Dragonite
• Mega Latios
• Mega Gengar
• Mega Charizard Y
• Shadow Mamoswine
• Xurkitree
• Shadow Electivire
• Shadow Hariyama
• Mega Venusaur
• Mega Blastoise
• Mega Aerodactyl
• Mega Manectric
• Mega Abomasnow
• Shadow Raikou
• Rampardos
• Shadow Swampert
• Shadow Moltres
• Shadow Tyranitar
• Shadow Weavile
• Landorus (Therian Forme)
• Rhyperior
• Lucario
• Shadow Ho-Oh
• Mewtwo
• Shadow Venusaur
• Shadow Golem
• Shadow Honchkrow
• Shadow Tangrowth
• Shadow Aerodactyl
• Mega Ampharos
• Mega Houndoom
• Mega Latias
• Mega Pidgeot
• Mega Lopunny
• Hoopa (Unbound)
• Shadow Magnezone
• Shadow Entei
• Shadow Gardevoir
• Salamence
• Shadow Zapdos
• Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
• Reshiram
• Zekrom
• Hydreigon
• Chandelure
• Conkeldurr
• Excadrill
• Darkrai
• Darkrai
• Rayquaza
• Metagross
• Shadow Latios
• Machamp
• Mega Absol
• Thundurus (Therian Forme)
• Galarian Darmanitan
• Shadow Charizard
• Shadow Torterra
• Shadow Gyarados
• Shadow Victreebel
• Shadow Blastoise
• Shadow Exeggutor
• Shadow Magmortar
• Yveltal
• Giratina (Origin Forme)
• Mega Gyarados
• Mega Charizard X
• Shadow Pinsir
• Shadow Granbull
• Shadow Manectric
• Zarude
• Shadow Lugia
• Shadow Typhlosion
• Shadow Feraligatr
• Shadow Luxray
• Darmanitan
• Heatran
• Gengar
• Breloom
• Kingler
• Moltres
• Dragonite
• Raikou
• Ho-Oh
• Vikavolt
• Nihilego
• Pheromosa
• Swampert
• Gardevoir
• Latios
• Azelf
• Groudon
• Kyogre
• Dialga
• Palkia
• Staraptor
• Roserade
• Honchkrow
• Weavile
• Magnezone
• Electivire
• Glaceon
• Shadow Alolan Exeggutor
• Venusaur
• Shadow Mismagius
• Genesect
• Shadow Banette
• Shadow Scizor
• Shadow Houndoom
• Shadow Alakazam
• Shadow Gallade
• Shadow Flygon
• Shadow Flygon
• Shadow Vileplume
• Shadow Arcanine
• Shadow Ampharos
• Shadow Shiftry
• Shadow Sharpedo
• Shadow Cacturne
• Shadow Porygon-Z
• Terrakion
• Shadow Abomasnow
• Clawitzer
• Sylveon
• Shadow Skuntank
• Mega Altaria
• Mega Beedrill
• Genesect - Burn Drive
• Genesect - Shock Drive
• Genesect - Douse Drive
• Genesect - Chill Drive
• Shadow Aggron
• Galarian Zapdos
• Zacian - Hero of Many Battles
• Thundurus (Incarnate Forme)
• Braviary
• Meganium
• Scizor
• Celebi
• Tapu Lele
• Tapu Koko
• Tapu Bulu
• Sceptile
• Blaziken
• Crawdaunt
• Haxorus
• Yanmega
• Togekiss
• Tangrowth
• Shaymin (Sky Forme)
• Alolan Golem
• Emboar
• Samurott
• Unfezant
• Gigalith
• Krookodile
• Escavalier
• Shadow Latias
• Charizard
• Delphox
• Eelektross
• Accelgor
• Bisharp
Tornadus (Incarnate • Forme)
• Kyurem
• Meloetta (Aria Forme)
• Shadow Scyther
• Sirfetch'd
• Shadow Muk
• Shadow Articuno
• Greninja
• Zebstrika
• Tyrantrum
• Hoopa (Confined)
• Mega Steelix
• Mega Slowbro
• Shadow Cloyster
• Shadow Walrein
• Shadow Kingdra
• Galarian Articuno
• Shadow Hippowdon
• Hisuian Braviary
• Archeops
• Simisage
• Alakazam
• Toucannon
• Victreebel
• Golem
• Exeggutor
• Jynx
• Gyarados
• Jolteon
• Typhlosion
• Espeon
• Entei
• Lugia
• Lycanroc (Midday Form)
• Victini
• Hariyama
• Cacturne
• Banette
• Jirachi
• Infernape
• Empoleon
• Gallade
• Alolan Exeggutor
• Alolan Raichu
• Deoxys (Attack Forme)
• Overqwil

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S Tier

S Tier of Pokemon Go Attackers Tier List
Strongest Attackers of Pokemon Go Attackers Tier List

The first Tier is the S Tier. This will include all the robust and vigorous attackers of the Game. These Pokemon have the best overall stats, base attack, and maximum level. Some legendary Pokemon from the Universe are also included, giving you a further idea of how good this Tier is. So if you are on the streets, look everywhere, as these rare attackers have rare spawn rates. Finding them can be a headache and requires a lot of probing. Moving down, you will see they are worth all the hustle.

TierPokemonOptimal setsGreat SetsRarity
SShadow MewtwoConfusion + Psystrike (Elite)
Psycho Cut + Shadow Ball (Elite)
Confusion + Shadow Ball (Elite)
Confusion + Psychic
Psycho Cut + Ice Beam
Psycho Cut + Thunderbolt
Psycho Cut + Focus Blast
Very Rare
SShadow MetagrossBullet Punch + Meteor Mash (Elite)Zen Headbutt + Psychic
Very Rare
SShadow MachampCounter or Karate Chop (legacy) + Dynamic Punch
Counter + Close Combat or Cross ChopVery Rare
SShadow SalamanceDragon Tail + Outrage (Elite) + Draco Meteor

Dragon Tail + Outrage (Elite)
Dragon Tail + Draco Meteor

Fire Fang + Fire Blast

Dragon Tail + Hydro Pump

Bite + Draco Meteor or Outrage (Elite)
Very Rare
SShadow DragoniteDragon Tail or Dragon Breath + Outrage
Dragon Tail or Dragon Breath + Draco Meteor (Elite)
Dragon Tail or Dragon Breath + Dragon Claw
Very Rare
SMega LatiosDragon Breath + Dragon Claw
Zen Headbutt + Psychic
N/AVery Rare
SMega GengarLick + Shadow Ball
Shadow Claw + Shadow Ball
N/AVery Rare
SMega Charizard YFire Spin + Blast Burn (Elite)N/AVery Rare
SShadow MamoswinePowder Snow + AvalancheMud Slap + Bulldoze
Very Rare
SXurkitreeThunder Shock + Discharge
Spark + Discharge
Thunder Shock + ThunderVery Rare
SShadow ElectivireShadow ElectivireN/AVery Rare
SShadow HariyamaCounter + Dynamic Punch

N/AVery Rare
SMega VenusaurVine Whip + Frenzy Plant (Elite)N/AVery Rare
SMega BlastoiseWater Gun + Hydro Cannon (Elite)N/AVery Rare
SMega AerodactylRock Throw + Rock SlideN/AVery Rare
SMega ManectricCharge Beam + Wild ChargeN/AVery Rare
SMega AbomasnowPowder Snow + Weather Ball (Ice)N/AVery Rare
SShadow RaikouThunder Shock + Wild ChargeThunder Shock + Shadow BallVery Rare
SRampardosSmack Down + Rock SlideN/AVery Rare
SShadow SwampertWater Gun + Hydro Cannon*

Mud Shot + Earthquake

N/AVery Rare
SShadow MoltresFire Spin + Overheat

Wing Attack + Sky Attack
N/AVery Rare
SShadow TyranitarSmack Down* + Stone Edge

Bite + Crunch
N/AVery Rare
SShadow WeavileIce Shard + Avalanche

Snarl + Foul Play
N/AVery Rare
SLandorus (Therian Forme)Mud Shot + EarthquakeN/AVery Rare
SRhyperiorSmack Down + Rock Wrecker (legacy)Mud Slap + Earthquake
Smack Down + Stone Edge
Very Rare
SLucarioCounter + Aura SphereN/AVery Rare
SShadow Ho-OhIncinerate + Sacred Fire+Incinerate + Sacred Fire
Hidden Power (Flying) + Brave Bird
Very Rare

A Tier

A Tier of Pokemon Go Attackers Tier List
Good Attackers of Pokemon Go Attackers Tier List

The B Tier list will comprise those Pokemon considered strong. They have more than decent base powers, attacks, and move sets. This list includes some of the legendary Pokemon as well, but after noticing some flaws in their abilities, we believe they can’t quite make it to the S Tier, so they have to settle for a place in A Tier which doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Since there are so many big names in this Tier, they’re worthy of your time and precious Poke Balls.

TierPokemonOptimal setsGreat setsRarity
AMewtwoConfusion + Psystrike (elite)
Psycho Cut or Confusion + Shadow Ball (elite)
Confusion + Psychic
Psycho Cut + Ice Beam
Psycho Cut + Thunderbolt
AShadow VenusaurVine Whip + Frenzy PlantN/ARare
AShadow GolemRock Throw + Stone Edge
Mud Slap + Earthquake
AShadow HonchkrowPeck + Sky AttackSnarl + Dark PulseRare
AShadow TangrowthVine Whip + Power WhipVine Whip + Solar BeamRare
AShadow AerodactylRock Throw + Rock SlideN/ARare
AMega AmpharosVolt Switch + Zap Cannon
Charge Beam + Zap Cannon
AMega HoundoomSnarl + Foul Play
Fire Fang + Flamethrower
AMega LatiasDragon Breath + Outrage
Zen Headbutt + Psychic
AMega PidgeotGust (Elite) + Brave BirdN/ARare
AMega LopunnyLow Kick + Focus BlastN/ARare
AHoopa (Unbound)Confusion + PsychicAstonish + Shadow or Dark PulseRare
AShadow MagnezoneSpark + Wild ChargeN/ARare
AShadow EnteiFire Fang + OverheatFire Spin + Overheat
Fire Fang + Flamethrower
AShadow GardevoirCharm + Dazzling Gleam
Confusion + Psychic
ASalamenceDragon Tail + Outrage (legacy)Dragon Tail + Draco MeteorRare
AShadow ZapdosThunder Shock* + Thunderbolt

Thunder Shock* + Drill Peck
ALandorus (Incarnate Forme)Mud Shot + Earth PowerRock Throw + Rock SlideRare
AReshiramFire Fang+OverheatN/ARare
AZekromCharge Beam + Wild Charge

Dragon Breath + Outrage
AHydreigonBite + Dark PulseN/ARare
AChandelureFire Spin + Overheat
Hex + Shadow Ball
AConkeldurrCounter + Dynamic PunchN/ARare
AExcadrillMud Slap + Earthquake
Mud Slap + Drill Run
ADarkraiSnarl + Shadow Ball or Dark PulseN/ARare
AMamoswinePowder Snow + AvalancheMud Slap + BulldozeRare
AGarchompDragon Tail + Outrage
Mud Shot + Earthquake
ARayquazaDragon Tail + OutrageN/ARare
AMetagrossBullet Punch + Meteor Mash (legacy)Zen Headbutt + PsychicRare
AShadow LatiosDragon Breath + Dragon Claw
Zen Headbutt + Psychic

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B Tier

B Tier of Pokemon Go Attackers Tier List
Decent Attackers of Pokemon Go Attackers Tier List

Decent would be the right word to describe these Pokemon. They are well capable of putting up a good fight. Their stats and power, alongside their moves, are pretty good too. Most of these Pokemon from this Tier have the potential to be listed in the above Tier. Still, due to observing some defects in their abilities, we believe they are best suited for the B Tier.

TierPokemonOptimal sets:Great sets:Rarity
BMachampCounter or Karate Chop (legacy) + Dynamic PunchCounter + Close Combat or Cross ChopUncommon
BMega AbsolSnarl + Dark PulseN/AUncommon
BThundurus (Therian Forme)Volt Switch + ThunderboltN/AUncommon
BGalarian DarmanitanIce Fang+AvalancheN/AUncommon
BShadow CharizardFire Spin + Blast Burn*N/AUncommon
BShadow TorterraRazor Leaf + Frenzy PlantN/AUncommon
BShadow GyaradosWaterfall + Hydro Pump

Waterfall + Aqua Tail*
BShadow VictreebelRazor Leaf + Leaf BladeAcid + Sludge BombUncommon
BShadow BlastoiseWater Gun + Hydro CannonN/AUncommon
BShadow ExeggutorConfusion (legacy) or Bullet Seed + Solar BeamConfusion (legacy) or Extrasensory + PsychicUncommon
BShadow MagmortarFire Spin + Fire PunchN/AUncommon
BYveltalGust + HurricaneSnarl + Dark Pulse
BGiratina (Origin Forme)Shadow Claw + Shadow BallDragon Tail + Dragon Pulse
BMega GyaradosWaterfall + Hydro Pump
Bite + Crunch
BMega Charizard XDragon Breath (Eltie) + Dragon Claw
Fire Spin + Blast Burn (Elite)
BShadow PinsirBug Bite + X-Scissor
Fury Cutter + X-Scissor
BShadow GranbullCharm + Play RoughN/AUncommon
BShadow ManectricThunder Fang + Wild ChargeN/AUncommon
BZarudeVine Whip + Power WhipN/AUncommon
BShadow LugiaExtrasensory + Aeroblast+Extrasensory + Aeroblast
Extrasensory + Sky Attack
BShadow TyphlosionEmber + Blast Burn* (Elite)
BShadow FeraligatrWaterfall + Hydro Cannon (legacy)N/AUncommon
BShadow LuxraySpark + Wild ChargeN/AUncommon
BDarmanitanFire Fang + OverheatN/AUncommon
BHeatranFire Spin + Flamethrower
BGengarShadow Claw or Lick (legacy) + Shadow BallShadow Claw or Lick (legacy) + Sludge Bomb
Hex or Sucker Punch + Shadow Ball
BBreloomCounter + Dynamic Punch
Bullet Seed + Grass Knot (legacy)
BKinglerBubble + Crabhammer
BMoltresFire Spin + Overheat
Wing Attack + Sky Attack (elite)
Dragon Tail or Dragon Breath + Outrage or Draco Meteor (legacy)
Dragon Tail or Dragon Breath + Dragon ClawUncommon
BRaikouThunder Shock + Wild ChargeThunder Shock + Shadow BallUncommon
BHo-OhIncinerate + Sacred FireHidden Power (Flying) + Brave Bird
Hidden Power (Grass) + Solar Beam
BVikavoltBug Bite + X-Scissor
Spark + Discharge
BNihilegoAcid + Gunk ShotN/AUncommon
BPheromosaBug Bite + Bug BuzzLow Kick + Focus BlastUncommon
BSwampertWater Gun + Hydro Cannon (legacy)N/AUncommon
BGardevoirCharm + Dazzling GleamConfusion + PsychicUncommon
BLatiosDragon Breath + Dragon Claw
Zen Headbutt + Psychic
BAzelfConfusion + Future SightExtrasensory + Future SightUncommon
BGroudonMud Shot + EarthquakeN/AUncommon
BKyogreWaterfall + SurfN/AUncommon
BDialgaDragon Breath + Draco MeteorMetal Claw + Iron HeadUncommon
BPalkiaDragon Tail + Draco MeteorN/AUncommon
BStaraptorWing Attack + Brave BirdN/AUncommon
BRoseradeRazor Leaf + Grass Knot
Poison Jab + Sludge Bomb
BHonchkrowPeck + Sky AttackSnarl + Dark PulseUncommon
BWeavileIce Shard + Avalanche
Snarl + Foul Play
Optimal sets:
Spark + Wild ChargeN/AUncommon
BElectivireThunder Shock + Wild ChargeN/AUncommon
BGlaceonFrost Breath or Ice Shard + AvalancheFrost Breath or Ice Shard + Ice BeamUncommon
BShadow Alolan ExeggutorBullet Seed + Solar BeamDragon Tail + Dragon PulseUncommon

C Tier

C Tier of Pokemon Go Attackers Tier List
Average Attackers of Pokemon Go Attackers Tier List

These Pokemon are not the type that will make you scream in excitement after an encounter. They don’t have any strong move sets or any special abilities. Their overall data is pretty average; we believe they are best suited for adding numbers to your team. They will struggle against other Pokemon listed in the above Tiers regarding combat. So if you are challenging a trainer, make sure they are not the primary weapon in your arsenal. Take a look at our Pokemon Go Attacker Tier List’s C Tier to find out more.

TierPokemonOptimal setsGreat setsRarity
CVenusaurVine Whip + Frenzy Plant (legacy)
CShadow MismagiusHex + Shadow BallN/ACommon
CGenesectFury Cutter + X-ScissorMetal Claw + Magnet BombCommon
CShadow BanetteShadow Claw + Shadow BallN/ACommon
CShadow ScizorFury Cutter + X-Scissor
Bullet Punch + Iron Head
CShadow HoundoomSnarl + Foul Playire Fang + Flamethrower

CShadow AlakazamConfusion + Psychic (legacy)
Psycho Cut + Psychic (legacy)
Confusion + Future Sight
Psycho Cut + Future Sight
CShadow GalladeConfusion + PsychicLow Kick + Focus BlastCommon
CShadow FlygonMud Shot + Earth Power* (Elite)
Dragon Tail + Dragon Claw
Mud Shot + EarthquakeCommon
CShadow FlygonMud Shot + Earth Power* (Elite)
Dragon Tail + Dragon Claw
Mud Shot + EarthquakeCommon
CShadow VileplumeRazor Leaf + Solar Beam
Acid + Sludge Bomb
CShadow ArcanineFire Fang + Flamethrower
Thunder Fang + Wild Charge
CShadow AmpharosCharge Beam + Zap CannonVolt Switch + Zap CannonCommon
CShadow ShiftryRazor Leaf + Leaf BladeSnarl* or Feint Attack + Foul PlayCommon
CShadow SharpedoWater Fall + Hydro Pump
Bite + Crunch
CShadow CacturneSucker Punch + Dark PulseSucker Punch + Grass KnotCommon
CShadow Porygon-ZHidden Power + Tri-Attack
Lock On + Tri-Attack
CTerrakionSmack Down + Rock SlideN/ACommon
CShadow AbomasnowPowder Snow + Weather Ball (Ice)
Razor Leaf + Energy Ball
CClawitzerWater Gun + Crab HammerN/ACommon
CSylveonCharm + Dazzling GleamN/ACommon
CShadow SkuntankPoison Jab + Sludge Bomb
Bite + Crunch
CMega AltariaDragon Breath + Dazzling GleamDragon Breath + Dragon Pulse
Dragon Breath + Moonblast (Elite)
CMega BeedrillBug Bite (Elite) + X-Scissor
Infestation + X-Scissor
Poison Jab + Sludge Bomb
CGenesect - Burn DriveFury Cutter + X-ScissorMetal Claw + Magnet BombCommon
CGenesect - Shock DriveFury Cutter + X-ScissorMetal Claw + Magnet BombCommon
CGenesect - Douse DriveFury Cutter + X-ScissorMetal Claw + Magnet BombCommon
CGenesect - Chill Drive
Fury Cutter + X-ScissorMetal Claw + Magnet Bomb

CShadow AggronSmack Down + Stone Edge
Iron Tail + Heavy Slam
CGalarian ZapdosCounter + Close CombatN/ACommon
CZacian - Hero of Many BattlesVariesN/ACommon
CThundurus (Incarnate Forme)Thunder Shock + Thunder
Thunder Shock + Thunder Punch
CBraviaryAir Slash + Brave BirdN/ACommon
CMeganiumVine Whip + Frenzy Plant (Elite)N/ACommon
CScizorFury Cutter + X-Scissor
Bullet Punch + Iron Head
CCelebiMagical Leaf + Leaf Storm
CTapu LeleConfusion + PsyshockConfusion + Future Sight
Confusion + Moonblast
CTapu KokoVolt Switch + ThunderboltVolt Switch + Dazzling GleamCommon
CTapu BuluBullet Seed + Grass KnotN/ACommon
CSceptileBullet Seed + Frenzy Plant (legacy)N/ACommon
CBlazikenFire Spin + Blast Burn (Elite)Counter + Focus Blast
Fire Spin + Blaze Kick
CCrawdauntWaterfall + CrabhammerN/ACommon
CHaxorusDragon Tail + Dragon ClawN/ACommon
CYanmegaBug Bite + Bug Buzz
Wing Attack + Aerial Ace
CTogekissCharm + Dazzling GleamN/ACommon
CTangrowthVine Whip + Power WhipN/ACommon
CShaymin (Sky Forme)Hidden Power (Grass) + Grass KnotHidden Power (Electric) for Water
Hidden Power (Ice) for Ground
Hidden Power (Water) for Ground and Rock
CAlolan GolemRock Throw or Roll Out* (Elite Move)+ Stone Edge
Volt Switch + Wild Charge
CEmboarEmber + Blast Burn (Legacy)N/ACommon
CSamurottWaterfall + Hydro Cannon (Elite)N/ACommon
CUnfezantAir Slash + Sky AttackN/ACommon
CGigalithSmack Down + Rockslide
CKrookodileSnarl + Crunch
Mud Slap + Earthquake
CEscavalierBug Bite + MegahornN/ACommon
CShadow LatiasDragon Breath + Outrage
Zen Headbutt + Psychic

D Tier

D Tier of Pokemon Go Attackers Tier List
Below-Average Attackers of Pokemon Go Attackers Tier List

We are now at the business end of our D Tier List. It will be home to the weakest Pokemon that the players can find in the Game. They are very easily encountered as well as their catch rate is low. They might not offer much in the battle, but having them on your team adds some depth.

TierPokemonOptimal setsGreat setsRarity
DCharizardFire Spin + Blast Burn (legacy)N/ACommon
DDelphoxFire Spin + Flamethrower
Zen Headbutt + Psychic
DEelektrossSpark + ThunderboltN/ACommon
DAccelgorInfestation + Signal BeamN/ACommon
DBisharpSnarl + Dark Pulse
Metal Claw + Iron Head
DTornadus (Incarnate Forme)Air Slash + Hurricane
Dragon Breath + Draco MeteorN/ACommon
DMeloetta (Aria Forme)Confusion + PsyshockN/ACommon
DShadow ScytherFury Cutter + X-Scissor
Air Slash + Aerial Ace
DSirfetch'dCounter + Close Combat
DShadow Muk
Poison Jab + Gunk Shot
DShadow Articuno
Frost Breath or Ice Shard + Ice Beam or Blizzard
DGreninjaBubble + Hydro Pump
Feint + Night Slash
DZebstrikaSpark + Wild Charge
Dragon Tail + Outrage
Rock Throw + Stone Edge
DHoopa (Confined)
Psybeam +Shadow Ball N/ACommon
DMega Steelix
Iron Tail + Heavy Slam
Anything + Earthquake
DMega Slowbro
Confusion + Psychic
DShadow Cloyster
Frost Breath or Ice Shard + avalanche
DShadow Walrein
Frost Breath + Icicle Spear
Water Fall + Water Pulse


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DShadow Kingdra
Water Fall + Hydro Pump
Dragon Breath + Outrage
DGalarian Articuno
Confusion or Psycho Cut + Future Sight
DShadow HippowdonVariesN/ACommon
DHisuian BraviaryAir Slash + Brave Bird
Zen Headbutt + Psychic
DArcheopsWing Attack or Steel Wing + AnyN/ACommon
DSimisageVine Whip + Grass Knot
DAlakazamConfusion or Psycho Cut + Psychic (legacy)Confusion or Psycho Cut + Future Sight
Confusion or Psycho Cut + Shadow Ball
DToucannonPeck + Drill Peck
DVictreebelRazor Leaf + Leaf Blade
Acid + Sludge Bomb
DGolemRock Throw + Stone Edge
Mud Slap + Earthquake
DExeggutorBullet Seed + Solar Beam
Confusion + Psychic
Frost Breath + Avalanche
Confusion + Psyshock
DGyaradosWaterfall + Hydro PumpDragon Tail (legacy) + Outrage
DJolteonThunder Shock + Thunderbolt
Ember + Blast Burn* (Elite)
DEspeonConfusion + Psychic
Confusion + Future Sight
Zen Headbutt + Psychic
DEnteiFire Fang + Overheat
Fire Spin + Overheat
Fire Fang + Flamethrower
DLugiaExtrasensory + Aeroblast
Extrasensory + Aeroblast++
DLycanroc (Midday Form)
Rock Throw + Stone Edge
DVictiniConfusion + Psychic
DHariyamaCounter + Dynamic PunchN/ACommon
DCacturneSucker Punch + Dark Pulse or Grass Knot
DBanetteShadow Claw + Shadow Ball
DJirachiConfusion + PsychicN/ACommon
DInfernapeFire Spin + Blast Burn
Rock Smash + Close Combat
DEmpoleonWaterfall + Hydro Cannon (legacy)
DGalladeConfusion + Psychic
DAlolan Exeggutor
Bullet Seed + Solar Beam
Dragon Tail + Dragon Pulse
DAlolan Raichu
Thunder Shock + Wild Charge
DDeoxys (Attack Forme)
Poison Jab + Dark Pulse
OverqwilPoison Jab + Sludge Bomb

Patch Notes – Ver. 0.263.1

Version 0.263.1 brings the following changes

  •  Minor bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Quality-of-life updates

Concluding Words

So this was our take on the Pokemon Go Attacker Tier List; any difference of opinion about our Tier List is welcomed. We believe some of the Pokemon being listed in certain Tiers might not be a fair pick, according to some of you, which is fine as we all have different schools of thought. We would love to hear your thoughts about it in the comments; after all, who doesn’t like a little healthy debate about our favorite topics?

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