Top Lane Tier List [V.13.12]

We will be ranking all the suitable top lane champions according to the altest patch

Today I am here with yet another Top Lane tier list that will rank all top characters in the League of Legends. This article will give you a much closer and wider perspective of what qualities a top-ranked character should possess. In this game, many top-lane characters can oppose one another. Some of their strengths vary according to meta, while others do so depending on matches.

Numerous laners might face off against one another in League of Legends. Split-pushers champions in the support role and hyper carries are the three champion archetypes for top laners that change with the meta. So this list will now focus on ranking the champions of this game in the current meta.


  • There are a total of 24 champions ranked in this article.
  • Each champion has been ranked based on its abilities, its contribution as a top lane, and meta-relevance.
  • Among the top ranks, you will find Darius, Fiora, Mordekaiser, etc.
  • In the bottom ranks, you will find Irelia, Sylas, Renekton, etc.


The champions of this game are ranked in a short table here.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank

We will go over them in much more detail below.

S Tier

Top ranked characters of Top Lane
S Tier.

This section of my Top Lane tier list comprises the best top lane champions. These characters dominate the game with their powerful abilities and stunning performances. If you are a top laner, you should try selecting them for your next win in the game. All these champions excel in the current meta of the game and ensure that you will also win.


As far as I can remember, Darius has consistently been among the greatest and most powerful top laner in League of Legends. He is a Juggernaut-type champion with severe physical damage capabilities. Also, he possesses some decent abilities much needed in the game. Due to his early-game strength, Darius is a considerable lane bully. Furthermore, his passive damage skill provides him with nearly double the attack damage to the enemy. As a result of his passive, his early game makes him nearly unbeatable in early levels if compared to other champions in the game.

However, if this advantage is maintained until the mid-game, Darius may easily change any team fight by dunking enemies one after the other with his Ultimate skill. Darius is now considerably more powerful than usual because of the latest modifications in resistance. Although he is much more difficult to burst down given that these were his primary weaknesses, it is clear that the adjustments made him stronger.

Along with these qualities, his special abilities make him quite adaptive for the gaming meta, and is an excellent team fighter who helps to boost up the skills of his teammates. His strength and potential also help him maintain his dominance in the early and mid-game. He is also more powerful because of his overall improved resistance, but his damage output is unchanged because he still deals actual damage to opponents. All of the aforementioned information points to the conclusion that Darius belongs in the S-tier. He is reallypowerful in the current meta and is given the chance in every lane. Additionally, because of his potential in team fights, he may easily lead a team to victory.


Mana 263-1249
Health Regen 10-26.15
Mana Regen 6.6-12.55


Fiora is one of the champions you may have the most fun with because she is hypermobile and can outperform in any situation. So, there is no limit to how far you can push your limits with Fiora. Furthermore, because the champion is so difficult, there is always a higher level of play you can accomplish.

Her overwhelming duelist makes her fall in the S tier. Also, she has the ability to maintain her strength throughout the fight. This makes her an enjoyable character to play on and the gamer enjoys her strong split pusher and highest skill capabilities throughout the game. Also, Fiora has hypermobility and split pusher skills which make her a high-skill possessing champion of the game.

Fiora, on the other hand, has a problem with her mismatch and dependency. When the opposing team chooses champions with a lot of range, the game becomes exceedingly difficult to play. Regardless, Fiora is highly powerful in the current meta, with boosts to new items and fights. Furthermore, this champion is always a winner of the long fights only if you know the tactics to play her well, therefore the current League of Legends trends favour her. Fiora is an S-tier top laner in the current meta because of these characteristics.


Mana 300-1320
Health Regen 8.5-17.85
Mana Regen 8-19.9


Mordekaiser is a powerful juggernaut in the game who can do massive damage to the opponent. Furthermore, the ultimate skills allow him to effortlessly fight against the enemy when ganked. Mordekaiser can transport the weaker of the two adversaries to “Brazil,” as League players refer to his Realm of Death. Also, he has the special ability to deal with highly damaging skills and can resist damage so is very hard to take down in the game.

He is quite easy to pick up and is very efficient in the mid and late games. He can kill the enemies one after the other as a result, he like Darius benefited substantially from the resistance modifications and is now in the S tier.


Resource N/A
Health Regen 5-17.75
Resource Regen N/A


Shen works really well with others and is extremely useful at countering auto attack champions. That is, unlike other champions, he is trapped in the top lane island, cut off from the rest of the globe. Shen’s skill Global Ultimate gives him an ultimate global range which allows him to move all around the map to any teammate who can immediately aid his entire team.

However, his built-in shield, countering auto attacks, and efficient damaging ability make him an S-tier champion in my list. Furthermore, Shen has the ability to swing the tide of any combat by appearing out of nowhere and startling the opposition. Shen is also an excellent and dependable top laner because of his distinct playstyle. Particularly in the current meta. With all these fabulous qualities this champion made it to the top tier.


Resource 400
Health Regen 8.5-21.25
Energy Regen 50

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Wukong was reworked in the current meta and became unkillable. He was only good in team fighting before the rework, and not much elsewhere. However, since being modified, he has remained in the S tier in both Top lane and Jungle.

Now he is quite efficient with solo as well as team fights and possesses a very hard landing phase for enemies. His unbeatable skills and fighting strategies make him survive throughout the game.


Mana 300-1405
Health Regen 3.5-14.55
Mana Regen 8-19.05

A Tier

Good characters of Top Lane
A Tier

All of these top laners have victory rates of more than 50% and are currently regarded as highly powerful. Although they are not the best of the best like the champions in the S tier, they are nonetheless helpful in a variety of situations such as team battles, dueling, map management, split pushing, and so on.


Despite being a melee champion, Aatrox has such long-range skills and gap closers that he can cheese even ranged champions. He has the ability to zone out many opponents. Furthermore, by repeatedly trying to fight him for the farm and dying, they can become even more upset and give up the game completely.

Nevertheless, over time, his healing has been severely nerfed. In particular, his healing from the minions. Even amid exchanges, you can maintain a healthy health level and outlast your rival. Additionally, Aatrox becomes nearly unkillable in his ultimate form with his unmatchable skills and abilities as his ability has no mana requirements and none of his other health costs. Additionally, after a few exchanges, you can usually come out ahead because of your sustain and the lack of any negative attributes like low health or mana.

Being able to knock someone up and this knock-up stops them from auto-attacking. Aatrox just causes bodily harm not much health percentage, and absolutely no armour pen. Due to this, other champions outperform him in terms of stats, he purchases armour, and he overall has a superior calling. Aatrox’s kit is solely dependent on the players hitting all of their skill shots and completing their combination. If you miss even one of the talents, the entire combo is ruined and your chances of killing opponents are greatly reduced. As a result of these factors, he necessitates a lot of practice and solid mechanics for players to be able to make full use of his abilities.


Resource N/A
Health Regen 3-20
Resource Regen N/A


This champion is a strong frontline top lane champion with high potential, especially in the early and mid-game. Also, Olaf has undergone significant adjustments that transformed him from a champion reserved for the Jungle to a Top Laner. Additionally, since switching to top laner, he has proven to be fairly good with a win percentage greater than 50%, landing him in A Tier. Still, he has an overall very powerful tank and some solid roaming potential too making him a potent fighter.

Although he has some decent pokes it is very hard for him to make a comeback in the game also his skills are long ranged and finds it difficult to tackle short ranged enemies.


Mana 316-1166
Health Regen 6.5-16.7
Mana Regen 7.5-17.7


Garen is a fantastic top-lane player that is simple to learn, and agile. In addition, he has a high damage output and is incredibly mobile and tanky. Additionally, especially with ignite, he poses a serious threat and has a high kill potential. He is absolutely effective in damaging the enemy in early and mid-game and has very good base damage. So can easily kill minions and demolish towers in the game.

Additionally, Garen is essentially a less damaging, tanker, and effective in team fights version of Darius. He is, however, extremely simple, making him the greatest champion for players with low ELO to climb with, and is an easy champion to play and master. Although he lacks good control skills and instant escape skills. Also, Garen is less effective in the late game due to his lack of control skills.


Resource N/A
Health Regen 8-16.5
Resource Regen N/A


Ornn is a top laner with a full tank because of his passive, which grants him more armour. He is one of the champions who possess magic resistance. With his ultimate, he offers a very strong frontline and great engagement for team battles. Being a good champion he is blessed with a significant advantage over rivals.

In the late game, he can also aid his team to become even more powerful by upgrading their arsenal. He deserves to be in the A tier of my Top Lane tier list, especially now that resistance has been boosted. Also, his presence in the team is beneficial for making it much more resistant to defeat. However, he is hard to master. His counters are also weak and time-consuming against many special pokes.


Mana 341-1446
Health Regen 9-24.3
Mana Regen 8-18.2


Nasus, is one of the best champions in League of Legends at the end of the match and is incredibly difficult to stop. However, Nasus also evolves into a strong melee tank that can do a tonne of damage in the end. Furthermore, learning how to play him won’t be difficult because of his simple comprehension and mechanics. He is also able to do and resist a lot of damage which makes him very hard to defeat. Also, his passives help him enhance his sustainability in the game. Also, he has the ability to double his powers and increase the effectiveness of his attacks, and is also not hard to master.

Furthermore, you must be able to farm efficiently and employ Siphoning Strike to destroy minions. Correct wave management is essential when playing as Nasus. You must avoid rapid or slow engagements in the early game, correctly push the waves, and always stack minions when available. Still, Nasus is quite weak in the early game, and is important to farm correctly.


Mana 326-1380
Health Regen 9-24.3
Mana Regen 7.45-15.95


Riven is a champion that is extremely rewarding and exciting to watch, and fun to play with. She is the one who excels at almost every facet of being a bruiser. Riven, maybe a brutal champion without endless hours of experience. Also, Riven is a very hypermobile champion and has some very potent skills.

Riven is similar to a two-edged sword. As a result, she can be extremely valuable and powerful, or quite weak. She is quite hard to master still, but with the correct talents, she has the potential to be the strongest champion in the game. However, it all depends on your ability which makes her a difficult-to-handle champion.


Resource N/A
Health Regen 8.5-17
Resource Regen N/A

B Tier

Average characters of the game
B Tier.

These are the top laners, with a win rate of around half. They are neither overly good nor overly horrible. We would not recommend climbing with any of these champions if you are not already acquainted with them. However, if you have extensive first-hand experience and mastery points with them, or if one of these is your primary. In that instance, the win rate and tier may be meaningless.


Jax becomes a very strong fighter after obtaining a few items and is exceptionally good at one on one fights. Additionally, it has the capacity to develop into a monster in the late game if handled correctly. Being behind as Jax, though, might be terrible as he can escape through ward jumps and his attacks are unstoppable.

Also along with his strengths, he has some weaknesses which are his weak fall behind and hard to counter. Also, he is not as good in team fights as he is in one on one fights.


Mana 339-1223
Health Regen 8.5-17.85
Mana Regen 7.6-19.5

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Camile is a B Tier top lane champion of my Top Lane tier list in the current meta. This champion possesses good split-pushing skills and can destroy tanks with true damage. She is very strong and carries her strength throughout the game. Her ultimate skills enable her to easily get picks in the game.

Although she herself is not very tanky and is not efficient in attacking from behind and gets focused by the opposing team easily.


Mana 339-1223
Health Regen 8.5-22.1
Mana Regen 8.15-20.9


It’s challenging to pick Zac at random and consistently succeed. In a one-on-one game, he has virtually limited early contribution potential. Additionally, it scales reasonably effectively and may be very useful even when behind with the right runes and build. Also, he can be found on almost any team, and only a small number of heroes are totally able to defeat him in team combat.


Resource N/A (Uses Health)
Health Regen 8-16.5
Resource Regen N/A


Rengar is a versatile bully option in the top lane and also you can choose amongst the different buildups it possesses. However, because of Rengar’s equipment, you will suffer if you fall severely behind in a specific point total depending on the matchup.

Furthermore, because of your lack of mobility, he becomes weak and falls behind many powerful champions in the Top Lane. Also, his dives are extremely difficult to set up against champions using simple tools. Furthermore, Rengar has very short-range attacks that are not very effective.


Resource N/A
Health Regen 7-15.5
Secondary Bar Ferocity (4)


Yorick is a muscular, and powerful bruiser and is the most skilled Splitpusher in the game. Also, he has strong snowball potential and powerful objective control which makes him a decent champion to choose. Once you master his techniques you will be very hard to defeat in the game as most of the players are not familiar with the tactics to defeat him. He also possesses one of the incredibly powerful objective controls in the game.

His major drawback is his low mobility so is incredibly weak when behind. Also, he is very difficult to master as has absolutely no crowd control.


Mana 300-1320
Health Regen 8-21.6
Mana Regen 7.5-20.25


Pantheon is also a champion with some mediocre abilities, however, is very efficient in terms of mobility. His early burst ability is the best in the entire game. Furthermore, his ability to stun adversaries or go for the kill makes him perfect for harassing enemies making him very hard to counter and defeat. Also, he has the ability to roam around which makes him even more dangerous as he has a very powerful lane bully.

However, unlike in one-on-one battles, Pantheon struggles when facing multiple enemy champions at once. Pantheon is also not in his greatest form in the current meta. With all these strengths he possesses some major weaknesses so is placed in the B tier of my Top Lane list. These cons are that he is not at all suitable for team fights and is easily ganked due to his aggressiveness. Also, he cannot kill tanks easily in the mid and late-game.


Mana 317-844
Health Regen 6-17.05
Mana Regen 7.35-15

C Tier

Bad characters of Top Lane
C Tier.

This tier of my article consists of some below-average champions of the game. We do not recommend using any of these champions in ranked because they clearly require further buffs or modifications.


He is a good champion however, in the current meta he is now pretty weak overall. Sett is a good frontline champion in the Top Lane with formidable split pusher skills and good engaging skills.

Still, he is not so good in matchups and can be easily killed as he is almost immobile in the early game.


Resource N/A
Health Regen 7-15.5
Secondary Bar Grit


Sion may also be effective in the laning phase in certain matchups because of his high basic damage. Furthermore, he scales nicely in the frontline and in the middle game. Also, Sion’s integrated semi-global ultimate allows you to virtually roam from base to enemy lane.

In addition, Sion’s lethality build can help him win matches. He can kill a person in one shot and has an absurd ad ratio. This results in his Lethality build occasionally being even superior to the tank build and can even lock down the opponent in team fights. However, he is not a very mobile champion and can be walled off easily so couldn’t take place in the upper tiers of my Top Lane tier list.


Mana 400-1284
Health Regen 7.5-21.1
Mana Regen 8-18.2


Vladimir is unusual enough to stand out in the spotlight. Additionally, Vladimir’s mid to late-game success depends on his ability to play passively and poke his opponent’s laner when the occasion demands it. Also, he possesses the ability to knock down the entire team with his full combo. He also has very high sustainability and is not easily defeated.

Vladimir’s main weaknesses are his cooldowns and lack of crowd control. Especially in the current meta, he is readily countered. As his combos are easy to remember and gain mastery over. Also, his early game is weak and slow.


Resource N/A
Health Regen 7-17.2
Secondary Bar Bloodthirst (2)

D Tier

worst characters of the game
D Tier.

The D tier is designed particularly for top laners that are considered nearly unplayable in the current meta. They have a victory rate of less than 50%, and picking them in the ranked game will not give you a good experience.


This is quite an aggressive champion to play on especially in the solo game you have to completely take over the lane until you reach the mid-game. Also as mentioned before that this is an aggressive champion so gets killed very easily even your smallest mistake in eliminating the minions can get him out of the game. Playing the lane passively out of fear will result in defeat, especially when facing an easy champion so, is placed in the D tier of my Top Lane tier list.


Mana 334-759
Health Regen 5.5-16.55
Mana Regen 9.6-17.25


Sylas is a fantastic late-game champion that can quickly win matches and has the ability to outplay the enemy. Especially if he survives through the late game his escape abilities are quite hard to counter especially against short-ranged champions.

Still, I have placed him in the D tier due to some major reasons including the fact that his abilities range is not at all effective in the game. Even her skills are hard to hit on the opponent and face mana problems. He can be easily busted within no time if placed in behind order.


Mana 310-1500
Health Regen 9-24.3
Mana Regen 8-21.6


You can be certain that you out-farm your competitors using Renekton. Proxying is a skill Renekton has mastered thanks to your heal. He performs poorly defensively in the first three phases of the early gameplay, though. It is advisable to hold off on taking him up again until things have changed.


Resource N/A
Health Regen 8-20.75
Secondary Bar Fury (100)


Irelia has the ability to dash out the enemy for a very long time and also has very high sustainability. She has very good mobility and always comes up with ways to dodge the enemy.

Still, Irelia being the last member of my article has some unignorable drawbacks and needs minions in the game to stack passive and become strong but is very hard to get along with it. Also, she is very weak in the late game and needs high mechanics to survive. So I will not suggest choosing her for your team as she cannot overcome her shortcomings in the game.


Mana 350-1200
Health Regen 8.5-22.95
Mana Regen 8-21.6

Comparison Table

CharactersTierHealthManaHealth RegenMana Regen
ZacB685-2538N/A (Uses Health) 8-16.5N/A
RengarB620-2388N/A7-15.5Ferocity (4)
VladimirC607-2477N/A7-17.2Bloodthirst (2)
SylasD575-2768310-15009-24.3 8-21.6
RenektonD660-2547 N/A8-20.75Fury (100)

Patch Notes V13.12

The V.13.12 patch notes introduced changes to the following champions.

  • Ashe
  • Gangplank
  • Gragas
  • Ivern
  • Janna
  • Kai’Sa
  • Kha’Zix
  • Kindred
  • Kled
  • Kog’Maw
  • K’Sante
  • Lucian
  • Lulu
  • Milio
  • Mordekaiser
  • Nasus
  • Neeko
  • Orianna
  • Rell
  • Rumble
  • Ryze
  • Sivir
  • Tahm Kench
  • Yone
  • Yuumi
  • Zeri


So, this was it with the ranking of the champions in Top Lane of LoL. This Top Lane tier list provides you with not only the ranking of the champions but also gives you all the necessary information about their meta and special skills, These champions are ranked according to their own specific strengths and weaknesses which are mentioned in detail with each champion.

Also, the effective positioning of each champion in a team is also described in detail in this article. We hope it will be of some help to you in understanding the game and its characters in detail. This is a guide for everyone learning about the game and its meta very well. and it also provides full information about the characters, making it easy for the players to select their desired champion in the game.

In the end, I would like to mention that this ranking is totally based on my thorough research and knowledge, and is open to criticism. You can share your thoughts about the champions or share your gaming experience in the comment section below.

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