Touhou Lost Word Tier List [Mar. 2023]

All Of The Character Placements In Our Article Were Done After Extensive Research.

These past few months have been quite the feat for android and ios games. One of these marvels is a game called Touhou Lostword, which is the topic of our Touhouh Lost Word tier list today. This game is one of the more popular Gacha games on the market at the moment and is continuously growing at quite a rapid pace. This tier list of ours will focus on the characters in this game who are contextually known as “Friends.” Well, without further ado, let’s get started.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 32 characters ranked in this article.
  • These characters are ranked based on public rankings and usability in most scenarios.
  • Among the best characters are Reimu, Remilia, Flandre, and Toyohime.
  • Joining us in the lowest ranks are characters like Momiji Inubashiri, Sunny Milk, Star Sapphire, and Benben.


In the table below, you will find a quick summary of all the rankings we will be making in this article.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD RankF Rank
ReimuYoumuSaki KuromakaAunn KomanoNemuno SakataMomiji Inubashiri
RemiliaMarisaShion YorigamiYamame KurodaniLyricaSunny Milk
FlandreKaguyaMisumaru TamatsukuriKanako YasakaSatori KomeijiStar Sapphire
ToyohimeKeikiYuyuko SaigyoujiEirin YagokoroFlandre ScarletBenben
JunkoHecatiaAlice MargatroidNazrinHina Kagiyama
SagumeSuwako MoriyaRin Kaenbyou

It is only right to discuss this necessarily evil before we dive into our highly subjective yet accurate Touhou Lost Word tier list 2022. Just for a reference, these “Friends” who will be discussed in this tier list are a term used to describe the recruitable characters in this game.

Furthermore, the following deductions made in this article are based on careful and accurate research. Ultimately, I am trying to say that this article has content primarily based on public opinion rather than my own.

Witch of Scarlet Dreams

Before our main event, how about a little something to build up the hype, huh? This little part of our Touhou Lost Word tier list is dedicated to the game’s latest update.

This update introduced a new Pray banner which is the main thing to look for in Gacha games. It also boosts the chance of a Friend named Marisa Kisirame (Z1) appearing in one of your prayers. So what are you waiting for? Get to wishing, lad!

S Tier

Best Touhou Lost Word tier list
S Tier

Well, now it’s time for us to finally start our Touhou Lost Word tier list jp, and like all tier lists, we are going to start at the top. The S tier usually contains the best of the best entities of a certain category.

This is also the case in this tier lost of ours as well. In our case, these entities are “Friends,” and this tier will contain the best of them currently in Touhou. Finally, without further ado, let’s get started with this S tier of ours.


Reimu is the first character we will look at in this Touhou Lost Word tier list. Let’s get straight to the point; her abilities are ridiculous. All her skills, no matter which type they are, are extremely good at damaging.

According to Global Rankings, even the Wiki has named the F1 universe Reimu as the Best Friend in this game. Additionally, she has the ability to do an insane amount of early game damage while also building up a defense, thanks to her utility.

Here is a quick summary of what really put Reimu on this high pedestal. Her power generation is very swift, so she builds up attacks quickly. In addition to that, she is extremely tanky thanks to her passive and active skills, which allow her to survive a significant amount of time. Lastly, if that defense was not enough, she also provided a barrier for allies for two rounds, shielding them from most attacks.

Universe: F1 and B3(not as good as F1 but still very, very good)


The next character we will discuss is Remilia of the L80 universe. Despite having one of the saddest lore, she is one of the menacing relic characters in the game. Not only that, but she actually was this game’s first relic character ever.

Her unique Last Word ability, The Heart of my Fingertips, allows her to deal incredible damage. Not only that, but she can also hold her own against most characters in the game effectively.

Combined with those features, she also has a great assortment of buff and debuff skills, making her an excellent team character. All in all, if you manage to pull Remilia, I will 100% recommend you try to play her as she is deadly in long-term fights.

Universe: L80, E9(not as good as L80 but still S tier)


Flandre is our next character on the chopping block for this Touhou Lost Word tier list. She is quite similar among her universes, but the one we are going to pay close attention to is this E1 variant.

In addition to being one of the fan’s favorite characters, Flandre is quite famous for being an all-out attack-heavy character who is ruthless in every way. Now what makes this E1 version so great is discussed in more detail below.

E1 Flandre offers a lot regarding damage, but she also has a kit that allows for more team-based moves and abilities. Because of this unique feature of this E1 Flandre, she can scale her damage more than any other version, which is why she is considered one of the game’s best Attack Characters.

Universe: E1


We are already past the halfway point of our S tier but let us move on to our next “Friend,” Toyohime. She is the first and only Healing character we will discuss in this S tier, so definitely read this part for effective team builds. If you think this character only heals and protects, then you are wrong, my Friend; her spotlight is due to the broken buffs she can frequently give to her teammates.

She is one of the best S tier characters because her utility is annoying to fight against. Suppose all of this healing and supportive utility was not enough to convince you, maybe this will.

Keeping to the theme of our S-tier characters, Toyohime also comes with a very tanky build, making it very hard to get rid of her in games. What makes her especially fun to play is that you can cheese around this game’s mechanics in stages and remove the “Bind” debuff on certain stages in Touhou.

Universe: B3


Junko is the second last character we will be discussing in this S tier of our Touhou Lost Word tier list. Now, most of the characters we have discussed previously mainly excel at taking out single enemies and lose their effectiveness when it comes to multiple enemies.

However, that is precisely where Junko takes over; her skills are focused on dealing immense elemental damage in a split-up manner, making her a fantastic friend in 1 versus X situations.

Along with dishing out insane damage, she is also one of the best scaling characters in this game. Literally, everything about Junko is S tier. One may argue she is not a team player, but that would be wrong as well. The buffs offered by her third skill are for the entire party, making her quite a decent support character.

Universe: B2


Finally, the last character we will be going through in our S tier of this tier list is Sagume. Sagume is purely a supporting Friend with unparalleled team-based utility. This is why she is quite possibly a unique character we are going to discuss in our tier list.

She has a great kit of highly versatile utility which is suited to your every need. Want Restoration? Done. Want high Crit Rate and Damage? Also done. Want the best support character in this game? Pick Sagume B3 variant.

Universe: B3

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A Tier

good touhou tier list characters
A Tier

Well, that does it for our S tier, so it is time to move to the A tier of this Touhou Lost Word tier list. I am sure you know what the A tier means, but for context, I will explain it again. This A tier will contain the characters considered great but not the best. They can be played but do not match up to the might of the S-tier Friends. These characters are listed and explained as follows.


The character with which we will be starting this A tier of our Touhou Lost Word tier list 2022 is Yoomu. I will briefly discuss the two A-tier variants of Youmo as I believe they are equally impressive.

When talking about the R8 universe, remember that this version focuses on single targeted attacks with a lot of speed and damage. She is quite deadly in both variants, but his variant is ruthless when unleashing a world of hurt for her foes.

Consequent to the R8 variant, this B3 variant is more of a support-role friend but still very deadly. She can still do quite a lot of damage in this variation, but her key abilities are her team skills.

She can give her team attack and defense buffs which is quite amazing for someone with as much damaging capability as Youmo. However, the B3 variant has a weakness; to fully unleash her potential, you need CRIT support in your team, which is quite restricting.

Universe: R8, B3


The second character who we will be discussing in our A-Tier is Marisa. She, too, has two variants that are worthy of the A tier. The first variant, Z1, is based around doing a lot of damage.

If you look at her kit, then you may understand this she was practically built to counter three hit waves to perfection. If this much of a constant damage utility was not enough to dazzle you, she also is great as a debuff Friend who can lower Evasion and burn a lot of shields very quickly.

The A6 variant of Marisa is not as lethal as the one we have discussed above. However, it can help other Friends become lethal because she can be played as CRIT and Killer supports as well.

Don’t get me wrong, she is great at doing damage but falls short of the current meta picks for damage. Despite that, she is still an A-tier champion because of her Last Word targeting and massive debuff abilities.

Universe: Z1, A6


Let’s continue this Touhou Lost Word tier list with our next contender for this A-Tier, Kaguya. Kaguya is one of my favorite characters to play in my team because she is super against the meta at the moment.

Some other characters try to build for Attack and Speed immediately; however, that is not the case with Kaguya. Her build is based around rising Evasiveness, which introduces a little bit of luck in the game, but at the end of the day, it is a simple case of a high-risk high-reward.

Universe: B3


The second last character we will discuss in this tier list is Keiki. Keiki is a very interesting character because she is the moment’s best barrier breaker in the game. She is also a meta pick against heavy support teams to demolish any utility they have.

So why isn’t she an S-Tier character, you may ask? Well, that is because of her terrible early game. Keiki does take a long time to come online so if that’s your style, definitely try her out.

Universe: L1


At last, the final character of the A tier of this tier list is Hecatia. Hecatia is possibly the best A-tier character when it comes to my own opinion. She can potentially deal much damage if she builds in a specific way. However, that is late game stuff. You should focus on her early game, as her first attack does an insanely high amount of damage all because of her abilities.

She gains many buffs that upgrade her attacks and CRIT stats. In addition, she has self-inflicting anomalies, which boost her stats even more. The only reason why Hecaitia is not an S-tier character is that she hard to fit into teams but, more importantly, can not survive that long in battle. In simple terms, she has short bursts of damage that can wound a team but, if played poorly, will have no effect.

Universe: L1

B Tier

Average Touhou Lost Word tier list characters
B Tier

With that, our A tier has concluded, which means that the next thing we will explore in our Touhou Lost Word tier list is the B tier. In this B Tier, we will discuss all the characters that are considered roundabout at an average ranking.

Of course, this assessment is based on my research, which ultimately forms these results. Additionally, these characters are viable; however, I would not suggest you play these over the ones I have listed above. Let us get started.

Saki Kuromaka

The first Friend who is up for discussion in this Touhou Lost Word tier list reroll is none other than Saki. Saki is an excellent barrier-break friend who is especially great at buffing her teammates.

However, Saki is a bit of a greedy attacker as her attacks buff her the most and only have a single target lost world spell, which limits its reach. Last but not least, her first attack does an insane amount of damage which is great for first picks.

Universe: L1

Shion Yorigami

Shion Yorigami is next up on the chopping block for our B tier on this tier list. She is rated as one of the best friends in the game by a long shot. However, because of her disadvantages, she could not score a tier higher than this one.

To answer the question ” How is she so Great?” it is key to note that she is one of the strongest debuff kits in the game. Not only that, but her last word can annihilate any one champion from the game, which makes her quite deadly.

Despite all of these great points, she does have a lot of flaws as well. Shion has one of the worst breaks in the game at the moment. Unlike her devastating DEF DOWN debuff, this break skill of hers can easily be negated, which leaves her in a vulnerable spot. All in all, if not for a horrible break, Shion L1 is easily an S-tier character in my books.

Universe: L1

Misumaru Tamatsukuri

Misumaru Tamatsukuri is the next character we will discuss in this  Touhou lost word tier list. In my opinion, she is one of the perfectly average characters in the game.

However, this is also in accordance with some of the reviews I have gone through while researching. She can create a lot of Yin and Yang orbs that she can use herself, which ultimately boosts her teamwork utility.

In addition to that remarkable feature, she has a self-buff which has a massive impact on her Last word. The downside of this Friend is that she can not force boost a single stat. In simpler words, all her stats are average with no advantageous skill to build around. All in all, this does make her a safe character to play but is not that rewarding, unfortunately.

Universe: L1

Yuyuko Saigyouji

Next up on this B tier of our tier list is the Tiny Ghost Mistress herself, Yuyuko Saigyouji. Well, let’s get right into why she is good. She has insane damage on her first turn.

In addition to that, her abilities allow her to effectively land critical hits, making her a great character to farm in this game. However, now it is time for her flaws; she has the worst team utility kit in the entire B tier.

If this side of hers was not enough to convince you, I recommend you try playing her with defense. She can only use a barrier at the cost of damaging herself, which is not worth it, considering how easy they are to break. If you want a high-hitting speed character with great hits but no util, She is the one for you.

Universe: R2

Alice Margatroid

Moving along this tier list of ours, the next character we will discuss is Alice “Cherry Blossom” Margatroid. Alice is a great and quite fast attacker who is ruthless when it comes to simple attacks.

Her notable skill is her ability to demolish and burn the shields of her opponents. Despite being this great of a character, she is quite selfish, which is why she is in the B tier. Her kit is quite selfish, destroying Touhou’s crucial team-building part.

Universe: A7

Suwako Moriya

The last character we will discuss in this B tier of our Touhou Lost Word tier list is Suwako Moriya. Suwako is the best A10 variant of that universe, and rightfully so. She has great attack potential and a great chance of easily beating even an S-tier character.

However, special emphasis should be placed on the word “Potential”; it is not a guarantee. Pair that chance utility with her average team utility, and you get the perfect B-tier character.

Universe: A10

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C Tier

touhou below average characters
C Tier

We are finally halfway through this Touhou lost word tier list; however, we must keep moving, and move forward we shall. The next part of this tier list is the C tier which will contain the Friends in Touhou, who are considered below-average characters in this game but only slightly.

Despite being the worst-than-average characters, I would still suggest trying out some of these. They are occasionally known to demolish many of the meta picks (rarely, though).

Aunn Komano

Aunn Komano is the first character we will discuss in this C tier of our Touhou lost word tier list 2022. The Wiki defines her as the definition of being a support-heavy friend. I agree with this because Aunn may have this game’s worst possible attack capability.

A character must be able to hold its own in battle; however, Aunn can’t, which is why, despite being a great support, she is just a C-tier character. By the way, she does not excel in any specific buff either.

Universe: L1

Yamame Kurodani

Yamame is the next character we will be going over in this C tier of our tier list. Simply put, Yamame is a selfish nuker who can deal devastating amounts of damage in a very short span.

If we talk about her advantages, she has good slice scaling and great access to earth breaks, but that’s pretty much it. Consequently, her disadvantages include lack of team utility, awkward poison break, and limited poison break.

Universe: L1

Kanako Yasaka

Kanako Yasaka is the next “Friend” we will discuss in this C tier of our Touhou lost word tier list. She is quite possibly the most useless team player on this entire list. Consequently, she is one of the best solo damaging Friends in this entire tier.

Furthermore, She has great self buffs, very hard scaling (one of the best in this game), and impressive killer bullets. It is very hard to build a strategy around her but more importantly, it is hard to fit into the current meta.

Universe: A10

Eirin Yagokoro

Moving along this tier list of ours, the next character who we will put under the spotlight is Eirin Yagokoro. Eirin is one of the best support characters for this tier.

However, she is the niche pick in Poison and Anamol breaks because of her collection of skills that ultimately works into her Last Word. In addition to that, she also offers slight support for CRIT and Yin, but the team utility she provides is still on the minimal side. Some support, huh?

Universe: A8


The second last character who we will be discussing in the C tier of this list is Nazrin. Nazrin is one of the trickiest characters to play because she is a very well-designed character with a very interesting kit. However, despite her many attack and buff utilities, she has one major fault: she is in the C tier.

The fault in question is that she has a very low DEF stat which is not something you want in a supporting character, especially one who takes time to charge up her kit. Nazrin is a decent character, but she rarely ever proves useful.

Universe: L1

Rin Kaenbyou

Finally, the last character of the C tier of this Touhou lost word tier list 2022 is here, Rin. Rin Kaenbyou is theoretically one of the best characters in the game when it comes to demolishing characters. Her kit can potentially ruin any type of defense with ease and very quickly as well.

However, this part of her is unlocked and requires many story cards and an entire team of supporting characters for her. This little inconvenience is what destroys her character and places her at the bottom of our C tier.

Universe: L1

D Tier

Decent Touhou Characters
D Tier

And with Rin, we conclude the C tier and move on to this D tier of our Touhou lost word tier list. The D tier, in our case, will cater to the bad of the bunch. These characters are not the worst but come pretty close to it. There should never be a reason to play any of the characters I am about to discuss; unless you don’t want to win. Well, let’s get started with the second last tier, shall we?

Nemuno Sakata

The first character we will discuss in this D tier is Nemuno Sakata. Nemuno underperforms in almost every category an attacker could be bad at. She is not fast at farming, single targeting, or other offensive capabilities.

However, keep in mind that she is not in the F tier, which means she is still viable. Consequent to her older abilities, she is great in very long fights. In addition to that, she can also start to paralyze barriers occasionally.

Universe: L1


Next up on this Touhou lost word tier list 2022 is the magnificent Lyrica. Lyrica Prismriver is a supporting character, but she is not one worth investing in. She offers a wide array of buffs, which is all good. However, She is horrible when it comes to breaking elements.

If that was not bad enough, she has terrible solo targeting Last-word is; and I mean this in the politest way possible, Pathetic. I wouldn’t suggest you ever play Lyrica because she is a liability in most teams.

Universe: L1

Satori Komeiji

Halfway through this tier list, the next character we will discuss in this tier list is Satori Komeiji. When talking about Satori, it is important to know that she has a very low attack ceiling, which defeats the purpose of even playing her. Consequently, her early game is very good because of a 7-stack Yang ATK stat which falls with each turn along with her performance.

Universe: L1

Flandre Scarlet

The second last character we are going to discuss is Flandre Scarlet. Flandre is one of the most interesting characters on this tier by a long shot. She has a devastating solo Last Word that is extremely lethal with max support.

However, her access to elements is so bad that she can not be used successfully in any team. But that is not the worst part about Flandre, and she has brutally low accuracy, which means she needs a lot of accuracy support to be playable. Don’t play her if you want to have a fun time.

Universe: L1

Hina Kagiyama

The final character we will discuss in this D Tier of this Touhou lost word tier list 2022 is Hina Kagiyama. However, Hina is a decent attack-based “Friend,” and she has a very unfortunate key trait. This trait of hers restricts her to only using solo targeted attacks.

This is quite a massive disadvantage despite her many anomaly disruptive skills. Hina would be a solid B-tier character if she didn’t have only solo targeted attacks. A neat thing to note is that her attacks also lower Evasiveness, but that’s not impressive enough.

Universe: L1

F Tier

Worst Touhou characters
F Tier

Readers rejoice! We are finally at the end of this Touhou lost word tier list. The last we will go through in this tier list is, of course, the F-Tier. This F tier will contain the worst of the worst “Friends” that are currently in the game.

There is no reason to play any of these characters ever. These are the least popular in Touhou; rightfully so. Well, without further delay, let’s get started with this F tier, shall we?

Momiji Inubashiri

Momiji is the first character to be the victim of this F tier in this Touhou lost world tier list 2022. She is one of the worst characters in this game because she must damage her allies to increase her defense.

This would have been a good strategy if Momiji was brutally vulnerable to Yang DEF attacks. Her entire character is full of underwhelming qualities, of which some are listed below.

Momiji has specific defense stats, weak scaling with low lost word power, and extremely pathetic wood breaks. Unfortunately, these disadvantages of using Moniji don’t balance out with her advantages as they are quite minute. The best thing Moniji can offer you is good Yin defense which is quite useless if the enemy has none of that type.

Universe: L1

Sunny Milk

Continuing our Touhou tier list, the next character we will discuss in this F tier is Sunny Milk. Despite being named after a beverage one might get at a beach, she, unfortunately, is not strong enough to pack that big of a punch.

Sunny Milk has one of the worst attack stats in this game, but at the same time, she has access to a lot of sun breaks. However, having access to that many sun breaks is null when your attack is next to nothing. In my opinion, she was made just for the memes.

Universe: L1

Star Sapphire

The second last character we will discuss in this F tier is Star Sapphire. In theory, Star is a very good character because she has a kit of a rare element; however, her damage skill is quite lackluster.

If not for her horrible damage stat, she would be a decent character (maybe even S-Tier). Another reason why Star, unfortunately, falls into this F tier is her mediocre Last Word which is the only way to increase her damage in Touhou.

Universe: L1


Finally, the last character on this Touhou lost word tier list is Benben. Benben is by far the worst character in this game by a long margin. She has below-average access to elemental breaks and a very weak kit.

Not only that, but Benben also has little to no utility to help her team. All in all, there is not much to say about his character because there’s nothing great about her. I would suggest never playing this character because she isn’t even funny.

Universe: L1

How To Reroll In Lost Word 

Rerolling is important if you are looking for some of the best characters in Lost Word. The process of re-rolling is a little bit different and requires a lot of time. However, it is better to invest your time in order to get some of the best characters in our Lost Word tier list for August 2022. 

When you start a new account in the last word, you will be given a tutorial roll and 10 pulls. After the tutorial, you will see a general banner on the screen and you will get 30 draws as well. All these are part of preregistration rewards. 

You get an option to reroll on the tutorial stage or you can also go past it to get additional characters. 

When you first start with the last word you will get Marisa and Reimu. As soon as you are offered your first summonings it is important that you keep in mind the characters you want. In case you don’t get the characters you want you simply have to delete the app and all the data related to it.

After that when you start again you will get a new account. Continue the process until you get the desired characters you want. 

Comparison Table

ReimuSF1 and B3(not as good as F1 but still very, very good)
RemiliaSL80, E9(not as good as L80 but still S tier)
JunkoS B2
YoumuAR8, B3
MarisaAZ1, A6
Saki KuromakaBL1
Shion YorigamiBL1
Misumaru TamatsukuriBL1
Yuyuko SaigyoujiBR2
Alice MargatroidBA7
Suwako MoriyaBA10
Aunn KomanoCL1
Yamame KurodaniCL1
Kanako YasakaCA10
Eirin YagokoroCA8
Rin KaenbyouCL1
Nemuno SakataDL1
Satori KomeijiDL1
Flandre ScarletDL1
Hina KagiyamaDL1
Momiji InubashiriFL1
Sunny MilkFL1
Star SapphireFL1

Ending Note

Well, that’s all, folks! Thank you all for reading this Touhou lost word tier list, and do let me know your views below in the comments. This tier list was fun to write as I love playing these sorts of Gacha games.

Of course, this tier list may object to your opinions of the game, in which case, do let me know what you thought was wrong. But if you enjoyed it, that’s great as well! Have a nice day, readers.

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