Pizza Tier List [2023]

The best pizza chains in the world ranked

Be ready to control your tastebuds to crave one of the delicious fast foods on the globe we will discuss. The food we will debate is soft, smooth, spongy, saucy, juicy, and, most importantly, cheesy. You must have guessed it by now. Yes, you are right; Pizza it is! Now you will know our views on Pizza through our pizza tier list. However, this tier list contains subjectivity; consequently, you must read this article further, keeping that in mind.

Who does not like Pizza? According to our knowledge, no such unlucky people hate Pizza. If there is a human being on Earth who does not prefer to have it or has hatred towards it and does not have a strong liking, then he is the most idiotic and jinxed person ever.

Key Points 

  • There are a total of 20 entries in the article.
  • We will rank all the pizza chains according to their taste, toppings, quality, and price of their pizzas. 
  • Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, and Papa Johns’s are in the highest tiers. 
  • You will observe Peter Piper Pizza, Fox’s Pizza Den, and Godfather’s Pizza in the lowest tiers.


We have created the table below to provide an overview of each entry.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Domino’s Papa Murphy’sSbarroJet’s PizzaPeter Piper Pizza
Pizza HutMarco’s PizzaMellow MushroomRound table pizzaFox’s Pizza Den
Little CaesarsChuck-e-cheeseModHungry Howie’sGodfather’s Pizza
Papa John’sUno’s Pizzeria
California Pizza Kitchen
Cici’s Pizza

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top-tier pizzas
The S-Tier

The pizza places that offer a perfectly smooth or crisp dough to one’s liking, the immaculate blend of all the sauces, a generous amount of cheese, and fundamentally everything ideal will be ranked on the S-Tier. This will be unfair to say that anyone does not like the pizza places ranked on this Tier. Because there is not a single reason to dislike these places; specifically the US pizza chains ranked in this list.

The diehard lovers of Pizza are very choosy and specific about their pizza choices. They can neither compromise on the pizza crust nor the pizza toppings. This type of person wants their Pizza to be perfect with no single flaw in it. Once they like the Pizza of one place, they become loyal customers of that franchise and spread positive word-of-mouth. But, unfortunately, if they find someplace where they can not find a pizza of their choice then they become very disappointed because of this.

Let us look at which pizza places are included in our tier list.


On our pizza company tier list, Domino’s is on the top. There are many reasons to justify why we rank it at the top of all pizza places. One main thing that grabs the customer’s attention and converts them into loyal customers is lower prices with consistent quality. This is the US pizza chain where you can get a plethora of topping options to choose from, and isn’t it astounding that all the fantastic deals are pocket friendly? Domino’s has the highest sales in contrast to other pizza places.

There is nothing wrong in saying that Domino’s offers the best pizza one can have, especially because it is inexpensive if we notice the taste and quality of their pizzas. One more thing to add is that has the best gluten-free pizza at Domino’s. That is not it! Other than pizzas, there are wide varieties of food that you can enjoy, which include scrumptious sandwiches and appetizing desserts. The best thing about this pizza place is that you can see a continuous improvement in the quality, which is a positive point.

These were some of the reasons why we have ranked it first on the pizza place tier list.

Launched 1960
Number of locations 18,848

Pizza Hut

Undoubtedly Pizza Hut is the quintessential pizza place where you can get the pizza right according to your choice that is why we are ranking it on top in our pizza company tier list. As it is a pizza joint so people usually visit here to have pizzas, but as they have more to offer like wings and other sides so many people try other dishes on the menu as well and love everything they have ordered.

Pizza hut is the costlier pizza place but you can get the best Pizza here, which ignores the fact of being more expensive. The quality of the ingredients used is supreme so high prices do not matter at all. The environment of Pizza hut is so comforting and cozy as there is a “hut” in its name so every outlet of it is made in the shape of a hut and it looks so great.

The topping on the pizzas is top-notch and the flavor of the cheese is so satisfactory that you enjoy every bit of it. The pizza crust is just according to your choice not oily and greasy and at all. You can get a wide range of tempting and tantalizing flavors here. Pizza Hut is ranked among the best US pizza chains. Now you know why we have mentioned it in the S tier of our pizza place tier list.

Launched 1958
Number of locations 19000

Little Caesars

Now we will rank one of the most loved and best pizza places, “Little Caesars”. Do you know what is breathtaking about this place? You can get the perfect Pizza but at a low cost. Whenever you want to have your favorite Pizza, this is the best option within your budget.

Many pizza places disappoint you because of less pizza topping, but you will not face this issue when you visit Little Caesars because here you will get the topping just as you want. Customers are concerned about hygiene and cleanliness, and the workers of little Caesars witness that they make fresh pizza sauce daily. This act is so appreciable as the health of the customers must be the priority of any restaurant. These small things make it one of the best pizza places.

These were why we had ranked Little Caesars at the top of our Pizza company tier list.

Launched 1959
Number of locations 5463

Papa John’s

Papa John’s has gained many fans since it started this chain. More fans and brand lovers mean there must be something special about Papa Johns’s. If you are a vegetarian craving a good pizza, you can blindly trust this one of the best pizza places, as you can get many meat-free pizza options here.

The majority of people like to visit this place to have pizzas because their toppings are impressive, it is not miser with the sauces and cheese that make the pizzas here more flavorful. It is strongly recommended that all of you visit there, and we bet you will crave its pizzas repeatedly. Papa John’s is favored for its excellent customer service, exceptional quality, and great taste. It is fair to rank it on the S-Tier.

Launched 1984
Number of locations 5400

California Pizza Kitchen

Another excellent pizza joint on our pizza place tier list is California pizza kitchen. You must be desperate for the reason for giving it the S-Tier rank. Do not worry we will justify# all of the ranking along with this one.

This is one of the best pizza places, especially because it takes good care of the customers. This place is well-known for its act on birthdays. If you visit there more often, then on visiting this place on your special day you will receive a free main course.

Not only this, the more bedazzling thing is that even when it is your half birthday, then again you will get a free entree. And, if you do not visit CPK more often but you go there to have lunch or dinner on your birthday then you can avail a complimentary dessert. Isn’t it amazing?

The specialty of CPK that makes it stand out is the California-style pizza with a thin crust. This Pizza is known for its unique toppings that included peanut sauce, goat cheese, chicken, and artichoke hearts. This is the place that gave the idea of a barbecue pizza, and then later, it became a pizza sensation. Along with their tasty and mouth-watering pizzas, you can also enjoy delectable salads.

Launched 1985
Number of locations 250+


Likewise other good pizza chains, this pizza place also offers a wide variety of tasty toppings and delicious sauces. The people like it because they can have different kinds of crust at blaze pizza which includes high-rise crust, cauliflower crust, keto crust, and normal thin crust.

Every person will give a different reason for liking this joint because, apparently, everyone chooses various kinds of topping for themselves. Every topping has a different and unique flavor. Another good thing about Blaze Pizza is that there is a wide variety of cheese, including gorgonzola, ricotta, blue cheese, goat, oval-in, parmesan, shredded mozzarella, and feta.

After a variety of crusts and cheese, there comes a lot of meat options to choose from like salami, pepperoni, meatballs, ham, sausage, grilled chicken, bacon, and spicy chorizo. Still, the game is not finished because if you are a vegetarian, then there are some options for you too. Want to know these options? These include spinach, olives, mushrooms, pineapples, oregano, bell peppers, jalapenos, artichokes, basil, onions, garlic, cherry tomatoes, and banana peppers. The more colorful the Pizza, the tastier it will be because all the colorful ingredient tastes so well.

Garlic Pesto, classic red, white cream sauce, and spicy red are some of the sauce options you can choose from, but these sauces are applied directly to the dough before topping it with vegetables, meat, and cheese. Some other sauces you can use as a topping are a balsamic glaze, olive oil, buffalo sauce, ranch, and bbq sauce. Another good reason why we have ranked it on the S-tier of our pizza place tier list is its reasonable prices. It is an all-in-one package. Therefore, it is one of the best pizza joints that one must try.

Launched 2011
Number of locations 301

Cici’s Pizza

Needless to say that Cici’s Pizza is the one to invent unique flavors of Pizza like macaroni pizza. You can satisfy your pasta and pizza cravings in this pizza flavor by having one good cheesy Pizza. Further, you can choose other entrees from their menu like creamy salads and saucy pasta. It is one of the best pizza places that one must visit.

Launched 1985
Number of locations 299

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best pizzas
The A-Tier

This is the Tier that comes after the S-Tier. The US pizza chains or other places offering Pizza that is one step below perfection will be ranked in this tier list. Lacking perfection does not mean that these are not the best pizza places because everything is not meant to be perfect.

The places mentioned in this list are also considered the best places ranked in the pizza company tier list. The quality or taste of only one thing at a time might be a little bit compromising but otherwise, there is no lacking. There is stiff competition between S and A-tier pizza places. Following is one of the places that offer the best Pizza.

Papa Murphy’s

This A-Tier pizza place is well known for its “take and bake” option. In this option, you have a choice to choose the Pizza of your choice and then you can take it home. The benefit of this option is that whether you are partying late or binge-watching your favorite show and suddenly you badly start craving Papa Murphy’s Pizza you can easily enjoy freshly baked piping hot pizza at your home.

They offer a variety of pizza ranges, and their pizzas are totally customized so you can freely customize your Pizza. The pizza range includes stuffed crust, thin crust, crustless, gourmet delight, signature, original and pan. Other than that you can also get a gluten-free pizza here.

You can also find desserts on its menus like chocolate chip cookies, dessert pizza, and cinnamon wheel.

Launched 1995
Number of locations 1500+

Marco’s Pizza

There is a variety of sides on Marco Pizza’s menu. Their pizzas are fresh and all the ingredients are prepared on a daily basis so as to maintain the taste of their food. It will leave a very great experience and you will love their food for sure. This pizza joint is popular for the fact that its ingredients are never frozen. This is the main reason to rank it on the A-Tier of our pizza place tier list.

Launched 1978
Number of locations 1052


Chuck-e-cheese is one of the best pizza places where you can have double the fun and enjoyment. You can make unforgettable memories with your family and friend here. No matter whatever your age is you can feel like a kid here. There are a lot of fun games and activities that you can enjoy while waiting for your food. It deserves to be ranked on the A-Tier of our pizza tier list.

Their food quality can be proved by the fact that you can watch your food being prepared and can become an eye-witness to hygienic food made in a chuck-e-cheese kitchen. Along with Pizza, if you want to order something else then no worries because they have a good menu in which you can find different sandwich flavors, wraps, and other gluten-free options too.

There is a plus point that if you want to arrange a birthday party at Chucky cheese then it can easily be arranged at affordable prices because of their awesome birthday party deals. So if you are a fun-loving person and a pizza lover as well then Chuck-e-cheese is the best place for you to visit and enjoy your meal in a peaceful environment.

Launched 1977
Number of locations 569

Uno’s Pizzeria

One of the best pizza places that also offer a deep-dish pizza is none other than UNO pizzeria and grill. You can enjoy a variety of foods like Pizza, sandwiches, soups, steaks,  and salad there. But the specialty here is pizzas. The tasty and cheesy pizzas will leave an unforgettable experience!

Now you can understand why it is such a loved and popular pizza joint. The extensive range of food, different flavors, and high quality make it rank among one of the best pizza places.

Launched 1943
Number of locations 77

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Good pizzas
The B-Tier

Now it is time to rank those pizza franchises on the pizza company tier list that are not the best ones but are considered good places. The pizzas prepared in these pizza chains are not made to perfection but are nevertheless liked by the eaters.

The pizza lovers who want their Pizza to be specific and totally according to their choice may not prefer these places as their first priority but might taste it at some other person’s arranged party, or if a person took them out for a surprise lunch or dinner, till that time they would enjoy the pizza slice but their actual cravings will not be satisfied. However, one must try the places ranked on the pizza place tier list below.


Sbarro is famous for pie-style pizzas but it is not the only thing prepared here. They also make Stromboli and thin crusts. When it comes to good pizzas then Sbarro is included in the list of good and likable pizzas. We have ranked it on the B-Tier because some people find their pizzas greasy otherwise, it is a good option to have tasty pizzas at a fair price.

Apart from that, Sbarro is the pizza chain to introduce extra-large NY pizza. They have a surprise for their loyal customers and do you know what the surprise is? Every time their loyal customers visit their place and buy a beverage with their complete meal then they are rewarded with a complimentary pizza slice.

This is such a cute gesture. This pizza place also offers salads, sandwiches, and pasta. You must visit this place and then conclude whether we did justice in ranking it or not.

Launched 1956
Number of locations 600+

Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom is not ranked on the S and A-Tiers because it is not so popular, but if you have never tried their pizzas before then we recommend you to give it a try. You must not expect the perfect Pizza from here, but the taste and quality of the food are good and enjoyable.

They also offer a variety of food options that include pizzas, sandwiches, and salads. But if we compare, the best food you can get here is Pizza as it is their specialty. One of their most liked toppings is applewood smoked bacon and kalamata olives which are a must-try.

If you visit Mellow Mushroom and do not order their specialty pies then your visit is completely useless, so do not forget to taste their pies. This pizza joint is famous for its crusts; most importantly, no refined sugar is added. And the other things that consist of its good crust are unbromated unbleached wheat flour, a wide variety of high proteins, and Appalachian spring water.

So, if this place is new to you, it is recommended that you try their food.

Launched 1974
Number of locations 170


Again we have a pizza place on our pizza company tier list that allows customizing your Pizza according to your choice. MOD is not one of the best pizza places; however, you c, you can consider trying it if it is something new. Also, getting a good pizza at affordable prices is not a bad deal. This is the reason we have ranked it on the B-tier.

Launched 2008
Number of locations 500+


Average Pizzas
The C-Tier

This is the category in which we will be ranking the pizza places on the borderline of being average or below average. Our experts have carefully ranked the pizza places on the C-tier of our pizza company tier list. These are neither best nor good but only okay for the meantime. Let us have a look at this Tier.

Jet’s Pizza

Jet’s Pizza offers different and various crusts and sauces, but unfortunately, most of the flavors are average, and others are below average. So offering a wide variety does not count if the taste is not so good. One special thing about this pizza place and for which it is famous is its square-shaped deep-dish pizzas.

Choices vary from person to person, so it is recommended to try them once. Who knows that the pizza chain that we have ranked in the C-Tier must be ranked in the A-Tier according to your taste choices?

Launched 1978
Number of locations 412

Round Table Pizza

This is another pizza place for lively people who want to enjoy food and have fun. There are extremely good entertainment sections for kids, and to entertain the parents, they have craft beers.

But we cannot rank it on the top just because of the good environment because undoubtedly, taste and quality matter a lot. And the taste of the food there is not on that level that we rank it among the exceptionally good pizza chains, so it is fair to mention the round table pizza on the C-Tier.

Launched 1959
Number of locations 400+

Hungry Howie’s

Initially, Hungry Howie’s was considered a very good place to have tasty pizzas. But with the passing of time, their quality has dropped a lot. They did not remain consistent with their taste as reports have been found where it is reported that customers have been served stale food, cold food, or even burnt food. This is why it is included in the C-Tier of the pizza place tier list.

Launched 1973
Number of locations 530

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pizza tier list
The D-Tier

This is that Tier of our pizza tier list about which you might not be excited because the worst US pizza chains or some other garbage pizza places will be ranked on the D-tier. We do not suggest you all try out these places now. The choice is yours.

Peter Piper Pizza

The only benefit you get at the Peter Piper Pizza is a low-cost pizza joint. But what will we do with lower prices if there is neither good taste nor acceptable quality? We can sometimes compromise on either one of them, but it is impossible to visit this type of place again if both are trash. If you want to stay there, then the choice is yours, but it is not recommended from our side.

Launched 1973
Number of locations 129

Fox’s Pizza Den

We are ranking Fox’s Pizza Den on the D-tier because the food served here is unsatisfactory. Why do you visit a place where you can find Pizza on the menu? To satisfy your craving for Pizza. And when are your pizza cravings satisfied? Is that so when you have your Pizza exactly the way you want?

Then what is the point of visiting such a place where you can not satisfy your taste buds? It will be a total waste of time as well as money. We do not suggest anyone visit this pizza place.

Launched 1971
Number of locations 200+

Godfather’s Pizza

It is one of the almost worst pizza joints one can visit. That is why it has been ranked on the D-Tier of our pizza place tier list. We will talk about their food taste later but move toward customer service. Many customers have filed a complaint against them that they have hired a rude staff; they are not cooperative, due to which the environment there is not peaceful at all.

Now come to the food quality and taste test. Pizzas are known for their cheesy nature; hence cheese is the main and powerful ingredient. A small amount of cheese is often used in their pizzas, and sometimes the ingredients are not fresh, which direct;y affects the taste and quality of the Pizza served. So from our point of view, it is considered the worst US pizza chain.

Launched 1973
Number of locations 445

Comparison Table

Pizza ChainsTierLaunch YearNumber of Locations
Domino’s S196018,848
Pizza HutS195819000
Little CaesarsS19595463
Papa John’sS19845400
California Pizza KitchenS1985250+
Cici’s PizzaS1985299
Papa Murphy’sA19951500+
Marco’s PizzaA19781052
Uno’s PizzeriaA194377
Mellow MushroomB1974170
Jet’s PizzaC1978412
Round table pizzaC1959400+
Hungry Howie’sC1973530
Peter Piper PizzaD1973129
Fox’s Pizza DenD1971200+
Godfather’s PizzaD1973445


After spending a few minutes of your day going through our pizza place tier list, what are your judgments? There must be confusion in your mind before reading this article. Different people must have shared their views and opinions about the best Pizza to have, which Pizza places you must never visit, etc.

This was a perfect, well-researched, and unbiased pizza tier list prepared only for you to remove all the misconceptions and biases from your minds. Now the last step to confirm our thinking must be performed by you and this step is to visit the places mentioned above. Then you will come to know whether we are right or wrong.

And if you have already tried most of the pizza places we discussed, it is so simple! We believe you will agree with our rankings of most US pizza chains that we have ranked in this tier list.

And, if there are some places you were unaware of and are too good, congratulations! Because now you have some more pizza options to try out. This was our review; we hope that it will help you out.

Flamin' Hot Pizza Questions

Who has the best gluten-free Pizza?

Domino’s is one of the pizza places where you can get the best gluten-free Pizza.

Who has the best BBQ chicken Pizza?

Pizza Hut is one of the best pizza places to offer a perfect BBQ chicken pizza. The BBQ sauce is blended so well with all other ingredients that the taste of the Pizza is reflexively enhanced.

Who has the best thin crust Pizza?

There is great competition between Papa John’s and Domino’s for the best thin-crust pizza. But most votes are for Domino’s, and Papa John’s comes after it. But again, choices vary from person to person, so some people prefer Papa John’s over Domino’s. However, the majority always wins.

Who has the best stuffed Crust Pizza?

You can get the best-stuffed crust pizza in Pizza Hut, and after that, on no.02, we have Papa John’s on the stuffed crust pizza tier.

Who has the best cheese Pizza?

Pizza Hut is leading in making the best cheese pizza. Some other places also offer good cheese pizza, like Jet’s Pizza, Marco’s Pizza, Little Caesars, Papa John’s, and unmistakably Domino’s.

Who has the best deep-dish pizza?

Little Caesars is the US pizza chain that offers the tastiest deep-dish pizza.

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