Disney Princesses Tier List: Best to Worst (2023)

The existence of Disney princesses has been the major reason for the success of Disney. It is clear that these lead characters in animated movies have gained popularity over the years, and nothing has changed till now. All the princesses Disney has launched till now are famous for their good traits, kindness, sweet nature, care for others, enthusiasm, looks, and many more things. Being a princess does not mean that there will be no flaws in them or that everyone likes all the princesses. Every other person has their favorites, in this case also. The Disney princesses tier list that we have made is based on our liking, your choice can be different, and your friend’s choice will be different from yours.

So do not bother yourselves if you are not agreed with our rankings, as everyone’s opinion is welcomed. Nevertheless, everyone can understand how difficult a task it is to rank the Disney princesses as every princess is admirable in its way. But then here is that every other person is better in their way, so the same rule applies to the Disney princesses.

We have been watching, talking, and listening about Disney princesses from our childhood. Many of us even buy their merchandise, and now it is a very common trend to cut cakes based on the theme of princesses Disney has introduced to us. Isn’t it enough to prove these characters’ popularity and how much their fans love them? The criterion for ranking these Disney princesses is that there will be five categories, including S, A, B, C, and D tiers.

Thtierscategories will move in the direction of best to worst. The best princesses will be ranked higher, and the lowest rank will be assigned to the worst princesses. Every princess will be placed in each category based on her liking, traits, and popularity. The tiers are further defined below before ranking the Disney princesses.



The S-Tier is a list of Disney princesses in which we will rank those princesses that are mostly liked by the people and considered the best amongst all. In other words, you can say that these are the highest-ranking princesses Disney has launched. The different tiers are below this tier, and the S-Tier is the top one. Continue reading about the best-ranked princesses on our Disney princess tier list.


It would not be enough to say that Moana is one of the best Disney princesses. There is a lot to say or to praise her. She is the most independent, courageous, and brave princess founded by Disney. She cares about everyone around her and is kind towards them, even though she is extremely considerate towards nature.

Moana possesses a very bold character and is the daughter of the leader of an Island. It is the Island where she has spent her whole life, and no one is allowed to step out of there because of their values, but only this princess showed the courage to do so to save the bread and butter of her people.

This princess ranked on the A-tier Disney princesses list was indefatigable, and with the help of her hard work, she was able to succeed in what she wanted to do. She is considered the strongest and most fierce Disney princess because she does not need any prince to rescue her or be her pillar. She was her hero, which made her different from many other princesses.

Her character is very admirable and influential to the young children, as she was independent. She made her way to the perfect development by herself. She explored herself. Moana knew her weaknesses and worked on them quickly, then finally transformed herself into a strong leader.

In the movie, we can see how powerfully she fights with the creatures and how beautifully she becomes the support system for her friends and family. Moana is the perfect role model for young girls with a sense of inferiority.

The sense of duty of the princess of the Polynesian village is highly appreciable. She knew her responsibilities so well. And, it is amazing how she took a stand without thinking anything and made her way out of all of the problems. She succeeded in stopping the catastrophe by bravely returning the heart of the seas to Te Feti.

These were many reasons that convinced us to rank Moana on the higher list of Disney princesses.


The second on the Disney princesses list is Mulan, who was the princess to break all the stereotypes related to women. She proved by her actions that every time a hero is not needed,  a woman can guardian herself at difficult times. She was a true woman warrior who was very loyal and trustworthy.

She fearlessly fought for her country along with other men in the army and was spectacularly leading all of them. She was very intelligent, and most importantly, she knew when to use her intelligence and where to use it. She can disguise herself, and she uses that power for an only good cause and not harm anyone because why not, as she is a princess.

Mulan has gained so much respect from her fans, and she is well-deserved as it is breathtaking how the princess fought for her family and protected them with her untiring efforts. Mulan proved that being a princess does not mean that you have to dress up in the big gowns, but these are the traits inside you that make you a princess.

Mulan broke all the boundaries of Disney princesses by fighting in place of her father as he was not in a situation to fight further. She didn’t give up, put all her efforts into the war did not let her father down. Her character is very influential for all the young girls out there, like Mulan; they should believe that they can do anything.

She was very determined towards her responsibility, so with her heroic personality, she proved herself to be the best woman warrior. Mulan’s mature personality is enough to make her fans fkall in love with one of the most powerful Disney princesses.


Sadly, Tiana is not ranked fairly in many places. Because her strong character makes her one of the best princesses, but many viewers fail to understand this. If you watch her movie with a clear vision, we bet that you will not resist falling in love with her; her actions convinced us to rank her on the S-Tier list of Disney princesses.

Tiana’s persistent personality is something one must praise. Her determined character makes her do more hard work because she has to achieve her dream by hook or crook. She doesn’t only has the ability to take measures and stand up for herself, but; she is there for the people around her too.

Along with being kindhearted, fearless, and spirited, Tiana is a good cook too. She can cook incredibly delicious dishes. In this Disney princesses list, Tiana is the show stopper for being the first African-American Protagonist.

Despite having a desire to be a princess and even as a princess, she did not step back from working hard just like the ordinary people, and this act of hers left a very positive impact on the viewers. Tiana sets a perfect example of how a person should achieve his dreams, whether his actions must be, and how he should think to make his dream come true.

That is for the S-Tier list of Disney princesses; now, we are moving towards another tier.



This tier comes after the S-Tier. The princesses ranked on this list are close to the above one but are not the same. That is why they are placed in different tiers. One of the best Disney princesses will be ranked here. Let us look at how many of them fall in this category.


Belle is that princess who is widely known for her intelligence on the list of Disney princesses. Parents also feel very good if their children watch a character like Belle. Do you know why that is so? Belle is more into reading and learning, which is a very good habit if anyone adapts it.

Belle promoted a very good thing to all of us, as we know that in her movie “Beauty and the Beast,” every person was afraid of the beast maybe because of his looks and judged him upon this. Still, with her intelligence, she convinced people to believe that we should not judge someone like this, and this quality of hers makes her an A-Tier princess.

She utilized her knowledge and intelligence in many places. Belle was able to save her father, and she was not at all afraid of the beast; instead, he made the beast love her, and this all was possible just because of her extraordinary brilliance.

The princess on the Disney princesses list who did not wait for a man to hold her hand or any adventurous thing to happen is none other than Belle. However, she was an adventurous girl and possessed a bold personality.

Belle was a happy-go-lucky princess; she did not care about other people’s views. Because the other people in the village do not look at her as a normal or a good person because she was unique in her way, her love for literature was immortal. These characteristics make her special and distinctive, which convinced us to rank her on the A-tier.


Whenever we hear the name Rapunzel only one thing suddenly strikes our mind. Yes, you are right, it is long hair. Her hairs are her recognition; this quality makes her unique from all the other princesses on the Disney Princesses list. Other than that, she has various awesome characteristics that will be discussed.

Rapunzel is very kindhearted, humble, and adventurous. All the girls out there can very much relate to her because, throughout the whole movie, she behaves like an ordinary girl who loves to explore because she is not aware that she is a freaking princess. But do you know what is more surprising and admirable? When Rapunzel came to know about her reality even then, she behaved as she used to be. There was no change in her personality, and she remained easygoing.

Rapunzel’s character is so entertaining that you cannot resist smiling or laughing whenever you see her and her doings. Undoubtedly, she is one of the most liked characters on the list of Disney princesses. She is a complete bundle of joy whom you will enjoy watching.


The Scottish princess “Merida” ranked on the Disney princesses list is brave, heroic, and audacious. People admire her for being independent and not sticking to the current situation without making any efforts to change it. She mastered bow and arrow, which allowed him to perform many hunter tasks in the movie.

Merida was not at all interested in fantasy, courtship, or royalty. She believed in doing everything on her own and was very possessive of people around her, and cared for them a lot.

If she is a princess, that does not mean that she has not made any mistakes, but what is meritorious is that she learned from her past experiences instead of repeating the same mistakes repeatedly, and this trait of her improved her a lot as a person.

As mentioned above, she was independent, which does not mean that she did not care about her traditions and values. She maintained a good balance between both things. After noticing all these traits, it will not be fair not to rank her higher on the A-tier Disney princesses list.


Disney princesses tier list

This is the Disney princesses list in which we will rank the ones that are very good and likable but not as perfect as the ones ranked on the above tiers. There must be some flaws in them relatively that convinced us to rank these princesses on the B-Tier.


Pocahontas has an over-the-top personality. She is very distinctive from other Disney princesses; this may be because her movie is also different from others. She views life from a different perspective. She is a woman with an overall rational and well-informed outlook.

One of this princess’s greatest qualities is being optimistic even in the most difficult situations. We can not deny that her movie is not that much appreciated, but Pocahontas individually did it very well and is loved by most people.


Jasmine has a very strong and bold character, and she is also independent but a little bit less compared to other Disney princesses. Jasmine belonged to a royal family, but this royal status did not mean work. She was not happy with the status quo, so she made efforts to change it.

Her most influential trait is that she does not run from any work. And you can notice that she is always ready to face new challenges. She is a wise lady, and this quality made her way towards the B-Tier of Disney princess’s tier list.



The princesses whose traits are not admired to the level of those ranked in S, A, and B tiers will be ranked there. Overall, these Disney princesses are average and are not the talk of the town. Neither are they so excited nor underrated. Let’s dive into the C-Tier.


In the list of Disney princesses, Cinderella is a very popular princess. However, being famous does not mean that she is one of the best princesses. We do not deny that many people love her, but our research made us conclude that Cinderella is not the one to be placed on S, A, and B tiers. Because there are more competitive and a bunch of nicer princesses than her.

What makes her good is her kind-heartedness, but the fact that took her to the lower rank is that despite being a big and mature girl, she was not ready to stand for herself against her stepmother and stepsisters. She does not have any worth in her own family.

She was not as bold as other princesses who did not wait for a prince charming to get them out of danger but became their superhero. Apart from that, viewers recognize her for her beautiful and sweet voice.


Ariel is the Disney Princess who possesses a very down-to-earth personality. She is humble to everyone around her, whether it is a human or an animal. This nature of hers attracts the viewers to her and makes them admire her.

The reason Ariel is in the C-Tier is that she is stuck into difficulties every time because of her own mistakes, this is because she always breaks the rules, but if we look at this trait from the other side, then it is not that bad to break the rules for your dream sometimes especially if it does not harm any other person.



Some of the princesses Disney has introduced have done nothing that we can appreciate. The best princesses are loved due to some reasons. For instance, their nature, character, or achievements in the movie. The D-tier of our Disney Princesses tier list will consist of those princesses that have nothing much to praise about. Following are the rankings.


Is she even deserved to be called a princess? Her appearance in her movie is only in the ending sections, which comprise a few minutes. The only task she did throughout the movie was to sleep. Is it worth it? There are none of her praiseworthy personality traits, due to which she is ranked lowest than other Disney princesses.

Princesses are known for their actions, bravery, courage, and daring nature, not for sleeping and waiting for a prince to arrive. Aurora does not make any efforts to save herself or the people of her kingdom. That is why we are ranking her on the D-Tier.


As we all know, snow-white is the first-ever princess launched by Disney, so we cannot find as much detail regarding her personality as we find in other princesses. The only traits upon we can talk about are her kind-heartedness and caring nature, and there is nothing unique in that.

The reason for ranking Snow White on the D-tier is her weak character. Apart from that, we have nothing to talk about about her character.


Disney’s princesses are a true gift and an unforgettable childhood memory. We grew up watching their movie, buying their merchandise, praising them, and adoring them. There is nothing to brag about; a single person is not aware of the Disney princesses. In this article, we have tried to give justified rankings to each of them. As you have completed reading the whole article, are you ready to answer that you agree with our rankings?

Are our orders unbiased? And what do you think about the princesses ranked on our Disney princesses tier list? There are a lot of chances of you being on our side as these rankings are assigned after a lot of research and personal preferences. NoAsou is aware of the best princesses Disney has given us; go and rewatch their movies again and notice the traits we have mentioned in our list; you will surely enjoy them.

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