Disney Villain Tier List: The Disney Despicables

We Will Be Ranking All The Different Disney Villain In This Article.

Disney Entertainment has worked tirelessly to serve its viewers with a true source of joy and pleasure for a very long time. Disney is everyone’s childhood safe home since the 90s era. Our path towards making the Disney Villain Tier List is comprised of very tough decisions and selection between the best all-time evil roles. For a long time, we have been seeing Disney going through its highs and lows but despite everything, The Industry has produced some all-time favorite hits.

Disney started as a stage show and art performance company, but it took its first step forward by releasing its animated movies, shows, and cartoons. At that uncommon time when TVs and cameras used to be a rare sight, Disney gave us something out of the world. Their CDs of recorded movies, shows, etc. started selling crazy and pulled in a large audience.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 15 characters in our article.
  • They are ranked based on evilness, popularity, physical appearance, and abilities.
  • Among the top ranks are the likes of Shan Yu, Governor Ratcliffe, and Lady Teramine.
  • Joining us in the lower ranks are Ursula, Hades, and Clayton.


Before diving any further into our list, listed below is a summarized version of all the rankings we will be making.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Shan YuGastonMaleficentShere KhanUrsula
Lady TremaineCaptain HookClaude FrolloYzmaHades
Governor RatcliffeJafarQueens of HeartScarClayton

Read on to learn more about each entry.


Our article breakdown is based on our personal reviews of the remarkable products of the industry. As well as the analyst’s view of different shows and their characters. Without a doubt, Disney has played a major role in molding our lives toward positivity. Despite that, they represented villain characters very beautifully in their movies.

But they always made sure that Positivity overcomes negative traits. Our list has been created very carefully created an unofficial ranking of these villain characters. Constructive Criticism is happily welcomed and appreciated. The list is ranked in a way that consists of the top 15 Villain Characters, and they are divided into tiers. This means that even the D tier comprises the top 13th to the top 15th best villain characters.

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S Tier

S Tier.
S Tier.

The S tier is comprised of the most fearful and frightful characters who were really hated for their trait of negativity, But the more hated and more evil fits in best to the S tier according to the breakdown of these Villain Characters. These characters perfectly fit their role despite being negative way but they made their role very clear.

Shan Yu

Shan Yu is without a doubt one of the most terrifying villains on the list, but that’s all he is. He is presented as the scary and merciless head of the Hun Army who plans to conquer all of China from the beginning of Mulan. He takes pleasure in assassinating Chinese citizens and is conceited about his and his army’s capabilities. His significance in the plot is minor because the Hun Army as a whole poses the actual threat to China, and he isn’t the only one until the very end of the film when he pursues the emperor and confronts Mulan.

He stands in stark contrast to his forefathers and successors. While he exhibits the same arrogant and megalomaniacal characteristics as his father, he is not above murdering his enemies in cold blood to demonstrate his strength, and his movie character is more about making jokes about it. When he made sure that he had apprehended two Imperial scouts. And later on, they were sent as messengers to the king, with his challenge. Shan Yu then asked his lead archer about the workforce required to deliver a message to the emperor. The archer replied, “Only One,” as he draws his bow. Only one scout delivers the message in the end, hinting that the archer was the one who killed the other.

He is likewise utterly confident in the strength and supremacy of both himself and his army, allowing his opponents to gain an advantage in order to beat them and prove his greatness. When the Great wall was attacked by him, he left a lone sentry appointed to ignite the signal fire so that the presence of enemies is sensed. As well as to send the news to the Emperor. That way he could get time to deploy to his Army in one such related incident. Later in the movie, he allowed a Chinese spy to come back to the forbidden city. This way the spy could inform the Emperor to dispatch his elite force to battle the Huns.


Lady Tremaine

Lady Tremaine, although being one of the most reinvented villains of all time, is remarkably dull in Disney’s original version. Because we are given few to no other suggestions as to why she is such a hateful old lady, her jealousy for Cinderella appears to be the only apparent reason for treating her with such harshness. We are aware that she is a widow on two occasions, but the film relies on our awareness of that rather than providing Lady Tremaine with any redeeming or private moments about her loss.

She was grimly resolved to further the interests of her own two clumsy daughters, cold, nasty, and deeply jealous of Cinderella’s charm and beauty.” Lady Tremaine does not possess any magical features like the other Disney villains. She manages to use her physical force (till the point when she found that Fairy Godmother’s wand in A Twist in Time). When her girls dispute during their music session, she reminds them of the importance of preserving grace and self-control. The rule was defied only once by Cinderella. Surprisingly, her interaction with the music lesson in order to deliver Lady Tremaine’s invitation. She invited them to the royal ball. Resultantly, she furiously slammed her hands into the piano keys.

She has a dark glint in her eyes and is unkind to Cinderella; for example, when she orders Cinderella to do duties in the château, she abruptly silences her twice. She does the same thing to Anastasia and Drizella on occasion, hinting that she isn’t much better than Cinderella with her two biological daughters. There was an occasion when she didn’t get in the game of Kingdom heart. She is reflected as an irresponsible person. And that was proven by her attempt to kill Cinderella and Aqua. This obviously identified her not caring behavior towards the Unversed in question damages to her personal self and also her daughter. Her inclusion in the S tier of the Ultimate Disney Villain Tier List was rather integral.


Governor Ratcliffe

Governor Ratcliffe isn’t at the bottom of the list because, despite being a tired trope, there are times in Pocahontas when he takes us into his mind and displays his vulnerabilities. Ratcliffe accepts the fact that he was never too famed. He was given a title of a sorrowful social climber by the court. Though his actions are unquestionably heinous throughout the film, we are given a glimpse into the more emotional reasons for them. Apart from the negatives found in Ratcliffe’s, his greed factor became pretty outdated. The people working under him are the ones involved in most of the false doings.

Ratcliffe, like most Disney villains, is power-hungry. His unquenchable desire for gold, which would make him extremely wealthy, demonstrates his incredible avarice. He’s also exceedingly bigoted, nasty, cruel, callous, arrogant, manipulative, and xenophobic. While he oozes confidence and gives off the idea of being conceited, Ratcliffe appears to have a low opinion of himself, stating in a mournful tone that he has never been a popular man.

Despite his self-proclaimed lack of popularity, Ratcliffe appears to be rather charismatic and commands the respect of his troops until the film’s finale. These actions continued in the second movie too. He tried to copy King James at a different phase in time. It’s from the time when he prepared to sail with Armada. He just kills all the excitement of the troops. Ratcliffe is caustic, as evidenced by his ‘praise’ of John Smith for saving Thomas, implying that he doesn’t care if Thomas drowned or not. Ratcliffe is also a bit lazy and self-indulgent, as evidenced in the first film, where he merely sits around eating fine cuisine while the settlers hunt for riches and subsist on stale and unappealing provisions.


A Tier

Disney Villain Tier List
A Tier.

Secondly, we break down the A Tier of the Disney Villain Tier List, which lists the second-best category of these evil characters. These characters for some reason could be the best of the best. But there’s no doubt that they influence the viewers with their brilliantly gutsy yet scary faces and body features. It gets very difficult sorting out the characters between the S and A tiers as they have a very small difference between them with respect to their likeliness and features.


Gaston is without a doubt one of the most entertaining villains in the film, with a fantastic musical number and several memorable quips. Gaston’s villainy, on the other hand, isn’t vital to the plot of Beauty and the Beast, because the story’s complexity lies in Belle and the Beast’s Stockholm Syndrome relationship. We don’t have a large idea of his past. It’s just that he has a great presence and is a successful hunter. His role as the film’s villain stems from his compulsive desire to possess Belle, which is ultimately what motivates him to attack the Beast’s castle. Though he almost kills the Beast, his villainy basically only serves to generate one climax moment at the conclusion of the movie, a shallow, attractive man trying to take possession of a lady is no longer a particularly intriguing character trope.

He is a true representative image of the Disney Villains. He was rather an integral character of Beauty and the Beast. He was a large gigantic structure and was a haughty hunter. Gaston desperately wanted to get into marriage to Belle. He didn’t care if even making it happen needed to imply force on her. His lust for getting her as a wife turned him into a violent villain. Gaston has a recognizably large and strong body structure. He cashed his physical dominance to the maximum he could have. Unlike other heroes, we are unsure about Gaston. Does he really think of himself as a bad person? Or he also finds himself wrong as the viewers do. Gaston possibly has all the negatives a person could possibly have behind his name.

The worst part is that these negatives reached a new extreme. When he got to know that Belle does not actually love him, instead she liked someone else. He’s also rash and arrogant, as proven by his planning a wedding before even proposing to Belle in the hopes that she’d agree to marry him, believing she was in love with him. Gaston is the type of person who will not easily give up on his dreams; no matter how long Belle eludes him or how humiliated he is, he is determined to marry her. He is so tenacious that he will go to great lengths and fall to such low levels to achieve his victory. Gaston will not accept losing Belle to the Beast, even if the Beast overwhelms him.

Even by the standards of the time, Gaston’s attitude toward women is excessively sexist and misogynistic. Gaston isn’t a bad choice for many of the other women around. His strong body makes him like many other girls. But Belle is the only woman in the entire town who can see him for what he truly is from the beginning of the film. That is why he ends in the top tiers of the list.

MovieBeauty and the Beast

Captain Hook

Being the only pirate villain, Captain Hook has an obvious advantage over the rest of the Disney Villains. That makes him a unique villain in the Disney Franchise. And also, this is why he is an important character in the article. Captain hook used to show goodwill to Peter Pan as he provides him with a novel. He was quite motivated to seek vengeance. As he was hit with a past memory when a youngster just in almost a situation of a joke. Removed his hand and fed it to the Crocodile as if it was just gossip. He was very violent toward his entire crew. But despite that, he was the only one who used to see his soft end. He often showed great sympathy towards him.

The crocodile appears to have a particular affinity for Captain Hook and has already consumed a bit of him, making Captain Hook the only villain with their own opponent. Captain Hook, despite his many unique qualities, is not particularly crucial to Peter Pan’s overall tale arc, and hence ranks low in our rankings. He is also is an emotional wreck. He has frequently made a fool of himself as a result of it. He usually portrays himself as a dangerous and clever villain who never gives up on his goals, particularly his determination to exact revenge on Peter Pan. He’s also a deadly guy, nearly to the point of being ruthless, since he shot and murdered one of his crew members due to his obnoxious singing at one point in the film. Later on in the movie, he brutally throws one of his pirates overboard with nothing but his hook.

The hook is a physical and mental powerhouse to be reckoned with while being humorously and occasionally inept. Those around him are frequently put in jeopardy because of his volatile temper, and Peter is no exception. The hook is a cunning and cunning manipulator, aided by his seductive and suave demeanor. He has the ability to deceive anyone, even those who are well aware that he cannot be trusted.

Additionally, Captain Hook seems to prefer to follow the letter of the law as opposed to the spirit of the law, seeking for gaps in contracts or agreements. Hook agreed to keep a pledge that he would not destroy Peter Pan when forced to do so, but instead planted explosives in Peter’s hiding place under the pretense of a gift.

MoviePeter Pan


Jafar is in a unique position to employ his villainy in secret until he accomplishes his ultimate aim of dominating Agrabah and ultimately the entire world since he is the Sultan’s most trusted counsel. In the end, Jafar is only able to accomplish his goals thanks to his approach of winning the confidence of his targeted victims, just like Clayton did. Jafar’s mistrust of Aladdin keeps the “street rat” on his toes when attempting to convince Jasmine that he is a prince, and his brutal treatment of Jasmine as his potential wife/slave gives him a really nasty edge.

He serves as the major antagonist of the movie and relies on his comic sidekick Iago to carry out his instructions. Because he emanates psychopathic indifference to all other existence, Jafar’s friendship with Iago may be his one redeemable attribute. But Jafar’s evil has no compelling reason, and his arrogant demeanor is a dime a dozen. Thus he ends up in the A tier of the Ultimate Disney Villain Tier List.

He is also presented as a morally reprehensible maniac who will kill anyone who stands in the way of his evil plans. In the course of the movie, Jafar, like many other scientifically identified psychopaths, presents himself as a cool-headed schemer and wins the confidence of everyone in his vicinity despite his untrustworthy outward demeanor. Even with this mask on, the audience can still see Jafar’s sociopathic tendencies, notably in the opening scene when Jafar sends Gazeem the thief to his death in the Cave of Wonders with no regret.

Jafar doesn’t completely disclose his true nature to his followers until after he has taken possession of Genie’s lamp, at which point he becomes pompous, tyrannical, and irritated. He was also shown laughing madly and excessively shortly after Aladdin was taken to the North Pole, suggesting that Jafar was likewise wild and hysterical.

Princess Jasmine appeals to Jafar as well, but largely for her outward appearance rather than for her personality. A lovely lady like her “should be on the arm of the most powerful man in the world,” he says, waving his hand to free her from her chains (he and Iago had initially intended to murder her as soon as he became Sultan, but at some point changed their minds). Later he refused to kill her, instead of sparing her life). He then wishes for Jasmine to fall desperately in love with him so he can make her his queen.


B Tier

Villains from disney
B Tier.

The B rank of the Disney Villain Tier List is the third-best tier in the article. This category isn’t as good as the A tier because it lacked in attracting the viewers as the other above one did. Mainly because of the fact that the hero of that movie is liked a bit too much by the viewers. In that process, the Villain doesn’t stand a chance in front of these heroes. These Characters were close to having ended up in the A tier but the A tier Characters deserve to be there according to the statistical comparison,


The idea that Maleficent is a one-dimensional figure is suggested by her self-description as the “mistress of all evil.” We never see how she grew to be a pure embodiment of evil, giving her minimal emotional depth. Her determination to see Aurora’s curse carried out has more complicated undertones, as her exclusion from the christening would have been a major affront to any woman of her position in any medieval court.

The whole premise of the movie would be lost without Maleficent because it centers on freeing Aurora from her curse. Prince Phillip would not have had his heroic “rescue the day” moment if Maleficent hadn’t changed into a dragon. Sleeping Beauty isn’t the most thrilling Disney film, and it wouldn’t be any less so if Maleficent’s opulent displays of wickedness weren’t present. The personification of pure evil is Maleficent. She’s cruel, dark, and deceptive, and she’ll go to any length to achieve her nefarious ambitions. She is also incredibly evil, as she demonstrates when she teases Prince Phillip after capturing him. shows that she regards herself as superior to others, even referring to her closest allies as “her pets.”

She also appears to be emotionally unstable. Shows that she regards herself as superior to others, even referring to her closest allies as “her pets.” “in an ostensibly affectionate manner Apart from herself, Diablo, her pet raven, appears to be the only thing she truly cares about. Maleficent also appears to be emotionally unstable. That is especially clear in her reaction to learning that her thugs had been seeking a kid for the previous 16 years when she had a nearly truly wicked laughing fit before retaliating brutally against her goons. She is also revealed to be a sadist. Maleficent’s personality is incredibly deceptive.

But, beneath the veneer of stoicism, she smiles as she releases the full brunt of her rage, demonstrating how she delights in the suffering of others. Maleficent is soft-spoken, proper, and graceful, and her crimes could be motivated by pride (she curses Aurora since Stefan didn’t invite her to the baptism), or she could simply be a monster who enjoys being bad. Her confessing that she isn’t bothered by them not inviting her before cursing Aurora supports this theory.

MovieSleeping Beauty

Claude Frollo

In the real world, Claude Frollo’s character type is very common, but his characteristics as a Disney villain are significantly more unique and complex. He strongly counts himself as a man of God. He rates all the acts done by him are only in pure intention to please God. As a result, when Frollo tries to expel the Roma from Paris, he sincerely believes he is doing the right thing. In addition, his willingness to raise Quasimodo – despite the fact that he is a rather bad father figure – reflects his remorse and acceptance of his fault (killing Quasimodo’s mother).

He is a complicated individual. Frollo is a religious extremist and dogmatist who believes that all of his actions are justified because they are God’s will, despite the fact that he is a cruel and corrupt government official who uses his position of power to further his own extreme goals, even enlisting the help of common thugs posing as “soldiers” to enforce his interpretation of God’s will. Frollo is also a racist who is hell-bent on exterminating the gypsies who are strewn around Paris because their “witchcraft and sorcery” is contagious to others around them, according to him, demonstrating his genocidal impulses.

He also demonstrates a strange and monstrous cruel impulse when he smiles briefly while a guard tortures his ex-guards captain, and when he nearly kills Esmeralda when she spits on his face during his death sentence. Frollo is a very three-dimensional character since he feels he is a decent guy or at the very least that his activities are for the greater good. He is highly self-righteous, proclaiming himself to be far purer than “the average vulgar, weak, licentious throng” and to be above the biblical idea that all men are equally wicked, proving his status as a narcissist. Even as he storms the cathedral of Notre Dame in the name of catching, arresting, and executing one gypsy lady, he believes that all he does is in the name of God.

MovieThe Hunchback of Notre Dame

Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts, who is fantastically insane, is the perfect representation of the ruler of Wonderland. The Queen of Hearts’ thinking, like the minds of all the other bizarre and perplexing plants, animals, and other unfathomable characters in the film, is frequently illogical. Everyone in Wonderland is subject to her rageful whims and is constantly in danger of losing their minds. Though the Cheshire Cat has his share of villainy, it pales in comparison to the Queen’s lethal rage outbursts. The Queen of Hearts is a fascinating figure because she is childlike and unpredictable, and everything she does is determined by her mood. She is also Alice’s greatest threat while she is in Wonderland, having sentenced her to death before she is able to flee. The Queen of Hearts, a pompous tyrant with a smaller crown, serves as the film’s main enemy.

She’s a big snob and a jerk. She has a short fuse and demands things her way. There are elements in the 2010 picture that suggests she is a cross between the Red Queen and the Queen of Hearts herself. The character of the Queen of Hearts is generally identified as the Red Queen in Tim Burton’s 2010 Alice in Wonderland film and is also a hybrid of the Red Queen and the Queen of Hearts. The White Queen is the queen of chess pieces, while the Red Queen is the queen of cards. The Queen of Hearts was reimagined as a Syfy miniseries in 2009. Kathy Bates was the actress that played her. The Queen dominated Wonderland by capturing people (also known as “Oysters”) and transporting them to her casino, where she exploited their joy, exhilaration, and other feelings.

She used the emotions she had gathered to take control of Wonderland and the humans she had kidnapped. She, too, delights in beheading her victims. Although, as the King of Hearts points out, they are never executed. The King claims that she issues so many death warrants that she loses track of who she executes. The Queen’s own army, commanded by her son Jack Hart and Alice, eventually mutiny against her, putting an end to her reign.

MovieAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland

C Tier

Villain Tier List from disney
C Tier.

These Villains are not in bad roles or don’t fit their suit by any means. But the list is designed in a way that even the C tier includes the fourth list of best villains in the Disney Entertainment Industry. The C Tier enlists the villain roles which are not as devilish as the above-mentioned ones.

Shere Khan

Shere Khan exudes arrogance and strength as the jungle’s most dreaded beast. He feels that only man (who wields fire) is a match for him, hence he is ready to kill Mowgli when they meet. Shere Khan is the reason why Mowgli must leave the jungle for good because he will never be safe there as long as he lives. He is high on the list because of what he represents intellectually, in addition to his charisma and relevance to the story’s outcome. Shere Khan is afraid of man and fire because he is aware of their potential for destruction. And also how little regard they have for the environment. Shere Khan appears to murder just to survive. Despite the fact that he scares the other animals in the bush. He desires Mowgli’s death Because he doesn’t want to end up like the men who burned down the jungle. Which you can’t blame him for.

He is the physical personification of power in the form of a tiger, and he does so with grace. The fierce tiger carries himself with dignity and exudes a strong feeling of regal pride and elegance. Is regarded as the undisputed monarch of India’s jungles. He is well aware of his notoriety and uses it to his advantage with sadistic enjoyment. For obvious reasons, Shere Khan is dreaded by most, if not all, forest dwellers. He may be the strongest predator in the forest and is physically intimidating. His charm and stoic demeanor conceal a violent and unpredictable personality. His razor-sharp teeth and claws are unsurpassed in combat, and he has a rage to match.

He uses a gentle tone and speaks nicely, even to potential victims, however, he interjects with subtly disparaging comments. He also appears to enjoy tormenting and emotionally abusing his prey until he feels ready to strike. Shere Khan has burning anger and resentment towards mankind like no other beast. Shere Khan appears to regard people as cruel, soulless monsters who wreak devastation on nature on a regular basis, justifying their actions with egotistical entitlement. His fear of fire is the most severe; it’s a paralyzing phobia that can send the tiger into a panic attack. As a result, Shere Khan has promised to murder everyone who enters the jungle. . In order to prevent the man-cub from growing up to use the weapons he fears, his hatred is so great that he is committed to killing Mowgli as well as any animal ready to defend him.

MovieThe Jungle Book


In The Emperor’s New Groove, Yzma becomes a villain after Kuzco dismisses her as his advisor for attempting to dominate the country behind his back. Yzma is a mad scientist with a lab buried beneath the castle, unlike any previous Disney villain. Though Yzma is clearly the film’s adversary, Kuzco is an unlikeable figure from the outset. Kuzco would not have matured into the kind emperor he is today if he hadn’t gone on his llama journey. Due to their cynically hilarious natures and comfortability with each other, the two’s interactions are one-of-a-kind. Yzma’s goal to take the throne from Kuzco isn’t particularly unique, but her botching the potion and converting the emperor into a llama is. Because Kronk continuously demonstrates his incompetence.

Yzma also conducts a lot more dirty work than other villains Yzma is the main villain in the Emperor’s New Groove franchise, and he’s evil, hilarious, stupid, raspy, and power-hungry. . But rather than his parents, it seems to be she. Kuzco and that she has served as his family’s scientist and advisor for many years only after Kuzco dismisses her suddenly and callously does she turn on him. Deciding to assassinate him, then filling the power vacuum left in his wake to become empress. Person It’s also hinted that the fact that she was the one who raised him contributed to Kuzco’s bad personality qualities. Yzma, on the other hand, is a humorously weird character. Despite her obvious age, she considers herself to be the most attractive person in the world.

Others usually compare her to a dinosaur, which is hideous. Some have even referred to her as “scary beyond all reason,” She used to be very attractive, as evidenced by her development into an adolescent. She used to be more gorgeous, but as time passed, her beauty faded. When planning to injure Kuzco, she frequently tries to make schemes that are extremely convoluted before settling on a simpler version. Despite her malicious tendencies, she is proven to have some redeeming qualities. Yzma hired Miss Ni to get free from the responsibilities of Kuzco in Evil and Eviler. It was a point where she reached the next level of irritation. This made her actually save his life. Yzma is a must-pick for the Ultimate Disney Villain Tier List.

MovieThe Emperor’s New Groove


The scar is a villain with a serious inferiority complex, which helps us understand his behavior. Scar spent all of his previous life under the orders and restrictions of his older brothers. His character is more of a sarcastic narcissist. And he is very insecure about his own leadership. Even the mention of Mufasa’s name (after his death) drives him insane. He is considered to be a better groom and a well-developed villain character on the list. Because we have a good picture of why he is so bitter. And because brotherly competitiveness is a breeding environment for heated quarrels.

His intentions for Simba were pretty much clear and out of question. If Simba had stayed in the pride, he would have been dead very early. As he was the only man standing between Scar and the crown for good. Simba would not have met Timon and Pumba if he hadn’t been forced to walk off on his own. And he may never have found the fortitude to reclaim his rightful reign. Scar’s evil enmity is fundamental to The Lion King in that sense. 

Scar is said to be enraged by Mufasa and Simba. With the latter ultimately eliminating any possibility of Scar becoming king legitimately. His hatred for Mufasa was so deep that after assassinating him. He made it illegal to even speak Mufasa’s name when he was in close proximity to anyone.  Scar, on the other hand. He is egotistical and boasts of his intelligence, saying, “As far as brains go, I got the lion’s share,”. And is a narcissist, the latter trait being especially evident when plotting Mufasa’s murder. After the hyenas’ failed attempt at slaughtering Simba at the Elephant Graveyard. Where he mentions that when he becomes king, they’ll see him.

The scar is heavily sarcastic, frequently replying to attempts at conversation with sarcasm and subtle insults. After taking over Pride Rock, Scar’s overall demeanor takes a turn for the worse. He becomes somewhat deluded, if not in self-denial, in believing that he is still a logical ruler. Despite clear evidence to the contrary. Apparently being unprepared to confess even to himself. That Mufasa was a better king or finding fault in his own leadership. Scar appears to have an inferiority issue. As indicated by his sad acceptance of reality. That he was passed up for raw strength in the gene pool.

MovieThe Lion King

D Tier

Villains from Disney Entertainment
D Tier.

Lastly, we talk about the D Tier. Which by any definition does not comprise the worst characters. Instead, these characters include the Villains who were not too negatively represented. Or secondly, they didn’t cause the particular heroes too much of problems, according to the viewer’s perspective.


Ursula is an important part of The Little Mermaid’s plot because she allows Ariel to meet and woo her prince. Ariel would never have been able to trade her tail for legs. She flee her father’s dominion in order to spend time with Prince Eric if it hadn’t been for Ursula. And, despite the fact that Ursula operates a company swindling merfolk. In order to damn their souls for eternity, it’s personal for Ariel. Who is exiled from Atlantica by King Triton? Ursula’s exile reveals her true motivations. She intends to capture King Triton’s trident and use it to rule the oceans through Ariel.

She is actually a character taken from Hans Christian Anderson’s writing. “The Little Mermaid”. The sea witch is a neutral enabler in the original story but in Disney’s animated adaption. She is transformed into a full-fledged enemy who plays a larger role in the entire plot. She is a very mean and clever character. And it’s been a long time since she was in the circuit. Before Ariel arrives, she is well-known among the waters as someone to avoid. Ursula is undoubtedly the most popular villain. Yet she is less complex and significant in the film than our first choice. Ursula could have had a more destructive role. And that is why we have ranked her in the last tier of the Disney Twist Villains Tier List.

The villain has a discouraging way of talking and his way of thinking about things is very evil. Following her exile from Atlantica, the sea witch became a beacon of hope for beleaguered merpeople. That gives them a space to make business propositions and deals that would cause them to become happy. If they fulfilled half of the contract. She likely spoke in a grandmotherly tone during such transactions. As though her main interest was the satisfaction of her customers, as she did with Ariel. This would have given her clients a false sense of security. As a result, making it simpler for them to fall for her schemes.

She would have persuaded her victims to accept her offer. By portraying herself as their final chance to make their goals come true. Especially if her initial offer was not tempting on its own. Also, if Ariel’s deal is any indicator, Ursula would sadistically ensure that her customers broke their half of the bargain. Resulting in the souls being retained in her hands forever. Their bodies become permanent polyps in her living garden. Though it’s possible that she is a general dislike for merfolk as a result of her exile. Ursula had a softer side, as evidenced by her affection for Flotsam and Jetsam. Despite barking at them when angered. They are the only creatures she treats with genuine care. Her sole sorrow came when she accidentally killed them with Triton’s trident. She used her rage and anger for the happening of the incident in the first place. In the TV series, she does, on occasion, scold her minions for their failures.

MovieThe Little Mermaid


Hades’ evil activity during Hercules stems from a centuries-long grudge against Zeus for appointing him Lord of the Underworld. A position he despises. In order to prevent the fulfillment of the prophecy that the baby will get in the way of his plans. He kidnaps Hercules in order to dethrone Zeus as ruler of Olympus. From these points, we find out that the presence of Hades is very important for the plot of the film. Hercules’ quest to realize himself sets things in motion. So the monsters that Hades sends after Hercules propel events ahead. Hades, on the other hand, has a very colorful personality. He is funny and casual most of the time, but his short temper may easily set him off. Despite his determination to unleash the Titans on the rest of humanity, he has a curious soft place for Meg.

The Lord of the Underworld, is a hothead who despises ruling the Underworld. His ambition is to conquer Mount Olympus. Hades is often cold, collected, and tranquil. Hades is considered to have a bit of an informal response to his villain character. This makes him more of a comic figure as he possesses pretty unparallel humor. Even though he had committed very cruel acts. That is only on the surface; Hades is forever spiteful and demanding, his most notable attribute being his uncontrollable ferocious anger. Depending on the situation, even minor irritations might throw Hades over the limit. Resulting in fiery outbursts and severe destruction to the land and people around him.

So it becomes a reason to give a dreadful figure, not only in Greece but even beyond the boundaries. More importantly in the eyes of  Minions. Hades, despite his strength, is no match for his eldest brother. Hades makes up for his lack of physical power with his cunning. He is careful in his planning, going so far as to wait eighteen years. Before launching an attack on Mount Olympus. Hades is also quite analytical; after experiencing Hercules’ strength firsthand, he realized that his newborn nephew could pose problems. As his plans and attempted if unsuccessfully, to solve the matter right away.



Clayton is present throughout Tarzan, although his malevolent intentions are not revealed until later in the film. For most of the film, Kerchak appears to be the antagonist rather than Clayton. Clayton’s ability to pretend to be a gentleman and acquire Tarzan’s trust. On the other hand, reveals his cunning and depth. Tarzan and Clayton’s fight in the forest at the end of the film is particularly worthy of praise.

As it was the most serious encounter between the two. Between a protagonist and a villain, especially because Clayton has just killed Kerchak. Clayton’s infantile clinging to his weapon and relatively shallow motives. He motivates them to sell the Gorillas on the black market under covers so they don’t get caught. Detract from his character’s interest at the end of the day.

Clayton is a very respectful gentleman. Less suited to be a villain. But one with a brittle temper and disdain for the Porters’ tendency to approach the African expedition. As a vacation rather than a business venture. With excepting Professors Porter’s theory that gorillas and socializable creatures. He has displayed a hint of animosity toward animals and a lack of comprehension of them.  Believing gorillas to be vicious beasts. As he is extremely protective of himself as well as trigger-happy. Firing his shotgun the second he senses an animal other than a gorilla is approaching. Clayton’s tolerance with the Porters wears thin as the film progresses. With it, his actual nature emerges as one that is cruel, abusive, and deceitful.

Who plans to make money selling gorillas by the time the finale arrives? He also never displays any symptoms of fear. When confronted with his own shotgun. Even mocks Tarzan for pulling the trigger. In the first game in the series, Clayton is a minor foe that resides in the Deep Jungle environment. Following their crash landing in the world. Donald and Goofy are located by Clayton in a bamboo forest, and he leads them there. Where they encountered Tarzan and Jane and were reunited with Sora. Suspicion over Clayton’s activity arose when Clayton said that Donald and Goofy were “not much use for hunting gorillas”. He inquired about the gorillas’ nesting areas. Secretly hoping to track them and sell them to zoos for a high fee. 



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